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Ruminations on the Concept of Free Will.

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In the waning days of my former state, now transitive (hopefully) to a new location, many thoughts come to mind. I come across interesting locations, like this which will probably make the reader laugh, or wonder at the state of my consciousness but I see interesting possibilities in all kinds of things. It certainly is an attractive property should the worst of social disorders arrive. It's highly secure, got its own water and obviously is well constructed, given that it cost 2.2 million to construct and that was with before money. You could certainly grow a lot of psychedelic mushrooms there.

Things are changing for all of us. For myself, I will soon be free of all responsibilities, except taking care of myself and I haven't been involved in that for years (grin). So... I suppose that means the single duty remains to allow oneself to continue to be taken care of by the ultimate caretaker. Usually, dramatic changes in one's existence bring all sorts of possibilities and traditionally, they often do not present themselves until transition has occurred.

Life is a series of stages, each is unique unto itself, depending on what general direction you decided upon, consciously or... unconsciously. Those who don't make an informed decision on their own (or are inspired to do so) WILL have that decision made for them. If your direction is inward and upward, it stands to reason that each stage will lead to a greater elevation of awareness. If your direction is other than, you can count on a progressive diminishment of your faculties and your grip on all of what you have held so tightly on to.

You see certain types rise up the ladders of personal success. They progress to a point and then... after that, one's being begins to recede. Life is ebb and flow. If you got somewhere under your own power, or think you did, well, your own power only goes so far. You're on the meter and each of us is on the meter, based on the amount of life credits we accrued at some earlier point. You can also get credit. This is important so... think about it. Just as there are banks around the world that are in ther position of extending to you a loan, if you have equity or collateral. There are banks on the spiritual plane as well and... you can get a loan on generous terms. In these cases, 'you' are the equity. You are the collateral. What I am telling you is true and this was told to me by Paramahansa Yogananda in one of his books. He said to just go and sincerely ask the ineffable for a loan from his spiritual bank. There are things we need far more than we need money AND having these things come into our possession, very often lead to solutions to all of our other concerns.

I bring this all up because it is an unfortunate aspect of human nature that we focus on what we believe to be our primary concerns and we mislead ourselves about what they are. Our primary concern is not supposed to be food, shelter, a job a mate, or whatever it is that occupies our thoughts. Our primary concern should be the state of our being because all of the others things flow out of this and the quality and consistency are direct reflections of it.

I am writing about these things tonight; tomorrow for you, because I have been feeling a degree unsettled of late (full disclosure is in effect) and this has been counterpointed by my external conditions behaving in such a way so as to mirror my feelings. Not in a long time have I been as focused on the ineffable as I am. In some ways my pressing is near manic, as if I were in an invisible box and I am pushing against the sides, insisting that they should move outward. Yes... yes... you might say that my unsettled state is the cause of the conditions I am experiencing but that is not the case. I've looked into it enough to know otherwise. It is simply what the astrology of the moment has dictated for me in this time slot.

There is a reason for this but... as seems to be the case so often, it conceals itself. So it is that I found myself apprehensive over certain things and even made an error in judgment a couple of times and was left to think... well, I screwed that up but... in every case it worked out just fine, only to be replaced by another pressing concern. Will I have an answer for that tomorrow? We shall see. Things that should have been processed smoothly are being held back. My time of departure has been set ahead for 2 weeks. On the other hand, things that I was prepared to have cost a certain amount of money have turned out to cost less than half of what I expected at a minimum AND that is more than one item.

In recent days I have felt an urgency to be further up the road. I have been thinking I haven't done enough. I haven't struggles hard enough and I reach with ever greater intensity within but... things remain what they are. Yes... I have a point to all of this and I seldom use myself as an example unless it is going to turn into some kind of a moral tale (grin), or be useful at a wider reach.

And so... of course, given the state of recent times, I have gone to the ineffable about this bout of present weirdness. It's like he's just waiting there for me to do just that and it is that which makes me smell a rat in this whole business. I can only presume that I haven't reached a particular level of faith yet and I'm going to be hassled about it until I achieve it (grin).

