Tuesday, August 17, 2010

It Came from Beneath the Valley of the New Shangri-La

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

Finally we are here, not only back at Visible Origami, where we have not been for a little while; stepping outside the routine of things but also on the verge of beginning to think about structures and locations, for the die hard among us, who want that communal living experience and know that it's going to happen; like me (grin)

Of course you can get that communal experience many places; prisons, large urban areas, mental institutions and tent cities but I've been thinking of something a little more under our control; seemingly (cause nothing ever is under our control except our right to make mistakes) ….and a little more (possibly quite a bit more) upscale.

Probably I should say here that I intend for this to happen and it will happen; keeping in mind the 'seemingly' above and the understanding that the divine wants for us what we want for ourselves. Desire is the agent of divine will. Those last two sentences will reward careful thought and- keeping in mind- that all we have to do is 'envision'. That is our end of the equation, along with putting one foot in front of the other and possessing certitude. If you set out for New Orleans, with or with or without Fats Domino, you can be sure you will get there if you can keep going until you do because it is there… already.

If you set out for the New Shangri-La you can also be sure that you will get there if you keep going because it is there already too. Everything and anything that ever materialized did so according to the process of precipitation. There are four planes through which physical objects of any kind arrive here. The first plane is the plane of ideas. This is where you have the strong flash of the thing and/or a location where your idea can come to fruition. The next plane is the creative plane. This is where the blueprints are. This is where the schematic is designed. The next plane is the formative plane. This is where you wield a hammer, an earthmover and so on. It's the plane of action and processes. The final plane is the manifest plane where you see the item itself.

This item exists virtually already, just about everything does. Everything is an idea in the cosmic mind. You can look around you and see blueprints taking shape in the realm of processes and you can see the finished (or ongoing) result in Nature and in cultures everywhere. Pick up anything and hold it in your hand. That was once an idea. Get the concept and realize that the power to make something real is in your hands. It can be effortless. Usually when there is effort you are pushing against the natural direction or insisting that you have located what you have yet to discover. This is an important feature and the cause of much distress so, keep it in mind too.

I am talking about a simple process of profound meaning that is in operation all around you at all times and is in operation within you at all times. The fact is that we are constantly doing this but in many cases we are doing it badly; like sorcerer's apprentices, like clumsy dancers, like bad lovers.

Among many positive opportunities, I hope to see the principles in Michael Astera's book, "The Ideal Soil" given a place to occur. I hope to see the principles of Robert Gray applied as well as elements of Macrobiotics and the Mucusless Healing System, Ayurveda and so many of the brilliant ideas that are suppressed and ridiculed in the present day.

So, I intend to purchase an existing hotel restaurant complex. I have seen some surprising possibilities for as little as half a million and going up to an arbitrary ceiling that I have of four million. I would like it on a body of water and I would like it in Europe, with the idea of satellite locations. I'm flexible. The water could be a few miles away. There are a number of accoutrements that I would appreciate but I am prepared to install them etc; what I am saying is that I am building a comprehensive plan and accounting, ahead of time, for whatever may or may not be resident in any location. It's no different than planning a battle engagement and something that should have been considered, at all levels, well before one considers engaging in battles. I am proceeding as if I am doing this completely alone, in consort with the universe and will remain in that head space until there are others to assume their natural responsibilities. Every one has something of value for everyone and everyone does their share of the shit work by rotation.

Everything that composes this life is either inside or outside. Everything operates on the male female principle that you see in the application of electric plugs. With the addition of a neutral element, you basically have the system, except for resistance, capacitating, transforming, storage and the like. Successful life is basically Tantric and the primary motive force in creation is Love. Ergo… approach everyone as your lover and engage with the primary force. Love knows 'the varieties of penetration'. Love has class. Love is not what most people think Love is and… like electricity, no one understands it but a lot of people can use it in a lot of ways.

In that last paragraph is the key to everything and especially the key to a successful life. If you read Carnegie's book, "How to Win Friends and Influence People" you will find pretty much the same thing said another way. If you read Peale's, "The Power of Positive Thinking", you will get pretty much the same thing and if you read Ernest Holmes, "The Science of Mind", you will get the process entire laid out for you. Though he was a Christian and wrote it in the early part of the last century, it is not intrusive in a dogmatic way. The last of these books should be on the bookshelf of every conscious thinker and should be read by the inquisitive and industrious many times until the principles are engraved within. That is a process that I call imprinting. I used to take the Witter Bynner translation of "The Way of Life" and read it over and over through an entire acid trip.

