Friday, September 17, 2010

When you're Cool the Sun is Always Shining.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Someone once asked me why I was wearing my sunglasses at night. I said, “When you’re cool, the sun is always shining”.

The weird is starting folks. I apologize for linking to one of the media organs of the master race but the presentation of the article paints a picture that should be serious evidence to anyone paying attention, which means very few of us. Apparently the radio interview went pretty well and as usual it happened on one of those days following three or four nights with no sleep. I’m surprised I didn’t sound as loony as I felt (grin).

The New Shangri-la is pushing up on 700 members. Good grief, there are 30 new members since I checked this morning! We’ll have a thousand members pretty soon at this rate and that means the community is seriously forming in the ethers and about to come down into a location. I’ve opened my house (a very small house) in Italy to all intrepid souls who want to become involved in this. We might as well start with a place I already have and if you build something you are there. My suggestion is tree houses in the olive trees. I have 86 of them, I think. You bolt it together and it is considered ‘temporary’ and so no permissions are required. There’s no rent and the utilities are easier the more people there are sharing them. I’ve got most of what anyone might need including fast wireless internet. I don’t have a sauna but someone will build one (grin).

As you have noticed I have engaged some of you in negative (but with positive intention) meditation on BP, Monsanto and much earlier, Zionism. This was done with a certain calculation for the future, just as setting up the New Shangri-La with the help of Phil R. and Nina and somebody else (forgive me for forgetting) and then leaving it there for a year. It wasn’t time but it needed to be up. I suppose some people were not entirely happy with my absence and the absence of everyone else (grin). Sturm is champing at the bit but he’s going to be satisfied soon, I promise.

I seldom forget what I have been a part of initiating. It’s just that my sense of time operates according to a personal mystery; as mysterious to me as it probably is to you. I have long been intending a proper demonstration of what is possible for all of us but one needs to be in the Tao of their Nature to have Nature accommodate you. You can push the river but that is ultimately counterproductive. Someone said recently that the evidence of my posting so often was a sign that the end is near. Sure it is, so is the beginning.

Anyway, The New Shangri-La starts in Italy this fall and whatever seasons follow. What will happen is that the money will show up once we’ve gotten going and passed a few tests of faith. These tests will be pro forma because the river is on our side and so is the rest of Nature and nothing would please our lady more than to see us coming together in the way she most approves of. We will purchase, possibly ten hectares in Italy near my place and that can be had for as little as 15,000 to 50,000 Euros, depending on what we want. This will be an ancillary location that will be run from the primary location that is my house or, our house actually.

My personal intention is not even the community itself but a demonstration of what is possible for all of us, which I already said but want to say again. I’m putting my reputation on the line here, even though I have no idea what my reputation is. I want to prove something to you so that you can have the evidence necessary to apply the same principles to your own life.

The first thing I would like to ask those readers, who are interested in a community, that involves common meals together and kick ass work and recreational periods that can be outstanding, when you’ve got a group of people working together for a common end is to believe The New Shangri-La already exists.

Let’s compare the enjoyment feature to sex with yourself and sex with another person (grin). Somehow the latter is always more satisfying because there’s someone else involved. Given that people take me literally, as in the recent spate of people contacting me with surprise that I was communicating with Saddam Hussein and translating his poetry (big grin) and missing the fact that it was satire, let me emphatically state that I am not putting together or working with others to put together some kind of free love experiment, except insofar as we all want to share our love, because that is the purpose of love and how we got here to begin with …but does not require the horizontal hula as an imprimatur of our love. Love is, for me, the act of setting others free from one’s own personal desires. Love is, in my understanding, the power that compels us to sacrifice what we think we want in order for another to receive what everyone wants.

So, please assume that The New Shangri-La exists and you can go there any time you want and, in fact, you can. Some of you cannot come to Italy so that is why it is necessary to demonstrate what I am certain will occur, so that you can do it in your neighborhood. Please make it clear to your mind that we already have this and we’ll talk about what to do in your neck of the woods, once the proof is hard-wired into Gaia’s’ loving embrace.

The other thing I am going to personally guarantee is a beautiful spot on the Bodensee with Hobie Cats and canoes for those ‘sailing on moonlight bay’ moments; even if you are using paddles. I’m going to make it a two year window, though I expect it to be fully operational earlier than that.

Some of you have money and resources. Some of you have talents and some of you have willing industry and the power of your dreams. Everyone brings what they’ve got and… except for the actual purchase of the locations, anyone can back out with no loss, one way or another.

I’ve long had an idea for a place called The Tofu Factory. It’s a food production operation with an attached restaurant and it’s also a teaching environment. We’d be turning tofu into all the meat substitutes, spreads, dressings and you name it, which would be sold in stores and supermarkets, with a deli case on site and all kinds of experiments served up for the willing eaters. There are all sorts of possibilities. We will have a house band that does gigs wherever. We will have a teaching hall where all sorts of things can be learned. I might teach Shiatsu. Someone else might teach whatever they know. There will be publishing and various cottage industries. We’ll do well. When the right people pool their resources, they can do nearly anything; “where two or more are gathered in my name, there I am in the midst of them”. No religions; I’m talking about a principle of the universe, expressed in scripture.

