Friday, June 29, 2012

From the Ridge, one more Valley and one more Mountain.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Climbing and climbing, mind on the pathway, uneven going to the top of the ridge. I see the rock shelves and boulders and I know I am close now. Soon enough now, I break through to the top of the ridge and there's the valley below me and still one more mountain. I thought this was the last one but that's how it is (grin). Here we be musing in a John Muir sort of a way, if he'd had a black preacher spliced into his frame; shit happens and it don't happen, sometimes they're the same.

I catch myself sometimes with one version or another of, “I'll sleep when I'm dead”, but... for some inexplicable but definite reason, I know that doesn't apply to me. India looms in my mind. The scary (well, not scary, more like startling or awe inspiring) thing, is the amount of fore-informed conditions and events that occur, not exactly as presented but close enough for rock and roll. The frequency and consistency of these things has been noticeably increasing of late to where abnormal is now the new normal. Out there in 'the real world', another kind of abnormal is becoming normal. Not that long ago, 'the real world' was just another 'reality' TV show, along with the aptly named, 'Big Brother'. These days we've got reconstituted offal, going by the name of Oprah, being entranced by Kim Kardashian enough to now be scheduled to appear on her show. You don't need to make this stuff up. It is self-regenerative. I expect to see Oprah jumping up on Kim's serially abused couch, screaming, “I'm in love”! Poor couch. The long and painful death of the couch kitten has given a corpse birth to the couch lizard and couch wolverine.

The terrible irony of the bloodthirsty Howdy Doody, with Nobel Peace Prize, in the long tradition of Henry Kissinger, marches on into the long night of the living dead, attended by the zombie banks, whose routine payoffs, come to nearly exactly the same as the cost of the food stamps program; not in the overall sense, as that amount is seriously larger. The eyes in the forest gleam, like demented Cheshire cats. Their teeth are illuminated by the blood red moon of The Apocalypse. They've been snorting the bath salts that crystallize on the parasite growths at the bases of trees. First they eat the identities and then the eat the faces. It's not all bad news; you'll notice my comment at the bottom of the page.

I think about running with the wolves in Romania but my finances are on hold. As soon as the world takes that great big nose dive, they are going to go up in a big way. There's some kind of a connection there, as I think that applies to some number of us. I note the general, across the board, poverty, of the general reader here and I note the cosmic associative process that relates to scriptural truths, in respect of that. I've got this news ticker in my head now that reads out like a teletype all day. All sorts of new phenomena are coming into existence; faith affirming to be sure but awe-making, nonetheless.

You look at the relentless putsch of the bankers, as global indications, show the great collective eyeball turning upon their industries. There is a vast upwelling of outrage, moving across the landscape. It's muted out in the media. You see an attendant outrage, focused on the criminal nation of Israel, also muted out in the Zionist owned media, but more and more emergent in the comments, following the lying articles. You see direct references being made to flat out lies by Rothschild mouthpieces, like Alex Jones. You see the awakening taking place and increasing, as natural and orchestrated disasters manifest, like invisible flash mobs congregating in empty strip malls, as if they were some sort of modern day temples of the damned, chanting incomprehensible phrases, in ancient and long forgotten tongues, like very pre-Christian glossolalia; renegade Druids with invisible axes and whetstone sharpened plowshares slash the air, crying out for retribution, for things no one can put pedigree to. Buggered history stashed all of that into the unpublished back pages ...but in times like these everything reemerges and cries out in the collective unconscious.

Things like this surface and I only have to read it a couple of times to realize that it's a put-up job, because there was no need for those hosting the meeting to even mention the source of their interest. It's way too damned convenient. This is not to say it doesn't serve that very purpose and deeper things indeed. Of course it does. The key is to tell some part of the truth and then to lie about the rest. I hear the most incredible things here now; they didn't drop any atomic bombs on Japan; no offense intended to those who have mentioned these things. This didn't happen. That didn't happen. There's no radiation coming out of Fukushima. Good grief! Well, I can't say, can I? What do I know but... well, like I said, good grief! The Gulf of Mexico didn't get poisoned. They just don't want us eating the fish. I will admit that perception is managed for those who can't do it themselves and I will admit that none of this matters, depending on who you are, based on what you've done, believe in and disseminate. It comes down to what you do every day. It comes down to what you have put your time into the acquisition of. It comes down to what is stacked up in your storehouse. What are you relying for your survival upon? What do you call survival? What do you believe survives and where does it's continuance occur? Is it a wheel? Is it a helix? Is it a one time entrance and departure? It is hardly the latter ...but those manipulating the timeless for the profit of the temporary, know what they are doing, in terms of modifying and constraining the parameters of human belief.

Fools ponder and acquire knowledge with the idea that some operating principle or medium of sustenance will be located there. Fools are self reliant, missing the point of self reliance. I'm all for self reliance, depending on what the self is relying on. For myself I have direct and continuing evidence of what is; certainly not with any degree of totality, for that is impossible, but certainly to the degree that there is no question that something benevolent directs our courses and ways, should we see it in it's benevolent aspect. It has any number of aspects, including knowledge, simply for demonstrating the limitations thereof. Any and every path, exists solely for the expression of it's result and the consideration of the territory through which it passes.

We are all on a particularly colored ray of travel. It manifested at the exit point of the prism and it returns the same way. What is right for one coloration, is not applicable to the others. Certain professions and philosophies, certain schematics of worship and inquiry, are relevant to particular colors. It is all a very scientific system with 'as above, so below hierarchies, ♫devil or angel♫, ♫Venus, goddess of love that you are, surely the things I ask, can't be that great a task♫, ♫Far away places with strange sounding names. Far away over the sea. Those far away places with the strange sounding names are calling, Calling me. Goin' to China or maybe Siam, I wanna see for myself♫, ♫but you need timing, a tick a tick a tick a timing, timing in the sea♫ Now what was that all about? Call it a digression. Digressions can be nice if you come back to the same place, given that you are headed in the right direction. It's not like any particular path always leads to the same place. It doesn't work like that. The journeys result is the result of 'intention', so is the texture and quality of the Karma which follows.

People should spend less time being concerned about why one thing makes sense 'to them' and similar things don't. Consider the ray; location, location, location. Trying to intellectually grasp the essential internal meaning of something, is like trying to use a left-handed skyhook. This is not the job of the surface mind. The surface mind is there to consider something and then to drop it through the hole into the subconscious. Then the subconscious formats it and activates the flashplayer (my internet flashplayer keeps crashing-grin) which will screen the meaning appropriate to the mind that requested it. This is one of the primary tenets of practical magic and an expression of a particular law of Nature, which all useful and effective tenets are. This is why you go to her, if you want to learn these kinds of things and there are locations where she is more disposed to reveal them. This too is dependent on intention. All of this, related to intention, has to do with, “seek ye first the kingdom of God”. This is all a no-brainer. Too bad so many people seem convinced they have to involve the brain in the process. The brain is pretty much useless, until swallowed by the heart. Well, useless in this area, devilishly effective in the manifest sense and has something to do with the proscription against worshiping idols. There's a technical aspect to this, equally as important as the 'jealous God' portion, of another suggested proscription. Herein you can get your prescription from a doctor employed by the original firm. Just remember to 'first do no harm', especially since, in this case, you are the patient.

Well, we've covered some ground. We'll leave you with a little reminder, given that we are talking about covering ground and a poem that many of you may never have read; something to ponder the meaning of;

The Heavy Bear Who Goes With Me

'the withness of the body' --Whitehead

The heavy bear who goes with me,
A manifold honey to smear his face,
Clumsy and lumbering here and there,
The central ton of every place,
The hungry beating brutish one
In love with candy, anger, and sleep,
Crazy factotum, dishevelling all,
Climbs the building, kicks the football,
Boxes his brother in the hate-ridden city.

