Saturday, December 05, 2020

"Make Your Peace with God and Set Out on The High Road to Salvation and Eternal Life."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

The dawn is breaking. The dawn is rising upon that carpet of woven darkness, which for years has been knitted together by Powers and Principalities, by THUGS in high places. Why this is happening; one could speculate for a long time and still be left with questions. There are ALWAYS questions until you have the ONLY answer that applies in EVERY CASE. It is happening because of The Will of God.

As long as the mind is allowed to operate in an unrestrained fashion, it will beleaguer the owner with an endless routine of distractions. “Hey! Look at this! Look at this! Look at this!” The mind has rightly been called a monkey. It is a relentlessly masturbating entity, primping in The Mirror of Time, throwing shit when it is motivated; whining, pleading, beguiling, LYING, threatening, weeping, and wailing in the eternal night of its persistent ignorance.

When the mind is stilled, it becomes a mirror to reflect the Glory of God, BUT... The Mind is a monkey and it is accompanied by The Dog of Desire. This is a fearsome tandem and constant slave masters. Until you take control, YOU WILL GET NO PEACE. You will revolve endlessly on a cycle of mortal suffering and... IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE LIKE THIS!!!

I have mentioned this before. If you are not 100% committed, it can take a very long time. If you are 100% committed, it can happen quickly. The key is your level of commitment. How do you become FULLY COMMITTED? You have to want it MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE!!! How do you come to want it more than anything else...??? (Extended pause... rising anticipation... NOW... we break for commercial. Stay tuned. ((grin))... Okay!!! We're back. Thanks for your patience... DRUM ROLL...) You do it with LOVE! You must cultivate LOVE.

We have illustrated this OVER, and OVER, and OVER, and OVER, etc. You get the picture (I hope). What have we illustrated OVER and OVER? What have we illustrated in allegory and analogy from every direction under The Sun? We have given chapter and verse on how much easier it is to do something when you love it. In fact, if you don't love it, don't do it. I have used the example of playing the guitar. I have used it expressed in human romance.

You CAN take control of your mind, BUT... you MUST be persistent. It has to dominate your thought. The Mind knows that you are the boss. It also knows that you have abdicated this position. It is as if you were once The King or Queen of a realm. For whatever reason, the Dog of Desire got your attention, or The Monkey Mind distracted you. One thing led to another, and then? Demons took over the realm and KICKED YOU OUT. Now you wander a desert landscape, hounded by unrequited desire, amnesiac and alone, while those who were created to serve you, run riotously through your castle, spilling your wine, eating your food, and laughing at the obsessions that have rendered you blind to the beauty of yourself and others. The magic of life was stolen from you. You no longer know who you are. You are now the victim of NOT SO random circumstances.

One day you find yourself sleeping with hogs in a sty, and you wake up and remember Your Father's House. This is the moment of epiphany. This is that moment on The Road to Damascus. This is when you REALIZE that you have wandered far from your Native Land. You might translate this into REALIZATION... Self Realization, when you FINALLY grasp that The Father is WITHIN, and not at some far off point that you will one day arrive at. The Journey is an INNER journey, and until that thought is FIXED, you will GET NO PEACE. Your Father's House is within you. That is who it is that sits upon The Throne in The Kingdom of Your Being.

It is a simple thing, my friends. It is the very simplicity that is so bewildering, and you have that Dog of Desire barking at you, and you have the Monkey Mind tossing out images of all the fantasies of appetite that the Dog of Desire then runs after.

Why is The Greatest Commandment The Greatest? Because LOVE is the key to everything and Love of The Creator is the Supreme Focus of that love. This is how you are returned to Your Father's House. LOVE IS THE ATTRACTIVE FORCE, and... THE FORCE THAT ATTRACTS GOD. You have ALWAYS been there but you were deceived. Now everything that was once so familiar is now unfamiliar. You are adrift in a world of strangers. How did this deception occur? It begins as Self-Deception. You lie to yourself because your desires have COMPROMISED you. Perhaps you thought you could not have all of the things you desired if God was watching you all the time? This is perhaps why you ran and hid? I refer you to the timeless tale of The Garden of Eden. The Garden of Eden is a very real place.

