Thursday, July 02, 2020

"Game Over and back to Wardrobe to be Suited Up with a New Outfit in the Dressing Rooms on The Moon."

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Good day my friends and welcome to Visible Origami. There are two days left of the time span I was given for a major natural disaster. I didn't know what to think about what I heard when I heard it and I still don't. Not everything I hear comes true and that can be a good thing.

There is a serious uproar taking place and you can be sure that it is being engineered by those wishing to destroy life as we know it, or as is the case in most cases, life- as WE THINK WE KNOW IT. What I am going to tell you is true and has been the case for a long time. When social unrest occurs, the people who push to the forefront are usually strident revolutionaries. A classic instance would be that of Robespierre and Danton during the French Revolution. During the 90 days Reign of Terror, the bloodthirsty atmosphere must have been intense. Noted philosophers like Rousseau, Montesquieu and Voltaire all found their thoughts shaped in ways they did not intend, (as happened to Nietzsche) or... for all I know... maybe there was some amount of misguided intention.

We find ourselves in such straits now, although the thinkers of our time are much more pedestrian.

Robespierre and Danton both fell victim to the excesses they were promoting and lost their heads. This is often what happens to those seeking the destruction of others. No matter what happens to them, they are pushed to the side when Reason begins to prevail. This happened to Thomas Paine, who was considered to be too much of a firebrand. Similar and more drastic occurrences took place during The Bolshevik Revolution and during The Night of the Long Knives; in Cambodia and, you get the picture- unless you don't.

It is very difficult to get perspective when you are caught up in the changes. It is hard to see from the outside when you are inside. So... as alarming as it all appears to be and as uncertain as the future may look, with massive threats taking place all over the world, the outcome is by no means decided, or as grim as it may appear. Though it may not be the case everywhere, a golden age is coming. Initially, though, there is going to be a lot of Sturm und Drang. Interestingly enough, it was Rousseau who came up with that and... heh heh, he was French.

Fools see the game of life as a material concern; something brought about by predictable forces, part of the ebb and flow in a theater of endless change. The Wise KNOW that it is not a purely material affair. It is a spiritual thing taking place on the material plane because the world as we know it is, for most of us, defined in the report of the senses. That is less than half of the totality of it and this is why most people wind up in a quandary, whipped hither and yon by Fear and Doubt. Fear BECAUSE of what they do not know and which is tapping them on the shoulder, invisibly and doubt BECAUSE... that which is real is invisible. One needs to be able to see what cannot be seen and that is where Faith comes in. ONCE AGAIN, WITH FEELING... Faith is THE SUBSTANCE of things unseen.

WHY do such terrible things happen to people? Whether you believe it or not, the whole of life and the purpose of all the demonstrations is TO WAKE YOU UP! Until you wake up, unfortunate events will continue ad infinitum. Face the facts. At least LOOK AT THEM! You live in a temporary world filled with temporary things. You get attached to them. You get attached to people who are JUST PASSING THROUGH and then they are gone BUT... they will be back, again and again and again, as your mother, or your father, your sister or your brother, your worst enemy and your best friend. You won't recognize them though. They will go out as one color and come back in another. They will be a female and then a male. Everything that you see is coming apart while you are looking at it, in time-lapse photography on a scale far too big for you to see. THAT IS WHY you can't figure it out.

According to several of the more enduring sources, the regent of this world is Sanat Kumara. They say he is the head of the hierarchy that is resident in Shamballah. They are the actual rulership of the destiny of Earth. It is far more complex than that but... it will do for the sake of what is being talked about here. Sanat Kumara and the celestial hierarchy, weave the comings and goings of humanity toward an end result that is far, far in advance of this present moment so... all of the things we are being put through make no sense to us. It is something that involves many lifetimes, not just one. So it is that people rail against the conditions they find themselves in, even though they are the ones who put themselves there. They don't remember doing it but they did it in a previous appearance. If you don't accept the truth of Reincarnation and Karma then there is no further need, at present for you to pay attention to me. You will get first-hand evidence of Reincarnation, Karma and a great many other tenets of Ageless Wisdom at some future time. It is called, 'ageless' because it never changes.

