Monday, June 07, 2021

"The Hardest Thing is to Just Sit Still and Await with Certitude and Conviction.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I look at the situation on the ground. I study it. Depending on the particular ground, conditions can be very different. In one place you have not a care in the world. In another place, you had better keep your eyes in your head and pay attention. If you didn't know any better, you could think that most of it is just bad parenting and incompetent governing. However, SOMEONE is pouring a great deal of money into causing homelessness.

SOMEONE is exerting a lot of influence on the celebrity mind to get them to march in lockstep as they do. SOMEONE is financing the migrant invasions. They even give them t-shirts and food vans follow them across borders. SOMEONE is controlling The Media to spin the story their way. SOMEONE is paying a lot of money to politicians and exerting force where needed, to get them to turn a blind eye to what is going on. SOMEONE has a whole lot of money.

SOMEONE finances Antifa and BLM. SOMEONE orchestrated the riots. SOMEONE fed the public fear about a nothing pandemic. SOMEONE is paying to set color against color, gender against gender, and SOMEONE is paying to manipulate the education system. It seems, to look at it, that this SOMEONE is at work at every level of human activity.

How is it that the mesmerized all come bleating like sheep when they hear their master's voice? It looks like Nipper has had a lot of litters. They have been warned, come forward or forget about the jobs, the pay, and the celebrity. Now... when you happen to already be a whore, what difference does it make? The Pimp sets the arbitrary rules, depending on his whims. Word has gone out and made the rounds. This is how it looks on the ground.

Every area of the arts has been co-opted to produce and promote ONLY degeneracy. There were always good songwriters around. There are none now. Yes... they are there but not on the airwaves. The same is the case with writers, and visual artists, and actors, and dancers, and all the rest. This did not happen by accident. There is someone with deep pockets and a heavy hand. He has visible and invisible means of persuasion. He can't do anything to you if he can't intimidate you, but he can make himself look imposing. It is enough to reduce most people to submissives, or outliers.

The source of it all is the Infernal Kingdom and the master there has many minions of many rankings. He has his agents here on this plane and their works are a convincing testimony to their motives and intentions. You can get the impression, from studying the ground, that he has no real competing interests going. Maybe the good guys were around at one point, but... where are they now? This is not how it really is, but it is how it looks if you take into consideration only the sensory reports.

Perhaps you have heard about Shambhala? This kingdom, which is hidden from the sensory apparati, allegedly houses an army that will be released in times of great need. Whether this is true in the fashion we have been told is not the important facet. The important facet is that such kingdoms do exist, and they are more powerful ALWAYS than their opposition. There is, of course, The Kingdom of Heaven, which I understand, in the words of Jesus Christ, to be a house of many mansions. No doubt, Shambhala is one of these, just like The Western Pure Land, and all the other realms where The True Light is triumphant.

Why do they not come now? Surely we are in great need, and surely... from a consideration of conditions 'on the ground' it will only get worse. This is best understood in terms of Unbearable Compassion. This is from the Buddhist Tradition. It is a condition where you desire so strongly to intervene, to do something, and yet you are restrained because THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO that will IMPROVE the situation. When one meddles in the affairs of others, it is VERY IMPORTANT that one can see the end result from the beginning.

There are folk tales, legends, and stories from all quarters that elucidate on what happens when well-meaning good intentions go awry. Things are as they are because of the appetites and desires of those caught in the thrall of them. Pandemics? There are many more deadly pandemics at large in the world than the wuss virus of COVID. There is a pandemic of ignorance. There is a contagious fever of unbridled desire that sweeps like a Sirocco across the Mediterranean and round The World, like The Trades and The Gulf Stream. There are ALL SORTS of contagions loose, and they can be fatal in all kinds of ways. There is a cell phone addiction that is everywhere to be seen, and actual health concerns being generated by it. Ignorance is the worst of them and ONLY trauma (seemingly) can alleviate it. Apparently, people have to go through it to understand it.