Why are you not permitted to reenter The Garden of Eden? You have become impure and ONLY The Pure are permitted to reside there. Let me tell another descriptive tale here. Let us use the metaphor of a spring; a pure spring. High in the mountains, let us say... there is a spring, a pure spring. It gives birth to a stream, and that stream runs down the mountain into the valley, where it enters a river. It is VERY pure at its source, BUT... as it runs down the mountain, it becomes increasingly less pure. It runs into and through the town at the base, and on to other towns, on to the cities, where the river becomes more and more fouled with excremental wastes and all manner of other wastes. Think of yourself as that mountain. Somewhere in the deep recesses of your being, there is a pure spring, but it has been fouled with pedestrian thoughts and actions, perverse behaviors, and the ongoing repetition of them.

We live in a time of Material Darkness, of material excess, of rampant depravity and perversity, and all of it is under the guise of, “If it feels good, do it!” Now we are the victims of everyone else's personal truth. Now we are the victims of Diversity, enforced tolerance, and all manner of deceptions. We are being frog-marched by scoundrels to our doom. It is not a pretty thing. As Master Boehme once said, “the secret is to walk in all ways contrary to The World.” You cannot account for the behavior of everyone else. Many will not listen to reason. Casting your pearls before swine will get you rended and torn. Some are the captives of atavistic fears or slaves to appetite.

How do you help the unfortunates in this world? You lead by example. Sometimes the world is so filled with clamor and captured by glamour. Sometimes there is SO MUCH NOISE that one cannot be heard. One must then speak from the bully pulpit of the heart. One must radiate outward, the force of the Love of God from within, BUT... one must FIRST be changed by the presence of that love within. You don't have to push your way forward. You don't have to contend with all of the others scrambling to the stage. You have only TO BE and RADIATE, resonate. Everything meant to follow, WILL FOLLOW.

Your hidden spring must purify your stream and you accomplish this by LOVING GOD. Loving God and devotion to God, selfless service and recognition of The Indwelling Self, and the recognition of it in everyone else WILL PURIFY YOU! It is critical to be consistently aware of The Truth of The Presence of God being present in everyone else. We are none of us exceptional in respect of others. We may be further along, BUT... all of us will, one day, be in a state of parity. We are all Truly Equal in The Kingdom of God. Being further along comes with greater responsibility and should one fail in the performance of one's duties, one will not have them for very long. We are ALWAYS being watched and God's angels KNOW the truth about us, every one of us.

Do you long to be in the company of angels. Do you seek after the company of illuminated beings? You CANNOT enter their presence if you are a reservoir of impure desires. Angels and others have spiritual senses. They can see and hear and SMELL US in ways that we cannot. HOWEVER... loving God WILL make you acceptable in their sight, and the more intensely you love God, the sooner they will make their presence known. Love is a heat. Love is a fire and it consumes impurities. Truth is a light, and it banishes the darkness and all of the things and creatures of the darkness, INSTANTLY.

Werewolves and vampires DO EXIST and other foul beings as well. They are not like the traditional versions but their behavior is the same. They feed on humanity. They drink human fear. It is a special liquor for them. It intoxicates them and makes them strong, BUT... they have no weapon or defense that can match up against LOVE and TRUTH and PURITY. They will flee like scalded cats.

My friends, seek the Altar of God, which is eternally present in the sanctuary of the heart, and there make your peace with God, and set out on The High Road to Salvation and Eternal Life.

End Transmission.......

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purpose of demonstration said...

The Sun is once again out and beautiful EL and I said thank you Sol.
The Source is at the helm and the purpose of the demonstration is that his will is what will be done in this world.
Deluded demons think that they have it all wrapped up with the perfect plandemic but the outpouring of spirit is underway.
I have no choice but to give up on the comfort desire zombies as they can never be happy and are not meant to be.
You can see their puppet strings and demon horns.
The Big Steal was a bridge too far as the smoking mirrors burst into flames and shatter into one thousand pieces.
The global Coviet will not be going as planned because Mr. Apocalypse and Lady Nature get a vote.

robert said...

Dear Visible casts his light upon the way before us, parting us from our dark illusions.

"The Mind knows that you are the boss. It also knows that you have abdicated this position"

Hence all the industrial strength distraction engines running us out of our minds or enticing us to run away from our own minds into responsibility free fantasy.
Even that ill intention works for the will of the One, as the sooner we burn out all frivolous desire, the only desire left is reunion with Love through the Child of love.
Since spiritual energy is refreshed daily, it may take extended misery and trauma to put our monkey mind to rest, UNLESS, we will our will most efficiently toward alignment with the Will.
No lasting joy but what is timeless and we can only connect to that by our full concentration on faith.

