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A More Poetic Version of Lady Truth; no Less True.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Today I think I will talk about Lady Truth as if she were a lady instead of someone who has many suitors but fee lovers and none that she cohabits with because no one treats her like a lady and lets her chose when she will associate with anyone who seeks her favors and is willing to pay the price to get them so that though you may not always be around her, meaning that any time you go around a corner you can't see her anymore. She is stationary and we are not but her location is not hard to find. You can be standing right in front of her and not see her because of the shields that either you or she have put into place. It could be either of you but she only puts up shields to protect herself from what those who might misuse what they see can be prevented from seeing what they have no ability to control. She can see you however. She can see you better than ever you can see and she is a living vessel that is nearly always alone unless she invites someone to see her because she has noted an ability to serve her.

This signal honor carries great merit. It not only allows you to transmit something that become part of you in the saying but you are granted health and longevity depending on how completely you embrace her. Her presence confers her powers which protect the possessor from all injuries and the force of lies so that that person can see things as they are and lives in a different world that is right in the middle of ours, overlaid if you like but another dimension, this world is the obvious world of mortality and suffering and exists only for those who are content with it to the point that the truth cannot help them and they will never see her unless they repudiate the lies. Repudiating the lies does not make them go away. Repudiating makes them your enemy and in order to defeat them you must seek the truth and she will destroy the lies that seek to harm you. It is best to seek her before repudiating the lies because on the one hand you are fine and the lies go away. On the other hand you don't know the truth and the lies are still in force around you.

Nothing anyone can say can affect the lies that form the world. They destroy themselves in order to replace them with new ones. This is why evil destroys itself. It sets up its own limits on how long the agents and influences of evil will last. Your only concern about what is happening with the old world as it is destroyed is how much of you is attached to or dependent on it. That part will have a lot to do with how the passing of the old world affects what happens to you and whether you make it into the new world. You can live in the new world now, even if it is not there except for metal struts and rolls of blueprints that are laying about in the ozone while the structures are being built in the air and set like holographs all around. If you are not part of the old world you are already in the new world, even if you can't see it, and it looks like you are in the old world but your work and aspirations, your actual being is in the new world. The truth is in both worlds and she is doing two different things.

She is always in the same place. We are the ones who move. We cannot help our selves but we can take the yearning for her with us and she will make it a point that those who do yearn for her will find their way back to her, because her pull is stronger than whatever led away from her and those who are determined to make her their queen will find that she will magnetize those who have been around her long enough for her to put her mark on them and she will see to it that they are rulers of whatever country they inhabit so long as their fealty is to her.

She is the direct opposite of all proclaimed and corrupt royalties who only have their title because they represent long enduring traditions that are established lies which have become so accepted that people have crowned and made powerful that which has no power and grant dignity and importance to that which is actually powerless in respect of commanding anything by the force of any lasting presence and is only the tired remnants of what was never anything more than a temporal representation of something based on what we considered a system that worked well enough as a circumstance in which events took place based on parameters of laws and conditions that regulated what was allowed to take place without legal reaction and that meant anything that was considered appropriate for the truth to back or anyone who was resting their fate and existence on anything else.

Anything that had to do with Lady Truth was outside the empire and represented the kingdom where nothing changed and no one lived. Unlike the one where everything changed and everyone lived until they died. Death was certain, given that the false kingdom guaranteed death because it wasn't based on anything living beyond the span of an allotted time because lies age and those who live by them will last for only so long as what lies allow.

The false royalty was allowed to continue because most of the lands and properties are owned by aristocracy, which you can find out by reading who owns all the forests and empty places in Germany and elsewhere where nothing gets built and where nothing is for sale. All of that is owned by the aristocracy as it is in most places and royalty is supported by the government that their properties make into a system that allows for everything to change while those who control the changes do not change and who are behind the changes that occur due to constant changes in the law that are necessary to make it possible for royalty and the ruling class to keep stealing more and more of what is not theirs and have it not only legal but desirable and which is understood to be an expression of the will of the people. You cannot legally take the properties and value of the money away unless the people agree and so they do, whether they know it or not.

