Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Another Day, Another This Way or That Way.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

If you have visited any of the mainstream pander press sites of late, alternative sites or any sites that carry the news of the day, you have probably noted the rising level of insanity that is going on, as well as a major shift in the internal politics of nations world wide. From outbursts of random violence in the multiples to the impact of political trends, from Nigel Farage to the Thai military coup, one might say the joint is jumpin with an accelerated rate of rapid change. Add to that the marriage of utter triviality to outrageous embarrassment and juxtapose it with things like this and you should be able to get a sense of where things are headed. You'll need to throw in the obvious orchestrated events like this and then match it up with things that didn't even happen, like this and... what the hey any number of related mind numbing events and you'll get an idea of the wider sense(lessness) of it all.

Behind the scenes of every scenario and circumstance, Mr. Apocalypse is pressing, ever pressing that which is beneath the surface, out into the open and capturing acts of madness for all the world to see. The only safety and sanctuary available, is to recognize the prime mover as the Energizer Bunny of all activity everywhere. Just as there is no life whatsoever on this planet without the effect of the sun upon this plane, nothing happens where the motive energy for doing so is not borrowed from the source of all energy. People can argue day and night about well... about everything under the sun but... had better meet it at the marrow. How it is, is how it is and though you are capable of convincing yourself of anything, it is far better to be convinced of how it actually is. For a long time, many people thought The Earth was flat, even though earlier cultures knew otherwise. The combined and sustained belief of everyone who believed The Earth to be flat had zero impact on making it flat.

Insane allopathic physicians believed that the cure for most medical problems was 'bleeding'. Their contemporary beliefs are not far afield from this earlier delusion. Somehow a man who is most definitely not concerned whatsoever with the well being of Ukrainians, is now going to be put into a position to help people like himself loot the place down to the rocks and ground. There's no cure for stupid and when stupid isn't the prevailing mindscape, there's nothing that outright fraud won't be able to take care of. Sometimes what might otherwise be seen as a bad trend, has all the potentiality of turning into something good, more or less.

You have to be able to look at the whole swirling of contemporary culture as being not unlike the circling of dirty water in a just flushed toilet. It's a kind of tornado and the whirling motion sucks everything into it. I suppose it might be more like a reverse tornado, or something that could be called an Australian or South African tornado because it sucks things down instead of up; that's what tornadoes do right? If you're not focused, which also implied not being sufficiently rooted, you are very likely to get swept up in any one of the many tornadoes, of whatever type that are roaring across the landscape; Sexual tornadoes, political tornadoes, tattooing and piercing tornadoes, strange fashion tornadoes, celebrity tornados, fast food tornadoes, bad medicine tornados, alcohol tornadoes and random violence tornadoes. There are a lot of tornadoes these days. You've either got to be a toreador or well planted in something greater than the pull of any one of these things coming and going 24/7 or you will soon enough not know whether you are coming or going, while achieving both at a high rate of speed.

It is beginning to look more and more like the greatest threat to stable continuance is not world war, or so many of the other troubles of the day, be they social, environmental or... whatever. It seems that epidemic and contagious insanity is the thing to watch out for and unless you are securely hooked into something resembling sanity, you will be swept up into the tide of tumbling and turning flotsam and jetsam, apres the tsunami.

Though no particular culture, past or present, accurately reflects or contains reality by comparison with any of the luminous realms, there is a unifying integrity that 'generally' allows for a measure of consistency and stability. Once that integrity has been compromised and we have many historical examples of the same; once that happens, look out, because the aftermath is certain to resemble what lies in the wake of a tornado after it has passed. It all looks a certain way prior to and then afterwards, look out.

Things are changing rapidly behind the scenes in a geopolitical sense. Note the massive energy deal that Russia and China agreed to and that is also cutting the American dollar out of the equation. It's time to be secure about where you are and who you are; past time... or time to start doing so. Of course, one can be safe and secure anywhere, depending on who you are. It's not my place to make sweeping determinations on any of it. I can see where it's headed though, barring some unforeseen changes from who knows where.