A very annoying and clueless individual was haranguing me recently about seeking money from the same sources that I criticize and being nasty about it at the same time, yadda yadda. I am seeking and going to get the funds from the universe, regardless of the medium and it should be understood that though I have lived, by choice, with very little for long periods of time that I do not question the relevance of money or the coming and going of civilizations. I question motives and methodologies and mostly because they are inefficient, not because they are wrong. Criticism, with the intent of improvement, is a most worthy tool. Criticism for no other purpose than the opportunity to sneer is not useful and should see the light of day, only in those places where this practice is considered entertaining, or whatever the level of appreciation may be, should there be one.

As Omar Khayyam once said, "the dogs bark but the caravan moves on". What kind of a fool jumps out of his caravan to argue with barking dogs? Is there a possibility of resolution here? That's what dogs and a lot of people do as a routine. Often it has nothing to do with you personally. It's how they interact. With dogs it is a natural instinct and the gift they truly believe they are giving us in being watchful. They think of it as their job. With people it's a negative habit that wants to drag you down into the hole they are in a la, "misery loves company".

I am not an astrologer but I comprehend it esoterically and have given it a lot of study. Math aside, I can understand and/or intuit the meaning of transits, aspects and house locations. I have four planets in the eighth house and they are now entering into serious fortunate aspect in a number of ways regarding inheritances and gifts from wherever. They are also very fortunate in other areas as well. I'm not relying on that but I am aware of it and every life receives its bounty for the time and love invested in it. This is a cosmic principle. Another cosmic principle is that if you desire something that causes no injury or loss to another and, furthermore, is intending to benefit others, then… you may have it with all the blessings of the primary motive force.

We question these things because we don't see where we have gotten what we wanted; even when we haven't been consciously practicing them. The problem is 'incomplete visualization' and also not having the correct idea in the first place. A lot of ideas are very similar but not the same and they can widely diverge over time and distance. What shows up in our lives is something we requested in former times but often no longer want. We change as we live and age. This is why one should be seeking archetypal and eternal things because you don't outgrow them. They do grow within you however.

Life is very simple if you keep it so. Complexity usually comes about when you are trying to justify something outside the restrictions of your own professed, personal code or finding an excuse for collateral damage as the price of doing business with the intent (actually a lie) of wider benefit that winds up taking any of various exits into ultimate self-interest and forgets everything it told itself when it was promising to set everything right at the other end.

Our community is already formed. We have near 300 members at the New Shangri-La website. Operating off of the ten percent factor we have 30 people who would gladly sell off everything they have and engage in an adventure that reflects their deepest desires for fellowship and shared industry in common purpose. This is the major thing lacking in contemporary society and that's not going to get fixed. The key is to find a way to have it within it; just as you can be in the world but not of it. I'll leave it at that for the moment.

End Transmission…….

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Anonymous said...

i sent everything well what there was books my good guitar music afew items of clothing to the country last year living here in the city in a bare room just a bed and a little desk when i read what you said about the ernest holmes book i thought it won't be here everything is gone still i looked in the cupboard and the first thing i saw was the science of mind sitting there as if it had been waiting for me

Visible said...

Ah... that's great. It's in the top five useful and practical books on my all time list. Anyone who gets what it says gets everything important sooner of later. The guy was living proof of it in his life too.

Visible said...

I have lived in and been a dynamic part in more than one successful group living experience. I have passed through a lot of them that I had no interest in because they were fronts for sexual predators under the guise of love and freedom; they were control trips, autocratic, dogma bound, rudderless... all sorts of things.

I found the key to be a core group of even only four or five people who know how to modify vibrations, how to cut to the quick of the problem, how to see what's under the surface and bring it up in a way that doesn't humiliate or disenfranchise the person who may be unaware of their own selfishness.

You get the right core group you can do anything. I never was involved in anything where ten percent of us didn't account for ninety percent of everything else.

Personally, if I perform this on my own with my invisible friends it will be a probationary thing to begin with that extends at least one year and likely 18 months. I have an idea for autonomous authority where each person has a dimension of operation and, of course, great latitude in which to experiment and express. People do their jobs and that's that. No one has to oversee what you already know how to do.

I could go on at great length here and articulate what I see as possible down to a pretty fine degree. I may not know all of what is good and right but I comprehend a great deal of what is wrong and ineffective.

You don't cater to a group ego. You don't have a group ego. You don't make rules so that everything is fair. You don't tell people how to behave and I could go on and on about this but it boils down to get the right people to begin with. This is a prototype. Anyone who isn't comfortable with any element can take the template somewhere else.

The right people know each other right off the bat. I've had disagreements here and there but the right people are the right people. They are able and willing. They are all the things you are and don't seem to find in the world around you usually. The right people understand, not only the extreme usefulness of doing things the right way but also that there is often more than one right way and that there is a principle behind it which makes them seek out what is lasting and good and that is what makes them the right people.