Lady Truth is becoming more prominent in terms of power because whenever the foundation of lies must be taken away, because that which contained the integrity of the foundations can no longer support it, Lady Truth has removed the mortar that allowed what was not real but indirectly based on what she represents as temporarily enduring. She is now making mortar and adhesive for new lies that have some amount of her virtue in them, even though they will be lies from the beginning The things that are going to be said and done are going to have substance to them and so long as the lies are not too far away from their supports, Lady Truth will be holding up those things that are the lies made from what was said directly by those inspired by her and she will let the lies exist because there is no society or civilization that has ever existed where Lady Truth could actually live. Those who live in any society will always be doomed because they cannot exist beyond a period of time in which a particular state of lies is present. Those who have based what they have done and believe based on an external state will depart as a certain state goes away.

Generations pass based on the time period they live in and anyone who seeks to know what is real has to move outside of human constructs. Those who want to know the truth must step outside of false constructs and live rough without any support except what the truth provides. They can potentially live as long as the truth will allow and there are those who move among us who look like you and I, for the purpose of example and instruction, who have been around since before the recent crumbling system began. One meets them but doesn't know it but anyone can be touched or changed by those who have had contact with Lady Truth and have been made relatively immortal, with life spans based on whatever aspect of her being they endure with.

They appear cloaked in the garb of lies because the ordinary is the camouflage of the extraordinary and this is why, although there are immortals and many things that one would find hard to believe to be true, these individuals and things are real and lasting, though they are concealed in the veils that keep them from the eyes of those who would react violently or without care, for caution or their own safety, if they momentarily glimpsed something they didn't understand. These things are revealed to those with eyes to see and hidden in plain sight where thousands pass each day but do not recognize them as such.

The essence of truth is different than the tenants of truth, the same as honor is different than the individual expressions of it. The same goes for any of the archetypes. The individual expressions are mere colorations of the actual qualities and lack the power of them. The expressions are individual interpretations of something that is not present in the original and are worse than none at all because they give you the impression that you have something which is actually the antithesis and precludes your ever possessing the actual before you discard the old. That is why one should never presume any of the things that are claimed because these things are not assumed, they are conferred and earned and cannot exist as operative features in an entity that defines its acts and understanding with shortcomings.

This is the prayer that everyone should have ever day; the desire to remove the shortcomings. Given what is coming, you can get rid of them much quicker and the truth will help you where you have confused them with virtues. Given what is coming we can get rid of all kinds of things but you have to ask. Why people don't ask for help here and now is beyond me. There never was a better or more advantageous time and it seems like the last thing everyone is thinking about. Everything you are worried about or afraid of is influenced and controlled to the degree that you have asked for help, concerning your place in it. If I could recommend any course of action this is it.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Bhagavad-gītā As It Is 4.11

ye yathā māḿ prapadyante

tāḿs tathaiva bhajāmy aham

mama vartmānuvartante

manuṣyāḥ pārtha sarvaśaḥ


As all surrender unto Me, I reward them accordingly. Everyone follows My path in all respects, O son of Pṛthā.

Anonymous said...

Les my friend, that got me turned around, thanks!
Been feelin this a lot but wasnt sure I had the words for it. Thankfully you do!!!

"The essence of truth is different that the tenants of truth. The same as honor is different than the individual expressions. The same goes for any of the archetypes. The individual expressions are mere colorations of the actual qualities and lack the power of them. The expressions are individual interpretations of something that is not present in the original and are worse than none at all because they give you the impression that you have something which is actually the antithesis and precludes your ever possessing the actual before you discard the old. That is why one should never presume any of the things that are claimed because these things are not assumed, they are conferred and earned and cannot exist as operative features in an entity that defines its acts and understanding with shortcomings."

At rest and peace Im now, thanks man! Funny, sometimes you suggest new ideas to me, but most times you just help refocus mine. I have moved with our mother for a few years now, and today I see anew. Change, wow!!!!!!