I think I'll segue into a bit of personal circumstance as it may apply by comparison. If I had had to make the changes I am making by depending on relevant savvy or luck, I don't know what the outcome would have been but... I depend on the ineffable; so it was that, out of the blue, I have been able to acquire a large portion of everything I need for much less than half of what any of it would have cost ordinarily and the hits just keep on coming. I'm getting some real teaching moments in terms of where I put my reliance. Instead of having to sheetrock this place; meaning, hang it, tape it, sand it and paint it, I came across a hundred and eighty square meters of A quality tongue in groove spruce for less than what the other would have cost and have saved a good months worth of work and probably more. Everything else is manifesting as well. It doesn't surprise me. I'm used to things falling into place, so long as I don't get involved in putting them into place. I was further delighted to find that the wood came from Russia.

My friend Dr. Dormer flew in last week end and is spending a week helping me in this project and that's been a real boost as well. I spend a lot of time talking about certain things with the readers here. I spend all of my time applying these things to my life. I do this because they work and... I share them for the very same reason. I know there are readers who are also applying these things because I hear from them and I also know that these things work for them because they tell me so.

I know there are people that wish my temperament was more suited for the role I seem to play but I don't really have time to play pattycake with people, kiss their injuries and tell them it's all better, or cater to the particular interplay they desire of me. I'm not here to develop relationships, or have a mass of interactive back and forths with acquaintances who will be your friend just so long as you do whatever they expect from you. I'm just here to share what I have found to be valuable; what I have already found and what I will find as I go. This is all freely given and no one owes me anything for any of it. I am very well compensated for what I do. Perhaps I am not compensated in the ways so many people prefer to be compensated but I am compensated in the ways that matter most to me. Despite my struggles and the pain I experience as part of the growth process, I am one very satisfied customer most of the time. I have a few things that are absolutely priceless. They are irreplaceable and not subject to revocation by anyone but the authority who granted them and I've been told that isn't going to happen.

I don't want anything from anyone and every reader should acknowledge this as being absolutely true. I am gratified and improved whenever anyone shares with me but none of it is a requirement and it never will be. I am obliged to freely share whatever it is that is granted to me, insofar as it is possible to do so, with no thought of return because the very act of being able to do it is payment enough. Some will understand this and some won't and it matters not to me either way.

In some occupations one can see the right and the wrong of them pretty quickly; not that that even matters these days because wrong far too often seems to have the upper hand. In other areas of an esoteric nature, the results and rightness of things are often not seen in any immediate sense. In these matters time will always tell. I know there are people out there who don't like me and I know why too. I don't care one way or the other. I'm here to do what I do until I don't do it anymore. If there is value for anyone in any of it then nothing pleases me more. If there isn't, that's of no concern to me. This sort of thing isn't for everyone. In the end, everyone gets what they deserve and... if I'm lying or fleecing the public, regardless of there being no real evidence of it, that will prove out in time. If I am just what I paint myself as, that will prove out in time. Everything will prove out one way or the other. It's pointless to speculate about it all. It works or it doesn't. You have to pay for it or you don't and... you can extrapolate in whatever direction you like with any of it.

I say this for good reason this evening, since I know about certain efforts at work concerning myself and what I do. They'll come to naught but... in the short term... purpose of demonstration needs its preludes and epilogues and movies have all of the various elements they are 'usually' composed of.

We don't get where we're going if the scenery we are passing through becomes more attractive and engrossing than the location we are headed for. We don't accomplish what we are engaged in if the surrounding distractions are greater than our own focus on our efforts. I've said it over and over and over again and I'll say it one more time. You have to want it more than anything else and that means you have to love it. It's as simple as that. Everything else will take care of everything else, or something will take care of everything else. You can either spend your time trying to deal with the details and serve only to get bogged down in them, or you can focus completely on what you are doing and leave the details to sort themselves out.

Regardless of how long it seems to be taking to get there, massive and sweeping changes are going to happen soon and nothing is going to stop them. You might have noticed that there are all kinds of peculiar events going on and they all have to do with certain interest groups painting existence and their own position in the mix in a particular light. This is because those inventing and carrying these things out are aware of the continuous light of exposure that is being inexorably turned their way, no matter which way they turn and no matter how they are seeking to circumvent or plan against what they have no power to circumvent or plan against, it will not matter one wit, whatsoever... period. You've made your accommodations with self interest or the pursuit of self discovery and you will reap the rewards of either, as long as the opportunity for the one remains and as soon as the opportunity for the other occurs. In the meantime... carry on.