These things will happen, are happening and have always been possible. Once you see it manifest you are going to say, “Well, this could work for anything.” The most important and dynamic source of power is not to be doing it for yourself. You get taken care of in ways beyond what you may have originally wanted and in ways you weren’t even aware of when your focus is on assisting others.

Okay, The New Shangri-La is a reality. You can go there now. You can drive down there with me if you show up (one person only) around the time I am leaving which is toward the end of the first week of October. The cardinal rule to remember is to ‘give way’. You can defeat any argument or opposition by giving way. That may make no sense but believe me it works. We’ll be sipping a Campari on my deck before you know it or… some other comestible. Gardeners can garden. Builder can build and dreamers can dream so long as they act on them.

Those of you who can’t make it to this portion of our program; already in progress (grin) can look around where they are and think about where they want it to happen too. The time is here and the sun is rising and shining upon our efforts in a way that is not common. Lord Surya is a friend of mine. I was in a difficult state this morning, so I went to him and had a chat. He said, “All you have to do is think about me and it will all happen effortlessly. I got into the car for a long drive to pick up Susanne at the airport and while I was driving I was talking to Lord Surya. During the conversation he suddenly filled my world with light and then laughed. Since then I’ve been up and down the street singing and not sotto voce, nor sub rosa either and people have been smiling at me as if it were the proper thing to do. Let’s see, I was singing, “Rock Steady” by Bad Company and Freddie Mercury’s, “I want it All”. It’s been great fun.

This isn’t about me. It’s about you and it’s about time. Let each of us, in our own way, investigate what we want and make the clear and irrefutable assumption that it is already ours. The future is now.

End Transmission....... (and check the oil too)

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Almost A Capella by Les Visible

The New Shangri-La


Visible said...

One of our beautiful Krishna Consciousness brothers has been placing comments at the stream of consciousness blog site for some time now. I thought I would point this out for any who might have an interest in these things. I am very grateful for this service and some of you might be too because some of this is new to me and always informative-

Verses from Krishna Consciousness.

Anonymous said...

I would really like to come and visit you in Southern Italy late December 2010 for about ten days.


Visible said...

Well that's fantastic!!! You're already visiting me here in a few days. That's great news. You know I love your company.

Zoner said...

Resonating like crazy with this. Trying to avoid the internal naysayer.

"Italy is so far away"

Already there. At least a portion. I was backing you on "Rock Steady", you just didn't hear it (or maybe you did??).

Did you know there is a movie coming out about the band "Queen"?

Sascha Baron Cohen will be playing Freddie.

Weird indeed.


Anonymous said...

Hello Les,

I will be there in the last week of October. I will keep you posted of the exact dates once I nail them down.

much love and my regards to Suzanne.

Hope the dogs are well also.



i will be on the five o'clock fidetrac, so meet me at the station.

bholanath said...

Sun is shining, surf's up, and you're makin me grin from ear to ear, sir.
Sunny news from Dave, congrats! Yes, mon!

NYer said flying tree was "like a poltergeist" - hmmm. Yesterday announced soon-to-be ban on outside smoking - connection? LOL

I am sooo frikin anticipating seeing new and old friends in Icktly (Indian pronunciation). Haven't been there since '99 - a bro's music ashram outside Assisi.

"Sun is shining, the weather is sweet
Make you want to move your dancing feet
To the rescue, here i am
Want you to know, y'all, where i stand
We'll lift our heads and give jah praises
We'll lift our heads and give jah praises, yeah"

If Jah wills, soon come.

Visible said...

Great Imron; I'll be there, god willing. it's a much cooler scene I think and the weather should be great. Be sure to bring casual clothes too because we are in the wild sort of.

Bholanath; does this mean you are coming to Italy?

DaveS said...

Gardeners can garden. Builder can build and dreamers can dream so long as they act on them.

Those are beautiful thoughts. The last part is the important part. Dreams instigate, progress teaches.

This is an exciting time to be alive. Our souls are going to bare witness to a rare event. Light a candle of happiness inside yourself, become a lantern lighting the path for others to follow. Be the light illuminating your own path.

And I think we're all gathering under the same flag, spreading the light. Glow worms for god? (the happy, forgiving one)



European American said...

NeedLes to say, oh Great Friend to all all creatures big and small...

"Rest is the basis of activity. The deeper the Rest, the more dynamic the activity." was how I remember it.

Not usually the other way around. But in your case, nothing surprises me.

Stay frosty!

bholanath said...

Many things will have to fall into place to make that happen.
My mind/spirit is moving in the general direction. I'm not in charge (grin). Watching developments there will be lovely. The fun factor is pulling on me hard.
Real, conscious fun with co-conspirators is sparse and a lot of work in these parts. A Shangrila franchise/outpost on this side is needed too, but it's all so locked-in to "doing things in the hardest way" - I'm sure that's why you are there and not here. 'We're dyin ova hea' (grin)
Actually, healthy and sane, but "isolation is the enemy".

