Monday, July 25, 2011

Am I from Outer Space?

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

‘May your noses always be accompanied by a genuine smile beneath it’.

My dear friend and wonderful supporter, Ghana, asked me yesterday if maybe I was from another planet or had ever been taken up by aliens to another saucer pod in the sky. I thought I might address that on a certain level today. All of what I am going to say is true or something I convincingly believe. In some cases there were witnesses so... either we were all deluded or it happened. I suggest the latter.

I have an old friend named Douglas Hume. I met him when I was 21 years old. I was already friends with Bill Rodenberg, not a member of The Tribe (not that that matters for I do have such friends- grin). I had met Bill when I was 19 and he 16 and he has been my best friend, along with Bud (The Birdman) Clifton for the sum of my life so far. When I was in my early 30’s, Douglas called me up in Palm Springs one day and asked me if I wanted to go to Mexico with him. At the time I had recently discovered avocados and was really, really into them. A couple of years earlier, I was with a girlfriend, Judy, and we drove across the country to Santa Barbara to see some of her friends. This trip was noteworthy for two reasons, one of them has to do with avocadoes and the other had to do with an important appendage of mine.

I was in the bed of a camper shell with my girlfriend, receiving a certain generous service while going through The Rockies in Colorado, when a deer leaped in front of the truck and the driver hit it full on. It was a very big deer. Suffice to say that angels were looking over me that day, as a second ago I was in one location and the very next second as the deer hit the truck (or was it the other way around?), my girlfriend stopped what she was doing to ask me a question. I cannot remember what that was about (grin). We came to a very quick halt and were tossed like rag dolls. When that had passed we both started laughing simultaneously as we realized what might have been. That reminds me of another story and I hope I can still get back to what I am going to talk about.

Some years earlier, I was with another girlfriend named Joy. She was the daughter of a very wealthy man who owned the biggest music store in Bethesda MD. As a result of our relationship I had been hanging out with a lot of tony kids who went to private schools and lived the high life. Bill was also similar in background. His father had been one of the more powerful lawyers in D.C. Gore the elder, also a senator, lived next door. Anyway, I was on acid in the back of a Volkswagen bus, being driven back into D.C. with two guys who were quite drunk and had just passed me a Mason jar with rum and fruit juice in it. I was holding it in my hand when it dawned on me that we were going to have an accident. I just knew it. The guys weren’t driving badly and what happened was not their fault.

I turned to Joy and said, “we’re going to have a wreck but don’t worry, we’ll be okay”. She looked at me with a certain amount of alarm and said, “What”? At that very moment a little red sports car swept in front of us, while the car ahead of it hit the brakes for some reason. There was nowhere to go and no time to stop, so the driver hit his brakes and swerved toward the grass median. There were two lanes of traffic on the other side and it was fairly busy. We hit the curb and the van flipped. I put my arms around Joy and pulled her into me. The van rolled twice and landed on the roof and slid across the road and I saw, coming toward us and very close, a tractor trailer. I do believe it was a Peterbilt. In one of those incredible slow motion scenarios, where time stops and you are aware of everything, we slid just past the truck and into a gas station, where we hit the phone booth and took it out. There was Mason jar glass all over the inside of the van.

Joy and I didn’t have a mark on us and the guys in front were cuts and scratches of a minor degree. Joy was speechless and kept saying, “How did you know”? Well, the police came and Joy’s father came and he did not like me one bit. We went back to her house, where she kept saying, “He saved my life Dad”. This was probably not technically correct. Her father said, “He should have let you die”. He was a member of The Tribe, not that that makes any difference. He dropped me at a bus station once we’d had a little to eat, courtesy of Joy’s mother. Okay, enough of that. I’ve had a number of experiences like this, where nothing ever happened but some serious close calls.

