Monday, February 25, 2013

From India to Frankfart and Home.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

(Susanne asks me this morning, "So, do you think you lost many readers with this latest escapade"? I replied, "Readers come and go and come back again or don't. I can't concern myself with people who might sit in judgment of me from afar. It's ironic, they can appreciate and even applaud Hunter Thompson and his antics but... not mine and I am mild compared to him, or maybe just more restrained. Susanne, I don't want people around me, or afar, laboring under false impressions. I've done what I've done for reasons known and unknown to me. Like it's been said, 'You can't make a omelet without breaking eggs' and you can't get to the deeper heart of anyone, without trashing their illusions or, at least, bypassing them).

On to the rest of the tale;

India dramatically changed something inside me. I didn't notice it at first because I was caught up in the moment and contained in an environmental surround sound. So... I get to the airport in Chennai and I'm in this long line; the kind that snakes back and forth through these barriers of steel poles and a band of fabric. I'm talking to some guy in line about how Israel did 9/11 and I notice a lot of people are listening in. After a few minutes of this, a young Indian man in one of those work blazers comes over and opened the band of fabric and said, "Come with me Sir". I'm thinking, "WTH"? He takes me directly to security, walks me through security and then walked me to the gate where my flight to Oman was set to leave from. Incredible. I did not expect that.

I get to Oman and have a bit of a wait, so I go to have a beer. I wind up in this conversation with another young Indian guy and his female associate. Soon we are laughing and in high spirits. I'm thinking to myself, "something weird appears to have happened to me". We end it with this warm embrace. I get on the plane to Frankfart and am seated next to this young German man named "Moe". Who ever heard of a German named Moe? He had just come from Nepal, where he had been volunteer teaching for 6 months. We talked through the flight and there was this intense intimacy between us, without any connotations except those of the heart. I don't know how to describe it further because this is all new to me. It was very warm and the smiles on both of our faces attested to that.

Further, concerning Oman, I am reminded of what the Palestinian doctor (who I sat next to on the train when my journey began) said to me, "You should come to the Middle East, you will like it and they will like you". Boy, wasn't the Oman airport one of the nicest places I have ever been? Indeed.

I get off the plane in Frankfart, realizing it is too late to take a train toward home. I didn't want Susanne to have to travel out late to pick me up. So... I go to this bar to have a couple of beers and I see these two Japanese gentlemen laughing and smiling at me. They beckon me over and I go and sit with them. Soon we are engaged in amazing conversation. Once again, the warmth is unmistakeable. They were importers. We ended it with two strong and lasting embraces and kisses on the cheek. I didn't know the Japanese did that. They leave and... moments later this Pakistani man in a suit comes to the bar and orders a Johnny Walker scotch. Though he is 6 or 7 meters away, I can see what he's getting. He looks over and sees me and immediately comes and sits next to me where he tells me the story of his life. We head over to the smoking room for a smoke. There's more talk and I say, "Let me buy you a drink". He says, "Okay". We leave the smoking room and he suddenly goes off in the opposite direction and it appears that he has forgotten all about everything.

I had given up my rupees in India and had only my Mastercard. I thought that would be fine. I was being waited on by this really nice gay guy. I went to pay my bill and they denied my card. I'm thinking, "Oh no"! It didn't occur to me that I had used up my credit limit on my plane ticket and the trip with Gopal and Ramul; the hotel room, the dinner and so on. The bartender smiles at me and says, "No problem, I'll take care of it". It was 17 Euro. Amazing but... now what do I do? I'm in Frankfart with no funds whatsoever. I head over to the airport Sheraton, thinking that I can leave my passport with them until Susanne can help me in the morning. I go to the really unfriendly young lady at the desk and tell her the tale. She says, "Can't help you, we're all booked up". I walk away slightly dejected when this man, also behind the desk but a few meters away, calls me back and says, "We do have another hotel, would you be willing to stay there"? I've called them and it's okay you have no money. My colleague behind you will take you to the car. Someone is coming to get you". This sweet old fellow, Ryan, got me downstairs where this man picked me up in a van. Next thing I know I am ensconced in a really nice room and can order anything I want.