Erik said...

Hi All,

I am sitting here with tears of joy and unspeakable gratitude.

For me the New Shangri-La started when I first visited Origami and met you all for the first time ...

God willing I will visit Italy also ;-)



Erik said...

It looks to me that Shangri-La will also have the largest guitar collection in the world ;D

estebanfolsom said...

how can i go
where i already am

how can i leave
where i've never been

these are questions
i ask myself

sorta like shiva
dancing on that elf

of ignorance
and then of bliss

you can't make them up
steps like this

anyways the
truth remains

we circle like moths
and go down in flames

least we can do
is grab someones hand

don't be 'fraid 'bought the promised land

estebanfolsom said...

yes eric
i'll be bringing - two
we're getting the band
back together

Visible said...

That's right Esteban. We're getting the band back together. I've saved my own best for last.

John C (UK) said...


Beautiful man :)


I stated in a recent email that i intended to relocate when a bit of 'right thinking' helped the finances. Today i get an unexpected offer to visit a relative so he can 'help me out'.

In the words of Van the Man, 'Whenever God, shines his light on you...'

you couldn't make this shit up :)

covkid said...

Hi Les and friends,

I'm really looking forward to meeting all the folks who are going to be gathered at les' place in Italy.We already have a shangri -la here at visibles blogs,and soon that will become manifest in real time.
God willing i shall be there sometime in October.
Great radio show Les but you did sound exhausted.I even heard your dogs barking in the background at one point,giving a whole new meaning to'dog poet' transmitting,LOL.

Stay safe everyone,see you soon.

Erik said...

Just a thought:

Is there anyone here who did not hit 'rock bottom' before surrendering? (like me)

Seems a common 'meme' at these blogs and also at Shangri-La.

Maybe a pre-requisite?


WV: bodgem (seems the answer to my question is already given ;)

Visible said...

For those of you who don't believe in
explain this
and this

Visible said...

and this

Anonymous said...

Are you trying to turn me into a pedophile with that Jackie Evancho stuff? Now I have to take a devastating acid trip to forget that.

I hope she wasn't Abraham Lincoln too, in her previous incarnation.

Oops, did I say "carnation"?

Anonymous said...

Les, I'm depressed to see that you've taken your site high-bandwidth. Scrolling down the page just now was like pushing a stalled car along the road.

Origen the heretic said...

Wow! Eat your heart out, Sarah Brightman! I'd say this is a great argument for metempsychosis. Looks like she'll be a beautiful woman too. Must've been a nice person last time around. BTW, there's a road right up the highway named Karma Way. Maybe one of these days I'll see where the name came from. Are pets allowed in Shangri-La? Just curious.

Rev. John

Origen the heretic said...

It seems Delaware is full of wankers:)

Rev. John

Unknown said...

Hi Les,
Love the idea of Shangri-La, and would love to come. I almost feel like I'm there already. I feel, one day, I might just be there with all you guys, sitting chatting, enjoying life, which gives a warm feeling.

Trouble is at this moment I'm in total flux, so unsure of so many things. I am being pulled in many directions, by different people which is, in a way, leading me away from what I want, which itself is something I'm not even sure about! Confused?

I'll be there, if not in body, then certainly in spirit.


Visible said...

How could I take my site high bandwidth? I don't know anything about that kind of thing. I haven't done anything with my site but to change the graphics in order to get around people not being able to comment... and that worked.

Anonymous said...

I asked myself what is (God). This was my reply!

Are we not but relatively minor universes with the chance of encountering similar entities being purely random at best.

When we do seem to encounter similar entities closer observation often reveals more dissimilarities than similarities. This is the nature of the universe (God) - infinite soul searching.

At times we may feel we are home. These moments serve as welcome respites in order that we may reenergize to continue the journey.

This is being part of the whole (God) in motion.

When kindred spirits collide positive change occurs - but the journey continues.

Infinite wisdom (God) is constant flux / motion. Forever expanding, evolving, - revolving!

Infinite knowledge is by nature constant motion.

Shangri-la is the meeting of kindred spirits – see above.


Neko Kinoshita said...

Givve it a rest anon.

I don't want to fuck her, I want to sing with her.

Talk about resonating with the eather, wow.

I was nineteen before I could do that.

I could croon like Frank before I was eight, but doing operatic well is HARD.

Thanks Les, I don't watch the show and I had not seen this.

Pstonie said...

The Shangri-la sounds like it could be great but I'm staying firmly rooted in the south of Africa. Beautiful things will happen here, I think, because of its history and place in life. Hard to tell when the curtain's just gone up, but from the set pieces it promises to be an amazing show. :D

Don't have the cash to come by plane for a visit (they're dropping like flies anyway), so until I get that teleportation thing worked out I'll have to be content with being there in spirit.

I don't much like the idea of having to placate the money world, though. It's a corrupting force and will eventually destroy anything it touches. But yeah, it might not be possible to go off it cold turkey. Wish I could say I've tried.

@anon 12:45
The RSS feeds are squeaky clean, and there are feeds for the comments as well

Anonymous said...

