Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Beware the Gobblegloom My Son.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I carried a pair of expensive sunglass lenses around for about 15 years in a paper container. Finally, last year, I had then put into some frames and I’ve been wearing them now and again. While returning from Italy I was unable to locate them at the hotel, which marks the halfway point in the journey. I searched the van in all the locations where I might have put them or where they might have fallen. I did this several times and then I said, “Well, it appears they are gone”. I just let them go and forgot about them. Today I went to drive Susanne and a friend up into the surrounding foothills so that they could walk back to the house with the dogs. I returned home and then realized I had forgotten to stop in town for something. When I got into the van after picking up the item, I looked at the floor and saw the glasses lying near the accelerator pedal. There’s no explanation for how this could have happened. That area was checked and so was every area that had any possible connection to it; through slippage or secretion, not that they had been secreted. Something is wrong with that sentence.

A few years ago, I had come back from a pub with some late night pub crawlers for continued conversation. Everyone in my house was out of town, except for Susanne’s mother who was fast asleep. I had taken these guests into the apartment below, where I had my office set up at the time and pretty soon they began to annoy me because they were drunk and getting rowdy. I had had enough and was right at the point of physically throwing one of them out of the door when the other fellow, seeing my intention and seeing that the other fellow wasn’t getting it; or didn’t think I was serious, which I was, ushered him out of the door. Shortly after, I could not locate my keys in order to get into the house upstairs so I had to wait for Susanne’s mother to get up in the morning and open the door. She was much more mobile then. The upstairs of the house had been locked through the whole visit by my unpleasant guests and I had not gone up there and could not go up there once my keys went missing. I suspected that they might have been taken by one of the guests and thrown into the yard or something. Weeks later I was sitting on a couch in the living room upstairs when something made me stick my hand back into the cushions and... what do you know? There were the keys. This wasn’t possible by any means of ordinary transfer and the sunglasses fit right into the same groove. You would have to have been a witness to my actions in that part of the van to understand what I’m saying.

I was told recently that July was a month I had to look out for. It was the only one that might give me trouble this year and that that would be the end of anything I might call trouble for the long foreseeable future. When I was in Italy working, I forgot all about the date and somehow thought I was still in June when I found out that it was July 4th. I had been having recurrent unpleasant experiences and then I put together their inception with the timing and I’ve had to watch out since. It’s uncanny how some people can read certain divinatory mediums, just as it was uncanny to have that sort of individuals come into my life over the course of a certain period of time. There hadn’t been any of them for a long, long time before and then, “Shazzam! There they were.

We get our directions; all of us do, from one source or another. We might take direction from our senses or our self consciousness. We might get it from hunches or our intuition. It might come through dreams or from individuals that we seek out for advice but we get it from somewhere. Something sets our course of action and unless we are ignorant or obsessed with something, so that we rationalize all of our actions in order to accommodate it, we tend to rely on our sources for direction. I have my sources and so do you.

Most people are compromised by desire. They want things. They believe these things will bring them satisfaction and that might happen but no satisfaction lasts for very long. The most overrated thing in the world is an orgasm. The common mind associates orgasms with release and accomplishment. This accomplishment is supposed to provide satisfaction and a measure of peace. It seems that way but the peace doesn’t last because the direction the force takes moves into areas of increasing bondage to something that creates the opposite of what it promises. Guilt and loss attend it, except in certain cases. Something within us knows that we have lost something. Well, that was the object, right? We wanted to lose ourselves but the result has been to weaken and intensify at the same time. When lasting satisfaction doesn’t occur we seek ever more arcane forms of release, which have nothing to do with release in any cosmic sense.

The world feeds on our release and uses it to engage us in a continuing spiral, whose result is death, just like the petit morte that is the result of orgasm. We seek death is what it comes down to and that death has the creation of life as its purpose. The sexual force moves in only two directions; down and out or up and in. The world is a magnet for it and the higher realms are a magnet for it and the world is very, very powerful at the moment because this is an age of materialism at its sucking nadir, murderous best. Violence is a product of frustrated sexual desire. It’s the energy that is used to send men to war and to engage them in the other arenas of conflict such as the marketplace and the mating contest game. The vibrationary matrix of sexual fluids is a highway. Everything we do is a modification of this force and all of us are at some point in a relationship with it.