I don't care what you call it, genetic, cultural, spiritual... there is a rightness (bad word) hidden in just about everyone and the right people can bring it out without appearing to be doing so. All the right people reading this know exactly what I am talking about and possibly much more (grin).

I already gave my life for what I believe in more than once; funny thing how I got it back. This imbues you with a courage and conviction that cannot be defined in terms of mere discipline and ideals. It is alive and cannot be killed. I know whereof I speak. Even the appearance of killing it does no more than displace it into a position of superior advantage. That last sentence is worth more than all the money on Earth.

Personally, I've no concerns about this community because I have no problem saying, "No" or "Yes" or explaining why. I've no thought that the readership transplants itself here there or anywhere. There is just a certain amount of people who find their way to something and they hold it together while releasing certain amounts of load bearing responsibility where they go according to ground zero technical know how as well as all the metaphysics it rests upon. Both prove each other. I'm not interested in shit that doesn't work and I'm not interested in arguments. The right people know when someone has enlightened them about a particular thing. They are grateful, not argumentative. They are looking for that. The right people are always looking for a better method based on eternal verities and they are profoundly grateful about learning it and humbly seeking more if it so happens it can be used to further serve one another.

Anonymous said...

That covers a lot of ground and really shows a depth of understanding. Many years ago I had an opportunity to experience many communal style networks related to Divine Light Mission. There were all types and I know I don't have explain it to you, you know.

You come away with the feeling that those who have announced they are free of attachments, are forming a network in reality similar to some kind of corporate structure they are supposedly fleeing. Goodness there were the types looking to bed anyone's wife or the next conquest, some who were about as spiritually advanced as a rock, laying down the law to those who were far along the path.

Some did not want to be involved in the cooking yet do all the eating etc. All in all I think I am better off for the experience however. It is a funny thing about human nature even when you gather those on the spiritual path, there is a certain amount who are convinced they are much further along than everyone else. That is the best way I can describe it and in the end it turns into a sort of divine comedy.

Visible said...

This is why you get the right people to begin with.

I know Michael is concerned about the psychopathy factor. I have a built in monitor for that but that is besides the point.

Let me put it simply. What is, in fact, happening is that all of us are building our own personal community somewhere, somehow. No community I am going to be involved with is going to happen without a primary handful of the right people to begin with. The energy of this group precludes penetration of certain sorts without detection.

The right people are not looking for somewhere to have sex. The right people don't have a problem with that though they might have personal problems on their way. The right people are not immune to personal problems but the right people do not let their personal problems compromise what they believe in, which is greater than them and upon which their life does depend.

I'm not going to be involved in a community that doesn't spring naturally from unspoken understandings. The right people are too busy doing things or... doing nothing at all to be concerned about having a place to exercise appetites. You've got the whole world for that and that is a primary component of any community I believe in; some things are generic and basic to the community and anything else you can get everywhere else.

I'm familiar with all of those types and primarily from within myself to begin with. That's the first place I look when something about someone else puts me off. If I can contain that or more creatively express it then the possibility of contagion is always present.

The Doktor said...

Thanx, Les... peace...

DaveS said...

Now this post is the sort of thing I've been asking for!

There is a lot of fecal matter on the 'net – but that's all most of it is; raw fertilizer to grow other ideas from. Unfortunately there are many (me included) that add to the amount of shit but we've nothing to plant worth growing.

At one of the blogs I frequent, there are lots of smart people who are good at ferreting out what's going on behind the scenes. But they don't know anything else. They don't have suggestions how to change the current reality, they just sit and watch.

So much of the 'net is 'sit and watch' it's nice to see some people taking control of their personal destinies and creating an example of what others can try. Or not.

wv; destyph... a new, better, reality is humanities destyph-y

Neko Kinoshita said...

Listening, waiting, getting lessons from the divine.

Right now, I am being shown that I know nothing.

I do not yet know if I am to move, or stay where I am.

Still watching from the alley,

Visible said...

Got it (laughter)

Ralph 124C41 said...

The right people are the ones who balance respect with the discerning eye. I am free and open now. We right ones must put aside our cynicism while at the same time understanding where our junior partners are in the tao of their individual lives. No one ever stops learning unless they poison themselves with hubris. Even know it alls can learn if the teachers are patient with them. And all a teacher needs is an inquisitive chela. May I comment that Les and Company are "in the zone" now, that is they/we are capable of some heavy lifting. It is a pleasure to be linked in a conscious intentional way to an authentic community of soul warriors. Thanks to you all

Erik said...

Hi All,

The book Les mentioned by Ernest Holmes, “The Science of Mind”

is available online at:


currently reading ...fascinating!



WV: prologi -to what I might ask?

