Sunday, March 22, 2020

"I got Tuning Fork Syndrome from the Pitiful Larder of Possibility in the Moshpit of Personality."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Welcome and greetings my friends. Welcome to Visible Origami and today's dissection of the separated and complex, into the unified and simple. Through all of our lives and through all of the lives, we have studied, who lived in times other than these; we have encountered a great deal of information. No doubt we have forgotten more techniques than we remember. If we are CAREFUL and ATTENTIVE, we have seen that there are basically three areas; those who promote simplicity, like Lao Tzu and those who promote complexity, like Gurdjieff and those who are either intelligence agency constructs, mind control pathways into evil practice, or absurdities, like A Curse of Miracles, Scientology, or your various New Age Jambalayas, Satanism, Wicca and UFO followers.

IN NO WAY am I seeking to be dismissive specifically of any of them. They all work within and for a particular demon-graphic. These posts, as far as detail goes, are brief and limited. We are, therefore, 'suggestive and 'indicative' and work through 'hints' and 'innuendo'. We have ALWAYS told the reader to 'take what is useful and disregard the rest.' We have done an extensive research to inform and convince ourselves and what you get here is the product of that. It is NOT MEANT TO CONVINCE YOU! These are simply concerns I have convinced myself of AND... I am NOT CONVINCED OF ANYTHING... except the Presence of God. Anything else is the result of, for me, a preponderance of Circumstantial Evidence. Trust but Verify.

In order to free your mind, according to me, you MUST acknowledge the barriers between what YOU CAN KNOW and what YOU CANNOT KNOW. This will save you eons of time. There are two systems that I regard as legitimate (There are, no doubt, more than that) but I speak only of what I have studied to the extent that results have been obtained and they are, The Western Mystery Tradition of Ageless Wisdom and the mirror image of the Eastern Mystery Tradition of the various yogic paths. What I speak of, comes from one or the other of these. Then they are filtered through my perspective.

There is ONLY one of you and that is your True Self, also known as your Individuality, also known as your higher self, which is the same as every other higher self and one of the reasons that the wise can recognize one another without needing to speak. This singularity is personalized through your personality, like light through a stained glass window. Otherwise, if the Personality is in charge, it multiplies, as it adjusts to fulfilling its needs of the moment through adaptation. The Personality evolves from dumb and barely conscious to subtle and clever and can't go beyond that. It is a tool, which should NEVER be allowed autonomy.

How can you tell if a person is presenting from the Personality or the Individuality? The Individuality will resonate at a deeper level because it will initiate Tuning Fork Syndrome. The ONLY time resonance is achieved by the personality is according to 'birds of a feather flock together', 'thick as thieves', 'the commonality of appetite', but this false resonance will cease immediately upon 'fight or flight' being initiated and resulting in 'every man for himself''.

The unreal mimics the real, just as cointelpro agents will insinuate the truth into a complexity of lies, in order to validate whatever it is that they are up to; “Well... that parts true, this part must be too.” A classic example is that of sociopaths mimicking human emotion.

Because you... or most anyone, have become dependent upon the Personality, as a result of the press of Materialism, you've gotten out of the practice of allowing the Individuality-True Self to walk your Personality about like a dog in a leash. Dogs can be very happy on a leash and can even be trained to bring it to you in anticipation of a walk. Once it has been DEMONSTRATED to the Personality where the power lies, the power struggle is over. Much can be intuited by a study of the various vehicles that make up the totality of our being; The Physical Body, The Etheric Body, The Astral Body, The Mental Body, The Causal Body, The Buddhic Body and The Atmic Body.

Life is One. This has already been proven by physicists, that there is an underlying unity between all things. Just as they have proven that 'the world is thought borne'. For some reason, just about everyone fails to grasp that this PROVES THE EXISTENCE OF GOD! I did not require efforts of cogitation and philosophical research to arrive at that conclusion myself. I directly experienced it. Let me insert here, one of my favorite quotes of recent discovery; “These three are difficult to obtain in this world and depend on the mercy of the gods- the human birth, the desire for salvation and the company of the great-souled ones.” I felt my entire body thrill upon reading this for the first time, as I was able to check all of the boxes. Perhaps that seems like no big deal to some BUT for me it was a VERY BIG DEAL because of the visceral, rather than intellectual impact.

