Thursday, February 28, 2013

Talking about Spiritual Master's Blues in B-Flat

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Well now. I had thought to put recent subjects aside but... it appears that further clarification is required. This is what I get for not being curious about things being said and then later they get brought to my attention by someone and I have to ponder it all and decide whether or not I want to get into saying things I already said a number of times. For some reason, things that I have gone to painful lengths to make clear, are not made clear to the people who are most in need of understanding them. Everyone else, to whom these things do not apply, gets them. It's some kind of fugazy thing in the universe, which blocks the attention of certain people. Hopefully, this posting will answer any and all questions that may be lingering in the minds of those who are not using their minds to understand but only to project.

Let me begin with the subject of spiritual masters. There is no one kind of spiritual master. Only naive Pollyannas think this. Some people think that spiritual masters are wonderfully balanced, all knowing types who gaze at you with a faraway look of wisdom in their eyes. Some people think a spiritual master is someone like Eckhart Tolle, who drones on in a hypnotic modulation, putting his audience into a trance, who charges more the closer you sit to him and who walks out of each lecture with a satchel of cash under his arm. Some people get pissed off when I mention these things but... that's how it is; argument is futile but usually unavoidable, unless one side doesn't argue and... that would be me.

No, spiritual masters come in every color of the rainbow and can appear to be batshit crazy depending on what they are intending to accomplish, like the fairly well known Tibetan monk from Colorado (I think) who would go into a biker bar and get outrageously drunk and cause a huge scene but nothing would happen to him but he sure scared the shit out of the people who went in there with him. I've done things like this on occasion and nothing has happened to me either, nor did any of the things people thought might happen, happen. Now, I am not passing myself off as a spiritual master but... there are people who think I am and they have these expectations of me.

A couple of times there have been these events that created a certain amount of chaos in the environment. This only happened a couple of times. There have been dozens of meets and greets where nothing untoward has happened and people fly in to visit me all the time, or drive in by car, or take a train and everything goes splendidly and I am sure these people will attest to that. For the most part, these people do not have unreasonable expectations of me and in the cases where they do, I let it slide in that particular time frame. However, there are times when I feel the need to behave a certain way because, for whatever the reason, I am certain that what I suspect is going to reveal itself and in both situations it did. I would much rather pay the price at that point than further down the road.

Every time I wound up in deep shit, went to prison, came under the threat of prison, had unexpected domestic troubles (not always in that regard but sometimes) it was because I let someone into my life that I should not have. Throughout my life I have been entirely too trusting. I thought that was how I should be; forgetting the part in the Bible where it says, “Be ye wise as serpents and harmless as doves”. You would think I would remember that since I have an active and conscious serpent within me that cautions and advises but, not always, because sometimes I am on my own for the purpose of demonstration.

My take on how to interact with existence has been to throw myself completely into it without concern for life or limb. My essential premise has been, 'no fear'. This is why I purposely have gone off into wild nature on my own and taken massive amounts of psychedelics, or gone to a remote dwelling and drank cup after cup of ayahuasca for days. Being in a very private setting like this and being completely in earnest about contact... ensures contact, in fact, it guarantees it.

I'm not doing this anymore for various reasons and the time has come for me to put all things of this kind aside, including my beloved American Spirit, et al. It won't be difficult for a very definite reason. All of you are familiar with the results you get when you are indecisive and not fully committed. You are also familiar with the results you get when you are 100% committed. You just breeze right through. I know this because I have done it. In fact, I did this very thing on several occasions and it lasted for years at a stretch. These situations did not continue because the time had not yet come for that.

