Thursday, January 07, 2021

"Scattering the Faithless and the Feckless to The High Wide and Lonesome."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

By now you are probably getting the sense of it. Some important parts of America gave up the ghost yesterday, and even though the previous state was a coma of some sort, and even if it was only rarely used and seldom appreciated, its absence WILL BE felt. I will admit to a degree of surprise when I see the turn it has all taken to this moment.

The false narrative is being written in real-time. Yesterday, THEY say that Trump Supporters stormed The Capitol Building. Those were Antifa in mufti, dressed to impress, or at least leave a lingering smell of something artificially injected into it in the aftermath. Something is very off about the whole process and I was most surprised by the ease of the whitewash. If ever there were something of which you could say, “The Fix is in” This would be the time.

Now... emboldened as he must be, The Creature from the Black Lagoon, the frog faced assassin from The Last Saloon, that poor excuse for what could never have been human in the first place, George Soros, is going to launch God knows what in the interim. I don't know what God has planned here, but I get the sense that the aftereffect is going to be lasting.

This is NOT how I envisioned it. I've been paying a great deal of attention since before the election, to all players visible in the foreground and the background. I've watched what has unfolded from then until now and... never before have I seen skids and wheels greased in such fashion. Even with all the evidence necessary and then some... and then some! It was brushed aside like a child's hand as it was reaching for something colorful.

I don't know where this leaves me or any of you. Not only did they steal the presidential election. They also stole both houses of Congress. Apparently, The Supreme Court had a visit from The Vet and they are now effectively neutered. I am amazed at the focus and relentless press of The Darkness as it scatters the faithless and the feckless to The High Wide and Lonesome. It can be convincingly stated now that we know who the good guys are and we know who the bad guys are, AND most especially, we now know who the cowards and traitors are, by commission and omission. It's not of any great importance to me to know the crimes, or punishment earned. That is not my department. Someone, a deal more stern than myself will be handling that.

Various thoughts come and go in my mind. I look at what is and I look at the intentions in play and I look at what I call the 'how's it going?' factor, that being the sense of it. You've seen some film once where a character says, “Something very bad happened in this house.” Somewhere else you hear all sorts of things bucolic and pastoral; Arcadian even. I suppose Heaven and Hell would be something like that. I can't shake the idea that, in either case, it has to be somewhere you intended to wind up. Then again, we often don't see the poisonous thorn concealed in the flower. Often it is because we do not want to see and dismiss the consequences as rumor, or bad luck. Those who risk everything on colossally stupid objectives are seldom lacking in bravado; the bigger the front the more the depth turns to width.

I could not begin to guess what it is that God has in mind for this very much unresolved matter. I really did not expect such capitulation. These are some deeply compromised men and women. Behind the scenes, the hammer has come down on debts outstanding and The Piper is at every door. You can see how few the righteous are, BUT... it comes with the territory... power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely... I get that.

You know, I still can't shake this sense of optimism. Nothing has changed in that regard. I am mystified, even stunned at what I have seen transpiring, but... the optimism is S-t-a-b-l-e, steady as she goes. I've usually had a brave front for the face in trial. What else are you going to do? Also, I have been hearing, OFTEN, “What do you care? None of this has anything to do with you.” I have no idea what that means. I've been puzzling over it, knowing that often our thoughts; the writer and the reader, resonate in accord and it brought me to this thought; even if Justice is about to be meted out, it is not a sweeping case of good and bad swept up into the same net. It is of The Individual Order.

You've heard of the two parts of yourself that are ALWAYS in some relationship with each other. In a certain tradition, they are called, The Individuality and The Personality. The one is eternal. The other is temporary. In Time of Material Darkness, The Personality becomes driven with appetite and the thirst for acquisition. It is a Hellish place. When The Individuality controls The Personality, you have Heaven on Earth, AND... since that individuality is the same in each and every one of us, it is possible for any of us. It is possible for any of us.

I don't pay a great deal of mind to the world going on in the field of play. There is the Field of Play and there is the Knower of the Field of Play. Let me just say that our problems are much smaller and simpler than we think they are and the solutions are much closer and more user friendly than one might expect at first, given that The World is a lie and a deception that makes us turn on ourselves and each other.

More and more, I am coming to see that God is everywhere and in everything in my life. The more I can see it, the more I can cooperate with it. Then... there is that ever more harmonious outcome, where all that was war before is now dance. I've seen all kinds of wars and dances. It's about levels of intentions to do good or do harm which determines the level and intensity of your fate. There you are dancing. You bump into some guy. He bumps into you and dance turns to war, especially if a romantic interest is present. It is becoming more and more clear to me that we control everything in the world around us to the extent that we control ourselves. If you live above appetite and desire, they serve you. If they live above you, you serve them. They are what are known as harsh taskmasters.