I want to get over to italy aswell,maybe able to do a 2 week visit around christmas time if my son goes to see his mum,I would drive down with some tools and help with them tree houses, decks for yurts teepees and stuff,I'd love too..neil

Anonymous said...

If she focused those pure and natural and powerful affections on you, you would yield, you feminist flogged liar. It's not the meat, it's the motion and Emotion is in the motion.

"Fucking her" would soil her and so would your singing with her. Better idea: leave her alone.

Singing like Frank when you were 8? Aretha Franklin? Who are you talking about? 8 year old boys sound like 8 year old girls. Wanna revise your bullshit story?

Anonymous said...

And I absolutely love it that this 10 year old girl is eclipsing the skanky acts of Lady CaCa and others. She does NOT deal in vulgarity. It's a very good reason for everybody to celebrate. Lady CaCa isn't fit to shine her right shoe and Madonna isn't worthy to shine her left shoe. GREAT DAY. Glory be to YHVH

TheSparkle said...

Another youtube reincarnation, very cool story:

TheSparkle said...

I didn't write this:

Although Christianity is regarded as a revealed religion, it is certainly possible to treat it as a Gnostic mystery religion. Many of the cryptic remarks in the gospels are highly characteristic of the vocabulary and symbolism of Gnosticism. In such a version of Christianity, Christ becomes an exemplar of the Gnostic path to salvation. Born fully human, Jesus follows the precise path laid down by Gnostic teachings, and attains full union with his divine spark. At that point he has two fully expressed natures - human and divine - in one human person. He is both the "Son of God" (as all divine sparks can be described), and God himself. He is perfect and cannot commit sin. The Resurrection is actually Christ's final release from the cycle of reincarnation because he has reached the culmination of gnosis. Whereas Christian orthodoxy teaches that Jesus Christ was a unique incarnation of God on earth, Gnostic Christianity says that he was simply an example of what anyone is capable of achieving. Everyone can attain gnosis. Everyone can be a Christ. The miraculous "incarnation" can be repeated in each and every person. The world can be full of living gods. The Christian establishment regards such a notion as the uttermost heresy but in fact it is not contradicted by anything that is actually said in the gospels by Jesus Christ himself.

Visible said...

The Sparkle you are correct, that is just how it is but the heads and officers of the churches don't like it because there is more money in guilt and endless longing for redemption on a wheel of fire.

Visible said...

There is a new Smoking Mirrors up-

Gotter and Dammerung on the Horizon.

Anonymous said...

"Archbishop: A Christian ecclesiastic of a rank superior to that attained by Christ."

Neko Kinoshita said...

Anon, you are a fool.

I don’t normally get into discussions with a fool like you, but someone might believe your bullshit.

All of the musicians that hang here know that music can be more powerful than sex and the joining together creating it not only is not sexual it doesn’t “soil” anyone.

Although I could sing well into mezzo-soprano until my voice cracked at 15, I could emulate Frank Sinatra, Neil Diamond, and dozens of other male voices from a VERY young age. Patsy was easier, and women’s voices in general were easy, and I could not always reach the lower ranges of the male voices.

I still can’t get to the lower end of Karen Carpenter’s range, but perhaps that’s because I am a classically trained lyric tenor.

And you, are a fool.

The Village Idiot said...

Hey there Les,

Been a while since I've dropped in, but I'm still "here" enduring what I must for the time being. It's been a brutal Summer of relentless entropy for me (and most people I know for that matter) but I know that one way or another it won't last forever, and my prospects are brighter than they've been in years so I'm optimistic in spite of it all.

I just wanted to say that I'm glad to see that the Shangri-La vision is alive and evolving (and becoming a physical reality!). I've never been to Italy but I would love to drop by for a visit some day, and fully intend to just as soon as I can (which might be a while, unfortunately).

I'll be sure to let you know when I manage to achieve escape velocity; I'll be knocking on your door shortly after I reach it.

Take care,

The Village Idiot

Visible said...

Village Idiot; my favorite commentator of all time; what a pleasure. Thank you for letting me know you are still breathing. Much love brother... much chest pounding mute emphasis on what cannot be said. Thank you once again for getting in touch, I would love for you to drop by. You have a permanent base if you need one.

The Village Idiot said...

Wow, "favorite commentator of all time?" You have some seriously brilliant folks replying to your posts (and I haven't commented in a while) so that's quite the compliment, thanks!

And finding some kind of a permanent base is exactly what I'm working on right now. I seem to have found one not far from where I currently reside; it's a massive sustainable urban redevelopment project that would allow me to utilize all my relevant skills in one place, including growing gourmet mushrooms and designing/building a huge (150,000 sq. ft.) rooftop hydroponic garden for starters.

That said, if for whatever reason things don't work out then my Plan B is to lighten my load by getting rid of everything I own that doesn't fit in a backpack and moving on to greener pastures, wherever they may be. If I do that, the Italian Shangri-La will be my first stop and I'll be knocking on your door sooner than I otherwise expect...

Visible said...

