Monday, July 23, 2012

A Good Blind Date, especially if you're Blind.

Dog Poet in Orbit.

May your noses always be hoses for the crack cocaine of universal brotherhood and impersonal cosmic love.

(A few preliminary, introductory notes. First, you were off the charts generous to James Jancik on our final radio show and he will be having that dinner. For James, let me thank you one and all. And there's good news, if you think it so. James says the downloads of our radio show are impressive and far outstretch the live listeners and that has been a problem for some reason. Nevertheless, James sent me an email yesterday saying that he didn't know where I was at with it but he would love to continue to produce the show and make it available for download so... next Saturday morning you will have the radio show and a regular vlog is coming very soon which, I think you will, find pretty damn original, if I do say so myself. I'm on top of the world today, on a gorgeous July day where the temperature is about 70 degrees. I'm on top of the world because I solved a problem that had been bedeviling me for decades. This has happened before and has marvelous salutary effects. I expect the same. Well, there are a couple of other things but let's get to the post.)

This weekend I attended a two day musical festival. I assume the website is not so colorful now because the mega concert is over but there is a tab line at the top of the page and you can get some feel for the event. It took place in Cologne, which one could say is one of the main cultural centers of Germany. Let me set the stage before I go back stage (grin). We left here early Saturday morning (6:00 AM). I got to sleep around 2:00 AM prior to and the night before I got no sleep. I went with my friend Michael, as his guest and with his daughter, Sarah who enjoys some of this form of music. It was about a five hour drive on the autobahn, where you can go a hundred and twenty miles an hour most of the time and Michael has a new Audi so.... Whoosh.

We got to our hotel(s) and checked in first. I was at a nearby hotel because there was no room at the inn where they were staying. Sarah had a friend who came in another car and as a result Michael and I had to wait for about an hour in the parking lot, while they did the sorts of things ladies do and which are mysterious to the rest of us. Finally, some distance closer to the end of the Kali Yuga, they emerged in their version of Goth/Emo, looking gorgeous under the circumstances.

This concert is a compilation of Goth, Emo and wannabe Satanists and included a measure of S&M torture freaks and alternative sexual expressions, like the tall and very slender blonde guy in a white, plastic mini skirt with a fishnet top. Here are some of the t-shirts people were wearing and it was rare if someone was not wearing a logo shirt; “My parents said I could be anything I wanted, so I became an asshole”. “I am an asshole”. “Hate me”. “Will the darkness possess me? Go to Hell”. “The Devil inside”. “I want to die today”. For some reason, I can't remember a lot of them now. If they come back to me I will intersperse them as we go. Black was the overwhelmingly predominant color and phrases having to do with Satan, death culture, nihilistic acquiescence, hunger for death, oh yeah, and things like this; more logos, “You can either agree with me or be wrong”. “Drink, fight, fuck”. That said, there was no violence. The people were generally good natured and friendly, even though they drank a lot of beer. If this were happening in the UK or the US there would have been fights.

The interesting thing is that with all of the dark advertising, it came off more as a costume ball than any actual celebration of darkness. There were guys dressed in these heavy, floor length black dresses, attended by all kinds of metal accessories like rings, clips, all manner of kinds and types. This was often topped by fishnet, black weave shirts or black t-shirts. Others wore cargo pants with the same motif. I'd say about 95% were dressed this way. Michael was dressed in black but he looked like some kind of paramilitary security. Sarah was in a black evening dress with boots. Here friend had black pants and a 'devil inside' T-shirt and her friend was dressed in routine black. Those two did a lot of clothes shopping. I had on my Jimmi Hendrix velvet jacket, black cargo pants and a black and white checked shirt. I'm sure these details are really important to the reader (grin).

At one point Michael, Sarah and I are focused on this one fellow. He wasn't so dressed up as everyone else but he had the most depraved set of eyes I have seen in a long time. You could see iniquities seldom dreamed of there. We all noticed, so I turned to Sarah and said, “Now there's a blind date for you but only if you are blind”. Then Michael said something about an open hand and I said, “I love an open hand as long as it's attached to a naked body”. There were a ton of one-liners. The result is that I got a song out of it featuring those two lines. There was a certain type of woman there who was statuesque in an Amazonian way and I said, “It would take two men to do her”; not exactly the words I used (grin) but had you seen them you would have known what I meant. There were some number of them. The general attire of the majority of the women was Slutville Central, as each seemed to be engaged in outdoing the rest of them. It was impressive in it's own way. There was a collection of buxom lassies there of what one might call 'economy sized', like when you buy the large container of soap power for your family wash and they were wearing these bustiers that barely contained their produce and seemed to threaten to escape at any moment. You could almost hear them singing, “I want to be free! I want to be free”! And some of them nearly attained this. Cynics might refer to it as a fashion accident but we're taking about something more timeless here.

