Friday, July 15, 2011

Sunglasses of Serendipity.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

It’s not the best thing to wake up and be already tired. If you are tired then you might want to look out for the horse manure when you tip toe through the tulips; if you are in the habit of letting your horse run around under your windowsill, as you tip toe through the tulips for whatever reason. Maybe you are in Holland? Of course, if you live near a canal you can use a sea horse. Sometimes I would wish I could be one of those sea horses you get in the mail and you just add water and you can gallop through the tumbling waves as you ride the surf to shore over and over.

But it is crimson clover as the blood and money run into mood indigo with this kind of thing. So now the tide is turning and deep mischief is going to come to light and all sorts of strange appearances are going to be doing a thing or two. The star ship of our consciousness is hovering over the wide expanding deck of our collective destinies. We are going to see some things soon in this lifetime. The psychedelic revolution opened the eyes of the world to its possibilities. Dreams are born from those dying and returning to the answer of what they had not accomplished. Anger and rage and knowledge of things hidden is coming too. All of this is coming for display on your tomorrow.

People talk about truth and some might seek to find it; some few, in these times the truth is just going to appear. You won’t have to look for it. Of course you can turn away and many do. It is always the many that do the many things that make the truly horrific crimes possible. We all help when our allegiance sways into the chiaroscuro. In these times, the truth is just going to show up, that’s how it goes in an apocalypse. Everything is moving to and fro.

Truth is like a tsunami. The water recedes from the beach to reveal what has been concealed and then comes the response, thundering onto the shore and tearing away the edifices that harbored the commission of the crime. Earthquakes operate in a similar fashion. You can think of some gigantic lady rolling over in her bed in response to some kind of pestering annoyance.

Since everything is mind and made out of mind stuff; if you want to look at it from that perspective, our world is a reflection of our occupation in the sum total; been and gone; one reason to revere or curse your ancestors, as it turns out they happen to be many of you in a returned form. Maybe blessing yourself ahead and behind is not such a bad idea (grin). Philip Jose Farmer wrote a fantastic series called Riverworld and fans of C.S, Lewis and Tolkien would run amiss if they missed it. There are few things I enjoy so much as a good read. When I was a child in France, I used to sit in fruit trees and read books, when I could. There were classics like Tom Sawyer and Rudyard Kipling moving in my world inside, otherwise my world was horrific on the outside. I had to escape the punishment of being an offspring of authoritarian military force and part of the changing dimension of a new becoming.

It was dark times with light through the cracks and it is still dark times but with more light running through more cracks; probably because there just that much more crack available, in every sense of the word. (Warning! Potential spew moment after the fact)

We hold these things invisible (grin) but we can make them so.

In times of awakening there are stretches and starts, it varies, but the fact is that after each new unveiling we are more aware than we were before. Subsequently, we are seeing more deeply and comprehending more comprehensibly. In other words, we are starting to get the picture. Some of us have a good piece of the picture but most of us do not, that is coming more into the picture; if you catch my drift. The net of rising awareness is expanding out to the most outness regions of out. Everything is being lifted up, whether it likes it or not (otherwise it gets the hose. Bark, bark.). In many cases this may just an annoyance (if you are a mountain or a valley) but the rest of us are going to start noticing things.

I mentioned that some sunglasses, among other things (not mentioned) had gone missing and returned. Yesterday, Susanne came in with a pair of expensive Hugo Boss (I have no idea who that is) sunglasses that she found laying in the park while walking the dogs. She left them the first time but came back a half an hour later and they were still laying there. So now I have them as interest on the sunglasses that I didn’t lose in the first place. I’ll go by the lost and found next week and we’ll see if the owner has a clue, otherwise I suppose I’m stuck with then. I will only keep them because there are no LED tracer lights spelling out Hugo Boss over the nose rim... heh, heh.

There is an interesting catch to the story. A couple of years ago, I bought very similar sunglasses at a flea market (knockoffs I guess) for ten dollars and I had several people come up to me and ask me where I got them because they liked them and I did too. They broke eventually, as knockoffs do but it’s the thought that counts and the check is in the mail.