Hearing from you has really brightened my day. I have been in a period of the worst kinds of oppression which I took on karmically in order to achieve a greater and wider dimension of success. I can't explain it here any better than I can explain it to Susanne.

Last night we had one of our worst altercations in all the time we have known each other. Then this morning she comes to me with news in a local newspaper about a major violent episode only ten kilometers from us the like of which does not happen in this area, it's international news actually.

I don't have umlat capacity so it would be the town of Looerach. With an umlat it would be Loorach. She said, "what are the odds Visible that we were arguing at the very moment this was taking place?"

I had been telling her for weeks that I was in a very delicate situation because certain protections were off in order to finalize something. I got hit with a lot of physical stuff but it wasn't a big deal; I'm no stranger to pain.

In any case, she and I are on the same page now because she had her own event today that dovetailed with what i said; thank god for 'small' big favors.

Good luck with that because I don't think the whole thing comes down like "The wonderful one horse shay". I just think it gets remarkably unpredictable and that is more predictable depending on the greater concentration of the the population rubbing up against each other.

gnosis123 said...

Re TheSparkle's 12:53 AM contribution & Visible's 9:00 AM(?) affirmation:


Vanguard said...

Increasingly, the equilibrium is a feeling of spiritual fullness.

And one can be knocked from this perch, but hopefully not too far. Climb back up. There is almost a warm rising current, zephyrs, gently tugging and pushing you to return to that place.

One...not really floats...but glides.

The inner light intensifies to balance the encroaching darkness. The pressures meet, balance and form some distance outside yourself.

The atmosphere is heavy with power.

Your ground-level atmosphere is akin to a storm cloud.

Unseen lightning flashes in your eyes, and your mind. A nimbus tickles those who welcome goodness and light. Dread, warning tingling unnerves and repels those dabbling or steeped in evil and darkness.

Know this: In your presence the lies are shivered. They warp and shake apart. Reality coalesces. Hence the attraction or repulsion.

This shall only increase. The import and potential, and motion—activated energy—shall shine and hum.

We are revealed. But few shall take note. What is real power and manifestation—before the time of the reckoning—in comparison to the pyrotechnic displays of motion pictures? Fantasy?

The pressure intensifies and relaxes. Push and pull. Inhale. Exhale. Feel the rhythm.

Work your will.

long john said...

The Bhagavad Gita

I encourage all blog readers to please take the time to read, see, and/or listen to the entire Bhagavad Gita at:

Bhagavad Gita introduction:

Bhagavad Gita in summary:

Bhagavad Gita in pictures:

Bhagavad Gita in audio:

long john said...

The Bhagavad Gita

I encourage all blog readers to please take the time to read, see, and/or listen to the entire Bhagavad Gita at:

Bhagavad Gita introduction:

Bhagavad Gita in summary:

Bhagavad Gita in pictures:

Bhagavad Gita in audio:

Visible said...

New Petri Dish

The Same Old same old don't Say my Name.

Vanguard said...

Their masters protect them from the immediate consequences.

With misery, pain, disease, blood...perverted sex, and feeling...mutated air, food, water...destroyed, nullified, warped spirituality...brutality, maiming and murdering of women, and children (including the unborn)...the peacemakers and pure of heart are an especial delicacy...and potent...

With unrest, dissension, and war...

With endless chants, rituals and sacrifices, willing and unwilling, in all corners of the earth...

An almost insurmountable barrier of blood/death driven force walls the highest instigators...

Behold, they are the arch-demons in the process of transformation for another world to come.

Another battleground stretching throughout ages for the formation of man.

The masses here now, being poisoned, and mind-blinded, and killed—slowly or swiftly—are washed in abrasive reality, which nevertheless polishes them.

The blood/death barrier protecting the persons and institutions...the covens and cliques...becomes brittle with intensity. It is the formation of its own breakage.

The great cycle has moved so many into place, and so much spiritual existence/experience, with such negative bombardment...

Glowing, radiant lines of pure existential, reactionary, harmonizing force, spiral outwards from the heavens, and the earth...from the high places of golden serenity and retreat...and from the dark, sonorously vibrating barrier'd places of the living damned...

And from the mortal and divine...each connected...

These lines are a pattern spanning the globe which must be grasped...wielded...

With mind and song, is this spiritual network superimposed upon all figures and forces who feed upon man.

Listen, the keys are sung. Look, the keys are lighted.

Speak. For God commands it.

The dark covenants must be undone.

Fulfill your divine oaths, made before time, outside these porous walls of place.

In ea ar th in is aa re ne at

Visible said...

New Smoking Mirrors-

The Elite and Chosen People Laughing Business Game.

Vanguard said...

Forces of oppression span this globe, by design, and evil, fixated, perpetual, lust-and-blood-driven will.

They are established over much time, in dynasties, and societies, and return to familiar haunts, each time, feasting more fully.

They are those who feed upon humanity—men, women and children...the infant and the elderly—their well-being, the fruits of their minds, their loves, and their labors.

There is a reason why deep in our souls we abhor those who feast upon the flesh of their own kind. For we are, all of us, the same kind. And it is horrific what these mortal fiends do, and have done, with no satiety possible.

