Thursday, September 02, 2010

The Stained Glass Windows of the Sun

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Why have I not written more at Origami than I have? I suspect the people who like my work the most, prefer this aspect of it. It’s as easy as any other aspect and certainly more enjoyable for me. I don’t think I have to give the occasional bad impression of myself anymore. I’ll never know if that was a good idea or not but I think it was. The problem isn’t so much the guru aspect, which is something I see manipulated in any number of artful ways. It’s more about ‘knowing’. When you let this kind of persona exist, knowledge gets attributed to you. Then, sooner or later, if you’re honest, you have to start giving an occasional bad impression of yourself (grin) because you don’t really know anything. That’s the one thing I am dead certain of in respect of myself; whoever that is.

Well, talking about the spiritual and metaphysical aspects of life is not easy these days. There is a cloud of depression, which creates a kind of chiaroscuro rainbow, which circles the world. It doesn’t affect the selfish and hedonistic people. They are the cause of its effect on everyone else. It gets a little tiresome saying, “endure”, “hold fast” and “have faith”. There’s a breaking away condition that’s coming into view. I note at the blogs that there are several conversations that have been going on for a long time that often have nothing to do with the posts and which are directional levers, of a sort, to pull people to other locations. I don’t mind or even care about that. I just notice it and together with a few other things, make me think of little woodland creatures checking their watches and keeping an eye on the bolt hole.

We have gotten nearly two hundred new members at The New Shangri-La in less than a month. That is phenomenal and an indication of something I’ve been aware of for a long time and which led to the creation of the site in the first place. After this post I am certain (as I can be) that there will be over 500 members. For some time it has been coming up in my mind that I would be a part of a community of individuals who want to live independently of the world around them, while it rearranges itself. Ways and means of making it financially viable continue to appear.

This time period has been coming up since the site was created and so it is no surprise to see the sudden swell in members. As I have been at pains to state a great many times, “everything is under control”, that and “I don’t know” are two maxims I try to live by. Ironically, my depression is pretty intense lately. When you would rather be sleeping than doing anything else is a good sign. If you’re honest with yourself, you don’t write about spiritual things, even if you can, when your state of mind is not reflective of the things you are talking about.

This post isn’t about my state of mind. It’s about our state of mind. There’s only one mind, period. We just plug into it differently and the difference is our sense of a personal identity. You might think of it as a single sun that is shining in the center of an enormous cathedral through countless stained glass windows. Each window is a personality. These windows are like those polarized sunglasses that lighten and darken depending on the strength of the sun. This is a quality of the windows themselves and there is another characteristic of these windows. Some of them have dark spots through which the sun cannot shine and some of them seem to allow no light at all to pass through them.

Without the sun there would be no life at all upon this planet. Everything is composed of sunlight; light in extension. You can think of matter as frozen sunlight; not actually frozen, just appearing to be. Most everything we assume to be true is an assumption based on what appears to be. That is why, “I don’t know” is the most important mantra you can have. If you don’t know, then the sun will inform you of what is. If you do know then that is another black spot through which the sun cannot pass. Due to this, you are not only deceiving yourself, you are deceiving others as well.

The integrity of the cathedral is changing. The structure and what composes it is being transformed. This is vibrating all through the cathedral and causing all of the windows to vibrate as well. There is a degree of resistance in nearly all of windows because the windows experience this transforming vibration as a threat to their existence. It is. However, it is not a threat to what the window is dependent on and the window itself is composed of the sunlight that seeks to pass through it; allowing this vibration to transform your window, results in an alteration to the character of the window and the amount of sunlight that can pass through it. The window is still there, it’s just a better window.

The window is going to be changed no matter what, so... the windows best option is to consciously respond with a sympathetic resonance to the controlling vibration. The resistance of the windows can best be defined as ‘fear’ and the limitation of ‘knowing’, which places the responsibility for being omniscient upon the window. That is an impossible situation for the window.

All of the windows have some degree of these difficulties and that accounts for a general state of depression among the windows because the effort required to adjust to the transformative vibration issuing from the sun creates several types of weariness and depression is one. You might refer to it as Weltschmerz.

It should be obvious but it is not always obvious to all of the readers that... what is being discussed here should be seen metaphysically, spiritually; as an allegorical rendering and not a literal presentation. The sun is not just the sun. The window is not just a window. Depression is not just depression. Thank you.