I hope I did not serve to give false hope where there is none (grin). Yikes, Visible! Let me rephrase that. I hope never to impress on the reader that they should value customs and cultures above their humanity, nor their laws, nor mores... either (great sentence structure).

The whole of it is up in the air this moment. I sincerely wonder about the sheer incomprehensibility of it all. What do you do when the whole world begins to reshape itself in front of you (and you are not on Acid) and it is demanding recognition for what it tells you it is. I will laugh right at it and go on with what I had been doing prior to. All will not do the same as me. For many, it is going to have a sinister and compelling nature. For some, it will be an object of Fear. For some... well, I could go on and on.

We've all heard about Einstein's relativity, energy is mass squared at the speed of whatever it takes. There are other equations, timeless in application. One of them has to do with No One and Nothing having any power over you but what you give it. This is ESPECIALLY true if you surrender all before the throne of ALL POWER ahead of time. It's a little detail. I thought it might be of interest.

It's all theater, you see? Literally, it is a movie filming itself due to the power of that everlasting light that shed its blood for the purpose of fueling that age of discovery. AND now? We are passing through the door into the next age of discovery. In this movie, you get to play your part. You don't get to adjust and tailor your circumstances when it has to do with Karmic debts outstanding, BUT... there is a way of managing that. It involves letting someone else manage it; someone who knows what they are doing, unlike me and you. So... if you hand it all over to The Ruling Authority, you might get sent down to the boiler room, or the mailroom, or the casting couch. That is the somewhere you start at as a soul on probation. When you prove yourself as a workman worthy of the hire, well...

At some point, that soul on probation becomes an accepted disciple. It goes on from there. It goes on in the opposite direction too. Like I say, you got to walk it either way. It might have looked more alluring and intriguing when the light was different and you were dancing with all those shades of gray... but the ground underfoot changes. It can go from lawns to fields to wide deserts and hardscrabble life in a quickness. The Powers of Light (actually, the Power of Light) are ALWAYS and ALWAYS in command of The Darkness and all that is not of The Light.

I suspect you are going to see a few sights shortly. May you find the sanctuary of The Lord Within.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Man, every time I wait for a day; another stretch of time materialises before me that makes time seem like a stopped clock. Well, what ever. The post is a NOSTRILS UP TO THE NTH DEGREE!!!!!!!

Motherduck said...

Everyone outside of the USA knows what God has in store for the USA.
God' lets his opponents wreck themselves.

God knows who his people are because they stand up for what is right. So maybe a few hundred from the USA will be saved.

Even worse is the USA was The Hope for The World. Now the world is doomed.

God is not going to interfere with Free-will. This is going to play out and every soul who didn't lift a finger will be trapped here for all eternity as a torture slave.

Wake up Les, this is an evacuation. Evil wins and becomes self draining hole, you are going to witness it For the Purpose of Demonstration.

We are teaching people how to leave this reality and go back to The Kingdom of God my friend.
All those who will not lift a finger for themselves are not going. There is no free pass, this is the vetting system you yourself proposed. Everyone has to earn it and some will not. You cannot do the work of another on such a project, each has to save themselves.

There are other plans God has, but I think none of you have th stones let alone the abilities to pull off those plans and save The Earth.

robert said...

"You've heard of the two parts of yourself that are ALWAYS in some relationship with each other. In a certain tradition, they are called, The Individuality and The Personality. The one is eternal. The other is temporary"

Dear Visible,
Thank you for providing clear contrast which the personality needs to steer clear of the trap of narcissism and solipsism, which too many are embracing for the sake of mere baubles in the cosmic storehouse.

When our human emotions are riled up, as they are now throughout the world, no matter how embedded in the colon of the cabalists, our reason to live is challenged for intention.
Why are we here? If we haven't bothered to answer this before now, now would be a good time!

"More and more, I am coming to see that God is everywhere and in everything in my life. The more I can see it, the more I can cooperate with it"

Ah, cooperate, what a lovely concept in stark beauty next to the Karen of compulsion!
All the mind control, of corrupted religions or corrupted technocracies ALL use the bludgeon of fear to coerce right think and conesquent behaviour.
Only the Spirit of the One offers freedom and carries all consciousness with It, if we let go of the need for separation, the craving for an identity too little to live in a timeless manner.
We are hood-winked into condemnng ourselves to a living death, dying of thirst while the cosmic ocean of fresh water runs beneath our notice!