So anyway, I had been in Santa Barbara for a couple of months. My girlfriend was the ex-wife of Manny Roth who owned The Café Wha and several other places in Greenwich Village. Dylan, Jimmie James and the Blue Flames (later to be known as Jimmie Hendrix) all played there. About half a mile from where we were living was the Calavo processing plant and every Friday they would put all the avocadoes that were two ripe to ship into dumpsters in the back of the plant. This amounted to hundreds of pounds usually. Every Friday, I would head over there with my Air Force duffel bag and then truck back on foot with 50 to 75 pounds of nicely ripened avocadoes. I would already have tomatoes, onions, garlic, Shoyu, lemons and spices. Then I would pull out this very large glass chafing dish and make up huge amounts of guacamole, which everyone would eat and that is about all I ate most of the time, so, when Douglas asked me if I wanted to go to Mexico and eat cheap avocadoes, naturally I said, “Yes”. We spent two or so months down there, taking trains all over and to Quintana Roo province in the Yucatan, Puerto Juarez, Isla Mujeres and like that. What we didn’t find were any cheap avocadoes. Generally they were consistently more than in the US; probably because we were gringos.

Anyway, once over the border outside of Ciudad Juarez, we got into an argument on the highway and split up. Douglas walked on ahead and very promptly got a ride in a Corvette all the way to Palm Springs. It took me 3 days to hitch it... heh heh. I’m guessing the argument must have been my fault. So Douglas is at my friend Richard Yerxa’s house, waiting for me. Richard owned Bookland, which, at the time, was the most successful bookstore of its size in the US. I got in during the early evening and Douglas and I took some acid and so did Richard. We didn’t want to hang out with Richard after a point, so we set off around town and first wound up in Tamarisk Park, where they used to film the music show, Groovy. We walked into the park and then, in some trees which were not far away, there came a terrifying sound, which was like some gigantic octopus banging trash can lids together. My first thought was, ‘we’re screwed’. Whatever this thing was, it was big and scary and malefic. You could feel that. Douglas said to me, “just turn around and walk away”. I didn’t think that was going to do any good but I did and... we walked out of the park and headed back toward the house. We wound up in the desert a half a kilometer into it and came upon a flying saucer. It was an inter-dimensional craft and it was holographic. It had windows all around the upper part and the door opened and these holographic beings came out.

They were about two feet tall and orange or pink and they were translucent. They started talking in this high pitched cadence of frequencies and I could understand them. I said, “Douglas, they want us to go with them”. Douglas replied, “Just turn around and walk away”. So I did, because of what had happened earlier. I still regret that. We walked by a church and were about to go in, we needed something like that, when a police cruiser pulled up with a young cop in it. He wanted to know what we were doing and I mentioned that he might be concerned that we meant mischief. He said that sometimes people do. While talking to him, because of the state of our consciousness, he turned into a little boy and then just went away. We went into the church and sat down and Douglas turned into a monk from several hundred years ago and a most surprising conversation took place.

Finally we got back to the house and a tense hour of so around Richard who was kind of demonic, which he can sometimes be but most of the time not. The next morning when Douglas and I walked out of the door there was a dead, white dove right on the doorstep. We looked at each other and one of us said, “I think it’s time for us to go” and we did.

Douglas is the younger brother of Brit Hume, the major Fox News commentator. Douglas is one of the most honest men I know and has a real reservoir of integrity. Should you ever cross his path in Markham, Virginia, where he lives, he will verify all of this tale and many others. I had several more flying saucer experiences and, except for one instance, there was always someone else around. Once I was dancing in the lobby of a Boston theater where Hot Tuna was playing and a voice boomed out into the room, “We are aware of you”. That was something else and I’ve heard things out of nowhere on a number of occasions. I have never been in a flying saucer but I have been told I will and I sometimes refer to myself as, Starfleet Commander Visible. Some people actually call me that (grin).

I don’t know what to make of my occasional extra-terrestrial experiences but there you have it. My kundalini awakening was no small thing. The effects lasted for almost 3 years at a very intense level. I think this experience is the cause of the things that happen to me. Most of the time, I was in a state of dynamic tension, so I became very strong and stayed that way for a time. I never wore a coat in the winter, just blue jeans, a denim shirt and a blue velvet vest and I was never cold. To catalogue the things that happened to me during that time and... more occasionally ever since, would take a couple of books. I’ve met people who were not from this planet in any way we would define it and I’ve never understood or gotten any explanation for any of it. Richard’s still around Palm Springs or Northern California, around Marin County. If you run into him he can tell you some tales. I haven’t seen him in years. I hope this clears it up for you Ghana, but I doubt it (grin). Now, what’s next?

