Sunday, July 28, 2013

Dancing on the Minute Hand of the Cosmic, Karma Clock.

Dog Poet Whimpering.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

We're going to go on a bit of a personal ride today. It needs doing and so it will be done.

Most people who come here are unqualified supporters of the author and the work that gets done here (measured and informed criticism is always welcome too-grin). The author extends his unqualified support to all of the readers, who make him better than he would have been on his own and who raise the consciousness level of the atmosphere, by collectively having high intelligence (for the most part-grin). There is a small cadre of vengeful hearts; it might all be the same person. It might be two. Since I've been doing this for awhile and have a smokingly awake intuition, I can tell when someone is trying to effect syntax modeling, in order to disguise themselves as someone else. So it goes. The main point though, is that we average about 1 negative comment a month around here, though, occasionally, said troll will catch a case of Red Ass and go off two or three times, in a short time, before heading back into his underground world of resentments, for not being able to do anything about what goes down here. He is especially upset that I keep rising from the ashes of occasional actings out and probably way, way more pissed that there is little likelihood of any more events. When I look at the overwhelming percentage of positive to negative commentary, I experience a few things. One is that there is a definite resonance here and it is manifested by a force other than myself. Another is that I'm going in the right direction even if I don't know what that is. Another is that the impact of such a small amount of negativity on me is not even noticed by me, meaning I am perpetually inspired to keep doing what I do.

I mentioned yesterday that I could no longer go to the destination point that I have had in mind for some time. Indeed, I had been planning a migration to one of several countries (in that land mass) over the course of a couple of years. That's how long I have known my situation here was going to transform. The amount of research I did about the various locations is pretty impressive (now I know why I have felt all along that there was something I wasn't getting). I didn't want to find myself so far away, with a massive headache. I'm pretty confident that it would have worked out, if I had been allowed to do it. I am seldom not allowed to do something. The bottom line, doing the math, is that I can't do something if I can't do it, for lack of the wherewithal to do it ...and the universe has been dragging its feet big time, about things that it has gone out of it's way to convince me of, or has been blowing smoke up my ass in respect of (grin). I have no particular priorities, or must haves, in relation to what I do. I do what I do because I am compelled to. If I got the world or nothing at all, it would change nothing. And... I'm not too upset at the cosmos, due to my not comprehending its sense of timing. I do have to remember that I was told, in no uncertain terms, that the major blessings and good fortune due me (earmarked for me) ...could not come to me, until I had relocated; I keep forgetting that.

It occurs to me that the less I seek to do anything, the better off I am. I'm perfectly happy when completely alone and I'm glad to work all the time and I'm pretty much okay wherever I am, given certain minimal requirements being met, as long as it's not the U.S.S.A. It's not easy orchestrating or managing a life. It's probably not smart, wanting to form a community, with a bunch of strangers, or relocate somewhere where everyone is a stranger, at least for a little while. It seems to make sense for me to simply focus on what I do and keep doing it ...and not branch out into all sorts of entrepreneurial exercises. I can diagram them for interested parties. It makes sense if people want to see me they can just come and see me and many people do. I don't blame anyone for not helping to facilitate what it was I thought I wanted to do. Behind the appearance of other people's participation in my life, I see the hand of the cosmos, doing its mysterious workings thing. What I'm going to do is recognize the community in my head and let the rest of whatever be handled, or not, by precipitation at the hands of the unnamed god.

Now, I've spent two years trying to relocate myself, with a couple of colossal misadventures (that turned out to be the conscious cosmos acting in mysterious ways) and far more satisfactory interactions that never got any press, which is par for the course (grin). Everything has changed on me again and now I have to look for a situation in Europe somewhere. I'm laughing at the moment ...because I have no idea of what I'm going to do, or where I'm going to go; an insider tour guide in Prague sounds interesting and I've got mad skills for that. What I do know is that I can manage to do it and that I'll have a grace period, where I can sort things out. I don't know how weird your lives have been but mine has only been weird. The only normal I've known, has come and gone, alternatively, coming and going.

