Saturday, February 09, 2013

Carry on my Wayward Something or Other

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be noses.

Okay, I've been gone for awhile. God is always working with me and that means putting me thru shit too. What some readers don't get is that means I have to be shaken and stirred and roasted in the crucible of existence. If I was some phony like Mooji or any of the rest of those cats, I could play bad sax for a tone deaf audience... but I don't do that kind of thing.

Some people have been saying some bad things about me. Some of them think this is some kind of comeuppance. If you think this, you don't know me very well and you definitely don't know God or how God operates. How many time do I have to say that EVERYTHING IS UNDER CONTROL and FOR THE PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATION?

Let me give you some PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATION. Gopal wanted to take me to this reservoir dam; I had expressed an interest, so it was all set. He said he was bringing some other people. One of them he said was his uncle and one was his brother. We went in to town and picked them up.

Then we drove 30 K, over bad roads and came to this amazing place, with a crocodile farm and homeless, itinerant dogs. What a scene. I know crocodiles. I know why they are here and I know what they can do in the wild. I could tell you stories... but that is for another time.

We get to this location and Gopal tells me this guy is not his brother but his guru and he is 300 years old. Well truth be told, I don't know about that but this guy knew things about me that I never told anyone but... which I do happen to know. He told me this was my last lifetime. How did he know that? I have never told anyone that.

He told me the quality of my thought and what my heart contained. At one point we had gone to an area and to have some drinks; Gopal had brought them. This little puppy came up to me. He could not have been more than 2 months old. I saw him and I wept like a baby and I gave him all my food. There was this guy was sweeping the perimeter and I called him over and I gave him significant rupees and I said we must have food for this dog. He delivered and I sat there and cried while that dog ate and Gopal's uncle put his hand on shoulder and his guru was right there too. His guru has been in my apartment since and he says these things about me but Gopal doesn't get it.

Last night after his guru left, he came back, cause he stays here most nights now and he does have a home. I knew he was hurting inside. See, Gopal has been a serious bad guy in his life. Martial artists always recognize each other. So we talked and I realized he wasn't listening to me. Indians have this way of nodding their heads, no matter what... so I punched him in the heart with real force... but not with my hands and he cried, he broke down. I had to hold him; this hard... hard man, who has done some bad shit. I'm telepathic... it's why we have this resonance; why some of you have even been cured of terminal diseases and you know who you are.

Everything is for the purpose of demonstration. Recently I have had people turn on me. I've had people I trusted believe shit that wasn't true. I'm in no mood to prove it to them, even though I can. They have gotten their reward, or will and what I have gone through recently... FOR THE PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATION. Do you really think I am that stupid or weak?. I would never have gotten this far. God likes fucking with me (not God actually, he has already apologized about that).

Life is not what you think it is and whatever you think of me. You don't know me, who I actually am or what I do and...I don't care. I will get it done. I will get it done; end of story.

End Transmission.......

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Alan, 20 Perth said...

Wow, cool post

Lovely to hear from you again.

Love, Alan

Anonymous said...

hang in there. nice to hear from you again

thom j

Anonymous said...

"I've mentioned to you that sorcery is something like entering a dead-end street," he replied. "What I meant was that sorcery practices have no intrinsic value. Their worth is indirect, for their real function is to make the assemblage point shift by making the first attention release its control on that point.

"The new seers realized the true role those sorcery practices played and decided to go directly into the process of making their assemblage points shift, avoiding all the other nonsense of rituals and incantations. Yet rituals and incantations are indeed necessary at one time in every warrior's life. I personally have initiated you in all kinds of sorcery procedures, but only for purposes of luring your first attention away from the power of self-absorption, which keeps your assemblage point rigidly fixed."

He added that the obsessive entanglement of the first attention in self-absorption or reason is a powerful binding force, and that ritual behavior, because it is repetitive, forces the first attention to free some energy from watching the inventory, as a consequence of which the assemblage point loses its rigidity.

