Thursday, June 24, 2021

"A Song in Your Heart and A Good Attitude, Don't leave Home Without Them."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

As I watch the wider world, and study myself, and study others within and through myself, I become aware of the atavistic fears and pressures that are fed by the conditions of our time. I swim on that vast sea of the subconscious as much as any of the rest of you. It is up to me whether I pay attention to what goes on there, or would prefer to have it show up in my life unannounced. No... heh heh, I believe I will put my attention on the study of growing things, and things I do not want to grow.

That being said, but not very well, cause parts of it even mystify me, I am trying to say that I can see where some of you might be troubled by what you see in The World. It ALWAYS and EVER comes down to One Thing. Is God in your life? And... to what degree is God in your life; that you know about (grin)? Nothing happens that God is not somehow involved in. Most of what we call accidents and misfortunes are the results of us MEDDLING. The Basic Law of Life says, “God takes care of The Details.” You might ask; “Where did you see this Basic Law of Life, Visible?” and I would say, “in action.” The more vulnerable you will make yourself to God, the more he will reveal to you in the way that he makes the appearances dance before you. Get close enough to The Witness and you can see what The Witness sees, now and then.

I'm trying to say that there is nothing to worry about, IF... God is handling it. Just like you don't get in the way of a Big Dog while he is eating his lunch, or anything at any time, it's not smart to get in God's way. It also means you are working at cross purposes to your own best interests. This is an EXTREMELY COMMON event that you can see in The World around you most of the time. Much of life and what happens to you in life is due to your Attitude. When you change your attitude, you literally change your life. Once again, The Sun is my best example. The Sun just shines. It doesn't get into arguments or debate perspectives. If you didn't have different perspectives you couldn't have conversations or arguments. This doesn't mean a limited perspective is worth having unless you REALLY need to have a conversation or an argument.

The Sun has Attitude. I think we can all agree on that. All life, all-weather. It comes from The Sun, one way or another. That seems pretty significant to me. Of course, when you know... viscerally that The Sun is a living conscious being, well... that changes the whole ballpark. What do they call those people who lie on the beach all day? Sun Worshipers? Heh heh... that's funny! I guess it depends on which sun you are worshiping. There is a Spiritual Sun that radiates through the physical sun. It is a dark sun because it is too bright to see with the eyes most of us use.

When I took psychedelics I would OFTEN see radiant beings and the elements at work on a hidden plane. I would sometimes see a fiery red hieroglyphic writing in every form. This was the integrity map of the form itself. In other words, that is how it was being held in place, by these vibrating letters. I thought everyone else was seeing what I was seeing, and most were getting the base constituent of Love, but everyone does not see the same thing. They see a projection of what is inside them. This is why certain things happen to certain people because of their attitude. I mean that in the very best AND the very worst way.

People have little awareness of Karma or the forces that rule human behavior. As for our governments, sometimes they are more toward the basic good and sometimes they are more for whatever they can get out of it, but... they are not your problem. Your problem is what is inside of you and whether or not it should come out. Since we have EVERYTHING inside of us, that can be a matter which requires a great deal of thought and reflection. Does that matter get proper attention from everyone? No. It does not, and we see the wreckage all along the highway of life. Lessons learned? I hope so.

So long as your thinking process is dominated by your inner conflicts, you are not an efficiently tuned machine, you are not going to get the performance OR the mileage that you are actually capable of. Am I mixing my metaphors or is it something else? If you want your car as brilliantly capable and reliant as it can possibly be, you need a master mechanic. You ALSO need a professional driver. Lord Krishna? That's one option. Jesus Christ is another, as is The Buddha, and Sufism. There are many other paths up the mountain. Once you get to the top you can see all of the ways down.

People think that THEY are the master mechanic AND the professional driver. They are not. I MOST CERTAINLY am not, but... I do KNOW who is, and he's got some free time if I give him the time. You have to get used to seeing God as a playmate. This solves a lot of the groveling and petitioning, genuflecting nonsense. God's your buddy and if you play fair God does more than play fair. If you have a falling out with God, or think you did, you can drift for days, years, lifetimes before you are hit with that URGENT need to return home. You shouldn't bullshit yourself and you also won't bullshit God, which is quite impossible in any case.

People play a desperate and doomed game. It's sort of like playing chess with Death or striking a bargain with The Devil. There is NO WAY it works out to your advantage! Not going to happen. Still, hope springs eternal, and people will calculate and connive until The World ends, which... by the way, it will. Look around you at what is most important to people. You can tell what that is simply by watching what they give their time to. They will also tell you, at length, why it is so important, as they paint it in the best possible light. Well... they have to. They have sold it to themselves.