Breathing at my side, that heavy animal,
That heavy bear who sleeps with me,
Howls in his sleep for a world of sugar,
A sweetness intimate as the water's clasp,
Howls in his sleep because the tight-rope
Trembles and shows the darkness beneath.
--The strutting show-off is terrified,
Dressed in his dress-suit, bulging his pants,
Trembles to think that his quivering meat
Must finally wince to nothing at all.

That inescapable animal walks with me,
Has followed me since the black womb held,
Moves where I move, distorting my gesture,
A caricature, a swollen shadow,
A stupid clown of the spirit's motive,
Perplexes and affronts with his own darkness,
The secret life of belly and bone,
Opaque, too near, my private, yet unknown,
Stretches to embrace the very dear
With whom I would walk without him near,
Touches her grossly, although a word
Would bare my heart and make me clear,
Stumbles, flounders, and strives to be fed
Dragging me with him in his mouthing care,
Amid the hundred million of his kind,
the scrimmage of appetite everywhere.

Delmore Schwartz

Ya'll be well until we meet again.



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tmcfall said...

"the abnormal is the new norm" and everyone around me just goes on with their zombie walk... i really can't stand much more of this.. i wish something would happen
love & gratitude
tom in tempe arizona

Visible said...

I can hardly stand it myself Tom but keep in mind the reason it is taking so freaking long is compassion. Compassion and patience have a special relationship.

Visible said...

Here is something to consider. This is in light of things said here today.

Benjamin said...

I hope this doesn't go on too long but I wanted to weigh in here with something I've wanted to say for awhile, keeping in mind that I have never said anything here before.

I have followed your blogs for years. This one is my favorite, as it should be. I believe I understand well the uniqueness of your kundalini experiences and how they compare to the general shakes and shudders most people get.

I used to wonder how you could output such a stream of timeless and inspired work, the like of which I have seen nowhere else. I believe you are an incarnation of the deity. I am convinced of it for that matter and I've looked into it certain ways as well.

I looked into what happened in Mexico and I understand why you handled it as you did. I know it is about, at all costs, avoiding the guru thing that comes with you anyway. I applaud that.

Now you are going to India and I will make a prediction that will come true, irrespective of anything you might do to the contrary. Though you are not recognized here, in India you will be. That cannot be avoided and I think it will be dramatic too. I think you've already been told this. I know there are any number of empty ashrams around there and you will soon be in one.

I'll come and see you when that happens. I imagine this makes you uneasy, the whole idea of it, but it is what is supposed to happen and you will handle it well. Your powers will be activated as well which will make it a breeze.

Mark my words. this is going to come true.

Visible said...

heh heh, most definitely one of those 'good grief' days. I guess I'm going to have to add 'uncanny' too. Now let's go back to your regularly scheduled program.

Anonymous said...

outside in the cold distance a wildcat did growl two riders were approaching and the wind began to howl walk into the mountains the time is now

Anonymous said...

A distinct possibility Benjamin
All the best Les

(Tony - Gin Gin)

Anonymous said...

It would explain the resonance and you can't be the devil because you don't fit the profile. Nothing else explains the resonance, tough luck on that visible, grin.

Nice song.


Anonymous said...

Visible, I don't know how many times I have pondered something, or thought of something, and the very same day you write about it. You've discussed these seeming synchrocities before. It still boggles my mind. Last night I was walking along the road, thinking about how insane behavior has become sane behavior. And how my clinging to what I believe is sane behavior, makes me insane as a result. My friends, my family members, everybody I meet is two clicks shy of Loony Street. Their dementedness and egocentricity seem to be the binding threads. All around me, I see people insisting that others do what they say and say what they do - when they themselves are incapable of it. And these people exhibit this loud, rude, mind-bogglingly bizarre behavior - and this is the new norm, as Visible pointed out. And it's odd, because now I'm insane because I don't adhere to the new norm. Ha ha. So it really hasn't changed in that regard. Before, I didn't adhere to the norm, but the people were much more tolerant and civil in their half-asleep worlds. But now it's like living inside a kettle filled with eels, and the eels used to appear much more human. Time to crawl out of the kettle for good - indeed, "One more valley and one more mountain." Weird shit, man.

Anaughty Mouser said...

Thank you.

lightandlongshadows said...

Red Room Cinema

mike m said...

The "heavy bear" has a strange resemblance to the "beast of burden".

Clarity said...

Excerpt from Pursuing the Awakening Warrior.

Is it any wonder that this alienation has an impact on the heart and the energy of the heart? The consequence is that we experience deep-rooted wounding to our sense of self, and our ego-identity is built on shaky ground from the very beginning. It was this wounded sense of self that my Tibetan teachers recognized and as a result were at first somewhat at a loss as to how to address it in us. What becomes particularly problematic is that with the degree of wounding we have in the west it has become normal to be self-preoccupied and solely oriented to personal gain and personal gratification at the expense of others. Our culture seems to see the ruthless attainment of one’s own needs in a competitive world as something of an accolade. In the cutthroat political and corporate world being able to achieve and satisfy one’s own aspirations for power and status at the expense of others’ is encouraged. Our sickness of the heart has become a cultural normality.

From a Tibetan Buddhist point of view this wounding to the heart causes a contraction and closing around the heart chakra that cuts us off from a deep essential quality that is innate within us all. This is a quality of mind known in Sanskrit as Chitta. Chitta is often translated as mind, heart or essence and is a quality of mind that dwells in the heart chakra. But this is not our ordinary worldly conceptual mind, it is a deep quality of mind that is essentially clear, peaceful and pervaded by a natural compassion and loving kindness. Indeed it is our ordinary mind with its emotional entanglements and wounds that obscures this essential heart mind.

In the Tantric tradition this essential nature of mind is also known as clear-light mind and has a number of significant characteristics, one of which is its innate clarity and emptiness and the other is a potent innate vitality that brings with it a felt quality of joy, happiness and bliss. Our problem, if we like to see it as such, is that while this natural quality has never been defiled, it is, however, obscured by our gross ordinary mind and its emotional proliferations. As a result it is largely inaccessible to us. It has been described as being like a golden statue wrapped in filthy rags. From a Buddhist point of view if we are able to gradually clear these obscurations, then what naturally manifests is what could be called bodhichitta or the awakening mind or heart.

Our innate heart potential is the deep vitality of our mind’s natural, undefiled and clear nature. So long as we are still caught up in our primary wounds of the heart it is going to be extremely difficult to begin to awaken qualities such as compassion and loving-kindness. If I have deep-rooted feelings of low self-worth, lack of self-acceptance, feeling I am not good enough and so on, then these close the heart leading to Sok lung.

It is very easy to speak of opening the heart and having spiritual ideals of love and compassion, but if we have not addressed our essential wounding these will just be a kind of veneer of spiritual correctness burying deep wounds. To open the heart we must first begin to heal our sense of self. To do this we need to develop compassion and acceptance towards ourselves with all of our failings as well as gifts and qualities. The contraction around the heart then begins to soften, and the innate energy within the heart starts to awaken. This may not always be comfortable because as we soften the contraction in the energy around the heart we re-awaken our wounds, but as we go deeper we can begin to feel the natural chitta that lies in the heart.


Lee said...

Les speaking of reality, I just posted my reason for leaving a social/dating site. Yeah, go ahead and laugh..*smile* I said that the members expectation were unrealistically high and not based on reality. Then you mentioned the Reality factor here in this blog.