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Anonymous said...

Peace be upon all.

Visible soldier. You march to the drum beat of Mr A. Youve been marching on for a while now. You lead your platoon of invisible friends into the battleground. The fear will be gone. the war will be won. Those left standing will have the angels surrounding them. Infinite glory to the soldiers of light and truth. Down with the dark black masses who choose to be used as cannon fodder. The game is set. All is left to do is light the fuse. Hunker down in the the trenches here it comes. The waves of deluded fools looking for the dream that will become a nightmare of all nightmares.
may the inneffable protect all of his own, for truy if not all will be lost.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Regarding your first few paragraphs, all I know is the longer I live, the more alien the human race seems to me. My feelings about this place and everything in it are also closer and closer to flatlining by the day. After all, I'm just passing through, and so is everything else. And compared to where we're all headed eventually, this place is a SLUM!

And where I'm at personally is a tinderbox at the moment, though I can't really say I care if it goes up. I don't have to. (Aren't I nice? NOT!!!!!!!!!!)

Anonymous said...

I sense a hopelessness abroad. I wish to be wrong but I seldom am. If some one as vastly gifted by Grace as I am feels cut and dried... I forgive everyone. Nobody is outside my "pale. Someday I will have a reunion of membership from this life. I will sit in company with Les and Damon et al. [Damon was my brujo buddie from Sky Valley who was murdered for trying to caretake some native property that was the weekend party place for his Landlords from Suburbia]. Les is my beloved and respected stage model of knowsomeness. Long may we all live in service of the One. Alpha

est said...

Well, I will do what I never do,
I will speak in English

But I will say the same thing,
Fuck those Bastards, you know who

zepheri said...

Thanks for getting me out of shit rock hell. Had to rip it out because of minor water damage. Never would have thought of a better solution by myself, ole lady doesn't need to know that.
Seen a wolverine on the way to my favorite worm herding local. As I was down on all fours night crawling, a splash was herd from a distant stream. I thought it must be a beaver, right. That was it for me so I left with 2 or 3 gallons of natures little soil makers.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to be anonymous for this one because the last time I was here about six months ago and I said something nice about Visible a couple of people jumped on me for sounding like a groupie without a brain of my own.

What I am noticing is that not only has Visible very much toned down what was once no more than an occasional sarcastic reply but now people are going off in a huff about him simply because of a divergence in perception. He doesn't care for Jim Stone then a long time reader who has had extreme freedom in being wack here turns on Visible for not agreeing with him. Then another reader compares him to a Rayelian cult leader because someone mentioned contributing to his work. One thing you don't see around here is any asking for contributions for which there should be N O T H I N G wrong in the first place. He makes another painfully polite response to someone who regular stomps about being cynical about everything under the sun and gets it in the neck again all the while being painted as the offending party when he didn't do a damn thing wrong and all he has ever done is to serve the higher nature of any who want to come and freely drink the water. Grow the fuck up!

Lately there are way too many balloon egos dancing around that have zero accomplishments to back having one up. Thank god that it's mostly appreciation here to balance this juvenile behavior out. When you get offended by a small wiff of someone not going along with every damn thing you say all the time then something is wrong with you and not t'other way around.

Anonymous said...

je detest le pattycake, aussi.

frere Vis,....

however my homeland has been hijacked by interlopers, fraud artists, Bandits, Thieves,
& MASS MURDERERS & those who bear FALSE WITNESS because they are the "Jewish"...
and adhere to the TALMUD...

and unfortunately, most of my
BRAINDEADGOY "JEW" worshipping
"NEIGHBORS" and so-called
friends & family do not KNOW and do not care to know that there were never any so-called "JEWS"
in the Old Testament...

From the Jewish Forward..{28may14}

"Rabbinic tradition teaches that when God spoke at Sinai, the world was silenced — birds did not sing, breezes did not rustle leaves in the trees. Out of that profound silence came the word, and were the world silent again, for even an instant, we could hear the everlasting echo of God’s voice.

