Friday, June 22, 2012

Changes and Journeys and Hare Krishna Murders.

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May your noses always be noses and always on your face,

Ah yes, changes and changes; appearances and sensations of change, rumors of change, rumors of war, rumors masquerading as truth in pursuit of war, the ultimate banker's sexual fantasy with blood as the lubricant and submission unto death for the perpetual bottom, humanity.

It is a time of lies and the redundancy of lies about Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen-amen, Sudan and Somalia, Egypt, Libya, Syria and the never ending genocide in Palestine; home of the original inhabitants at the non existent mercy of non native invaders, pretending to be the people they are exterminating; no rational, reasonable or in any manner of truth possible as anything else, ah, yes. Finally there is Iran in the gunsights of those who want that endless extent of plundered landscape.

It is a time of election manipulations with hardly an exception, except in countries not yet under the boot of those who have no more than a farce in respect of the democratic process. The heinous machine of Little Georgie Sorrows and the Zionist controlled Department of State, their minions and media, pathologically lying about the free elections in countries other than the US, where it is a humorless joke. Hypocrisy abounds and the hypocrites dance in shameless abandon, incapable of embarrassment, self reflection or concern, drunk on the illusion of power not their only, simply on loan and soon to be repossessed. The note has come due. The utilities will be shut off. They will learn the meaning of “turn your head and cough”, followed by the probing finger wave. God's own TSA will be manning the borders and doors; frightening four armed demons in their uniform suits, asking for documents and papers that cannot be found. The special internment camps will open. The bullhorns will sound and the lights will go off.

It has been a pleasure to walk across these times with you. We have been constant companions. Perhaps we have even been friends. Absence and disappearance may happen but the dynamic never ends. We've learned a great deal in this mutual exchange. We're part of each other and the resonance holds. It is stronger than all opposition. It cannot be controlled.

Now and then I watch the counter, I've seen two hundred and fifty readers at one time, from countries I never heard of before. They come in from Kosovo and Borneo, Sumatra and the Russian Federation. There's a man in Ulanbatur and a man in Mozambique ('ten thousand dead in The Congo, a friend of mine died in Peru and another man's in Mozambique, order me another Tequila sunrise, I gotta go take a leak'). Yes there's a reader in Mozambique. He caught a case of Bilharzia snails. I haven't heard from him in months. I hope he's okay.

It's a strange thing to see all those countries scroll by with people I'll never meet. Now and then someone drops by from Texas or Sweden. One on them lives not 9 kilometers from here and we corresponded for a couple of years until I saw the name of the town he lives in. We take walks in the woods and talk about the people we've read. He took me to a Bear Lacht cluster and I made a pesto from it that was so good, people keep wanting more. Several jars go off to the solstice party this weekend. I made a huge lasagna like casserole but I won't be eating any of it. The food there is remarkable. People bring so many things, all of them of gut schmeckt. Suddenly I'm not going. It's the highlight of my year. Why am I not going? I don't know why. All of the people I'm close to around here will be there. They won't understand this and I won't be dancing all night around that enormous bonfire, while the drums go on and on into the night. I'll just be here, as much as I am ever 'here'. Where is 'here'? Well, it won't be there.

The cars all loaded, thank goodness the driver is not. Soon the car will depart. There's always the chance someone will call and insist on coming to get me, even though it's a hundred K from here, or someone from somewhere will have yet to go and swing by. I don't expect it but I've left that option open. It's not fair to those I only see on this occasion for those long raps about so many things. My friend Roy from India will be there. We often sit at some tables in the shade. I have a few beers and we wax rhapsodic about all kinds of things. Roy is one of those people that is so wonderful to talk with. He's one of those well educated Indians and he tells me all kinds of things about India.

I've been mentioning India and how someone was going to invite me some where. I've talked about the Kumbh Mela and how I wasn't sure I would attend again. Then on the radio show I mentioned how I was going to get an invitation and it could mean my disappearing into the Himalayas or somewhere and the very next day, someone who had not heard the radio show, wrote to tell me that he wanted to buy me a couple of weeks in a yoga retreat in Arunachala along with a round-trip plane ticket and some indication of expenses covered, though I should have a certain measure of that. Of all the places I had wanted to go in India, Arunachala was at the top of the list with Rishikesh following and so that will happen as well, right there in the foothills of the Himalayas.

You've heard the story about how I came to be in Europe and was announcing it for a few months on stage at my gigs and then, whoomph, there I was and have been for 13 years almost. This happened the same way; odd about all that. Yesterday I had a long conversation with my primary invisible friend who told me all kinds of things about what might come to pass there, some of them pretty incredible but I've suspended all disbelief in the face of so much that was unbelievable before it happened and happened again.