"How do you help the unfortunates in this world? You lead by example"

The most unfortunate state is not knowing that playing the world's game makes you more miserable than self-deception can hide without the constant crutch of abundant distractions, time wasters, love dissipaters.
As pampered slaves, now experiencing severe cutbacks in the pampering illusions, being painted into a corner by fear of authority, the bare wall behind the screen is increasingly showing but our self-deception keeps looking for a new fix.
Dear Visible reminds of the solution but first we must face that we are the problem.
Stripped of delusion, naked in the garden is the beginning of awakening.
Every one of God's children is on this ride home now

"This is how you are returned to Your Father's House. LOVE IS THE ATTRACTIVE FORCE, and... THE FORCE THAT ATTRACTS GOD"

And when we are so weary of wandering away from home that death is eyeing us, we are given some more love as a seed. We realize and feel, even for a moment, that there is a tremendous, tremulous Love calling us back to our Source.
Our part is to take our little seed of love and plant it or cast it forth in harmony with the big force of Love and let the laws of magnetism carry us home.
When we have exhausted our life force in vain, we see that we can't use will or won't power, but only love power, handled tenderly like a treasured lover, to grow closer to timeless existence

Visible said...

You're on the right track, Robert, May God lift you higher than you can imagine.

Visible said...

And thank you, Purpose of Demonstration. This is the first time anyone has done that (grin)

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I do have a way to go, but I'm closer than before. I've been going contrary to the social order forever, and have way fewer problems for it.

In the world and not of it. Been there forever, and waiting for my ride outta here. After all, I can't have my Akashic Library Card, here. The gods know better than to let me have it now. I'd make Loki look like Donna Reed. I wouldn't have caused the death of Baldr or anything like that, but. . .

(Remember Night of the Bandsaw, and Loki, Eat My Dust? Stephanie/Stefan is my alter ego, and it pulls some mighty. . .uh. . .interesting stunts here and there.)

Great post, as always.

Ray B. said...

Vis: "Angels and others have spiritual senses. They can see and hear and SMELL US in ways that we cannot."

The first time that I ran across this was in rural England, long ago. Our group was going to visit an area 'reputed' to have elvish types. Well, they were there. (Not the 'species' that I later called Real Elves.) They were invisible to our eyes, but you could feel their presence - their life energy. The curious thing was that they would not approach us. When I checked inside, it was because we were painful to them. Somehow, our held-pain was painful in some way to them. Perhaps, they were native empaths. That was one reason I really went to work to uncover and draw-down my held pain. I wanted to be good company...
Vis: "It is critical to be consistently aware of The Truth of The Presence of God being present in everyone else."

On a long-ago trip along the western coast of Ireland, there was an ironic demonstration of that. Near one ruined minor church, I sensed a Presence. Tracking that presence down, it turned out to be what I call a Stone Circle Entity (because that was where I first found them). However, it was way 'up'; it was barely connected to earth-plane. As part of a long 'conversation', I found out why. It turned out that the Being had been at that location a looong time, and had interacted with the locals. Mutually beneficial. Then, a certain religion showed up. They decided to drive the Being 'away', as it was obviously a real Power and they did not want to share power. So, they cursed and threw negative chi until the Being withdrew 'up'. These days, what they did would be called child molestation - it was done to an innocent, open, naïve creature. Obviously, those priests were NOT aware of The Truth of The Presence of God being present in that Being...

(The Being did agree to come 'down' and exist closer to earth-plane. However, it demanded protection. It had been traumatized by those long-ago priests. I put-out for any takers, and a Real Elf agreed to provide protection. And, they have the Power to do so. Cool.)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.
P.S. On an entirely different note, this was fun. (It is pre-set for the right time; just press Play.)

Guy Reid-Brown said...

How wonderful to have the Angels brought into this -

'I will honour Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year. I will live in the Past, the Present, and the Future. The Spirits of all Three shall strive within me. I will not shut out the lessons that they teach.'

Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"At Some Point Soon, The World is Going to Change in Ways Beyond all Expectation."

Anonymous said...

"Toward the last he [Thoreau) wrote, “I am enjoying existence as much as ever and regret nothing.” When his mother’s sister asked him if he had made his peace with God, he replied, “Why, Aunt, I didn’t know we had ever quarrelled!”



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