End Transmission.......

This lead cut from my first album was introduced into evidence when I was on trial in Maui, HI., facing a mandatory 60 years in prison.
Visible and The Critical List: Jews from Outer Space by Les Visible and The Critical List♫ Jews From Outer Space ♫

Jews from Outer Space by Les Visible and The Critical List

When the DA couldn’t get the response he was looking for from Diane Mercer (a Miss Maui runner-up and pretty connected in certain ways), the DA then asked her, “Well, what about this “Herpes of the Mind”?

It was at that moment that I knew I had won the case, even though no had ever won a case like this in the history of that state, under the conditions I won it under, or any other conditions. The jury erupted into laughter and that went on for several minutes. Occasionally through that day, a juror would just start laughing. You should have seen the DA’s face. I think he knew too.

Sorry that I didn’t get the radio show done for last night. The concert was so fantastic that when I got home the show was due to come on in 15 minutes. I will get that show done in the next day or two and put it up for download. I don’t know what to think of these radio shows. People seem to like them from what I hear but it has very few followers on its blog and I never get more than a few comments, sometimes none. Yet, from the downloads and from what the producer tells me there are thousands of people that hear it. It’s a mystery.


Anonymous said...

Must be them extra sensory dog ears.

Universe seems to favor with the extra-ordinary, those with an 'abiding' sense of wonder, just a touch of mischief.

Only ego, I think, eclipses the full experience. (It's a constant vigil.)

Walk on.

Neko Kinoshita said...

Always listen, always read, do not always have anything to add to the conversation.

Sometimes silent appreciation is all I have to offer.


Terrance said...

Hey Visible...Holy Guacamoly!.....I thank you for raising my spirits ....Herpes of the Mind?...I can't stop are an anchor of sanity and a breath of fresh air!

Miriam said...

Great experiences Vis...
When I talk about some of my experiences with mythological Beings who exist on other dimensions, it just doesn't sound believable to others but it is true. So when I am hearing about WOW experiences from others, I have to believe them because I know I have those too.

Maybe "don't get into cars with strangers" also applies to spaceships..I don't know I have never been offered a ride.

Lots of people lurk here and I guess at the radio show. Hard to commit words to keyboard at times. Easier to nod the head and say yeah, yeah, because you say it so well for us all, that there is nothing more to add. It is not silence, the waves are full of "whoa, Vis, good stuff" in the vortex.

Anonymous said...

Hi All

Vis I had no idea there was a comment section for the radio show. The radio shows help me understand your intentions which seem mostly about kind service.

Maybe we should all do a radio show for you and upload it to some cloud ?

In hindsight I wish I had had taken the opportunity to be a psychonaught. I was convinced by the TPTW that this would surely destroy me.

Thanks for your Blog

Patrick V1.0

wv: redfol : A designer version of the tin fol hat.

Tom Lowe said...

I've been planning to listen to your radio shows and am looking forward to it, but have yet to get my act together on that. I suspect that many others are in the same boat, so you might want to give it a little more time and a little more promotion because if a few people like it, then that means a lot of people will probably like it once they tune in.

Tom Lowe said...

Rather than "True Tales of UFOs", I had expected Visible to rightly claim that he must be from outer space given the deplorable so-called "human behaviour" we see on this planet.

In my own case, I cannot possibly be a human being after seeing how many humans behave. Whether I am from Planet Earth or Outer Space I do not know, nor does it really matter--at least not yet.

Neko Kinoshita, have you ever wondered whether you are human or not? Do you remember being born, and where?

In my own case, I certainly do not recall being born, nor where. In reality, I could be anybody from anywhere, and so could any or all of you.

Anonymous said...