I'm supposed to maybe go to Romania, the fellow who offered me a house there is going to stop by in about six weeks on his way there. I once had an astro-cartography reading done for me and Romania was right there on a major line, indicating a dreamy child-like state filled with all manner of supernatural possibility. Odd how that presented itself too and that is Transylvania. He says that wolves have followed him home of a night walking the one kilometer from the village to the house. There are bears there and all sorts of things. The Carpathian mountains are somewhere around. I think of Keanu Reeves, riding in that coach along that high windy road toward that castle. Yikes! I suppose I could go, I'm not afraid of things like that, not with all the garlic I eat (grin) and no one I've ever met eats as much garlic as I do. It's interesting, when I first started eating it; my friend Peter and I used to make a couple of slices of toast each morning, butter them and cover the whole surface of the bread with sliced garlic and then liberally sprinkle cayenne over it, popping it into the oven for a short time. What a way to start the day. Of course we would radiate it for ten feet around. People would notice and it was peculiar. Some people didn't mind at all and some minded a lot but the one's who minded were often vampires of a sort. Then something funny happened over the years, you couldn't smell it on me most of the time. Garlic is a blood purifier and you smell because the smell attends the poisons being pushed out of the skin and you really smell it when someone eats it with meat. I don't eat meat.

There's a two hundred page book called The Book of Garlic, that's how many things it does. Everyone should read it. It's very interesting. Then there's that force some of us have that's like an invisible crucifix and that thing about the devil being turned into an angel of light at the given moment and which scares the be-jesus out of fundies cause it implies all kinds of things they don't want to know about and why it's been reworked to such a degree in The Bible that it no longer even says that because the devil they are actually worshiping isn't too keen on them catching on. Well, there's a whole lot of mysterious shit going on in broad daylight behind a transparent curtain which turns real opaque when viewed through the necessary filter of ignorance that protects the viewer from undesirable illuminations and realizations that require massive adjustments that get in the way of all that bloodthirsty mayhem being carried on in the name of the one who isn't present and I guess you get the idea.

The thing is, no one is hiding from anyone. People are hiding whatever from themselves so as to be able to pursue the things they would have to stop engaging in, were they actually to see what they claim they are seeking after and claim to be serving. That would just mess up all that secret and, unfortunately not suppressed stuff that keeps breaking through the weakest link in the chain that's around their neck but manifesting in another geographic location; 'doing the old Sandusky as we like to call it around here.

I finished reading Monkey on a Stick again and thought, “Good grief, I'd forgotten what total psychopathic swine some of those guys were/are, like Kirtanananda, Hansadutta, Dharmatma, Drescher and all the other filth but... it makes sense to me, Kali Yuga, exactly what needed to act out, unfortunately for the poor girls, women and young boys affected by the mindblowing abuse along with the indifference of authorities and some of the incredible public demonstrations with guns and what not. Man! No question that was all grooved to go on until there was little doubt about any of it. I wonder where that Kirtananada is now. He belongs in a cell. Well, not my area of enforcement, is it.

See you at Smoking Mirrors in the next day or two.

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tmcfall said...

Garlic & Cayenne!!!!! An awesome combination. I feel I really need to go some where, but I don't know where (yet) and I have no resources to get this there.Still, it feels like it's coing.
Love & Gratitude!
Tom in Tempe Arizona (only 109 degrees today)

Visible said...

Sorry about the typos if you just read this. I've fixed them now, making it easier to read. Alright, carry on

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Kirtanananda died on October 24, 2011 at a hospital in Thane, near Mumbai, India, aged 74. His brother, Gerald Ham, reported the cause of death to be kidney failure.

According to Wiki, anyway.

kenny said...

I dug 53 nice heads of garlic a couple of weeks ago but it seems the more you have the more you use. As I say every year "this fall I'll plant more."

All the best to you for enlightenment and fun in your travels.

Lee said...

Les, in a previous blog, I can not remember which one, you mentioned something about "the love of money is the root of all evil". I was thinking along the same lines too.

My take on it is that people love their material possessions so much they will protect it like a dog fighting over a bone. It all is beginning to make sense. As for me, I lost many possessions including musical equipment and instruments. I made a choice to give them away since they would just weigh me down since I have a little car, which is pretty much my only thing left and the contents in it.

I'm going through this trial for the purposes of demonstration. Believe it or, I am getting some food and money from friends and strangers. Amazing how things like that are happening. Of course, you know all about that. *smile*


Visible said...

Well, Lee, that was just a couple of days ago and the operative point is the 'love of', not money itself. that's something we will all have some version of and we'll either respect it or be some kind of slut.