"What do you do when the whole world begins to reshape itself in front of you (and you are not on Acid) and it is demanding recognition for what it tells you it is. I will laugh right at it and go on with what I had been doing prior to"

Laugh at the devil (within) and it will flee!
What we take too seriously will kill our joy and end our existence.
Will we take seriously this demented clown show, with excreble production values and contempt for intelligence dripping from every propped up pantomime?
This is not our reality, thank you for trying our patience in the court of credence!
What we see is far more than superficial, flat screen fantasies of fanatics fainting before the return of Love to the this scene!

KnowThanx said...

I know it looks like the bad guys are winning. That won’t happen.

This analysis gives a behind the scenes view of why we’ll see major improvements before the 20th...

Trust the plan and pray for good to win.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

We are allegedly being separated now. According to the other mystics I listen to or read, it's a 3D/5D thang, and those are STATES OF MIND, as opposed to physical locations. I think Ralph Smart said the ratio is gonna be 80/20 with the 5D mindset in the minority. He talks a bit about the 'Chosen Ones', and not in the way the Jews mean. He means the Awakened Ones, and the 3D guys are basically the willfully ignorant, though I'm paraphrasing. He doesn't say it like that, though it is what he means.

The Golden Age isn't dead. It's just gonna take some time to get here, and it looks like a lot of people are gonna die. Like those who are begging for the vaccine?

Sheesh! With all the information out there. And I've found it's pointless to talk to a lot of people. They think I'm a nutter. They refuse to go to the REAL news even if I give them site info.

Fine. Fewer cars on the road, and cheaper rent. Though I hope when all comes to fruition there will be no monetary economy.

Frog said...

Thanks, Visible :)

Tyler V said...

While everyone is cheering the burning of entire cities by terrorist organizations such as BLM and Antifa, and Trump is appalled over the "greatest tragedy in the history of our nation" aka broken windows and storming the capital building to prevent the death knell of American democracy.... real patriots are getting armed and ready to remove the illegitimate administration and all the traitors on both sides of the isle.

He will be forced out of office by fellow traitors, and seek political asylum in Israel to avoid prison. A one way ticket to "Trump heights", for a front row seat of the Apocalypse with Chief occupiers of Holocaust Denial Incorporated, owned and operated by the Wall Street Banker Religion (life's eternal victims), busily committing the longest ongoing holocaust in the history of mankind against the Palestinian people and their neighbors.

Thomas said...

I think the America of yesteryear is no more.

God, however, has not and will not change.

Be well!

Anonymous said...

All that is really happening is that the darkness purveyors and their assorted lackeys and lapdogs, in their momentary hubris, are exposing themselves and their intentions for what and who they are, for all to see. It's an age old story playing itself out yet again. Fear not.


Anonymous said...

Well whether it was a false flag or not, most likely was, the fact that a patriot woman was killed in the halls of Congress is gonna cause all kinds of Hell. Many people are saying she's a martyr, I mean if you wanted to incite a civil war, there'd be no faster way than to kill a woman and turn her into a martyr, as it's men's natural instincts to want to protect women. Seems like a whole lot of hell is about to balloon but whatever, God is still in control above all else

Anonymous said...

The tech giants are already shutting down sites that don’t conform to the narrative.
Parler is in jeopardy
Be careful Vis

Visible said...

There is nothing they can do to me. Given who I work for, I don't see any problem. I got this equation that goes something like, 'Light is supreme over darkness in EVERY SENSE and the power of darkness only has power in places of darkness, etc, and sundry. The best part is that I have already proven this out to myself and had it proven out upon me, so... I KNOW it is real. It being real, it is unassailable. I mean... it either is so or it is not. I have found it to be so. There is no argument remaining.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"The Full Steam Ahead of a Burn em and Turn em Material World in True Poison Nightshade Flower."

Ty said...

Syriangirl and Ken O'Keefe and to a lesser degree Ryan Dawson are the only people who accurately covered the death knell of democracy in capitol hill; Accurate because, fuck the traitors who called the riots a setup, Ken O'Keefe vowed to die armed fighting the cock suckers in a march to DC, and Syriangirl outflanked all of us, see for yourself

Anonymous said...

I don't know what Les visible's name is, he never identifies himself with a name? We live in a system where banal comments require digital identification, yet people speaking on a daily basis to thousands or millions of people like Tucker Carlsberg either do not speak their own name or even worse have fake names.

I am not accusing Les visible of such, having a fake name. Perhaps it is not considered a matter to address and that is why it seems no one knows his name.

Visible said...

My name has been Les Visible since the mid 80's I have a large body of work out under that name. My passport says Les Visible. What I find curious is why you would start out with a premise where you have no background, and turn out to be wrong. There's more going on here than is apparent but only so much is permitted here; puts a real damper on the fun & games for some people.



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