God is Ageless and thereby, Timeless and Incomprehensible. Start there. Stop trying to figure out what God is or what Truth is because... YOU WON'T. You won't EVER. You can 'experience' both of them but... I will stop moving in this direction now. If you want to know what God is. Study the primary emanation of The Incomprehensible and... that is LOVE. Following that, consider the archetypal differentiations of Love in action-expression-awareness; These are The Qualities of God. Seek them! In Biblical scripture these are defined as, 'the whole armor of God'. Each of these qualities is an angel you can make contact with.

Who benefits when you Love God? You are the beneficiary through the Law of Affinity. Instead of seeing these exercises, such as this one; “Thou shalt Love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, with all thy soul, with all thy strength and with all thy mind.” as some sort of Herculean Labor, you need to see it as the most absolutely productive and rewarding enterprises you can engage in. God doesn't need our Love. God doesn't remotely need ANYTHING from our pitiful larder of possibilities. Everything you are advised to do, cautioned to avoid, admonished to remember... is for your advantage, your profit, your good. You are NOT being told to behave and adhere to certain behaviors and restrictions on behavior because God is a pain in the ass. This is all happening to help you NOT TO BE a pain in the ass.

If you have been around an illuminated being, a realized master, an inspired elder, you will recognize what I am going to say. Otherwise you will not. There is a palpable energy that surrounds them and expresses through them. There is, can be, a visible light around them. There is an atmosphere of well being that attends them. There is something that leaks out of them and into you through osmosis. It can happen without your awareness of it. You are changed. You are changed because the state of that person's being is more powerful than your state of being. They make you like them, if you permit it, or... you soon book to points elsewhere. Rather... we could otherwise say, they reveal to you what you already are BUT staying there is a matter of application.

Aspiration and Visualization are VERY POWERFUL. They also attract through the Law of Affinity. If you spend all your time thinking about something, it is eventually going to show up. It will show up, you will be lead to it. Somehow there you will be. Depending on the intensity of your passionate Aspiration, Visualization or WHATEVER; on that depends the speed of arrival and quality of the result. Winners don't quit and Quitters don't win. Let's say you are lazy. Don't let that discourage you. You'll get there. It will just take longer but... that's okay... isn't it? Because if it wasn't then you would automatically up your game.

God doesn't get impatient with people. God is the Alpha and the Omega. God is the before and after. God knows the windings and ways of everything. He's been up and down every road. He KNOWS the outcome of everything. People are running around with their heads up their asses; not good for balance or directional coordinates, about Coronavirus. Coronavirus? World War 3? Extinction? Armageddon? Plague? Famine? SO WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What have any of these to do with anything except as focal points for your fear? Solution? Get rid of your fear. You've either got Fear or... Love. It's a matter of preference. One displaces the other. They CAN'T occupy the same space at the same time. And EVERY FEARMONGER, no matter how SEEMINGLY powerful, must drop to their knees or Run like Hell at the presence of Love. They don't stand a chance against Love. NOTHING DOES!

First, stop putting up with your own bullshit and you won't have a problem with anyone else's bullshit. Stop worrying about the world. The world is the world is the world. Certain things ARE THE WAY THEY ARE. Stop trying to change them. You won't. What's the outcome of digging a dirty nail into a wound? Results may vary. You have ONE CONCERN and ONE PROJECT and that is you. Fix that and everything is improved; at... least... while... you... are... around... in... that... time... and... place. One of these days you will be leaking light too. In the meantime, everyone is leaking some variant of themselves into the great Personality Mosh Pit, just down the street from; how did I get here?

End Transmission.......

Today's Song is; (yet to be posted, like some number that are in a holding pattern in the virtual skies above... done or being done but not ready for release, or withheld by fiat- ((grin)). Therefore we shall provide the lyrics and chords;

D           F#m                G
You are everything to me.
D            F#m             G                           D
You are everything to me as far as I can see. 
D            A                   D
You are everything to me

D                                                    G
Like a wind that never stops blowing
D                                                       G
Like a stream that never never stops flowing
D                                                          G
In this way, my love keeps right on growing
D                                                A                                  G
through every mad escape into wonder on my way to you

D           F#m                G
You are everything to me.
D            F#m             G                           D
You are everything to me as far as I can see. 
D            A                   D
You are everything to me

D                                                   G
We dream this dream until we awaken
D                                                                     G
Love is born from the sound of God's heart breaking
D                                                                         G                                                                                    
From the pain and the loss, this path we are making
D                                            A                                     G
Into the image of Love that appears in the mirror of you.