Prior to passage into a higher dimension of awareness there are all sorts of magical and inexplicable events. These are distractions meant to engage you at that level so that you don’t make passage into the realm which is your objective. Sooner or later you become prey for the Gobblegloom which is a devouring beast of despair. Despair is always the fruit of no exit circumstance or conditions where you cannot see the exit because you have lost sight of the goal. This is probably because you have identified and defined the goal and you can’t possibly know what that is because you aren’t there yet. It’s what we do. We name and identify things according to our desire and all desire is sexual; whether you are putting parts of yourself into someone else or pieces of food into your mouth. The world is full of people rerouting their essential drive into ancillary drives to pacify the drive or redefine the activity because of the fear and compromise which comes from acting on the primary impetus and all of this takes place because of a reluctance to send it up and in; to sublimate the beast until it has become modified enough to converse with the angel. That’s the actual goal of life, not endless ranks of progeny that make you feel like God, the same way all the other subordinate appendages, positions and possessions make you feel in relation to your environment. The divine is most certainly real and demands you as a lover but we cheat due to access and convenience and gain the mortal end of the equation. It’s much easier to touch what you can see than to yearn for what you cannot and that yearning must exceed all others.

Lately I’ve seen a relentless appearance of obstruction and the presence of dangerous inattention. Ergo, my attention is on high alert and it’s a good thing. I know why things have been disappearing and reappearing and what all the obstruction and danger potential is all about. I’m being made watchful and also more utterly reliant on something. July is a temporary thing and so it this part of the pathway. I could list quite a number of things that make no sense whatsoever and defy the laws of physics but it’s all about the interaction of the regenerated sexual force coming into contact with something at a new level. The events are unimportant, they’re just indicators. My dreams are turning into cinematic extravaganzas and I am often extraordinarily tired. Sometimes I feel trapped and I see the Gobblegloom licking his chops off camera.

I’m writing about this because the Gobblegloom is ubiquitous and many of us are feeling that hot breath on the neck which can very quickly turn into the cold embrace of despair. This is a state of passage, not a residence and those of you who are feeling some amount of this, need to see it as just as temporary as everything else. The Gobblegloom won’t eat you unless you invite it to. It’s one of the guardians of the gate and you can’t feel despair unless some part of the world has its hooks in you and it can only have its hooks in you at some point in relation to the primary desire; however you may be modifying it for the sake of appearances (grin).

The idea is that you have to let go and don’t worry about the Gobblegloom and his buddies. They can’t do much against that. Everything pressing down on you and all of the smoldering apprehensions sitting on the horizon line in front of you are nothing more than chimera. That you think them more real than that is the problem, one more trompe l’oeil, masquerading as your environment.

The mind is a machine and it generates images as well as operating like an airport. If you are concerned about the way you feel or the conditions you are in look at what is passing through your mind. That is where the action is taking place and where whatever you call reality is being generated/created by reacting to the world as if it were real and had any power at all. It doesn’t (glaring contradiction). It only seems like it does and the seeming is the problem, the same way that what you are attracted to seems to be attractive. It’s not. Once again, I’m talking all around something. It seems to be the only way.

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Anonymous said...

Timely and very helpful to me right now.

Anonymous said...

Cheers Visible.


Neko Kinoshita said...

You have no choice but to talk all around it. There is no other way to say it.

Or at least I don't know of one, and considering that I don't know anything...


Miriam said...

Thanks Vis~ this is good to hear.
My dreams tell me that the unconscious is trying to break thru and I am worried. More trust in the Divine is called for.
My dreams also let me know that I am carrying the weight of the world and that i am worried about it as well.
More letting go needed; All is in control.

On our way home from vacation we decided to take a different route to save time. We missed that exit but did not know it. The Universe tried to let us know~
was screaming at us for miles. Not our destination but the exit we had taken before but was longer than we wanted. We did not know we had already missed the exit we wanted. The Universe tried very hard to help us out.

Ah well, we ended up going a couple of hundred miles out of our way without knowing it, even though the signs were not adding up.
We stopped for the night, and in the morning sure enough it became very clear that we were way off course.

It was not hard to make the correction and head home, but what was strange twas that even with all the miles we had driven away from our destination, we still spent the same number of hours to get home as we would have on our planned route.

There is no explanation for this.

wv: usetism~ the philosophy that one should only take action that one is used to.

Annsie said...

Thanks Les, Funny, I was just thinking about sex being so overrated, the way everyone is fascinated or obsessed by it and an orgasm only lasts for a few seconds.. And then you say the same thing..I have had a few experiences regarding looking for an item and then it suddenly appearing where I know I checked about 10 times, I see it as a kind of prank being played on me from the other realm... Lol Thanks for the post, a pleasure as always

kikz said...

comparable circumstance of late..

one example... although the item is insignificant, i was less than 15' from it, when it ... went wherever it went...i even heard it fall. there was less than a minute delay frm event to my search for it.

in the kitch fixin dinner.. i heard something fall. it was a glass votive w/a tealight candle inside. i found the tealight on the table..made a search nearby for the glass votive.. nada.

the oddity was, none of the cats where anywhere near.. chkd in a 20' radius, under everything...behind everything..

no glass votive. this was sometime last wk.. that votive is still... wherever it went.
i giggle thinkin' it must've gone into whatever other dimension all my other things 'strangely disappeared' have gone.

odd time for me. 10yr anniv for the start of a really hard decade. loss of my daddy, then hubby's job, home, lifestyle...kind of.. pulled up/out by the roots. lots of gobblegloom/doom, i've fought my way thru...