I think Good Attitude is about as important a something as there ever was. I put Integrity right next to it. I can't see how anyone can manage without them. To me, trying to manage without them is suicide. We've all made mistakes in this life, and no doubt in others as well. This DOES NOT mean continuing to limp along with them cause this is how I do. You can put all that aside AT ANY TIME. Why then do people hold on so tightly to what brings them misery?

It astounds me that people do not get that there is a living, resident, and eternal Divine who shines upon us all, and sometimes even shines out of us. That's what I'm after. I want to be like The Sun. I know that's a bit ambitious but he had to start somewhere too, didn't he? I know I can't walk into The Sun with my problems. Heh heh... it would incinerate them in any case. You have to put all that petty shit aside. Heaven DOES NOT insist that you suffer and groan and bitch and moan. I know there are some songs that tell you that but it's not true. I know there are people that sell you the same thing in various packaging which says 'New AND Improved'. They will tell you, “it's the real thing, in the back of your mind.” No. It is not. It is not the real thing in the back of your mind and if it is, you're in trouble.

When you can see God in everything all around you, you are right there on Serendipity Road. When you can speak to God, no matter who it may appear that you are speaking to, you WILL BE speaking to God. These are all basic elements of Light Magic. You have NO BETTER FRIEND than God. He is with you in every moment through every defeat and triumph. He glistens in every tear and he shines in every smile. This is the place we have to get to and our very souls tell us that we shall. Giving up is NOT in the arena. Doubt has left the building.

You have to start slow and you have to start smart. Don't take on more than you can handle or it will frustrate you no end. Simply and only trying to still The Reactive Mind will take you, ABSOLUTELY, to someone who can take you to the next station. Loving God will do the same on rocket fuel. I'm going to reprint part of that meditation from The Way to the Kingdom-

“Then why not have done with your foolish, anxious striving to be that which you are now, always were, and always will be, in supreme fullness and perfection? Why not then let go completely and let Me, your Real and Perfect Self, have full sway in your consciousness, letting no thoughts therein you know are not My thoughts?

This is ALL you need to do. I will do the rest.”

Here is a prayer from The Way to the Kingdom.


BELOVED Father; Thou, Oh blessed Christ Jesus;

And Thou, our dear Brothers of the Kingdom,—

Hear this our earnest prayer.

Draw us in Consciousness deep within where

Thou art, where self exists not, and where we may

Be one with and abide with Thee in Christ.

Help us to open wide our hearts and let out the

Great Love, that It may possess us utterly,

May rule, motivate and inspire our every thought, word and act,

Merging us completely into Love, thereby

Enabling us to love as Thou lovest,

To see as Thou seest, to hear as Thou hearest;

Lifting the consciousness of our human minds into complete oneness

With our Christ Consciousness—Thy Consciousness;

So that henceforth we can consciously, at will,

Be with Thee, work with Thee, commune with Thee,

Face to face, at all times and on all planes,

When the need is in the Father's service;

And may know with Thy understanding all things we seek and need to know.

Cleanse us of all consciousness of self and of separation from Thee,

So that our Lord Christ henceforth may live His Life in us, do His Will in us,

Be His Self in us, without let or hindrance of anykind, for evermore.

BELOVED Father, make us to abide always in Thy Consciousness,

And Thy Word to abide in us, giving us ever of Thy Wisdom

To light and direct our way; Thy Will to strengthen and sustain us; and

Thy Love to surround, protect and fill us;

So that we may see Thee, dear Christ, may feel Thee, may

Know Thee, may be truly One with Thee, everywhere,

In everything, and in every one of our brothers.

We thank and glorify Thee, Beloved Father, for

Thy many blessings. Take us wholly unto Thyself,

So that we may be selfless and perfect instruments for Thy use.

In Christ Jesus' Name, we ask it. AMEN.”

My friends, what a marvelous invention is prayer! I remember something else that is said in The Way to the Kingdom about making oneself PREPARED. It is said that this is not the work of a day, or a month or a year and... if you do not prepare yourself you will be useless when the troubles come and unable to help yourself, much less anyone else. That has stuck with me. I am one for admonitions AND if I hear something, and it rings true, I make it part of me and part of what I do.

End Transmission.......


Anonymous said...