People who come to see me and try to put me on some absurd plane, or expect me to behave according to their expectations; as if I owe them that (and I don't) are, under the surface, control freaks, who insist that I meet whatever criteria they require of me. My position on this is that I have no choice but to blow that out of the water. Sometimes I'll crank it up before there is even any engagement. This comes about through internal prompting. My position is to be on equal footing with everyone, not to be greater than or lesser than. My position is to engage people with bonhomie and brotherhood and to love them unreservedly, if they will let me. When people take off on me with no warning, that's a red flag and bespeaks some unknown intent. When people then publicize something in ways that are not reflected in the minds of nearly everyone else on the set, that is another red flag. ♫Red flags in the sunset, way out on the sea♫

Most people proceed through their lives with a certain degree of apprehension, concerning things they fear will happen or come upon them. Very often these things do not come upon them and even if they did, fear and apprehension do not help, in fact, they are a distinct liability. Everything happens for a reason and possessing the necessary confidence to accept this, in its totality, will insure the least distressing passage through whatever it is. That is the nature of the beast. The degree of your pain and suffering are directly related to the degree of your resistance to the necessary change demanded of you by the cosmos. This change, like all of them is manufactured for your good and ultimately with your liberation in mind. Unfortunately, it is human nature to take the wrong turn out of most changes because of some level of attachment, expectation or desire. People can hear words like this over and over and over again and not hear them or see them because their vision is clouded by the aforementioned.

Interestingly, I bear zero resentment toward anyone with whom certain demonstrations were carried out but... on the other end, that is not the case. Some might say, well this is all rationalization, that a problem exists which is not being addressed. If that were the case, it wouldn't end immediately after I enter my door and not return. I would also not be able to function on all of the levels I do function on every day. When I went to Romania and into a very definite party atmosphere, where everyone was drinking and horsing around, I had no desire to join in. I just wanted to sit around and observe. This was making it difficult for them to dose me (grin). I just want to say again that I enjoyed myself immensely, so... no harm, no foul.

Some of us are not like everyone else and different things apply. As you proceed up the spiral staircase, all the dynamics change at every landing. The rules are different. On some of the landings a veritable quantum leap occurs. At a certain point you might be told that “good and evil no longer apply to you”. This does not mean you can suddenly start running around and offing people. What it means is that your inclinations no longer contain the sort of motivations that lead in certain directions and to certain results. Once your mind is fixed on the divine, if not completely, then to a specific degree, you are home free, except for the closing of the distance that remains. You still have to walk a ways through existence, from where you are, to where you are bound but there is no longer any question about you getting there. That's where you want to be and it is possible for all of us with the right mix of industry, faith and certitude.

Let is be said here that I bear no ill will toward anyone at this point, including those who sought to harm me to the fullest extent. They were just playing their roles and I am infinitely grateful that that was not my role. Suffering backs off when the root nature of it is exposed to the consciousness. I think I will close with that.

End Transmission.......

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I recommend that everyone who reads this post see the movie "Kumare".

There will be a radio show this weekend.


Smyrna said...

Well put, Vis.

In my experience, people with divine wisdom and gnosis are anything but the stereotype of the 'holy man/master'.

It's a pearls and swine thing, and takes one to know one etc.

Visible said...

In case you have already read the post but do come back here. I recommend you see the movie "Kumare"

Laura said...

I so delight in reading what you express, and there is a resounding "yes, yes, yes." Wisdom born of experience is a mighty powerful thing to behold within. I am grateful for the resonance of what is shared.

With love, in grace ~

JerseyCynic said...

"The degree of your pain and suffering are directly related to the degree of your resistance to the necessary change demanded of you by the cosmos."
~Les Visible

I wish I could buy a refrigerator magnet with that quote on it. I'm serious.

Anonymous said...

One who does not fight cannot surrender.

Richard said...

Mas and Mas Visible
When the guru hits the high 'C', will the glass shatter? Must have to do with in and up, rather than the out and down.

Ahhh to be a soprano Shiva's Dog, howling at the moon, maybe that artificial contraption might also shatter.

Or would that make the 'guru-es' some kind of follower of the whore of Babylon?

The free will of Homo Sapiens Sapiens seems to be exercised only in the act of affirming the conditioned prgramming of the path to Homo Erectus, no way but the Viagresque path, just 'Heffn-ing' withya with my bunny tail and lon ears; or the Homo Sapiens Sapiens affirms the Divine ontological Self, Re-membering the potential and becomes Homo Divinicus.

