Friday, March 27, 2020

"Somewhere Between Hunky Dory and Gotterdammerung Lies the Eternally Vibrating Resonance of Truth."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Yesterday, my friend, who reads all of my work, said something that caused me to reflect on what it is that I do. My friend said the post was 'sad'. It wasn't said as a criticism but merely an observation on the emotion it evoked. I studied the piece with new eyes and saw what my friend meant. I didn't want to change it. It was what got said on that day. It is what got called forth from my going through the items presented to me by the media.

Most of the work I do involves me 'getting out of the way'. Sometimes I don't even know what I wrote until I read it for correction at the end. I try to love God and adjust to his finer perspective, which is so far beyond my own that only a little of it passes to me from time to time. I try to model my behavior on The Sun. The Sun is my role model. I don't live up to it but I do shoot for it. I talk to The Sun as much as I do anyone in my life. I share just about everything that comes up with Lord Vivasvan, the present regent in Lord Surya's seat. The term of his office runs for 400,000,000 years.

By this time I consider The Sun to be my VERY BEST friend, with Mr. Apocalypse a close second. When I look at what it is that The Sun does, I see that he is very much like Mr. Apocalypse... both of them reveal and uncover and there is no doubt that both of them awaken and that both of them are powerful disinfectants. On that account, Mr. Apocalypse disinfects with humor and The Sun does it with Love. Of course, they are both archetypal presentations of the same inexplicable force that remains... ALWAYS... beyond description and comprehension.

The Sun... Mr. Apocalypse... The Divine Mother... Jesus Christ... Lord Ishwara... These are all... personalized expressions of the ineffable... God Almighty. We are potential expressions of the same, going through the changes and processes, necessary to bring us to the place where that force flows through us without hindrance. Lord... I love you so much. You captivate the moments of my life till everlasting. Surely... not a thing I think or say or do has any meaning except for what you bring to any of them. Well... there is no more I can say about that. We each deal with it in our own way. Some of us do this through avoidance, or sporadically... but whether recognized or not, it interpenetrates EVERY aspect of our lives. Just cause you can't see it doesn't mean it isn't there.

How do we approach this subject... this be all and end all of all things? This we also deal with in our own way, struggling up that spiritual mountain. There is no greater or more difficult task that I have ever encountered. On we go, from lifetime to lifetime. It's been made clear to me that one reaches a point where one can go no further. It is at that point that The One within awakens and carries us the rest of the way. Of course, I am being lyrical and metaphorical here. The One might have already awakened, or some other permutation may well take place but something... something happens.

One encounters such confusion initially. What do I do? How do I do it? Should I join a church? Should I look for a teacher? In scripture we are told things that are key to the whole process. We are told that God made us in his own image. We are also told that the Greatest Commandment is to “Love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, with all thy soul, with all thy strength and with all thy mind.” Jesus added that we should also love our neighbor as ourselves and that upon these rested all of the law and the prophets. I often use the Christian teachings for my examples because most of the readers are Christians. That is the only reason I pick one system over any other.

Let us consider that God made us in his own image. We can extrapolate from this that each of us is a universe unto ourselves. I often think of the image of God, looking down into his reflection in the 6 pointed star. We see through a mirror darkly because our impure desires obscure the vision of the living light. It is through time, space and causation that we are brought, through the fires of suffering to Self Realization. We encounter The Indwelling Everlasting. We learn to be still and know that we are God. “Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?” The secret is to attain to complete stillness so that the angel of God can complete The Great Work in us; The Operation of the Sun. KNOW THYSELF!

We are advised to change ourselves and we can change the world; most certainly that portion we are resident in. There is a term in the Muslim religion... Jihad. It is probably one of the most misunderstood terms going these days. To me, it means... an internal war upon all of our personal unrighteousness and rebellious particles. It is a simple matter if one seeks to enter the inner sanctum. One MUST BE purified. Suffering can accomplish that. Proper knowledge of the necessary steps can accomplish that. GRACE can accomplish that. Being on good terms with The Undines can accomplish that. Oh blessed Necksa, under the auspices of our angel we implore thee to purify us.

What is seldom considered in all the complexities of The Search is that our bodies are composed of millions and millions of cells and EACH OF THEM IS A LIVING THING. The result of genuine purification is the cleansing of our cells and bringing them into a cohesive unity of being; all of them joined in a celebration of the author of their being. Imagine that every cell in your body is humming and singing a never-ending Hallelujah. This is what the Seraphim that circle the throne of God do without ceasing. Once again I will post the listing of the ranks of angels and their duties. We are, for the most part, in these times, a conglomerate of cells in turmoil. Sometimes they war against the host body and that is Cancer. Intoning certain prayers, or mantras, for extended periods of time is supposed to have the effect of uniting all of our cells in a common state of harmonious accord.