In one way that is a beautiful metaphor for the holiday of Shavuot. Among the holidays, it is “silent” in that no custom imposes itself on our imagination. There is no sukkah, no seder. It slips by, for many Jews, almost unnoticed. Yet the echoing voice makes it the central moment in our history.

On Shavuot we celebrate the giving of the Torah, the establishment of the Jewish covenant.

The rabbis tell us that the Torah is the ketubah between God and the Jewish people. A ketubah is sometimes called a wedding contract, but it is better called a covenant. It enshrines sacred obligations. Jews are a covenantal people; we are bound to one another and to God by the idea of everlasting, mutual obligation. Sinai was the chuppah, and Shavuot is our anniversary.

On our anniversary we recall what made us a people. It is customary to stay up at night to study on Shavuot in order to demonstrate symbolically that we stand at the ready to receive the Torah. It is also a signal of acceptance and of passion...

only problem is the Children of Israel never turned into modern day so-called "Jews" who are proselytes to TALMUDIC JUDAISM - which is on its face a -
FALSE WITNESS - a violation of the 9th commandment...


if there are any Forensic accountants in the congregation assembled around this glowing campfire of pure reason & LOVE
of truth let them come forward and talley up the cost of global "JEWISH" hegemony in just the last one hundred years...

Jesus said put the tares in the Ovens...

any wonder why "Jews" must Hate Jesus in order to be a "JEW" even if they are Yiddish speaking Japhetic - GOG & MAGOG -
turko-mongolian "PROSELYTES" to Talmudic Judaism from Khazaria...


defending the faith means knowing the truth


shakin it here boss


Visible said...

Thank you whomever. You touch on an interesting point. People get their feelings hurt for no real reason and in bailing do not throw upon themselves an affirming light. None of this shit is important and it is true, I have used a very light touch lately and hope to continue to adhere to this.

It sometimes makes me paranoid when usually rational people (for the most part) suddenly take a weird left turn and come off with some outrageous label or parallel for me which is not supported in any way by reality. I expect, at the very least, that people will wait until I actually do something before projecting it on me. Even in those occasions where I had dust ups with people, the motivator was toward the perception of what might happen, not anything that did; certainly not to the level that would mirror the reaction. WAIT UNTIL your fears, fantasies or suspicions are proven out. It is the worst kind of injustice to condemn someone ahead of time. Unless... unless they know all along it's not relevant and just want to stick the needle in for some perverse reason. Anyway... let's move along.

Anonymous, I forget about that shit almost as soon as it happens. Quite often when I bring something up it is not related to anything happening on the blogs but rather off camera.

I wanted to make a comment about the situation here but thought I ought to address that crap first. I haven't said much about my benefactor here; let's call him Neo. He's a shamanistic philosophical type and he constantly surprises me with the way he handles things and his proven lack of concern for material things. He's the real deal.

The other day I was with him in the work-tent (rather large) and I happened to look up and saw his face a little off angle and immediately I knew him and knew from where I knew him; China, long ago. His face changed into the features he had then, rather to say there was a subtle adjustment that orientalized how he now looks. It was a compelling moment and lasted for longer that this sort of thing tends to. In other words, it's wasn't a flash of recognition but rather a more profound series of moments of dawning awareness. Once again I could see how this life of mine is very much orchestrated.\\continued

Visible said...

Anyway, he's got this personality thing which is rare in people. Instead of getting upset as people might on certain occasions (not having to do with me by the way) he never fails to see the humor in it. He often behaves like one might imagine one of those shrouded masters do and by this time, in my opinion, he's the real deal. We get on phenomenally.

When he told people I was coming here to live and mentioned that he had known me all of a couple of days beforehand, he heard all sorts of paranoiac reactions along the lines of, "why you don't even know this fellow, he could be all kinds of things". He just brushed it all off. He's one of those people where intuition and certitude are very much in operation and as he mentioned, after telling me about it very recently, something along the lines of... "well look how it worked out".

I seldom run into people that walk the talk to the degree he does and he helps me every available moment that he can because, like me, he believes service is the ultimate statement of higher awareness. He's truly a gem. There is no question the divine is involved in this. It's such a comfort to see the invisible in which I absolutely believe, act out in the day to day and our similarities, right down to our common love of cashews and all manner of things is remarkable. It's also a lot like the blogs, in events too numerous to catalog, I'll say something and he will reply that he was just thinking the same thing. It's near eerie.