Bm                                       G
Wash away the dark with your everlasting light
Bm                                       G
Still my trembling heart, Lord restore my sight 
Bm                                                    G
Lead me out of bondage from this kingdom of the blind
A                                                      G                           D
Lord grant me freedom from this prison that is my mind

D           F#m                G

You are everything to me.
D            F#m             G                           D
You are everything to me as far as I can see. 
D            A                   D
You are everything to me

Well... that took long enough. Timing around 80-100. Stop, visible, before you complicate it. Given that I know once I post this it will LOOK NOTHING LIKE WHAT I INTENDED. You'figure it out.

And what can I say about Pocketnet, except that it was really boring and banal today? Sometimes it surprises me. NOT TODAY but last time I checked it is still there, RIGHT THERE.

les visible at pocketnet


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

'Tis hard to be afraid of what you are totally fed up with and just wish to leave behind in that gutter which it occupies.

But I am having fun with my virtual existence watching the world go by when I'm not banging my head against the wall wondering how so many can be as stupid as they are.

Anonymous said...

I will be signing off now after reading your work for many years. This subject has come up before and now it comes up again. I have let it go in the past. You may not realize it but so much of what you say is exactly what The Course in Miracles says .I studied it for 4 years and it changed my life for the better and brought me much closer to God . It taught me to look inward and that everything was about my own perspective. It encouraged Forgiveness and Love of your fellow man. It encourages Gratitude . You don’t have to like it or agree with it but I don’t want to read about you trashing it,. It also has nothing to do with Marianne What’s her face.
So our journey ends. You don’t t have to bother to answer hotly as I know you will. You will go on about how I dont t have to come here and you will be pissed but as I said you can save your words because I won’t be reading you anymore. I will feel the loss as I looked forward to your insights and words which helped a lot along the way but all things come to an end. Trashing something that helped me a lot along my path is hurtful and wrong. Your ego is huge.
Good bye and good luck

Visible said...

I don't know why you expect me to answer you hotly and I don't see where it makes any difference whether you go or not because no one here knows who you are. I didn't make any direct statement about that subject. I gave several options as for sourcing various things including that. It is WELL DOCUMENTED that that course is a product of the intelligence community. You should get out more. I only spoke the truth. You may not like that but it's not my fault. Finally, I don't work for you. You don't pay me. I am NOT an employee of yours and do not have to answer to you. How you think what you said makes any difference here I... I just can't fathom it. Vaya con dios in your departure and god bless.

Lots of people got things from that source and I have heard about my reaction to it for years. It changes nothing. Here is some source material for you; and also;

NOw... if that is not enough here's one more and there are many many more- NOw... I hadn't looked at any of these specifically before BUT this last one also mentions Scientology and UFO's right there in the beginning. How about that??? All of what I mentioned was actually connected by someone else in another time and place. I only wrote those things because they appeared in my mind, like everything else I do. Like I said... I ONLY spoke the truth.

Why though did you think if was going to have some personal impact on me? Why would I be pissed? This is all very mystifying and I have no idea what you are talking about. It seems that you somehow think I do all this for reasons other than the real reasons.

I will say that your support amounts to nothing because it has no staying power. A little something comes up that you don't like and there you go. You have much to learn and I suspect you will. Moving right along.

Visible said...

LTPTB; Think of it as a highway and you are going cross country from Atlanta to LA. You are at present in Phoenix. Most of these other people are strung out between Little Rock and Albuquerque. Lots can happen between one place and the next and those who haven't gotten to certain points yet are lacking in a great deal of information. They will, eventually... get more understanding. I think the ticket is to be grateful you are not among them in that common awareness they share. Knowledge TRULY IS power. It can be very rough being here. I speak from experience to that BUT I'm a glass half full kind of guy and I guess I'm stuck with that.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Trust me! I AM grateful that I'm the 'nonconforming type'. Also, compared to you; my life's been a walk in the park. I just never adjusted to existence here from what was before I got here, and I never will. I mean, I'm starin' 58 in the face; so. . .if I haven't 'adjusted' by now, it ain't gonna happen.

