Friday, March 04, 2005

There is no Time 'but' the Present.

At the center of our being we realize that we are a focus of the divine; particularized in the unique vehicle in which we are presently contained. In the transitory awareness of our mind and personality we see our selves as separate units of being. We see ourselves as a thing apart in the midst of many. In reality we are one with everything. Though some of us suspect this, few of us know this.

All our suffering is based on the idea that we separated beings. It is this illusion that it is our chief business to overcome. Now life, all by itself, is designed to bring us to this understanding of a self unified with all life. It’s a long haul, no mistake, when the process of recovery is left to the evolutionary force. It’s a quicker route when we are determined to cooperate and offer ourselves up for transition. Of course, our suffering may intensify greatly as a result of this decision. The crying sirens on the rocks are not inclined to let us go either quickly or gracefully into the light.

Some of you may have wondered at recent trends. There has been a sharp curve downward of late in respect of collective awareness. In every aspect of the manifest world we see a ‘dumbing down’ of the collective mindset. The realm of art and culture has always had a popular garbage aspect; in any time there has been a certain celebration of the trivial, but there was always high art to counter it. These days it is in little evidence. Commerce and the need to sell products have the characteristic of a cancer. Food processing is eliminating the nutritive aspect and we are all familiar with the effect of poor diet on ones intelligence. Nearly everywhere you look things have taken a frightening persona. One has only to watch TV for a few days to see where we are at.

Our political leaders are without honor and either pander to interests that will ensure their own promotion, or are bought and sold beyond any capacity for human concerns in their actions. The news organs are nothing more than shills for special interests. We have become a nation of pimps and whores. It is now celebrated to be such a being; you’re pulling a train while the crowd roars in approval. People with no idea of the qualities of the question are asked their opinions and the results are published as the heartbeat of vox populi.

Everywhere I go I see young women leaning over their cellphones and doing something. I’m not sure what it is. Occasionally they will be talking on the instruments but much of the time they are fondling them and receiving some sort of information from it.

It is my nature to always bless my food before I eat it. I hope to consign the energy produced by the food into transformation into light. I intend to show my gratitude for being fed. I have not seen a single person perform such an act in a very, very long time. And I am watching; I sit in large eating areas often, just for the purpose of observation. People sit down and just shove food into their mouths. I notice they barely even chew; 50% of the digestion takes place in the mouth. I cannot accurately put into words what it is that I see.

The medical community is dedicated to an allopathic practice of their art upon the phenomena of disease and physical distress. The pharmaceutical companies are devoted to the sale of chemicals that will react against the reactions of nature against the practice of bad lifestyle. You’ve eaten some bad food (you may ‘only’ eat bad food) and drank too much alcohol. Then you are encouraged to take some pills to offset the natural reactions of the body to your poisoning of it. Add in the side effects of these to the ongoing attrition of all round bad behavior. The prognosis is not good. Add in the fact that 60% of the people are overweight and 30% are obese. What do you think would be the natural result of a combination of bad food, bad drink, bad lifestyle, bad information, bad TV, bad music and the images of conspicuous consumption on all sides? Add to this the deluge of pharmaceuticals taken to offset all these along with the paranoia and sense of personal helplessness in the face of draconian forces bent on control of thought and action... it’s not a pretty picture.

The natural life has been sacrificed on the altar of quick sensation and constantly shifting focus of attention. The result is predictable. Just as there is uproar in the personal unit at its increasing separation from all good practice, there is the ever growing reaction of natural forces to the larger environment. Thimk! Yes, that was intentional.

Gee, I’ve painted a grim picture. Well, I haven’t painted it. I scarcely have the time or the ability to have engineered such a vast canvas of bad art. I’m merely pointing it out; fat lot of good that will do- but pointing it out none the less. Am I wrong? Is this only the crying out of one dissatisfied soul whose own hopeful designs have been compromised by the greater collective of different choices? Many people are living quite successful lives in the midst of this, or so it seems. It probably looks normal doesn’t it? Normal after all is the median point of the bracketing extremes.

What is taking place at this time is a world wide composting of old forms that has been brought to the furthest level of their absurdity. The most superficial, non nutritive possibilities of form are the commonplace face of the present state. It’s all meant to be. The new age is coming and all of this is going to be swept away. We are in the middle of a vast recycling process and your individual fate in this transition is determined by your focus. It is determined by the energy field in which you are contained. Your energy field is made up by your thoughts and actions. If you are devoted to the forms that surround you, you will be processed along with them; if your attention is devoted to the eternal consciousness doing the processing then you are transited to the next phase. This is not to say that the individuals processed along with the outworn forms are intended for any lasting destruction. Rather they are moved into a holding station for the next round of incarnate life for the purpose of further schooling and a more direct experience of conditions designed for lessons unlearned.

One might wonder what my point is. From where I sit it’s pretty clear but I’ve learned not to expect that to be the universal apprehension. You are in a cusp position. It is possible at this time to make the great quantum leap in consciousness. It can not be said that this is a simple thing. After all, the whole world is crying for attention to its products. The sensory onslaught of information on all sides is the amplified voices of the sirens on the rocks. Real sirens are also going off. It is time to become increasingly contemplative. It is time to pursue a deeper connection with the divine. How else are you to get the insights you will need? You have to get your information from one of two places; the frenzy of the world surrounding, or the author of life itself.

Take a close, discriminating look at the world. Look carefully and with all the penetration you can manage. Make the wise choice for yourself and anchor your boat in the safe harbor. It’s been said that not a sparrow falls that the Lord doesn’t know about. It’s also been said that you are far greater than the lilies of the field or the birds in the air. Surely then, you are cared for beyond your capacity to understand. Either God is real, or the world is. They’re both real within the schematic of their activity. However, one is certainly ‘more real’ than the other.You must decide whose lead to follow. God is indestructible and with infinite capacity. The world is destroyed and recreated in every minute.

It is an irony that people have no time each day to communicate with the divine, yet somehow they have hours free every evening to watch TV. They have no time to pray, but they have all the time in the world to worry. Job had some interesting reflections on this. Worry is a form of prayer and meditation, but I assure you the result is less desirable than the positive alternative.

No matter how crazy things may appear, there is a sane center. That sane center is also infinitely more powerful than the phenomena that seem so vast and overwhelming. Put your trust in the proper bank. There’s no time like the present. There... is... NO TIME... ‘but’... the... present.


Anonymous said...

Exhilarating and heartbreaking in one fell swoop. You are a unique font of critical insight in a time of crisis. I salute you.

a 'friend'

Anonymous said...

outrageous- you never fail to surprise me. I didn't know where you were going until I saw the escape hatch in front of me. Kudos!!!


Anonymous said...

outrageous- you never fail to surprise me. I didn't know where you were going until I saw the escape hatch in front of me. Kudos!!!


Anonymous said...

Well that seems pretty clear, talk about "standing and delivering" and "intent" and it doesn't appear to be a disorder. haven

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

waiting, anticipating, where are you?

Anonymous said...

Hope you are well and looking forward to your return.


Anonymous said...

Hey Bro',

I hear you, every word. Superb insights, and quite a craftsman with words!

I finally got in and out of the studio last month and came up with some gravelly stuff you can download at

Let me know if you want a CD; I'm mailing them out, ...not likely to sell many.

Drop me a line or two.


Anonymous said...

So where are you?


Anonymous said...

And time is passing too while I am waiting for my cup to run over.

Agate said...

I currently attend a fundalmentalist church, even though I am not a fundalmentalist myself at all. I enjoy how often what you say lines up with what they say, even though you come to it from completely different directions.



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