First I read your articles, but not the comments. Then discovered your taped radio commentary. I wanted to listen the first time just to put a voice to the person and thoughts. I liked/like listening to your radio shows. Hearing you speak your thoughts gives a bit more insight to them; well, for me anyway. Then I began reading your comments section. I like it. I like it all. I enjoy exploring the thoughts, I learn, most here support each other and I hope we’ll be able to all share company one day.

Just cuz I’ve had some odd experiences (the close encounters of the third kind), I am interested in hearing others’ accounts. Oddly though, all mine have occurred in my bedroom for whatever reason, but I was awake. Twice I was deliberately awakened (once by sound and once by touch) and I have no doubts about what I saw/heard.

From my own experiences, I know there is something going on “out there”, what I don’t know, but there is something. And I’m anxious to discover! So the thinning of the veil can’t happen fast enough for me.

Anonymous said...

Yeh, Wailuku's not all mimosas and Maui sunnyside up. Paradise sans ocean view.

Found a new beach ... "one that won't make me sweat so much."(Not so many bankers.)

Backfloat by day, scope to the stars by night.

Now you wouldn't be thinkin' of beaming up without us?

Ok...just keep talking so we'll know you're still 'there'.

Anonymous said...

mr visibles I havent listened to the radio show in a while,I am sorry,,,
I love your radio show

my computer has trouble with anything other than photos,radio and video seem to keep starting and stopping all the way through......

respects neil

Anonymous said...

I forgot. For Les’ post today, makes me think of the song “Coming” from the movie Orlando (1992) by Jimmy Somerville. You can find the song on Y-tube but the words are great:

I am coming! I am coming!
I am coming through!
Coming across the divide to you
In this moment of unity
feeling an ecstasy
to be here, to be now
At last I am free

Yes at last, at last
to be free of the past
and of the future that beckons me
I am coming! I am coming!
Here I am!
Neither a woman, nor a man

We are joined, we are one
With the human face
We are joined, we are one
With the human face

I am on earth
And I am in outer space
I'm being born and I am dying
At last I am free!
Yes at last, at last, at last I'm free!

Anonymous said...

Holla my brotha,

I should have clarified my question; abducted from aqui (grin) and tinkered with on occasion by someone. I didn't consider the fact you might be alien, annunaki, elohim, galatic federation, hybrid, blah, blah, blah. I consider you most visible and transparent of human existence in our era of a Kali dance. I don't know anyone as open to criticism and transparency as you are willing to be, constantly. You even invite them into your personal space. Your courage and marriage to truth will be heard and shared around the world in huge numbers; very soon. It dawned on me that if there is "something" or "someone" out there watching (grin) us; you would be a peculiarity, I would think and aware of you (grin). Thank you and Douglas if he saved you from departing sooner than later (big phucking smile). Thanks for going under the microscope publicly when I asked privately (raspberry sound).

What's next... ?

The possibilities of the truth(s) that are kept in vaults and warehouses around the world are screaming with a vibration that seems to be tormenting us all. As it struggles to break its bonds forged through satan's blacksmith's (Murdoch, AP, Reuters, etc.) with lies about the murder, rape, and theft of everything real; truth has begun to transude everywhere as someone/thing tries to kill it with a 1,000 paper cuts. Since I believe you are clearly one of the Divines' field medics... I appreciate the antitoxins leaching from your heart and mind and allowing it to percolate through your fingers into medicine... at least for me.

Dap, (grin)


Anonymous said...


I enjoy your radio show and would miss it. However, if you need some me time or couples time and Sunday would be a good day for you and Susanne...

My wife and I love Sundays reserved for us.

I could be way off base here, my apologies if so.



Anonymous said...

Hey now I love to listen, missed you last nite. So keep up the good work, I like a song at the beginning like you do. Godspeed to you Les.

dunderchief (kawasaki nights) said...

There is nothing wrong with having an ET soul. My first acid trip was at an outdoor go kart track with 4-5 buddies, we were in 7th grade at the time. Todays acid is pure crap, purple barrel microdot is the best! Tripped balls off on a purple barrel one night and only Led Zeppelin I album saved me from a bad trip. Never had any ET experiences but it is still early.