It seems that people watch to many of their so called role models on tv. Can you imagine Oprah and Kim Kardashian as role models for women? I can. My sister worships the ground that Oprah and Hillary walk on. Enough said since you know to some degree.

Good news. Not homeless for the moment.

Visible said...

What are the odds. I mention Oprah jumping up and down on a couch and screaming, "I'm in love" and then this shows up.

tmcfall said...

wonderful clarity from Clarity!!! But please leave my gross ordinary mind and its emotional proliferations out of this, Thank You!(big grin)
ove & blessings from the broiling desert
tom in tempe arizona

lightandlongshadows said...

What's left to say? The intellect is a wonderful servant and a terrible master but we've known this deep down forever; Eve, it's me, Adam. We've learned to manipulate the world outside of ourselves through opposition, polarities, which is the world inside ourselves of couse. We're totally enamored by our own reflection, deluded maximus. We've turned the dream into a nightmare and now we'll learn that clever is not wise.

I find it no small irony that as we've pretty much wiped out all indigenous cultures we're about to face our own reflection through a crystal clear lens. Whatever strangeness indigenous cultures may have been up to they all shared one thing in common, they were tuned into the whole of nature and didn't put themselves above it all. Cain meet Abel, Abel meet Cain, Abel you're killed dead, Cain then commits suicide.

Words with incongruous action are the death of magic. "In the beginning was the word..." Harmonious vibration is creation.
My heart hurts for what we've become.


Take care all

brokenbeat said...

Thanks, Vis, for this and your other posts and thanks to the commenters. I have been preoccupied with a number of personal matters, but have stayed current with the blogs and gained much and had resonance with most.

Thanks, Clarity, for the awakening warrior excerpt (and link!...great site). It is very appropos for me now. I was in a major car accident Wednesday evening. I was driving to a tantra meditation workshop (Bengal India tradition) at Bhakti Yoga Shala in Santa Monica to help open my heart by working on lower chakras. I was stopped at a left turn lane when an car T-boned me at high speed coming down a hill onto PCH. The driver evidently had a seizure and may not have survived. I was punted into traffic and was struck by two other cars. Very violent, airbags deployed, 6 cars involved, PCH closed 4 hours during rush hour.

Luckily, no one else was hurt other than the guy with the seizure and myself, extend to be determined. I was fortunate not to be seriously injured as the car hit just in front of my door. I credit yoga and general fitness and emerged without fractures, but have mild concussion and sprained muscles and possible minor internal injuries. I was cleared by the paramedics and declined to take an expensive ride to an expensive exam, but am now feeling worse and am seeing my doctor today.

I don't mean to share personal drama or seek sympathy, but prayers for my and the other driver's healing are appreciated. I don't know if there was any connection with my destination and the accident -- I was told later by a shamanic healer that there was a flurry of attacks on Tuesday and Wednesday on awakening souls. Before hearing that, I already felt that I was aided and protected by the Divine by involving other cars that dissipated some of the energy and a collision just before mine that altered the path of the car to miss my door. I'm grateful to be alive and in decent shape to continue my growth, discover my divine purpose and fulfill my mission.

Love to all,


Visible said...

Reading the comments I expect tonight's show to have a pretty wide resonance.

I'm glad you're okay John.

Thomas said...

many thanks Visible! This one hit me in a very soft spot, somehow. Delicious poems.

when I forget the Divine, I remember that "my" heart is beating, "seemingly" by itself. Nothing is mine, nothing can be be done by me alone. How to even begin contemplating such Love that It has for us, even in our weakest moments? Hah, as you say, turn of the brain, the heart is far wiser. I don't know where it comes from, this melancholy, except from some twisted messiah-complex that I guess I must have. I mean, the world is fucked up, superficially, but that is just how it is at the moment, so that we might be tested in our faith. It doesn't depress me anymore (but I am very perplexed when I see the shit-peddlers in action - what must they be thinking? Except maybe that it's their stomachs and dicks that do their thinking for them, hm?...). My own actions (or lack thereof, as the case may be), on the other hand, can take me way down the black bends. Still, even there the Divine will drop in and tell me it's all good. Very mysterious.

I feel so humbled that I can mess up (probably it's not so bad, but it feels like it, sometimes), and still be worthy of Its Love and attention. I guess quitting trying to understand anything from my own perspective is the trick. Like you say, heh. Oh, also here, abnormal is the new normal. I meet lots of people who feel the same. I guess it's the times ;P - the way to go about is to just be always present, I find, although dropping any and all expectations is a new way of going about things for me, connected to "careful of what you WANT" (God told me), but somehow much better. Well, better late than never... Also, it means that now I want nothing but the Divine, happy that It will never be mine. Well at least there's one lady worth chasing indefinitely :D.

& to Everyone, may our days be blessed, and the Love shine through all the cracks there are.

Denny said...

Hi Vis,

"Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes divorcing" by Gael FashingBAUER Cooper...

Not convinced. This could be more media disinfo just to keep us all in a constant state of anxiety.


Although I appreciated your "Pursuing the Awakening Warrior" comment, if I need to develop compassion and acceptance towards myself in this life and not be immersed in self pity then I'm obviously done for. Any "wounding" that occurred in me was always caused by others. Where should I start..? How about that slimy bastard jew "doctor" who prescribed me some very nasty "medication" for teenage acne when I was still too young to know what I was taking...
Right now I'm feeling weird after the chemtrailing here a few days back. WHAT are they pouring down on us..?!


I was involved in a similar serious accident on a German autobahn, where a lorry crashed into me in the middle of the night. The car was a right off but I walked away unscathed, although I think the lorry driver was killed. Something tells me that only "others" die and that the "I" is immortal (and I don't mean this in any selfish sense).

Gotta go now. Feeling strange tonight.

Denny said...

Thomas 0:3 00 PM

You just cheered me up. Thanks.

Visible said...

Strange certainly applies. Why would I feel anxiety over Tom Cruise and Katy Holmes? That went right over my head but so does the acne medicine and the Mercury thing. I can put up a laundry list here of all kinds of things I never think about and don't intend to think about and which if they make an appearance will be shown the door pronto because things we feed grow. My way is to starve them into non being.

Anonymous said...

Cruise is a homosexual sheenie. Gail is his beard.


Burnie said...

Uncanny as anonymous said way above.
I wrote, it isn't finished or maybe it is, before I read this. What I think is that a lot of us are connecting..zap, and it is a beautiful thing,

ord knows that things are fucked up
That's a given
Yea, well I want to keep living
but not what they are giving
they're doing the foxtrot while their teeth rot
mnds a cesspool of greed
There is a dance to dance
and you aren't here by chance
the thing is to give in order to live
to dance
if you don't know how
there's a new Arthur Murry
on the corner where you live
Forget about Archie Bell and the Drells doing the tighten up
we are already wound to tight
loosen it up hang with Shiva and Kali
buddha and Dali
the cosmic dance is simple to do..well maybe
You drop your ego at the door
no guns allowed
take your shoes off join the crowd
what an incredible dance
take the good, take the bad
it's all a part of the scene
everything you've ever seen
change what you do what you think.

Just saying I'm glad to not be alone with the thoughts hard to discuss in these here parts.
best to all of you, comments too

Clarity said...

Notes for many...

Benjamin, your words are marked. You must have a great mind...

mike m, nice to see you again.

Lee, good news! I hope that works out to be an extended run.

tom, thank you. I'm sorry, though, but it's all part of the package. And if you don't deal with it now, you'll have to sooner or later. Might just as well get it done and over with now, eh? ;) Stay cool...

lightandlongshadows, first, "My heart hurts for what we've become." Beautifully put, and it describes how I feel as well.