Everyone is looking at the world through their own sunglasses and that accounts for perspective but something in the atmosphere is changing the lens factor across the board. Some people wear them to keep people out and some wear them to lure people in and some even use them as sunglasses; I’m not kidding. They really do. Anyway, ironically so, since it is summer, sunglasses aren’t going to make any difference anymore. A lot of what is happening is happening because of the sun. The sun is the authority in the sky. The Sun is also some kind of authority in the UK but that’s about to change, cause the sun is not going to shine in Rupert’s back door some day. Watch and see.

In any case, I’m off to the therme-bad for the day. I wished I could have taken my guests there this time around but it didn’t happen according to plan, as so many things tend not to do these days. Making plans is a scary proposition at the moment, cause the main plan is pressing its case. We’re just going to have to wait and see.

The thing that surprises me the most is that I don’t see as many people jumping off the ship of doom as I had expected. From my position on the opposite shore I can see through my high tech binoculars that the deck chairs are all taken. I see waving handkerchiefs and all kinds of action; cue Tom Wait’s “Foreign Affair”.

I’ll see you on the other end of the other end, or this end, depending on what end I wind up on. In the meantime, you have my good wishes and gratitude for presence.

End Transmission........

Oh, I forgot
My Sunglasses by Les Visible♫ My Sunglasses ♫


Anonymous said...

sounds like susanne found my sunglasses
i'll stop by to pick them up and leave an offering
of appreciation for the kindness

agnes mackenzie

Anonymous said...

niiiice B-)

Mouser said...

Peace and love to you Sir. Fine post. Thank you.


Therearenosunglasses said...

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

"It's very far away
It takes about a half and a day to get there
If we travel by my uh, dragon-fly
No it's not in Spain
But all the same you know, it's a groovy name
And the wind's just right.
Hey !

Hang on my darling
Hang on if you wanna go
Here it's a really groovy place
It's uh, just a little bit of uh, said uh, Spanish Castle Magic.

The clouds are really low
And they overflow with cotton candy
And battle grounds red and brown
But it's all in your mind
Don't think your time on bad things
Just float your little mind around
Look out ! Ow !

Hang on my darling, yeah
Hang on if you wanna go
Get on top, really let me groove baby with uh Just a little bit of Spanish Castle Magic. Yeah baby,
Here's some
Yeah, ok babe, ok
It's still all in your mind babe
Oww !
Yeah !

Ah !

Ev'rything's gonna be alright!"

Mouser said...

Allow collapse.

ALL private central bank debt be made null and void.

End all private central banks and usury on government issued currency universally.

Hang all Rothschild and zionist associates if they obstruct the end of this crime syndicate. They will lose every single penny or their heads - their choice.

amarynth said...

If there is 'this end or that end' in the end. In the process, it is absolutely essential to water your bee hives (grins)

John O said...

Hey Les and All,

Does it seem to anyone else that self knowledge is always bad news?

Does it seem to anyone else that we always create the demon that eats us?

Does it seem to anyone else that the ego always saves it's own most precious delusions for last?

Does it seem to anyone else that all of us here on the planet at this time are going to have our last and most closely held secrets blown completely and utterly away?

Are we all approaching our own personal checkmate?

Is there such a thing as the yoga of despair?

Is all of this sturm and drang serving a higher purpose?

Does it seem to anyone else that you are being systematically dismantled?

Does anyone else out there feel that the aftermath of all this destruction of what we secretly cherish will be an awakening of all we have forgotten?

Or is it just me?

Just don't know anymore, John O

Miriam said...

Thanks Vis.
I can't stand sunglasses, they are so dark and I can't see.
More SHTF and hoorah for it. Cabal's infighting? Well let them make stew of each other and use those coffins on themselves.
Sun is doing its job of throwing off the shadows. Makes some crazy and burn on the spot. Others recharged.
I love summer as never before.

Anonymous said...

And so it goes...

For those accustomed to moving around,"time to go" is just another step in the dance.

Inertia, sad to say, still can't come out and play.

Anonymous said...

"The business of the journalists is to destroy the truth, to lie outright, to pervert, to vilify, to fawn at the feet of mammon, and to sell his country and his race for his daily bread. You know it and I know it, and what folly is this toasting an independent press? We are the tools and vassals of rich men behind the scenes. We are the jumping jacks, they pull the strings and we dance. Our talents, our possibilities and our lives are all the property of other men. We are intellectual prostitutes."
JohnSwinton, 1830-1901, Former chief-of-staff New York Times

Not much has changed then! enough said...


Anonymous said...


