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The Family of Fear, The Family of Love and their Ancillary Relatives.

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I grew up in a horror film so... it's no wonder that I had a terrible fear of monsters as a child, most specifically vampires and werewolves. These are the most common monsters we have, celebrated in books and films and most certainly in the ghoulish comics I read as a child. They had some frightening comic books back when. I would get one or a couple now and again, read them and then go to bed terrified. Yes... this was a stupid thing to do but it is what I did. I did consume the great novels and other genre as well.

I graduated from the horror movie into a supernatural film. The wonders of the arcane became a reality for me when at 21 I had a full blown Kundalini Rising. I've had many people tell me that they had one too. I try to be gracious when they tell me about them but, other than a few shudders and shivers, a couple of passing visions ...and an inability to communicate much more about it, that was pretty much it. None of them suddenly had magical powers and crowds of people following them around. Their hands were not activated to move on their own and display in a particular form, to this day. They weren't in states of sustained dynamic tension and the experience did not go on for several years, as it did in my case, and send them sailing in all kinds of directions and encountering all manner of extra dimensional beings, entities from higher planes and... monsters, real monsters. The monsters proved to be much easier to handle than I ever thought it might be.

I did not handle these encounters myself. The one who initiated me would step in and deal with the situation. I did, however, learn what was needed, in terms of tactics and techniques. There is one key indispensable; FEARLESSNESS. It might surprise you to know that Fearlessness is a kind of Swiss Army Knife/Leatherman tool. Fear is Love's counterpoint. They cannot occupy the same space at the same time. One, in residence, displaces the other. Both of these have ancillary relatives, which make up the Family of Fear and the Family of Love. Some degree of one or the other exists in everyone and this plays a major role in our relationships in life; who we attract and even many of the experiences we go through, are materialized as a direct expression of the presence of either Love or Fear.

A culture's understanding of Love, or Fear, is represented in the artistic expressions that are popular in any period of time. You can tell where people are at, by the art that is created for their eyes and ears. Art is often commissioned, or the artist hired, by individuals, or organizations, who wish to influence the consciousness of the public in a particular direction. You used to hear martial music in the run-up to war; think John Phillip Sousa.

The music of Materialism, when it (d)evolves (snicker) to a particular level, is dedicated to sex, shiny trinkets and identity scenarios, having to do with created values for women... and men. This is how we get terms like, 'bitches', 'ho's', “Baby Daddies' and 'bling'. Love is described in many ways, principally the pursuit of it and the loss of it, interspersed with the states of tension, generated by the fear of loss, or the suspicion of betrayal. There is a whole genre dedicated to this called, The Blues. I'm not a fan of The Blues because I don't have The Blues. This is not to suggest that there is not many a classic musical composition contained in The Blues. There are and I've performed many of them but... they're not my thing when I listen to music. My thing is ambient sound and the sounds of Nature. That's where this life experience has brought me.

None of the emotions exhibited in contemporary, popular (snicker) music, have anything to do with Love. Love is not just an occasional heart tremblor, or one more magnetized attraction, brought about by eye contact; based on kindred chemistry, or an undulating form, trailing what looks like two cats fighting in a Pleather bag. Oh... well maybe we could say that that is Love at that level. That is what passes for Love in the realm of sexual attraction, familial resonance and its forms of blood tie nurture. I'm not here to discount these forms, put them down or diminish them. They are the acting director, the temporary stand in, for what is no longer acting when the Investiture takes place.

Some of us who have delved a little deeper into Love, or had Love delve a little deeper into us, know that Love is conscious and aware. Love is a living thing; no joke. In the dream world, they deal with metonymy, simile and synecdoche. Love is always something other than itself because? Because very few know Love at it's essential best. At that level, Love and Liberty are nearly indistinguishable. Love has manifested on this plane as a living entity, consider Jesus the Christ, Krishna or Lord Ishvara. The latter is interchangeable with Jesus the Christ (FUNDIE DOWN VOTE ALERT!)