Anonymous said...

This hits the spot. I've been reading about something similar to this. In Barbara Hand Clow's book, The Alchemy of 9 Dimensions, she talks about the 4th dimension being cluttered and polluted with what Les refers to as "gobblegloom" energies. We humans are in the 3rd dimension, and the super beings are in the 5th dimension. These super beings have immense love and respect for us humans, and really want to help us. We humans are having a hard time reaching them through the 4th dimension. TPTB know how to use the energy of emotions in the 4th dimension to keep us humans controlled and down and depressed.

I had a dream recently, where I met some of these super beings. They told me to be Love in all that I do. That is how they can reach us, through being love. When we can be in love in the moment, we create a portal, or open channel that bypasses the gobblegloomers and reaches the super beings, and they can reach us.

They told me that every time I pick up a dove to feed, when I love on it, I'm loving on them. Every time I hug and love on my dogs, I am loving them. Every time when I put out seed and refresh the water bowls in gratitude that I can do so, the super beings are feeling it. This increases all of our vibrations and helps the channel of our connection grow stronger.

I also realized that having inharmonious thoughts is really useless - doesn't do anything except clog the freeway of love. So when I feel illwill toward one of my fundie family members, it sets me back. I literally am beginning to feel the set back every time a thought of disgust with this individual comes into my mind. I'm starting to catch the thought and turn it around into love for her higher self. Quite a task at times.

On another note, I've been reminded of 2012 being an "inside" job. There is nothing that is going to happen outside us as an event before the inside event occurs. The power we have is immense. It's just so hard for us to remember it and harness this power when we're being so manipulated by those in control right now. If we can be love in all that we do, we open that channel and reinforce it tenfold.

Blessings to everyone

Miriam said...

MR that was wonderful!
This makes me remember what I wrote on the previous Orgami and to move it here: It is the other side of 'strange'...
"I am floating in Love this past week visiting family in N Michigan and floating back home taking it all with me, leaving behind much, expanding and expanding. Who knows how long it will last for me, but I will BE in it as long as possible.

Writing thank yous makes me wax poetic; hope they get it. But if they don't, well the intention is out there and will surround them anyway.

There have been a lot of passings in this family and what I got from people sharing their memories and interactions is that everyone has their truth of the situations that brought death to our loved ones. All sorts of perspectives, all true. It gave me a chance to let go of any notion I had of who anyone was and just hold all the sharing as a large picture of the life that was led in the various ups and downs; the Joys and the deep Sorrows.
Some feel guilty for how they treated these ones who have passed, but I am not one to hold it against them any longer; I will go beyond the history to where the Heart is Now, and look to allow the Healing and Love that will hopefully bring Peace. It is not mine and never was(though I just get this)to judge. It is not my soapbox to say who deserved what or brought it on themselves.
Mine is only to love those who speak their heart to me and accept them as they are.

It is a chance I take to be misunderstood or thought a fool, and that's ok, I take no offense.

One woman passed a lot of judgement on me about something she knew nothing about, and later after I struggled with my anger, I realized I had upset her applecart about how she thinks things are suppose to be...and I laughed...I freed myself from my own prison and left her behind.
And I will love her too eventually(grin). She gave me a test and I passed so I am glad to have met her.

Blessings and healings to all."

My kids have a knack for knocking me off of my 'parental gig' when I forget they are not mine but Complete Beings unto themselves.

L.L.O. said...

The GobblyGlooms got me the other day man.
I was walking around my pasture with my goats and chickens, there was a gentle breeze and I could smell the sweet summer scent of the tomatoes in my garden and I felt incredibly calm and at peace. I thought about the Maidu indians whose ancient grinding stones dot my property.
I had a fleeting moment of clarity of the simplicity and beauty of existence.
Then, for some reason, my mind was "bombarded" by super-negative visions of war and devastation and the 24-7 reality-torture-greed-deathporn dance that is our world.
I was racked by the deepest, most painful spiritual agony I have ever felt. I completely lost my shit. Right there in the middle of the yard I collapsed to my knees and began to cry. Really cry. These were true tears of despair. I cried for the indigenous peoples whom were annihilated, for the plants, for the Earth that I know still loves us despite what the worst of us have done to her.
I saw what the world could/should be and cried to God to please make it stop.
I had lost all hope.
God didn't respond.
I sat there on my knees for a little while longer until I started to feel a little silly and embarrased for my break-down.
Eventually I got up and went about my day.
So it goes...


Anonymous said...

Hi all !

So Vis. Like you've said many times before. It's hard to write ideas and get the full intent and tone across without ruffling someones feathers based on peoples predjudices and current situation and proclivity to be offended when a particular idea is challenged or even presented.

