Saturday, January 30, 2021

"Really Bad Poets and an Apocalyptic Gathering of Indolent Nimrods in the Valley of Darkness."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

It might seem a terrible fate to be born again and again and to suffer and suffer. It takes insight and understanding to get this and if you don't have them, you won't. The choice to turn toward self-realization is always present. Hard as it may be to believe it, people want things the way they are. They directly pursue them. The problem is that they never factor in the cost of it and EVERYTHING comes at a cost, unless you are giving it away, like The Sun and Lady Nature in all her abundance. Look at the tons of fruit on a single apple tree! Look at the massive bunches of hanging dates in the palms! Look at a single tomato plant! Look at the shining stars and Moon mirror of God's Solar Light! Everything is giving itself away, except for some small scurrying life forms, in the pursuit of looking out for a TEMPORARY Number One.

“Hey! You only live once!” Bullshit. “You know, you got to treat yourself right!” Uh-huh. Everyone else is yourself. It is the personality that makes us seem different. It is the Individuality, the Indwelling that creates the divine simpatico that we are all chasing in one concealing form or another. I CANNOT express nor demonstrate the level of importance that is resident in the celebration of The Indwelling. It is referred to as The Great Sacrifice, in which one crucifies their personality so that it might serve the interests of The Almighty and be absorbed by it. It is a simple thing that you do within and it has the MOST PROFOUND effect on your state of existence and the hereafter of all projected onward destinations. All Aboard!!! The Train of Destiny is leaving the station.

Notice the ever-increasing level of insanity among our leaders and in the general public. Perhaps you don't see it as vividly and objectively as it exists, because of the factor of ACCOMMODATION. Washington DC is in lockdown. They are arresting people for saying innocuous things like, “let them vote by text message.” based on a social media tweet from 2016. They're talking about mandatory anal swabbing, already operative in China. They sent us the virus, now they are sending us this? YOU KNOW the war machine is gearing up. How many non-dysfunctional 'normal' people still remain that can serve in an army? I can see the 85th Tranny Battalion charging up some kind of San Juan Hill, in high heels and mini skirts, every non-man Jack of em. Come to think of it they could do a little dance number before they attack. Every non-man Jack of them, except the ones who are menstruating, WILL BE present and accounted for.

Okay, they really are working on these things or already doing them. What comes next? And what comes after that? The objective here, by a powerful few, is to create Hell on Earth. It's not going to happen, or not everywhere. It never does. One would be most fortunately informed if they knew ahead of time where to go. The world has become a difficult place to traverse. Where do you go? To the South is the land of Cartel bloodbaths. To the North is a PC Nightmare; Tribe owned. To either side are the oceans and further lands; many of them I have been to, but all locations are in a state of rapid change.

Some malefic force has stirred up the liberal mind and they are calling for vengeance and for blood. Here is a SMALL sample size of what I have seen recently. They want revenge for what? Closing the borders? Turbo driving the economy? Creating an atmosphere of love for one's country? This is being drummed up at a certain level of the collective mind, where a certain percentage of the population lives in their awareness on the Lower Astral Plane, in the general climate of their thoughts and emotions. Some people live in a place where dark dreams are resident too. Into this mindset is poured the urgings of The Dark Tower and they respond to the invisible strings of influence.

My friend brought it to my attention that this person, I won't call them a poet. This lecturing neophyte from the podium of inexperience, read off or recited something awful at Biden's inauguration. I didn't see it. However, the link I am including here contains some of the most vapid and badly postured work I've seen in some time, and believe me, I see substandard work OFTEN. Anyway, now she is going to read at The Super Bowl during half time next Sunday. Here is a video so you can see how genuinely devoid of talent this person is.

She hits all the PC buttons though. She's black. She's a she. I'm assuming she's Gay, but my interest did not run far enough to check it out. She might have been formerly a He, or even some other thing that we don't presently have a name for. This is just one example of the state of the culture, which has now become a pimple on the cottage cheese ass, of an indolent and wasted gathering of Nimrods, in the Valley of Darkness.

Here is what is happening in the big cities. We have been mentioning this for some time and this is the playing field where all manner of dreadful and depraved activities shall experience their death rattle, prior to the fuller expression of The Aquarian Age. Whether breaking eggs to make bad omelets or weaving spun gold from a heavenly spinning wheel, it is all going to happen soon. What 'it' will be, will depend on the karma and present intentions of those engaged.

