Thursday, February 10, 2005

Being Smarter Than the Average Bear- Part One.

I let a couple days slip by. I wasn’t busy. I just wasn’t in the mood. Although I know people commonly do it, I can’t see me doing it- if I’m not in the mood. I did learn a few things though. A man I thought had been dead these past ten years is, in fact, alive. That would be Bernard Stollman; head of ESP Disk and to the music industry what Hunter Thompson is to the realm of journalism; or rather I should say what Hunter Thompson used to be. I’ve no idea just what Hunter Thompson is supposed to be these days, except strange.

I’d been writing ESP Disk to get them to take my CDs off their web page since they no longer have a relationship with me. I never was getting any answers. I have a major landmark (no, not a birthday) approaching this summer and I want the decks cleared for what should prove to be a very interesting period. This is the time when my ships come in, laden with whatever, the harvest time approaches and we shall see what I have sown manifest. I thought all this time that the former psycho head of the company was responsible for the lack of communication as she had been for numerous injuries inflicted upon me and my career over time. She it was who told me Bernard was dead. I held a funeral for him in my head but Tom Sawyer wasn’t dead after all. This could be one of those things that changes everything and means nothing or, changes nothing and means everything.

So I mentioned that I might stop writing this blog at some point. It’s not because I’m lazy or fickle or on the verge of a new drug habit; a new drug would actually have to be discovered. It’s just that things change. I can feel them changing. Into what that may be I suppose I will find out. But I’ll always be doing something. At the moment I need to get my hands on about half a million Euro. Now, that may be a lot in some people’s minds but its chump change actually. I don’t usually concern myself with large sums of money because usually what I may need or want doesn’t cost a large sum of money. However it has come to pass that I have indeed encountered something that I want and need that costs more than usual. Actually, I can well get part of it without having to think too much about it but it seems practical to get it all. We’ll see. It’s neat to have these little challenges and to see how they work themselves out. I’m more excited about this landmark period coming this summer. I may wait for it on the docks or I may cloister myself in a remote location. Of course one can’t hide, nor in this case, does one wish to but... like they say in real estate, ‘location, location, location.’

Enough of this cryptic rambling down the lane. I’ve been thinking about something. You ought to be thinking about it too, if you like in AmeriKa. I’ve hear it said that most families spend 90% of their savings in the last year of their life on medical expenses. I know there’s this thing called medical insurance and even Medicaid but they don’t actually seem to exist. I know a person who has insurance on an apartment building that they own and something happened that cost a number of thousands of Euros. The person told me that they couldn’t actually use the insurance because if they did the carrier would cancel their insurance. I suspect there is quite a bit of this about.

Well, people losing all of their savings on health related issues may not be a surprise. It may not even be wrong. If you’ve invested all of your efforts into material gain and placed your faith in the medical system as if they had some contact with the healing arts, one might say you got what you deserved. However, the big thing... the really interesting thing that one ought to focus on is the food industry and the substances that the average bear is taking in for sustenance and growth. There’s the potato chip industry and the soft drink industry and they take up a sizable portion of the supermarket all by themselves. Then there’s the processed food section and the frozen processed food section and they, combined with the previous two industries and joined by the liquor section, take up most of the space in the supermarket. Real food, if you can find it, doesn’t take up much space. There’s the fresh vegetable and fruit section and the meats and poultry section and the fish section. I’m not too sure myself about the meat and poultry sections. I find that these things make me feel greasy and pumped full of mucus;

There’s probably a small section where you can buy dried beans and grains and such. It’s a small section and you might have to ask where you can find it.

In your country it seems that the industries that provide your food are in some sort of relationship with the medical industry. If they’re not then it’s certainly serendipitous for the latter. If you eat bad food and stuff it down your throat without chewing like a pig they now have a pill you can take to counteract the distress caused by your complete lack of dignity and control. My casual surface observation tells me that your country is engaged in making you weak and sick and then stripping you of your assets on the way to the grave. On the positive side there are government agencies devoted to a certain incoherent lip service that has something to do with dietary awareness, which if you could understand it, you would find, was completely wrong; so scratch that positive side thing.

Here’s what I do. You might think of a variation for yourself; and remember, when it comes to food; you can process about ten percent worth of garbage and still be okay. Being a radical nut job even with the best of intentions is never a good idea.

Most people when they eat are about as conscious of what they are doing as an animal. Often they’re reading the newspapers (it’s a little like putting hormones in beef), walking down the street, watching TV; doing something empty, mindless or trivial and assimilating their poorly digested food in the same fashion. Take a day and spend it at the mall just watching people. Pretend you are a scientist. It’s a real trip. Fifty percent of the digestion takes place in the mouth, however in most cases it hardly stays there any time at all.

Most people when having sex are engaged in it the same way they eat. I don’t need to get detailed here. Most people do not pay attention to things they are reading. Most people read crap and watch crap on TV. The crap they read and watch is getting worse with each passing day but that seems okay.

Although the diet you ingest is of real importance; especially when you have yet to learn real transubstantiation... it is attitude that is of at least equal importance. Food is the actual substance of; the body of God. The body and blood of God is there for ingestion every time you eat. I bless my food and then I eat and drink the body and blood of God. I close my eyes and surrender to the assimilation of the consciousness of God into the cells of my body. I sway imperceptibly in my seat. I am engaged in sex after a fashion. I maintain a state of ongoing gratitude, my heart swells with Love. Try it and see how quickly you forget you are doing it while you are trying to do it. But it can be done.

When I read important texts I focus directly upon the words and their intent and I digest them in my mind and make them a part of me. After a particular process the ideas that these words outlined comes to the surface of my mind in terms that I can understand; in new perspectives, as part of my very being.

When I sit in the sun I engage the sun in dialogue. It may not involve words but it does involve an exchange of energy. I know that the wind that blows about me and caresses my body is consciousness. I know that the birds sing for me and that the entire performance of nature is for my benefit.

There is a yoga you can practice twenty four hours a day and it will gradually lead you into conscious ecstasy. It will surround you with a protective fence. It will keep in you perfect health and it will do quite a few things you weren’t even aware were there to be done. But that’s as far as I’m going to go on it today. I just wanted to set the stage for it as I was rambling around on the lane here; more tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

'ramblin guy' danga danga... Yes people have no respect for what they are and that's, that's destiny.


Anonymous said...

I love that prestidigitation thing you do. Even when a person doesn't see the magic at work (not uncommon I fear) the whole thing works without Java too.

z a

Anonymous said...

Or would that be CGI?

z a



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