Phoenix. Man, I'd be livin' there if I'd moved with my company. Not a good place if you hate heat, sand storms, and traffic tickets, from what I read. Dem dar gubment extortionists gotta make dem dar quotas. Also, I found one of my half siblings lives there; and I don't want to be anywhere near anything genetically related to me on principle. I consider them all potential liabilities and potential time vampires that I don't want to spend one millionth of a nano-second on, and inconvenient in general. I'm not a family type of nose, having spent too much time in a dysfunctional one for a period of time; not to mention I CAN'T STAND BEIN' AROUND CROTCH DROPPIN'S! Now that I have a choice, I CHOOSE my company, and refuse to be STUCK with someone because of genetics.

_0_ said...

I'm sitting here in the park on the green green grass, with blossoms all around me on the ground having a conversation with a Bumble Bee on my book, waiting for my friend the TAO Master. Mr. Bumble mentioned I should look in on you. Such a beautiful day.

The problem with ACIM besides the obvious, ite author was married to A CIA Mind control fella and the obvious use of 127 double negatives in the first 4 chapters (my count before I threw the book in the Bonfire). Is IF this is all one big horrible nightmare creation that the All Encompassing let's its children dream? Any good Father would wake their child from a nightmare.

Hello, you remember me?? Last time we spoke it involved intellectual "dick waving." Ohhhh yeah and When the Luciferian's were gonna sacrifice me in New Yoke around Christmas n! Hahahahahahha. Obviously, They didnt get me. Just another themepark ride.

You never heard that before? Why do you think they call it "wall street" and have a Bull sitting in New Yoke.

Knowledge isnt power silly. Power is power. Even the village idiot can move the earth. Lol

Well, Mr Bummble said he has to go. That's my Que two. 8 ball corner pocket. :)


_0_ said...

"God doesn't get impatient with people. God is the Alpha and the Omega. God is the before and after. God knows the windings and ways of everything. He's been up and down every road. He KNOWS the outcome of everything." <---Love that! After having had 11 NDE'S, I traveled the tunnel of light 6 times and went 5 other ways too. I learned 3 things, #1. Love is a Singularity. #2. Power is not found in exteme external exertion, knowledge or intellectual capabilities and capacity. Nor in nifty abilities, DNA or effort, ascention of "the stairway to Heaven or Jacobs latter". Ascension is a big fat fucking lie that the New Age Evangelist sling from the Pulpit of YouTube. Buda found Nirvana sitting on his fat ass under a tree. Not on a stairmaster down at Worlds Gym. Lol

True Power! Comes only through surrender of fear. John the Baptist knew who Jesus was and he never made it past the Second Grade and King Neb, was afraid of him. Think about that the King was afraid of a batshit crazy dude in burlap living in a van down by the river eating bugs. Didnt even have a Highschool diploma let alone a PHD.

Ahhh the TAO master is here. He always kicks my ass. You would never guess this dude was a TAO master. He has mustard on his $9 shirt from walmart. Looks like he crawled out a Card Board box. Hahahaha but when he speaks???? I feel it to the core of my bones.

Always the simple soft ideas that spin me around like a Tornado.

Good to read you Vis.

Catch up with ya later. The end is nigh! Hahahahahahhahhahaha!

robert said...

Dear Visible One,

Crack! It's going going gone! Right out of the park, another home run hit by our beloved spiritual slugger!

You are NOT being told to behave and adhere to certain behaviors and restrictions on behavior because God is a pain in the ass. This is all happening to help you NOT TO BE a pain in the ass.

"This is all happening to help you NOT TO BE a pain in the ass" I added to this insight a personal coaching addendum ",to yourself and then inevitably to others!"

First, stop putting up with your own bullshit and you won't have a problem with anyone else's bullshit.

This is our first duty of we wish to be a transparent transmitter of the force and thought which forms us!

Clear the mechanism and then see what can come through!

Aspiration and Visualization are VERY POWERFUL. They also attract through the Law of Affinity. If you spend all your time thinking about something, it is eventually going to show up.

Hence the reason for the fear machine, the media Matrix, running constantly for those addicted, implanting fear and displacing love and any creativity which would otherwise enter our scene if bidden!

_0_ said...

IF Ray is Ray and he handed you a copy of my assesment? I assure you. It is accurate. However, who am I? That doesnt matter. I am nothing. What matters is, God can make something out of nothing.

0 (that you actually did talk to recently) said...

0 said,

I guess you realise the _0_ who wrote the post above is not the 0 that you got so riled at, or you wouldn't have posted the comment.