Even when you foresee terrible trouble; for better or worse we all have ties that bind us to our home.

I think some may call it love.

Anonymous said...

I can remember as a kid being shocked to realize that other people don't necessarily think the way I do. I can remember being very puzzled as to why a certain person would disagree with the way I saw things. It always seemed weird to me that people couldn't see that there was little need for war hunger and most forms of suffering but I seemed to be in a minority.

I found an interesting example of how your thinking affects your perception. Hope you enjoy this.

Which way is she Spinning ?

Hint: Try watching this while adding 3 numbers together in your head and then watch it while thinking about a mountain stream.

Thanks for your Blogs LV

Patrick V1.0

( I see her spinning clockwise which surprised me)

Noor al Haqiqa said...

I began to wear sunglasses because John Lennon did. He said they kept people out. Being a private person I agreed. When I lived in a slimy part of town, they allowed me protection from the prying eyes of desperate immigrants looking for.. "affection". When I was Muslim, they allowed me to look at things good Muslim women are supposed to ignore, ie handsome men. But always, always was actually because the light of the sun blinds me.

Les this is one of your most inspirational posts ever. Your comment about ancestors. I tell people I care about the world and do what I do for my children and my children's children but that I am no altruist because I AM my children's children!

Just a hopeful post.

Remember, the future's so bright, you gotta wear shades!

Neko Kinoshita said...

Hmm, Sunglasses.

Always fun to find in the unfolding.


Anonymous said...

Happy day,
my favorite epitaph
and I have to laugh
sayin hey and
happy, happy day.

With love, MV

John O said...

Thank God it IS just me. Whew!!

John O

Anonymous said...

Now there’s an image

“Hey Zeke, heard an awful racket last night. You trying to poke the old lady again?”

“Naaa, that was just an earthquake.”

~ It ain’t over till the fat lady rolls


Anonymous said...


"Let us therefore animate and encourage each other, and show the world that a free man, contending for his liberty on his own ground, is superior to any slavish mercenary on earth." George Washington, July 2, 1776

Anonymous said...

pierre said (in Nah Nah, Blah Humbug mode)...

I don't like people who wear sunglasses in public other than for summer protection purposes. They are avoiding eye contact and protecting their preyvacy (sic) whilst obviously perving on everyone else.

One Bill Cosby show had an indoors scene, the son was going out for the nightlife and bill says "why you got them on for, the moon too bright for you". Hehe

slow day

wv bautzie. a properly funded and fully paid for ponzie scheme .

Kray Z8 said...

Thank you, Les and Friends. As usual, much symbiotic synchronicity on this one, from the shades to being one's own ancestors/decendents.

Your recurring theme of uncertainty, also mentioned by John O. and others, fits the circumstances. Politicians talk change, but we're entering an era of changes unlike anything seen for millenia, if ever. Even our fundamental "laws" of physics are changing. I'd sooner trust a person who was honestly confused than one who was fraudulently certain. After all, it was the so-called "experts" who knew more than the rest of humanity who created most of the major problems on the planet.

There will come a time, probably soon, when confused people will have the valuable advantage of not having to shed their identity with their illusions in order to adjust to whatever reality is manifesting. The same cannot be said for those who "know" what's going on!

The only true identity any of us has is holistic. As long as we are trying as best we can to spread the Love, we'll all have identity and certainty enough.

LV and All, keep the wheel turning. Peace, Love, Serenity.


Zionist NWO/Agenda 21 said...

Agenda 21 is the practical plan and guide from 1992 by the zionist NWO to control the world.

See the 10 min video link.

Think. Compehend. React.

Ready to rumble said...

GREAT video about the Spanish revolution - glaringly absent from ALL zionist MSM.

Anonymous said...

Dear Les...

there are many different shades...then there is those that live in their Rose colored glasses..."Maya" the grand illusion...

i prefer shades off...let it all pour in...then take that to my inner truth...sort it out and await the and my inner truth live in complete harmony...we are as one...i seldom use the monkey mind although i do catch myself every now and then...

those prepared are ready (bring it on)...glasses or no glasses they are spiritually ready for coming attraction no matter how horrifying it may become...for the erradication of evil will expose more than some can handle if not prepared will turn many crazy...

Best Wishes Always

Anonymous said...

rainbows lift
summers water
nature streams
wonders call of
starry skys
mountain roots
flower circles
feather plumes
climbing hearts
forming union
cosmic thrust
lifes infusion
brush the air
natures feilds
of all aware


Gypsy Scholar said...