Dear Visible
You say : "Your problem is what is inside of you and whether or not it should come out." with which I agree 100%, if only more people understood this......
Reminded me of the forbiden gospel of Thomas number 14 which says: Jesus said to them: ‘When you fast, you will bring sin upon yourselves; when you pray, you will be condemned; when you give alms, you will injure your spirit. When you enter any land and go through the countryside, when you are entertained, eat what is set before you and heal the sick in those places. For nothing that enters into your mouth will defile you, but what comes out of your mouth, that is what will defile you.’
Thank you for giving us this perfect spell (prayer) for finding our way in this amazing time we are all sharing and coming together via the real internet of the life of our father, may we all pause and check the places inside us and what comes out of us as per your advice, and the world will change in an instant.
A friend from greece

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Good attitude? Hmmmmm. Don't think bein' fed up with bein' here and everythin' here qualifies for that. Kinda hard to have a good 'tude when you see yourself in a self-imposed prison in the realm of the demiurge, and you know you're here because of your stupid ego of the past. But oh well. At least I made it to Certified Arsehole to the 33rd Degree. That's some consolation.

At least with the integrity part I do my best. That's easy when you've declared yourself dead, just waitin' for da body to catch up. Nostrils up!

Ray B. said...

Thanks for this column, Vis. Appreciated!

Vis: "I think Good Attitude is about as important a something as there ever was. I put Integrity right next to it. I can't see how anyone can manage without them."

Most people have come Down Here because they wanted/needed to fill-out something in their Soul. And by Soul, I am talking about that 31-36 levels 'thing' sticking out of one's back around the heart area. (No, it's not the heart chakra.) Above Soul level, we have access to all the accumulated experience of every lifetime lived Down Here. Those are 'stored' in the Soul. (It's magnificent; touched it a few times.) Below Soul level, we are generally limited to this lifetime's experiences.

One is 'in Integrity' when one is following their Soul's direction. One may have been slated to be a musician, a fireman (fireperson?), a father/mother, etc. Gaining those wanted/needed experiences is to be 'in Integrity' with one's Soul. And the reverse...

Likewise, whether one is 'in Integrity' with one's Soul determines one's deep Attitude. Down deep, everyone knows whether they are following their Soul's imperatives. There is a certain 'rightness' about whatever they are doing - whether sanctioned by society or not. This sets up one's deep Attitude about life. There is also the opposite, where one knows they are taking the wrong direction or just made the wrong decision about their life. This also affects their deep Attitude about life. Choose carefully.

There are also bonus points: Sometimes, one has literally finished-out what the Soul wanted them to experience Down Here. One can die-off in some socially-acceptable way at that point, or ask all-God & Soul what is 'next' and take-on additional experiences as bonus points - no need to die, be re-born, grow-up, and then accumulate those experiences. Saves time and effort. And, you can have a great Attitude, because this is all gravy...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Thomas said...

Ah, Visible, so good! Soft (but not too soft), sweet, and *true*!

Anonymous said...

A fellow by the name of Guy Reid-Brown used to come around here often to post. The last comment was awhile ago and he announced he had to get the ‘’vaccine’’ because he was a health care worker or he would loose his job if he refused. He has not posted since. I hope he is ok and if he reads this he will comment. Yes, prayer is a great thing and believe in God essential. Not every deserving person might be saved before the Avatar arrives. Many good people still believe in the integrity of our leaders and government putting themselves at great peril.
As Mr Apocalypse continues his uncovering the bad guys get to slaughter a lot of folks in the process. It is hard to believe the amount of evil that has encompassed our world ,especially our country. Laws can no longer protect anyone as they are being trampled and ignored and no longer useful. In closing I just want to say that I hope Visible is right and all you need now is God to save you.

Anonymous said...

Life is good, oh so utterly good! I woke up this morning feeling rough physically speaking. My back was hurting and my stomach burning. Work got called off because of rain. So I spent time reflecting on God. Asked him to help me with my physical infirmities. I got dressed and went to Vandalia to get paid. The pain I was feeling was a huge drag on my spirit. The thought of fentanyl crossed my mind for obvious reasons. The physical pain would be gone in mere seconds....I thought NO,I'm not serving my flesh anymore. I serve you God but you are going to have to help me overcome these thoughts. So here I am about an hour later and my back has quit hurting and no more stomach pain. God is GREAT and GREATLY do I PRAISE Him!!!!!! All I have to do is resist the temptation to do wrong and ask Him for the strength and he's got my back. Nothing, absolutely NOTHING compares with His presence within longer do I quench His Spirit within me. I'm in Walmart parking lot and would jump out of my car and jump up and down and dance around if it wouldn't pose a moment of confusion for passerbyes!🤣! I'll probably dance in my yard when I get home. This is the kind of praise and worship that the Father seeks. Not because he's full of himself and demands attention, rather because it is the direct result of SALVATION from the prison of "self"!!!!!! Praise the LORD 😄

Justin Virden

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"The POWER Within is ALWAYS Greater than the Power Without, IF... One Knows This."



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