Next characterization will be on Angelique who is much like the missing 16 year old from the Stieg Larson Millennium books who finally got tracked down in Australia decades later. This is a woman right out of the era of Buffalo Bill Cody and Wyatt Earp. I just met her a couple days ago and already it looks like another of these karmic things. She's indifferent to the games most people play and fiercely independent. She builds boats, delivers lumber and does all kinds of amazing things and I know there's not going to be any of the usual threats I look out for in the opposites game; just a real human being doing her thing and wanting to be alone and on her own and man I can echo that, She's got to be 60 but she moves around with such strength and speed, really larger than life and totally unselfconscious. I hope that more of you will visit and meet some of these remarkable people. Glenn is here at the moment from Sweden and it is, to say the least, amusing. Tomorrow I make Lasagna and a bunch of people are coming over, besides the aforementioned. Life is good.

Visible said...

Oops, sorry, her name is Angelica.

wiggins said...

I'm sure Yusuf Yerkel needs time - I shall be making a statement on Thursday - to make up some cock and bull story approving his actions.....Will he play the overplayed anti-semitic card? We shall have to wait and see...............

BCii said...

I think about all the people wrapped up in the giant spider's web of lies, their every move imprisoning them further, as their persistent efforts to deny and oppose the light of objective truth come back to them in a runaway feedback loop: the vicious, contractile spiral of spiritual death. I am at a loss to explain why I am not one of them, making those kinds of choices. Is there some variable in our intrinsic nature that determines to which end of the matter-spirit spectrum we polarize? Perhaps even this soul trajectory is a cyclical thing..? All I know is that, given the fate of those darkening beings, I am forever saddened on their behalf and thankful not to be one of them on this go-round. But this is probably a subjective judgment; no doubt a being of that other polarity would see themselves as being on the right path and all heart-centered beings as the crazy ones. None the less tragic for all that. Only their exceeding subjectivity born of self-centeredness consoles them; they withdraw deeper and deeper into their psychosis until "sweet oblivion" swallows them up...

I may not achieve anything of much value or glory in this lifetime, but I am committed to the effort of going in the right direction anyway. It's a long, slow, and often painful journey to become a real human being with integrity and virtue, but, as you often say, it is faith, certitude, and determination that ensure success sooner or later. The work is unglamorous and unsung, but every moment spent in pursuit of the divine is its own ineffably complete reward. Thank you, Visible, for giving voice to the higher thoughts that call us forward. The service you render here is of no small measure. Thank you.


Visible said...

BCii, whenever I read something you've written I am usually moved by the intrinsic lyricism of your presentation and often think; that guy should write something. I don't know what but something.

Anonymous said...

@ MujedihiDEEN, first post.
Well Said!
God be with you.
May his angels watch over you day and night.
- the beggar

Anonymous said...

Hi, I mentioned about the unsecure paypal access page.
You are exposing your readers (if they use that feature) to freelance / foreign intel service
(and NSA etc) exposures of their Credit Card and Password info.
I suggest you secure it or disable it pending a fix.
You may of course post this,
but this is for you, and need
not be published.
I want to send you something,
but I cannot touch that page.

Todd Burgess said...

As a glazier, I stumbled on "Smoking Mirrors", thinking glass, and was hooked.
Visible has only been genuine from my perspective. If something is shocking, best to know why it shocks, seems to me.
Dot connecting has not been strong in my life, but it's getting better. Les Visible has been an excellent source for connect-o-dots.
The more variety one entertains, the wider view one achieves.

BCii said...

Thank you. I intend to write in earnest when the time comes that I have something worth saying. In the meantime, I am trying to focus on seeking, applying, and embodying truth/knowledge/wisdom, purifying my instrument in preparation for that time so that what comes through will be more than just clever or pretty words. I have a sense that I will, in some fashion, be following in your footsteps as a writer. Provided, of course, that that road opens up to me. That is where I feel drawn. Caterpillar stage describes my present occupation: absorbing nutrients (soul food, spiritualizing influences) from sources like you. The other end of the process necessarily involves discernment, application and integration in order to derive benefit (soul growth) from the food ingested. There is a definite 'voraciousness' to my approach, and it seems to serve the needs of the moment. At some point, I may withdraw into a more meditative phase, the pupa....