So, it looks like I am going to disappoint a whole lot of people again ...but really, there is nothing I can personally do about it. I've been informed in no uncertain terms that I can't go where I had intended to go but I can go anywhere I want in this country or neighboring countries. I can even go back to our house in Italy and stay there from now on but that is a freaky zone for me to be all alone in, as has been demonstrably proven by what happened the last time I was there and why I wasn't allowed to go back until now. I'd pretty much have to have someone around me there, as a reference point, if nothing else. When I get in private and isolated locations, the resonance between me and the invisible goes up a number of notches and there's no telling what's possible ...because pretty much anything is.

Whatever might have happened in that other location can just as easily happen here. There are all sorts of places that are open for related things; abandoned monasteries, factory lofts, abandoned penitentiaries (grin), open spaces and god knows, Eastern Europe, or Ost Bloc, as we call it around here, certainly has potential, when it comes to cheap land and big empty buildings.

I imagine most of you have a certain consistency to your existence, you can rely on the world being pretty much the same, on whatever day you get up and walk out into it. I do not have this luxury and though it appears that I have an extreme freedom of movement and am allowed to give my time and attention to whatever comes in front of it, that's not actually the case. I see myself more as a sort of automaton, who goes through certain motions, based on whatever is printed on the ticker tape, running out of the multi dimensional, Cosmic, Karma Clock.

There is no regularity in this clock, the way there in in an ordinary clock, or in the seasons which follow a predictable routine. What happens is that a sequence will go on, for as long as it takes for the sequence to accomplish, what the sequence was initiated to accomplish. It might happen quicker than what the varieties of prediction experts predict, or it may take longer but... it will go on as long as it has to ...because the sequence that follows it, relies on that happening first.

Many of us like to believe that we are in charge of our own destiny, that we make the call and that everything we want, or need, is in earshot. What we are in charge of how we feel about what happens to us and how we react to it. We believe we initiate things but where does the impetus to act come from? Where do our ideas come from? Where do the people in our lives come from and... why them? Any one of us can walk into the same environments and circumstances and the results of our tenure there and what exists there, following our departure ...and what happens while we are there, will be different every time. We are singular and unique, like snowflakes, to which we are often compared and... relatively speaking, in respect of greater things, as short lived as a snowflake, with the usual, rare and unusual exceptions. You've seen those exceptions in Asian figurines, with massive pronounced foreheads and other physical distinctions that set them apart from the unruly and undisciplined mob. They are usually placed as being... alone and unto themselves.

Every deity that we see personified in sculpture, pictures, or discussed in vague and indirect references, simply because it is impossible to define what is under discussion, have all been in manifestation, more than once, in whichever of us has been selected as a residence for the task.

People who are familiar with the great, deathless, Hindu saint, Babaji (sometimes accompanied by his sister), know that he observes the passing spectacle of human existence and on rare occasions, he will interact with certain individuals, as he did with Paramahansa Yogananda, Sri Yuketeswar and Lahiri Mahasaya. I'm reading the lineage backwards but... no matter, Babaji, like most of the Buddhas and various celestial beings (who are not Bodhisattvas), experiences 'unbearable compassion' on a regular basis. What is unbearable compassion? That is when you see the pathetic and pitiable state of humanity and know that there is nothing you can do about it, that it is all knitted together in a collective and individual Karma that has to play out, until whatever needs to happen in the sequence happens. Once it does, you got options. That is what makes awareness so profound and powerful. A change in awareness can change your life. It can alter it so dramatically, as to make it unrecognizable ...and history is littered (grin) with examples. You can also makes friends in unseen locations, by a relentless petitioning for presence. Should your desire for this, exceed your desire for everything else, it is automatically yours. That is a single requirement for the miraculous; meaning it will activate it. It's not the only thing that will activate it though. I don't want to give that impression. Grace can activate it and other things too.