Second... holy shit! Three for three!! Thank you for sharing that beauty. It's a new genre for me and they have really touched me in a way, and for reasons, that I can't put into words.

John, I had been wondering where you were. Holy cow, what an awful experience. I am glad you are okay, but do take care of yourself. It is often worse a day or two later. Do whatever you need to do - massage, water therapy, acupuncture - to heal your body. You definitely had divine intervention, and you can count on my prayers for you and the others involved. Feel better...

Thomas, that was beautiful.

Okay, Denny, I see the old Denny is back in full force. First the meat grinding comment, and now you're all grumpy. My conclusion? The chemtrails are affecting you big time. We get the softer side of Denny, more positive and spiritual - Mr. Meditation, and then the spraying starts in full force and you turn harsh and edgy. Thank goodness your soul knows what it's doing, because your ego is bound to get you a forever ticket on the hamster wheel. Seriously, I think you should report the chemtrail spraying daily and we can compare it to your comments and see if there is a correlation. :)

As for your "thanks but no thanks", remember, you chose this life. I am curious to know what you may have done previously to result in what you are experiencing now. Regardless of who wounded you, you are who you are now, so start loving yourself. Hey, if we can love you, then you can love you too. :D

Have you ever considered a past-life reading? I would LOVE to hear the details from that! Think about it...


Rob in WI said...

John V,
What you need is not sympathy, but support from the many here who appreciate your contributions to these exchanges. Just projecting spiritual support is the same as church members "praying for you", but is not limited to a certain group. You have my spiritual support,
that's all I can offer.
Namaste, Rob

Anonymous said...

Dear Viz et al

ROFLMAO- Offal Winfrey - bwahahaha
Belly laugh, I needed that
Truth, Beauty and Goodness to you all
The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want
Gunshots outside now, should I be terrified?
Poverty is a terrible weapon
Cigarettes are cheaper than real food
Survival - the long journey to the paradise isle
Home of God the Father
God is outside of time and space
How will they murder Assad?
One more river to cross
In a book that I took from the shelf

Thank you, happy trails



Anonymous said...

Thanks V, Iceland yes! Germany yes! Sweden?, there is no Sweden.


Ray B. said...

brokenbeat / John V, Friday, June 29, 2012 9:28:00 PM

I am glad you came out of your 'accident' with nothing seriously wrong. Blessings.

About the 'smack' just in front of your door: My take is the scenario is a sign of who is 'in charge' now.

One of the cool things about being outside of SpaceTime is that you can view it like a video. You can also 'rewind' it to before unfortunate happenings. Then, just subtle changes can produce a whole new 'future'.

Back when the Wehrmacht generals tried to assassinate Hitler in his bunker, the deliverer of the suitcase weapon placed it on Hitler's side of a heavy table support. Just before the weapon went off, an aide moved it away to the other side of the heavy table support. This deflected enough of the blast to save Hitler. In light of my above SpaceTime comments, guess who was in charge then? (Below all-God, of course...)

My sense is that folks who show ample signs of awakening/growth are no longer allowed to be seriously 'messed with'. I am glad we have finally gotten to this spot.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

P.S. About a week ago, I had a 'talk' with an Elf that came to visit. I asked 'him' about my concern with the soul being messed-with by baddies and asked 'him' to check, as he is about the same level. His response was that no, it had not been messed-with. So, unless any messing was way above his level, the soul is probably 'normal'.

the gardener said...

brokenbeat John, boy were you right in the middle of a mashup or what? Here's to your immediate quickened healing-have no time to be down in any way right now.

I'm convinced, in a very surreal way, that due to that 8 year Venus cycle being OVER that with everything moving faster than ever that our realization of that cycle being over is manifesting almost too fast for our own good(individually and mass)... care full!

Personally, between feeling woozy or kind of spinning around mixed with great drained exhaustion with a neck/head ache all week due to some bad body mechanics on my part-and the energies that be...I have a hard time keeping up with all that has happened in less than a week. LOTS.

The winds were blowing ninety to nothing... fifty foot cottonwoods blowing so hard they sounded like the waves of the beaches I grew up on-the names on all the tee shirts the kids like to wear.

Between journeys of moving mountains of energies around-these endless works I involve with-I dragged myself out to the Rocky Mountain beach sounds to seek refuse from the heat in the shade on my circular dual chaise lounge. I watched a row of baby quakeys shake-sounding like muffled rattlers... watching the spiral formation which allows them to so get it on. wow

Watched a bunch of young birds flying around-landing to plot their course of instinctual actions on dead branches alerting me of those which are needed to stay up in the air though they are not aesthetic to the sight they are necessary for those of flight. To lite upon.

"OMG-is this what I've come down to? A now dotty old lady hanging onto the skirt of a chaise lounge pad when the internal spin proves too rough? Watching young trees dancing in the wind-hearing sounds reminding me of summers spent laid out on the hot beaches-smoking Mexican-kissing cute not local surfer boys... lol sleeping off my graveyard shifts at the all night cafes with a banging bar crowd?"

Feeling like if anything ANYTHING happened I could/would laugh in whatever's/whoever's faces... still that slight spinning affect-hmmmm

It was like I was midst amongst a preview of my life's review. That was Thursday. Today a little less strange. But still there.

I have purposely NOT driven at all this week. Not that I don't have plenty to DO-get DONE. And before I knew it, it was Friday again. Almost full moon AGAIN.

And that 8 year cycle is OVER. And catching back up from where we've all been is a bitch. But somebody's got to do it and we can all pat ourselves on the back (if able to get that range of motion!)for having survived this first big cull. Of self. By self.

And speed and time is on our side. Now.

It is coming down on all the dark ones-they might know it-they might not-they might resist thinking they could just keep on doing it-they can't really stop their selves you know? They are criminally insane-they won't be able to resist the easy sleazy steal. Nothing really has resisted let alone stopped them before-in fact they were enriched for their sleazy easy efforts. They weren't stopped.

They're being stopped now. My Micro says it is on for the Macro. One or a few last big shoves of a few more little mountains. Bring it home. Getter done. Is it in yet?

the gardener

hanging on and hanging in

PS-speaking of Japan... 100 year old salt/sun prints hand tints

Anonymous said...

Though some consider microwave and EMF weapons the stuff of science fiction, Maj. Doug Rokke, Ph.D., the former head of the US Army’s depleted uranium cleanup project after Gulf War I, says these weapons are very real, and commonly used in military circles. He described to me how he personally used such weapons on a regular basis while training with Special Forces at US Army facilities: “We had them van-mounted, truck-mounted, plane-mounted, and hand-carried. We would go around zapping each other for fun. This was during exercises, or sometimes just as a practical joke.” Rokke assured me that, based on his firsthand knowledge of US military mind-set and capabilities, 9/11 truth activists have undoubtedly been targeted by exotic non-lethal (and lethal) weapons.

James Fetzer

Kevin Barett

Joshua Blakeney

Barry Jennings

David Graham

Mike Ruppert

Byron Belitsos

Justin Raimondo

David Ray Griffin

Bob Bowman

Lynn Margulis

Steven Jones

Richard Gage

Jody Paulson

"If you want to know what's been happening to some of those at the forefront of 9-11 truth, please read the following recent article: "Disable the purveyors": Is US secretly liquidating dissidents?