Ray B. said...

Anonymous, May 28, 2014 9:16:00 AM

"He doesn't care for Jim Stone then a long time reader who has had extreme freedom in being wack here turns on Visible for not agreeing with him."

1) It takes a lot of balls to 'dis' a person while remaining Anon.
2) If 'wack' means being able to see into and interact with the Otherwhere, then I am very proudly wack.
3) My entire 'turns on Visible' was the phrase "Wow. Okay..." Look it up.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Duke said...

Peace be with the reader.

Les you are stumbling in the dark.

It is judgment time.
Time to wake up.

The faithful witness

Visible said...

Ray B. You are, of course correct but you have to admit it had a positive benefit because here you are (grin).

For those who don't know, Duke is a fundie troll who promotes his fire and brimstone, my way or the highway, formula at one of those sites well recognized for Sturm und Drang and is way too full of himself to be representing this Jesus Christ; the version of which does not actually exist.

A little further clarification about all of this, I got a series of emails recently which were designed to look like they are from different people except they were obviously written by the same person and someone not sophisticated enough to realize that email sources are easily tracked, unless steps are taken to veil the footprints. It wasn't like it was any big deal but this lead to my being made aware of this long existing cabal of the disenfranchised who have closed ranks on me due to real time efforts that were made to smear me in open water some time earlier. Because I shy away from not printing comments, unless they pass a certain level of discourse, what I wrote should be seen as a 'prior to', given that certain people, albeit inadvertently exposed their hand.

As for Paypal, I have no problem with it and never have had and not a single person who has contributed has ever had a problem and... that said, there are any number of ways to contribute otherwise and people do. As for information being lassoed and cataloged, that is going on all the time everywhere and... this is just my opinion, it doesn't amount to anything... or won't.

I operate at a level of indifference to these people and their machinations and have to have my faith unshakably placed in the ineffable's hands. If I start operating as if these people had any real power I put myself at a disadvantage and finally, as I said, even in this very post, I wish people would wait until something actually happens before reacting to anything.

Visible said...

Someone please tell me this is a hoax site.

insiam said...

this is the most amaizing uplifting story. if your looking for any sign that things are turning in the most ......

well listen anyhow cos words fail me!!!


Anonymous said...

5 yrs ago this summer I discovered Visible. The man has been remarkably consistent with his writing. I have seen Visible be more than fair, even compassionate, with many of the troubled souls who come in here. If Visible wanted to mess with people's heads and be a master troll he could really do some damage but he doesn't operate that way.

I am not a good person or particularly smart. I rely on writers and philosophers to help me realize my take on life. Visible has directed me Baghavad Gita, Tao Te Chang and the Bible as well as other works from antiquity. We are what we read.

I want others to like me. But, not so much as I want favor from the Divine. I have learned that what others think isn't really as important as what they do. I have learned that I don't really know anything but I am entitled to my thoughts. I look at my life's journey as an exercise in trying not to hate myself and my life. And I have made some inroads.

To paraphrase Herman Hesse: Egotism and self hatred are the same thing. One can not hate oneself without hating the rest of humanity and one can not hate humanity without hating oneself. To hate oneself is to hate all of existence and it is a dangerous state.

Anyway, I have learned a lot from reading Visible's essays over the last five years. I have had my head taken down different pathways which might have otherwise not been discovered. It has helped me immensely in my personal development. I still have a long way to go.

Now I am going out to hug some trees and smell some flowers.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I don't think the Crotchdropping Abuse Recovery site is a hoax. I went to the home page, and I saw some of those stories posted on other sites. Of course the individual stories here and there might be questionable, but what do I know? I do NOT yet have my Akashic Library Card.

Maybe next year. Actually, from the news stories I'm reading, PROBABLY next year.

Smyrna said...

This is the the top of the tree you accidental tourist! Ahroooooo Vis is the king!

Kardashian-world is back and to the left.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for work Visible.
There is a article on Veterens today about the same subject, that you linked too.

from behind enemy lines

Anonymous said...