There are windows that sympathetically resonate with each other. These can be called, kindred spirits, a fellowship and even a community. Our community already exists and operates to the mutual benefit of one another. The only thing that doesn’t exist, on the manifest plane, is a physical center, a location for the interplay between those who are going to relocate for this purpose. It does already exist in the one mind and is presently making its way down to the physical plane. I’m going to now return to The New Shangri La in order to lend my presence to the exchanges that need to take place there.

I expect a good sum of palpable currency to find its way to me from the coffers of the universe, which has an inexhaustible supply of it. With these funds, the center will make itself known to those who will be a part of it there and who will find their way there and those who are to be a part of it in another location will also respond to the gravitational pull of Love in evolution, embracing the death of the false, for the endless perpetuation of the real, via the mysterious process of change, which is the dance performed by that which is immortal in us ...and is the perceptible part of the divine in demonstration of it.

We shall see if any of this is true. It may be only relatively so but this occurs on the relative plane, where opposites counterbalance the moment inside the mind of the perceiver; generally listing to one side or the other and collectively listing to one side to the degree that forces have been set in motion to correct the problem by removing the power of the appearances that motivated it into conflict with the prime mover.

In the meantime, my perception, within the framework of my unknowing, is that many of you would be advantaged by coming together and giving one another the support of your common fellowship in shared tasks. Everything is easier, cheaper and more possible when carried out in union. The coming age is all about this sort of thing; pooled resources and energies, dreams, directions and group consciousness. The time of every man for himself is giving way to, each for the other and the greatest good for the greatest number of people. Usually the following age is a correction and a testimony upon the failures of the one that is passing. That makes sense.

I don’t know the real reasons for my engagement in the things spoken of here but these are the things that surface in the process of the doing, so... that’s where we are and the best of all worlds to everyone, inasmuch as you find yourselves in any of them.

End Transmission.......

Visible sings: Color Ball by Les Visible♫ It's Changing ♫
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Color Ball by Les Visible

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Endwell Road said...

Oh Les, that song is so beautiful.
Thank you.

And again, another wonderful Origami panorama.
You manage to encapsulate this Weltschmerz that so many of us are feeling.
Well, I speak for myself and the few people that I choose to be with.

The "stuff" is all so overwhelming, like a huge brown tsunami coming at one faster than one can run, that the mind has trouble being coherent. I guess that is the plan. People, myself included, are feeling and behaving like rabbits and deer with tar on their feet, staring into the headlights of an oncoming truck!

If you do manage to survive the disaster and you try to ignore the darkness and wait a while for the sunlight to dissipate the fear, yet another wave of excrement is flung at humanity in an attempt to obscure and camouflage the sovereign beings who are simply trying to make their way through life.

I hope that many brightly coloured windows of opportunity open for mankind, especially those who can see the big picture, and we are eventually able to make use of all the humus, to our advantage, for the gardens of our souls.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, LV, for this panel, with a lot of light yellow, pale pinks and greens, lighting up the interior of present times. Have missed VO.

Sittars (discarnate healers from the past) in south India have conveyed to someone I know there that there will continue to be much suffering in the near future, but that mankind will experience a change of heart for the better, and that those who are carrying out a lot of evil, bringing misery to millions, will be vanquished. He wasn’t given any details.

In the meantime, I only pray for all those who are suffering and will suffer, all life forms, that if suffering is to be their lot, it be ameliorated, and that their physical ends by quick, their spirits soaring freely to blessed realms.

I can only hope to visit (not move to) the New Shangri-La, either in body, or in spirit (I am in my seventies), though I’m a member, but haven’t said anything so far, since I couldn’t figure out how the posting worked. I think I've got it now.

All good wishes and blessings for that enterprise, and to this community.

Anonymous said...

The song of the Soul is freedom,joy and eternal bliss;the song of the Soul is love to all creation; the song of the Soul is YOU.


Anonymous said...

Sorry I forgot to sign that entry on the song of the Soul.


Peter of Lone Tree said...

c.j said:
the song of the Soul is YOU.

Les, thought you'd like to hear what it sounds like:
"The Song is You"

Anonymous said...

I keep wondering.

If the Ages repeat in cycles, is there no moving forward? Is the movement forever circular, not spiral, so that essentially, there's nothing learned collectively, no modification of collective behaviour in the different Ages?

Why is there decline from the Golden Age, a Fall?

What happens to those from the golden Age who have not descended into undesirable behaviour, so don't deserve to experience a harsher, more clouded period?

Do you have any insights on this, LV? Thanks.
Wv: reddl - a riddle?

Visible said...