They feast upon corporeal and incorporeal flesh and blood of fellow humans. Brothers and sisters. Parents and children. Born and unborn. In all the lands upon earth.

Behold, just as there are defined and numbered traditional paths and portals of divine initiation—stretching throughout countless ages—so too are there twisted junctures of the profane.

And there are high—soon, even the highest—practitioners present.

And by force and subterfuge have they amassed and arrayed the living and un-living instruments of their cursed dominion.

Machines which broadcast beyond sight and sound. To accompany more traditional chants, rituals, sacrifices and spells.

Machines which harm the hearts and minds, to accompany the machines which deafen, burn, blast and obliterate the bodies.

This too is the battlefield. In the realm of the unseen. As war engulfs the lands, so to is the siege and brutality against the spirit world.

It is the nature of the evil ones to usurp, take, destroy, feed upon others, mind, body and soul.

It is the nature of the good ones to bring order out of chaos. To restrain evil, and bind it eternally. That need has never been greater. And that time has never been more present.

Vanguard said...

Look to the East!

Eternal light rolls forth as a scintillating storm front. Straight beams akin to lightning strike the dark hearts and burn them from within.

Look to the South!

As a rolling wave are the valiant spirits marshaled. They move and strike as one, into the maw of the ravening beast.

Look to the West!

The place of your travel at your just barred to you. You shall not continue thus. The cycle is broken.

Look to the North!

The doom of your wyrd is present, and advances on you. Inevitable. Final.

Ye shall not ignite divinity on your terms. You speed your own destruction. The truths perverted shall not sustain.

You are betrayed by your dark masters, your cohorts, cabalists.

You are betrayed by your own hand, in your unraveled soul, in your fractured, congealed spirit.

Your dark ways are closed. You sight is shuttered. You hand is stayed. Your structures undone.

How then shall your mortal realm endure?

Whence goeth thee, but into divine oblivion, and unending pain. Til thine eternal substance is scoured, remade, and thou art truly no more. Transformation unto eternal night, and death. The seeds of rebirth, not your own.

Thus it is.

Visible said...

there's a new Smoking Mirrors up-

Fear is a Magnetic Force and often Appears as Anger.

Visible said...

There is a new Reflection in a Petri Dish up now-

The Trembling House of Cards is Beginning to Tumble.

Vanguard said...

Behold, the angels of judgment cometh. For the time is at hand.

The hands stayed, are lifted, trailing light from heaven.

The voices stilled, are raised, sounding truth, shattering lies.

The armor set aside is taken up, none shall harm within.

The weapons stored are brought forth, razor edges, separating in all realms and planes.

Justice invoked, moves in an instant in all directions, and times. Penetrating all. The effects come more slowly, dreamily...finally.

Order flows, it is a line and a wave. It is everywhere, to the limits of existence, and bounces forward and back. We, all, are in the cross-currents.

Gaze not into the eyes, unless ye be pure of heart, for harm is turned, burned away, within, without. If you be but harmful, what then shall remain?

The terrible time, the transformative time...the joyous time, the transcendent time...

Speak and it shall be done. Gesture and barriers shall part. Look, and all will be revealed.

As God liveth, so shall it be.

an do ru se ad le ni do ar at

European American said...

Happy Shâradîyâ Navarâtrî
8th to 16th October, 2010
9 Days of Mother Divine

"The ‘Nine lunar days of Mother Divine’ awaken human awareness to the eternal continuum of infinite dynamism, which is the nature of Mother Divine. This infinite dynamism is the cause of creation and permeates every fiber of the relative world. The first eight lunar days are dedicated to the eight relative aspects of life, the five senses, mind, intellect and ego, and on each day the corresponding value of Mother Divine becomes more lively and accessible. The ninth lunar day brings to light the transcendental value, which underlies and connects all the eight values and which is the ground from where all the eight arise.
On these days specific impulses of Creative Intelligence are most lively. These impulses are those which bestow wealth, prosperity, health, longevity, knowledge, intelligence, enlightenment, and help fulfill other desires. Also lively during these ‘Nine Days of Mother Divine’ are those impulses of Creative Intelligence which are responsible for helping to remove all kinds of obstacles from the path of success and for helping to remove all kinds of fear, illnesses, and other negativity."

Visible said...

There's a new Smoking Mirrors up-" rel="nofollow">
Kings of the Short Run in the Land of Flaming Shit.</a

European American said...

Devi Prayer - Hymn to the Divine Mother

Vanguard said...

And it came to pass in those days, that some walked the earth, in whom were vested the power and potential to accomplish great tasks. Terrible tasks. Righteous tasks.

And it was not given that the physical world and those in current power, should destroy them.

And they endured.

And they came with eyes partly, mostly shut. So that according to the wiles and wisdom of the world and its servants, with their nets and nests, that they should not entrap, divert, diminish, nor feast upon those wending, climbing.

For each had a sacred path. A unique journey.

That would lead them step-by-step, mystery to mystery, truth upon rising truth, from grayness, seeing through a glass darkly, into the full light of day. The Glory of God be forever.