Either way, what an adventure !!!!!

May the in and up K take the last few steps, alchemical gold congeal with the cinnabar, and dance the Tango of the gratitude and grace in plenitude.

Be well, good to hear the howling on the radio show iif and when

Copernicus Kidd said...

Om, Aum, Amen

Visible said...

Katz; you've been a pain in the ass around here as long as i can remember. I seldom see such a venomous attitude. I guess when you have the soul of a lawyer there's a black hole where your heart is supposed to be.

I'm not printing your comment which was nothing but vicious attack dog tactics. I suppose, as a lawyer, lying is as easy as breathing but believing lies as a lawyer usually means you're not very good at what you do. No one got 'almost arrested' because of me in India. That is a flat out lie and if you were told that and you believe it, you are a fool.

As for his costs. I paid for nearly everything and he received cash infusions from 2 other readers and the amount was not insignificant. Now, I don't know what got said because I didn't concern myself with that but the absolute truth is that NOTHING happened and I can provide direct access to people who were on the spot most of the time. There was no event of any kind and nothing happened and everyone was surprised that he just took off for no reason.

If he feels the need to justify himself by making shit up, that's his lookout. People come through here all the time. There is never a problem. The only thing that was going on with me was that I was drinking half a dozen or so beers a day and he was offended, not by anything I did. I did nothing and as I say, there are plenty of witnesses to that.

If I was all messed up I wouldn't have had people coming to my apartment to hang out with me and tell me I was God, which served only to make me laugh.

I probably should have gone to that blog and read what got said, if he is claiming he almost got arrested. On my soul, nothing like that occurred. Since I got back I am being contacted by my landlord and others in the friendliest fashion. The proof is in the putting.

I'm candid about myself. I don't have to lie because there are very good reasons for what I do.

If you can be civil then fine, you are welcome,you want to be a shrieking hysteric, you're not welcome. The thing with you is that my large support base threatens your sense of self importance. That's always been a problem for you.

BlackBelt Yogi said...

Thank you Les, for sharing your writings, for coming outa India and once again, pumping out words of perception that resonate so deeply within me. I was looking thru the book Aghora, by Robert Svoboda, which you recommended, to find a quote that speaks to what you have recently experienced. Alas, I cannot find the direct quote, but Mr. Svoboda talks of how Vimalananda was eratic, eccentric, smoked like a chimney, confused him, made him sad and frustrated, and was never quite what he initially thought of as a sage. But never once did he lose his love for Vimalananda and this love led to trust and enabled Mr. Svoboda to share the teachings of an Aghora on Vimalanada's behalf.

Having been on a spiritual path for many decades, I distrust the antiseptic, polished, all fall in line and hail the "" bullshit tribes that are out there....I see people wanting our spiritual teachers to be untouchable, to be holy and removed and I find this so sad. I relish to find my spiritual teachers wiping shit off their face, half naked, without adornment, laughing, drinking, smoking and sincere.
What is real anymore, most people could not say. They are so removed from pure emotion, from feeling! They only know the celluloid images freeze framed in their minds, or the convenient, sanctioned sound bites of Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer or Eckhart Tolle. Surface spirituality, consumable spirituality.

You make me want to read more, the books you write and recommend speak to me and though there are many of us who feel the same, and I am sure you do not desire our prostrations, it is still good to say it and for you to hear it.

Keep on keeping on! In light, in love, messy with God:)

Anonymous said...

I am so glad to have you back safe and sound, Visible. Most of the readers speak my thoughts so more succinctly than I can at the moment, so I will leave it at that. God bless you. How was your reunion with the dogs? I'm surprised you haven't mentioned it.

Laura in CA

Visible said...

Seeing the dogs was pure joy but my normal domestic awareness has been a little marginalized by lies and deceptions at far opinions and the discovery of efforts directed at me with no good intent. By the time I got that sorted I had passed by the memory of it. I had two dogs I was caring for in India and I left a big bag of dog food. I hope the community will continue to take care of them in my absence. They said they would.