Well, if I didn't follow through on an expected sequence, it's cause that sequence has been denied to me. It wasn't denied initially. It just sort of grew and grew offstage, until it came on stage. So, I'll be looking for hints for locations in the general area of here, which is a pretty big area and I'll be checking out on my own, whatever possibilities suddenly appear in front of me, as if by accident, but... there are no accidents, are there?

End Transmission.......

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Almost A Capella by Les Visible

Anyone in Europe with any ideas for me, I'd appreciate you letting me know. This is kinda fun and exciting (grin).

There will be a radio broadcast this weekend.


Visible said...

I need someone in Western Europe who is capable of digitizing VHS tapes. I can pay expenses and probably a certain amount, plus you'd have copies of all of the shows. There are somewhere around 50 and up tapes as so... if there is anyone out there...I am asking for this demographic because shipping can be so expensive. Thank you for your consideration of this.

M said...

Vis the technology to do this is really cheap and accessible now: if systems like this are available for £30.00 in the UK:

... then the equivalent in Germany is going to cost maybe 30 40 Euros at most?

Say "aye" (or arhooooooo!) and I'll PayPal you the money so you can buy your own system locally.

JerseyCynic said...

"There's a light up ahead...

There's a light in your head.....and there's a light in your heart and your head is in your heart and your heart has swallowed your head. ..... Brighter and BRIGHTER......"
WOW - just wow!

I need a serious intervention with my heart/head, Visible. This 'unbearable compassion' has reached toxic levels for me. More and more each day it becomes clear that I can do nothing about the injustices surrounding me. Is this the point at which I must now focus on compassion for myself? I have feeling that if I don't, I will go insane.

Maybe a quick game of -- Injustice: Gods Among Us - might clear things up!

Thank you again for all you do -- glad to hear you're staying put for the time being.

the gardener said...

awww good and holy Sunday to you brother Vis. Great seeds you are casting out today. I've had many visuals from what you've presented.

I could see the floors in Italy whilst I kept up with you via your words.

Agreed you need a tender it is just too hard and can get freaky on your own with incoming and the revving up of incoming which I've noticed happening lately to me.

I predict some very psychedelic times up ahead-around the curve... keep your eyes on the road and hands upon the wheel. lol

Times so psychedelic having another witnessing them with you will allow sanity to be kept.

Let it roll baby roll... and it is and it will to a very disturbing level where getting caught up in the psychedelia itself will catch you in a web.

I've just had a candle to create come through me ... a 'my boyfriend Jesus' candle-tall glass seven day candle-of all colors put together like those layered sand art in glass works.

"A color for every need and emotion"... white: protection, Boyfriend Jesus get your faith all stoked up with his protection!

Red: Boyfriend Jesus gives you heart strength to share that protection with others!

Orange: Boyfriend Jesus gives you the courage to act on that faith and strength to move mountains out of the way!

Pink: Boyfriend Jesus gives you such love and pinkness that every moment is like an Angel Face rose... :smooch:

another layer of White!

thick layer of white with the Green coming in beneath it...

Green: Boyfriend Jesus is happy to see with the protection, strength of heart, the courage to act and the love dizzyingly all around you that it is time to present some abundance and green growth... not too much or you'd think it was too easy...see what you do with that abundance.

Black: to vanquish all who sniff around like jackals and wolves due to heightened love strength emitting. Be gone evil doers!

After seven days of focused intent with the Boyfriend Jesus candle... through Christ I can do everything!

love you Vis,

the gardener

the gardener said...

Dearly beloved Stuart left us so much

The Wilde Weekly: The Mysterious Gardener

I wonder where he left his jew's harp?

Anonymous said...

Bhagavad-gītā As It Is 3.27


The spirit soul bewildered by the influence of false ego thinks himself the doer of activities that are in actuality carried out by the three modes of material nature.


The person in material consciousness is convinced by false ego that he is the doer of everything. He does not know that the mechanism of the body is produced by material nature, which works under the supervision of the Supreme Lord. The materialistic person has no knowledge that ultimately he is under the control of Kṛṣṇa(God). The person in false ego takes all credit for doing everything independently, and that is the symptom of his nescience.

