Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Age of Aquarius is on the Doorstep

Greetings dear friends; I’ve been thinking about the most recent postings here and elsewhere, as well as my personal journey of the last several months and considering how often things are so different than what we expect. We get up each day to face whatever the world has in store for us. It is usually based on what we already have in mind, even when we don’t know what that is.

Perhaps I should have expected a certain amount of fallout from various quarters when I started talking about Karma and Reincarnation but... I didn’t. Perhaps I should have expected a truly rough ride when I got down here in August; given that I expected quite the opposite but... I didn’t. Thinking about it this morning leads me to believe that very little of what I know -which is very little to begin with- is of much use in calculating anything beforehand. It seems like what really assists me in everything I encounter is something that resides within me and which responds through me and never seems to access anything that I might have reached for on my own.

I’ve talked about cycles now and then... here and at the other locations and ...it seems to me that cycles are also a large part of Karma and Reincarnation. This should be obvious but for some reason, the obvious often escapes me, like when I am staring right at the thing I’m looking for and once or twice... was actually holding it in my hand. It’s the old, ‘glasses on the forehead, where’s my hat?’ trick. I suppose that’s why humility and the softer features of our nature play such a part in our ability to understand what’s going on.

You hear a lot about how the illuminati, or whoever they are, are promoting homosexuality and engineering the breakup of the family unit and I can see this to some degree... although this is no judgment on any particular lifestyle. As I said, we all get to be all of it on our way to becoming one with it ‘again’. However, there’s more. There’s always more, which is what makes it unwise to assume we know. We only know portions of it at any time and on those rare occasions when we grasp a greater amount than we are accustomed to we often find we have nothing intelligible to say.

In relation to this and to our softer side, we have to keep in mind that the Aquarian Age, only recently, officially began. One of the things that is happening is the feminization of certain aspects of the mental and emotional bodies. This is playing a part in terms of acting out in certain ways. The true intention of this is an awakening of those higher feminine powers in all of us. Intuition is one of them. It is because of the outpouring from the vase held by the figure of Aquarius that goddess worship has come to the west. It was why all that long hair was flowing a few decades ago as a precursor to the most sensitive among us. Resistance to it is the source of the aggressive, testosterone syndrome that we are seeing in these times with all the people wearing their paranoid, war hats.

If you are wondering why so many strange and difficult things are happening it is because of the turning of the age. Mostly it is because we are ‘reacting’ en masse in the wrong way to the sublimating influences being awakened within us. The first reaction to the appearance of things we do not understand is fear. For those few who have moved beyond this visceral knee-jerk, it is curiosity and wonder.

Only a handful of us, relatively speaking, are ahead of the curve and enjoying- and sometimes suffering from as well- the budding fruit of a new world which has all the potentials of the new worlds discovered by the explorers of yore.

In the summer when I became 21, I met a man on a beach in California. He was unlike anyone I had met before or seen since. He looked like one of those porcelain figurines of Asian sages although he was brimming and youthful. I had no idea what age he might be. He held his hands a certain way and I thought, at the time, that he was crippled (grin). I later realized that it was an aspect of the mudras that you see in the Hindu posters. I hadn’t seen any of those yet and it wasn’t until I saw a statue of a sitting Buddha in an antique store window in Palm Springs that it dawned on me.

Several months later, I was in a cabin in the woods in Virginia and something happened to me that shook the foundation of my being and has been with me since. I discuss some parts of it here and also here in a six part ‘travelogue’ about my life. After that event I was holding my hands as he did and the whole experience was so powerful that I trembled for nearly 3 years. Over the years, I have disguised this feature because it can look strange and I realize this is what we do when we conceal our true nature. Just the other day it occurred to me what this whole process meant but I’m not going to talk about that and give my critics yet more fuel. This happened because a poster asked me if I had considered something and it was a trigger for following illumination.

We are all going through many things connected to this dawning age but we do not attribute these changes to that because we are looking outward at the world instead of inwardly at ourselves. What is happening is not chaotic or uncertain. It is definite and intentional and it can lift you up and it can crush you also; depending on your relationship to it... whether you resist or surrender.

In my own case, I tried to bury what happened to me and be a part of some kind of a life and I failed miserably at it. Even though I wandered in darkness and took extreme measures to hide the implications of what happened from myself and others, I knew it wasn’t over, just as I know that the next stage is very close now. This is why I contracted with one of the best astrologers on the planet last fall to make me a progressed chart and interpretation. Usually I don’t bother with these things but, as with most things in my life, it took on a life of its own and occurred. He confirmed just what I expected in general and sometimes specific terms.