Denny said...

Serina 8:31:00PM

Hmmm... A number of my own experiences occurred in my bedroom too. There was the touch of a human figure comprised of pure electrical energy looking over me, who promptly disappeared through the wall once "it" noticed that I was awake. Then the sound came, then the total paralysis of my entire body as it lifted itself up automatically towards the most serene light appearing through the window. This happened on three occasions.

Then there was the time in the middle of the night on a deserted beach in former Yugoslavia, when I awoke suddenly to find myself being electrified by what must have been around 250 volts going through my body. I eventually shouted that I knew "they" were about to switch it off, and "they" did just that.

Then on the same deserted coastline again in the middle of the night I was sleeping in my car, when suddenly I awoke to find all the windows AND the front doors open. There was a storm raging outside, and as the rain had just started to come into the car I realized that it had happened just before I was awakened.

Then there was the time I walked alone through a forest in Sweden when "something from above" clearly informed me that the reason my health and appearance had gone downhill over a period of many years was because of the mercury in my teeth. Talk about Divine Providence! When I went to get the shit taken out shortly afterwards the two dentists saw that I was ready to smash their traitorous thick skulls together, and so didn't ask me for any money (not that I would have paid the scumbags anyway!).

So there you go...

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

the last time I saw my grandmother, on the way back, I said to my mother "I dont think we willl see nanna again". she died (presumably) peacefully inher chair watching the telly with a can of beer next to her.
Sister told me last night on 2 occasions she what she took to be hearrd angels singing. on both occasions close relatives died soonafter.
how people cannot see that our world is not as simple as we would, in our ignorance and distraction, have it, is the real mystery to me.(but knowing my own limitations I am not judgemental or hubritic about it either).
the other mystery is the limited occurances of overt manfestations. either we dont see ALL that is going on, or THEY are protecting us from blowing our minds and degenerating into the Cargo Cult mentality. (or as you put it, its a test, and there is a universal requirement for SELF realisation and 'control')
of course, there are more things in heaven and on earth than are dreamt of....


wv: myspe , take the faeces out of myspecies, a nice space (not Murdochs MySpace) for me.

ps Jung said you could just as well do Projection of the Psyche on a fly on the wall, a tabula rasa, blank canvas, (as well as you could do so with Freud sitting behind you hiding, and doing transference on the yid scientist who thinks he is detached).

Rob in WI said...

This post disturbed me, Visible. You describe LSD experiences in a positive way. This is fine, except for your younger readers. They may not realize that true LSD has not been available on the street since mid 70's, when all the proud and honest chemists were busted, or? There are still lowlifes out there who claim to sell LSD, according to young ones I know, including grandchildren. What kind of concoctions of ectasty, meth, etc. are they peddling? Anyhow, I'm suggesting a disclaimer on posts such as this, warning that the LSD available to you is no longer available, unless you're wealthy and connected, or part of a gov. medical study. Thanks for hearing me out. P.S. The disclaimer should be Red.

Rabbit said...

Interesting. I have had three close encounters with what I am certain were alien craft. One years ago with a whole infantry platoon, when I was in the army reserve, involves a very large block of missing time and took me nearly twenty years to recall after that weekend. I was able to confirm it did happen, by asking my mother with whom I lived at the time if I had ever come home from an army camp at Northam and told of seeing a UFO. She confirmed that I did, but that I ddin't say much before going to bed still filthy with camo paint and sleeping till morning.

This sighting involved a large disk with lights around the edges and my last memory of it are as it came over our heads from tree top height and the whole platoon basically standing in stunned amazement at that moment...then nothing.

Since then I've had a number of sightings of impossible night lights in the sky and two more close encounters with different types of craft. I have no recollection of ever seeing or meeting any entities, but I have a deep seated antipathy to the popular Greys whenever I see them.