Love Your Life

Anonymous said...

As long as the Order uses bogus stones between Lady Truth's motar we are all living in a pseudo-reality.
(Almost) Nothing that we read or see or hear that comes form the Order is real - usually the very opposite.
Aristocracy, illuminati, royality it doesn't matter what name is used. The Order has the world hood-winked and hog-tied - and we usually only can recognise Lady Truth as we are actually taken off to the slave- or slaughterhouse.
Lady Truth was most of our first-loves, but we lost contact as the world / the Order got its hooks into us.
Oh for the innocence and truth of youth past.
Lady Truth I have missed you so much.


Anonymous said...

You write a lot like Don Croft. Are you the same COINTELPRO writer who poses as Don? If you are, good job. If you aren't, good job still.

Lies.liesnothingbutlies said...

WRH 20.08.2010
"Who is in charge of our operations in Iraq, now? George Orwell? A war based on lies continues to be a war based on lies. Today, we have a war that is not a war, with combat troops who are not combat troops. In 2003, President Bush said 'Mission Accomplished'. In 2010, the White House says combat operations are over in Iraq, but will leave 50,000 troops, many of whom will inevitably be involved in combat-related activities."

Origen the heretic said...

In line with Lady Truth, I would like to mention one verse in the bible that we would all (esp. Christians) do well to heed, to wit: 1Th:5:21: Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.

Rev. John

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful!
Namaste! Namaste! Namaste!

abe said...

Thuggin' for the truth:

Hoka hey children!

Anonymous said...

Truly a toure de force Les!

A sobering, yet joyful assessment of where we are and what we are about to face.

Almost like a final exhortation to the troops before battle is commenced - and the dogs-of-war are let loose...

Muchas Gracias.

- Frankie

Erik said...

Hey Les,

Aren't we supposed to present you gifts for your birthday? Not vice-versa ....(grin)

WV: twooter - the bullhorn of Lady Twuth??

Ms. Lead said...

Yeah that lady gets trampled and then some but that's because she lies everywhere and ain't often very attractive in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Truth´s a bitch and if endeavored to be heaved up to surface amidst an ignorant mass of fun dwellers is sometimes replete with sadomasochistic inclinations. She´s like the ropes we had to lift up ourselves back in our junior days in school in the gymnasia. I was always the first up on the ceiling rubbing off my crotch with a pink flush on my face and a boner then only slightly correlating with the future workings of a prostate gland. It was quite satisfying glancing down onto those bold faces, especially that of my sordid lady teacher with pursed lips and a twinkle in her eyes. ´Come on down, boys! ´ Yes, ma´am…but the rope´s just not long enough when you ain´t got a reason to look down.
Damn, I´m whipped by your post…not that I need it but I surely deserve it…
Maintaining the equilibrium
Your right path bro

Anonymous said...

Les, I enjoy your commentaries. However, most of your sentences are too fukkin long. At times it is difficult to follow your thoughts, ideas and concepts because of the length of your comments. Too many different thoughts contained in one loooonnnggg sentence. IMO,it would make for an easier read if you'd shorten your sentences with one or two different thoughts contained therein!

Peace and Blessings.

The Cosmic Player said...

I take it that you have slept with Sofia too?

God Bles

Anonymous said...

How high do you have to be before your blatherings sound like some kind of profound truth? I have tried many times to read your 'philosophic' ramblings and all that I have ever come away with is wondering if you are addled or so pretentious that you do not recognise that you sound like a drunken blowhard. Even the TV preachers who talk " in tongues " are more honest than you because they KNOW they are just blowing smoke. Their abbla-goobla babbling is much more entertaining as it takes some effort and talent to say absolutely as much of nothing as you do and say it in semi-convincing gibberish. I know it's your blog, and I hope that it acts as a kind of therapy for you, a verbal purge of whatever is wrong with you BUT please don't try to pass it off as anything other than that.OObla goobly karma stargates warpdrve dimentional unlogic and all that 60's jazz to you. PS, I know that your followers will jump on my case and accuse me of being some kind of unenlightened caveman so to them I issue this challenge: In 100 words or less of PLAIN ENGLISH, concise and to the point, summerise what this latest essay says. Good luck!!