Yeah, I do know about that. It was a shaky circumstance for some while until my faith became stronger than my uncertainty, since then I can pretty much call it out of the air, should it occur to me that it is necessary to do so; most times, I don't have to concern myself with it because it comes when it is supposed to and leaves when it needs to show up somewhere else. It's always there, more than I will ever need anyway.

Aelios Kalypso said...

just experienced ineffable beauty and moved to share:

Richie (Dana) said...

"It's a strange thing to see all those countries scroll by with people I'll never meet."

Ahh now Mr Visible, I just think you will meet those people at some point.

Bang-up job here and greatly appreciated.

Much Love

Caltus86 said...

Greetings all, I really enjoyed reading this post. Lord Visible, you make us hunger more for your wisdom. It seems like the road leading to these earthly mansions are paved with the blood of human, swine and other creatures. At times I wonder if the shoes on our feet will protect us from the stain.
Peace, Love and Blessings

est said...

first there is the thought
or first there is the wind

second is the sound of words
on which these hopes are pinned

third there is reflection
like the moon upon the sea

fourth there's realization
that all this speaks to me

a whisper in my ear
a little light ahead

there is nothing
i can't endure

i'm sure that's
what's been said

Visible said...

Caltus 86, the whole point is not worrying about it. Fear is the primary weapon we use on ourselves. It starts out as uncertainty and not knowing where our reliance is based. Then one becomes meat for the already present appetites of the powers and principalities.

As Michail Aivanov once said, if people knew who dropped in for lunch while they were having sex, people would be a lot more careful about it. How it goes, not that that registers. In tonight's radio show I tried to address that, but, that is how it does go and why people seem to feel they need all those lifetimes when "success is speedy for the energetic".

Steve said...

Re Monkey on a stick: It is amazing how people can convince themselves someone is something they are not even in the light of such obvious monstrosities. There are many lessons in that book. It was also interesting how the higher authorities within law enforcement refused to go there in the early stages. Almost like they wanted to let it ride so as to allow ISKON to destroy itself and in turn, turn away any open minded intelligent people from making a candid investigation of the Bagavata. So it has been throughout history.

What a horror show. I can see how those young men got all corrupted when the power they suddenly found themselves holding proved to great for them, but to take it to that level? Fuck. Some started out with good intentions I'm sure, and others were most probably planted within the movement for no other reason than to control it's coarse and destroy it and launder large amounts of cash at the same time. At the end of the day it comes down to "for the purpose of demonstration" though, and we learn from these extremes where to spot techniques of coercion within our own daily lives on a subtler level, remove them and become better people.


onething said...

I love it that you express two of my naughtiest theories; first that certain people are actually lovers and worshipers and promoters of the Adversary, and second that said Adversary influences scripture in various ways, and the theological interpretations thereof.

Visible said...

In that particular case it's been going on since shortly after the appearance which is why such serious departures between "greater things shall you do that I have done because I go now unto my father" and the same old same old voiceless idols that allow for the priests to interpret the voice. That's the difference between the illumined and child molesters; not that paying attention is anyone's strong suit.

Anonymous said...

"If a man does away with his traditional way of living and throws away his good customs,
he had better first make certain that he has something of value to replace them."

-Robert Ruark

Visible said...

For those of you wondering about Mexico, I thought I would give you an example of when I was deep in the mix. It never got to be more than this and you might like this. Sometimes when I don't say anything there is a very good reason. It is usually to protect the feelings of people who don't care about mine but you do what you can do and more than that, you can't do. It's always like this. There is no getting around it. Life is for the living and... hearts are for the giving. Well, you be the judge. I'll be gone soon. You tell me if I fucked up.

Through my whole life the biggest problem is people wanting to sit next to me, while it was happening and all I wanted was to exit stage right in the first place. It always puts me in a difficult position of having to decide what I can allow, given who I serve. Invariably, I have to take the weight. I don't mind it really but I'm not going to change it.

You have to make your own mind up. Nothing else is authentic and nothing else works.

Visible said...

I hope at least that some of you caught the song. It tends to apply but like the radio show, people hear but they don't listen; success is speedy for the energetic, or am I talking to myself?

zepheri said...

est or is it esp
really liked your pros and cons
ice cream cones and false batons
complexity can bring us many false reports
seems the only issue is psychological import

Alan Jong said...

You're the Gentler Deal, Legal Tender in the coming age.
God Bless, You!

from Miss American for Federal Jack said...