I have some ideas, but really have no idea what it means. I've wondered sometimes if I might be an alien, I can't quite seem to grasp certain things about humanity which seem obvious to others and I seem not to have the usual motivation as primary. It is also possible that this is why I and others are of interest to them whether or not we be alien, at least we are different.

Automan said...

Visible, enjoy your writing, wit and candor. I cannot help wonder what your life might have been WITHOUT drugs. Under the influence of acid, and other various hallucinogenics cannot possibly be that enriching. I mean I read and hear about how all this crap expands your minds, from various corners of the blogsphere, but for the life of me have yet to hear how and why it could make you a better human in the short and long haul. and seems like you don't have any better answers than the rest of us humans that don't use drugs.

Anonymous said...

My life has been so bizarre that if I hadn't lived it myself, I'd think I was full of shit.

Turtle Pond Farmer

Mouser said...

Greetings Visible.


Visible said...

I'm afraid I fail to see any positive commentary made concerning LSD here. I do see descriptions of events taking place in connection with it and, from what I can see they relate to long past events.

I also note opinions and conjectures made about things that the commetator has no experience of and that's never a good thing. That's like listening to a fundie talk about Jesus.

These are two different comments.

Maybe we should dig up Hunter Thompson and give him some grief too. I suspect that he and many others, including Terrence Mckenna made a great many more statements concerning these things than I, who only mention them casually as I go for autobiographical reasons and in the interest of veracity.

There's no substitue for more careful reading and analysis and certainly no substitute for actual experience.

Tom Lowe said...

There are lots and lots and lots of people who know how to make LSD properly, but some people only believe what they have read in the zionist press.

It's just chemistry--not magic.

Tom Lowe said...

Yes, on that first cube, the sagebrush rolled in like ocean waves, and my friends all looked like manimals ....

Visible, I think you must have disturbed a barn owl nest in Palm Springs that one night.

My own opinion is that just as with LSD and orgasms, that when UFOs arrive, it will be abundantly evident to everyone. No mistaking.

I sure hope they can use a few million spent fuel rods for fuel, food, sex toys, or whatever they do with them.

Anonymous said...

please don't confuse drug abuse with consciousness exploration & expansion. humans have been using plants and chemicals to alter consciousness and achieve higher states of consciousness & states of being for thousands of years.

somehow, modern western culture has developed the stance that "normal" consciousness is the only true, right way to "be", and that any search for higher states of consciousness is immoral, illegal, and just plain wrong. this is contrary to thousands of years of spiritual practice. these laws and norms are created and enforced by the same powers that would much rather that the masses are docile and helpless instead of awake and empowered.

p.s. there are plenty of ethical,
careful, thoughtful folks making good clean LSD and DMT nowadays, not motivated by monetary gain, but by a desire to uplift and a belief that these substances are wonderful tools for the explorer. yesterday's heroes were the astronauts, today and tomorrow's heroes will be the psychonauts.

Anonymous said...

Dear Les...

Creation is massive...we are but a blimp in a lowly dimension...

unless one can accept the fact that far greater consciousness resides outside of the human psyche...then one cannot progress satisfactorily in the path of expanded awareness...for one will remain trapped in the myopic, delusional cocoon of the little human...

recognition of a superior intellect, consciousness, being, etc. is the first and most important step in the process of man's quest for awareness...

people's focus is going to be forced to alter to a spiritual one because of a number of reasons...

changes are already occurring throughout the globe and more will follow which will make people stop in their tracks and reconsider their existence from a difference perspective...

of course the fools...and there are many of them...will sink back into their complacency inspite of the repeated stimuli to awaken...these will be the ones most forcefully programmed by evil to defend and continue the status quo at all costs...

intensification of the mechanisms for personal spiritual awakening will occur...these mechanisms include:


Intuitional guidance

Meditational visitation and messages

Channelling of purer messages

Recalled astral tuition

Spontaneous regression and recall of other lives in other planets...meeting higher consciousness...recall of being kidnapped...transported...and trapped on this plane

the emphasis will be on gnostic metaphysical science...rather than illogical dogma...tradition and perverted scriptures...all arranged by orchistrated by this evil demigod...