So please take this comment as a sincere and honest statement and maybe a question. I'm feeling today you'd rather just have a good ole chat with your friends and stretch your legs out while sitting sideways at the kitchen table.

Now I've been looking really hard at myself for the longest time. Mostly I don't care much for what I see so I'm convinced somebody else is more likely to know the answers than I am. With this internets thing here which we all know Al Gore invented I can now look at lots of other peoples views with relative ease.

Now I'm gonna try and sum this up but it's tricky. Okay here goes. Now imagine you're a guy who didn't have a Kundalini experience, never took a mushroom or special K or acid. (Not saying taking this stuff is bad no). And you just don't know much.And you just don't have much to hang onto faith wise. But you'd like to. Try and imagine that if you even could.

Now being that guy you get to hear from a lot of people what you should think. For example.

The (Fill In The Blank) Church says....

If you're good God will like you and if you're bad you're going to burn and suffer for erternity. Also God needs a lot of money for some reason ?

The George Kavisillas says .....

The earth is going to ascend and you're going to as well or not depending how long you've been on this journey. You have to have been both really good and realy bad at some points in your journey or you don't get a boarding pass. That Humans are gods in training and we will all eventually be gods of our own universe's. That many beings are already among us from several dimensions. That some of these beings can impersonate Gods and give you the type of orgasms you have described with the Divine. These are not the true beings of light. That some of us will be deceived not to ascend .. etc etc.

The Youtube Thunderboldts of Truth guy says....

The ALL in his compasionate wisdom created an amusement park for the nastier kids of his creation and unfortunately sometimes good kids wander in here by accident and those kids don't fit in so well. Unfortunaley the place is high security for good reason and you can't just leave if you get stuck here. The spiritual & physical planes here are locked down. Luckily once every so often the park needs to be closed down for maintenance. Those dark ones tear the place up. So a reset is necessary and thats when you get the Hell out of here if you're a Person with a Heart.

A less Popular take on things here....

(I could go on but Space is limited)

The Les Visible says....

(Read his Blogs)

As best as I can tell each one of these men appears sincere in their beliefs .The point being it's really hard to know what to think most days. Seems like blind faith is what got this rock where it is ? Perhaps your new book can help a body turn blind faith into the solid experiences that you've described in your life .

Thanks for your Blog LV
Patrick V1.0

wv : feesi . fml That just figures lol !

Visible said...

A lot of people say a lot of things but they are mostly just words though some of them make us think. The best of words conceal something else within them and resonate in a way that most words do not. I have found only one thing to be effective and pursuing that will take care of any questions that may or may not exist, with or without a risen kundalini or access to psychotropic comestibles and that is to yearn for and unceasingly focus upon the presence of the divine. Eventually the divine will show up and answer all of your questions; more or less.

Love is the motive engine. You have to love doing it or you won't last at the application. Therefore all desires must be woven into one and all of you must be invested in the action withou ceasing. Ten thousand times the heart and mind will be distracted and drawn away; go right back. I am just writing this very thing at the near conclsion of the forthcoming book. It takes everything. Unless you are willing to give that I would suggest another area of employment.

Anonymous said...

Gotcha . That pretty much sums it up.

Thanks for your reply and time.

Patrick V1.0

amarynth said...

Yes, had a big case of Gobblegloom this past week. Heavy! What made it lift 'somewhat' is going back at it from a different angle. The description of the 8-fold path 'appeared' for me. This helped to get me back to again unceasingly look toward the face of divine.

All those folks that 'say things', are also just seekers. It is just another way of making sense of Gobblegloom! Another piece of the puzzle so to speak. But the next step is hidden, really, it is. Perhaps because we simply cannot envisage the change rolling out now and what this change is going to manifest.

WV .. Re Fry On ... everything that anyone 'knows' right now, presents like refried beans! We know what it is but it is rehashing stuff. We're gonna get to the new stuff (I think!)

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

You've said it before les.

You might say it a thousand more times, possibly even forever..

That would be most fortunate.

Childlike love of the Lord as a friend is what I desire..

Anyone is invited to wish for this, and more.

We ... every last one of us ... get exactly what we wish for.

The Lord really is kind and supremely obliging.

"And so castles made of sand slips into the sea, eventually."

Tom Lowe said...

Well managed, well controlled, righteous but rational anger will not only keep Gobblegloom at bay, but can destroy it through motivation towards constructive, universally beneficial action.

It's a great tool if used well.

Anonymous said...