"One aspect of the fraudulent Global War on Terror that is often overlooked is the issue of the targeted nation’s central bank system.
Most of these countries that we have lied about and invaded, from Afghanistan to Iraq and now Libya, had state owned central banks.
In 2003, one of the very first things we did in Iraq after taking over was to privatize the central bank of Iraq.
In Libya the rebels set up a privately owned central bank along with an oil ministry to replace the nationalized oil industry of Libya.
Iran also has a state owned central banking system and in Yemen we are there fighting to prevent a legitimate revolution that has promised, among other things, to get rid of their corrupt privately owned central banking system.

Yes there is a terrorist war taking place right now all across the world and especially here in America. But the terrorists are not angry Muslims or radical leftists, they are bankers wearing two thousand dollar suits and commuting from their green-zone gated communities to their towers of steel and glass in your downtown financial districts. They don’t hang out in caves and plot their destruction, they relax with corrupt politicians at the 19th hole and sip single malts while doing lines of Peruvian blow.

And they do hate you for your freedom… because it costs them profits.

These are the terrorists and there are no others.

They bomb children in Libya for money.

They torture innocent people from all over the world for money.

They pillage, they plunder, they steal as much as they can and they are constantly working to make your life worse. In fact, they are actively striving to make your life as bad as they possibly can… they want you kicked out of your home, they want you unemployed, they want to steal your meager retirement money… and they are getting away with it because politicians, even those who once promised you “CHANGE”, are all on the take."


A defacto international crime syndicate robbing your offspring of a good life for hundreds of years to come.

Believe it.

Gypsy Scholar said...

Scott Creighton;

"Without the destruction of the protections of the Glass-Steagall Act, or the Banking Act of 1933 none of this would have happened. Part of the Roosevelt’s New Deal program, this Glass-Steagall separated commercial and investment banking institutions. This kept Wall Street firms from becoming “Too Big Too Fail” and from betting on the demise of the liar loans they created. Glass-Steagall was destroyed by the previous administration, the Clinton administration, just prior to their leaving office, setting up what would come later under Bush. They also made it illegal to regulate the very derivatives that would end up fueling this latest great depression. When one looks at it clearly one can see that both parties, working in near perfect synchronicity, conspired with the banks to defraud the people of this country and to cripple the economy in such a way that now they are able to pass certain reforms which would have been unthinkable in 1999.

They (the banks and financial institutions) made money on this plot of theirs in every conceivable way and they continue to this day to profit immensely from their scheme.

Not only did they profit from the government programs designed to help unqualified buyers with their down payments, but the profited from the payments made, from the bundling of the loans, from betting against the loans when they were doomed to fail, from the eventual foreclosures and resale of the property, and then from the bailouts and backdoor bailouts as well.

Institutions like Goldman Sachs also profited from the global market application of this economic terrorism in countries like Spain and Greece where they did approximately the same thing and now their governments are being forced to take money from the IMF in exchange for crippling the living conditions of their people just to pay Goldman Sachs for the privilege of selling them worthless junk (which they bet against because they knew it was worthless junk)

The banks who were “Too Big Too Fail” profited by buying up smaller, more solvent institutions with all that bailout money.

They profit from the endless war on terror, another fraudulent construct of these very same people, and again in complete collusion with members of both political parties."

This man's writings are so accurate I feel they need to be shared.


P.S. We have our backs against the proverbial wall now - so please keep your heads up!

Visible said...

New Smoking Mirrors-

Dog Poet Transmitting The Apocalypse.

neal said...

Sending blessings around is a good idea, even if psychic chiggers and free radicals usually hop along for the ride.
The itch that cannot be scratched is a small price to pay for rains of frogs and fishes, bees appearing from nowhere, and histories with friends not yet encountered.

There's no money back there or up ahead, but bargains can still be had- you can still trade the memory of a song for a shiny rock.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish-

Willingly Marching to the Guillotine and Auto Da Fe.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors-

Rupert Murdoch Dogpaddles over the Cosmic Sewer.

Anonymous said...

I like my Cheap Sunglasses ala ZZ Top

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up-

Musing on the Banks of a Dry River Bed.

Robin Redbreast said...

Beautiful people, thank you for existing ;(



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