Each of us is on the verge of similar things and I know that many readers here feel this. Unfortunately, many of us are looking at what we don’t understand with apprehension. This is not the relationship you want. If anything, you should be more like a child on the night before Christmas and this is regardless of what temporary appearances you might encounter or what trials you might endure. Very, very good things are on the horizon along with their counterparts. You might say that everything is on the horizon and everyone is going to get something according to who they are and what they are doing.

I’ve noted an increase in people of the Christian faith remonstrating with me over what I say. I catch a lot of criticism over what they call ‘that elephant god thing'. It's emblematic of the usual Christian intolerance, of everything not contained in their dogma, to behave this way. The regular reader knows that I’ve said very little about that and only in passing. I have a particular relationship with that aspect at this time, only for the removal of my obstacles to self-realization, which is the task he performs ...and for certain introductions to the Devic Realm which have to do with my work.

I have certainly spoken of and quoted Jesus Christ here with far more consistency. What we know of Christianity is passing too. In present time it has very little to do with the author and a lot more to do with the ordinary egos need to control itself and it’s surroundings by hammering scripture into the mix as a self-defense against their fear of the unknown.

I’ve noted that a number of people have taken my musings on Karma and Reincarnation out of context or made assumptions about what I meant which were not intended by me at all. These subjects are so intricate it is almost impossible to talk about them. My intention was to get us talking about them and through the interplay, I thought much might be revealed. Certainly more would be revealed this way than what I might be capable of alone. You can take it to the bank that I don’t know. Most of what I say just pours out and often I don’t know what’s there until I go over it afterwards. If there is a fault in anything that I have said it is because I don’t channel what I get with the best precision. I’m still learning as far as that goes.

I have no idea why I wrote what I did today or whether the parts come together or not. The point has always been to provoke people to think and engage... respond... so that I and all of the rest of us might be improved by the interaction of the sum total of all of us. Well... I may have had more to say but I will save it for the comments because I see that I’m at that point (and a little past) where I usually stop. Don’t be afraid of what’s coming. Properly received it will transform your life.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Les.

Anonymous said...

You got me thinking about the "ride" I was on that I decided to get off about a year ago (in reference to Bill Hick's routine about "The Ride"). Now I am watching the "ride" wondering which way it will go next and watching the people on the ride. Then I turn and watch the people who are also watching the "ride". Now I wonder if anyone who is watching the "ride" is also watching me.

I am trying hard not to worry and find the center. I avoid labeling myself or be involved in movements. I go about my life quietly and help those who seek my assistance which at this point is not much.

I very much enjoy your writing because it does give me pause and reflection.

Anonymous said...

Well, I started reading this and to get it into context I interrupted that and went back and read the six parts of the travelogue and then I came back and read this again.

It is all looking very good.

My personal little thing I have noticed the last couple of lovely days walking around the garden and the country here in Kent, England, is seeing lots of white feathers - when I enquired it was suggested this means 'Truth' - a line out of a play I was involved with years ago stuck with me for a long time - 'Truth Time - Good!'

All the best


Anonymous said...

I also failed miserably...
When I reflect back it is now clear that if I had succeeded, I would have only failed miserably.

It doesn't matter what you call God, as long as you call.

Anonymous said...

We are in change, to a new "house"
The change (2012) is more over ten or twenty years (or more) in the making, I feel. To, we have a few moon cycles in one life time to react to this large bubble of engery moving in(or though). What end this brings is not known, but can be felt if you focus. The events arent the keys but the reaction and will we have to them.
If I have ever come to a centering ideas that I can return to, its not something words can place. Images and feelings with past events and hopes of the future are just the start of it. One long weaved "snake of tale" it is.
I dont know why I see trees with snakes coiled, or winged fight, or a place where two streams meet. These are ideas that come to me but have meaning not to be shared lightly.
Les the three faced goddess of many old school cults comes to me and is getting louder with the drawing of Pluto. A clean slate, and the seed of life renewed, I see.
But to see this moving circle is to see my worldly end too, and for that must people will run. To enjoy the growth anew, something must be return and ended too (but not lost).There is no end for the massses but its there and waiting for them to see it. When they(the masses) do, run likesheep they do, worried that they have nothing to take with them or share on higher. Teen sex, and lipstick are the female images this culture uses to run and hide. It is a resent thing that we have men running things. The ancients understood the link to this earth that females used and is now lost behind a TV.
Not sure were this is going. Thanks again Les

Matt durkeematthew@hotmail.com

Zoner said...