Just because you cannot see the armies of God does NOT mean they are not present. If your senses were not so intoxicated with their particular concerns, the invisible world might not be so invisible. Anyone who is inclined to take a handful of mushrooms will gain proof of what is not usually seen and heard most of the time by most of the people. Of course, it would be of critical importance to be in the right frame of mind and in suitable conditions. I am NOT recommending this course of action to anyone. I have, as the saying goes, “been there and done that” well over a thousand times over the course of decades. I stormed the gates of Heaven over and over, but I could not stay. As Han Shan said in Cold Mountain Poems, he walked the red dust of cities, tried drugs but couldn't make Immortal. So he went back to Cold Mountain where he planned to sleep by the creek and purify his ears. That is my posture these days.

It all comes in time. If you make yourself presentable to Heaven, and you can convince them of the sincerity of your ideal, they will take you on and you don't have to be concerned with anything other than not hindering their efforts. Still... it takes time, and that can be onerous when your desire is great. I am familiar with this (grin). The hardest thing is to just sit still and await with Certitude and Conviction. Your job is to find, and serve, and celebrate God. God's job is to take care of The Details. They say 'The Devil is in the Details', so it is probably best that God handles that. My informed opinion is that, YES... this is the best course... for me. I don't know how it is with another. Every case is different. The good news is that God understands EVERY aspect of every difference.

If you are determined to learn what's what at the hands of The World, I say... “good luck to you!” Well... you never know. I CERTAINLY don't. I would RATHER learn what's what from The Originator of the whole affair. All of what you see is people working it out on their terms, and the result of that is endless Disappointment, disappointment at not getting what you want, and disappointment at getting what you want. Let's not leave out Regret for the methods you employed to get and not get what you were after. Sooner or later, you are obliged to throw your hands up in the air and admit that you haven't got a clue.

I am reminded of something John Symonds said in his biography of Alistair Crowley. I can't remember the exact words but... it went something like this. There was a picture of Crowley sitting at a desk and Symonds said something like, “there he sat, his magic wand gathering dust on the shelf and his head in his hands, saying... “I am perplexed.”” I never found anything of interest in Crowley's perspective. I'm not knocking him, but we are headed in different directions. I've studied the lives of many noted characters, seldom had I any desire to be like them, except for the spiritual teachers, mystics, and initiates who are on The True Path inward. Many times I did not live up to my own standards, and certainly not to Heavens, but... I EVENTUALLY got the hang of it.

Things are NOT what they seem, and one is a fool to think that they are. The power of Heaven is unopposable... PERIOD. Align yourself with Heaven and you WILL BE informed as you need to be. It is a considerable haul after all. Conditions change, terrain changes, circumstances change. ALL but one thing changes, and there is a system to it as well. Spurious enterprises like fortune-telling, channeling of the dead and departed, all the new chicaneries of a new age, are perversions of something much finer, and which can be known, once one is free of self-interest.

Job One is to put the Personality into harness to the Individuality. All your problems come out of half-measures in regard to this. This is why the armies of light do not come flashing from the sky, or wherever they happen to be at the moment. This does not mean they are not there. They most certainly are, and the time will come, and great change will circle The World, though most will never see the means by which it occurs, they will reap the benefits if they are still here.

End Transmission.......


Anonymous said...

Mas and Mas Visible

Even though it is not Smoking Mirrors, i felt drawn to read and run the risk of more surreal experience, than i have to deal with on a constant basis in the Big Enchilada... fortunately it is not as intense as other occasions....

There is indeed the Sacred Impulse that arises from the visceral experience of Compassion, as act for another (hahaha) especially for some Reason, when the 'other' is with 'capacity of free-will', and perceiving the Divine spark, or to stay congruent with the Buddhist tradition, perceiving the Buddha-nature in the 'other', hidden in a swamp of desires, emotions , goals limited to the functioning of the cerebellum ( the reptilian part added to the mammal body ) , and the Impotence, Unbearable Impotence, simultaneously.....

The diet better contain sufficient B-complex, selenium, and other trace minerals, for the nervous system to deal with the intensity, otherwise a retreat to nature, whether to Cold Mountain ,or Tepoztlan , Pike's Peak, Garden of the Gods, Manitoulin. Rainbow Mountain, .etc.....becomes imperative... Only, She, Mother Nature ,can soothe the irritation caused by the impurities in the nervous system with such 'amperage' flowing...