Anonymous said...

It is difficult for me to express how comforting the post and your responses are. True fellowship. Like minded people gathering together for a common purpose. Too rare. Great thread.


Javier R. said...

Les: You are the man. Every word of that post was pure gold! keep writing.

Anonymous said...

well peoples,I would be happy living even in a feild somewhere,I am not really fussed where,I am also prepared to get my hands dirty with the well whatever it happens to be,this whole thing feels good to me,but we may need to have some of them strange instruments I keep seeing on bholanaths site aswell,I think a good mixture of all instruments would do us proud.

..peace neil..

Visible said...

I'm going to watch "The Harder They Come." this evening and I will be thinking about how we are what we are when we are what we are. Writing this is like waiting tables in a restaurant while having to pass through the usual disorder, taboos and god knows on the way to whatever there is

all that counts, is that it is.

and that can be a very good friend

bholanath said...

'Harder they come' is great fun, irie.
Great, articulate post, you nailed all the important points. Thanks for that.
Eighth House is Tantric on all levels, too, among those other things. I guess holding that tantric space allows all those other things to manifest (grin).
"It's a foolish dog,
that barks at the flying bird"
-Bob Marley

Nayon said...

Thank you Les for the ''Science of mind'' reference and Erik for the link to the e-book. The timing is perfect for me.

I think you and others might be interrested in checking this clip also, along with its related site:



My spirit is behind the realisation of that New shangri-la, and I hope that some day I might be a good servant within. May the cosmic soul give rise to this wonderful manifestation of Love.


Anonymous said...

There are those who talk about things and ideas and plans (and back it up with action).

And there are those who just talk about other people.

Guess which ones are the right ones to hang out with.


PS - The Science of Life books by Wallace Wattles are also useful conceptually, although they are a little more cloying in terms of Christian dogma.

Visible said...



I refer you to my most recent comment.

TheSparkle said...

Well, I'm not sure how my retainers, retinue, roadies, groupies, choir and congregation will all make it to Europa for this. In the meantime I and the (22?) dogs will be preparing a safe place for them all. They are extremely happy, and the news both exoteric and esoteric bothers them not. Me, however, all I do is serve the dogs and puppies. I worry about the 8 puppies because I think I should find other homes for some. I know other people can love them, but I want to make sure. It's hard to know if someone is going to provide a good 'pack'.

Oh precious is this:
wv: bellittl

Ld Elon said...

You have a good understanding, this post is also beautyfully written.

Wahine said...

Hi Les
Just wondering - what are the other books on your top 5 list?

Peter of Lone Tree said...

Been wondering where to put this and naturally I came here:

A Conversation with Andrew Harvey.

Anonymous said...

There is a word, synchronicity, I was leaning my office and guess what book I pulled out and set on my desk? Wow!

hey Les, its happening. :)


John C. said...

Yo Les!
If you're still in Maui, find Leslie Kuloloio...he's in Wailuku (or at his duaghter & son-in=law's place at Pawela Point...)
He's an awesome and totally cool kapuno! You might be richly rewarded by his presence.
If you find him you might say that you were sent by John C. from his men's group from 2001-3. the one he formed with Charlie Kirshner...
Peace & Love
JC =0)

Anonymous said...

hey, I will come with several cottage industries. All I have is two bikes and a backpack and a few boxes. Well, I have more but, not anything that I would look back on.

We are in a very very magical time that is hiding in the mist.



long john said...


i hear you. i have that same problem. i can not let go of any of the animals (over 7 cats and 2 dogs) that have, by grace and good fortune, found their way to my doorstep and into my heart... because i know that others will probably not care for them anywhere near as devotedly as i would and do.

my heart will not allow me to risk sending any one of them off to another home, to a situation that will most likely not be nearly as attentive, responsible and caring as i am.

i feel that i must carry these souls whom god has placed in my lap. for me, there was never any other option.

that great song "For You" - by Johnny Cash
best expresses my overall sentiment and spirit with reagrd to this.

to listen to this song, click here.

Publius said...

Under some circumstances Europe probably is a wonderful location for an intentional community.

I wonder about the Russian wildfires and radiation being released to come down as rain or snow? I have to say Europe is awfully close to that locale. And if Iran and or Israel is hit by atomics will not the radiation and dust wend their way to Europe also? Of course Europe is where Les lives so I understand that this the place for his vision to manifest-however throwing caution to the winds is not necessarily the best path. How about Latin America or Africa?

m_astera said...