This is the level so many have sunken to. How do you get this crazy? From what I have gleaned in only cursory scans of headlines and articles, in the various locations that my attention finds them in, Batshit is on the rise. It is on the verge of becoming trendy. Recently 4 young girls murdered a fifth and then laughed and texted about it, while also posting it on social media. We live in the times of the runaway ego, in pursuit of fame, fortune, wealth, and all else at ANY COST. This lassitude of self enfeebling and infantile indulging of any and all whims and appetites have become a breeding ground for sociopathy.

If you want to understand God better, study yourself, literally because you were made IN HIS IMAGE. This implies similarity, resonance, and commonality. You become what you think you are, on the way to finding out what you are, should that happen. It's far simpler than it seems; free will= selfish motive= bondage on the wheel of karma. OR... Thy will be done= selfless service= Liberation from the wheel of Karma.

People do not realize the costs of personal ambition and the ruthless pursuit of it. Reference is made in ALL SCRIPTURE about spiritually perishing, about spiritual death. Whether these are literal in their meaning does not change that it amounts to the same. How far can one fall or rise in a single lifetime? It depends on the intensity and attention given to the objective. Once again; “success is speedy for the energetic.”

Krishna says in the Bhagavad Gita:

'Everything you offer to me, be it even a leaf, or water, I will accept. Dedicate all that you do to me; when you eat and excrete and when you come and go. Dedicate all that you think and say and do to me and you will come to me.'

That is not verbatim but it is the gist of it.

What is that disconnect, that stubborn ignorance, which causes us not to see the self-evident, nor gain the meaning? Look at the Hindu posters of the gods and note the serpents behind and above their heads. What does that imply? Why do they generally have four arms and sometimes more? These are attributes that we are not availing ourselves of because we will not put our intention to have them ahead of all of the other foolish things we pursue. They are ours as much as they are the gods. They model them for us that we might be inspired. What is the meaning of the corona around the heads of saints? What is the origin of the powers that we have heard of displayed in the lives of those with some magical relationship to... what? We now have millions living vicariously through vacuous celebrities, who take their marching orders from those who have no idea where they are going, but are glad to assist you in getting as lost as they are.

I do not say these things to look good. I do not like preaching at people. I do not wish to interfere in the passions and objectives of others, BUT... I do know where all these things lead. I have seen the evidence, across lifetimes I have seen it. I say these things because I know them to be true, certainly more true than these pedestrian and temporary paths in the sand, which leads the unfortunate traveler into the thirsty deserts of unrequited desire, there to suffer and die in the vast wastelands of OUT THERE SOMEWHERE. There is no out there. It is all in there and whatever is in there, generates what is encountered out there. We spin the webs of our own confinement like spiders. We entangle ourselves and others in the sticky webs of low-level desires. In time, these desires become personified as devouring monsters. They were cute when they were young.

Bottom line, God is looking for you. God is looking for you so that he can confer the Kingdom of Heaven upon you. Why not, then... look for God? Is anyone else in a position to answer all of your needs, real and imagined? I don't know how long it is going to take certain people to wake up. It could be millions of years or it could be tomorrow, BUT... I assure you, ONLY GOD has what you are looking for. There is no way around this and life will ASSUREDLY teach you this through the absence of it. I cannot explain why I am SO CERTAIN of what I tell you. What I can say is that you will find out. You will surely find out AND there is another way.

We have a mistaken idea of who and what God is and this hinders us and denies us the enthusiasm and energy needed to carry on. God is NOT an endless naysayer; don't do this! Don't do that! Sex isn't bad. Being rich is not bad. Being famous, attractive, and aught else, are not bad. It is our ATTITUDE toward these things and our intentions for them that cause us mischief and misery. Everything is eating everything else, from the highest to the lowest. Sexual appetites lead somewhere. All appetites do. I happen to know; I know without question that sex with God is the way to go, but of course, it is not for everyone. It is for me; been there, done that.

EVERYTHING else leads to attachment, anger, loss, heartbreak. It is THE NATURE OF THE WORLD. You can't get anything permanent here, BUT... you can make contact with it here.