Odin's Raven said...

Here's a blog with a broadly compatible point of view.

Odin's Raven said...

Mr. Visible,
Some people think that there is a spiritual energy moving in the landscape, associated with the megalithic monuments,expressed metaphorically as a snake; and some psychics have felt this as a green energy which expanded their consciousness. I wonder whether it is the same consciousness manifesting at the levels of divinity, nature and humanity, and whether they can all be brought to operate together in unity.

Rabbit said...

Actually i think Lady Truth does live with me. She is a jealous woman and has a lot to do with why I am alone and that is the kicker. Lady truth is a wonderful companion, but she la lacks manners and a sense of propriety and tends to make playing down to society and petty humanity a difficult thing, even as you try, she turns her back on you. Try to live with her and any other woman and one or the other will have to take the back seat. Neither will tolerate that for long and one or both will leave you.

She won't make you happy but she can satisfy the soul like no woman I ever knew.

estebanfolsom said...

the light comes from the sun
well you still got geo-thermal
anyways there's so many
and wafts of wind
to capture
the fire
and really in the end
ain't that all it is ?

if things get rough
i ain't eatin' no

i'll be looking
for the pro'tn eaters

a GrebBear said...

I'm with 7:40 )

Its nearly 3 hours into Y-OUR birthday (from my perspective) and here you've given me such a wonderful gift.

You're a brilliant spiral. I see Y-OUR spirit twisting open getting bigger, growing wider ... and intimately juxtaposed, Y-OUR message spinning the opposite getting smaller, ever refined. I'm certain at some point beyond my awareness, there's a circulation horizon and the toroid that is you folds over and in ... where you're a proud meatball and speak only gibberish, but I can only speculate. ))

I really enjoyed the impromptu radio show ... the travels, the characters, the depths of you.

Thank You )

Happy Birthday Young Man, I'm sure she rides you proudly ... so below, as above.

a GrebBear

Peace Love Light Truth
(- ;
; -)

Erik said...

anon 11:06

Let's give it a shot:

"Then I saw her face,
Now I am a believer ........

Anonymous said...

In response to Anonymous 11:06 PM

What this essay says to me in 100 words or less:

I cannot have access to a higher level of existence if it would be diminished by my presence. So, I strive to live as if I am there already, even though I am physically in this world, believing that "truth" will reveal more of itself to me as I search for it.

If I am growing, then my attachment to this world is becoming less and less as is my need to identify with and be recognized by its players.

"Be careful what you wish for"; If you are sincere (which is the only way to proceed) "Truth" will find you and also show you things you didn't want/expect to see, especially regarding your own shortcomings

Hold on kiddies, it is a bumpy ride, but the only ride in town to get you where you want to go.


Javier R. said...

Happy birthday! Hope everything goes perfect.

Anonymous said...

Dear anon 11:06

To me Les is a kind of artist. What he can say in one or two sentences would take me at least a 100 words. I am unable to summarize all ca 1500 words in just a hundred words. What I will do is relate in about a humdred words what just two of his article's sentences meant to me, in plain English.

"Those who live in any society will always be doomed because they cannot exist beyond a period of time in which a particular state of lies is present. Those who have based what they have done and believe will depart as a certain state goes away."

Pay attention good sir anonymous 11:06;

We are living in the time of those who call themselves jews but who are the synagogue of satan. A.k.a the Khazarians, also known as the zionists. These false jews have taken over the temporal world. The temporal world belongs to satan and these people are his minions. Unfortunately they now have so much control of the temporal world that they even control the media, the politicians and the banks.

They are printing money as they need it and at the same time bleeding the people of the world to a death of bankruptcy. The media they own states the very opposite to the actual truth. The media they own points to the innocent Palestinians and other arab countries as the villan. All the while israel knows she is the true villan itself. The media cajoles people around the world to believe these lies and, sigh, manly lost people believe these zionist controlled media lies. In fact they hitch their life's wagon to it.
israel is going to disappear from the earth and along with it all those with their wagons attached to it.