What it appears I'm concerned about isn't always an indicator of how concerned I am. Drama and emphasis gets people's attention, so hopefully they give a subject some thought. Thus it is with the subject of sociopaths. They cause trouble when they have the ability to do so, when they can access the temporal powers to do so. Examples would be sociopaths in positions of power in government, or one's sociopath neighbor calling the cops. We can create a working community that excludes sociopaths; that doesn't mean that they will not continue to exist and cause trouble outside the community "gates", real or imaginary gates.

What we can do is provide an example of how a group can work without the sociopathic element. The difference should be obvious and attractive. When people see it they might ask how and why it works.

Zoner said...

Such an endeavor is the next obvious step, and one that my wife and I discuss frequently and strive for, but the "learning curve" can often appear too steep when one contemplates making the jump from "here' to "there".

Having spent my life in mundane and useless pursuits, it seems insane to contemplate jumping off the ship and begin swimming without some form of support, but maybe that's intentional? Homesteading sounds like a rewarding venture, but how to gain the skills necessary to survive, much less thrive? It requires the assistance of others.

In checking into established Intentional Communities, many have their own dogma firmly in place already. The biggest concern, however, is the potential risk to my 2 young daughters. Not like there isn't risk from the local teenage goofballs, but cutting ties and letting it all hang out takes on new meaning with young'uns to consider.

Really it becomes a question of what is more risky - staying in the current model or trusting the Divine and surrendering to the unknown. easy choice for me, not so easy when it is for all of us that I make this choice.

Faith vs. logic/common sense of Faith vs. lack of same?

Should I find myself a part of this community, you are all welcome to my instruments. There will be no shortage of things to strum and pluck.

This is something that I sincerely desire. I hope I pass the audition.


Anonymous said...

Excellent move Les - and delighted to see you promoting Holmes.

Did you ever come across a rather weirdly US-centric set of books by Spalding called 'Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East'?

If so, Emil arrived at the same conclusion 'a while back' yet even his level of manifestation don't get it right for the States ;-)

Mabe take a look at the Pyrenees?


Visible said...

Well.. it's all good news from all good people... perplexing mirrors coming up and so is M arriving. Will K still be around to play with M and V? we shall see.

Some say timing is everything and...one day or another doesn't matter to me. I guess we will let the flow dispose it so cause, I am not just "sitting here in Limbo, like a bird without a song"

something... something about resistance and my faith leading me on....

later for top five and all kinds of things. It's the middle of the afternoon and for some reason I keep thinking I'm on thew other end of the clock. If that has happened to me before I can't remember.

Anonymous said...

So, who will slice the throats/butcher the animals youse guys will be eating in your neo-paradise?

Will you take turns killing, gutting and disposing of the blood and gore yourselves, or will you outsource that to the "sociopaths" down the road?

You know, out of sight, out of mind.

Can't have all the lovely people hearing the screams of dying/murdered animals now, can we? Of course it is quite a learning experience for the wee folks. I'm sure they'll NEVER forget it.

I hear tell mumbling a few words of praise and thanks for the innocent animal's "sacrifice" works wonders!

Or maybe the innocent animals, in their finest hour, might "volunteer" to slice their own throats. A "pact," as it were.
Here's how it goes down..
They kill themselves, bleed themselves, gut themselves, skin themselves and youse guys can then cook and eat them!
Washhed down with a little vino of course!

Now THAT'S evolution, I tell ya!


P.S. Sorry for being so negative, gloomy, anti-productive, and honest. A real sissy. Right michael?)

Anonymous said...

The "right people" yes.... but how do you build a nice firewall to keep out the zionut trolls burrowing in the community to wreak havoc and destroy the harmony? Surely they will try!
wv: rodes

Visible said...

Did you take the wrong exit? Did you go left at the sign that said, "Turn off your engines and drives slowly. Mosquitoes are sleeping here"?

Anyone would assume that my community would be vegetarian. I eat fish but I have no problem catching them and doing the deed but... I can demur on that account.

A guy that comes into a room screaming that "You are not my people!" is probably in the wrong room.

Anyway, the argumentative thing would get me before the food thing anyway.

Think of life as like a mall. Just go to another shop.

Anonymous said...

anyone that is awake is not eating flesh fullstop

Jody Paulson said...

One thing I want to call into manifestation is a higher dimensional protection and healing co-op. You can belong to this co-op simply by silently asking to join and participate by routinely sending out intentions of protection and healing to the other members, esp. those who ask for special help. We will ask for our higher selves to help us set up this co-op, and grant us the power of discernment -- those who would seek to drain our energy for nefarious purposes simply will not be allowed. I hope you don't mind my asking for this through your comments section, Les. You reach more people than I do with your blog. Plus I noticed my word verification is "enyabe" -- enya in Gaelic means "little fire."

m_astera said...

Anonymous coward, you still didn't read or reply to the essay I linked. Do you disagree with the premise, that mankind has long had a mutually beneficial agreement with some animal tribes, or no?

