Wednesday, June 17, 2020

"Skinny Dipping in the Pools of Infinity and Sunbathing on the Rocks of Time."

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It's simple really. It is so simple that it cannot be explained. It is an experience, like diving into a pool. The most gifted writer could devote pages to describing the event but it would never equate with actually diving into the pool. This is how it is with the presence of God, with experiencing God.

Pundits, scholars, intellectuals and assorted cognoscenti come in various colors and containers. For the merely intellectually curious, they may serve for an explanation; after all, they get paid a lot of money to talk about what they don't know. They sell lots of books and all manner of paraphernalia. Some of them get really serious about it and wind up wearing costumes and performing in churches; the whole ball of wax that is formless in the beginning, just like God is ...but which is then shaped into the object of our desire... for devotion, adoration and supplication.

There are stages in the God journey. At the bottom of the ladder is the whole theatrical bit, with rituals and ceremonies and my God can beat up your God and you will be going to Hell if you don't worship my God, or you will convert to my religion or we will cut off your head. That is on the bottom rung. The next stage is when one becomes dissatisfied with the dogma and cant and the tedious hymns and uninspired sermonizing and homilies by those talking about what they don't know. Sometimes this dissatisfaction is brought about by trauma or grievous loss. This is a point where nothing one knows will answer, where one's life has been rendered meaningless by catastrophic event. One goes within.

Generally at this stage, testing occurs, to establish whether one is sincere or not. Should one prove to be sincere, a teacher will appear, externally or internally. There are then other stages to follow. What I have given you so far is a ridiculous, almost comical sketching out in brevity; whereas the descriptions given by those who have not dived into the pool and do not know what they are talking about, go on and on forever and anyone who does know what they are talking about, is more likely to say, “I don't know” than anything else. This is because those who have dived into the pool most often find that there are no words to explain what they experienced. It is not that they don't want to tell you about what happened to them, it is that they are not able to do so.

I have posted the following several times and no doubt will post it again;

"These three are difficult to obtain in this world and depend on the mercy of the gods- the human birth, the desire for salvation and the company of the great souled ones."

I have experienced and continue to experience all three of these, though I do not qualify the desire for salvation as such. For me it is an abiding and insatiable desire for the presence of God. Whether it was the fruit of other lifetimes or a matter of divine serendipity, I have accomplished the presence of God. I have dived into the pool and continue to do so. There is nothing remarkable about what I have done. What is remarkable about it is how few there are who do it.

Perhaps... for most and this is what I suspect, diving into the pool interferes with what they would rather be doing and with that... you have the summation of the whole world; what it is and what happens there. It is that place we have all come to, (were compelled to come to) because it was Karma that brought us here, the fruit of all of us doing what we would rather be doing until we find out what it is that we REALLY would rather be doing and we find that out, once we have become disappointed with everything else. There is a great deal out there to become disappointed with and the ways we go about becoming disappointed are what results in our Karma. Karma also comes as a result of engaging in what disappoints us, depending on how we behaved, according to the laws of cause and effect.

I try not to discuss myself in any way that might indicate an exaggerated opinion of myself. It tends to put off the audience and to diminish the opinion they may have formerly had concerning me. I REALLY don't want that to happen (grin) BUT... when one has lived an extraordinary life of both positive and negative events and one intends to tell the truth, then the truth, to paraphrase the worthy Holmes, no matter how seemingly improbable must be the truth. Upon reflection... that statement appears not to make a whole lot of sense, well... it will have to do.

No one speaks directly to God. It is always going to be an angel, a burning bush, or an illuminated soul who speaks to you. The power of God is such that it would generally incinerate anyone who got near. So angels, burning bushes, and illuminated souls are steps down in power, in a similar fashion to what an electrical transformer does.

I spoke to God through the whole of my life. Initially, it was a cry for mercy and protection against the abuses being heaped on me. My childhood was an uninterrupted horror show. I didn't have one and subsequently when I left home a week after I turned 17, to join the military, I was no more than 12 years old as far as maturity went and it took some time and a lot of psychedelics for me to be raised by invisible forces, until I was able to have some semblance of the ordinary, even if it was only camouflage.