The Supreme Personality of Godhead is known as Hṛṣīkeśa, or the master of the senses of the material body, for due to his long misuse of the senses in sense gratification, he is factually bewildered by the false ego, which makes him forget his eternal relationship with Kṛṣṇa(God).

Visible said...


I bought the Kworld Video Editing DVD Maker USB and I couldn't figure out where to plug it in. Maybe I should go back and take a closer look. All I remember is being frustrated at the time and saying, "Screw it"!

I'll look into it later after I do the radio show and see if I can come up with anything. Thanks for thinking of me.

DaveR said...

If you're buying your own system please be aware that VHS comes in 2 flavors, PAL (European standard) and NTSC (North American). The item 'M' references doesn't say which it is. These are not compatible formats so you'll have to make sure of what you've got.

Visible said...

I'm well aware of PAL and NTSC. the kit I bought does them both. I'm actually not a dummy when it comes to video as I had a TV show for several years and can run Vegas Video and other things like Adobe Audition 3.0; though I prefer 1.5 for my radio shows.

I did have Pinnacle Studio with the video card in one of my previous systems but that was a bit beyond my capacity.

Anonymous said...


With your permission, I lifted some quotes from your pennings, and reposted them on

Keep your nose wet. May Budda smile with you. :-)


Anonymous said...

Vis don't feed the troll and he/she/it will get bored and go away. Why not stay in the country you are in but move to a different region? Avoid the USSA at all cost as it is a fundamentally transformed marxist hellhole. People got tired of excellence and high standards and now they want a 30-50 year run of misery and poverty via stale marxist crap that will never work anywhere it is applied.

Here is a free trial version software for converting vhs to digital age:

Since it is free trial it will probably expire after so many days or conversions but might work long enough for what you are wanting to do.
You'll need some hardware which is not free a working VCR and USB video capture device.

Visible said...


kf said...

"I don't know how weird your lives have been but mine has only been weird."

Likewise, Senor; just one of the reasons I read your writings.


Visible said...

Helen Thomas, long may you wave

Anonymous said...

Yesterday I was in a Staples office supply store looking at the tablets and the laptops. Each demo model one was connected to the net to allow people to try them out for ease of use for for browsing/email etc.

I went around to each computer in and brought up visible origami on the screen and walked out.

Let's start a trend, shall we?


Visible said...

heh heh, Mandocello, that's pretty cool, Thank you!

Anonymous said...

You have mentioned "OST block", this may be something to consider...

Anonymous said...

Visible, have you considered Sweden or even better, in my opinion, Iceland?

There are many more people aware of the zioogre all around the Ost Blok then in the west, but most of those places are still deeply entwined in the zioMatrix; many have zioogre gatekeepers political-finance-corporate functionaries at the top levels so beware.

Visible said...

I appreciate the effort with Slovenia. I have a friend who lives there actually but, it is significantly far from everything and everyone familiar to me. It is a language I have no familiarity with and also a location where it is unlikely that anyone speaks English. Finally, strangely enough, I can find rents here right in the same ballpark as those prices.

Anonymous said...

Proof's in the plugging
Hey! I'm not just kidding
Truth's just out barking
Visible's been always seeing!


Anonymous said...

I was at a staples with a buddy and while he was rambling on about his hardware setup that no one cares about with the clerk I found all the screen shots of people who used the demo laptop. I tried to delete them but it said admin access needed. I made constipation face and hoisted a nice middle finger salute for my pic.

Ray B. said...

Good column. Touches on a lot of things. Thanks!

Vis: "It occurs to me that the less I seek to do anything, the better off I am."

I had that situation on my first India trip, back around 1982. I had been seeing Ramtha, and had a good heart connection with him. However, I had also read several of Yogananda's, Sai Baba's, and Babaji's works. I wondered if I would have the same 'hit' off of any sufficiently-advanced being.