I’ve always looked inward at myself, though now I don’t think I did it as deeply as I coulda, shoulda. Anyway, it comes a bit easier since I’ve always done it. And I’ve been scourin’ down these days. However, when I read about what’s goin’ on planet-wise, I am overcome by all the maiming, killings, tortures, lies, deception to the point of crying my eyeballs bloodshot red. I am getting a better handle on it. I know there’s a plan, I don’t know what it is and can only imagine it, but I feel the day of reckoning is nearly here. When I feel that gloom beginning to overpower the waterworks station reactor, I remind myself of the plan. Even when I feel angered by elites’ evil and I envision the same ugliness they so readily dish out heaped upon them, I’m learning to stop myself from imbibing in their same violence. I’ve learned that even imagining violence is not a positive direction. Instead, I imagine The One probably has something much better in store for them; something more appropriate than I am capable of even imagining. I am feeling an inner calm more and more, less apprehension, less stress. I am feeling an inner difference that I can’t quite describe yet. And yes, small odd occurrences. Down to not being hungry (physical food) at all. Nothing sounds or looks appetizing. The other day, I had my wallet stolen. I even watched on a surveillance tape the two perps take it. I felt very little anger. There wasn’t much money in the wallet, but oddly I hoped they could use what was there and I felt sad that people are reduced to these sorts of things. It was rather different than the last time something similar happened; I had my purse snatched. I got angry that time, but what I was most angry about was that I was willing to give up the purse and readily did, but the guy roughly and forcefully shoved me to the ground. I wasn’t seriously hurt. But I was like “yeah, I really stood a chance of running after you in high heels and catching you! Right.” But I did get the last laugh and talk about instant karma!! Two men witnessed what happened to me and one ran to my side to help me up and the other ran after the perp. (Geez, I felt like the damsel in distress with not one, but two knights in shining armor - *smile*.) I was afraid for the man who ran after the perp, like what if something happened to him; like getting knifed or shot? There was only 40 bux in the purse and certainly not worth the man’s being hurt over! Within 10 minutes, the man returned with my purse. He told me he ran after the perp shouting that he was gonna keep after him till he gave up the purse. The perp eventually flung the purse at his pursuer, but the perp musta felt around inside the purse as he ran. And the perp did have some buds waiting for him in a nearby park; the direction in which he ran. There was only one item missing from the purse. It was a wallet sized/coin purse type deal. And without seeing it if you squeezed it, it was sorta soft and had the feel of wadded paper inside. What was actually inside that wallet shaped container was prepackaged tampons. True story.


Anonymous said...

mr mike james if you are reading,,,,
you sir have something rare in these times,something that is needed now more than ever,you have a heart of a king

nice post mr visibles

respects and gratefulness...neil

Miriam said...

yeah amarynth...waiting for the next impulse, the next step. Looking for the direction, listening, listening. wait for it.

wv: achleap~ ACH! LEAP!

DaveR said...

@ Serena,

The detachment is good, the story better. I hope he had his buddies gather 'round to open the prize. Lol and lol some more...

Anonymous said...

commotions diversions
inflictions despair
turmoil pathocracy
insanity no care
accordance of discord
untuned and mispelt
degeneration consumes
a living hearts wealth
men of high claims
authoritarian systems
of the unconquered self
set in false positions
the bars on the mind
of all the men that it slaved
shatter on moments
of truth fully raised


Anonymous said...

For those beings searching for a way to cope and to be more aware, the following verses may benefit.

Eight Verses for Training the Mind

by Langri Thangpa

With a determination to accomplish
The highest welfare for all sentient beings
Who surpass even a wish-granting jewel
I will learn to hold them supremely dear.

Whenever I associate with others I will learn
To think of myself as the lowest among all
And respectfully hold others to be supreme
From the very depths of my heart.

In all actions I will learn to search into my mind
And as soon as an afflictive emotion arises
Endangering myself and others
Will firmly face and avert it.

I will learn to cherish beings of bad nature
And those oppressed by strong sins and suffering
As if I had found a precious
Treasure very difficult to find.

When others out of jealousy treat me badly
With abuse, slander, and so on,
I will learn to take on all loss,
And offer victory to them.

When one whom I have benefited with great hope
Unreasonably hurts me very badly,
I will learn to view that person
As an excellent spiritual guide.

In short, I will learn to offer to everyone without exception
All help and happiness directly and indirectly
And respectfully take upon myself
All harm and suffering of my mothers.

I will learn to keep all these practices
Undefiled by the stains of the eight worldly conceptions
And by understanding all phenomena as like illusions
Be released from the bondage of attachment.

neal said...

You can say it, for a while. Then there is song, and dance, and drawing pictures with the wind, if you live to do it.
That's a blessing, or a curse, or just trusting the Love to be air, or water, when needed.
Vis, your community usually tells me I am not recognized, or accepted, electronically. That makes sense; when I don't answer, that's not rudeness, just this place- a left turn at Albuquerque.

Who needs more than one birth certificate, or photos that stand still? Ask my twin sister, if you can persuade her to talk.