Anyway, the ineffable launches right into a series of Rolodexing images that recall moments of great trial in earlier times in my life. Then I am told, "Haven't I always taken care of you? Well... haven't I? Even though I put you in the shit, I also got you out of it. Visible, I want you to think about the implications of my loving you, as I surely do and of you loving me and also that you are employed by me. You are aren't you? Don't you work for me? Can you imagine that I would not take very good care of you? Don't you think I would protect my investment, which is considerable? If I put you through minor amount of uneasiness, I obviously have a very good reason for it and just because you don't know what that reason is, doesn't mean there isn't one. You have to take that on faith. I want you to understand that I intend to upgrade all kinds of things in the near future but first... I have to do a little house cleaning." Okay... I'm listening and I get all of that and it makes sense but... I've heard it before too.

Then I hear something I haven't heard before and all kinds of things fall into place. He says, "Look, I hate to break it to you but you are in line for some big changes and fairly soon. Do you remember a few months ago or more when you suddenly made sweeping changes in what you allowed into your mind? Do you recall how you changed your behavior in a significant way and how the flow of your thoughts and your energy became much more singularly directed." I said, "Yes..." Then he continued, "Shouldn't you, therefore, expect dramatic changes in your life as a result? This is why you are feeling uneasy and unsettled because a part of you knows what is in development and you have no idea of what you are going to do about it, mostly because it isn't clear what's coming. You'll know when you're supposed to know. In the meantime, what have I been telling you more than anything else? Rely on me. Rely on me. What's coming is good news but... sometimes that can be as hard to handle as bad news when you're not used to it. Here's a word of advice, don't put yourself through something before it even happens. What is the point of that?" Then I was reminded about that old tale of the magician and his pupil. The magician had been demonstrating something to the pupil on a given day and later on, the pupil went and tried it on his own and surprise! It worked! He runs off to tell the master and the master says, "You have to expect your magic to work."

I don't know why, but after hearing this, all kinds of things fell into place and began to make sense. I know how difficult it can be to maintain your faith, even when you have all kinds of incidences to confirm your faith. It's good to remember that, in all likelihood, both a surplus of faith and the lack of faith are controlled by the ineffable for the ineffable's own purposes. It would explain a lot when you can't figure out why you may be the way you are when you don't want to be like that or don't even believe you are like that.

It's been said by various masters that one must recognize their utter helplessness and that any idea of personal autonomy is an illusion because no matter what direction we are headed in it is controlled for the purpose of whatever lesson is involved in that course. Do the planets have free will? Does the ocean, the rivers and the wind? How much have we got to say about anything? Like Dylan sang, "are the birds free from the chains of the skyway?"

I know there is a deeper truth within the unplumbed mysteries of existence. There is an observable truth concerning good and evil; the plots and intentions of us all and why they happen. These will be revealed at the proper time and place.

I know there are some that will resist the idea of what has just been said and I would say that that resistance is also programmed (grin). All free will amounts to is the right to resist cosmic will. Our resistance is enabled by denizens of the inferior realm. Our cooperation with the cosmic will is enabled by denizens of the superior realm. These are the terms used by Hermes Trismegistus. When one considers the text of the Emerald Tablet it also seems to indicate an automatic process where one is in charge of adjusting to the cosmic impulses that bring about transformation under the auspices of The Holy Guardian Angel; this last I get from Paul Foster Case.

In closing, let me say I am well aware of Contradiction coming and going, whenever it wants to (grin). Contradiction is a part of the process. The only way to avoid contradiction and speak the truth is to remain silent, as some have done, to that very end. Whether there is contradiction is unimportant. What is important is if any value is gleaned from ones efforts and... as always, time will tell.

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Richard said...

Mas and Mas Visible

Gratitude arises Spontaneously, thank you for the finger tip tango and the timbre of the Heart in your voice in the radio broadcast last night.


Granpa called the credit ' conscious stealing ', well it was a phrase that the Europeans after the Great War could possibly overstand, or understand depending on ....

In these times that test the faith, many music pieces help to overcome the doubts, among them Beethoven's 5th, Brahm's ' Requiem ', all better in 432.

Be well, be Alert

Anonymous said...