I don't really like talking about stuff like this, because I worry it might scare people from doing what they need to do ... spread the truth ... because ultimately we'll all suffer a much worse fate if good people stay silent. But I'm one of those people who has had and still has regular visits from the "white vans" that zap people with microwaves or some similar device. I've written about it extensively here. I doubt this kind of harassment would be visited upon most truth tellers today -- there are just too many of them. But back in late 2001, vocal truth advocates were few and far between, and my personal situation made me an excellent target. It wasn't long before I became separated from my family and living alone with little cash and less support put me in a particularly vulnerable position.

There are spiritual ways to combat this kind of abuse. Anything that cultivates chi (qi, prana, orgone, vital energy ... you know what I'm talking about, don't you?) will mitigate the effects of these devices tremendously. Meditation, qi gong, prayer ... come to think about it, cultivating chi is useful on a more universal level as well. Something tells me that much of the civilized world is being subtly manipulated (dumbed down?) through widely broadcast electromagnetic signals. Call me crazy, but at this point I'm less concerned about what others think than I am about disseminating the truth."

part 1 said...

Directed energy harassment -- a personal account

author: Jody Paulson

My story as an activist being targeted by an ongoing campaign of harassment. If you're an anti-war activist, a 9-11 truth activist, or simply a thorn in the side of the ruling elite, you may have been a target of non-lethal weaponry and/or assigned harassment, without even knowing it. How can I make this claim? Well, I don't have signed confessions or "60 Minutes style" leaked documents, but I'm a good observer and compiler of anecdotal evidence, and I believe I've been the target of such dirty tactics since November 2001. Please read on before you label me paranoid, ( ) won't you?

One category of "non-lethal" weapons ( )
are those which use directed
energy such as microwaves and Extremely Low (wave) Frequencies (ELF). This stuff isn't exactly rocket science. I've read
that a directed energy weapon can be made from an old microwave and parts bought from Radio Shack. If you blast someone with microwaves, they're going to become agitated, nervous and sick. That's not hard to believe, is it?

I guess the thing that's hardest to believe is that anyone -- let alone our own government would do such a thing. However, this becomes less difficult to believe when you consider the pepper-spraying of an infant at the Portland anti-Bush protest, the FBI's sinister COINTELPRO operations exposed by Frank Church in the 1970's and the horrendous psychological torture inflicted on inmates at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay. Especially when you consider the fact that the perpetrators of this torture may be independent contractors with no obvious connection to the US government.

In October 2001, I did enough reading and research on the subject to become totally convinced that the official narrative of what took place on September 11th was a load of hogwash. Worse than that, it was obviously hogwash — yet no press agency or legislative body were asking any questions — perhaps not surprising in light of the various anthrax threats perpetrated against them that month. Distraught at the prospect of our country morphing into a fascist state,

I fired off a letter to the editor, several e-mails, and plastered a bunch of flyers around town. Admittedly, these are not the actions of your typical, well-adjusted citizen. But how many crisis-era activists fit the description of "typical" and "well-adjusted?"

part 2 said...

Not long after this, my home life, already strained, became intolerable. I couldn't think clearly and had to drop out of my courses one by one. Prior to this I had maintained a 4.0 average in my university's Master's Program in Geography. By Christmas the man with whom I was raising my two toddlers took them out of state, supposedly to visit relatives for the holidays and give them a break from the unbearable stress. I soon discovered he had no intention of returning. I was a wreck. I quit my job as a Teacher's Assistant and eventually quit school to chase after my family using money from my student loans. I found myself unable to remember events from one day to the next, which ended up severely damaging my already distant relationship with my parents.

As I look back on it, from the outside it must have seemed like I'd suddenly gone crazy, losing my capacity to think logically. This was understandable to a point — I was under a terrific amount of emotional and financial strain. But that doesn't explain (to me, anyway) the day I drank a cup of cocoa from the hotel lobby, went back to my room, and immediately felt drugged. Most notably I felt extremely laid back and really, really good — the exact opposite of the oppressive, jangled despair I'd been feeling for weeks. I can imagine that being in that state would tend to make someone extremely suggestible. Realizing what must have happened to me, I forced myself to get up and leave the room. As I did, I noticed that it was very difficult for me to walk — and my gait resembled the staggering gait I've noticed in footage of a captive John Walker Lindh and also in prisoners entering Guantanamo Bay Prison.

I got to the hotel lobby and plopped down on the couch. I noticed a big guy in sweats and a buzz cut looking at me oddly. I laid my head back and closed my eyes in a stupor which must have resembled sleep. A bit later the buzz cut guy was gone but I could hear a hushed male voice using the payphone around the corner. "she's here on the damn couch ...!"

I lived in hotels from January until May in 2002. I had serious trouble sleeping. My nerves were frazzled; I kept feeling weird sensations somewhere between being burned and being shocked — from the inside out. I later found out that these symptoms are typical of a directed energy attack. Of course, at the time, I attributed my state to the emotional anguish of losing my family.

part 3 said...

Here I'd like to point out my contention that an activist's family is often the first target of a harassment campaign. That's because these guys' foremost goal is to knock out their targets' support systems -- and there is no greater support system than a victim's family. After that comes one's job and church affiliation. In the last two years, I've seen every one of these aspects of my life come under attack. But I'm not the only one this has happened to. For a great case study of systemized harassment, read the last quarter of David Moorehouse's ( _Psychic Warrior_. BTW, Colonel Moorehouse is an expert on non-lethal weapons and has written about them as well.)

At the beginning of 2002, I became as serious as a person with such meager resources could possibly be about disseminating the truth about 9-11. To be frank, it was a classic case of displacement. I felt totally powerless against my own personal and domestic demons — so I expressed all my vitriol towards the treasonous Bush gang. I posted to newsgroups, distributed pamphlets, even stood out on the street corner with a sign — "Bush is lying about 9-11." Regardless of my reasons, what I was doing was dangerous in the eyes of some very powerful people. I found it impossible to get a job an soon ran out of money, and I believe the directed energy attacks intensified. I soon suffered a nervous breakdown (from which I made a remarkable recovery once I removed myself from that toxic environment). Not long after that, I would be forced to stay in homeless shelters

I'm not the only "Enemy of the State" to lose my home the minute I open my mouth, believe me. Mike Ruppert of
became homeless for two years, unable to find a job and subjected to extreme psychological stress after exposing the CIA's involvement with drug-running
Voxfux of hid out from the FBI after they raided his apartment, crashing on the couches of friends

Jody Paulson

Anonymous said...

Couple of things Visible. We used to run around back in the day and last weekend I was in Virginia and talking to a couple of people who were around for a lot of the mindblowing events that took place around your kundalini thing. There were two of them, one was-is a close friend and the other not so much but definitely around for some of the main events in DC and Joshua Tree as well as other points in CA.

We were talking about some of the things that happened. The close friend remembered them very well and since I was around for some amount of these things the addition of a couple of six packs and a bowl or two made for interesting conversation.

Funnily, the other guy M did not remember a number of things or didn't remember them the way they happened and the interesting thing is that he has been much more deeply involved in material culture over the years and H, as you know, has not been. I just thought it was worth mentioning. Yeah, I know I'm not supposed to drink but it's been okay the last few years so I don't freak out about it anymore.

I'm talking about this in light of what Benjamin said. That factor has always been an element in your life. I remember when people would get together and run around all over the place looking for you, sometimes crossing most of the country but not being usually successful. When you changed your name to Les Visible it cracked me up as I knew what the point was.

It's always been a matter of time for when the cosmos would make the determination to stabilize you in a location where what you do could be accessible and I always thought the reason you never went to India is because you knew what would happen if you did. I've been there and I must concur that that's pretty much a definite for when you arrive. Some of us will make the trip once that goes into effect. It should be both fun and funny.