Stuff is always in flux, thank goodness, but you can still be crazy if the awareness of it becomes recombinant.

Alice said...

Thank you so much...

mumblejeister said...

gleware the bobblegoom symon.
webare the gobblegoom ymons.
geware the gobbleboom snomy.

Anonymous said...

closest thing to a Big 'O' for me was a pain conversion when I, after hitting my shin getting into a car and, after one agonising attempt to push the clutch in, persisted beyond my limits and had a seizure (lesson there for a start). techinically this is a pain conversion thingy in the brain. The wonderful release is there as a benchmark though. I am currently closing in on diagnosis of the cartilage genetic defect (all working cartliges) that will, (I could be jumping the gun, but an objective rare medical observation has been made) prove a 'reason' for a large part of my life. and why would the Divine do such a thing? lessons learnt (moderation, tolerance, intuitively knowing that the issue was personal, and not projecting onto others in anger and frustration .yes, sex is used this way by many sufferers). and a good platform for detachment and seeking peace. kind of like Cat Stevens (Yussaf Islams) song Moonshadow
. Born better, I would likely have been a Corporate Jerk Pimp working for the Yids and thinking myself Oh so clever and free.

praying for the everlasting Big-O (for all) and counting my little o blessings along the way.

wv ailyted . yes, but maybe not for long, and not necessarily woeyted. (pain not suffering)

John O. said...

Hey Les,

I have a personal gobblegloom remedy that works well for me. Since we live in this temporal 3rd density complete with the appearance of sequentiality, I make a practice of daily sending myself love and peaceful energy. I remember when I was cold, alone, tired and full of dread, remorse, despair and pain. I then embrace myself and speak directly.I lovingly remind myself that all is well.

Smarter folks than me say that time is actually simultaneous and that the passage of time is a clever temporal 3rd density illusion. I like to believe this. In my mind and heart I feel connected to myself, past and future in the all encompassing now.

July seems also to me like getting caught in rapids and dodging boulders is more than a sport. I too have lost and found a lot of crap lately. Makes me desire a secretary to find stuff that has fallen out of my world.

At least I know that tomorrow I will be sending love and energy back to me in this now and that all I need do in this now is receive it.

Thanks as always for your latest post.

Best wishes, John O.

Anonymous said...

It is a moral outrage that in the wake of the extensive denunciations of Stalin's crimes throughout what was once called the Soviet bloc, not a single Stalinist secret police functionary, concentration camp commander, torturer, or executioner has been placed on trial for Stalinist crimes."

funny how those "nazis" work eh?

I'm tired of the fetishization of something called the "holocaust".

I'm tired of gravel-voiced radio personalities who boast of fighting the "Germanic death cults"

I'm tired of the further fetishization of the "holocaust" via those asserting the "Fourth Reich" is rising.

Hitler committed an alleged "genocide".

Lenin, Stalin, and Mao perfomed "internal social annihilations". (Has a redeeming quality to it, but nothing wears the strap-on with more racial pride than the "holocaust")
just a reminder....

Of those killed in twentieth-century wars, approx 33,000,000 were young men, mostly between the ages of 18 and 30

The two world wars are counted to have consumed at least 8,500,000 and 19,000,000 military lives, respectively

Other wars elsewhere in the 20th century caused an additional 6,000,000 or so military fatalities.

Civilian casualties - as actual by-product of hostilities - accounted for about 13,000,000 women, children, and older men during World War I and for about 20,000,000 during World War II, to which must be added the estimated 15,000,000 civilian Chinese deaths in the Sino-Japanese war which started prior to WW II.

Probably no less than 6,000,000 civilians perished in other conflicts....The Mexican wars, the Paraguay-Bolivia War of 1928-35, the Spanish Civil War of 1936, the India-Pakistan partition of 1947 and the subsequent two wars, the Korean war of 1950-53, the Nigerian civil war of 1967, the Vietnam war of 1961-75, and the Iran-Iraq war of 1980-87 have been the most lethal...

In the process...killing became devastatingly indiscriminate...civilians perishing in numbers as great as the military fatalities...

How so many can be seduced into the tempting "the ends justify the means"...

Stalin inherited from Lenin an efficiently operating and upwardly mobile "factory of death" for the mass destruction of political and social opponents, and he improved on it.
Because of Lenin - through mass executions during and after civil war, through massive deaths in the Gulag initiated under Lenin's direction...through mass famines induced by ruthless indifference. Lenin dismissing as unimportant deaths of the "half savage, stupid, difficult people of the Russian villages" - it can be estimated that between 6-8,000,000 people perished.

That number was subsequently tripled by Stalin. Conservative estimates of no-less than 20,000,000 and upwards to 25,000,000.

What, me gloomy?

Anonymous said...

A rant.

It's all about the jews stupid!

It's all about the money.

Woke up this morning and felt a sense of clarity about what is really happening.