"What happens to the persons whose assemblage points lose rigidity?" I asked.

"If they're not warriors, they think they're losing their minds," he said, smiling. "Just as you thought you were going crazy at one time. If they're warriors, they know they've gone crazy, but they patiently wait. You see, to be healthy and sane means that the assemblage point is immovable. When it shifts, it literally means that one is deranged."

He said that two options are opened to warriors whose assemblage points have shifted. One is to acknowledge being ill and to behave in deranged ways, reacting emotionally to the strange worlds that their shifts force them to witness; the other is to remain impassive, untouched, knowing that the assemblage point always returns to its original position.

"What if the assemblage point doesn't return to its original position?" I asked.

"Then those people are lost," he said. "They are either incurably crazy, because their assemblage points could never assemble the world as we know it, or they are peerless seers who have begun their movement toward the unknown."

"What determines whether it is one or the other?"

"Energy! Impeccability! Impeccable warriors don't lose their marbles. They remain untouched. I've said to you many times that impeccable warriors may see horrifying worlds and yet the next moment they are telling a joke, laughing with their friends or with strangers." - From "The Fire From Within", by Carlos Castaneda

BK South Australia said...

So glad to hear from you Viz. Been checking twice a day every day. Sending you love & best wishes as always.

Anaughty Mouser said...

There's lots of big fish to fry. Welcome back.

Anonymous said...

The 1% are 99% "jewish" said...

Ezra Pound, Eustice is getting so bad for the 99% that we are ready now to embrace a man like Adolph Hitler to come forward and purge the zionist filth from our world.

How can <2% be >50% of congress and >50% of Harvard law faculty. What the fuck is going on if it is not an actualisation of the protocols of zion?

The time to rebel against the zionist world order is now!

Anonymous said...

God bless cousin Vis, good to have you back and you're right on time. Your syncronicity is top notch as always.

Mr. Apocalypse just showed up in my neck of the woods under the guise of one Mr. Dorner and has been demonstrating quite a bit of purpose lately. Weird to see the cops running around like hunted animals for once. The LAPD has had no legitimacy in the community outside of the jewish interests they exist to protect for a while now and this Joker-Batman style war of sttrition is going to be fun to watch. I think the cops are more scared shitless of the sheer volume of support this guy is getting among the local news watchers and social media types than anything else.

The readers need you now more than ever Vis. Many will be tempted to while away as we get further past the 2012 turning point and that momentum can't be lost. Stay strong forever.

Abe in East LA.

Murphy151 said...

Hi Visible,

Nice to hear from you.

Do you need anything? let me know if you do, either here or FB or email.



Matt McCauley said...


Who are these people really who starve creatures and humans and murder children for fun and income?

The tribe, yes, but what is attached to them?

I can see the world rid of this, I see it all the time.

Anonymous said...

please don't forget that the demon-stration of the "Jewish"...

is the fact that 100% of so-called "Jews" are not actually Israelites nor Hebrew...

go figure, eh ?

played for suckers....

just imagine how that sucks...

NO ONE ON EARTH HAS TO BE A "JEWISH"....;article=144009;title=APFN

especially not the "Jewish" people...

curious, eh ?

can't wait for code pink to punk wasserman schultz....gag

that mug gives new meaning to repugnant



Stella Blue said...

too much kundalini with clam sauce.
what a long and strange trip it's been...

Anonymous said...

So sweet to read this post and 'hear' you all down to the core and raw, just like a lot of the scary and amazing (in a good way) shit going down right now.

I know that most genuine truth seekers will be vindicated on some level, disinfo campaigns and coordinated COINTEL-troll circle jerkery notwithstanding.