This... all of this... is the best argument for Love and one's primary form of expression, both without and within. Love engenders Harmony. Love manifests Unity. Love will, eventually cause all of our cells to sing in divine key. As Visible likes to say, 'the spirit of God sings through everyone but sometimes it carries a tune'. Rabindranath Tagore said, “God respects me when I work but he loves me when I sing.” It is quite simple... we need to harmonize ourselves with ourselves and one way that we can do that is to Love God with all our heart, soul, strength and mind and our neighbor as ourselves. This is the beauty of the simple path of Love. Through protracted, focused and continued loving of God, we come into unity with the divine will.

I personally recommend the path of Love because it is the most idiot-proof. In these times of sinister and subtle influences, which abound throughout our society, it is VERY EASY TO BE LED ASTRAY on the path of knowledge. I do not think myself smart enough or capable enough to follow the path of knowledge. I once read in the work of a spiritual teacher; I cannot remember which one right off hand, that if one follows the path of knowledge, they must afterwards return to walk the path of love but when one walks the path of love to begin with, all else is added in automatically. I believe that. It is said that 'those whom the Lord loves, he chasteneth.' In that case, I suspect God must love me very much (grin); if the evidence of the years of my residence is any indication.

You have to know this going in. You don't just love God and everything is hunky-dory after that. It's not. It's a bit more like Gotterdammerung meets Donner und Wetter in a steel cage match. You WILL BE tested to the extreme and everything extraneous, non-essential and WRONG, will be stripped from your being; with ease, if you are capable of releasing it, or with whatever force is necessary. I've heard it said that if you are not 100% committed, you might as well not bother at all. There will be other lifetimes where your readiness may be more in line with the requirements. If you're not serious don't get engaged because it will not end well.

Here is the deal, near as I understand it. We are at one of those significant turnings of the cosmic clock. Those who can muster the necessary Faith, Certitude and Determination, are in a position to make a quantum leap and be taken right off of the rotation of pending lifetimes. OTHERWISE, you will be sent to wardrobe on The Moon and suited up for whatever the roles required of you amount to, for the next go-round. You DO NOT have to be among these unfortunates who... for whatever the reason; indifference, other- more 'personally important' business, lack of capacity... stupidity, selfish nature, whatever the binding limitation may be... are going to be routed for the next extended drama where... hopefully after that, they have had their fill of the world kicking their ass into a quivering submission. I could candy coat this for you but that will... I assure you, not prove comforting.

Yes... there's more to it. There always is but pure... selfless love, in its essential character, WILL PROVIDE any and all answers needed, now... or at any time across the measureless reach of Eternity.

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Has anyone here seen my old friend Pocketnet? Can you tell me where he/she/it has go a a on. He/she/it entertained a lot of people but considering the audience that didn't take much. I just looked around and He/she/it is still there!!!

les visible at pocketnet


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils up.

Thomas said...

As the Buddhists say:

"Better not to begin. Once begun, best to finish."

He will have us in the end, no matter what! There is a real comfort in that thought (for we shall have Him, too :)).

robert said...

Dear Visible One,

Thank you....

Yes... there's more to it. There always is but pure... selfless love, in its essential character, WILL PROVIDE any and all answers needed, now... or at any time across the measureless reach of Eternity.

How to be selfless is how to yield to the real Self, to let the One through!

We can reference the idea in words with relative ease but living it minute by minute, hour be hour, day by day, not to mention year by year?

No greater challenge here!

From Petri Dish comments:
jpow00 said...
i am constantly impressed with just very important it is to stop fooling myself. Self deception is truly the root of all evil!

This ties directly in to the current offering in depth and why Visible reminds us that he SCOURS his being for evidence of self-deception CONSTANTLY:

How can we learn to step aside and let the inner light through if we are still lying to ourselves in any way?

When we truly realize that there is total Perfection behind our personal experience, that trying to serve the highest good or acting in good faith to be the best (lower case) avatar we can be is not possible without Divine guidance, that we all fall short, we must yield the floor to the Senator from the Universe!

When we can no longer lie to ourselves more than a few moments of doubt and consequent contrition, we KNOW that our human reflection falls far short of the Original Light powering Love through Wisdom.

We learn that NOTHING we can do from a place of LIMITED consciousness will ever please our hearts.

We feel that no passion stepped down to the level which human beings can handle without immediate incineration can sustain the vision which we may see, even the dumbed down vision our minds are capable of conceiving in our inner imaging capacity (imagination).

We act as if we can do something good or even be someone good "on our own", but Christ Yeshua knew better and rebuked those attempting to flatter Him by saying that He was good, no doubt those people motivated by selfish fawning, to curry some personal favor.