A great, uplifting read Mr Visible. Just a great breath of air into my sails. Thank you!

I, too, read your earlier accounts of earlier occasions, and was left....envious. And so very happy you survived and carried forth to wherever and whatever you are presently.

Although, as much as I like to THINK I want to have a personal meet and greet with whatever is hiding under the bed (or in my head, or behind the FED - you get the idea), I imagine it will be much, much stranger when it finally does occur.

If only I could hop on down to the corner store for a fresh Ayahuasca smoothie.(chuckle)

So in the meantime, it's boot camp for me(gotta get buff if there is the SLIGHTEST chance of meeting up with any of what you described).

Spring is here and a strangely familiar but seemingly long-lost energy is apparent - so welcome after what feels like several years of stasis and a really old-school harsh MN winter. I guess if I want a show, all I have to do is look around at the natural process of "renewal from a deep sleep and/or death" popping everywhere I look. There really is something different, something much more pronounced moving through things, however. I can't put it to words, but something is very strongly stirring me and seemingly animating the natural processes before me with a greater amplitude - like God hit the "loudness" button or something. Or it could all be my imagination.

I welcome change. I get that it is here whether I'm O.K. with it or not, so I've decided to be O.K. and run straight at that thing that finally has my full, undivided attention. I'll not struggle against it, but hopefully be carried gently along on this ride. We'll see.

But no matter what crazy scheme come before me, or which one takes hold it is, indeed, looking good.

A perfect white feather showed up yesterday in my computing area. I haven't seen any snakes, mandalas, floating deities or even a UFO lately, but thanks for that(and to Guy for the corroboration). (Big Smile)


psychegram said...


Earlier today, sitting up on the top of a bare granite hill meditating to the sound of wind and binaural beats (yeah, yeah, it's cheating, so sue me) the thought pops into my head, maybe I should take some time tonight, read some of V's old stuff, the stuff from years ago before I stumbled on him.

And what do you link to?

And so I'm reading the story of your life and thinking to myself, is this for real? Like, your life has actually been like this (and there's more!?) I won't lie to you, man, there's a part of me that wants all that, wants it bad, and isn't afraid to say so ... and it says it by spiking my emotional punchbowl with a 40-proof jealousy. Why hasn't my life been like that? whines that little internal voice.

Well, I know exactly why (or I think I do ... there I go 'knowing' again....) You've got balls like big brass doorhandles, and jumped into life fullbore from a young age without so much as looking to see if there was a safety net. So life obliged and gave you the ride of your life. Me? I've always taken the safe route and ... what I have to show for it at the 'end' is ... nothing, materially and on the spiritual side ... the uncomprehending yearning of a novice.

Don't get me wrong. Ultimately it's kind of silly to want some crazy adventurous career careening around the planet in constant danger of life, limb and sanity. Either way I'll probably wind up my days sitting on a hilltop out in the forest listening to the wind. I recognize that ... but.... Somehow, I don't care.

And now the head-fog from the jealousy is wearing off and I'm starting to make out the inspiration, starting to see ... the next few years are gonna be crazy ones, no doubt. 'Safety' isn't gonna be much of an option, I think, and 'adventure' will be the order of the day, everywhere, for everyone. And most everyone will be running for cover, trying to stay safe any way they can, but ... you know what? fuck safety. I'm done with that shit. So as the Apocalypse winds up and Aquarius starts the deluge, well, I'm ready, man. Bring it.

At least it won't be dull.


Anonymous said...