I was listening to this track "I Believe In You" by Talk Talk earlier today and suddenly didn't feel like a neglected, blind and naked baby in a fetal position wiggling around over broken crack pipes in Skid Row, so I wanted to let you get a hit of this, too:

Ahhhhhh, the human condition, Les. Never thought that I'd say this before, but I kinda hope that this is my last earth lifetime, too. If not, may I live the next go 'round to see the Rothschilds and their flying monkeys trying desperately to sell their blood to Red Cross for fast food chump change and dumpster diving at .99 cent stores.

Nikola Tesla said...

One of the best bands from the 80,s without a doubt.And we had a few...Depeche Mode, The Smiths, The Cure, Queen, Duran Duran.Out of all those, Talk Talk still shine through

Anonymous said...


Thank you for this gem.

I Believe in You - Talk, Talk

Hear it in my spirit

I've seen heroin for myself
On the street so young laying wasted
Enough ain't it enough
Crippled world
I just can't bring myself to see it starting

Tell me how I fear it
I buy prejudice for my health
Is it worth so much when you taste it?
Enough there ain't enough hidden hurt
A time to sell yourself
A time for passing


How long?




How long?


How long?



Visible said...

It's not time for you to pass brother, but you been through the fire and have the soul of a poet.


I love Depeche Mode

Anonymous said...

Tell me about them crocodiles again George!!
Tell me about the crocodile!! JK

Yahdah said...


and I thought my underwear was too tight

the gardener said...

Thanks for the Talk Talk... listening to their Spirit of Eden album now. Human creativity right over and around the murderous ones in charge of the bleak, liars and death hastily made forth during that really creative time. Woke up to the corporate criminals and their military thugs bleating about... something in the early 90s. They were lies so I didn't partake of what they were saying. "Talk Talk".

Whether it is 'good' or not to put up such all encompassing black out curtains to much of your own time's happenings... I know one day I just noticed all these big plastic yellow ribbons being NAILED to Oak trees which took 400 years to be really viable. Whatever was going on didn't deserve crucifying some ancient old ones did it?

That was probably when soul/heart took its 2nd/3rd big hit during this time passed here for me.

And that was a long time ago now.

I remember being very enthusiastic a few years ago that 'we' could create our way out of where we are and where we were/are going.

That seems like a long time ago now too.

New Moon in late-ish Aquarian energies. Thanks for "The Fire Within" passage too.

the gardener

Anonymous said...

Les and Ye Oneness lovers... Every moment of excruciation is a blessing especially in the presence of this nameless humbly exalted brotherhood. God knows us as we know our selves. Sometimes, like right now. I AM is a kind of helpless Love. My Tchakra all resonate at once and sun thesis radiates in the heart of all. Even bad people prosper from It which is why WE are preserved {wholly}. And....for purposeful intent of demonstration my Friend ascends beyond the blue horizon and the hole shootin match is blessed. Everything is wonderful Now. Moving on...Chips

Anonymous said...

I am not interested in dog poetry myself, but if you will wait a minute I will go get my best friend. Maybe he will be.

the gardener said...

Sad and weary is the past-

ides of ... something.

Ends of cycles are dangerous times as are the beginnings of new cycles.

the gardener

Anonymous said...

Man, what kind of shit are you on? This is the stupidest shit I have ever read.

Kevenj said...

Glad to hear from you again Les.
I'd say 'good luck' in your travels but that sounds like blasphemy. So I will just say stay well-you are loved.

plaz said...

I have missed your wisdom,glad your back.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely right, God is in control and nothing else matters. I have seen people turn on me that I never thought would. I just accept that now as a "sign of the times." I will keep on going, as you do. It's gonna be all right.

Em (M. Rocknest) said...

Good to find your words today, Vis. I've been checking in regularly. I used to worry about you but not anymore so right now I'm just hoping the little puppy is okay. From a relative's experience I would advise anyone encountering a starving dog -- do not feed too much or too rapidly. Take it slow and easy and use good quality food if possible.

the gardener said...

Your Own Personal Jesus

"someone to be your friend... someone who's there..."

fucking too cool!