The very ‘humans’ who have gained their immense wealth and power through the centuries from the sweat and toil of others, and who have arranged the world to steal anything they want without lifting a finger, are the same ones who have appointed themselves as the new God’s of the universe.  These carnival barkers actually believe they have the final word on who, and how many humans belong on this planet!!  Of course, we have yet to see any of them step up and volunteer to be an example to the rest of us in their zealotry to demonize “the earth’s human plague”, and actually help reduce the world’s population!!  Any critically thinking person would be looking over their shoulder for the white coats to take us away in straightjackets if WE went around spouting the very same ludicrous nonsense they have come up with.  Global warming has turned into climate change? Now there’s something you can’t argue with!!  It’s why weather reports were invented!  The hysterical and rabid environmental ‘Gods’ seem to have been blessed with crystal balls and know exactly how the earth is going to behave.

One doesn’t even need to look beneath the surface or read between the lines, to see the gigantic lies, blatant deceptions, and the insanity of it all.  You have to think that trying to pull off this grand scheme, and how voraciously absurd it is, is part of the rush they are thoroughly enjoying, while they madly jerk on their multitude of puppet strings. 
When you have destroyed every moral code possible, committed every kind of crime, violated every local and global law, indulged in all manner of unspeakable human abuses, what is left?

This is where the self-appointed New Gods provide the proof that they are indeed the devil in disguise, and so mentally ill they don’t fit any framework for even the most gifted psychiatrist to classify. I wonder.  Have you given any thought at all to the up front and in your face hypocrisy they have put on the plate for you to consume?   Or the brutality with which they demand that we obey?  Their ruthlessness is the giveaway that will tell you who you are dealing with.  Electric utilities are shutting off power to elderly people who do not want Smart Meters!

Think about these items from very small, to beyond all comprehension, when you hear their buzzwords the next time. On second thought, they have realized the world is waking up and have drawn up new buzzwords for their agenda, but here are the ones you are catching onto and are sick of already:

THE TRUTH: WE are destined to be the newly listed endangered species! According to The Gods, we are now the earth’s invasive species that must also be gunned down by their current Agenda 21 conference in Rio de Janeiro.

Of all the eco-fascists penning down proposals, Paul Ehrlich may be considered the most bloodthirsty of the bunch- with his continuing insistence on massive population reduction.

“And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…"
― Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn
Remember, there are MORE OF US THAN THERE ARE OF THEM!

Erica said...

No Vis,you aren't talking to yourself.
I was deeply moved by the Mexico broadcast.
Thank you for being my guru.
ps-'dung golem'-ha,ha!-don't intend to become one.

Whitewraithe said...

There is no greater threat, no single issue more important than exposing this racist, hate-filled ideology for what it is; a vile, evil, corrupt poisonous way of life that is the antithesis of decent, moral behavior and rational thought

we in the real world are blinded by this enemy even when it is right upon us discarding our civil liberties, dumbing-down our education, or, aborting the unborn all in the name of multiculturalism, diversity and political correctness. The rules of the cultural battlefield changed before anyone knew what really happened and we are still struggling to catch up to an enemy that knows us far better than we know ourselves.

This enemy soon realized that humanity is a weak, pleasure-seeking species and they use that to their advantage and to our peril. For all of its pitfalls true Christianity is still one of the best spiritual disciplines to combat humanity’s weaknesses; not the religious Christianity of organized faith, but the teachings and wisdom of the Christ. Jesus’ words to the people are filled with hope, peace, love, forgiveness and charity, which are all in direct opposition to Judaism and Zionism. Yet today in America we hear little to nothing about Christ’s inspirational messages because the culture is inundated with decadence and debauchery on a scale we haven’t seen in modern times.

My Bible history tells me that God’s covenant is no longer with the The Children of Israel but instead with Jesus and his followers according to the New Testament. So why are Christian Zionists and Israel’s Jews (Hebrew/Israelite impostors) desperately trying to convince the world otherwise?

There was never a moment like now for you to get right with God.

Clarity said...

Aelios Kalypso, thank you for sharing the link. What a beautiful song, and a gorgeous voice. I found a few other songs of hers that I have bookmarked.

est, again, I am enjoying your words... merci.

Visible, the link you posted is the one I watched a few nights ago. I haven't heard the radio show yet, but the song... The song hit me in a powerful way. It is half of what I needed. Beautiful, and I'm not just referring to the lyrics.

Whitewraithe, some interesting and important words. It is hard to get people to understand the evil of this ideology. Hell, they look up at the lines zig-zagging the sky and convince themselves that they aren't there. If they can't "see" the concrete, how will they ever see the abstract? The evidence is too easy to write off to something else.

To all... my summer has begun and I hope to make good use of my time. One of the first things on my list is to get rid of a lot of things I don't need. I prefer to give them to a place where they will go to people who will really benefit, or if the items are sold, a place that will direct the money to worthy causes. Any ideas on good places for donations?


What the jews did to Germany they have done to USA said...

Watch it and weep.

est said...

all thanks
and any praise
are passed on
to management
i am only a scribe
great show l v
i'm gonna
listen again
right now

Rob in WI said...