Susanne covers me in the morning and this fellow takes me (I think) to the bus station. I tell him I need to get to the main train station. He instead takes me to the airport station. Susanne has booked a bus for me; much cheaper than a train. Ali, the fellow from the hotel had handed me 20 euro. "For your trip", he said. I only have a sweater on. I didn't want to carry a coat around. It's freezing. I can't find my bus. I go to the tourist help desk and the guy looks on the computer and says, "You go to P-32". I go there and wait for 20 minutes in the freezing cold. My bus never came. I go back to the help desk. The guy says, "Oh, you are in the wrong station. You have to go to the main station but... there is another bus at 1:30". I go to the other station. I walk around in the freezing cold for half an hour but cannot find my bus. As Susanne tells me later, "There is no bus at 1:30". I am about to lose my mind. I'm trembling and shaking and, out of nowhere, I piss my pants. This does not happen to me. If it did, I probably wouldn't tell you (grin). I'm making it to the restroom with my bag in front of me, moving through a sea of people. I change my pants. "God! Why are you doing this to me"?

I go to the DB information desk and tell this man my story. He says, "Come in here" and I go into this heated kiosk, where there are people helping a constant stream of people. There are four captain's chairs. He seats me in the empty one next to him and calls the people at the hotel, where I had been and tells them to come and get me. I sat there for half an hour, with people coming to my window for help and I would point either left or right. Ali shows up to get me and we talk on the way back. I find out he is Iranian and I think, 'Payback for all the nice things I say about them'. This warmth thing happens again and we are like old friends. Susanne straightens it out again and all that day I get to know Ali and his assistant, Eva. She come from Prague. Boy was she nice to me. She said that Frankfart is a terrible place, only about money. We all bond. Ali tells Susanne on the phone that I am a very, very nice man. It was amazing the way he would greet me each time we met. We would hug and smile at each other. Eva called him "chef". I guess he is one. He also cooked at the main Sheraton.

I hardly slept that night, just thinking about everything that had happened. Something definitely happened to me in India and it's still happening The next day he drives me to the train station and gives me a hundred Euro. This time I am going to catch a train. I realize now that I am actually going to make it back. It occurs to me now, at that time, that I really believed I wasn't going to make it. I'm in my comfy seat on the train, I've got a bottle of Bailey's Irish Cream that Eva gave me. I'm thinking about what a beautiful human being Ali is and Eva too; meeting them in a town like Frankfart was near miraculous.

I get into the Basel train station and the train is 20 minutes late. Susanne is not there. I go, "Ah Well". I go back into the train station, just standing there, wondering what to do; probably catch the bus I guess. I turn around and Susanne is standing about 20 feet away; "Sorry I'm late". I walked into the house and felt this aura of protection immediately. I had a rough few days, eliminating what had gotten its hooks into me and then it was gone and all is well now. Here I sit writing this; hope you enjoyed it.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Yes I did enjoy it. It was a nice tale, and if i didn't know better, I suppose it might have restored my faith in humanity. But then I have to face what lives around me, not to mention our apartment manager. ;O)

Anonymous said...

Goodness. What a wonderful piece of time. Thanks, Vis. Glad you're back and well. Jeff

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're back and seemingly in a good mood. For a writer having a daily routine is important. Here is Hunter S. Thompsons for some comic relief.


Anonymous said...

Les- Since you started your journey to India and back I could not help but come to the thought "No matter where you go, there you are." It appears that India was only there as a mental construct for you to pass thru. What have you learned: The Universe Loves You and so do I. Peace, Love, Chris

the gardener said...

Well Mercury has gone retrograde... lol

niijii said...

Kind of a strange origami, but strange is the norm lately. I too have found that there are good people everywhere I go. My heart's at home though and so are the dogs.

Got the chemtrail flu?