It was only about eight years ago when God began to speak back to me, sans psychedelics, through whatever medium he chose to use. At first it was sporadic and it has been just in the last couple of years that it has become a regular event. Why I got picked for this I cannot say. It is not because of any excess of virtue on my part. It might have had to do with an exceptional amount of zeal and passion. When one exhibits a reckless disregard for their own life in the pursuit of the ineffable, it counts for a great deal with the residents of Heaven. When they know that you know that they are there, it sets up a dynamic for communication. At that point, a course is determined and if the one following it is able to continue, regardless of whatever circumstances occur, the end result is guaranteed. At least this is how it happened for me.

Those who have been following these blogs for a few years know that many of the conditions I have spoken of have come to pass. Many of you have also had experiences that have confirmed the reality of what goes on here. For the skeptical and the naysayers I care not one wit. I only do what I do for the benefit of kindred souls. I bear no rancor for anyone else. I wish all souls well on their roads to eventual epiphany but not everyone is inclined to accept the validity of another when they do not conform to the expected template. As I said in a recent video; for many people, if it isn't happening to them then it couldn't be happening to you. And people of a certain mindset (and there are many of them) have a preformed image of who can and cannot be legitimate, even though God, historically, has picked the outcast, the simple-minded, bizarre and eccentric to be his representatives.

There are so many examples of this that it is not necessary for me to itemize them. Here we are at this point in the post and surely Visible has a reason. Surely he is taking us somewhere? As a matter of fact...

Everyone, one way or another dives into a pool (whichever and whatever that pool may be) but... most of the time, there is no water in the pool and hence the pain and hence the disappointment. Of course, this is all metaphorical but it is LITERAL in its result, no matter what form it takes; whether it is a pool half full-half empty, or a swamp, or an empty pool, or any experience resulting from a misdirected passion, we are all diving into pools all the time and the point at which it's over for you is when one is diving into the same pool again and again... and expecting a different outcome.

The pool I am talking about, you don't just get wet. You get changed forever and there is no going back... ever. Just as you cannot step into the same river twice, the same person does not come out of that pool who dived into the pool.

The Avatar is coming and the world goes into fast forward mode at his approach as conditions materialize to accommodate his arrival. Prior to his very noticeable appearance, he will appear in every heart where a previous resonance has been established. One will find themselves on a Cosmic Conference Call. From there, this resonance will extend to everyone within the parameters of those already engaged in the conference call and it will then expand across the Earth like the ripples caused by a stone thrown into a still lake. EVERYONE will be impacted to a greater or lesser degree and some will be sent running in search of dark harbor, where they can hide from the light. NO ONE will be able to achieve that and there will be an automatic and spontaneous restructuring of POWER and access to POWER. The world and everything in it will be set right. This will come as a cause for great rejoicing in some quarters and a cause for fear and trembling in others.

This is what I have gotten in my internal conversations. As to the veracity and accuracy of any of it; WE SHALL SEE.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Another "Nostrils Up"!

robert said...

Dear Visible One,

How the timeless cycles through time!
How true passion never falls into noise!
How those who find the pool of eternal youthfulness MUST call others to join them!

"And people of a certain mindset (and there are many of them) have a preformed image of who can and cannot be legitimate, even though God, historically, has picked the outcast, the simple-minded, bizarre and eccentric to be his representatives."

Only those who know that they are brokenhearted learn to listen to their hearts and learn to hear the still voice and ignore the raucous rhythms of selfishly limited siren songs.

"One will find themselves on a Cosmic Conference Call."

Double meaning there, Visible!

What other way is there to find one's self but to listen in on the voice of the One speaking through the many, the singular song of being joyful, just Being for the joy of it, ecstasy of living, becoming One, again!

We perish without the vision of this possibility, which you raise before our tired eyes in tireless giving.

The pool awaits us, even surrounds us now, thought we hold tightly to a parched, arid view of our lives, using the intellect to throttle our perception down to dry bones, when renewal immerses us in Love, wiating for us to notice and surrender to the water which gave us birth.

Our inner eyes must stay focused on the objective inner reality, through the transit of birth beyond appearances.

Ray B. said...

Vis, one of your best blogs. Enjoyed it immensely. Thanks!