The fact that some fools have violated the bargain does not change the basic concept. We provide food and protection for them, their bodies provide food for us. The alternative is that they are wild animals and subject to food insecurities, lack of shelter and protection, and predators.

Some animal families have thrown in their lot with mankind, and we have agreed to the bargain. Put your focus and anger on those who are not keeping their end of the deal.

Anonymous said...

Les --

Here's a thought about a conscious community not ruled by dogma -- but by symbol and vibration...

What if the hotel/restaurant/club was developed along the lines suggested by Plato about Atlantis? Where all the signs, symbols, music, digital was geared by symbols (both religious and other) to guide the communities residents and guests to experience heightened states of consciousness on an ongoing basis? It would serve to guide people in their behavior but not tie them down with rules.

Personally, I'd love, as a traveler/resident to be able to check into a place where the vibe was completely different from the current mind-set.

Just a thought --


Wrd vr -- eromp -- As in European romp at the LV stomp

Anonymous said...

"Anyone would assume that my community would be vegetarian."

That's quite an assumption, les.
"Anyone" would assume?

Surely you don't assume your readers/fans/friends are even majority vegetarians. Do you?
I've not heard or felt that.

(how about you, michael?

That said, I do appreciate your relatively gentle response to my rather harsh, possibly condemnatory note. I think things like life and death are worth arguing about, even crying over. (sorry michael, I'm such a sissy)

On a more positive note, I wasn't so much screaming "you are not my people" to anyone, as much as I was screaming "you are my people," to the innocent animals.

All credit to you for allowing this to be shown, and I sincerely wish you the very best fortune.
You're an honest man, that I do hear and feel.

DaveS said...

I should be leaving to float... weather looks unpleasant, and maybe that's why I feel the need to be a jerk.

Really, I should just shut my trap... I don't have much to offer – but the vegetarian/vegan nazis who want to force their lifestyle down other people's throats... well first let me say I understand. I was a vegetarian for six or seven years (long enough that meat made me physically sick) and during that time I was pretty damn healthy. I'm not knockin' that part of the vegetarian lifestyle at all. If it makes you feel better, than do it.

What I get tired of is the veg-head fantasy that eating animals is killing... and eating plants isn't. If you think about it, plants are the most evolved beings we share the planet with; plants only consume elements, and they do so by hosting symbiotic microbes, which increases plants over-all benefit to the planet. Plants work the soil, provide shelter and food for a host of life forms... who can argue plants are freakin' awesome?

So, how is killing one of these amazing creatures any better than killing a cow. Personally I don't care much for cows. I don't even eat the buggers now that I eat meat. Why support something you hate?

It's factory farms/ranches that are the problem with our food. We eat too much because we don't realize the cost in blood of our prepackaged meals. Farmers/ranchers who raise their livestock humanly know where their food comes from.

Vegetables are the same. I'm lucky to live where there are many small farmers who both raise livestock and tend small gardens. Mmmm that stuff is good!

I've also lived in CA around giant mono culture farms... I'll take the buggy spinach from a friend's garden over the stuff I watched being raised 100's of acres at a time. In the big scheme of things, the big farms aren't much different than the big feed lots where cattle stand up to their ankles in feces waiting for death. Maybe it's easier for less evolved beings to feel the pain of the cattle more than the pain of the plant. Both are killed before we eat them, so what's the difference?

Humans may someday break the shackles binding us to the food chain. Until we do, I suggest imagining you're eating the reincarnated remains of a banker, or other such bottom feeder, who probably deserved living for a time with shit up to his ankles.


TheSparkle said...

LongJohn, I hear you too. In addition to the dogs and puppies I also have six cats and will probably have more kittens soon. I have some semi-exotic cats which might be part bobcat, as in domestic/bobcat hybrids. They are not wild though. They are the friendliest cats I have ever known. I'll have to put some pics up on my empty blog.

Just for giggles I took a look around here, just at one very small town's realtor website and found two really cool 'cheap' properties.

$250K US
(looks like an old school or 'sanitarium')


this one is just fun looking:
29,304 sqft m/l, 6 stories of solid concrete and brick. Once used as a mill. 4 grain silos enclosed, loading dock.
$35K US!


TheSparkle said...

Lol, I thought maybe he came into the wrong stall or something too.

Anonymous said...

i grew up in the country ate plenty of cows in my time if your doing that thats your business i could care less each to their own its not about vegetarinism its just everything i have learnt is purify clean the body if you want to move forward this is simple its how it is here why even argue about it everything east west the same thing if you dont clean out you aint getting out

t said...

thanks erik for that link to the ernest holmes book (and so many others)


ReptileAnunnakiAlienCreature said...