But behold, the harm in the spiritual realm, the pitfalls, the impacts, the shaking of the fabric of being.

To this end it was allowed.

And yet they were not overcome. Nay.

Heads high, eyes forward, firm in grasp, steady in step, they overcame all, within and without. And it was not a victory the world understood. Nor was it admired. Nor actually, was it even seen or heard.

But each knew, and was increasingly, exceedingly, glad. And each gave glory to God, and it was a pleasing song rising to He who sits upon the Throne of Heaven, worlds without end.

And they walked to their appointed places, instinctively, at the appointed times, inevitably. Blessed be God the Most High.

Thus are the workings of evil men, principalities, and powers, confounded in the subtle, magnificent, and All-Powerful workings of the Lord of All Creation in the Heavens and upon the Earth.

And behold, these things are present:

The Consciousness of God dwells among us. From the earliest of times. The Children of God belong.

And the Mind of God, His Wisdom, came. And great were the thoughts thereof. World-shaping.

But the Love of God came too, laughing, singing. And the hearts of all found peace, and joy. Healing within and without.

But each and all, of these mighty gifts, are but reflections, requiring man to keep alight in these realms and these times.

Whence cometh, and whither goest, the Will of God?

It is now.

The fourth, and the second. The third and the first.

The first shall be last, and the last shall be first.

Alpha and Omega.

Anonymous said...

The controlling demigods (devas) possess a life span that is equal to one day of Brahma (1,000 divya-yugas, or 4,320,000,000 earthly years). This category includes most of the elemental controllers as well as most of the demigods within the court of Indra. Various demigods such as Ganesha, Karttikeya, etc., are actually posts that are occupied by a particular living entity for one day of Brahma. At the end of the day of Brahma, when the dissolution waters fill the universe, they leave their respective posts and allow other living entities to fill them. For example, it is described in the Puranas that in the present day of Brahma, the post of Karttikeya (Skanda) is being occupied by Sri Sanat-kumara, the great liberated son of Lord Brahma.]

[Brihaspati is the spiritual master of the demigods (including Indra). Due to Indra's offense against Brihaspati he was defeated by the demon king Bali. Bali, even though he was a demon, had obeyed and pleased his spiritual master. Thus with the blessings of his guru he was able to defeat the king of heaven. The system of respecting one's guru is so powerful that even if one is a demon, one will prevail, and even a demigod will fall for offending his spiritual master.]

Anonymous said...

"Because their intelligence has been stolen by material desires they surrender unto various devatas."

One can test this statement of Lord Krishna's. Go to a temple, any temple, and ask the visitors why they have come to worship. You will receive an assortment of answers, but they will all revolve around one principle - expectation. Someone wants a seat in a college, someone has taken an IAS exam, someone wants a nice wife, someone wants money, someone else wants his difficulties removed. Everyone is approaching "God" simply to gratify their senses. We are so foolish that we offer 5 paisa worth of incense to Ganesha and expect him to make us win the lottery! Such blind ritual benefits no one. We are enjoying and suffering according to our karma built up over many lives, yet we believe by offering a stick of incense, all of the reactions we have built up will simply be brushed aside and we will be given a special area within the material nature for unlimited enjoyment. The fact is Ganesha has no interest whether we become an IAS officer or not.

The truth is these personalities are as real as you and I. Ganesha is living in his abode of Kailasha just as I am living in this ashram in Mysore. The Vedas describe 64 dimensional planes of existence, of which we can experience only three. On the higher realms of existence, higher entities live, less limited by the matter - but still limited. The scriptures describe 400,000 species of human life, both higher and lower than our own. Species such as the vanara, gandharva, apsara, kimpurusha, kinnara, yaksha, rakshasa, etc., up to the topmost material species of Brahma - whose species contains only one entity.

Anonymous said...

On the higher planes of existence these entities live. Sometimes species from the fourth or fifth dimension will interact with our third dimension. Thus all of the cultures of the world have stories of unknown beings such as ghosts, goblins, and alien life. These are nothing more than yakshas, pishachas, bhutas, and even lower entities. Just as they exist, so too do the higher devatas. But such powerful exalted personalities have little interest to interact with the degraded people of this age.

Through meditation one can perceive these higher entities - the gandharvas, apsaras, yakshas, and devatas. By purifying our consciousness we can enter these higher dimensional planes through our sukshma-sarira (subtle body composed of mind, intelligence, and identification) and see these beings
face to face, just as I can see you if you are standing before me.

Anonymous said...

Ultimately such experiences serve no spiritual purpose. We have simply raised our consciousness to a higher material plane. Krishna says in the Bhagavad Gita: yanti deva-vratan deva. "Those who worship the devatas attain to the abode of their object of worship." This worship is not the common worship we see in temples, where a person simply tells, "Give me this, give me that." Deva-vrata must be with full surrender to the particular devata. If one surrenders unto Lord Shiva or Ganesha, one will attain to the abode of Kailasha in the next life. In that abode the enjoyment and opulences are thousands of times greater than on this earthly plane. But from there one will again return to this earthly planet by the destructive influence of eternal time. Thus one would have simply succeeded in wasting his valuable time, while neglecting the actual goal of human life - self realization.