Conditions change, cultures rise and fall, people live and die BUT Ageless Wisdom is INVARIABLE. You can argue against what you read here till Doomsday's Break; it will change nothing. In a war between you and The Truth, The Truth wins, period. Am I speaking the truth? We'll see. What you hear from me DOES NOT ORIGINATE WITH ME. The style in which you hear it does and sometimes I am permitted to present something in what might seem to be an original way but none of it is new. The reason it is being presented in a new manner and... not just by me, is because people have grown tired of the old messages. They have been hearing them for too long. They have seen the hypocrisy of the representatives. More pertinently and more certainly, this is all due to THE CHANGING OF THE AGE.

It is the prevailing opinion of many that The Devil runs things on this plane. Why... just look at the evil men do. Who else could possibly be inspiring them? It could well be that The Devil; GOD AS THE WICKED SEE HIM, is behind all the skulduggery and psychopathy of the age, just as he is in any age like the one we are PASSING OUT OF. Yes, The Devil, as he is generally misunderstood, is a player here BUT... ONLY one of the players and most prominent among those who listen to him; think of it as the BACKWARDS MESSAGE OF GOD, as heard and followed by those going backwards. Others are listening to other sources and out of the general melange comes the complexity of it.

For those who don't get what is being said here, you profit according to your intentions and your behavior. Wherever you are, YOU PUT YOURSELF THERE and who is going to get you out of it... YOU? Perhaps... eventually, after you pay the price and you will still need aid and assistance. Meanwhile... there is God Almighty and the matter of HIS GRACE, which can wipe the whole slate clean... if... you get his attention. How do you get his attention? You get it the same way you get the attention of The Devil. Both of them are God but they appear differently depending on you. YOU ARE LOOKING IN THE MIRROR. You are looking in the mirror WHEREVER YOU LOOK and you are reacting to it. Perhaps the key to everything is right there and I would suggest thinking about it for some time.

Imagine all of the perspectives that are possible in looking at any one thing. What is it that influences how you see anything? Certainly, your values come into play. Certainly, your past experiences enter in. Certainly, how you have been formed and shaped by lives past has an effect. The ONLY WAY you can get a handle on it is through (Drum Roll) SELF INQUIRY. Everything is inside of you. It doesn't seem possible, does it? Look at the size of The World and the size of you. Still... everything that is in The Macrocosm is reflected in The Microcosm. We are the universe in miniature. God himself/herself is within you; as a silent watcher, unknown to you, or even as an active participant and intimate adviser as he is for some of us. Even for those of us for whom this is true, we will never know God, and as much as we can know God is dependent on how well we know ourselves and how do we accomplish that? We accomplish it through Self Inquiry.

Now... I know there are many who scoff at this, precisely because they are an unknown to themselves. They only know what they know, based on what they want and that is why so many of them are miserable, because almost nothing of what they want is worth having, once they've had it, and so... disappointment dogs their every footstep. Their wife dies. Their husband dies. Their children die. Their dog dies. They become bitter. Life ceases to contain any spontaneity and becomes inflexible routine. Death is actually the best thing that can happen, given also the pain of aging and all the attendant maladies, along with a lifetime of resentment and regret.

This is not the case for everyone. There are some who live in wonder and joy because the indwelling spirit has revealed itself and to EVERYONE for whom this has happened comes the compelling desire to share it. They learn that giving themselves away and engaging in selfless service is a joy beyond the telling, but it makes no sense to those who have placed a death grip on possessions and the lies they've told themselves, which fuel their self-importance that no one else experiences like they do. If you are rich and powerful you are surrounded by flatterers and sycophants until it is all taken away.

How many of us really look at the world around us? How many of us exercise empathy in all our interactions? Everyone else is you. They are you as you were, or you as you will be and the same eternal self is present in all of them. If you make it a point to ONLY communicate with that self in everyone you meet then you are in for the surprise of your life.

I don't know what Sanat Kumara is up to. He hasn't said anything to me. I've not been to Shamballah but I have spoken with the ineffable, through his step down transformers , and as time goes by he becomes inexorably more and more present, because... more and more, that is where I spend my time and attention. It is like this, eventually... for ANYONE who engages themselves in the effort. Otherwise, it's Pinball City and you are the pinball bouncing off of the bumpers. Sooner or later you go down the chute. Sooner or later it is Game Over and back to wardrobe to be suited up with a new outfit in the dressing rooms on The Moon.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Well, from the Cathar perspective; which is about as liberating as you can get, this is the realm of the Demiurge. Not one I'd invite to din-din. I figure living as I do, I kick the Demiurge in the face on a daily basis; sometimes more than once. I sure didn't feed it in so many ways. Maybe when I was younger, before I knew better; but that was a long, long time ago.