The new world will arise and replace all that we see around us just now. The new world will arise out of the ashes of israel and her allies like a foenix and only those who really held on to Lady truth will survive to see a new day.


"Obama looked around at the nearly empty town meeting hall and asked himself - where's all my fanzat?"

Anonymous said...

Oh Les,
You are just fucking crazy & there is truth in your ravenings.

Mouser said...

WRH 22.08.2010
Nobel Committee Regrets "Tragic Typo" That Mistakenly Awarded U.S. President 2009 Peace Prize

In a dramatic announcement that drew gasps of pleasure and cries of "it's about time," President Barack Obama today won the "No-Balls" Prize for "spinelessness above and beyond the call of duty," while retroactively losing the 2009 Nobel Peace prize, which the awards Committee confessed had been mistakenly granted due to a "tragic typographical error."

TheSparkle said...

How funny. This has to be one of your 'least offensive ever' posts yet someone sounding like Godsend somehow transmuted it into a wad in his panties.

wv: boyar da

Frog said...

Why do you bother writing with your disdain?
You could, instead, go criticize Mishkin's concepts of macroeconomics and ask him to summarize his thoughts in 100 words or less or else you will declare him a kook and his work babble. (And yes, macroeconomics may be just that, I concede)(grin)
Or go declare the work of Peter Atkins in Physical Chemistry babble. Ask him to justify his incomprehensible work before you.
I guess the point here is that Les struggles to communicate difficult nebulous concepts in a language not suited for their transmission. We all acknowledge the shortcomings and take what we can.
Do the same or don't. It's up to you.
Anyhow, no flames from me. Nevertheless, you taking the time to write a complaint that this blog is babble because you get nothing out of it is irrational.
Go in peace and find what you're looking for man.
PS, I don't deal with flames or trolls, there will be no other posts from me on this topic.

Anonymous said...

'Will she still need me -
will she still feed me...'
With warm greetings,

FBO said...

Gentlepersons one and all,

It is not only possible but imperative that the human species transcends its / our ignorance of reality's basic construct. And the first step to personally actualizing the truth of this fact requires eliminating all psychological obstacles one has placed - or has allowed others to place - in front of oneself that subvert one's ability to otherwise perfectly naturally and normally literally be fully consciously ONE with the entirety of existence.

These words are not here to defeat you, they are here exclusively & specifically to set you free.

Everything has its beginning, and the first step in removing oneself from a world of lies confusion violence and systemic injustice is to begin personally exercising one's intrinsic desire, will and ability to begin leaving a world of self-subverting ignorance and begin entering one of which our human species has been created, evolved & developed specifically to routinely understand and thus BE the fully integral component actualizers that we are.

Lady Truth lusts for attention, and demands being taken home, for keeps.

Anonymous said...

what happened to

Anonymous said...

happy birthday mr visibles and finest of the finest to you...neil

Visible said...

I appreciate the defense of my work here and I should tell you that the criticism was done by a poster who has been around my sites for some time. I just couldn't take him anymore so I banned him for my own peace of mind. Now he is proving that this is really what he's all about and I'll stop him in whatever form he appears now.

I hate to ban people. He is the only one who is but every now and then I have to do something for myself and this is one of those times. I'm going to work on a Smoking mirrors now. Thank you, all of you, for the birthday greetings.

Visible said...

I should also say that I really appreciate the Krishna comments that are appearing again and have been coming regularly at 'stream of consciousness' blog at the Krishna poem. I think there are almost 170 comments there now and it has been a delight for me to read them.

I can't remember the name of the fellow who has the ashram in India but when he decided that I wasn't following his way of doing things he publicly felt the need to say so and let me know he wasn't coming around any more because I had violated some obscure religious concept; well, it wasn't obscure this is just my way of not getting into it because that's not the point.