It can be said that no one, not even God, has EVER registered the limits of Love. Love has no limits. It goes on and on and on, into ever more rarefied expressions of itself. You can become it and still not completely understand it. The point of my bringing all of this up, is that you can communicate with Love as a living thing. I NEVER say anything I have not proved out to my own satisfaction and I am long past caring what anyone thinks about anything I say. I always remind myself that neither I, nor what I produce is, for everyone. Sometimes only parts of something are for one person and parts for another. Take what you like and leave the rest. Piss on it if you like. You won't be able to do that in any case. You'll only be pissing on your own understanding of what you think I said.

Anyone who sets out to express a perspective or a position on anything is going to create rumblings and contention. Everyone is NEVER going to all agree with you. Not everyone is on the same stairway landing as you, or has yet passed upward to the next. It is fruitless to argue with people about things they have not experienced, just as it is fruitless to imagine the contents or construction of what you have yet to experience. IT IS NEVER WHAT YOU IMAGINED IT TO BE. One opinion matters to me and that is the opinion of The Ineffable One. Praise and Blame to me are both charlatans. Only that which comes from The Ineffable impresses or moves me and if anyone were to move me it would be due to The Ineffable moving through them, as could well be the case, since we are God's medium of expression on the manifest plane. We are how God gets his work done. We are how The Devil expresses himself too. Once you have tuned your eyes to the eyes of Conscious Love, you can see both of these forces at work in the world all the time, sometimes in a clumsy fashion but identifiable none the less.

We are all clumsy dancers until we are no longer the one dancing. Only Nataraja has that down.

Yesterday, or the day before, I mentioned my weariness with radical, social justice gays, toxic Liberals, transgenders with rabies and the like. I didn't say this exactly as I am saying it now and I've left some out, I imagine. People unfamiliar with my work and my perspective and often not caring to be familiar, might immediately assume that what I said covers all representatives of those groups. This is really untrue. One might also imagine that I qualify as Anti-Semitic as well, when I very likely have many more Jewish friends than you do, all of whom agree with me. First off, the ONLY Semitic people in the conversation are The Palestinians. The others are NOT SEMITIC. Jesus Christ chased the moneychangers out of the temple and I am not Jesus Christ so... Love in action, in defense of itself, can and does operate in such a fashion from levels of awareness far higher and more refined than my own.

At one time, myself and another martial artist, used to act as bodyguards for the drag queens in DuPont Circle. I took a year out of my life to care for a dying friend who had HIV. I'm not anti-gay. I see it as a phase in a lifetime, possibly as a transition life from being born male to being born female. I'm not sure of the actual Karmic action involved. I am in opposition to ALL ENEMIES OF HUMAN FREEDOM; those who seek to compel their brand of tolerance. I am in opposition to the agents of darkness, who use all manner of themes; sexual, cultural, religious and whathaveyou to their own ends. How could I possibly have an opinion of how another chooses to live their life? I am ONLY activated, or agitated, when that life becomes a nuisance or a danger to others. Then I will have something to say. Certain psychopathic individuals of the Jewish Persuasion, ARE NOT ALL JEWS and they conceal themselves in the mass, as protective covering, while they seek to destroy humanity or EVEN WORSE. I am going to say something about that and if that brings me slander, or censorious names, or a canceling of my career, SO BE IT. I'm not impressed. I have no hostages to fortune. You can't get at me, without permission.

We cannot know God but what we can know of God we can know through Love and if we approach Love with the proper humility and reverence, with the proper respect and necessary credentials, Love will engage with us. Love will enter us and Love WILL TRANSFORM US. Upon my soul I promise and guarantee you this.

Most of us are occupied with thoughts of personal gain and the maintenance of our lifestyle and the defense of who we presume we are. If such think of spiritual matters, they might attend a house of worship on a particular day. Only a small percentage build their entire life around spiritual concerns. I am one of those. I am not perfect by any stretch but I am devoted in the day to day, even to the minute to minute. The Ineffable IS THE CENTERPIECE OF MY LIFE. I am provoked to comment upon what passes through my mind, about what I might read, or discover, about what I would recommend, based on my experiences. If this is not to your liking, if it does not fit into the parameters of your philosophical constructs, there are rooms up and down the hall that you can enter and leave, until you find the one that fits your needs.