I was raised by my uncle and aunt till we parted ways back when I was 13. I think my uncle was a closet mystic now.

I remember he had a sticker on the dash of his truck that read "Jesus is my co-pilot" (this was next to a custom label above either the lighter or the e-brake release which read "VERTICAL TAKEOFF"

I remember asking him about the existence of life on other planets (we lived in the high desert of Kalifornia) He said he had seen some things he could not explain and that basically life is abundant and infinite.

I remember he had cardboard in the garage with prayers or affirmations basically asking for 'qualities of the divine'

I remember him telling me not to try and figure it all out because I can't - and to 'be more of a philosopher about things' on another occasion.

In discussing the Christmas story of the little drummer boy catching a smile from the baby, I remember him saying that was probably the greatest thing that could happen to you in your life...

I remember asking him once what his greatest fear was and he said 'Not making it to heaven'

He kept it simple with me (at 13) but now reflecting back, I wonder what level of meaning he had behind. I think he was playing pretty deep. I remember getting dressed up to go to church maybe twice in those years and I don't remember him getting too much of 'the spirit'.

Very moving to consider that the divine might leave this sort of time release capsule. And of course the irony of me now being out of contact with this individual and unable to confirm.....

Seems like we are given just as much confirmation as we need to place us on the fence in a manner. Take it on faith indeed. Maybe some people in mental wards got an overdose of confirmation?


Ray B. said...

Vis: "...because I have been feeling a degree unsettled of late...I found myself apprehensive over certain things..."

Vis, your situation is similar to mine. I know that important changes have been hardwired to go, and only the moment of manifestation is uncertain (or, I should say, is being withheld from me). So, everything is kind of surrealistic while waiting for the other shoe to drop.

What I wanted to forward on to you is that a certain 'fear of the unknown' is resident in all of us, based on both individual past experiences and the collective fear of the sheeple (a negative consequence of empathy or telepathy). The unknown is also an infinite space in which to place all possible fears (as well as hopes, of course).

Ironically, in my opinion, your visit from the ineffable identified the unknown. Call it a 'known unknown' (grin). As such, it settles into the unconscious with a sigh of relaxation, and you (or I) feel better. At least, that's how I experience it. A much smaller 'problem'...

Hope this helps in your 'transition'.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

"given just as much confirmation as we need to place us on the fence in a manner."

That seems about right.


This uneasiness and uncertainty are just surface weather. Everything is pretty even up below that but... like any amount of surface chatter, it can be annoying and sometimes distracting for a time.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

bodhati's uncle's observation is as profound as it gets -

"the little drummer boy catching a smile from the baby, I remember him saying that was probably the greatest thing that could happen to you in your life..."

An echoing grace from five thousand years ago reflects this same truth in the story of another Baby and another Drummer -
Lord Shiva; Protector of the Holy Dhama..

"When Lord Krishna appeared in Nandagrama, Lord Shiva decided to take His darsana. When he reached Nanda Maharaja’s home, Yasoda Mai was fearful of his strange appearance. He had ashes from the crematorium smeared all over his body, and snakes around his neck. Yasoda Mai shut the doors of her home. Her fear was that baby Krishna would become terrified to see such a ghastly appearance. Finally, Lord Shiva left in disappointment. During this time, Krishna began to cry loudly. Along with Yasoda, all the other elderly gopis tried to pacify Him, but in vain."

"Yasoda remembered the strange-looking person and sent some gopis searching out for him."

"As soon as baby Krishna saw Shiva, He began to smile. Yasoda then shut the door again. Again, Krishna began to cry. So, they gave darshana of Lord Shiva to Krishna again. He smiled. Lord Shiva then requested Yasoda Mai to keep Krishna’s foot on his head. Scared of the snakes and scorpions, mother Yasoda denied. However, the elderly gopis persisted and finally Lord Shiva received the divine lotus feet of Lord Krishna on his head. His happiness knew no bounds. He began his ecstatic dance as Nataraja, playing his drum. Krishna became very joyous to see Lord Shiva’s wonderful dance. Yasoda quickly requested Lord Shiva to stay in Nandagrama permanently so that Krishna would always be happy."