Anonymous said...

My my gurus and spiritual masters and such. Don't you just love them. I know you spent time in Italy, hope you made it to the Vatican to be blessed by the pope. He's gone now, embarking on a life of prayer and meditation. I'll bet God is in a state of gleeful anticipation wondering who his next representative on earth will be. It is a great responsibility. Hope the Cardinals who aren't caught up in sex scandals and can attend the conclave choose wisely. Who would have thought.


Anonymous said...

my border collie is smarter than your honor roll student.

my friend in Denver gets a lotta laffs and honks from the bumper sticker on his rear bumper..;article=144291;title=APFN

respects neil,,,

you know

Thomas said...

Oh oh, how I wish it is true... that the end has not yet been for me. I just wish to do well, even when I now see that I have been a fucked-up control freak and a bloated balloon, even here. It has surprised me greatly how easy it was to fool myself.

Well, the soul is pure, and shall find it's way back to the Lord at some point. That is the most important.

Thank you Mister Visible, for sparking hope in my Heart. Your writings are like a beacon of Light for me. Somehow very sobering, too. Thanks!

I wish, from my deepest Being: God bless you All :)

Pro-semite said...

Everyone from Bohemian Grove to the Queen of England is named in this article as behind the world's pernicious evil - but guess what group is glaringly missing entirely?

Hint: They are a religion not a race and they run a 'legal' ponzi scheme enabling them to economically rule over all others worldwide.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

nice post, could be a chapter in "Spiritual Survival Too, Glad to Have Got this Far".
Kumare needs a warning, it is a TOTAL mockumentary. I am naive and too nice enough that I spent the first half half worrying about the poor exploited participants (discounting my own exloitation fantasies about the females in it). Now knowing, I'll add it to Idiocracy and laugh longer and louder than the first time round. the only thing is it didnt emphasise positives for real spiritual congresses (not the point of it I suppose), so I still saw some Protocols of Zion/They Live elements that I always look for or induce into. (why is this made? etc)

Skepticfrog said...

Like in Katzenberg?
I remember him with the underhanded shit-grenades thrown into the pot here.
A human waste stirrer with poor spelling; a shyster, whose dispassionate, scientific definition would be 'the terminal orifice of the alimentary canal'...

Visible said...

Well, wonder of wonders. Gopal has an email address now (I gave him my computer when I left). Anyone who has questions about how things were there and what the truth of the matter was should email him-

He will also put you in touch with others who were there and who will, in unison, all say that nothing happened at all and that no one there understood what was going on. This is the thing about lying. It comes back on you. I expect most everyone believes me anyway but... for those skeptics among you, have at it

Visible said...

Katz is actually a woman, though technically a hybrid. Boy did she come slithering in like a spitting cobra. In what has got to be one of the better ironies, here is someone who was nowhere near the action, is a lawyer and supposedly deals with facts, making the wildest speculations from thousands of miles away and behaving like a baboon with rabies, using language no courtroom would allow and tossing out wild fabrications with no real purpose other than to injure me to whatever extent is possible for her. It doesn't seem to impact on her that I am completely unaffected by her nonsense.

This is the kind of thing that happens when people lie and eventually they always get caught out as is now the available case for anyone who wants the truth.

I have always freely admitted my role in any drama. The readers wouldn't even know about most of them unless I told the reader in the first place. The reason that blog got pulled was because it dawned on the author what he had done.

Anyway, I hope we can move on now. Still, you got to admit, it's entertaining and also provides a great opportunity to find out where people's loyalties lie. Life is amazing.

the gardener said...

Today is the first day of the rest of our lives. March 1, 2013 and for the second time in the known history of the Church there is a living Pope stepping down. Lots of strange comments tossed out by the Pope Emeritus in his departure speeches.

Knowing that that Church utilizes astrology for timing like most businesses and governments do also-I find it very interesting that the Pope makes his departure known on the New Moon and plans his leave whilst Mercury is in Pisces and RETROGRADE.