Knowledge is power, and if that power is not wielded with wisdom it becomes destructive, which is why Lord Acton said, 'power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.'

No dick waving here because I don't have a dick.


Visible said...

I did not post that comment being confused over which 0 is involved. Stop projecting and especially stop imagining me to be someone of your creation. I am not what or who you think I am and I posted the comment because it was not abrasive and that was the ONLY reason. Now I see for this slurry of comments that you already appear to be agitating and getting heavy on the fundie speak. Please keep my previously stated parameters in mind or there will be no continuance here. I am NOT looking for conflict or argument. Neither appeal to me and I don't need a whole lot of thus spake so and so and unto this is given whatever nonsense. I am into directly experienced truth and simplicity most always transmitted through the vehicle of love as I understand it. Enough said. I don't have time for back and forths.

Ray B. said...

Thoughts brought-up by the blog:

In my experiences, the mind has some positive attributes. As I traveled further 'up/out', I noted that it was harder and harder for higher entities to stay concentrated. In effect, they 'space out' and may not complete what they have started. Probably too much Bliss (grin). Ironically, humans can be much more grounded. I can't tell you the number of times which I have had to 'remind' higher types to continue an effort. Or, if I am disturbed and have to go off and do something earthly, I have to prompt them to renew doing a partway-finished task; they had stopped shortly after I pulled-out. So, used properly, the mind is beneficial...
Yes, higher-consciousness beings can definitely overawe/overwhelm lower-consciousness beings, and even 'condition' an environment. Truth. That said, both (what I call) good-guys and bad-guys can exhibit such attributes. It is dangerous to rely just on first impressions. (Include telepathy in this, and it gets even more interesting.) Several times, I have met a "Wow!" being out in the æthers and - based on the wow-factor - have allowed them inner access. That turned out to have been a mistake, as each then took advantage. (It took some effort and unseen help to get each 'out'.) This is another way the mind can be of good service. It has memory, and can notice contradictions between stated positions and actual behavior - and consequences. Trust but Verify...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.
P.S. Concerning certain comment responses, a bit of 'forewarning': In my studies of Near Death Experiences (NDEs), one of the stages is a life review. This includes not only a personal flip-through (with your full feelings of each moment), but the effects/affects of your actions upon others from their viewpoint (with their full feelings being felt by you). Since learning about the latter aspect, I have tried to make it easier on my future self by taking into account what my responses would invoke in others (feeling-wise). One can be totally correct in their responses, and still be setting themselves up for some uncomfortable situations during their life review. (LtPtB, can you confirm/refute whether this was an aspect of your NDE, if that is appropriate?)

Andy said...

Hahaha! Another 0. Lol How funny. And this zero is a girl! Hmmmmmmm interesting.

I have been know by that handle for.... shoot 13 years now. Lol you can have it if ya like.
Without a doubt, nobody would ever confuse us. I write the future and you are busy pointing to your vagina. Vagina's are important.

It's been since December 2018 since I last posted on here. The "dick waving" contest was june of 2018. I believe Weinstein was on the menu if memory serves. And it usually does.

As does insecurities flex when I'm out and about on the web. If you make that about you? Then it's about you. If you dont make it about you, then it is not. Fear is the subjective quality of postulating.

More or Les, the gesture of your premis from what I can see.

Visible said...

Andy; Thank you! I just had to dismiss to comments from the other corner because they insisted on bullrushing by my statement that... I posted the comment because it was not abrasive, not because I 'thought' this or that and then they devolved into the usual sidewinding argumentative horseshit.

I am NOT going to post anything here that is palpably disruptive. I can see through this sort of thing from a long distance off. I'm pretty sure I covered my position on EVERYTHING in the last Smoking Mirrors. If you are confused... any of you, go to the second half of the last Smoking Mirrors for the answer to any question under (or hiding from) The Sun.

Okay my friends! Big changes in the wind. Let us unfurl our sails, acknowledge the invisible hand on the rudder and let it take us to that location from which our destiny calls.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Re; #12:

Yes, Ray. I faced what I call 'THE MIRROR OF RETRIBUTION'. I was shown my past doings, and I did my worst when I was still a crotch dropping; but I can't say I'm devastated by any of my past actions. I shall say, I won't do again what I did at my worst. I also saw aspects of past lives, some of which I vaguely remember. (Wealthy civil war abolitionist dude, well kept housewife who killed herself due to being stuck with a couple of crotch droppings she couldn't stand in the 1940's or 1950's, a drudge in St. Petersburg, a book copier in what is now the UK. . .. Don't remember whole lives. Just flashes.)