Just Can't Get Enough

Lips Like Sugar

celebrating the first chem free skies!

the gardener

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

end of story, no comment, not really.

I just wonder from this side of the abyss, when you are so down, do you see at the time the , challenge of it I suppose, or is it a black dog gloom and doom mood thing that doesn't warrant being besides yourself (perhaps laughing). is it ghosts from the past, scar tissue strains (a personal history burden).
apart from breaking up with your woman, of course (none of my business).
postulating here, there's sacharine sentimental nothingness (your sax player) and then theres vitriolic spit the dummy and wild, almost random, thrashing about - these the swings and sparrows of outrageous misfortunes.
is calm just dead, is emotional just crazy (for a while)?

best wishes in any case and a Bhudda belly laugh from my underbelly.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Wooooaaaa Les

Come back !!!

Your not the first person to get "lost" in India.

I miss the old Les that lived on this planet.

Wren said...

I don't know you personally, Visible, but I know you. I feel your energy, resonant to mine. Believe me, I don't find that often in this world. In the right mood, I could write a very similar post to yours of today; succinctly put, "Get off my ass, world, because you don't know yours from a hole in the ground." We only master the light by also becoming a master of darkness. Tou are appreciated by nameless masses, including me.

John Skead said...


I've been concerned for you - good to have you back.

When you are falsely accused, it is likely a case of the accuser "projecting" his own insecurities to you, shifting attention away from him.

As such, he has given you at least a couple of insights. First, he has told you something about himself that might not be obvious. Second, if the accusation troubles you, he has illuminated some dark corner of your mind to help you "empty your cup" of ego. (I'm sure that is something you seek.)


Anonymous said...

Indeed, spirit how long, spirit how long.....

"It's not time for you to pass brother......" What about me, Viz. I don't know how much of this cruelty and injustice I can take.

Laura in CA

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that everyone got into the spirit of that Talk
talk track that I uploaded...I just recovered from a bout of serious illness with organic veggies, music, lots of herbs and a whole lotta love. Thank GOD, I am the defying the doctors who wanted to put me on nasty ass pharmaceuticals.

Be well and take care of your selves and each other, peoples.


Anonymous said...

you sound bi-polar in your writings or else your writings are written in code and not wisdom

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Did you hear the one about the starving Indian who fell into the crocodile pit?!!

He (haha) ate two of them before they could pull him out!

ChewyBees said...

My wife once inquired about all the things I keep reading and writing about. I had only one answer for her...I am only trying to be what you already are.

It was sentimental, but true, and by no means an attempt at being "romantic" (score plus 1 though!). It was the truth.

The same is true of many people in our lives. It matters not that they have their own conceived sins. What matters is that they are openly and willingly able to provide divine example and forgiveness to those that can receive it. If you are religious, this is the way of your god, or messiah-provide the example and have the humility to forgive.

We live in a world that is love, and all that is not love. The dichotomy exists but doesn't have to, at least in the extreme we are aware of. We know full well who gives and takes of either. Les Visible has given us all more than enough enlightenment into the details of such, and the proper behavior of us all as individuals, and a collective.

The path that Visible is on is a wonder to us. As such, he will release the details or lack thereof as he sees fit. We, as his groupees, should be patient in the forthcoming.

By now, anyone that reads this blog should know whats up. It's not like Mr. Visible never said that he was repeating the same things he had written before just to appease the "followers". The message has been given ten fold to the exponential times. There are only so many ways to present it. It is up to us, as the devoted, to then become the disciples of such.

Every single thought that enters a man's mind which is worthy of passing on as wisdom, creates disciples of living men even if the originator does not believe he is worthy of following. This is the flow of life. All life is intelligence. All energy is intelligence. By now, knowing how many awesome articles of wisdom this man has written, there should be hundreds, if not thousands of Visible Warriors prophesying to the populace of the world, with or without his backup and further guidance.