Mercury going direct right prior to the dogs of war timing of the Vernal Equinox in Aries March 21rst-ish.

Easter celebrated March 31rst this year. New Pope to be in place by then.

When Mercury goes 'backwards' degree wise it is to make timing for the aspects that much more vital. To delay or promote energies of the transits for the triggering of the events, masses or individuals.

I see this as making sure that Mercury in Pisces keeps the trine aspect to Saturn in Scorpio which is also sextiling (60 degrees) Pluto in Capricorn.

"The degree of your pain and suffering are directly related to the degree of your resistance to the necessary change demanded of you by the cosmos."
~Les Visible (as per JerseyCynic)

Pluto is the force that will clear your decks, clean off the table if you aren't able to clear off your deck yourself. If you can't make the moves-Pluto will do it for you when the timing is the best.

So we've got the Pluto in Capricorn at about 11 degrees SEXTILING the Saturn in Scorpio at about 11 degrees... a true mutable madhouse of planets in Pisces right now (to be followed with them going into Aries :) where good old Uranus is ready and eager to rumble)

and Mercury retrograding in Pisces to get back down to that holy 11/11 degree zone to connect with communication the massive powers of a united Saturn and Pluto in Scorpio and Capricorn respectively.

Pisces the fish glyph with two fish going in opposite directions yet joined together with a cord.

The Pope and his fish head hat upon his head. heh

Whatever the source for his decision and there is as many as the imagination can provoke (ugh) it is a powerful CHANGE and the forces that have brought this huge event on has more coming our way.

I expect all kinds of 'retirements' and endings to a lot of rottens with the perps standing-alone-under the Light.

This vernal equinox is one with lots to be revealed. Gird your loins -pray for the strength to do what must be done. Pray for the divine guidance and direction. Be on the ready for any divine directions that come to you in regards to relocating asap.

The one poster saying how they'd been led to leave WA state and go back home to CO was a god/good example of what will be happening to a lot of people.

love but never fall in love with a blues musician. lol

the gardener

JerseyCynic said...


(the KISS of death is mentioned at the end of this one)

est said...

what was it someone once said ?

it's either zippidy - do da

or it's the blues

i can assure you

it's the blues

JerseyCynic said...

gardner - I just saw your comment. I have been singing outloud "this is the first day of the rest of my life...." all morning. thank YOU -- it's working! (btw, are you zengardner? I've been meaning to ask for a while now. I lose track of where I am in this www)

"today is the first day of the rest of my life ... without a cig" I'll start here cause that's what I am chanting now as I flit around the house in circles - getting ready for for I'm now sure what...)

katz said...

Druggie. Idiot.

LOL! anything to protect your money train?

I should set up a blog just for you so that I can tell these morons not to send you any more money.

that will force you to get a job for a change.

however, karma is going to catch you hard...and I can see it coming down the track, bc I'm not the only one who can see you for what you are. and the others have been used by you, for a long time, and are now tired of supporting your arshe.

but, please, do yourself a favor, do not pretend to be this guru, anymore. even the stuff you quote is incorrect, and I'm not even into Hindu mythology per se.

stop mentally masturbating yourself and get to a rehab.

btw, I found out, during the time of your recent acting out situation in India, that you use fake names to post around other blogs and such.

if you did that once, you more than likely do it all the time.

and, just for your information, gurus are normally not arrested as soon as they arrive in the USA.

and, all your blasting of the USA means that you live w sour grapes, bc even with all the trouble, the USA is still the best place to live, esp compared to India, or Mexico. and, you can't go there. it's not a matter of want to go there, you CAN'T. for some reason the USA doesn't want you.

they want a million illegal aliens, but not you. do you know why? bc illegal aliens work for a living, and you sit around drugging on other people's money, and then conning them to give you more.......

Visible said...

Well Katz, since this is not as vicious as the others, I will let it in. I would appreciate some proof of my posting under false names and since I KNOW that I have not done this you will be exposed as a liar and a slanderer but... hey, you're a lawyer, come with the turf.