The USA and israel are siblings. Their common creator is the original city of London financiers.

The ruling class on earth until around 1400 were the kings and queens and their families. They all intermarried in order to keep the money and power contained and controlled by the fraction of one percent of the population.

As non-royal (normal) people began to be educated, first as priests and then in all manner of professions, the "royal blood line" justification for the rulers and serfs began to wear thin.

The common man, as he became more educated and aware, was less and less inclined to accept a system where he toiled and the royal rulers kicked back and lived luxeriously 24/7 without doing anything resembling work.

What to do? The ruling royal class didn't want to work, they wanted to party and pursue the arts at their own leisure.

The fateful beheading of all the French royals naturally gave the royal family members living in the other countries serious reason to pause.

What to do? How to keep control of the money and power and still keep your head? A conundrum.

Necessity is said to be the mother of invention. The solution presented itself by its own volition. A goldsmith family in Germany had set up a very lucrative scam where they handed out more IOU's for gold than they had in their safe. This family had been so successful with this scam they had acquired many properties and companies and were trying to "buy" into nobility status in the countries where they successfully operated.

A deal was struck. The goldsmith scammers would be allowed to integrate and marry into the ranks of nobility if they would use their scam to preserve the money and power in those same royal families.

From the common working man's point of view this was the deal from hell because it entrenched he and his fellow (non-royal and non-scamming) man to a kind of peasant status forever. One where now both the royals and the scammers could kick back and party 24/7 with out doing any real work.

When the new world was being settled this same royal scam was operating all over europe and in many other parts of the world. That is why the wise founding fathers put into writing that the issuing of money 1) shall be gold and coins only [not fractional fiat], 2) that no one except the government shall issue money.

Patriotism is said to be tyrany wrapped in a flag, and religion is the justification of atrocities disguised as serving the "right" god.

It is through fractional fiat and usury that the whole world is kept subjugated to the royal scammers.

God created all men and women equal.
Royal scammers are not more equal than others anymore than brown people are less equal than others.

The fractional fiat and usury control of the people and their governments, and the acceptance of a priviledged nobility really needs to end.

Bailouts, restructuring, etc. will never solve the problem. A one world government and a one world currency would entrench the problem even more (if that is even possible).

Nope. The whole way the world is structured by man has to change. That means TPTB may all have to lose their heads in order to end the royal scam.

Robert Bonomo said...

Hi Les and "All the Usual Suspects" great to have everyone back..and today's piece was fantastic, I have been waiting for you to write this one for a while.. it has always been a struggle for me, and especially the last few years...it seems as the more awake I became, the more down and out it wanted to go...I really want it upward and in.. all is very good, but I know it could be so much more if only I could get over this hurdle..any more advice on it, much appreciated... and to the poster above, who woke up with the epiphany about the banksters.. you nailed it, very nicely said, you put it all in a very big perspective unlike anyone I have ever heard..hope you don't mind if I plagiarize a bit.... Les, I just shot you an email about one thing.. all good...

All the best to everyone..


Anonymous said...

Dear Les...

this gobblegloom is interesting how it plays upon our lives...

I reply to Serena's comment about loss of appetite......the same thing is happening in this home...either we are not hungry or nothing sounds good...or, we take the time to fix a wonderful meal and then not able to enjoy it...very strange...and also this lack of appetite is not creating that "weak at the knees feeling" that it should...

we too have had strange occurances that can almost edge on evil attacks...luckly nothing drastic happened...but, at the same time the outcome could have been far worse...this is why "PROTECTION" from evil energy is so important...

many are experiencing impressions in meditation...in visions and in dreams which are awakening them to their Truth within...preparing them for that which is to come...

of course the evil ones the sons of darkenss and supporting robots will deny this Truth to the last bitter end...this is to be expected...for it is their evil exploitative playground that is to be destroyed...

this planet...its total physical manifestation are not ruled by a benign Godly intellect at all...in fact ruled by an evil exploitative demigod...and trapped divine beings in his world of evil exploitation...robbing us of our divine energy...many have lost so much of their divine energy they can no longer sustain a class 4 human existance but are now lower class entities (animal, vegtable, mineral)...

true beings will begin to awaken as if from a long, drugged sleep which had them entangled in a sordid nightmare...for in Truth that is what existence on this plane has been...one big evil nightmare...

those responsive to the Father Energy will know what is going on...the ones to continue will turn more and more to the Light within and listen to that Inner Voice...they will hear the instructions of which will prepare them and erase their fears...they will be prepared, rejoiceful and fearless...

Best Wishes Always

Visible said...

ah, that must be it because I am a huge appreciator of Tommy Sterns (grin).