One of the things that distresses me in my work is when I have developed a virtual affection for someone and they write me off with a draconian mindset. The worst part is that I was never a part of his teaching and ways but was dealt with as if that was what had always been and I never was. The important thing is what we do and not other people's behavior or philosophy. And it's not effective either because doing this just alienates the person you want to reach. How is that ever a good thing?

Anyway, I appreciate someone coming back and putting these things up again because I am really enjoying them. This is about as close to anything I would ever embrace on a philosophical level if I were to be part of something exoteric.. I'm already part of it esoterically.

Anonymous said...

Two different people, les.

Apology accepted, by the way.
And apology offered, also.

I did become upset when in my view you failed to defend Bhagavata Dharma.
My problem, of course.

That you enjoy and gain from those transcendental offerings should be sufficient for me and it is.

After all, I enjoy and gain from them also.

Thank you for your kind words.

Visible said...

Even though it has been awhile, I can honestly say that I know I had no idea of the situation or what I should have done. It would surprise people to know just how much goes by me in the process of these sites.

Visible said...

There is a new Reflections in a Petri Dish up-

Homo Erectus and the Kiss of Rothschild.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up.

Fishsticks and the Temporary Art of a Plastic Stationary Ass.

Vanguard said...

Whence cometh Saturn?

As I scan the latest dire news--of the "toxic womb" that is the gulf--and consider daily, moment to moment, the import of worldwide misery and death, by almost unknowable-to-the-common-man forces...

It occurs to me that judgment cometh, unstoppable, for there is no mercy, neither asked nor given, to the teeming godless masses of the world.

In their heart of hearts they know what is right and wrong. And yet they willingly are swept along.

All peoples, in all nations of the world, love evil more than good.

Victors or victims. Petty or egregious. Virtual or real.

All deal pain and suffering, subsist on selfishness, with words, with stealing, with physical violence. With TV and interactive games. With their every thought and deed.

They belittle. They take. They perpetrate. They wallow... They fear and gloat.

All (which is to say, many or most).

And the universe responds.

As fighter cells rushing to the inflamed infection, or the razor-sharp blade to the gangrenous limb.

Events conspire and transpire in ever rising spirals of effect.

Why are so many "innocent" caught in so much war, and death, and chemical/radioactive poisoning?

It is the punishment of humanity.

Ye must be transformed in the fires of adversity.

Seek what God you will, for only He can show mercy.

In the Spirit of God--the God of Truth, the True and Everlasting God-- shall ye endure, now and forever.

Anonymous said...

The mother of all links here regarding the serpent.

Visible said...

A new Reflections in a Petri Dish is up now-

The Enemies of Humanity and their Empty Suit Puppets.

Anonymous said...

Sri Krishna Janmashtami: Sept. 2nd

Krishna grew up as a cowherd boy in a farm village. His childhood pastimes in this intimate location were a continuous celebration of sweet bliss for His devotees. The cowherd men and their motherly wives were so glad to be with the Supreme Personality of Godhead that not a day would go by without their enjoying many affectionate embraces, jokes, and games with Krishna in their mood of profound parental affection.

Srila Prabhupada once commented: “This is Vrindavana… They are uneducated, without any town life. Cowmen. They are Krishna’s best friends. Unsophisticated, but love intense. That is perfection.”

Vanguard said...

There will come a pulse, and a moment.

And all of mankind shall pause.

For the powered sorceries shall fail, and cease, for a time.

In that pregnant pause shall the birth of a new consciousness arise.

Glorious. Painful. Joyous. Relieved.


The suddenly disoriented, along with the steadfastly watchful and aware, shall in that moment which stretches to a new eternity, make a choice which is a leap.

This division is not a separation, but rather an orienting, a balancing.

The placement, separate or clustered, is right, and good. It is power. And light. And song.

That which is wrong and evil. Which is darkness, and cacophony. Is cast aside, and away. Down. Inside out. Undoing.

From many cycles and transformations come refined souls.

And it begins anew.

Shall one more cycle of this type follow for these?



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