Les said: “We only know portions of it at any time and on those rare occasions when we grasp a greater amount than we are accustomed to we often find we have nothing intelligible to say.”—
-sounds pretty familiar regarding my “riddles” comment the other day—I need to stop trying to understand, and let what is, be—we can’t put it into words—there is nothing like it, so what do we compare it to that would even come close—
I believe we are given only as much as we can understand and LIVE—understanding something doesn’t mean shit—you have to live it before it becomes one with you, and you with it—you don’t earn it, or buy it or get it from a bumper sticker—a simple smile of recognition and thankfulness is all that is required—oneness—this ain’t no new years resolution--

.” Unfortunately, many of us are looking at what we don’t understand with apprehension. This is not the relationship you want. If anything, you should be more like a child on the night before Christmas and this is regardless of what temporary appearances you might encounter or what trials you might endure. Very, very good things are on the horizon along with their counterparts. You might say that everything is on the horizon and everyone is going to get something according to who they are and what they are doing”

This is where mankind has gone wrong throughout the ages—doing the same thing and expecting different results—always based on fear of the unknown instead of welcoming it—the :known” sucks for most people –this is a HUGE wave—get on your board for the ride of your life, or get out of the way and watch it go by without you—

Jim (Jj)

Anonymous said...

Great to hear that you have noticed an underlying-something as well, Zoner! And there is a nice warm-chill in the air today too . . Spring!

Anonymous said...

I have seen the path i should be on. The detours from my previous path have shown me with out too much ambiguity of the correctness of my walk. After i stopped response to the internal EGO i could see in event coming right at me i will be needed by far more than just the serious small enclave of fellow travelers i have been cast. Tests will always have a goo and bad outcome. All i can say is TRY for the Good outcome for it's rewards are direct and really the only food your soul needs. Times for Our works will come. Days for our march to help bring more into the light will be undoubtedly more intense But as You said the rewards... Real Godly Rewards are the real prize to seek. Justice and Knowledge will reign. None can stop this.

Visible said...


I think I said in one of those pieces something about, "thank goodness there were witnesses present for nearly all of the major events.."

There's an interesting point to be made here. A good portion of the time I was in unpleasant circumstances; nearly four years in prisons, jails and maximum security mental wards. I lost everything I had a number of times. I had a serious bout with alcohol that went on for about a decade and a half, for some reason I can drink now if I want to but I seldom do. People tried to kill me and or put me away for life. People betrayed me. I had to live on nearly nothing for long stretches. I had the worst luck you can imagine with my music and my writing; that definitely deserves a post and I'll do that one shortly. I suffer some pretty serious astral attacks even now and these are not just 'feeling apprehensive'. You sleep rough and you meet bad companions. You walk all night through cities with nowhere to go. It's not what it appears to the person watching to movie or reading the book. It's nothing I can romanticize looking back on it, it's too real for me.

I think it might have been Bilbo talking to Gandalf after the Battle of the Five Armies; somewhere in The Hobbit, I'm not sure where. Bilbo says; "You know, adventures are not all they cracked up to be. In the books it all seems so exciting but when you're in the adventure you have to sleep in the rain with big tree roots making knots in your back and you get hunted by trolls and Orcs." It was something like that.

Steven Crane wrote about poem about the road to truth called "The Wayfarer"

Here it is,

"The wayfarer,
Perceiving the pathway to truth,
Was struck with astonishment.
It was thickly overgrown with weeds.
"Ha," he said,
"I see that none has passed here
In a long time."
Later he saw that each weed
Was a singular knife.
"Well," he mumbled at last,
"Doubtless there are other roads."

Everything has a price. I would have rather have had a life; or sometimes I think so. There were many dreams and ambitions and all of them got crushed. I did my best to fit in but that proved impossible and hard luck dogged my every effort at making anything happen in the usual way.

Probably I would have done what I did and went where I went anyway and probably there was no joy in the accomplishments I planned for myself and did not achieve but, this route is open to everyone and people play it safe.

I don't see anything remarkable about the course I took. I didn't really have any choice; at least that is how it seems. I could have behaved better but much of that was a reaction against confinement by the culture and the authorities and I'm not ever going to knuckle under to them. I see what they've made out of the place.

Anyone who wants to be Prometheus can be my guest. I still don't know anything except when it hurts and when it doesn't hurt.

Anonymous said...

I have run into people over the years who I used to run with--they will say "do you remember that time we (fill in the blank), that was the craziest night, or road trip of my life--and it doesn't ring a bell with me at all--a story that they have probably told a thousand times, a part of their identity--and it was as if it never happened--I truly believe that we take on different lives within this lifetime--karma, within this lifetime--it is happening now--
Jim (Jj)

nina said...