Even external 'sitting still', means not an inner stillness for Certitude and Conviction arise and be maintained with Continuity and Constancy..... Thank you, once again, for writing and posting these poems in prose....

Sealing of the Fives Senses, indeed....

Cheerful Love Grizzlybear Hug

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I'm a very noncomplying outlier, and I think it's the only way for me to be right now; considering I hold this place such contempt. Also, I'm really wondering of late. . .we are always. Why is it so important for us to be in this disgusting realm, comparatively to what's on the Otherside? I'd like to shoot my former self for asking to go this round, though I'm aware that's not an option. But hey! I've posted the story of why I'm here so many times already. Being an egotistical idiot is not the thing to be.

I wonder when Georgie Soros is gonna get whacked, and how. Maybe he'll live his next life as a 1824 Dalit chick with 22 crotch droppin's, all chicklets.

Heh-heh-heh. Would ya believe I'm a feminist? Not a feminazi. Just a nose who thinks a person should not be denied personal sovereignty or unalienable rights because of their gender. Not into bashing sausage casings, though I must admit I don't think I ever want to live with anything that is not a REAL member of The Holey Order of the Septum again. Me thinks having a gender is not pragmatic.

Anonymous said...

Hey Love Buttons, dalit chicks are hot

Ray B. said...

Vis, thank you for the last series of blogs. Appreciated!

Vis: "It seems, to look at it, that this SOMEONE is at work at every level of human activity."

The sheer scale of what is going-on gives away the source of these happenings. (Subservient to all-God, of course.) Human organizations - human controlled - do not have the enormous extent or the invariance-of-intent through such long time-periods. To pull-off what is being done, one needs both beyond-human will and super-long lifespan (or residing in the Unseen). Simple contemplation of facts-on-the-ground leads one to this conclusion.
Vis: "Maybe the good guys were around at one point, but... where are they now?"

Something happened a long time ago. In my opinion, some ability was 'shut down'. I believe whatever-it-was was at the core of the "Tower of Babel" story - the 'one language' thing. (Some form of telepathy/empathy/higher-consciousness.) Once you cannot know the inner 'intent' of another, you are easy prey. Good guys have been slowly whittled-down ever since the "Tower of Babel Moment." I do not expect this to change until this "Moment" is reversed.
Vis: "Why do they not come now? Surely we are in great need, and surely... from a consideration of conditions 'on the ground' it will only get worse."

If one has read "The Silmarillion" by Tolkien [spoiler alert!], the Middle-Earth based Elves take bad (really bad) until the 'War of the Last Alliance'. This is when the highest of the Elves forge such an alliance (of Elves and Men) that Sauron is physically defeated and killed. Tolkien's point seemed to be that only the Elves' great extremity brought-forth the greatest of them. We seem to be at that point, now...
Vis: "When one meddles in the affairs of others, it is VERY IMPORTANT that one can see the end result from the beginning."

In high-Unseen councils, there was much 'debate' on the matter of Earth (and humanity). This included entities which exist outside of SpaceTime. The decision was made to proceed from the top downwards - including from outside of SpaceTime inwards. I have no idea how all-God was 'consulted' on this decision. (Otherwise, any gain would be short-lived.) In the decade or so since then, many species (mostly Unseen) have worked to 'turn' high-level baddies. Unseen Humans have been a part of this effort. Personally, it has been a joy to see so many species working together for a common goal...
Vis: "It all comes in time. If you make yourself presentable to Heaven, and you can convince them of the sincerity of your ideal, they will take you on..."

Here is where we get to the "Tower of Babel Moment," again. I do not expect the various Unseen good-guy species to leave humanity in its degraded state. After the Unseen baddies have been turned/removed, I expect the "Moment" will be reversed. It will be interesting to see the form which this takes, and how we (individually and collectively) react...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Check out Breitbart and get a look a the two serpents that created the Pfizer vaccine. The spike protein, the gift that will keep on giving.
God help us and i mean that with every ounce of sincerity. Only God can us now.

Anonymous said...

"All of what you see is people working it out on their terms, and the result of that is endless Disappointment, disappointment at not getting what you want, and disappointment at getting what you want. Let's not leave out Regret for the methods you employed to get and not get what you were after. Sooner or later, you are obliged to throw your hands up in the air and admit that you haven't got a clue."