Ray B. said...

Vis, an 'enlightening' column. Thanks!

Vis: "One needs to be able to see what cannot be seen and that is where Faith comes in."

In addition to Faith, one can construct - over time - a bridge to "see what cannot be seen." I call it downshifting. The brain will only reflect what it has experienced within the five senses over the current lifetime. When it hits something new (like energy-based beings), it mostly ignores it - meaning one does not see it - or substitutes-in something which it estimates is close-enough. The latter 'behavior' can be used productively. When one is in the presence of something/someone 'new' (as evidenced by the hair on the back of one's neck rising, a sudden 'whistling' in an ear, a sense of 'presence' even if no one is to be seen, etc.), one can ask them - mentally or out loud - to 'downshift' what is going-on in a form one's brain can decipher. (Also, ask that any communication be in your native language - otherwise, you might get soul-level 'talk' which goes unintelligibly fast.) What the receiver will 'get' is a close-enough down-translation of what is happening or concerning the Being. Be careful not to take it literally; it is akin to translating a 3D world into a 2D map of the world. It gets the general 'intent' right, so you can learn. And, with time and effort, you can build bridges...
Vis: "The Wise KNOW that it [the game of life] is not a purely material affair. It is a spiritual thing taking place on the material plane..."

This is what makes me the most excited. "How it is" is fixed (to us Down Here) because higher aspects condition the game. This is fine if those higher aspects are pain-free (their own version of pain). Otherwise, we get the downshifting of their internal experience. When my Higher Self (and many others) has completed a Cleaning on some pain-filled higher being, there often occurs multiple "Dones". Depending on the context, this can either mean that old stuff is cancelled or shut down (done!), or new stuff is being initiated (done! in a "So Be It!" manifestation sense). Proceeding-down from higher levels, this kind of stuff is irresistible; it is like it manifests from within or as a change in 'reality'.

What is really intriguing is, what do all those higher-level "Dones" actually mean Down Here?

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

This one will be reprinted with credits due


Anonymous said...

"The specific importance of the Kumaras is that they were brahmacaris, living the life of celibacy from birth. They kept themselves as small children about four or five years old because by growing into youth one's senses sometimes become disturbed and celibacy becomes difficult."

The Kumara Sampradaya

Hereticdrummer said...

That was a wonderful post, VIS, very thought provoking. Truly we must take this material existence lightly as it is so temporary and in it, everything you love will be lost or taken away. LTPTB: I've read just about everything on the Cathars that is in English. My favorite is, "The Treasure of Montsegur" by Sophie Burnham, a gifted author and a magnificent historical novel. She spent 10 years researching the Cathars before writing it. It has a twist ending that actually made me cry. I can't recommend it enough for discerning souls.

Thomas said...

It's an interesting point with "the general melange"...

It reminds me of a saint that Yogananda mentions in his autobiography who tells him: "Do not look for Absolutes in the relative world of nature. God is simple - everything else is complex."

It really is the most curious thing!

Visible said...

How about this, given what I said last weekend?

robert said...

Dear Visible One,

We see our reflection in your writings and songs and receive encouragement from your certitude to build up our own! Gracias!

"Yes, The Devil, as he is generally misunderstood, is a player here BUT... ONLY one of the players and most prominent among those who listen to him; think of it as the BACKWARDS MESSAGE OF GOD, as heard and followed by those going backwards."

Yes! Just as truth is being inverted/reversed to deceive the confused, those who aim to regress their relationship with their spirits, choose anti-life mindsets and karma-burdening magic instead of love magic!
Good luck with that, dark hole drivers!

"You are looking in the mirror WHEREVER YOU LOOK and you are reacting to it. Perhaps the key to everything is right there and I would suggest thinking about it for some time."

Since the objective source is invisible to the outer senses, our perception is the problem. If we see only with coarsened senses of adulterated minds, we miss the beauty and meaning that requires a spiritual converter, the whole mind used in faith, in a combination of hard but temporary facts with a flexible comprehension of the real, perfectly consistent patterns of the manifest Mind of the One, to perceive.

Balancing act, between the inner real and the outer projection, what is all-there-is and what we don't know, infinite and limited...

"Even for those of us for whom this is true, we will never know God, and as much as we can know God is dependent on how well we know ourselves"

True but we MUST be certain of the primal reality, that GOD KNOWS US!

No growth or hope is conceivable without this shining truth: WE ARE KNOWN, deeper than we imagine, by the Knower and through the effort of asking ourselves questions of the deepest meaning in every moment, we grow to meet the Knower who loves us!