Re. donations; I'd consider the Salvation Army. Be well, and enjoy the summer. Rob

Denny said...


Salvation Army.

Sim said...

Hi Clarity - if you're really stuck for ideas re donations, you could do worse than clicking on the 6th widget from the top in the blog sidebar; or spend a few spare pounds or dollars here....

Anonymous said...

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has recently funded an operational research program---the Schistosomiasis Consortium for Operational Research and Evaluation (SCORE) to answer strategic questions about how to move forward with schistosomiasis control and elimination. The focus of SCORE is on development of tools and evaluation of strategies for use in mass drug administration campaigns. ww

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

I'm in no position to give advice to you directly, and I dont believe that the medium of the internet, typed words on a screen, gives necessary information... usual disclaimers and limitation theories...

but I wish you success on your next step, but am mindful of the building up of expectations as per Mexico, pattern recognition and all that.

left foot forward, right foot forward, onwards and hopefully upwards.

given the skills and insights etc the come across time and time again in these blogs, I don't see how you can fundamentally go wrong wherever your guide takes you.

Ill put a review at Amazon soon, but I have to buy a book first to post there. pathetic and ungrateful it might look given the review numbers there (I exaggerate with pluralism), OTOH, I see the world as we know, whereby those who are promoted go over to the other side, good guys get put down, the earlier the luckier, in this end that is the beginning.

Skyhooks Over to the other side
(everyone wants a piece of me, I aint strong, but Im not that weak)

Lord grant me chastity*, but not yet. kind of sums it up for the main part.

* servitude, serenity, yielding, right action, raw truths...

Stella Blue said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I agree that there is alot of similarity in terms of the jewish effect on Germany prior to WWII and the present effect on the USA so I was drawn to the article by Welcome to Pottersville 2 entitled "Can we understand the nazi impulse":

Unfortunately, zio-ogre censured the entire article leaving only this message at the site:

"Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist."

Well isn't that special! Anything which correctly identifies the corruption by the jews in Germany pre WW2 with the corruption by the jews in the USA (pre WW3?) is being furiously scrubbed.

Censorship of the truth (by the zionists) will only stem the tide for a while. America is going to have to deal with the zionist jew problem or lose the next world war just as Germany did.

John Rambo said...

No one mentioned this point yet so I'll throw it out there.

Kirtananda was buried in a samadhi in Vrindavan. And no body protested about this. Bury a sick evil child molesting monster in the holiest of holy places.

The mess that has become of the devotee world is a reflection of the mess that the larger world is. I just want to see the horrible mess that is this world to be cleaned up. This world has become such a totally shitty place.

When is God going to clean this shit up?

neil said...

I really would love to make it to kumb mela,,,,,and if things go good that may be possible.......

Thomas said...

Thanks Vis,

I hope your journeys will bring you even closer to the Divine, but I think you will have excellent times. So I wish for you, I would say you deserve it.

To All, may we find that Light we seek in everything. May we recognize those things that seem hard as lessons. And may we forgive ourselves for our "failings". Praise the One Infinite Ineffable!

Anonymous said...

Yes those big bad bankers,and all their other comrades who control all aspects of our lives, with the help of their shills.What do they all have in common,their all FUCKIN JEWS.I know theirs the two or three good ones,The rest are siting on the fence waiting to see which way it goes.If ya have money in the bank or you posses a credit card than your a FUCKIN HYPOCRITE.For a man who says he dosan't know but seems to know an awful lot of the unknown,knows nothing.We all have our own path to walk on through this life,and no one knows whats at the end of it,not even lord visible.

Ray B. said...


On your 'good fortune' to have the India trip:

"...someone who had not heard the radio show, wrote to tell me that he wanted to buy me a couple of weeks in a yoga retreat in Arunachala... Of all the places I had wanted to go in India, Arunachala was at the top of the list with Rishikesh following and so that will happen as well, right there in the foothills of the Himalayas."

Interesting, right after the Babaji comments (grin). I looked up a few lines from the "Autobiography of a Yogi" that I posted links to earlier. Here they are (Babaji to a former disciple):

"I see my telegram took effect." The yogi's remark was incomprehensible to me; I inquired his meaning.

"I refer to the telegram that summoned you to these isolated parts. It was I who silently suggested to the mind of your superior officer that you be transferred to Ranikhet. When one feels his unity with mankind, all minds become transmitting stations through which he can work at will."

Congratulations, whatever the source (grin).



"Any ideas on good places for donations?"

In my area in the NW, there are St Vincent de Paul, Salvation Army, Goodwill, or umbrella organizations like Access or United Way, for a few...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Ray B. said...

Hi, All!

I wanted to get this down before I forgot it. A wonderful, 6-hr event happened to me.