If Les Visible never appeared on his blog again, outside of sorrow, would each of us then fold it all up and say c'est la vie to his wisdom? I hope not.

We find wisdom (learning) and then pass it on (teaching). This is a cycle, one that requires the other in order to function properly as a natural cycle (the positive truth of yin and yang). Take what you have been given and pass it on, and in the same moment or length of time, expect and accept the wisdom offered to you.

Unless I am mistaken, this is exactly what is happening with our friend...allow him to live it, and then we may, or may not, be given a sample of the wisdom he has gained. In the mean time, do what you are expected to do.

It all must happen in his time before it can happen in ours. Send love, and positive intent, and then wait for his call...

Anonymous said...

Have you noticed that lots of people are acting as if they are bipolar lately, or as if they have ADHD, or as if they have some bizarre form of Tourette syndrome? For example, it seems as if - LOOK AT THE BUTTERFLY!!! WOW DID YOU SEE THOSE COLORS ON ITS WINGS??? - sorry, got distracted there. For example, it seems as if nearly everyone I encounter lately flies off the handle, for no outwardly apparent reason, as if they - SHIT! WTF ARE YOU LOOKING AT??? YOU DON'T KNOW! YOU DON'T KNOW! ONLY I KNOW!! - sorry, got distracted again. Well, I thought I had something worth passing along in this post, however, I can't seem to keep it together long enough to think it all through and write it all down. Have a pleasant day - YOU FUCKERS!!!! - WTF???? - I'LL KICK ALL YOUR ASSES, I'M A FUCKING GURU AND YOU'LL REGRET YOU EVER DISSED ME SOMEDAY, YOU FUCKER, AND I COULD MAKE YOUR GIRL FRIEND MY LITTLE BITCH, YEAH, BECAUSE I'M A BAD ASS, YOU'LL SEE, OH YES, etc. - anyway have a pleasant day and take care. :>)

Smyrna said...

Keep tapping on that keyboard, Vis.

There are a lot of folk out there who need your sermon. It's God's work. The hourly rate is shit, but it has to be done.

Anonymous said...

Great post. Stay safe and be well. Your phrase "for purpose of demonstration" has been very useful in helping me see behind the events that befall me. For example, I got ticketed for not having a current inspection or registration tag on my old truck. The reason for not having those things is purely lack of money. My truck not having those things hurts nobody. The officer was very nice, but the yoke of slavery he is a part of enforcing is from hell itself. I asked myself, "What is the purpose of this demonstration?" Immediately the answer came to me: it happened for me to learn that nice Christian men who go to church are doing the devil's work in fastening the chains around the necks of all of us. They serve an infernal Jesus who endorses the pillage of the state and the ruination of our lives through devilish laws. Whatever thing these nice Christian men pray to in their churches is not the God of the Bible. The officer daily damns himself by his wicked occupation. A harsh truth was reinforced for me by the whole incident, with a new level of awareness of the "stage play" or as you say, "demonstration" aspect of this.

Shaolinlite said...


Remember to breathe, Uncle...


Anonymous said...

I would like to apologize for my rude and insulting departure in months past. I have lost faith, but wish you no harm. As such, I should not have assaulted you verbally.

Good luck on your path.

-Andy M.

Visible said...

It's the shakti folks, just relax. God just turned on the amplifier.

Visible said...

a new Smoking Mirrors-

Fire and Ice, Naughty and Nice..

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Quite a night last night celebrating the Chinese New Year (water snake) with a couple of acquaintances!

Happy New Year!

Thomas said...

Thank God you're not that weak or stupid. I deserve what I'll get, which at the moment looks to be another round in the mill. I'll pray that I will remember God that time around!

And, enjoy your "times", beautiful beings!

Anonymous said...

