Tuesday, February 08, 2005

You Can't Be Lost When You are the Thing You Seek...

If time is a river, then the truth is a pool. You can’t step into the same river twice but truth doesn’t change. It may pour in and out of something but it doesn’t vary depending on the container. This is the place where most minds go astray, by mistaking the container for the thing it contains. It’s where most love goes wrong as well. It takes no small amount of experience for caveat emptor to sink in.

Religion is a drag queen. It’s dressed up as something it is not. Its main concern is survival, the same as any other institution. Unlike most businesses its product is invisible. Its product can be made to appear to be anything and the place it appears is in your mind, or perhaps in your heart. They’re selling you the unknown. For most people there is a natural inclination to defer to the established tradition of those who present themselves as being in possession of a greater understanding of the unknown. There’s all that history and all those churches. They grew up with it. Their parents told them things. They believed them.

People with families want to believe in the good that the church has promised them. For many there is the belief that the morality affected by the church stands as a barrier against the depravities of the world. This didn’t work out for the altar boys but there you go.

Certain truths are observable. What I mean is, you can argue all you want to defend something you have an investment in, work and lobby to make it appear otherwise, but it doesn’t change the reality in front of you. You take a religious philosophy and set it up with celibate priests and principles and doctrines that fly in the face of normal human behavior and you are assured of creating a homosexual church. But that is not all you will create. Ask the Albigensian’s and the Templars. Cry havoc and let slip the Dominicans.

I’ve no argument about whether homosexuality is right or wrong; as I’ve said, it’s a phase in everyone’s cycle of lives. It also appears in a wider spread whenever a culture has a more materially oriented aspect and especially in its decline; or during an increase in the force of certain planetary aspects. We have both of those now. I’m pretty sure The Inquisition was wrong, along with a host of other suppressive activities. But the church does think homosexuality is wrong. So why is it that they’ve designed a church that promotes it? Sexual intercourse is a font of magical power. You don’t have to know this. It happens anyway. Every different type of sexual intercourse creates a different type of magic. The Catholic Church has a preference for a certain type of magic given the results it obtains.

God, the essential force of the whirlings that has set the galaxies in space, that omnipresent, omniscient consciousness penetrating everything; that which creates out of its own substance everything that is and contains it within itself entire; is the consciousness in it; that in which we move and live and have our being... is a binding unity of purpose with specific intent. This specific intent is to bring the entirety of everything into the shared realized consciousness of God. The point is that life should know itself as God and dance in the fullness of the liberating ecstasy of that knowledge. That’s the whole deal; all the sorrow and torment, all the fear and loss, every single event is working toward this end. Some achieve to it well in advance of the evolutionary tide of a given wave but every drop of water will, someday, know itself as the ocean complete.

This isn’t new information. This was known long before the Rishis were here. This was known before civilizations antecedent to Atlantis. This was known before the worlds were manifest. Is it some kind of a secret? Why isn’t it common knowledge? Why especially isn’t it proclaimed in the churches? Why does a tormented God hang upon the altar? Is it not a living God? Did not God made manifest bleed new life into creation, becoming the true coin of the realm that pays the freight? It is not in the interest of the church as a temporal power to broadcast a truth that makes them redundant. All the hocus pocus and mumbo jumbo is extant for the purpose of the enslavement of the human mind. It’s all about control. This is why there have been secret societies through the millennia. This is why the archetypes were hidden with the gypsy’s.

God is bliss. God is liberty. God is unity and God is Love. The fountains of the church flow with the waters of grief. The Sanhedrin and all of the thrones of darkness have not changed. The present rise in fundamentalist power, Christian, Muslim et al, has behind it the same force that has ever been most concerned with obfuscation and suppression. The apparent immorality of the world, so very much in evidence, is fueled by the same force at either end. As I’ve said, God is on both sides of the equation; it might be better said that the devil is God as the wicked see him.

Why do so many priests and religious leaders go about in black? Why do they make funerals an occasion of sorrow? Why do they wield the whip of Hell and Purgatory and yet behave in such a manner as to be its most deserving residents? Why are all the hymns so grim? Why is there such a thick, dead, dreary atmosphere of stifling resignation? Why is the whole thing designed to make you feel guilty? They say you were born guilty. How did life’s eternal message of hope and immortal life get turned into a morass of grief?

My purpose is not to overthrow the traditions of the world. This happens in its appointed time regardless. Earth is not Heaven save for the heart that resides there. Heaven and Hell are both here simultaneously. The destruction of one gang of fools only assures their replacement by the next bunch. When the tables are turned the same people are still sitting there. This is the world. It is what it is. It does evolve and it devolves too. As it is it is for the purpose of what occurs. It’s a training camp.

My purpose is just to point out that, although many have chosen to suffer, depending on belief systems, desires, appetites, stupidity, avarice, ambitions of all sorts; what have you, the list is long; even though many choose to suffer and to cause suffering, you do not have to. It may be that you have become entangled in thorns. It could be that some time is required to navigate your way out of the briar patch. Some zealous hearts will rip themselves free; caring not for their wounds- I’ve no quarrel with that. But sometimes these briars are attached to the hearts of others and therein lies the concern. Anyone can extricate themselves with determination and patience. It takes a leap of faith. Rest assured, that in which you have faith is real; more real than anything you see or can imagine. You may be certain of powerful help. The fact is that, long before your intention to do so- your intention was known. It could well be, and I suspect that it is, that everything is so completely under control that even the course of each separate trembling hair on your head is known to a perfect exactitude. One of the most powerful mental practices we can engage in is to reaffirm to our minds on every occasion that ‘every single event in our lives, no matter how inconsequential it may seem, is a particular dealing of God with our souls.’

So why am I writing this? And why bother to do anything if everything is already perfect? I’m not going to address that. Some things should be left hanging in the air waiting for the lightning.

You may know better than to eat bad food. You may have learned what comes of bad company. You may understand that bank robbery is a bad career move and that politicians lie. But all of us would probably be improved by taking a closer look at what we believe and at what influences us. It’s altogether possible that for everything we think we see we are missing just as much. Experience and knowledge aren’t the only things that come with a price tag but they’re the byproduct of all the rest. Realization is the end product. The best things in life are free. You’re free too, right now.

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Anonymous said...

A rockin good piece. I'm running out of things to say about your writing. I imagine there are few people in all the world today writing at your level and you do it every day.

can't thank you enough.


Anonymous said...

Bam! Caution, virtuoso at work. They can have Leonardo De Caprio. I'm just fine with my Leonardo Da Vinci and that be you.


Anonymous said...

I still can't figure out how you manage to write like that, and consistently too. A Kundalini awakening must very well be a pre-requisite for doing what you do with words. It seems you're writing direct from Superconsciousness...


Anonymous said...

Brilliant work! Like another person said, I'm running out of superlatives. It's like you weave a rug- one of those intricate Asian art pieces. then once you're done it doubles as a flying carpet.

If you should be so inclined please write something on the New Age Movement. Those empty-headed blathering egotists drive me up the wall sometimes.

z a

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

great writing



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