In closing let me say you need to do more of that unplugged stuff. That song really comes across in that format and the radio show was amusing to say the least.

Years later now and some of us are dead and some only wish they were, bwhahahaha. Some are just treading water like they always do and we're all waiting on the rising tide.

A whole lot of love,


Anonymous said...

Do you have a direct or hotlink to your Red Ice Radio interview?


Question everything said...

So Bruce, let me get this right: you knew Les Visible before he changed his name? Which agency did you say contacted you to come on this blog and say that?

Visible, you are just telling TOO much truth! The usual suspects are getting their panties in a bunch and they're grasping at straws from your past.

Keep up your good work!

Anonymous said...

Please enjoy this 5 day time lapse video of the Waldo Canyon Fire in Colorado.

Love, Rapunzel

Visible said...


It' hasn't happened yet but here's the link. It was supposed to air last week but I'm right there at the top of the page on the right.

Bruce has been coming around here since the beginning. You'll find him in the oldest Visible Origami comments but like Erin he hardly says much these days. I know he doesn't have a computer so he usually goes to someone's house or the library. It's not like he can't afford one but he likes to keep his home media free. He doesn't even email me. He sends snail mail.

Some number of my friends are Luddites, both there and in Woodstock.

Anyway, your generic Smoking Mirrors is under construction and will shortly be posted for whatever the reason you came around and read it.

Anonymous said...

via kathy
On the awakening... I mentioned a few weeks ago that 5 of my kids were graduating from something...grade school, hs, college.
That means a lot of parties. The parents of their friends were my classmates and so there has been a flurry of parties over the last weeks.
I don't know whether there is anywhere in the world with the insular neighborhoods of Queens. One for every nationality. Mine is Irish and Irish we are. Catholic church on every corner, Irish bars three to a block. Gray hair at 20, florid faced men, alcoholics in every family and die hard Kennedy liberals. I've been an idiological oddity all of my life and am accepted in the neighborhood as a crazy cousin...don't fuck with her she's one of ours.
So I'm at a party last weekend and everyone is bemoaning the supposed loss of obamacare and I'm keeping my mouth shut about it and we move on to death and many of them won't consider creamation b/c the church used to frown on it. So then it is osstuaries and this guy I've known forever says you don't even want to know about the Bardo. That was a surprise. Low and behold a tibetan buddhist in our midst so I burned his brain a little and he said only recently could he bring it up in this crowd. Day goes by and I start to hear around me stirrings of awakening. Alternative thought, open dialogue, outrage at political posturings that these peaople used to believe. I recommended Manly P Hall to a 75yr old guy who surprised me with his understanding of the state of the world and his curiousity as to how it got this way. Epiphanies abound.
Sorry for the personal stroll through the neighborhood but it is my guage to the world at large. These are truly kind, generous, caring people who have no refernce point for the other side of the world, or for the inside of their own heads. If these guys can wake up anyone can.
I'm tired of the mountains and have no endurance but I have stopped reading the news and lots of links. It is bad out there and the helpless feeling it gives me is counter productive. I've just been concentrating on the inside of my scrambled head. That helps a little.
I did a Terrance McKenna (queue the fiddle) marathon and now have a whole new bunch of stuff to sort out...
Brokenbeat-I'm glad you are still with us, you always have a worthwile contribution.
Vis you are the man
Peace out

Anonymous said...

Found this little ditti and I should I'd share.

"For a country incapable of occupying Iraq after 8 years and incapable of occupying Afghanistan after 11 years, to simultaneously take on two nuclear powers is an act of insanity. The hubris in Washington, fed daily by the crazed neocons, despite extraordinary failure in Iraq and Afghanistan, has now targeted formidable powers–Russia and China. The world has never in its entire history witnessed such idiocy.

The psychopaths, sociopaths, and morons who prevail in Washington are leading the world to destruction.

The criminally insane government in Washington, regardless whether Democrat or Republican, regardless of the outcome of the next election, is the greatest threat to life on earth that has ever existed.

Moreover, the only financing the Washington criminals have is the printing press...whether the US economy will complete its collapse before the war criminals in Washington can destroy the world."

I would add the zionist NWO plan is for the USA to LOSE te coming world war just as Germany did the last one - to then be carved up in a couple of pieces controlled by Russia respective China.

Oh, Rothschild will control the Russian and Sino countries economies by then = new judeo world order.

To bad, we end up as landless serfs in the final.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

The Dark and Hideous and the Great Unwashed.

Denny said...


Re: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes divorce...

That was supposed to be humour but I obviously failed. It's all headlines here at the moment and the whole country is no doubt holding its breath as to what they're going to do next...Who needs to know about Syria when a divorce of this magnitude is looming on the horizon...Heheh!

Visible said...

I kind of expected that must be the case Denny but when it comes to abstruse and lacking in the necessary signposts for that assumption to be made, you take the cake (grin).

Denny said...


Just for the record, that slimy bastard jew "doctor" prescribed me estrogen for teenage acne when I was 15 years old and the effects on my body are still noticeable to this day. And please bear in mind that I paid wads of money to those same charlatans sometime later when my friends thought I had contracted AIDS because of my appearance and physical condition, and of course they took the money but never told me that I was seriously mercury poisoned. They are all a bunch of fucking parasites - especially those who sit in London's "Medical Red Light District" aka "Harley Street" and take even larger wads from the usual victims. Have you ever watched that programme on US TV called "The Doctors"...? If you decide to, then I suggest you have a bucket handy.

Latest stats show that auto-immune diseases are sky-rocketing all over the US - especially diabetes.
Maybe they should all go to see a "doctor"..Heheh!
Pronouns are now becoming ever more common..."Gee...I'd better go and see MY oncologist".."MY" oncologist..?! Wake up world..!!

Visible said...

And they should go see their proctologist, in an Alexander Graham Bell, "Mr. Watson--come here--I want to see you." kind of a way.

brokenbeat said...

Thanks, Vis, for the kind thoughts. BTW, that was a stellar radio show -- you were on your game, top form. Great content and delivery. And even with my slower than usual thinking I could keep up. That's one I'll share with a bud that I lent your two books. He's between the two awakenings -- the one to the lies and the one to the truths.

Thanks, Denny, for sharing a similar tale. I wonder at times about those playing supporting roles in our drama. I don't think they lived only to die in a circumstance involving us, but they may be being used for a specific purpose as well as satisfying personal karma.

Thanks, Clarity, for your kind thoughts, advice and prayers. I had been absent from the blogs for some time prior to the accident dealing with major developments and decisions regarding career, possible relocation and such. I had an evaluation with a chiropractor and will start real treatment in a week after the swelling has gone down and massage therapy will also be part of the plan. I saw my osteopath yesterday and I don't have any neurological damage or internal organ damage, just muscular-skeletal injury and a mild concussion. I'm getting x-rays shortly to check for small fractures and misalignments.

Thanks, Rob in WI, for your spiritual support and I'm glad you appreciate my contributions. I understand the distinction you are making with respect to prayer. I suppose I was using that term loosely and for me it is not sullied by fundie use. I do think there is a place for prayer with the understanding that one has done all one can and it is asked in accordance with God's will, but I rarely ask for anything specific as I don't know what is best and expect provisions are already in place to the extent that intervention occurs when merited.

End Pt. 1

brokenbeat said...