Right now we all have to do our part to awaken as many as we can, using the method we have been directed to use, whether we know it or not. Whether they understand, reject, or even hear what we have to say, is out of our control.
You must be doing what has been laid on you to do at this moment in time, exactly as you have been meant to do it.
Its a hard burden to have laid on you, but you are fighting the good fight, which has it's rewards later, if not sooner. You are surely getting the message across to those to whom the message is being directed, even if they will not acknowledge that a message is even being sent. It's hard being the messenger, but a worthwhile effort is rewarded in the end, even though we only try to spread the message out of love, not for reward.
I can tell your message is getting through to the intended recipients now and they are scared, since the last few times I have clicked on your site, a warning message has come up. Those that are meant to, will find your message no matter what. Thank you.

Ray B. said...

Vis: "...his guru and he is 300 years old ... this guy knew things about me that I never told anyone..."

I am glad that the universe is finally stepping up to the plate for you. Assuming no fraud, this should be amazing and fascinating, not to mention possibly enlightening. Ask him some questions for me... (grin)

I am also somewhat perplexed and frankly disappointed that I am the first person in two columns (and a couple days) to actually respond in curiosity about your 'find'. Wow. To quote you: "WTF?"

Please 'pass on' whatever you deem appropriate, to at least this curious reader.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Parzival said...

Welcome to the Chinese year of the black water snake!

Anonymous said...

Who is Curtis Crook?

Where did he go after the rising in the Atlantic?

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you Viz- good to hear from you again. Sounds like there are counterfeits all over the world, even in places we would not expect. You know that there are many of us here who recognize the truth of your words.
Be well.. we will all be waiting to hear more.


Cole said...

Thank you for continuing on with your work Mr. Visible. I appreciate all the work you do and wish you the very best in your continuing travels.

Listening to your diatribes helps me to formulate a lot of the feelings I have and impressions I get from the world, into a cohesive picture.

It is refreshing to have someone who can combat the linquistic demons spewing their cointelprogramming.


Anonymous said...

Planets of the Kumbha Mela: Stars of the Ocean of Nectar..

"This year the Kumbha Mela began on Makara Sankranti when the Sun entered Capricorn which occured on 14 January. As explained in the Bhagavata's Fifth Canto, this moment marks Surya Narayana's change from his southern path (dakshinayana or the region of the pitris) into his northern route (uttarayana) and into the region of the devatas. When the mela begins on Makara Sankranti it becomes especially auspicious and is called Kumbha Snana-yoga. On the day of Makara Sankranti the passage from our Earth into the higher planets opens up and thus allows the soul easy attainment of the celestial regions. For such reasons, the Kumbha Mela is popular among many classes of elevationists in India and throughout the world."

Anonymous said...

Vedic Astrology

Anonymous said...

Srila Prabhupada..

(Purport to SB 2.10.21)

The universe is by nature dense darkness, and therefore the total creation is called tamas, or darkness. The night is the real feature of the universe, for then one cannot see anything, including oneself. The Lord, out of His causeless mercy, first desired to see Himself and all the creation as well, and thus the Sun became manifested, the power of vision for all living entities became possible, and the objects of vision were also manifested. This means that the whole phenomenal world became visible after the creation of the Sun.

Anonymous said...

23 Feb 2013 -
Nityananda Trayodasi

Appearance Day of adi-guru (original spiritual master) Nityananda Prabu

Visible said...

a new Petri Dish is up-

The Pink Panther meets the Pink Elephants

Anonymous said...

This right knowledge is given in Bhagavad-gita by Lord Krsna, who says:

upadrastanumanta ca
bharta bhokta mahesvarah
paramatmeti capy ukto
dehe 'smin purusah parah

samam sarvesu bhutesu
tisthantam paramesvaram
vinasyatsv avinasyantam
yah pasyati sa pasyati

"In this body there is another, a transcendental enjoyer, who is the Lord, the supreme proprietor, who is existing as overseer and permitter, and who is known as the Supersoul. One who sees the Supersoul accompanying the individual soul in all bodies, and understands that neither the soul nor the Supersoul is ever destroyed, actually sees." (Bg 13.23, 28)



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