Let me just slip in here and make a little comment and pretend I didn't. It may or may not surprise you that the Nogales Indio themes play out still, the characters are you in spirit. At least this was going on as recently as fall 2005 when I passed through on a bus heading east to my Mother's funeral. Surreal? Not really, the Illusion refers to these experiences in its usual medipharma-psycho-tech terms as Capgras Syndrome, delusions of substitution, where the right brain recognizes the figure, but the left brain is unable to emotionally recognize the person the substitute presents himself to be. A rare condition they tell us, resulting from mental imbalance and brain injury.
We could trash the book definitions and just say whatever we've done, others did before us and are still doing it. These "others" look exactly like us, speak and move like us, but when you watch them, they are not us, they are representatives of us or representatives of certain people we are very close to and know intimately enough to perceive the smallest differences.

I had just opened the Grapes of Wrath, again, to Chapter One where Tom Joad is released from prison sporting new boots, new jeans and shirt. I looked at the passenger next to me, looked just like you, new boots, check, new jeans and shirt, check, we got to talking. He told me your story. Word for word. He still had some time to go and ought to have made it out of the halfway house he was heading towards by now.
I note the timing is all out of sync, but it gives rise to the probability we are all passengers on a bus going round and round traveling on a journey that has no end.
Love, nina

psychegram said...

The old soldier comes back from campaigning, grizzled and haunted, a thousand-yard stare in his eyes. He looks at his brother, who stayed home rather than fight, who has a family and a business and a life, and he thinks, I am a fool, giving up all that, in exchange for ... what? And he says so.

His brother, thinking himself perhaps a coward, loudly praises the veteran as a hero and bemoans the responsibilities that kept him home. Part of him is glad he did not have to see the things his brother did, but another part....

But his son, seeing only the glory, over-hearing the war stories and the tales of adventure and daring and sparing no thought for the danger (save that without it, the daring could not have been real) ... his dreams are of following his uncle off to war, not of taking over in his father's store. And when everyone - including his uncle - advises him against it ... but does he listen?
Okay so that metaphor ran on maybe a little past its prime, but it was first thing that popped into my head.

V, one thing you're not is a failure. Like I have to tell you that ... sure, the world doesn't know who you are and you haven't gotten rich off of your writing or your music. Your fame is limited to a relatively small group of weird conspiracy wingnuts who hang out in corners of the web that are too far down the rabbit hole even for most 9/11 truthers to venture and ... that means that you're in a position to influence probably the single most aware and with-it audience on the planet, and that's gotta count for something.

Heh. Like I have to tell you that.

Back to the whole adventure thing....

Y'know, it's funny ... when you're on one all you want is to be home, warm, dry and safe, either literally and/or figuratively. But when you're home, you yearn for the excitement of the adventure.... Or some people do. Maybe it's because I've been home (quite literally) for what seems like such a long time now but ... I don't think it's just that.

I got thinking last night about a friend of mine in Japan. I lived there three years - stayed in Tokyo pretty much the whole time, the usual round of girl-chasing (at which I failed more often than not), partying, etc - teaching English, the Asian Package Deal for Young White Kids, with all my paperwork in order and breaking the law only in the small things. Most of my friends were along the same lines. Then I meet this weird character from NZ, a South African guy who'd been in Japan for a decade, teaching English very briefly but with a career that also included rave promoter, traveling antique salesman and pot farmer (and you think that's dangerous in the US!) It's some kind of amazing the guy's still alive and yet ... what a life. And it had given him a very interesting perspective on things, too.

What's my point ... ah, right. Here I find myself, 28 years old and alive and wondering if I've ever really lived ... because life isn't just measured by time.

Ahhh, I'm getting all maudlin here. You'd think I'd been drinking. As usual, though, you've just managed to touch me, again, very deeply ... more deeply than usual. So as is my way I'm letting you know with length just how much your work means to me and ... thank you.

Ben There said...

I don't have much to add just wanted to echo the other "thank yous" here.

Wishing you the best in this realm and every other realm, always.

su said...

In Zen you are coming from nowhere and you are going to nowhere. You are just now, here, neither coming nor going. Everything passes by you; your consciousness reflects it but it does not get identified. When a lion roars in front of a mirror, do you think the mirror roars? Or when the lion is gone and a child comes dancing, the mirror completely forgets about the lion and starts dancing with the child--do you think the mirror dances with the child? The mirror does nothing, it simply reflects. Your consciousness is only a mirror. Neither do you come, nor do you go. Things come and go. You become young, you become old; you are alive, you are dead. All these states are simply reflections in an eternal pool of consciousness.



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