I made the following comment yesterday.

"Step 3 is where it's at. Every morning when I awake my thoughts go straight to God. Be with me today LORD. Be at the forefront of my conscious. Help me to align my will with yours today and always. Free me from my old self centered will (aka bondage of "self".) that my delight is in you rather than the rudiments of the world.
Keep pressing on Laurel. Set your mind to be obedient to God. When I say obedient I mean trying to be as God would have you to be and praying always to Him to help you succeed. A Herculaneum task if not for the fact that He comes and dwells inside of you. Obedience is the lamp by which we can see the "narrow path" that leads to life...the 12 steps lead down that path. Truly truly truly His burden is light and His yoke (aka His will) is easy. Our burden and yoke (self will) are the chains that have held us in spiritual bondage since birth. It is our self will that Jesus came to save us from. When we set our hearts upon being obedient to the Father as Jesus was it is then that we have begun to be saved. With each passing day life becomes as a spring of water shooting up from within us. It is the sin(self will) that dwells in us, the selfish desires that we need saving from. The sins we have already committed are dead blunders but the would be sin within us is like a live death and it is that which we need saved from. No man is condemned for the evil he has committed but rather for the evil/darkness he refuses to let go of. Those who refuse to come out of the darkness are those who are committing blasphemy of the holy ghost. They are refusing to be saved from the evils generating from their self centered wills. Unity of our will with the Father's will is salvation, PERIOD. Anyone who preaches otherwise is building with wood, hay, and stubble.
You are on the narrow path leading to life Laurel. Set your heart to be obedient to the Father every morning and throughout the day and everything else will fall into place. Remember that it is through weakness that God's strength is made perfect. Why? Because the trials that arise from our weaknesses force us to lean harder and harder on the Father resulting in constant conscious contact with Him. To know Him is to love Him and it is love that sets us free, literally. Be as a child in all things, casting all your cares at His feet. As the Master said, "No one can enter the Kingdom except they do so as a child".
I love you sister and will be praying for you on the regular!��"

Justin V

the road to the Western Land said...

Greetings Swami LV!

Yesterdays prayer while walking in the park after the clouds parted and the Sun was shining:

You look marvelous Sun! Thank you for your life giving rays and this beautiful place.

Saw a beautiful copperhead last week while in the no man's land zone of the park and maybe Lady Nature was saying don't walk here today.
It was busy digesting and may have enjoyed some discarded roaches.
The snake had such beautiful colors on its underside that looked like colors under a black light.
Scouting out ways of exit for when the Terminal Madness reaches the purge rivers of gore stage.
In the sixth grade I traded a rock poster album insert for a Purple Barrel microdot and then we went to a long gone go kart track.
The Doors of Perception opened right then and there and will always remain that way.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"Heaven is ONLY Heaven because God lives there. Hell is the Absence of God."

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Re: #3

Tons of East Indian chicks are totally gorgeous. I read they're not treated so well, and Dalit chicks are treated the worst of all. Phoolan Devi was something else, though. Quite awesome, really. Of course she was assassinated, but I wonder how many in India admire her. Here in the states, I wonder how many even know about The Bandit Queen? Or even what a Dalit is.

Visible said...

I do (grin).

Anonymous said...

Here in the good old U.S.A. the dalits, shudras and chandalas are packing Glocks and Uzzis and yers they have their champions. Hell, half the carny Congress is pulling for them. It really is a relative world, innit..

Anonymous said...

There is of course the movie about the Bandit Queen...

Saw it back in the day in Goa of all places!
You don't have to exit the Wheel of Samsara from the TDC where the Brahmans try to.
You can also use the BDC where the Dalits exit.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 8:11,

I saw Bandit Queen in Manchester, UK, where there is a place called the 'Curry Mile'.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous 8 :11, Ain't no dalits escaping that wheel unless and until they're no longer dalits. That's part of how that wheel goes round and round. Bend a knee to Vishnu, Shiva, Ganesha, Indra . . then we'll see. If I even smell a hint of demons lurking, well, you know..




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