You have a pretty fanciful idea of how I live. I actually work 7 days a week, from the time I get up to the time I go to bed and I could hardly survive on the donations I get. Do you have any idea of what a fool you make yourself look like by wild speculations on things you have no direct evidence or experience of?

Oh yeah, please post these comments I am supposed to have made that you are in possession of. You must be in possession of them because you wouldn't have said it otherwise, right? And, you're a lawyer so, I'm guessing you have the EVIDENCE. We'll just sit back and wait for you to present your case. I'm really interested because if I did do anything like that then it happened completely without my being aware of it and that hasn't happened before.

the gardener said...

So glad to see that you are back Les Visible.

Very invigorating works you are taking the time to put into coherent words. Again, very parallel and prescient you are. Thank you for your efforts, now and forever.

the gardener

Visible said...

heh heh, well, yeah, I have been back about 10 days now (grin) but thank you for the sweet thoughts I must say that I am glad that things mostly just roll off of my back and that I am clear about my purpose and direction, otherwise some of this inexplicable shit would break my heart.

Alpha Silex said...

The pope will never be retired. It appears he may be Pope-mobiling off into the twin sunset, but he's now taking a more active role in recruiting altar boys, suckling and Jesus juicing from his rotted vine, dining and 69'ng, selling girl scout cookies on the side, wishing on a Weeblo. Fashioning soapy pope on a rope, Sandusky sighs. In the west, dancing Broken Condom Style, break dancing on the back side.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

can't help it...

yes "today is the first day of the rest of your life, now watch some bugger come and try to stuff it up for you."
then there's water, duck, back effect.

Anonymous said...

Do you believe in free will, Visible?

Anonymous said...

Who understands you, Visible?

Anonymous said...

Where is your ATTENTION? Last question for me tonight. And you know it's not MY question. Answer me if you want, or not. Up to you.

Visible said...

Of course there is free will. You have the freedom to do what is best for you and chart whatever course you wish. You also have the freedom to war against your own best interests. People do it every day. Just take a look around.

Visible said...


piety piet said...


Guruhari Darshan 27-28 Feb 2013, Ahmedabad, India

song (male voices, bellls and tabla, some wind) to a very popular (old
wheelchaired) guru geezer, his army in orange and his devoted (and
segregated) audience pressing palsm together (a priviledged few get their
fruit handled/blessed briefly) in the (sharp) picture for 24m
put in tragecomedoid when time allows being spared
9009 views in 2 days
just past halfway it shows 3 dolls/idols or deities, in 3 different colours
last 4 minutes they break of the good soundtrack for some horrible live big
drum army action ... the old mummy actually smiles now
this guy tours the US ... the account has footage from back to 2007
(centennial of 'BAPS')
... the music is ok but they sure don't like female voices.


he gets a minute of garbly ramble in twice during these 12 minutes of days
long festival shenanigan impressions .. they scrupulously avoid filming
women altogether on this one
what i wanna know is: where they this nasty before the UK occupation
already or only after that?
costumed play on the evening program with kiddie choir closes the vid out
... giant stadium full of folks w fireworks for desert .... figures, stinkers!
i note their statues depict the youngest versions of gods i ever saw ... this
is the compensation for and nod towards the women behind the scenes,
trying to keep the real drama fully privatized yet intimate and/or vicee

8W6MaiIHOms = a slide show selection of doll shrine art ... colours often
garish .... one of them has Disney wallpaper as added feature .. at the base

wow, this cult is into sculpting too:
_iaKBA-9lU4&list=PLFBBFCA74DA5D3062&index=8 = toronto 2007
mixed gender choir tune ... really nice in fact

piety piet said...

youtube helped me escape to wet slippy sloppy riverside thrills and spills
y'old flower dance with comedy towards the end as the music revs and
quiets a last few times .... too funny .. friendliest pron

piety piet said...

hi-lite from yesterday (from a much longer piece) in response to the autarkist Ozzie @