The place was jammed and sometimes you couldn't move very well. At one point I was watching a band perform and this lady appeared in front of me and decided to take a serious interest in me, which led to some creative groping. I was somewhat bemused. Out of nowhere this guy appeared and swept her away. I don't think he was bemused. Michael was though. Ironically, the next day, I was standing on the other side of the crowd with Michael and there she was right in front of me again. At one point she turned and looked at me and didn't recognize me at all. That Visible charisma must ebb and flow like the tides under the influence of the moon.

The bands, except for degrees of quality were pretty much all the same group and the group which drew the largest crowd was a tribute band, heh heh for Rammstein. I was told they had the number one selling album for a number of months and nobody seemed to notice the difference. I suppose this might be called Clone Rock. Michael tells me that Rammstein is so popular that it cost more to see them than we paid to get into this two day concert. I liked this one group, can't remember the name; Lost, something, something. Though I can find all the other bands listed at Wikipedia, I don't find any with lost in the title. Every singer with every band had the same voice with variations only of power and depth. They all sang in a low voice sort of like Tom Waits, if he was on PCP and there was a lot of screaming. I couldn't imagine their throats holding out for any length of time but... what do I know? One singer was screaming, “I want to hear you scream”. Finally I let go with an, “If you stop singing I will”. That went over pretty well among surrounding ears, along with my “Wrong”, which was in response to an endless repetition of “Right”. I figured out that the engineers were using the same vocal filters on every one of the singers.

Anyway, I was hanging on trying to stay upright, after two nights with not much sleep and told Michael I had to go back to my hotel. He didn't want me to leave because 'Sisters of Mercy' were coming on. It might have been a mercy that I left, I'll never know. Michael says he will walk me to the exit and I say, “So I just go over the bridge (over the Rhine- really wide at this location) and the hotel's right there huh”? He says “Yeah” and I don't think about it. Remember that I am truly bushed and want only to get to the hotel, maybe have a few beers in the bar and just fall gratefully on to my bed. So, it takes me about a kilometer of walking and negotiating to get to the bridge and then a long walk across it. Then I spend half an hour walking all over the place and... I'm moving at a good clip most of the time. People are giving me directions to Micheal’s hotel, “The Dorint”. I come to find out after about 6 K that this is the other Dorint, there are two of them and his and my hotel are back over the bridge on the other side. I walk another extended distance until I find a cab. The driver tells me he can take me to The Skada which is my hotel. We go across the bridge and I see the other Dorint. I say it's right here. He says no and proceeds to take me a couple of miles out of town to what might have been a hotel but which is closed down and empty. I am on the verge of a nervous breakdown after all the adrenalin of my efforts. I get him to take me back to the Dorint and we wind up in front of my hotel. He had been insisting that the other place was my hotel. Thank god I had had the presence of mind not to get out of the cab at the other location. He sees the name of the hotel on my real hotel and this makes him self recriminatory and apologetic. He is insisting on my not paying him. Finally we compromise; more energy expended.

I walk into the hotel and into the bar where the manager is sitting having a beer. I see the clock. It says 9:30. I was moving over distances for more than two hours. The manager says, “You're Les Visible, I know you”. What are the odds? Apparently he had run across my music at some point. He was convinced that I was performing at the festival, despite the vast difference in styles. Nothing I could have said changed it. He wanted me to meet this friend of his who was a producer and had the barmaid at the computer trying to find his email address, which didn't happen. He told me we would have coffee in the morning. I made it up to my room and lights out. I woke at 7:30 or so, still a little whipped and went down to breakfast. The manager was all business and seemed not to remember the night before. I take it he was drunk. I went back upstairs and slept till 11:00. I checked out and went to the festival where I met Michael as arranged. My recuperative powers are pretty outstanding. I don't know why I got put through what I did that night but I suspect it was to show me what is possible. I still can't believe it happened (grin).

I could get much more extensively anecdotal about the concert and any number of amusing things but I have run out of space. Michael says there's a much bigger festival in a few weeks at an abandoned airstrip. It is really too bad I didn't have my HD audio visual sunglasses working for this one but I will for that one so you'll see what I'm talking about. As some might say, “it was a real hoot”.