If you don't understand something that gets said here, or are not familiar with the persona of the author, it makes sense to ask and be answered. Reacting when not in full command of the subject matter, or the source or context, is a sign of poor toilet training. One of our greatest enemies is the reactive mind. It needs to be stilled before any real work can be done. Truth is both (can be) our best friend and our worst enemy. If we are in service to The Truth, The Truth will educate and transform us. If we are in opposition to The Truth, or value our personal interpretations of ANYTHING, over the real meaning of ANYTHING, at some point... we will encounter The Truth and an adjustment to The Truth will be made, like it or not. That adjustment might be slight or it might be traumatic. Making adjustments ahead of time is the way to go. If you toss a ball at a wall, you cannot un-toss it... but you can run forward and catch it soonest, if that makes any sense. For reference in this respect, I refer you to those words earlier in this posting that you had to look up (grin).

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

10 Star post!

Anonymous said...

"One solution is that nature, God, and soul are eternal existences, as if three lines are running parallel eternally[...] [...] [...]
That very thing which we now see as the universe will appear to us as God(Absolute), and that very God who has so long been external will appear to be internal, as our own Self."

Ray B. said...

Vis, it sounds like a very interesting post-Kundalini 'lifestyle'... *grin*

Vis: "Their hands were not activated to move on their own and display in a particular form, to this day."

I have had this effect for several decades. One time, I was at a meeting/greeting when a Tibetan Buddhist lama came to town. He did some kind of mini-ceremony, and my hands started to move on their own. There was some kind of profound 'meaning' to the movement. After the ceremony, I went up to the monk and explained what had happened. Right as I was repeating the movements, he slapped me on the top of the head with a bamboo 'wand' which he was carrying. Startled me. It felt like some kind of non-verbal 'initiation'. (The startlement created a 'space' of non-thinking; perfect for 'adding' something.) No one else got this 'treatment'...
Vis: "Both of these have ancillary relatives, which make up the Family of Fear and the Family of Love."

In my speak-style, I call these Pleasure side and Pain side. Pleasure and Pain are the precursor sensations to the associated emotions. In the beginning, Pleasure or Pain come out of a sense of acceptance or rejection by an Other. (Reflect-on how acceptance or rejection affects you.) Pleasure cascades-out to Love, Joy, etc. Pain cascades-out to Fear, Sadness, Anger, etc. These are Primary Emotions with no words, concepts, or actions bound to them. Later, they are associated with somebody/something like, "I am angry because my boss dissed me." They can be stuffed and held into the future, or 'unwound' in a non-harmful way. (And yes, the Pleasure side and Pain side can range from the very-physical to the very-spiritual in 'plane'...)
Vis: "My thing is ambient sound and the sounds of Nature. That's where this life experience has brought me."

Me, too. One of my teachers noted that we can be 'programmed' by words we sing or hum-along to. Normally, our intellect stands in the way: accepting or rejecting the content of what we hear. Music gets us so involved or immersed-in that we just 'sing along'. This can be weaponized by the baddies (and the goodies). Repetition (without saying 'no') is seen as Acceptance by the subconscious, and programming - and thus a habit - begins to form. After becoming aware of this aspect of music, I can either stay Really Conscious and accept/reject the words within each song, or I can gravitate to music without words. It has tended towards the latter - ambient sound and the sounds of Nature...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

"Introduction to the First Church of the Presence of God Indwelling."

Chinese Sneakers said...

Got here late, unfortunately; and would now like to jump to the new Smoking Mirrors. Just wanted to say that the following sentence was a perfect gem: "I graduated from the horror movie into a supernatural film."


Anonymous said...

And now a story from one of Santa's elves.



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