Pt. 2

Thanks, Ray B., for the kind thoughts and blessings and for your enlightened analysis of the "accident" and the evaluation of the overall context and status of the times. It was not lost on me that it was a black demon of a car that homed in on me, but was just off target enough to drill the left front wheel area rather than T-bone my door. That was an interesting postscipt; "the soul" you mentioned at the end I took to be generic or universal to us all and not a specific entity, correct? That is, the question you posed was about soul-hacking (I just accidentally typed soul-jacking which might be appropriate and a cool term in itself!) as a general means to subvert the process and not a unique case. Thanks.

Thanks, the gardener, for grasping the intensity of my mash-up and for the toast to quickened healing -- I agree, no time to be down, though I understand there typically are waves after trauma. I always enjoy your written paintings, vignettes, of your pastoral environs. I am always in awe of the aspens when in the midst especially with gusting winds playing percussion and choreographing the movements with the accompanying lightshow -- a real treat to the senses and the spirit. Thanks also for framing the times astrologically in this and your other comments -- much appreciated.

Jody, that was an interesting primer on directed energy harrasment from first-hand experience. Kudos for you for doing the work in the trenches as part of the first wave. You certainly payed the price for visibly standing apart from the crowd of ignorance and cowardice. We are forever indebted to your and your colleagues courage. Thank you, thank you, thank you. The widespread exposing of the lies currently going on and the following sharing of the truths could not have happened without the effort and sacrifice of you and other activists and truthers. You are the heroes of our era and will be honored as such over time. I wish I had your courage.

With regard to harrasment, terresteral weapons are not the only means -- satellites and now drones are highly capable of tracking and attacking individual human targets as they move from room to room within a house. Shielding can help to an extent (be sure to ground or the signal is re-transmitted) and one could even live in a faraday cage if the effort was taken, but this doesn't help when out and about. Tin-foil hats, the subject of many jokes and a slur on par with "little green men", would actually be useful, but only if grounded and also only protect one's noggin.

Unfortunately, no shielding can protect against scalar weapons (to my understanding) which can produce extreme heating or cooling or control thoughts and emotions or even initiate disease through endogenic biomorphic technology. The only recourse, in addition to cultivating a relationship with the Divine, is to not stay still in one location for long periods of time. I am no activist and little threat, but I have sensed activity and move and get some relief until re-aquired. Good luck to you, and thanks again.

Blessings, all,

John V.

Ray B. said...

Clarity, June 29, 2012 7:41:00 PM

I enjoyed your excerpt from "Pursuing the Awakening Warrior". It seems to parallel the way I have found the heart chakra works, including the blockages. When cleared, this chakra expresses "We Are", as a shorthand to your excerpt.

WE Are (emphasis on partner, group, etc.)
We ARE (emphasis on strength, ties, etc.)

We Are (if you don't hurt me)
We Are (if you treat me well)
We Are (if you obey me)
We Are (if you pleasure me)
We Are (if you recognize me)
etc. etc. etc.

Now, here is where the mind can be our friend, not just 'monkey mind'.

I consider knowledge of the chakras to be important because it tells me 'what just happened'. For example, if I feel a pain in my heart (heart chakra), I know it has to do with "We Are". Either the Other said, "We Are Not," or "We Are, only if you [fill in the blank: believe the right way, act the right way, have the right attitude, etc.]." So, I can unravel useful information on what just happened between Self and Other.

I consider this as very important, because it is a way through our prior conditioning. It tells us what really happened, not what you should believe about what happened.

It is also a way to tell whether something 'big' is buried there. If someone does something small or inoccuous and I react out of all proportion to it, I would be wise to dig deeper...

Here is a cut-down version of what I posted in the VO on April 09, 2012 at 3:42:00 AM. I believe all the chakras are important, so I 'monitor' all of them.

Basis of Chakra:

Crown - Oneness
Brow - Intuitiveness
Throat - Harmony
Heart - Lovingness
Lower Stomach - Empowerment
Loin - Relationship
Base of Spine - Existence


When Cleared, Chakra Expresses*:

Crown - Vision of God
Brow - We Are One
Throat - We Are Important
Heart - We Are
Lower Stomach - I Am Here, Too **
Loin - I Am Important **
Base of Spine - I Exist, or I Am **

* Damaged or conditioned Chakra either refutes this knowing or attaches a condition to it, like "I am important if I agree with you, have green hair, etc."

** Note that this is NOT a judgement of being greater or lesser than another. It is a quiet assertion.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Ray B. said...

brokenbeat / John V., Saturday, June 30, 2012 9:47:00 PM

"'The soul' you mentioned at the end I took to be generic or universal to us all and not a specific entity, correct?"

Correct (generic or universal to us all). I was worried about it being so 'convenient' that the end-result of split-off lifetimes could result in us just viewing ourselves (universal) as meat-bags. It seemed like a possible manipulation. As far as the Elves are concerned, it just seems 'built into the system'. Perhaps some of our baser learning experiences need to be as meat-bags?

You have a powerful group of Commenters wishing you well. Judging by the post-accident postings, you have earned it. (grin)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

P.S. On the Scalar scene, I skimmed that long ago and was intrigued. I give it a possibility in my engineering mind of being 'real', because anti-matter particles were forecast from seemingly-nonsensical theoretical equations in the same way. Would you have a link to the full (not stripped) Maxwell equations that are the theoretical source of the Scalar fields? That has been in my mind for a while, now.

Peaches said...

Visible I thought you outdid yourself with your song tonight.

Where you are...

clear and concise.


brokenbeat said...

Ray B.,

Thanks for the reply and best wishes. I will need to consider your soul queries at another time. It has me confounded. Onto something more comprehensible to me, scalar electromagnetics...

The best resource I ever found for scalar theory, zero point energy and such is which is Tom Bearden's website, Tom being probably the most visible authority on these matters. Being highly visible, he has been thought to be co-opted and the site a limited hang-out, but who's to say really? He was in the military and lives in Huntsville near Redstone Arsenal, but that's not condemning in itself. Being allowed to publish and live does raise some eyebrows, though. But theory is just theory, not useful devices,and the original equations are in the public domain, though not readily accessible.

I always wanted to verify the theory emperically but didn't care for the accompaying scrutiny. There's thinking that dabbling in this is detectable by those well-versed and connected with TPTB. There's oodles of material and designs out there so I didn't see a point in re-inventing the "motionless wheel".

When I was studying intermediate physics (EM) In college, I was aware that Maxwell's equations were derived from another researcher's (forgot who) more complete set and there were more quaternion
terms, but the professors didn't want to hear of it. Ostensibly, they were troublesome higher order terms that had little relevance. So much of the discarded stuff has significance and was ignored for obfuscation of greater truths, no doubt. Kinda like junk DNA!

Anyhoo, I think you should be able to find the master equations on that site or a link to it.

Happy hunting,

John V.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up-

Brain Dead Acquiescence, Mephistopheles and Faust.

brokenbeat said...


Thanks for your kind words and I'm glad you appreciate my contributions. Somehow I missed your comment to me. I think it appeared after I posted my two-parter.

As to the Terence McKenna marathon, I'm assuming you're referring to his works, not a vieled allusion to his "source". I came close to visiting the spirit of the vine last year, but in retrospect I'm glad I honored my gut feeling that left me trepidacious. A shamanic healer has advised me that, while beautiful, there are dangers for anyone other than hardy shamans or such as, of all the entheogens, this particular one is attractive to evil spirits and negative experiences can result. You probably weren't considering getting into that, but I thought I'd put this out there as a warning to psychonauts at large.



Anonymous said...

The most cunning of all the faiths, i have witnessed, you, for what you are, your content.

You speak of compassion, for contemplations of little that is trusted, one of subduing your fellow man with blindness, in an art, a mastorate of deceptions.
a vibrant effluent negative discharge of of thoughtaenous wisdom, as say this example for a reason.