“The devotees declare that Nandisvara hill, the form of Lord Shiva now shining as Nanda Maharaja’s capital, is an endlessly beautiful crown decorating Vrindavana.”

Lord Shiv Comes To Brij For Krishna Darshan

Brahma, Vishnu and Shiv, gather for the darshan of the baby

Erik said...

Singing this song in the shower this week it struck me ...

Should have listened to these lyrics better when i was much younger, Oh well (grins)

"The Carpet Crawlers" - Genesis

There is lambswool under my naked feet.
The wool is soft and warm,
-gives off some kind of heat.
A salamander scurries into flame to be destroyed.
Imaginary creatures are trapped in birth on celluloid.
The fleas cling to the golden fleece,
Hoping they'll find peace.
Each thought and gesture are caught in celluloid.
There's no hiding in my memory.
There's no room to void.

The crawlers cover the floor in the red ochre corridor.
For my second sight of people, they've more lifeblood than before.
They're moving. They're moving in time to a heavy wooden door,
Where the needle's eye is winking, closing in on the poor.
The carpet crawlers heed their callers:
"We've got to get in to get out
We've got to get in to get out."

There's only one direction in the faces that I see;
It's upward to the ceiling, where the chambers said to be.
Like the forest fight for sunlight, that takes root in every tree.
They are pulled up by the magnet, believing that they're free.
The carpet crawlers heed their callers:
"We've got to get in to get out
We've got to get in to get out."

Mild mannered supermen are held in kryptonite,
And the wise and foolish virgins giggle with their bodies glowing bright.
Through a door a harvest feast is lit by candlelight;
It's the bottom of a staircase that spirals out of sight.
The carpet crawlers heed their callers:
"We've got to get in to get out
We've got to get in to get out."

The porcelain mannikin with shattered skin fears attack.
The eager pack lift up their pitchers- the carry all they lack.
The liquid has congealed, which has seeped out through the crack,
And the tickler takes his stickleback.
The carpet crawlers heed their callers:
"We've got to get in to get out
We've got to get in to get out."

Anonymous said...

"What's happening to you is the workings of infinity. Your sensation of nervousness is due to the subliminal realization that your time is up. You are aware of it, but not deliberately conscious of it. You feel the absence of time, and that makes you impatient. I know this, for it happened to me and to all the sorcerers of my lineage. At a given time, a whole era in my life, or their lives, ended. Now it's your turn. You have simply run out of time. Your malady is a very simple one: your world is coming to an end. It is the end of an era for you. Do you think that the world you have known all your life is going to leave you peacefully, without any fuss or muss? No! It will wriggle underneath you, and hit you with its tail." - from "The Active Side of Infinity", by Carlos Castaneda

David Fiske said...

"The only way to avoid contradiction and speak the truth is to remain silent"

I loved that. I often say if I speak long enough I could offend everybody.

Anonymous said...

Just hang on 8 seconds at a time!



Erik said...

Very small excerpt from "The Prophet" - Khalil Gibran

"... and think not you can direct the course of love, for love, if it finds you worthy, directs your course"

Ray B. said...

This was an interesting link put up by J1m St0ne. He thinks that the Dutch interception of a 777 was the missing Malaysian Flight 370 (suitably disguised) on its way to a false flag involving the nuclear summit in The Hague. Hmmm; we'll see. The following is my best (automated + guesswork) translation from the Dutch:

"From the Brabant airbase Volkel, two F-16's are destined to a cargo carrier to intercept it. It later emerged that it was a cargo aircraft, a Boeing 777F of LAN Cargo, that was on its way to Schiphol Airport. The carrier from Miami flew in the Dutch airspace and we could not connect to the carrier. According to the spokesman of the Fight Against Terrorism and Security Coordinator, the carrier had not asked permission in advance for the flight. This is because identification is mandatory for the nuclear summit in The Hague. The jet fighters have accompanied the cargo plane to the edge of Dutch airspace and broken off. The carrier has independently flown to the airport in Frankfurt, Germany."