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Hi All,

To Serena and Laurie----The appetite loss is going on in my family too, and what makes it so odd is that our garden is approaching full burst, and none of us is much attracted to even this freshest of fresh food....I am picking and freezing or dehydrating the veggies against the day that this feeling may pass, and my friends are picking here for their tables too, but even they comment on lack of motivation ....I just don't know, I have never felt anything like this before during garden season. I love that my garden is thriving and happy, we are always thankful for what it yields us-- we tell it so every time we pick or tend. This year it seems more enjoyable than ever before to just love it's thriving presence in the yard for it's own sake.

I also want to relate a missing item story that happened to my husband and 2 of his friends before I met him.....One of his friends was very sick with the flu, and my husband stopped by his house with some books and juices, running into yet another friend of theirs who was arriving to help also. She had brought with her a number of large and beautiful crystals and stones to grid around the sick man to help him. He laid out on the floor and she proceeded to place her stones and crystals at various points in a pattern, showing them and explaining somewhat of what she was doing as she went. The sick friend fell asleep and my husband and the woman moved to the other end of the room and just relaxed and talked quietly and let time pass. No one left the room and no one came in. After about an hour the friend in the grid woke up and as my husband and the woman approached him to help him back onto the couch, the woman stopped, and then said that the Rose Quartz was missing. My husband said that there was indeed a gap in the pattern. All three of them looked thoroughly around the room --under stuff--just looked everywhere for quite awhile and it was not found. I don't know whether or not it ever popped back into her life somehow, but they all three swear that it was in that room at the beginning of the session, and then completely gone at the end.

Thanks for listening !


Anonymous said...

@ DaveR. Glad you got a laugh. For me, it made the scrapes and bruises I received in that incident less ouchy.

@ Laurie & Deb. Not eating much, but my energy level is still high too. It’s sorta like eating was some habit I picked up and now I'm just am not interested any more.

Gardening - vegetable salads are my favorite. Understand about just having the privilege of watching them flourish. Sharing your energy with the plants and watching the miracles happen so quickly and never tiring of seeing it. Sigh.

@ Les - missed you! Your words, and a few others and most of the people here who share their energy, really greatly assist and keep me trudging onward. Thank you, Les and the rest.

Love & Hugs -- Serena

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

“See matter transformed into spirit before your very eyes.”

It happens when prasadam (unoffered food) becoming prasadam, or food sanctified by the Lord.

“OK, now it’s going to happen. You are going to see spirit manifest before your very eyes.”

The plate of unoffered food, which was the feast for that day, was brought in and placed in front of a picture of Panca-tattva (Lord Chaitanya and His four main associates). A devotee then bowed down, rang the bell, and uttered some mantras.

Finally he stood and declared, “Here it is! We brought in ordinary food, and now it’s transformed into spiritual substance.”

“The proof will be that you eat it now and see the effect that it has.”

As Krishna says, pratyakshavagamam dharmyam: “The principle of religion is understood by direct experience.” (Bhagavad-gita 9.2)

Ray B. said...

Hi, Vis.

I have had a bunch of small things 'pop in' like you describe in your column - 'pop out' and then 'pop in' in your examples - like a desired grocery item, book, etc., but the following was definitely food for thought...

Around 2002, Liz and I made a two-and-a-half hour drive to the Oregon coast. I had driven directly through, so my butt was ready to be out of the car. We turned out onto a favorite beach location. The parking area was just a 'T' - a single, short lane from the main road, T-ing into a row of parking slots facing the beach.

Disappointment: All the slots immediately ahead were full. I sighed, and then swept my eyes left and right across the slot positions. Between the time that I started sweeping and returned my eyes to center (about 4-5 seconds), a 'hole' had appeared in the car line directly in front of us. However, no car had pulled out or was passing us.

My jaw dropped, which was also echoed by Liz. We confirmed with each other exactly what had just happened. (Two witnesses; cool!) Then, we just shrugged our shoulders and drove forward into the slot (with thanks).

(For the record, neither of us was on drugs, alcohol, medication, lack of sleep, fugue state, or other 'condition' to explain it neatly away...)

Now, why I am bringing this up has to do with the GobblyGloom. Whenever I am faced with circumstances that would bring in that condition, I remember that occurrence. Somewhere on that great line of Being leading back to Everything/Nothing/God, someone had the power, compassion, and love to manifest that for two folks on a minor trip. (Or, Higher me/her and Beyond, if you like...) It is greatly encouraging and humbling, and contemplating it deeply does dispel GobblyGloom; even inspiring renewed purpose.

(It is also not for the faint of heart, as contemplating this does lead me down some disturbing 'Alice in Wonderland' holes. However, contemplating it is worth it for me. There is a much, much bigger 'game' afoot.)

Hope this helps someone...

Anonymous said...

my remote is missing.


Anonymous said...

exactly so les.
Thank you
Mo viible

Visible said...

New Petri Dish-

Rumblemania Steel Cage Match; Evil vs Evil.



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