What is being talked-about here is the difference between being an observer and a participant (with the caveat that everyone is ultimately a participant). If you are shooting for a one-on-one with all-God (as far as is possible without being fried), you are a participant. If you are putting anyone/anything between you and all-God, you are an observer. Most religions put you in observer status. (Obviously, there are shades-of-gray in this simplistic view.)

Part of being an observer is Control and its relative, Fear. A while back, I mentioned being in the audience of a teacher who was stone-cold telepathic. This teacher liked to 'drop' mini-details of a person's life in passing, which would let the recipient know he/she was open like a book. You could actually see the shock on a person's face when they 'got it' that they were in new territory. After that realization, there was a division. Those who could master the fear of 'being naked' stayed; those who could not were never seen again...

Questing for all-God is kind of like the above. The further you go 'up', the more telepathic everyone is. Thus, the more 'exposed' you are. (And it sucks when you are the one 'person' in a throng not natively telepathic.) Some people can deal with this; some shy away. At a minimum, it requires a major rethinking/restructuring of one's personal boundaries.

(And there is also the reverse. Unsavory Beings do exist out there. Some are also stone-cold telepathic. When you get clear 'words' inside your skull from some Being, you are then faced with evaluating that source. Intuition is good in this regard, as is noting what is 'said' versus what is done. Some people do not want to deal with this personal responsibility, so toss-away any possibility of higher contact. Baby with bathwater. Unfortunate.)

If there is any 'awakening' pressure from Above, those with experience in telepathic contact will have an easier time of it. Those who are in their own tiny bubble will have a learning experience when their bubble pops open...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Mr Visible,
A question for you if you care to answer.
What do you think of a person that values their own life above all other lives?
Is this just plain fear of death? or/and fear of judgement/punishment. George Soros and Klaus Schwab come to mind. Who the f are these entities? Do they have souls? Your thoughts please.

Anonymous said...

Going to ask you another question:
WRT Romans 14:2
'One person's faith allows them to eat anything, but another, whose faith is weak, eats only vegetables.'
Seems to me this has many meanings. My guess is you have much faith, because you can 'eat' anything.
Am I correct?

Visible said...

I honestly do not mean to be dismissive or rude. At the same time, really simplistic questions could be of sociopathic intent. I'm NOT SAYING IT IS. I am saying it could be and on the slim chance that there is more going on here than meets the eye, let me just say those kinds of questions are not in my province and should be dealt with by someone else. I don't and can't eat anything. I don't know where you got that. Honestly... I'm too busy for this sort of thing. If I was doing it for a living I might have no choice but I am not so I reserve all my efforts for useful service and meaningful endeavors. All kinds of people can answer those questions and one of them is self evident.

Anonymous said...

Your last two paragraphs offer much hope in another wise very dark space.
That your words are accurate can only be longed for by so many of us
Evil is running rampant seemingly with no checks at all.
Either your messages are correct or its goodbye USA

Anonymous said...

You took my comment completely the wrong way, sorry I couldn't make it clearer. By 'eat' it means 'take in'. Like religious beliefs, take them all in because your faith is strong. Or only eat vegetables because a person can't reconcile the other beliefs. And then to suggest sociopathic intent, that's just weird. Polar opposite.

Visible said...

Quite often, as I have repeatedly stated here, I will say something in order to measure the response against all possibilities. It is important to note that I DID NOT SAY that was what was happening but that it was minutely possible. Others have messed with me doing EXACTLY that sort of thing and it behooves me to investigate. I didn't take your statement any way at all. Here is what I said (and there is emphasis there as well) "really simplistic questions could be of sociopathic intent. I'm NOT SAYING IT IS. I am saying it could be and on the slim chance that there is more going on here than meets the eye." I think that is quite clear and then when someone responds I am able to gauge intent.

You shouldn't get so prickly. I have every reason to be on my guard. You have no idea of what I am up against sometimes. I don't discuss any number of things since the reader can't do anything about it anyway.

Anonymous said...

Well we would wonder what is a soul? And once we got that straight, we still might not know. I don’t know for the record!


Anonymous said...

Hope you post something soon.The country is in shambles
Can’t find a glimmer of hope anywhere except for what you write.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

"Doing the Motionless, Moonwalking Cool Jerk, Among the Dancing Bimbos of Babylon."



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