It cannot be put into words how wonderful it is to merge with divinity. The Hermit embodies this- and also represents the sense of Touch, which is esoteric in its implications. He seems to be all alone on a snow-topped mountain. He is not alone and NEITHER ARE YOU.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Parts of post funny, parts touching, and I will NEVER understand how people can continue feeding the 'Anunnaki loosh farm/demiurge' by breeding. Especially religions that think the best thing to happen is to get off the wheel of reincarnation. Then there's, how come am I stupid enough to still be here? Oh, yeah! EGO! Thank the gods for a suicide attempt that brought me an NDE that explained so much. Yes, gettin' hit by a train was the best day of my life! Meeting my nose-poo was the second. Repeating what I've said in the past, I begged for this last round here against better advice saying I'd regret it, and so it be.

Amazing how I've grown to loath and hold in contempt what I originally wanted to the Nth degree. Now I am doing what I gotta do to get to where I'm a'goin', though I admit my 'tude is one of, "HERE! OBLIGATION FULFILLED NOW LEAVE ME THE FECK ALONE, AND I NEVER WANNA SEE YA AGAIN!" to life in general. But hey! I've got that worked out via declaring myself 'retired from life', being as isolationistic as possible, and doing as little as possible for 'what is' to starve 'what is' of my energy and resources. I'm probably enjoying the old era going down in flames a bit too much, and I hope to go with it ASAP. Being at ground zero would be a dream come true, be it by nuke or nature; provided it's fast!

So, NEENER NEENER to this realm! It can kiss my arse!

Hassan R said...

Here are some plots I made on excess deaths in the UK in 2020.

Data and scripts:

When one factors out the deaths caused by ventilators (as directed by covid protocols instated by the who), the deaths caused by the lack of access to treatments and procedures for other health conditions e.g. cancer, heart disease, etc., the skyrocketing suicide rates, and the number of people who died from FEAR, which no one really talks about, one starts to see the real picture.

I’ve had work colleagues go cold on me, though all I did was plot the official data. It is starting to dawn on me that large numbers of people desire the manufactured fear to dominate their lives! Mr. Apocalypse letting his presence known..

Meanwhile life goes on as normal, except for chronic food shortages and an ever increasing number of people being pushed to the edge of starvation, in Dhaka, where I'm originally from -- a city barely 15 km in radius, home to 20+ MILLION people. The only pandemic there is hunger and destitution.

robert said...

Dear Visible,

You don't need the feedback that your words are conveyed from the Indwelling
But we are moved to acknowledge it because they resonate and ring us out of our tiny existence

"Everyone else is yourself...It is the Individuality, the Indwelling that creates the divine simpatico that we are all chasing in one concealing form or another"

All flavors of group think opposes the Divine Individuality

"It is referred to as The Great Sacrifice, in which one crucifies their personality so that it might serve the interests of The Almighty and be absorbed by it"

Yet, supreme irony: with true insight, it is no sacrifice at all, the trade off of limited for unnlimited, terminal stupidity for unending consciousness

"If you want to understand God better, study yourself, literally because you were made IN HIS IMAGE. This implies similarity, resonance, and commonality. You become what you think you are, on the way to finding out what you are..our ATTITUDE toward these things and our intentions...that cause us mischief and misery"

We find out the power we have to make a mess
We fear our unknown aspects which mess with our thinking and make things worse
We fall on the mercy of the One within
We timidly try out our wings to fly in service and fall
We consider giving up
We give up and find we are still alive
We live on in wonder

How far can the Matrix be bent out of shape
Before enough minds attached to it break out?

"It cannot be put into words how wonderful it is to merge with divinity. The Hermit embodies this- and also represents the sense of Touch, which is esoteric in its implications. He seems to be all alone on a snow-topped mountain. He is not alone and NEITHER ARE YOU"

Why do we prefer human loneliness to the surrender of what is worthless, our persona mask of little self when there is an ocean within us we could swim in without untimely end?
What is control of a single human avatar (or worse, the perverted slavery of other souls' avatars) compared to being directed by the Divine playwright in the best love scenes yet to be written?
We laugh the devil out of ourselves at the foolishness of human robot follies!

Hold the light within as high as we can for our brothers and sisters and confused!

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"Then You are Sent Back to The Wardrobe Department on The Moon for Yet Another Life."

Mr. Mcgranor said...


Mr. Mcgranor said...

Here is her Inaugural poem, since yours will not work:



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