So, I contacted Higher Self and made the commitment that I would take any significant setback as a 'sign' that the trip was not appropriate. After that, not only were there no setbacks, but people came out of the woodwork to assist with tickets, work with visas, etc. It was the easiest 'prep' that I have had happen... (grin)


"I don't know how weird your lives have been but mine has only been weird."

Way-early Wednesday morning, I went to bed and started doing my usual clearing and cleaning. I soon became aware of a certain 'fuzziness' in reaching and holding my crown chakra area. When I checked in with Higher Self, it classified this as an attack. So, I called in ordinary reinforcements, and we went to work.

After some cleanup of the intruder, I had a surprise. Whoever/whatever this was, he/she/it had four 'fuzed' souls in the place where one usually rests. It was not one 'dominant' soul and three hangers-on or captives. It was not one 'benevolent' soul with three other souls under its wing. The souls were not interleaved or homogenized; it was like they were 'welded' together.

Also, the being turned out to be 27-level, which is very high for a present-day human and just below conscious ascension (if they want it). To make matters more weird, Higher Self also classified this being as a good-guy.

Finally, I threw up my hands and called in a (real) Elf to take a look. The Elf was just as mystified. Eventually, the being was just 'towed' off to be checked out. I still haven't heard back on what that being 'is'.

As I write, I am having massive amounts of energy flowing through me. It has been going on for a whole day. I feel like I am being mildly 'electrocuted'. Worse, it is causing all my muscles to feel like they have been through a major workout. I had trouble just washing my hair tonight. It is probably for some good purpose, but currently (sorry) it sucks.


Ray B. said...


"I'd pretty much have to have someone around me there, as a reference point, if nothing else."

I apologize for perhaps overstepping boundaries, but the following means well. Isn't Europe much the same in laws prohibiting airing certain Truths? (Total ignorance of that personally...) If so, why move at all?

I have read what you said about Suzanne receiving negative feedback from your statements. I understand. I do wonder if there is not some 'rapprochement' that can be reached. Possibly, publicly distancing herself if needed, while staying in the relationship?

Giving up a long-term relationship is not a trivial thing. I have Liz. We disagree about many things, but find ways to 'coexist'. She is a bit like your statements about Suzanne, in that she is not interested in the woo-woo like I am. She is much more 'grounded' or in the manifest world, while I am more 'out there'. I feel we each contribute something to the other.

Anyway, just my two cents. I wish you (both) well, whatever happens...


" is all knitted together in a collective and individual Karma that has to play out, until whatever needs to happen in the sequence happens."

I have been trying a way around that, by the de-paining and 'briefcase' process. I have some kind of an inner knowing that karma is not just karma, but is a working-out of inner pain. If so, change the inner pain and change the karma. Get one individual, and change his/her future. Get enough people, and sway the group karma. We'll see.


"You can also makes friends in unseen locations, by a relentless petitioning for presence."

So true... (grin)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

Contrary to what people may imagine, Susanne and I get on well but... there is this feature, she is on the near exact opposite of the zodiac from me. Furthermore, this is not all Susanne's wishes and doing. I was told directly that I would not enjoy the level of success that is coming to me until I was on my own.

My relationship with Susanne will remain strong for all of our lives. Nothing is going to change that.

Maybe some parts of Europe are dark. the UK certainly qualifies but... here in this land it is nothing like the U.S.S.A. There is no hint of oppression or hard assed police. Here the police are your friend; weird as that sounds. People go about their lives here, industrious and enjoying themselves. I get no sense of threat here (and there is no crime that I can see) but I also have powerful friends in the invisible who smooth my way and look out for me.

It appears I may have found a house a few hundred K from where I am presently, with all the needed particulars and also with access to a population center, where I can ply my various talents.

I have not met this person but the description of him by a friend who is arranging this is quite favorable. It's rural and in the woods; a big plus. There are several houses and what looks like a good stretch of land.