The early morning 'session' started with me doing 'sweeps'. I was checking for any 'psychotronic' attackers. No reason; it just felt 'right' to check. There turned out to be four of them. They were gradually 'reversed' with help from reinforcements.

Then, I decided to go after a 'cap' or 'umbrella' that I felt had been upon me for several days. When I checked, it was a group of four 20-class humans who were doing this. I could only get one volunteer human, so it took a long time to 'reverse' them.

To my surprise, when the last was completed, there was a 24-level 'mechanism' that they had been clustered around. Upon checking with Higher Self, it had been 'turned off' about 15,000 years ago by various 'bad guys'. So, Higher Self began repairing/renovating it, and it slowly turned on. I don't know what it was/is for, but it was helpful to humanity somehow.

I wondered if there might be others, so I 'attuned' to it and 'searched' for any others. A 25-level one showed up immediately, and I 'went' over to it. There were several 'bad guys' around it, so I called for assistance. This time, forty Elves showed up, and there was a major 'scuffle' because it turned out that there were twenty 21-class human 'bad guys' guarding this thing. So, by inference, it must have been important. Once the 'bad guys' were reversed, the Elves started repairing/renovating it. Slowly, it turned on. Again, I don't know what this one was/is for, but it also was helpful to humanity.

As the Elves were repairing it, I asked if I could 'learn' about what they were doing. All kinds of (undecipherable to me) information started coming in. During this, I asked if I was 'painful' to them because of old, held pain. The response was yes, but not bad. So, I started trying to 'feel through' any that I could. After the 'mechanism' was finished, the forty Elves started working on ME. I felt very honored. They started on the area of my 1st chakra, then 2nd, then 3rd, then switched to 6th, then 5th, and finally 4th. A lot of pain came out. Somehow, it was important for me to lie still during this.

Along the way, a female 28-level Ascended Being (she didn't like the phrase 'Ascended Master') came along and started working on my 6th and 7th chakras. Wow.

At the end of the clearing, my right hand raised spontaneously in a 'farewell' wave. Then, some kind of communication passed between me and other folks that I had had this life with.

Next, there was some kind of 'image' of what was waiting for me in my future. There was all kinds of light and swirls. I couldn't interpret it. But somehow, the rest of me got very excited at it.

Then, the Elves and Ascended Being left.

I lay there for a while to let things 'jell' and then just got up. As I am now, I feel 'spacey' but otherwise calm. A little 'drained', like after a major 'operation'. So curious, and so many questions...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Ray B. said...

the gardener, June 15, 2012 9:11:00 PM (in last Smoking Mirrors, but it felt 'right' to put here)

"I feel and have been advised by loving experts that 'feelings are not truth because 'feelings' change'... feelings can change. But with me, feelings are always the start - the key to the start of connecting life dots."

These 'experts' may have misled you, because feelings are the direct route into what is true for you, and ultimately lead back into the soul. Permit me to offer a few of my insights. The original wisdom came (long ago) from Ramtha but has been verified in my life, as far as possible.

The wisdom paraphrased: Basically, the soul wants to 'fill' with a range of experience. So, it arranges for an experience to happen. It was 'set up' for the person to 'feel it through' while in body to have the experience return to the soul. After that, the soul knows that it 'happened' and 'checks off' that it does not need to be repeated. In effect, it is 'harvested'.

However, there was an unforeseen 'glitch' in the system. It turns out that many experiences were so pain-filled that the entity 'punched out' of the body before 'feeling it through'. So, the soul never got the 'message' that the experience happened. Instead, it kept sending variations of that experience. These just met the original 'blockage' and kept 'piling up'. (Ramtha said that most of the lifetimes we have gone through were caused by this 'glitch', and we could have been 'out of here' in just a few lifetimes.)

For example: Back around 1988, I had an incident where I could have broken a major bone. It brought up really strong fear, so I 'knew' something was buried there. Traveling down through the fear, I ultimately ended up at an early lifetime where I did not have much experience with pain. When I broke an arm bone in that life, the pain was so intense and unexpected that I left the body and did not 'feel it through'. So, the soul had no 'record' of me having experienced a broken bone. In completing it, I ended up on an ice field somewhere/sometime, felt through the pain of the experience (it was not very bad, by today's standards), and fully remembered dying and leaving the body. It was done.

I had broken a foot bone earlier this life, before I knew anything about this. But, despite many occurrences where I could have done so after this 'completion' (including a major car wreck), I have not broken a bone since then. Unprovable assertion, but that is what I believe is going on...

So, 'feeling experiences through' becomes crucial to 'moving forward'. Given that, learning to truly 'feel' - not thinking about the feelings - also becomes crucial. Also, not stopping until it is truly 'done'.