Sukh said...

Smoking Mirrors:

Looking for Elbow Room Amongst the Rummaging and Rampaging Snouts of Hungry Ghosts at Apocalypse Smorgasbord

Ray B. said...

LtPtB, thanks! (And cool with the fragmentary past-life recollections.) I hope your physical life gets easier, and that you can reach whatever spiritual goals which attract you...

Anonymous said...

Child of God said...

Ray B,

So your opinion of people like Jesus Christ, Buddha, Krishna, Lao Tzu is that it was 'harder and harder for them to stay concentrated’, and your understanding is that 'they 'space out' and may not complete what they have started'.

Really. That is not my take on it at all.

That's is a big call, especially from one who is still trapped in the tomb.

Ancient Egyptian retainer sacrifice is a type of human sacrifice in which pharaohs and occasionally other high court nobility would have servants killed after the pharaohs' deaths to continue to serve them in the afterlife. It is said that this retainer sacrifice only existed during the First Dynasty, from about 3100 BC to 2900 BC, slowly dwindling, and eventually dying out, but this is not so, this custom of the elite is still alive and well today.

The short of it is, those who are not risen back from the dead, through the intervention of the Holy Spirit, are buried with their masters. Only those who followed Jesus Christ till the end, to emerge from the tomb, are fully resurrected back to life. Those who achieve Buddha/Krishna etc like consciousness also fall into this category. Many of the sheep class fall into this category, as through their suffering, much of which was caused by the alchemists who serve satan, they have grown closer to the Divine within, so these are saved because they love God's justice, mercy, and grace, as well as their fellow Man.

Those who were drawn out to serve the elite fall into the goat category. These are those who fell victim to the second death, they were killed in spirit to serve satan in hell, while those who have emerged from the tomb continue on with their ascension.

The Holy Spirit, who is the DIVINE FEMININE, whom I owe my eternal gratitude and love to, is God's agent in this world, and she relayed the above to me. The Holy Spirit saves those who truly do love God and their fellow Man. You see, the ascension has way more to do with one’s heart than with their intellect, because knowledge leads to one’s destruction, unless that knowledge is guided with wisdom, which comes straight from one’s heart.

vios con dios

Visible said...

Troll... Snark... and all-round bad vibration... low level nasty... passive-aggressive filters now in place at all blogs... tighter than a gnat's ass... if your comments do not appear here, our recommendation is any one of the Disquis forum site, comment areas, where you will find your milieu. We are sorry to have to employ this but the times they are a stressing and you few are the sort of examples of failed lives that do not gel with the rest of the upward bound.

Shield's up!

Ray B. said...

CoG, I am assuming Vis' comment is applying to you. If not, Vis, would you correct me?

You seem to be unaware of my 'travels'. My original comment on Consciousness Levels laid-out how various entity-types fit-in. If you go there, you will see that Shamans, Saints, and Sages are still in-body (physical). Ascension-level is above that; that is when you go into an energy body, possibly taking your physical body along. The entities farther-up that path do gradually lose their 'grounding' - the farther up, the harder it is to relate to earth-plane and earth-time. Vis clued-me-in to further Angelic categories. They are far outside SpaceTime, so are really 'alien' to us.

Read-down my various comments and our discussions on that loonng thread. Take what suits you, and leave the rest. (And remember that was eight years ago; lots has happened since then.) Peace...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

It was actually more en masse, directed at the trolls, malcontents, the envious without a forum or theater, lacking as they are in an audience, unable to create one due generating no interest to that end. In these times there are many troubled souls upon whom the pressure continues to intensify, because of Mr. Apocalypse who is pressing for awakening and those resisting are being driven mad. This is happening everywhere at this time and soon to become more pandemic than Coronavirus. I'm confident enough of what I am saying that no more needs to be added. It will demonstrate dramatically enough to be convincing in that regard... shortly.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Re: #17

Thanx, Ray.

Anonymous said...

COG, you know not what you say (and do).

Andy said...

Mr Vis,

You are most welcome.


Indeed memory serves,
In Reference, C.O.G. I only submit the following words: Zen Gardner.




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A classic Visible post:

With gratitude to Patrick Willis.

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