Sunday, March 27, 2005

The Guiding Light; Coming and Going.

(I’ve been very, very busy lately- in one of those ways one cannot predict and I apologize to those who have come by here looking for something new. An unexpected thunderstorm of new songs manifested on my horizon and I find myself occupied in every waking moment; writing, composing, recording, mixing and what have you. That weather will move on and it is necessary for me to get as much of it as I can downloaded and materialized before it does.

So I find myself looking at the clock at a certain point and finding that it is 4:00AM. I’ve even missed some of my meditation periods. It’s times like this that I appreciate eating only once a day. But I know I can make the time if I just do it and so here I am. I don’t know what I’ll have to say, it’s Easter so I suppose it will have something to do with that.)

We’ve all heard, or maybe you haven’t, that the Christian holidays were grafted over pagan rituals. Some make much of this. They wish to authenticate what’s called pagan, or point out essential hypocrisies in emergent religions. There’s nothing all that hypocritical though. What’s true is always true and it stands to reason that the new would be formed upon the cycles of the old. The light has been made flesh in a number of vehicles, Christ, Buddha, Mohammed (though I’ve my doubts about Mohammed. I feel like Mohammed didn’t make it into the mysteries of mysteries and I have my reasons for that and they have little to do with the definitions of the Muslim religion that have been in the vogue lately), Krishna (note the similarities in spelling with Christ) to name a few.

A new avatar approaches as we enter into a new age. This avatar has been called Lord Kalki. He’s supposed to come on a white horse and bearing a sword. The returning Christ is also supposed to be on a white horse. Of course they are one and the same. God forms his spirit into flesh to bring a new testament, a new vision into the world of humanity. New powers of apprehension will come and new understandings will be made available. The avatar becomes palpable long before the actual appearance. Some say that avatar has already come. Some say he has not. I am purposely avoiding the presentation of various data and opinions in this regard. They’re not important to my point.

When God comes it is always in order to benefit those souls who are spinning on the wheel of birth and death. He comes to bring a window of freedom and an opportunity to make a quantum leap. At this particular time we are at the close and beginning of a twenty-five thousand year cycle; it is especially momentous. God also comes to drive the wicked before him and to punish evil-doers. It’s not like God is given some pleasure in this regard. It’s really that there are no other options. Some number of souls are so deeply entrenched in relative evil that nothing short of the spirit ‘informing’ matter through a powerful application of force will do. It may seem like punishment and it may serve to be punishment but it’s not punishment per se by intention. There just isn’t any other option.

God first comes to all of us as a gentle nudge. Each succeeding touch is a degree harder and continues until the point is made. Everyone has the option to listen before things get intense. As my uncles used to say, “Those who cannot hear must feel”.

It is the nature of materialism and of the material mind to slip ever more deeply into an obsession with the physical realm. Unguided and allowed to run its course, many would finally turn to stone.

At this time, all of the manifest forces that impact upon our senses and translate experience and control behavior are joined in a single effort to confuse and make ignorant the entire human race. Most of the human races willingly obliges in this effort. It could be appetite, it could be fear, it could be an appeal to the desire to become rich or obtain personal power, but whatever it is, there it is. You’ll get contacted in the area of your interest because the broadcasting towers are appealing to every possible interest. The point of this effort, besides the enriching and empowering of the few, is to distract you from the light.

Many of those operating on behalf of the enslavement of the race have no idea of this latter feature. They are just willing drones in the process. Some few know very well what they are doing and whose interests they represent. They do evil for the sheer joy of doing it.

Much is made of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Whether this happened in the manner it is presented to have happened is open to debate. One thing is certain however, it is not Jesus Christ who is daily crucified, it is you. You can reason this out if you are of a mind to. The church makes great profit over the crucifixion angle. It’s good for the production of guilt and guilt is a powerful force for control and remuneration. Guilt is a whip to drive the masses toward production.

Enter the world and all of the opportunities it gives to act in a manner so as to increase the guilt. Enter the mind that has all of the complexities of rationalization and the powers of alcohol and myriad libations to ensue that acts producing guilt will be committed.

It’s a movie really, as I’ve said many times before. The same scenes and opportunities for performance are repeated daily. Whether you are in a toga or a business suit, it doesn’t matter. The garments and settings and technologies change but the scenes being outplayed do not. Because it is a movie it serves that we should act at all times in accordance with our best interests. The return upon our best interests is not always immediate and may often seem to be without reward. Trust me, nothing gets missed. Act as if you are always under observation because you most certainly are. What weighs and judges watches through your own eyes, as well as the eyes of all participants involved.

Today the equinox has occurred and on a certain level the light walks among us, resurrected as it always is. This great mystery passes unnoticed in many respects. Even for those celebrating it, only a few hours need to pass before something else has become the object of focus. Very, very few souls make the consciousness of the divine their moment to moment concern. It has seldom been as hard as it is now.

For many of us there is the idea that we lack the strength to accomplish total focus; to be right on to the matter at all times. This is due to a misunderstanding of the process. It’s not your strength that is required; it is merely your attention. You don’t accomplish it. It is accomplished through you. It is a simple matter of bringing the mind back over and over again to the reality of the conscious light that permeates the universe. This is most easily maintained through Love.

We much more easily accomplish what we desire when we love that upon which we are engaged. Yes, it’s a struggle, no question. However, can you think of a finer occupation? Can you think of a more critical application? Do you remember how important so many things seemed to you once? You probably cannot even remember most of them.

You’ve got only the one job, to be conscious of that in which you live and move and have your being and to work in accord with it to the best of your abilities. In whatever way you are spending your time you will get your reward. It is my fervent hope that this will be the reward sought in the most sincere and certain part of the yearning heart. As someone once said, “If you don’t look for God in the springtime of your life, he won’t be there in the winter.”

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Anonymous said...

I'm one of those people who come by frequently. It never matters greatly though. If there's nothing new I go into the archives. There's a lot I haven't read since I really became a regular customer at about the midway point. Once again, an excellent take.

a 'friend'

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the ongoing encouragement. I take it personally.


Anonymous said...

Happy Easter Les. Once again a most enjoyable ride

Anonymous said...

Dinner with you must be very interesting.

Anonymous said...

not to mention conversation and recreational substances.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the Schiavo article. I just saw it this morning. You've got a clear view on many things.

Anonymous said...

Message for DH - ciinc

RHE recognized you as being someone we know and love.

I have become fond of you. I look forward to exchanging stuff and I may produce a poem in reply to yours.

I am not available, though, in the way people regard as available. I am around the net to occasionally to exchange literary muse.

I am glad you are well and OK.

VSP and Coral



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