Best to all.

Anonymous said...

Odd. I just noticed that Cap'n Spadgett's blog is gone.

Well ain't that a kick in the ass (if you have followed that particular drama, I mean)...

Anonymous said...

It sounds as if your case was/is a case of having the sign of life in your face. I admire your courage, good luck.

The Tao Te Ching 
by Lao Tzu
The Witter Bynner version

If the sign of life is in your face
He who responds to it
Will feel secure and fit
As when, in a friendly place,
Sure of hearty care,
A traveler gladly waits.
Though it may not taste like food
And he may not see the fare
Or hear a sound of plates,
How endless it is and how good!

Visible said...

I used to take LSD and read that book over and over for hours, imprinting it on my mind.


I was not following that particular drama but Susanne mentioned that fact to me this morning. I guess she keeps up with things more than i imagined.


I received what appears to be shocking news, concerning a long time reader and contributor but have no details. I won't say anything until I do.

bee wrangler said...

Glad to hear you are safe...what a journey. Amazing things are coming to pass....the universe feels wonderful!-jen

Anonymous said...

...great observations as you moved through international humanity...I have lived in Japan, Germany, Bosnia, Hungary...worked all over the US and Europe...Korea...and the one thing I that people who have had their most basic needs and expectations met (food/shelter) are generally warm hearted souls who want to share their life with you, and your life with them...all this war mongering is from the sociopaths...


RJ O'Guillory
Webster Groves-The Life of an Insane Family

Anonymous said...

Home is everywhere I go now. Anyone doubt these are finale times? Time to tune to the grand frequency of Thou, time to go back home, hush little baby and have a good cry.

Visible said...

I don't know what to make of it yet. Shortly before I left India I elt my heart chakra open and it was very difficult to process the intensity of the emotions and all the never before seen and unique imagery. It took days to partially stabilize. It still hasn't done so. I spent a lot of time weeping.


I have never even heard of the Desatir

Visible said...

I am afraid we have some said news. As Esteban just wrote to me-

"neil suffered a seizure and died

the next day, in his sleep [2/22/13]

he was 42 and has a son

go to erin's site there is a tribute

we have lost a friend and a brother

and today i am very sad, very sad indeed"

Ah... ah... go with God dear brother. You will be truly missed.

Anaughty Mouser said...

I am going to miss poet-at-large Neil very much. God rest his soul. Condolences to his family and to you Les - he loved you.

Peace and love

P.s. My thoughts are with his son. 42 years young - that's just weird and sad.

Anonymous said...

~ Rest in Peace, Neil Rogers ~

Dearest Neil,

I want to write you a poem,
But I am so sad the words will not come.
Maybe you, as the vessel of beautiful words that you were
Can help me
For I am at a loss.

How is it out there, in the land of stars?
Was John Lash right…
Are we heading in a beautiful new direction with Gaia-Sophia?
Sometimes I wish I could dance with the stars,
rather than being down here in this crazy place.
And now that you're there, can you whisper some wisdom to me?

Or maybe you are in the forest, where you always wanted to be.
Or maybe you are in every place that is lovely, all at once.
Is that how it works?

What will we do without your poems,
sprinkled here and there across our favorite places?
Sweet, beautiful heart-lifting gems,
flavoring so many sites with inspiration and loving visions.

I loved your visions.
Your songs in words.
Their melodies danced in my heart,
a happy little jig, bringing lightness and joy.

What will we do without those songs,
sung straight from your spirit?
Those notes of love and compassion, humility and care.
You spread them far and wide, without fuss,
easily sharing what came from your heart,
generously bringing light to us all.

I wanted to write a poem.
But my heart feels heavy.
Maybe this will suffice
to express how much I appreciate you.
I kneel in deep reverence for the gift that you were, are,
and will continue to be.
Your reverence for the earth in all its wonder and beauty,
so apparent in your expression,
lives strong in me,
and in your poems,
and in the hearts of those you inspired with them.