Best Wishes Always

Neko Kinoshita said...


My earliest memories are from about four years old. But that seems to be integration issues as there are faint bursts of emotion from prior to that.

I try to avoid confusing myself with the World Riddle, since acceptance of what is, gives me enough challenge.


Kray Z8 said...

Thanks, Les.

Your accounts brought back a few memories from my younger days, indeed! Some, but not all, chemically related. All were instructive, either at the time or retroactively. Had a few missing time episodes in the high deserts of the Rockies, though most of my trans-dimensional experiences occur during sleep. The point is that it's all cosmic roadwork, designed to expand our experiential envelope. That way, we won't get fascinated by the phenomena when we should be paying attention to the message.

The radio show is excellent; it lends an even more personal touch to your modes of expression. Due to 20th century tech, I don't always get to listen, but do every time I can.

By all means, keep doing what you're doing. We all have gifts from the creator, and you sharing some of yours is most generous. Thank you and all who post here, as well.

Peace, Love, Humor.


Miriam said...

gee, haven't thought of my own LSD trips in some time, and didn't think it was important enough to post here. Probably isn't but one of the few trips I took(they were all uplifting)was so eyeopening it sent me on a Journey into understanding past lives, and all the things that involves and clearing up my heart and Heart.
It made me look deep into myself and seek to understand things I may never have encountered otherwise.

I wouldn't have wanted to be without that experience.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

I don't worry or even think at all about who's watching from outside.

I do consciously and habitually strive to be aware of Who is watching from inside.

Anonymous said...

My life has been so bizarre that if I hadn't lived it myself, I'd think I was full of shit.

Turtle Pond Farmer

lol! My sentiments exactly. *tips hat*

The only 'alien encounters' I've had have been in my dreams. Never seen any in this physical reality. I've only dreamt of the spacecraft, never the beings piloting them.

My boyfriend and I went camping for a few days. One night, he wakes me up out of a sound sleep to tell me about a weird dream he had. In his dream which took place in daylight, we were standing in the middle of the forest and I told him there were aliens all around us - he couldn't see them. There was a certain method I used to see the aliens because you couldn't detect them using 'normal' sight. When he looked around using the method I showed him he saw that we were surrounded by dozens, if not hundreds of aliens.

I'd never told him before about the dreams I'd had of spacecraft and when I proceeded to tell him about it, he said didn't want to hear any of it. I asked him if he was scared, then I told him he was a pussy and we went back to sleep.

I don't dream of the spacecraft as often these days. A few members of my family have strange alien connections. I've always wondered if I was from another planet.

Anonymous said...

While talking to him, because of the state of our consciousness, he turned into a little boy and then just went away.

Oh! There was movie or something [can't remember] where one character goes on a diatribe about how most policeman are just scared little boys on the inside?! Damn I can't remember what it was now and I really wish I did. I may be confusing things a bit but it's all interesting, seeing inside of people.

My uncle is like that; he has a lot of LSD stories. Freaking out because of seeing evil inside of people. His father committed him for a few weeks due to a very intense acid trip.

You're full of neat stories. I always love neat stories I can eat ma s'mores to.

P.S. Is there anyone you DON'T know...?

Anonymous said...

Vis I listen to them every week, and look forward to them as does Svetlana. Just because you don't hear us doesn't mean we're not listening.
Mo Visible

neal said...

Indigenous people all have stories about humans being educated in the use of psychoactive, medicinal, and edible (not quite separate things, really) plants by various species of animals, insects, and sometimes, the plants themselves. Modern wildlife biologists and microbiologists confirm the participation of all observed organic life with psychoactive life. That's the situation with light, time, space, gravity, and plasma- but that's a lot of math, and translation loss is a given.
Interesting how one can find out that what we label the rest with doesn't even begin to illuminate the intensely wise, complex, multidimensional life forms that we are surrounded by.

Vis, they like to manifest as cops after the fact. They get to ask irrational questions, plus get to keep the flashing lights, and it seems normal from a distance. It can make one wonder about the rest of the mundane stuff, sometimes.



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