End Transmission.......

Friday's radio show is available for listening or download.

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the gardener said...

Congrats on your getting out and about into a new creative scene with the young people.

However... "I'm on top of the world because I solved a problem that had been bedeviling me for decades."

I love when that happens too. So if it includes 'us' please enlighten. :)

the gardener

Skepticfrog said...

Music festivals of all genre, all over in Europe are just incredibly cool, huh?
I happen to be pre-1935 music (hot)jazz oriented, but here is one for you: Sziget 2012 in HU in August.

" - Winner of the "Best European Major Festival" Award

Check it out, its awesome according to its devotees. My daughter went transatlantic - twice - just to attend it (on her own saved-up money, although she had no money left for lodging, so she (they) stayed in a tent in an on-site camp).

James said...

Vis, sounds like an interesting weekend! Here's a gallery of some photos I found

Anonymous said...

Marvellous entertainment !

Thanks a bunch, Les !!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a nice little Satanic-wannabe get-together...did you congregate with anybody who was the real deal?

Anonymous said...

Learnings road
Manifesting ways
Riding the cycle
Harmonys pave
Instances forming
Unity one
Deep summer sky blue
Golden bright sun
Strum of an eagle
Earth and the heart
Butterflies travel
Wings of the stars
blow on the winds
Old man of the sea
Songs of the birds
In the cradle of peace


eternal sceptic after MSM 9/11 said...

"Colorado Shooter Was Camp Counselor for Jewish Big Brothers and Sisters"

Dollars to donuts this is staged promotion to increase box office receipts by zionist controlled Hollywierd.

Truth: Nobody got shot, nobody died - bullshit 'news' courtesy of the MSM.

Visible said...

You got to love the completely unrelated things that appear here sometimes as if some kid on a skateboard went by with a spray can.

Visible said...

Gardener, as strange as it might sound, it is not something that can be discussed. It's intensely private and just wouldn't translate, I'm certain of that. It also involves a lot of constant focus and faith because it grew to a great size by my being unaware of a very simple thing, which in fact I was aware of but there was a disconnect.

Anonymous said...

Rebels dressed as soldiers
Syria is a scam
A coup run by the west
The wicked zionist hand
Corporate fascist cowboys
The devils undertone
In the collapsing centre
Of the broken home
Of the banking structure
Falling to the ground
Deprived and obselete
Empire dead and drowned
Warmongers ply their lies
Afraid of all the people
Scared to death of truth
That crushes all it's evil


Anonymous said...

pierre said...

many disconnects am I discovering as I learn piano. the things that stand in the way, mostly self derived and the promise of much more effortless progress when receiving the blessings that were always there (it seems). still, its also rewards for perseverance.

looking forward to passage through India notes if we get them.

(I think the "Here are.. " tshirts link didnt get in).

now off to listen to the radio show whilst doing the weekly dishes.

the gardener said...

Totally understand Vis... I've had some help come my way and the revelations cause elevations to my spirit. I KNEW something was up but until you know you don't know.

One of my outrageous revelations of last week was: after dealing with the most unprofessional, lying, deviant case throwers which has caused me a lot of angst amid my constant stream of thrown cases and wondering 'wth is going on?"

These are the STUPIDS! THE CHEATERS! the ULTIMATE SOCIOPATHIC WEASELS who've lied, cheated and weaseled their way into positions of power over others and great authority and have thusly clawed out any normal decent SMART people holding those positions or co-working with them. THE STUPID CHEATERS ARE RUNNING THE SHOWS!

they cheat! of course they do! liars and thieves are always going to be cheaters. So these creeps have cheated and/or bought their way up to power positions and have not a clue as to how to perform in front of honest people. So they just keep CHEATING EXPECTING THE OTHER CHEATERS TO COVER THEIR ASSES but they are so bad at everything they do they can't hold up the forts much longer!

Especially since that eight year cycle of no holds barred CHEATING has ended! They're stupidly holding the bags with all their shit in it and no normal person to blame it on or to leave on their doorsteps....THAT WAS A HELLUVA GREAT REVELATION FOR ME as it has bothered me or kept me stuck for a long time now. Didn't know what I was really dealing with.

the gardener

the same friend of mine unlayering the layers of lies for me-HRM- was the same one who one night we came upon such a badly done PSYOPS news story-one of those 'doctors' killed in the far off forests of Afghanistan... 'she was engaged to Paddy-luggage boy met at the resort she was staying in... she'd been out looking at SILK BALL GOWNS FOR THEIR WEDDING WHEN SHE WAS KILLED BY ________'.