Rest in peace.
And navigate the heavens,
free as the birds and the planets.
They were always you.
That is why you loved them so.

Em (M. Rocknest) said...

Neil's poems and his spirit will be missed. He showed us his humility, his kindness and above all his desire for peace. Too sad to say more.

Clarity said...

My heart is hurting terribly right now.

Neil's poems were a gift that I appreciated and enjoyed. How fortunate I was to have also gotten to know him personally.

Neil was the essence of love and light. It came through in everything he said and did. He truly lived it. Read any poem or comment, and you see empathy, compassion, and a genuine desire to have the world rid of evil. He saw the best in people - always forgiving them their faults and finding the positive within. Neil saw the beauty in everything, encouraged people to get along, and wished no harm on anyone. He wanted the world to be a beautiful place, and he lived that wish. I never got a message from him that didn't leave me feeling better. The only thing he was hard on was himself. I fear he was too critical, and hope he truly knew what a beautiful person he was; what a beautiful soul he is.

He loved Keelan and was so proud of him. As a single father, he took his job seriously and made every effort to do the best he could. He raised Keelan with truth, and gave him as much love, support, and encouragement as possible. He wrote, "At the age of 18, he is quite balanced. He seems to be the one with his head screwed on out of his friends." How nice for a parent to be able to say that about his 18 year-old...

The world may have lost a bright light, but his spirit lives on through all the people whose lives he touched. I thank god that I was fortunate enough to be one of them.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

I will believe Neil was dreaming an exceptionally lovely poem, even as it came true..

Hare Krishna, Neil!

est said...

got this
from neil
ten days ago


"I suppose all of us are in a constant learning process,,
further in some things, and lacking in other things,,,,
we all have to keep our wits about us,..

When we don't,, we fall off

Myself i'm all ways falling off,,
getting back on the wrong way round,,
getting things upside down and everything"

Anonymous said...

Know, that in the few short years I have felt the Power in your Poems,
you have touched my Soul Forever.
The Tears streaming from my eyes will stop, but I will always remember You.

I Love You Brother.

walking hawk

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
for the duty's of a living heart
a turning of the will
learning of the dutys
a bow and axe and sheild
for the flowers on the meadow
the life in formed of must
touch the living higher
bound in peace and trust
on a wing tip of a humming bird
mighty river free
lifting of the inner
a rush of living breathe
brush the cosmic patterns
multicolored light
ascension of within
the wind of eagles flight
ascending of within
alligning of the height.


Friday, December 31, 2010 11:32:00 PM

Put up by walking hawk.
Thanks Neil.

Anonymous said...

I am happy and relieved that you're back home, safe, Visible.

I am very sad to hear of Neil's passing.

peace, Neil, you will be missed

Anonymous said...

Neil was a gentle soul. It will be hard to grasp his absence. In other ways he'll always be right here with us.


Anonymous said...

I love you neil.

Anonymous said...

What happened with Captain Spaghetti?

Did he visit you in India and cause problems? His comments and insights were very insightful and intelligent.......

DaveS said...

Sad news about neil. His poems will be missed.


katz said...

I'm so sad Neil is gone.
the loss is hard to take.
he had a good nature, and a loving heart.

rest in peace, dear Neil.

Anonymous said...

pierre said (three glasses but Neil won't mind).
one word, Sorry,
and a thought, perhaps, that Neils presence on another blog (JimStoneFreelance) might have something to do with it, or not.
Noted! Missed! Recognised! Rememebered!
yep (without going on too much), same but smaller things like the vis grand tour of anywhere, with me.
Neil Youngs song I had in my head (on a neighbours piano, well, almost got started on it from memory of the score sheet) right before (no, not your eyes) I read this blog, sounds like your dreammy trip. ♫look at mother's nature on the run in the 1970's♫
and positives as things today on my little trip (shopping actually) get much, much badder on the physical pain front (the "thing"), and better on the human front (social and self standing), (what you look for, "vibes", "sychronicity". holographically projected universe?).
I give this blog entry 9/10 for versatility, born of integrity, flexibility, and (hopefully) longevity.
♫long may you (mmm ,baby stick insect there on my ethernet cable, hadnt noticed any before here).. yeh, that sort of thing, for the aware and interested.

insiam said...