True religion or spirituality must be selfless and without material motive. We must actually dedicate ourself to God, and not to external rituals. In the Gita Krishna says:

manushyanam sahasreshu kascid yatati siddhaye

"Out of many thousands of men, hardly one will endeavour for perfection."

We must become like Arjuna, who became the topmost yogi and bhakta while fighting a war on the battlefield of Kurukshetra. How can one engaged in killing his enemies be absorbed in complete meditation on God? If such a feat is possible, then it is certainly possible for us to elevate ourselves while working within this world. Only we must cultivate the spiritual knowledge of Bhagavad Gita and be fixed in the understanding of the tattvas.

Just as you have brought forth this question about the devatas, your mind should be trained to think and churn forth thousands of questions about reality. Through internal meditation and self study the Paramatma will reveal answers within your heart and you will advance on the spiritual path.

Visible said...


Anonymous said...

Sorry for taking so much space.

I meant to post this on "Visible Stream of Consciousness" blog.

That said, it does seem to fit OK here..

Visible said...

You are more than welcome to post these and you may be sure I appreciate them.

Vanguard said...

Do most people think about the consequences, if any, from consuming other living “things” whether plant or animal? How about potential things, like chicken eggs? In this realm we mostly live through the taking and consumption, for food and some drink, of other living or dead creatures, or their byproducts—which “byproducts” are often involved with reproduction (that is, milk and eggs, for example).

There is a great and profound mystery, right before our eyes, in the consumption of substances, from before our birth, to milk after birth, to more solid “foods”, stretching throughout our entire lives.

The transformation of substance, the use of energy, vital elements extracted, and the endless elimination of waste byproduct which nevertheless is used to form new beneficial one pillar or foundation of existence. This is known and has been said.

What is the byproduct of the consumption of...air (which passes through us)...other things not considered material..ideas? What is extracted for our use? And what is eliminated as waste?

Are there wise guidelines regarding such just as there are for the preparation and enjoyable use of food, and the less well publicized and proper disposal of waste—which as a public policy is a powerful contributor to increased longevity in this modern world (public sanitation).

The evil beings/servants/practitioners of the world feast upon that which must not be eaten or drunk, extracting that which must not be taken, and the byproducts are a type of molten, spiritual lead, burning through them, destroying.

They feel the rush, but look at them. Every time you see a picture, or a video. Their visage screams of profound disease, unnatural subsistence. Especially the eldest, the elderly. There is no dignity or nostalgia of lives fully led, but rather lich-like shambling, continuation of predation...and the resigned horror of the daily continuation of addictive damnation, at a phenomenal human cost, and an ultimate personal cost.

They seek to seize the throne of heaven, as ever, and believe the lies, until it is too late (which is still very early on this left-hand path), and they cannot deny their own appearance, nor the cottony twisted feelings within—because of what they think and do, and upon which they gorge—but they are bound with brilliant bands of karmic force, and live (sometimes protracted) lives of the wretched damned.

Vanguard said...

The impetus at birth which is a type of boundless, impulsive energy and momentous motion, which is seen as the delight of youth (to those not blinded by the darkness of the world), is a powerful glimpse into the workings of God.

How do you think such is accomplished? By what higher science, and practice, are new souls set into motion? Modern science, and spiritually naïve denizens of this place, have not a clue, as to the fundamental workings of such beyond a certain amount in the physical realm.

Is there anything which we can do to feel enlivened beyond youthful years, in a lawful way, acceptable before God, to make our earthly journey more pleasant—though not free of tribulation—more fulfilling, beyond the wildest assertions of this consumption-maniacal world?

Return to the source. Be mindful of what you consume, physically, mentally, spiritually. Harness the resulting energy. Act with “integrity”.

As has been said here before by others: Be mindful of God as you eat, drink, breathe...sense...think...act.

And here is a mystery: The instruments of dominion wielded by evil men and beings over the teeming masses of the world, are the mechanisms of liberation for the same. All experience leads to some level of understanding, and to some corresponding level of capability, in all planes of existence.

The faculties of all, even in the process of binding and abuse, are exercised, practiced. Strengthened.

What poised boulder of massive proportions, nudged this way rather than that, is not of tremendous import and enaction? Who does the nudging, and in which direction?

We, humanity, are poised upon a precipice, and the world-changing sphere of our collective, potential power, begins to thunder down the slope of world constructs, but the direction, though anticipated and expected by some, and feared by so many others, is not yet set.

Add your touch, set it in motion. The world is in your hands.

Anonymous said...


"How to make your food Karma Free"

You are already a vegetarian, congratulations, still you are eating plants and any type of agriculture has a sort of violence. Now please hear about a very ancient system which can transform your food from just being ordinary food into something that purifies you and doesn’t has any karmic reactions on the contrary this type of food will enlighten you and help you see the world in a different light. In Indian Sanskrit this food is called prasadam or mercy.



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