This story was played out on the dailymail and it was sooooo bad... and we researched all the named 'doctors' killed along with Paddy's love. Poor Paddy.

Chinese Sneakers said...

Vivid imagery and palpable sensations were literalised very effectively in this. Felt like i was really there. Amazing what you accomplish.

Just wanted to mention--when you wrote, "That Visible charisma must ebb and flow like the tides under the influence of the moon....", i couldn't help but envision a big chiaroscuro shift had occurred in your key lighting from one night to the next.

Thanks for that.


Stella Blue said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

"Sisters of Mercy"? sounds like you were in the kind of crowd I used to run with,(still keep in touch with some)
Sisters is not my fave,though (Laibach is way more interesting). I know itr's unlikely but did you by chance see a one girl band called "Zipperspy"?(Maria is a very dear,old friend)

Ray B. said...

Talk about synchronicity. I was reading through a computer magazine and ran across what was probably the source of Vis' recent computer snafu. Scanned it for you all...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.


"PCWorld" magazine, August 2012, p.33

"Ransomware Accuses Users of Lawbreaking"
by Christina DesMamis

Online scammers' latest ploy lures Internet users into installing ransomware, which then tells them that they violated federal law by viewing child porn and must pay a fine.
The U.S. Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) is warning the public about Reveton, a new type of ransomware ( Reveton is a variant of the Trojan horse known as Citadel, which in turn is based on Zeus, one of the oldest and most used online-banking Trojan horses. The Citadel crimeware toolkit is now open-source and is evolving and spreading rapidly, resulting in insidious new versions.

The IC3 says Reveton victims are lured to a drive-by download website that installs the ransomware on their computers. Shortly thereafter, the PC seizes up, and a displayed warning declares that the Justice Department's Computer Crime & Intellectual Property Section has identified the user's IP address as having visited sites offering child porn and other illegal content.

"To unlock their computer, the user is instructed to pay a $100 fine to the U.S. Department of Justice, using prepaid money card services. The geographic location of the user's IP address determines what payment services are offered," IC3 explains in its warning. "In addition to the ransomware, the Citadel malware continues to operate on the compromised computer, and can be used to commit online banking and credit card fraud."

The bottom line: As always, be careful online. Don't click links in email messages or on websites that are unfamiliar to you, or that come from people or sources you don't know.

Anonymous said...

...just priceless.
Gothic Robert Crumb girls partying until their kohl rings are melting away ...maybe more on M´era Luna in Hildesheim....
28° today...

Ray B. said...

Vis, enjoyed your concert tour. Glad you didn't get out at the abandoned hotel...

I attend various festivals and craft fairs over our fair NW. I am always on the lookout (feelout?) for folks using higher energies. Few and far between, but quite refreshing.

One booth at a festival had actual 'portals' opened up into different guru sanctuaries. Amazing. When I questioned the guy about it, he wouldn't answer. I don't know how he did it. Ran across some true Wicca ladies in another place - presence of Power all around them. Another guy had used some technique to really charge up crystals, and grinned when I complimented him on it. A few others, of which I can't remember the details...

One early-middle-aged woman at a craft fair surprised me by having an aura that was blatantly 'white'. I had never 'seen' that before; it dropped my jaw. I had to ask her if she was doing some unusual 'practice'. She said no, so I walked on...

Later, I was still curious, so I asked Higher Self to 'go back' to that place and began asking questions. (All the following is unprovable, so take it as you will...) It turned out that she was descended from folks that had been literally abducted by non-human aliens (not greys - hadn't seen them before) and raised in their culture. The third-generation was being used as clandestine 'scouts' to keep an eye on us. The 'white' aura was because of being raised for generations without the 'garbage' that we experience here courtesy of all that Vis relates. (It gives a good idea of what we might become, left alone.) I checked with Higher Self whether something needed to be done to un-abduct them, but was told that they were better off where they were...

Enjoying your blogs as always.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

ray b;

yep. if memory serves (and it does)the eugene festival used to be ripe for witchy wang dang doodle.

"if you want to get to heaven ..."t

Visible said...

It was Lord of the Lost that I saw. That was pretty entertaining.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up-

The Spring Cleaning Period of the Aquarian Age.

Anonymous said...

I always found these people interesting, if they were to meet up with real evil they would go screaming into the night. As well they should ,but I would definitely get a chuckle or two. Like when you release a bear into the wild and have to teach it to fear people so they break habits and don't become somebody's rug..Chuckalicious.



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