... ahaahhh, .. at the very end (as that nice song rolls again .. and after a section, at least as long, where he loops a single line: 'where were you') he goes (txt on screen):

we are al responsible for the rolling stone & it will not stop until we stop it or until we have destroyed everything

how far is this from spinning rock on rock as i can see happen more and
more clearly .. in our liftime. Answer: very, yet close to the single schiz of ol' dover holdover enough to have hopes you might grasp what i'm driving
how far is this from spinning rock on rock prayerwheel fashion, enhanced
with poles, bearings and canvas, and as a way of getting the long haul thing right ... finally ... sacred site style .. kinda .. but with completion, growing soils, not monuments .. do the money and flour thrown into the air
(tibetan festival and pilgrim rite) with fresh dust 'instead'.

Visible said...


I am waiting. We are all waiting for you to provide the chain of evidence

"btw, I found out, during the time of your recent acting out situation in India, that you use fake names to post around other blogs and such."

Alpha Silex said...

I've received information that the catholic church celebrated a secret black mass/carnival to initiate the death of the Piscean age, by crucifying Benedickt with his Star Wars Emperor robe and Wizard of Oz ruby slippers on, upside down and headlong into a vat of sperm whale entrails, rotted caviar, Ikea horse puckey burgers, rancid Riunite wine, Scrod guts and radioactive, used KY jelly. The video can be seen on, a Vatican sponsored website. Make sure your girl scout cookies are enabled to view this.

Alpha Silex said...

More importantly, the new pontiff's name has been revealed: Pope Peter Puffer from the exo-planet of Pedophilia. It was a prerequisite that there be a lot of peepee's in his name

Anonymous said...

Hey Visible!
So what a trip...I cannot believe how people like Katz don't understand you at all...What do they expect? A glowing Visible so integrated in this social scam?Come on be real...Visible is real, and this world we all learn by making mistakes...or you don't learn jack....
To be truly poet, or Bard, undomesticated, with so much to say one must be free from any job that could corrupt and make it impossible for Visible to spend so much time writing a blog?I enjoy reading him, everyday I wish he could write. I will buy his books because i like his style, not HIM really...
Of course someone as open to the real world, so awake, with so much to say and in such ways surely uses some plant alchemy....
Soon drug will be legal, and people will learn how to use them wisely, how it is suppose to.
Someone who writes books like him are surely complex characters, fascinating....
Thank you Visible for being YOU.

long john said...

Well, I hang out in biker bars every now and then. In fact, I like biker bars, and I like bikers. I guess thats mostly because I just happen to be an old biker myself.

I been a serious biker since about 1991. These days, I ride a Harley 1999 FXSTB Night Train chopper. I've had it about nine years. I have my eye on another newer Harley, but at this point, I just don't have the bucks.

Even though my wife and I own our own house, I still work at job every day except Sundays, just to help pay the house expenses, taxes and food bills and upkeep on my truck.

Even though I do hang out with my biker bros in a couple of the local biker bars, these days I very rarely drink any alcohol. On an occasional hot summer day or evening, I usually have only one, or maybe two beers at the very most. And no more than a a total of a few six-packs in an entire year. I don't do drugs any more either, not during the past twenty-some years. I have no desire nor use for drugs. I don't smoke wee either. My natural state is just fine. I do like green tea, hot or iced, depending on the season.

Actually, there's a good many kick-ass bikers and MCs around my town and the general area where I live (central valley and foothills of upper-northern California). The hard-core biker brothers (and sisters) that I hang with in this part of the country, are some right good folks.

We even have an association of bikers and MCs called the United Bikers of Northern California (UBNC). We all get together and party, but we also do more than a fair bit of charitable community service as well (raising money for good causes).

Btw, the people in the country and rural areas of the USA are not at all like how some of the other blog commenters on this blog portray it as being. Its not anything like the supposed obese dunb-ass shithole or police-state that some people (who live in other countries) say it is. Thats a load of crap. Moreover, there's biker brothers and sisters all over the USA, and they are some real damn good people.



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