6:56 It's all perfect right? We can't see it though. Therefore no one is subjected to karma that doesn't belong to them unless they came there to lighten the scene. Just compute everything according to that.

Peter; I'll go check that out and thanks in advance. I'm sorry I haven't answered your email yet. I've got almost fifty of them that require a response but sometimes I just can't do it. I'll get it done when the atmosphere changes.

vixen said...

I’ve experienced average garden variety neurotic depressions a few times in my life, usually brought on by an overload of situations I couldn’t control and couldn’t deal with. But the inertia that permeates my existence now is something different altogether and my situation doesn’t warrant it. It seems the misery of the planet and the multitudes being affected in multiple and diverse ways and the hordes of sheep that seem oblivious to it all have helped lead me to this state of stagnation. There is reassurance from your posts and to know one is not alone. You certainly have a way with identifying with your readers. More and more I see why I am drawn to this site and your words.

Vanguard said...

There was a journey. And on the journey did one see others, near and far, walking across a great grassy plain. To a mountain-ringed ocean in the distance. Colored clouds drifting, guiding, overhead, in the distance.

There was movement, but it was not.

The arrival was not motion.

The fellow sojourners were not strangers.

The standing, walking, running was in place, in space, over time.

But it needn't be.

The light, the configuration, energy is now.

Step outside of the landscape, contain it within your mind's eye.

Transform the perceived, outward motion. It is an inner, somewhat jumbled, ambulation of thoughts and needs.

The great moment drifts, while appearing fixed. It floats, as do we, drawn inexorably as by a planetary pull. The dance is contrived. We may coexist in a moment, if accepted in our being.

The moment and its spinning satellites shall conjoin soon enough.

A new communication paradigm awaits.

A new power of manifest thoughts and wishes awakens. Those who wield it, wish only what is, and what may be. And it is so.

We are colored, radiant, musical spirals, moving, turning. Connected.

The pressure, now, is a stream. A directed force. So is a rope that is climbed.

In this part of the universe, a full-to-bursting breath is held, prolonged. There are changes. Stale. Pain.

An explosive exhalation follows, full of sound and fury. Then the pause. The point. Open. Receptive.

The warm, tingling breath of life flows inward, enlivening.

Anonymous said...

Was cursing down at WRH and saw the title "Stained Glass windows" and I knew who that was just by the title and I knew it had to be Origami.
Thanks. This new entry and Nina's yesterday have been helpful. Have been going thru a depression too and sleepless nights and the Scare News is relentless.... another rig explodes (2 is NOT a coincidence),
hurricanes, freak weather, chemtrails and whatever "Howdy Doody October surprise" looms over.
Well interesting times surely.

Anonymous said...

You may not know, but, when ypou are shown, thats called denial.

We work on sound and so, maybe where up an down, as the scale of a spectrometre.
Ld Elon

nina said...

Maybe we can safely say all problems originate from presenting oneself as all knowing when we don't know shit. Definitely that could bring on plenty of dark Karma.

A divine, inspired post Visible.


PS: If ever you think I'm off the mark, I hope you say so. It would not elevate you into guru status, it would only mean I didn't get the point you present and I am an eager listener because it helps the sun do its job.


Visible said...

You've never been off the mark yet and if clarification is needed we have telepathy for that reason. The internet has done a lot to jumpstart that for people where it was dormant before. Of course, every new addition enhances the capacity of those who already possess it.

Unknown said...

What a fantastic post!

Its actually a post that seems to collide with my class today on campus, which covers physics and philosophy. Teacher was emphasizing how we really don't know anything, and when we think we do, we find that we dont in certain situations, and it reminded me of you saying from time to time "I dont know" or talking about it in your posts. Sort of made it a mantra for me, when i find i sometimes repeat it in my head :) its actually a good acknowledgment.

I also quite often find myself thinking that I'd like to sleep forever... just sleep and not do anything, hmm. Always pushing myself, though because I know I have to!

Love your work, Les, and all the best,


Django said...

Me too. The best thought I've had about my present states is that, since we really don't know, couldn't the mass insanity, depression, etc., be a gestation or a cleansing or some other process we're not privy to that's really only for our own good? I use not knowing as a rationale to keep believing that creation loves me and only wants the best for me even though I can't see exactly how that is represented by what's happening in life. It kind of keeps me going. I hope not knowing doesn't have a dark side.
Keep calm and muddle through!

Thanks, Les. You're a beacon.

bholanath said...

Coincidentally, I recently got that telepathy app.
Startin to get the hang of it.
It came with no manual, and only works if you know nothing.

wv: grain (as in against the...?)

nina said...