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

Hmmm... Of course, I could be wrong but... Jim Stone sets off my antenna every time I hear from him. I recognize there is a place for sensationalists in the journalism game but he skirts the borders of lunacy more often than I am comfortable with. Of course he would be right and I'm not on Madame Cleo's Gold Plan anyway (grin) so, I wouldn't know. Still, I can see a whole lot of things wrong with that particular theory right off the bat. Number one would be that the plane then went and landed in Frankfurt. Number 2 would be that it is highly unlikely that the people who had the capacity to steal and reroute an airplane like that would also know how to go about whatever damage they had in mind, as well as have 'their people' in place to allow the plane to pass to whatever mayhem was intended.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Flaming Neon, Pittsburgh Steel and GMO Vegetable Glue

Ray B. said...

Vis, I understand your "sensationalists in the journalism game" cautions. That is why I said, "Hmmm; we'll see." I felt the potential importance of the story was enough to post it for your readers to make their own judgments.

Vis: "Number one would be that the plane then went and landed in Frankfurt."

That was exactly why I thought it might have some credibility. I have flown into Frankfurt, long ago. Adapted from Wiki: "Established in 1945, Rhein-Main was a United States Air Force / NATO military airbase near the city of Frankfurt am Main, Germany. It occupied the south side of Frankfurt Airport... At the end of 2005, the base was turned over to the German Government." Now, if you think that facility is squeaky-clean, I have a bridge in New York to show you...

Vis: "Number 2 would be that it is highly unlikely that the people..."

Very true. If any of the story is true, I would credit some lower-intermediate (who may be dead by now) as awakening and not doing what he/she was told. (I am not speculating 'who' here.) Mr. Apocalypse?

I remember a US Army Air Force lieutenant, I believe, who received a report from his mountaintop radar unit of a huge aircraft formation coming into Oahu from the northwest. He blew it off, stating that it was only a flight of B-17s coming in from the mainland (i.e., from the east!!!). My conspiracy spidey-sense still tingles about that guy. Anyway, huge kudos to any Dutch radar folks who might not have followed the above guy's example...

Again, "Hmmm; we'll see."

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

Exactly and I should add, I don't want to be on Stone's case, he's just a little too wide of Drudge for my tastes; for all I know he's right about everything but... I have very few heroes and am especially put off by people who create large dramas around themselves. And yet again, I could be wrong about that too.

Ray B. said...

Just another interesting comment from VT, that may or may not have anything to do with Malaysian Flight 370:

Preston James; March 23, 2014 - 6:57 pm

"As far as the Israelis shutting down their embassies. I hope all those rumors from during the Iran Contra days that these places served as storage centers for their Samson-option devices were untrue... Yes, perhaps this is just an actual labor dispute from ambassadors that feel underpaid and abused."

A little like the Israeli dual-citizens who received 'recommendations' not to go to work at the Towers on 9/11. Hmmm; we'll see...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Vis: "...because I have been feeling a degree unsettled of late...I found myself apprehensive over certain things..."

Me too. Remember in the movie "The Birds," when all is quiet but with thousands of birds sitting in the trees, and you know all hell will soon break loose? It feels like that.

On Sunday Israeli embassies closed down worldwide. Do they contain nukes for their "Sampson option?"


Ray B. said...

A couple more non-MSM comments giving in-depth background on Malaysian Flight 307. Sorry; I'm an ex- aero engineer. The story interests me...

The first comment has to do with 'basics' that are under-reported by MSM. The second comment has to do with refutations of MSM news commentary having to do with radars, transponders, and the ability to deduce F307's course through doppler-shift using Inmarsat satellites. The latter is why they are searching the south Indian Ocean. Good for knowing what is BS...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

And interestingly, I don't feel that unease now.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Little Georgie Sorrows and the Kites of the New Serengeti

bigloner said...

The post of Christopher Bollyn today ties it together nicely using PlanSpotter and extensive links. Looks like it is indeed in Israel.

Look at all the Mossad / Soros quotations posted in last few CB lays in the knockout punch.

What is scary is that that the rabid dog is cornered with only one option. If enuff critical mass accumulates with this story and others seeing the light of day ( as they must ), the option becomes more Sampsonian.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

I don't much believe in the 'Samson Option'

I very much believe in the 'Delilah Option'

Visible said...

heh too!



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