We are left empty of ambition, pretense and even hope, until the "I AM" within whispers in our horse's ears.

As Visible repeatedly emphasizes, when we stop listening to our accumulated personal experience and KNOW that WE DON'T KNOW enough to not make a mess of things, we can become useful.

Not to become passive puppets manipulatable by the astral controller, the "Prince" of the air, but in a RELATIONSHIP, in which we are but gopi, the vessel, but LOVED by our Divine husband who is willing to teach us how to be good helpmates to all humanity, while we submit in humility to His Will.

Traditionally, this is more difficult for the male embodiments to learn but that is usually compensated by greater powers of objective self-reflection, to pick out our own nits and remove them, in contrast to unfocused wallowing in subjective land.

However, when the feminine embodiment learns (usually the hard way, a testament to their greater integrity of nervous system) to fully submit to their true heart (the One), there is no greater example of Divine Love in motion and that is the meaning behind the Door's lyrical reference: "The world on you depends, Our life will never end."

Child of God (who has gone under many names whilst sojourning through here) said...

I walk with the light of the living God within, so I am one of those whose suffering in the fire has led to the self realisation that God and I are one.

Jihad is misunderstood, as is Revelations, because both these refer to the inner journey of purification that must occur in order for our kundalini to rise, so that we can undertake the sojourn that Jesus Christ laid out in the Bible, which leads to Christ consciousness.

I cannot express my gratitude enough to those who have helped me along the way to achieve this feat. I read the Bible because the Holy Spirit, which has always been with me, urged me to do so. I now understand that much is expected of those to whom God has given much. I am beginning to see how the dark serves humanity as well as the light. I also see that both these forces are required for the work that must be undertaken in order for the ascension process to unfold.

I now know how Jesus Christ could love so unconditionally, because that same love swells in my heart towards all of humanity. The great suffering that is required to forge one in the fire is not in vain because the spiritual rewards are great. How close I have come to God in this life. Much has been purged from my temple in this process. I still fall far short of the Divinity which Jesus Christ expressed, but I am steadily working toward that which is Divine, especially in sight of the sacrifice so many have made to get me here, such as those who serve in the Holy Sea, through which I had to pass on this sojourn. I just want you to know that I love you very much. I do not love the evil in this world, nor Man’s ego which drags him down to the depths of hell, nor the terrible things that man do to each other, but there is so much good in Man that it is easy for me to forgive all my brothers and sisters. After all, who am I to judge when I am not without sin.

Just as Love will eventually cause all of our cells to sing in divine key it is my hope that one day all of humanity will resonate with the love, compassion and justice of our Creator, so Creation can become that which it was designed to be.

I second your suggestion that one follows the path of Love because it really is idiot-proof, which is why one as lowly as me was able to undertake this wondrous sojourn. God has permitted me to be tested in the fire and it has only made me stronger, because that which houses the Divine is perfected under fire.

It has been my honour to sojourn with you brother, for it was here that my ascension was completed, and I dare not forget to give love and thanks to those who serve in the law temples because it was there that my ascension began.

Thank you all for all your hard work and sacrifice. I pray that in some small way I have contributed to awakening the Christ within all of you, because if love is that which ferries us toward the light than I pray the love I feel for you will give you wings to make it home too.

God Bless one and all
Child of God

Ray B. said...

Vis, thank you for the last few columns. I have read them, but much activity in the Otherwhere has kept me from commenting. Lots of Cleaning has occurred, but a couple of things stand out:

After one Cleaning, my eyes started watering for around two hours. Not quite crying, but definitely on the edge. (Unusual.) When I looked inside, it was from happiness. The last parts of the Cleaning had 'released' lower folks who had been under the thumb of that Being for ages. As this was totally unlooked-for, it felt good as an indirect confirmation of the process...

Another Cleaning went waaay up for a 'sponsor'; considerably above Higher Self. When the process worked to an end, this Being started spraying the whole of humanity with a higher love/light/energy. It felt like recharging a battery which had been severely depleted. This 'sending' went-on for quite some time. I am hopeful that - feeling different inside - humanity may start acting/manifesting different on the outside. This was the first time in which it was felt that everyone was definitely included in the 'sending'...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Sukh said...

A New Smoking Mirrors:

We are The Notes in the Woven Melody of this Unstoppable Ascension of Love

GB Spirit said...

Yes, we need to harmonize ourselves with ourselves and one way that we can do that is to Love God with all our heart, soul, strength and mind and our neighbor as ourselves. The creator has created angels and divided them duties
to look after and play different roles in our lives. This post made me think very deeply about different things. Hope we'll see many quality posts like this.



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