The Child Abuse Recovery site isn't a hoax. Go to http://itccs.org/ to get a broader view of the whole situation. Be sure to read about the ritualized torture and murder of native Canadian children while you're there. Oh, and don't forget to go to church this Sunday...

Visible said...

I am quite familiar with the Canadian story, what I thought was stunning was the claims made about the Popes. I know you suspect such things might be so, especially earlier on but what is said in the article... wow! Go Mr. Apocalypse!!!

Anonymous said...

There are Jews mentioned in the old testament.

"Go assemble all the Jews who are found in Susa,......."

Esther 4:16

I think the term 'Jew' can also be found in 2nd Chronicles and 2nd Kings.

What is the Aramaic word for 'Jew'? I do not know. But, my take is that Jews are the remnants of the Son's of Israel after being conquered by the Assyrians.

Shakespeare also used the term in Merchant of Venice.

A part of me wishes all the Muslims, Christians and Jews would go away and leave the rest of us alone. Bunch of troublemakers. On the other hand a lot of them seem like real nice folks. They did build western civilization. Now I am rambling. So I guess I will just ramble on out of here. Good day.


galen said...

Est, your plain-speak is modern day zen at its best. Ghetto zen. What is remarkable is how much can be said with so little. Thank you.


Visible said...


You are a delight

Love To Push Those Buttons said...


It is implied in your post that Western civilisation is a good thing. The state of the world is a MESS because of so called Western civilisation which is about as civilised as a Guinea worm that hasn't eaten in a month.

But you could have been being sarcastic, so hey.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

The Ever Intensifying Madness of the Times.

John C (UK) said...

"Western Civilization"? is that not an oxymoron?

est said...

don't thank me
thank the man

that let's us
put this up

Anonymous said...


I don't know if civilization is a good thing or not. But, I do respect guts and hard work; don't we all? I do believe that civilization requires a hierarchy and complex division of labor which is a natural outcome of a religious society. I would go so far as to say that the only reason there is such a thing as civilization is so that people can build monuments to deities.

By the way, I like your take on things. Your comments are always interesting. You are one of a kind.


Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Visible prabhu says..
"and you will reap the rewards of either, as long as the opportunity for the one remains and as soon as the opportunity for the other occurs"


When we are physically strong, we engage in service. So that when we are not able to work, we will be able to remember Krishna, Prabhupada, our spiritual master and even our spiritual name in sub-consciousness.

- Bhakti Swarup Damodar Swami

galen said...

Re: "Western Civilization". . .

I see it being painted in the black or white box when there are so many shades in between, so many ups and downs, pluses and minuses. To cliche': The baby must not be thrown out with the bath water. The contributions that came out of the west are enormous, many, many, from hearts and minds wishing to aide humanity and push it forward. Yes, there were struggles under and in service to the ruling hierarchies, but great innovations came forth to serve the needs of our growing numbers and our natural curiosity, not to mention art, amazing life-stirring art!! I don't think there's been any civilization on earth that didn't contain both virtue and vice and all the mediocrity in the middle. Just had to say. . .


Anonymous said...


I am not wise enough to know what is best for the world and people in general. I do think it is a legitimate point to question the aggregate good of what ever forces were at work to push society to where it is now.

According to paleo-anthropologists there were hunter gatherer groups whose various cultures had lasted for tens of thousands of years. I guess some are still around or so I was told in college.

It may have been a golden age were people just hunted, fished and frolicked in the woods. Then a horrible spirit took over some of the peoples and they craved gold. And they made liquor. And they made sexuality into a perverted, dishonest game. And they lined up huge armies for mass slaughter and prolonged organized mayhem.

Our advancement has come at a very high price and I often wonder to what end?


Visible said...

A new Petri dish is up now-

Out of the Echoing Darkness the Avatar is Coming.

galen said...

McCob, except for the first five words in your first paragraph, I tend to agree. And through it all, the dark, bleak, ugly, I see the glistening sparks that, that, I'm not sure what they do, but they're there, like some ancient reminder of something bright, something always becoming something better. There ain't a place on earth that doesn't have 'em, even when they are hard to see. Whatever pushed us to where we are, we are here. Something aided that and gave us voice. I hope I use mine on behalf of the sparks.




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