M. Astera:

We have long had such an arrangement with humans. Long ago each village would periodically offer up some of the children to us. Now, we have to get them by other means. They are still delicious.

wv: clang

Anonymous said...

winding river
mighty roll
rising liver
feather float
on scented breeze
of inner rise
an open flower
releasing life
flowing peace
in living school
a bolt of light
rainbow scrawl
up the way
to shangri la
by thinking rock
on wandering star
the far off place
where living free
people equal
aligned with tree
that old old place
where ancients found
connecting heart
by sky to ground


MT said...

I know a story which synchronizes perfectly with your
essay: 8-17-10 it came from beneath the valley of the new shangri-la.
It is the story of Frank DellaPenna and "Cast in Bronze." My Mom and I who enjoy your essays had the unique experience of hearing a "traveling carillon." (We heard Frank DellaPenna's apprentice play.) It is like the bells that were played in the towers in Europe. The bells can be played with musicians, orchestra or background music tracks. Frank DellaPenna (of the feather) is an American. When he was a senior in high school, he wanted to find a piano teacher, so he auditioned for a man who agreed to teach him. He later found out this man was also the carilloneur of the Valley Forge Chapel in PA. Frank's teacher made him promise that he would also learn the Carillon. Frank did and fell in love with it. Then he went to France where he graduated from a Carillon school. At some point Frank played on a "travelling carillon." There was only one in this country at the time. Frank told his wife one night if he had one wish he "would wish to have this [travelling] carillon." Many years passed and Frank was playing the Carillon up in the tower at Valley Forge where he had taken over for his teacher who had passed. But he forgot to lock the tower and a stranger walked up. He thought he might as well play for the stranger and the stranger said "people need to see you do this."
Then two weeks later the stranger called him and said he knew of a travelling carillon for sale. DellaPenna said "that's impossible" there is only one in the country and its owned by a mr hall? The stranger said I am calling from his house. The stranger gave him the key to a warehouse and said "you told me you would know what to do with this thing." And that's how Cast in Bronze started. Frank DellaPenna has played at Rennaisance Festivals, at Epcot and even for Pope John Paul the II. Then Frank got the idea since you never saw the person playing the bells in the towers he would use that...thus he dresses in a solid colored costume from head to toe and wears a gold bird's mask representing the phoenix or rebirth of the Carillon
becoming the "spirit of the bells." He uses bird and tai-chi-like movements acting and responding to the music and the bells he plays. Very mesmerizing... Frank DellaPenna's whole mission with Cast in Bronze is to "share the beauty of the carillon with listeners"
which reminds me exactly of the words of your essay:

Another cosmic principle is that if you desire something that causes no injury or loss to another and, furthermore, is intending to benefit others, then… you may have it with all the blessings of the primary motive force.

Frank DellaPenna made a wish from his desire causing no harm to anyone and it manifested something beautiful in this plane which he is sharing with other people. As usual your essay is perfectly noetic! *grin*


p.s. here is the website for more background information: www.castinbronze.com

Visible said...

There's a new Smoking Mirrors up-

The Anacondas and the Jesus Jumping Girl.

Anonymous said...

Meat head, (an internet term used to describe a meat head), I did answer you but because your blood and hence your brain and heart is polluted with bad karma, you didn't get it.

Odin's Raven said...

Those interested in preserving practical skills in a situation of social disaster, might like to follow the suggestions for how-to-do-it reading in a recent post on the Archdruid Report blog, at http://thearchdruidreport.blogspot.com/2010/07/seeking-gaianomicon.html

m_astera said...

Odin's Raven-

Thanks for the link to the Archdruid blog. Good things going on there, but I will have to make the time to inform the group that compost alone does not a healthy food garden make, except in rare instances. That is a common misconception and has led to lots of loose teeth and other problems.

I still have a small collection of the old back to the land hippie how-to books. My favorite by far is called Cloudburst; second place would go to Adolf Hungry Wolf's Good Medicine.

Visible said...

Maxing it out here Boss.

A new Reflections in a Petri Dish is up-

The Truth is the Best Fuck in Town.

m_astera said...

Re vegetarianism-

The idea that vegetarianism is morally superior to meat eating seems to be confined to Hindu and Buddhist thought. I haven't found any evidence of it in other parts of the world, in any traditional culture. It's certainly not found in the shamanic schools that I have gotten the most from and had the best teachers from.

It is important that a person feel good about the food they are eating; guilt tripping over your food is not good, whether that guilt be from eating junk food, chocolate, or meat. I have yet to see any convincing evidence that vegetarians are cleaner and purer or have better access to higher vibrational states. On the other hand, some of the nastiest and most judgmental persons one can find are vegan fanatics. This may be due to poor insulation and erosion of the neural myelin sheath, typical of B12 deficiency and lack of saturated fats. It also may be that judgmental people are attracted to puritan ideologies. The usual symptom I see is that these ones are convinced that they are dirty and polluted from contact with food and drink; they are constantly condemning themselves and others as not being "clean" enough.