Thanks Visible, you put that awfully well.

TheShow said...

Sorry to hear about your sadness. It brought to mind something you wrote a short while back: "We won. Celebrate." (I paraphrase.) So try to focus on that. I've been leaning on it regularly since reading it. Your contention that "everything is in control" has finally convinced even this die-hard worrywart to cheer the fuck up. A little bit, anyway.:P
Speaking of depression, the internet has been a wonder for me, opening my eyes to an amazing netherworld I never knew existed, but sadly one full of lies and evil. I used to write in political forums that 'the internet is gonna save the world,' believing that all the truth coming to light would awaken the population, and change was inevitable. I've lost faith in my mantra as things seem to have gotten even worse since my days of naive optimism. And over the years it has created a pervasive, low-level hopelessness in my subconscious, always there, always nagging at my potential happiness. As a result,
I've been operating in a going-through-the-motions manner for several years now, to the point that it actually feels somewhat normal.
What little I know about Zen philosophy comes from Osho, who recommended not getting too high or too low. So, I've achieved that objective, although not in the manner I expected.
Evil has taken control of this planet with a fucking vengeance, so much so that the only effective way to remove its hands from the wheel would require behavior of comparable evil and violence, acts that their victims--us--are, by and large, incapable of. And they know it. Quite a conundrum. Fighting evil with evil is a regressive strategy, but it doesn't appear planetary enlightenment is gonna save the day, either.
So, I'm just gonna trust you when you claim that "Everything is under control."
At this point, it's all I've got. But, you know what? In my heart, I know it's true.
Plus, aliens are apparently waiting in the wings as we speak, ready to lead us to ascension and the world we've all been waiting for. That'd work, too.

Anonymous said...

NM Anon...
met some new-age "Swedenborgian" folks who gave some interesting presentations, they're really into Eckhart Tolle, and some Peruvian "Shamanism", with
one guided-meditation designed for the deep breaths
and visualization of a "serpent spirit" being drawn into the utter fools who hang with these lesbian idiots.
Your Mystery Malaise was foretold long ago,
and if one chose to review the lessons,IF,... then compare
with interpolation and extrapolation of known events...ONE WOULD see the "Revelation" Revealed!
Grace comes by Faith,
Faith comes by Hearing,
Hearing comes by the Word of God--
--Voila! These ARE the Last Days, and, WOW!
Yahshua IS and WAS The CHRIST.
Please don't "Visualize the Serpent entering your
Heartspace"...Don't Do that!
Don't hANG OUT with Turkeys.
Everybody is Alive because they have free Will and
a chance at making the cut for the next AUDITION.
But it's "Don't Call Us, We'll Call YOU!" for the
Narrow Path leading to Salvation.
There's No Bizness like Show Bizness!

estebanfolsom said...

got a gig in town
tomorrow night

nothing prepared
gonna wing it

think i'll speak a bit
play a few tunes

been twenty years since 'i've even owned a bike'

estebanfolsom said...

if knowledge means to know
and ignorance means to ignore
once you know what the truth is
what can you be fighting for?

we fight for understanding
in a world that's full of fear
it's not the unknown that might kill us
but the known so close and near

if we've taken a bite [from the fruit]
of the tree of knowledge
[against the best of advice]
we'll be cast out of the garden
and into an endless night

and if we don't stop them
cain will kill abel
and this play will
come 'round again
i'm not alone
when i ask 'my lord'
will this ever end ?

not till we see
all men are brothers
[that includes the sisters too]
we treat each other like our mothers
the way our father would do

Angel said...

I don't know.....not as much fun at conversation as I used to be but oh well...
I see the uglies of the world and cant rant like the best of them but what I find worthy these days is the art of being present, allowing, witnessing...I can really relate to something said elsewhere on your blog, we dont know how we got here, why or where we are going....we can only follow the spirit within, stay present and do our best in spirit.
I have come to love the mystery.
Great post as always but this one speaks more to the "humanness" in us all...or whatever it is.
love u. A

estebanfolsom said...

'sorta reminds me of that scene in

'journey to ixtlan'

when the kid realized that everyone he met along the way
was a phantom

i was actually very sad at the time for him
for the ones he met
and i guess for me
may we all meet one day
and pass a restful

share what we have
help each other
along the way
a bit


let's never
give up the fight

Visible said...

There is a new Smoking Mirrors up-

Let's send British Petroleum into the Fires of Hell.

Anonymous said...

To Les,

Nice, gentling post.
Thank you.




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