Ray B. said...


Here is how a one-on-one experience occurs:

When a Self notices an Other, there is either Acceptance or Rejection from the Other. Acceptance produces the precursor to feeling called Pleasure. Rejection produces the precursor to feeling called Pain. Out of Pleasure come the True Emotions of love, joy, etc. Out of Pain come the True Emotions of fear, sadness, anger, and hate. These True Emotions are just the feeling - with no thoughts or judgments attached - and last only as long as the 'energy' of them is present.

Here is where the mind is our 'enemy'. Once True Emotions have been 'bound' with thoughts or judgments about them, they become Abstracted Emotions. These are 'head tripping' about emotions, and can be re-run forever. But, they are 'safe'. Personalities can even get built around them.

To 'feel it through', just run the sequence in reverse: Abstracted Emotions -> True Emotions -> Pleasure or Pain. If it needs to 'jump' into another lifetime to unblock, just stay with it and it will 'complete'. Then, the soul will know that the needed experience 'happened'. The soul will 'note' that it does not need to send it, again. It will move to the next item on the 'list', and we move forward.

I hope all this helps...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Syris shot down Turkey's plane said...


Think Gulf of Tonken – years later McNamara admitted the whole thing was 100% a media hoax (read “lie”) to get the war with Viet Nam started.

Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

Fuck you zionist controlled main stream media!

The Syrians DID NOT shoot down any Turkish plane – why would they give USrael/NATO a cart blanche reason to invade them?

Main stream media 100% BEX (bovine excrement).

This is a zionist MEDIA PSY-OP to have a reason to invade Syria.

“Wars begin for less.” Stephen Lendman

Turkey’s a NATO member. It could invoke NATO Charter Articles 4 or 5.

Article 4 calls for members to “consult together whenever, in the opinion of any of them, the territorial integrity, political independence, or security of any” is threatened.

Article 5 considers an armed attack (real or otherwise) against one or more members, an attack against all, and calls for collective self-defense.

Whether the incident was accidental or provocative remains to be determined.


USrael/NATO want a war with Syria and Iran. Using drones in Syrian airspace in the hope of being shot down as a pretext to commence bombing is certainly within their Synagogue of Satan playbook from zionist international bankers like Rothschild.

NWO? You betcha!

Russia and China stepping in soon – probable.

Thermonuclear war – possible.

Hug your children and tell them how much you love them.

Let’s combine the Anon's and Penny’s theories together (Tonken-like media hoax respective unmanned drones).

USrael/NATO want desperately to incite a war with Syria as backdoor to involve Iran.

Rothschild fucktards send two old plane drones into Syrian airspace with explosives in one of the drones which is detonated causing the drone to fall in the sea.

USrael/NATO uses their zionist controlled media to do a Tonken false media blitz that Syria has shot down a Turkey (NATO member) plane.

Here’s where the world chess game gets interesting. Putin and Assad see through the zionist Tonken lies and so create their own counter story: Indeed has Syria shot down an enemy plane which was violating Syrian airspace. The story of a joint effort to find the pilots is icing on the cake because there were no pilots in the auto-exploding drone.

A Mad magazine type of ‘Spy vs. Spy’ scenerio. Rothschild’s USrael/NATO get stale-mated on this one.

John Rambo said...

Hahaha, this was a fucking bad ass comment!!!!

"Yes those big bad bankers,and all their other comrades who control all aspects of our lives, with the help of their shills.What do they all have in common,their all FUCKIN JEWS.I know theirs the two or three good ones,The rest are siting on the fence waiting to see which way it goes.If ya have money in the bank or you posses a credit card than your a FUCKIN HYPOCRITE.For a man who says he dosan't know but seems to know an awful lot of the unknown,knows nothing.We all have our own path to walk on through this life,and no one knows whats at the end of it,not even lord visible."

THEY'RE ALL FUCKING JEWS!!! LOL. Well, most of them are. Including the bogus gurus.

Any of you guys are visiting India or Kumbha mela, and wanna come visit Mayapur (a nice holy place near Kolkata in West Bengal), I'd be happy to have the pleasure of your company for a few days. Email me at

Anonymous said...

RE:annon on Monday, June 25, 2012 4:21:00 AM

Their,there,they're. Know what your saying, wouldn't let the bully hold my lunch money if I had any.

Best to all,

neil said...