I know a few people who are pretty far along on the "road to enlightenment"; not a one of them that I have known is a strict vegetarian or vegan, though they may have played that game in the past. To me it's a side-road, a distraction. Obsessing on food and how toxic one's environment is, how one just can't get cleaned out enough or pure enough has little or nothing to do with spiritual advancement. If it did, none of the Native American Indian, African, Australian Abo, or Siberian/Inuit teachers would have anything of value to offer.

I really don't care much what people eat. I think each person should find a diet that works for them and stay with it as long as it works. What works for me is high protein and high saturated fat, with lots of cooked vegetables and raw fruit, and a small amount of whole grains. What works for me might not work for you, and it isn't my business to tell you what does work for you.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it obvious, or perhaps it's too obvious..

Vegetarianism is in most cases as more a way of life, a non-violent (ahimsa) way of life as it is disgust with eating dead flesh and blood.

By the way, just how does one, pray tell, measure how far along the "road to enlightenment" one might be?

The quality of their jokes?

estebanfolsom said...

i'll bite

been wanting to
tell this one for
awhile anyways :
in french
they use the masculine
and feminine form -

so how do you know
if a table or a chair
is masc. or femi. ?

you look between
the legs of course
that's all i got

Anonymous said...

Did you hear the one about the starving Somali who fell into the alligator pit?

He ate two of em before they could pull him out.

m_astera said...

"By the way, just how does one, pray tell, measure how far along the "road to enlightenment" one might be?"

This is a good question, so I'll take it seriously. One gets a pretty good idea about real or just talk simply by reading or hearing what a person has to say.

As an example, I'm a woodworker. Someone may try to BS me about woodworking, but because I've done it their BS won't go far. It's easy enough to tell when it is fake or simply book learning. Same goes for most any skill, trade, or education. You aren't going to bullshit a real structural engineer, or a guitar player, a cook, a martial artist, or a diaper changer. They may be kind enough to not call you on your bullshit, but they know.

So, on the path of "enlightenment" it's not difficult to tell whether someone has done the work or if they have just read about it. If they are just starting they are usually enamored of some special teacher or philosophy as being THE answer for everyone. They quote some source always. Some never get beyond that, out of fear usually. Twenty or sixty years on they have yet to make it their own. This could be compared to someone who spent their life learning to play every single Beatles' tune note for note but never got high out of their mind and really wailed their own music.

Long John said it well recently when he talked about walking the ten thousand miles with only a blanket and cloak. He knows whereof he speaks because he has done it. That means actually walking, day in day out for years, and trusting that divine providence will provide. The price of magic is all you have and a little bit more. You have to give up everything that you think matters, and you don't even get much of a choice. Once you commit, all will be taken away from you even if you scream and cry about it. How are you going to learn to trust if you still have something material that you can fall back into?

Those of us who have paid the price can recognize each other after a while. We are not hung up on any particular dogma or religious practice, because we know that those things are just direction signs for a certain path. For the most part we are not anything like you have been told we are supposed to be.

At the point where you have lost everything that you ever thought mattered, when you can accept that you are cold, hungry, and despised by society as a loser, and the only thing that keeps you alive is personal will and divine providence, and you deal with that by giving thanks, you will be getting it.

WV: culas. No kidding. French ones?

m_astera said...

Q: Have you ever smelled moth balls?

A: Yeah, sure.

Q: How did you get your big nose between their little legs?

Anonymous said...

You get an A+ in sophistry.
Is that a spiritual thang?

m_astera said...

Casting pearls before swine; one of the hazards of honesty. You haven't done the walk or you would know.

Get back to worrying about how polluted you are from your food and environment, and the karma that everyone except you is accumulating by eating dead suffering bloody things. Another twenty years and you might get one of those Beatles' tunes note for note.

Anonymous said...

Don't be so hard on yourself, michaelthustra.

Just because you eat swine doesn't mean you are one.

More sophistry, flavored with childish macho posturing.

I rest my case.

(Beatles fixation, or what?)

Anonymous said...

Here is a book you would get a lot out of. I tried to send you it before when you were talking about Tantrism, etc. Maybe you already received this link? It's free.


m_astera said...

No more from anonymous cowards. Be brave and sign your name or shut up.

But I think you are a chicken, know what I mean? Consider being as brave as those animals you seek to defend.

Anonymous said...

Always have to have the last word, eh meathead.

the animal fellow



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