So sad about Neil. He was certainly well loved and respected here.

God bless until we should meet again

Anonymous said...

Finally ! Vis, I am glad you´re back.
My heart goes out to Neil`s family.

maya seri said...

Glad you are back home safely-what a trip. So sad about in Neil.
I am in Zimbabwe right now been here for close to a month interesting times we are living in the material pull of the world is everywhere so powerful I think it is a time of showing your true self the material or the Devine.

Stay Blessed.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

The Zio-Satanic Consortium on its way out The Door..

Dodgy One said...

Soar on the wings of truth and love.
Soar through the cosmos with the spirit of creation.

Soar on

Anonymous said...


Glad to hear your back from India. I knew that your journey would enlighten you as to certain events and such. I wanted to warn you to be careful on your trip there but was told that you had to see things for yourself and learn the lesson yourself.

There were times when I was hit by a sudden fear that something would seriously happen to you. This was abated by, " Remember that as you have a job here so does Les and he will only go when his job is done,". None the less I prayed and continually affirmed that you would return to Susan safe and sound.

So much more to say just do not know how to say it all. So I guess I will just say glad to see your back and posting again.


Visible said...

Interesting that you should say that because Gopal kept saying I should lock my door because bad men were after me. On one occasion, he locked me in my apartment overnight and I couldn't get out for a couple of hours; how serious he was.

the gardener said...

I am sorry and stunned to hear of Neil's passage. My prayers for his son.

the gardener

DaveS said...

Most Visible,

You mentioned HST at the start of this happy/sad posting (happy for you to be home safe/sad due to our beloved Neil passing)

To me you are much like an esoteric-mystic version of that crazy dude... and probably also like him, you sometimes have a hard time living-up to people's expectations of who you are in person. The human person and the writer's mind are two very different places, and the fan base wants them to merge together like they do when they read the words they write.

I'm sure you'd like to achieve that sort of perfection too... or not :)

I like you as a human, I like your writing style and I like the subject matter you cover. I still have this gem bookmarked–

I've been following you for a mess of years now... you're one of the earliest to tell the truth about 911 and a mess of other earthly messes. Good on you for those things!

I really feel for you. What a job to be LES VISIBLE the magic mystical avatar so many want you to be - must weigh heavy on the shoulders of the dude actually living in the skin sack who writes it all down.

Peace to you... and everyone, cut our host some slack – but don't forget to cut each other some slack too.


Visible said...

I've been so distracted by things mentioned in today's Smoking Mirrors that I actually called him Nick at first. It's sad he had t5o go but he was such a nice guy, just imagine where he is now.

Boulderdash said...

Sorry to hear about Neil's passing. He was truly a good-hearted man. He will sorely be missed. May God bless his surviving son.

Anonymous said...

I think your outer layer was stripped away, Les.

est said...

in his own words :

by neil rogers

mighty mighty my true friend
who see's above the clouds
the simple focused unifying
container of all sounds

pounding hearted rythms
energising up the way
where light shines through the darkness
love comes out to play

a sense of freedom whispers
the notes upon the flute
the truth will move a mountain
by essence of the root

the fruit of loving enterprised
reaching through beyond
like a river through the heart
where birds sing heavens song



Saturday, September 24, 2011

coletteonice said...

@ Est, that was beautifully heart is full to be able to share this site with you ..from a nother admirer of neil's poems...
Neil rest in peace
Sensitive,beguiling guy
how you made me roar and toss my head,
and then quietly cry
I love you in my way
the love that will not ever let up
just carry on
You are etched on my eager heart
Forever under your spell
Neil gave me that.,

Visible said...

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Contemplating the Dark Underbelly of the Empire.



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