Skin of a pigs back
The slaughtered mind of bankers
Unfortunate circumstances
judaic nonsensicle propaganda
mammons dead smashed body
Consumed by its own disease
A plague of unconsciousness
Calculated in its greed
Down down it goes
The precipice of its own destruction
The insain dominion
Collective falsehood and corruption
To the dungeon of a heart
Where the devil plays
In the mind of netanyahu
Burning cinders to the grave


Sorry people,it was meant to be a nice poem,with birds and trees bees and stuff,but it just came out like that

neil said...

judah judah satan
Wall street city of london
Round and round the toilet bowl
Whistling through the dungeon
Down and down into the earth
The wasteland of a desecrated mind
Closed confounded n servitude
In excrements confines
Mammon died consumed by serpents
Took away its living breath
The house of rothschild collapsing
Pierced by pure intent
The resonating heart of all
The spring of rising higher
Pours the truth into the system
The burning death of the liars


Sorry lord visible,,,seems I maybe suffering demon poem attack or something...whatever's going on some pretty vile poems coming out,,,may have something to do with the x girlfriend contacting me,,, sorry

neil said...

It shrivelled up its demon died
Burned and sent to starlight
Guided by its disembowlment
The sudden death of inside
The vital organs crushed and spent
mismanagement and misuse
The systematic resonating
Shattering false jew
The root of dieing evil
Wrapped around the head
Serpents crawling disfiguring
The Zionist prison of intellect
Infected with the poison
Shackled to false pretense
On the pathway to its destruction
With its odious desecrated debt


Burnie said...

Fucking insane world, the cosmic dance is getting here's some crazy that 's not crazy, just a flippant comment so I can laugh at the fools..Jesus was a mushroom, and the serpents are beautiful, loving and feminine.

Shiva is about to start his dance as if he ever stopped. He'll grab his mop and swab us clean of all this putrid sheen.

These fuckers will consume themselves in the end as evil is wont to do.

Love expands and hate contracts and we are in the Kali Yuga. Give me the love I know its rare and hold the hate that's everywhere.

Burnie said...

Ray B
thanks for the comment, appreciated your thoughts and I will hire your words as a valuable commodity.

Anonymous said...

Me a GURU,and a bogus one at that,HAAAAAA,HAAAAAAAA.Ya jumping the gun a bit there RAMBO me boy.

Anonymous said...

Les, If you're seeing one visitor in Alma-ata Kazakhstan at least one is me, on my pilgrimage to visit the family in the shadow of the Tien Shan mountains.

With love M o Visible

Anonymous said...

Visible, a new SM is up not PD. Not that it matters they're all good. Thank you.

Best all,

Visible said...

Oops! Thanks, I'll go fix that.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

The BP Hell Bitch and the Fukushima Slut do Lunch.

Clarity said...

My thanks to all who gave suggestions. There are too many stories of corrupt charities. I also found that many of the donation dumpsters sell the clothing by the pound to other countries and get big $$ for it. That's not where I thought the old clothes were headed. There are two Salvation Army locations very close by, and with all the recommendations, that is where I will go.

Ray B., everything you share is so interesting. I confess, though, that I am having a hard time grasping it all. It's going to take a while, but it's fascinating in the meantime. Thank you for taking the time to write everything out as you have been doing.

Neil, sometimes the ugly gets in your face. Go out and find some beauty... there really is a lot out there. Then, write. It will come. You do have a gift for expressing the dark in a beautiful way, though.


neil said...

Thanks clarity

Burnie said...

My comment yesterday was flippant as is my way in madness. My offense was not meant to offend if so I apologize.
It had some merit but that is for other days. I mostly stay silent and go after the links and the wisdom provided here. Most of us will never meet in the physical, I must say since I moved there are not many to talk to so I seek truth and beauty, they are not separate, here and anywhere poeple seem straight up
Thanks V

DieFreiwirtin said...

"Doing the old Sandusky":

Visible said...

Not a problem. I don't even remember whatever it was, having concerns of my own to attend to. There I go again attending to my concerns.

Visible said...

Something in the Petri dish-

Relentless is as Relentless Does.

Ray B. said...

Clarity, Tuesday, June 26, 2012 6:05:00 PM

"Ray B., everything you share is so interesting. I confess, though, that I am having a hard time grasping it all."

Not to worry. What I put up is the result of 30-odd years of relentless pursuit of 'what is really out (or in) there'. All I really wanted to show is that the 'world' is so much richer and varied than TPTB would have you know. Simply entertaining that 'something might be there' can be the crack in the dike leading to wonderful opportunities.

The other thing that I have tried to 'pass on' is kind of like what an author named Ken Wilbur tried long ago to point out: It is a serious mistake (fallacy, in his terms) to 'collapse' something that is inherently spiritual or non-physical into old, familiar 3-D terms. Much is lost, and profound becomes trivial. Learning to 'swim in the undefined' is one of the most critical skills of our time.

Happy Swimming,
Ray B.

JerseyCynic said...

I know one thing is certain....Les Visible will be "one of the five people" I will meet somewhere/sometime



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