We'll see.

My situation is actually pretty sane and stable. I imagine there are people who think, well, visible flares up here and there like sunspots. That's not the case and the need and compulsion to respond in a certain way to certain circumstances is now gone. It just went away and I know this because I can feel it.

Everything was what it needed to be for the time it occurred in. Now things are different.

Susanne is one of the best and most decent people I ever met. What is happening is without rancor or resentment. There are various reasons that come together collectively to make this necessary and everyone will feel better in the aftermath. I have a firm conviction about this.

The only thing that troubles me is rousing a lot of people for migration and having to default on that but... no one actually went through any real trouble so, it's just more like temporarily dashed dreams. That will all come right. The person who is facilitating me with this house has the dream of creating a spiritual community so... as you can see, nothing is by accident here.

Anonymous said...

Hackers steals list of 1400 emails of Council on Foreign Relations members list and other top Illuminati leaders. I uploaded the text file with the 1400 emails here. Please write to them all and let them know how you feel about their fascism and their satanic plans for the new world order.

Andy said...

Hi Les

It's always a pleasure to read about your journey. And so often you articulate in your own inimitable way something I've been feeling or pondering. So thank you Les - wherever the road takes you.

I know the UK has some pretty dark aspects right now, but you may wish to consider the wilds of Wales.

All the best,


Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Mr. Apocalypse is Dancing in the Meringue of the Doomsday Cake.

DaveR said...

The PAL/NTSC comment wasn't only for you, Les.

Visible said...

I didn't realize someone else was digitizing tapes. I missed that, well, I'm pretty busy so I miss things all the time.

Tyler Vincent said...

After all of the experiences you have expressed being with various individuals in different places for short periods of time I sensed that this would unravel eventually... its a big deal relocating to an entirely foreign environment with people you have never met. I've been rethinking my situation as well. I had also wanted to up and relocate, just to feel safe and to be around sane and intelligent people who I may resonate with... I just wanted to serve people. I didn't realize how great of a community I live in already. This town boomed during the great depression, and it was a refuge for farmers and families seeking a lively hood in a time of great disparity. I have roots here, family, and friends. I used to abandon relations with anybody who did not want to look in the colostomy bag of history with a microscope and magnified sense of smell regarding what is stinking up the world. I realize now that many must come to it on their own terms. Now rather than seeing anybody who doesn't agree with me as an obstacle or enemy to truth, I am more willing to seek opportunities to compromise, bend, and tolerate, as best that I can anyway. Sometimes it includes unbearable compassion which can bring me to gut wrenching tears but, at this time it feels more appropriate to see people as human beings and seek some compassion and pity for the terrible states that exist on this planet... rather than to lower myself to the level of those states of being. I have been there at one point as well, if not in this life than in a previous one. There is lots of beauty in the world that can be seen... there is more to life than politics and corruption which has and always will continue to go on forever ad-nauseum... and while I will certainly speak my truth when the opportunity is right, I'm not going to destroy or throw everything in the trash bin of history to peruse something which stands on its own with or without my help. That is someone else's job apparently and it doesn't seep that I have as much choice in the matter as I might think, it seems to be what the divine wants for me at this time.

I hope you and everybody who was involved in seeking refuge with your plans will come to some kind of peace and compromise with one another.
Best of luck and good fortune to you and all.

Much Love


Anonymous said...

Anon @ 6:41,

That's good to know. Next time I'll put a small piece of tape over the camera beforehand.


Ray B. said...

Vis, thank you for your lengthy reply. It gives me more of a 'context' for your move. I appreciate it.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Tyler Vincent said...

"The best captain does not plunge headlong
Nor is the best soldier a fellow hot to fight.
The greatest victor wins without a battle: He who overcomes men understands them.

There is a quality of quietness
Which quickens people by no stress:
'fellowship with heaven,' as of old,
Is fellowship with man and keeps its hold."

Lao Tzu

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

The Talmudic Tit Fruit Children of the Father of Lies.



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