Non touches so heartedly as our idealism of balance, and then, the dual idealism of compassion and love.
'One can love to hate', i have repeated many times, one can also have much compassion in the act of savageries, the killing of a whale, or elephant, or bear or wolve or maybe a badger or a president, a colonel, as examples of our natures.

One without balance, is not one with the realms, or Aliyjah.
One fulfills themselves with light whilst balance states one must fulfil themselves with darkness, and delve deeper still, into its existence.
One would be a falsehood to state otherwise, so as a monk one should know this balance.

The truth of this matter, which is reasoning concern of the relationships between, the art of love against the art of hate and their dualist images of opposite force.
For both are, and being as they both are, both are exceptable, until they become unexceptable, upon which point one would be forced to erase its presents, and upon doing so, another negative/positive enegry would take its place, to equalibrialise it.

So to say, that the suffering in this realm is endless, infinte 0-8, as matter decays, and light itself enables it, together with re-essembling of matter relative to light, the balance for man, and most other species, is to consume matter at the same rate of decay, we are the consumers of the world, and are being consumed, ther is non, has been non, and will be non, that has not, is not, and will not take part in the death, demise, torture, rebirth consumation of this realm, it is inevitable.

Its how you except the realm and this understanding of natures deadly but beautyful unscrupulous force, life.

That sometimes, instead of the task one has been given to do, the work of man, being shelter and food, where another force stops, invades, violates this universal right of settlment, to build ones shelter, to stay free from terror, or harm, to protect ones closest, wherever they see fit.

Then one must equate and reason with ones self of action in which one must proceed to take back ones rights, freedoms, and virtues.

"what of the next if one leaves it this time" common man does thought, "shalt i sit by and do noting" "whilst others are at burden too", so on and so on.
Today here we are, look around.

'So i did sit idolie watching from the post, waiting for the power to grow'
{waiting to grow} {power to grow} {to grow power} {to grow for power} {to grow, waiting for power} {for to grow power, waiting}

Being sometimes, if thee other force is intolerant to ones presents, and is as deadlier a subject as anything known, that one has encounted whilst hunting, then one would not hesitate, inevitabilie, to idea a venture of proposals to deter, fight, defend against that which would be know as an enermy, or invader, ref-{history}. with equal force, to the death, or to the yield of ones grace, and, swear upon their own blood, might and honour, that peace is amongst them, and let it be the settlement continues with peace, :x

I myself feel compelled to release the negative energies which build up over periods of time, essentually in tune with the suns rays, its blasted off the vessel which contains these thoughts within the worm.

I enjoy Chinas company :)

They say Chinese think as Ants, i say England has a queen.

The whole worlds communist, you just didnt realise.

You fooled me once, you fooled me again. :|

oh and yes, their just good at maths, stop the worrying, its Locally planetary.

00 Zooming out initiated : 'rant out'

Lh Ld Elon

Anonymous said...

It however is deemed a deflective resonance relative to the negative emissions which the vessel has been afflicted by, to the starting process of this mechanism, it is as a defence posion, and maybe causing, has caused, and will cause, inevitable harm to ones surroundings, it is not an act of motion other than that of the mind, which has an outpouring of vibrous photonic nueronic, and electronic negative charged ionic atmospheric digital resonating signals
To retain this imputation, would be bad, as it would fester.
If one is capable, then one truly destroys worlds.
Yes truly one walks with the divine, but, what is divine.

The world around you monk.

Lh Ld Elon

Anonymous said...

the post isnt directed at you les, forgive, im sure they know whom they are.

neal said...

Ray B, for your consideration, there is

Anonymous said...

via kathy
Ray B - you are my hero today...I've been feeling more than a little invisible lately. I've taken to working on myself and not paying attention to the outside world more that necessary, it seems to help me but - on all levels I've become invisible. People don't acknowledge me when they see me and if I say hi they say oh hey I didn't see you or some variation. Here on the blog, I've ben feeling the same way. I know that my contribution is inane but that's me and validation is a gift of sorts. Anyway, at the same time I've been having butterflies in my stomach and usually that is because I feel I've done something not good. But I couldn't identify anything I've done that would cause me to feel that way. I am commenting with no response, again, and low and behold you post the chakra information. Well there I am expressing in blocked chakra "I am here too". I think I need some draino to unblock it but knowing why I feel so ick is wonderful.
Brokenbeat-thanks for validating (grin). As to Terrence Mc, watching and contemplating not imbibing. Although, when i was in the AF stationed in TX we used to ride our bikes down near the border and pick from the cow dung and make some milk shakes. I had some mind expanding experiences but never a mind altering one. The concept of eating what grows in cow shit was a trip in itself.
Peace out

lightandlongshadows said...

You see me, I see you


"Its how you except the realm and this understanding of natures deadly but beautyful unscrupulous force, life."
The tension builds, the friction, the heat. Acceptance is the key, compassion the door. It's all undoubtedly it is.

"If one is capable, then one truly destroys worlds"
I am solid I am the spark
I am liquid I am hydrogen
I am vapour I am oxygen
I am oxygen I am vapour
I am hydrogen I am liquid
I am the spark I am solid

"their just good at maths"
They've built quite the temple too. Do you think they realize that they're trying to roof it with foundation stones?

"stop the worrying"
Whenever I go for a walk in the tall grass I always have to pick burrs off my socks *shrugs*.

"its Locally planetary"
A great reminder, thank-you. Fall isn't far off and with it the return of some long estranged friends of the field. Walking left-right is getting a bit mundane, I need a dancing lesson. :)

"The world around you monk"
Wonder is the question and the answer in itself.

The Cinematic Orchestra

Take care all

lightandlongshadows said...

"...But the nature of such things is not, as some suppose, without trouble or care. Temptations are on the right hand and on the left. Behind, the sea of time and space[1] roars and follows swiftly. He who keeps not right onwards is lost; and if our footsteps slide in clay, how can we do otherwise than fear and tremble? But I should not have troubled you with this account of my spiritual state, unless it had been necessary in explaining the actual cause of my uneasiness, into which you are so kind as to inquire; for I never obtrude such things on others unless questioned, and then I never disguise the truth. But if we fear to do the dictates of our angels, and tremble at the tasks set before us; if we refuse to do spiritual acts because of natural fears or natural desires, who can describe the dismal torments of such a state! I too well remember the threats I heard!—"If you, who are organised by Divine Providence for spiritual communion, refuse, and bury your talent in the earth, even though you should want natural bread, sorrow and desperation pursue you through life, and after death shame and confusion of face to eternity. Everyone in eternity will leave you, aghast at the man who was crowned with glory and honour by his brethren, and betrayed their cause to their enemies. You will be called the base Judas who betrayed his friend!" Such words would make any stout man tremble, and how then could I be at ease? But I am now no longer in that state, and now go on again with my task, fearless, though my path is difficult. I have no fear of stumbling while I keep it.

William Blake

Angus And Julia Stone

brokenbeat said...


Yup, the food of the gods is fine and make that down right glorious...and "heaven sent". I believe they have played a role in the evolution of human conciousness and are usually a positive experience for healthy minds in moderation whether recreational or therapeutic. And as Terence and others suggest, may have literally arrived from skies as spores are thought to survive space travel.

My warning was one that I heard from a trusted guide and extended only to the vine -- caps and buttons are entirely another matter and generally safe. Occasional use, say annually, would do a stable person good and has been shown to help with addiction and depression as well. A field of patties would warm my heart right about now...

Safe travels,




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