Were we not loved unconditionally, beyond our present comprehension, beyond all the illusory temporal constraints on life, beyond any reckoning, we would not be aware, to share a slice of Consciousness with the entirety of Creation.
Love it or leave it...

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Re: #5

A depressing ending no doubt, for a depressing moment in history that should have ended differently. I looked the book up. Looks like I'll be absorbing it on the Otherside due to circumstances.

Hereticdrummer said...

LTPTB: Ultimately, it is liberating through its eternal truth and beauty. If you are able, I strongly recommend that you read it now.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Hereticdrummer, too pressed for time. Heh-heh. This is off topic, but I'm gonna post a link to another book I have no time to read for those interested in it:


Hereticdrummer said...

LTPTB: I understand. I want to make something clear. Most people erroneously believe that the Jews were the victims of the Catholic Inquisition. Doubtless some Yids were taken out but the primary target was the "heretic Christians" or the Cathars. The Roman church considered them a threat to their stranglehold on the people. The armies that attacked them in Occitania at the behest of the Pope did not give a flying fuck if they were heretics or not. They wanted to plunder the land, steal its wealth, and ravage the women. The Cathars rightly called the Pope and his pedophilia obsessed Babylonian "Church" of perversion and avarice the anti-Christ and the true heretics. Thanks for the excellent link.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

"Until THE MERCY AND GRACE OF GOD INTRUDES, at Some Point on your Personal Road to Damascus."

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Re: 12

The Cathar faith grew rapidly in those days, and I know they were considered a threat. Too bad the faith didn't come back in great numbers, as opposed to just a few here and there. I know all about Arnaud Amaury, who basically invented the phrase; "KILL 'EM ALL, LET GOD SORT 'EM OUT."

Hereticdrummer said...

The Cathars walked the walk, not just talked the talk. They treated women as equals unlike the misogynistic Roman church. The people loved them as they were healers and spent much time helping poor families in need any way they could. Back then, the worst invective one man could call another was, priest, meaning the Roman Catholic variety. That was equivalent to swine or scumbag and was considered fighting words.

Anonymous said...

Aggressive Truth
What do you think Les? If I am still alive, haven't I gained more knowledge? You know my story and only you can see it. You cannot deny it, because you lie, knowing the Father is not proper to lie. I was scared before, but now I will disrupt this system. I'm not alone anymore. The Lord is with us. I will tell you a secret. A land is a garden. When in the book of the kind God said. "you have control over everything that lives now and maybe call it" it was about looking after his holy place. I know you won't understand. Now what is time. You are blind in the required world that you created. This is your world. Shame on you to be human in this magical universe. Excuse me I know more than you have on your hard disk.

Visible said...

Aggressive Falsehood;

An inflated sense of self-importance is the same as putting a mask on God. The overlay mask that the ego puts over God is known as The Devil. I don't know why you are attacking me... wait a minute, yes I do. You wish to be more important than me so that people will listen to you instead of me but the only reason people listen to me is because I AM NOT SELF-IMPORTANT. This means that I make others important. I listen to their hearts, in an invisible fashion and then I do not hinder their message passing through me and they are able to hear themselves.

I am sincerely sorry for you. It cannot be easy for you to be in this delusional state. May God awaken you as gently as possible, so that you are no longer an embarrassment to yourself. Do you realize how you present yourself to others? How would you react if you ran into someone like you?

Hereticdrummer said...

VIS: "Aggressive Judaism" is obviously a paid troll out to try and mind fuck you. I know he won't. It's been awhile since I've seen such inane gibberish under the cloak of alleged knowledge.

Anonymous said...

With a tiny amount of trepidation I'll only say I too am 110% convinced I can't be killed before my time. Even as I suffer and enjoy those natural born threefold miseries, same as 99% of everyone else. Well, maybe not exactly the same but close enough, lol.

And since those miseries are all guaranteed to us wee folk constantly struggling for survival here on this material planet Earth, those Threefold Miseries are naturally also bound to be guaranteed. I'd lol again but it's really not funny. (lol)

Without further adieu, here they is...
1) Miseries inflicted via one's very own mind and body.
2) Miseries inflicted via other living beings.
3) Miseries inflicted via natural calamities, catastrophes, cataclysms, etc.

That being said, one of the greatest proverbs of all time immediately springs to mind ...
"No one said it was gonna be easy"



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