Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Dancing to that Strange Accordion File Music in the Still of the Night.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

It was in the morning, when I usually rise, that I went down the ladder in the loft. The odd thing is that I have no memory of slipping and a very vague tendril of recollection about hitting. That something pushed me, or compromised my grip or foot placement I am pretty certain of. Why? That will get filed in the rather large accordion file where all such similar unanswered queries reside. Late at night, in a bellows like fashion, this file emits strange musics that cause invisible entities to dance and raise the hackles and hairs of household pets.

It cannot be a coincidence that a scarce two days earlier, after being told by the man whose property I was on that he would be unable to continue working with me for what sounded like at least a month and which put me, by my calculations in an unwinnable race with the elements, I found myself in an impassioned exchange with the ineffable saying, basically, “get me out of here!” Next thing you know, wham shazam!!!

There's a whole lot of upside to what has happened here. I would have had to be at this thing until at least Spring or later of next year. Now, wherever I land, I can go right to my projects, which are what I'm about, while I'm here, anyway. It's too bad that the US is more or less out of bounds for me. That isn't a projection on my part, it's been a consistent feature of my residence there. It might have changed, I don't know but... the sheer spectacle of all the things taking place there is something to behold when in comparison with most of the parts of Europe I have seen. They say “things are bad all over” but they are most certainly worse in some places than in others.

For all the valuable information that I receive in my day to day, it seems I also get a lot of shuck and jive as well, leading me by false trails to where I have to double back at some point. Usually this kind of thing means one should just stay put and dwell at the center of their being but... when one is obliged to go into motion regardless then that raises the interesting dilemma, “should I go or should I stay?” Yet... one has to go. I've scanned the world in my mind numerous times in Visible's version of 'remote viewing'. It's a perplexing muddle of uncertain potentials and camouflaged dangers.

In the meantime, all the cruel and otherwise transformative possibilities of the world, shadow box on the sidelines. The wind, forever unseen except in its effects, shakes the fixtures and makes the shadows dance. Are they dancing? Are the fighting? Are they simply drunk and trying to catch the tempo of Nero's fiddle? For years now, I have read the analysis of trend watchers and economists; precious metals experts, environmentalists and all those theoreticians who operate out of some area of physics or metaphysics and who give us their take on what's going to go down. None of it ever goes down The month goes by and they are right at it again, prognosticating and making beans to buttons predictions about what you had better have in your pocket when the shit hits the fan.

The Earth murmurs, constantly sending up ground level commentaries on it's state of mind; melting highways in national parks, drying up the subterranean water tables, turning woodlands and brush-lands into matchbox tinder. Humanity has done its share. One of civilizations (if you can call it that) main problems is not knowing what to do with its garbage and in many cases not caring either. Most of the garbage generated is the result of the endless search for greater convenience.

Twenty years ago you didn't see people walking around everywhere with a cellphone glued into their ear and when that's not the case they're endlessly thumbfucking it. Twenty years ago hardly anyone had a computer and it was all Windows 3.1. So much of what predominates today wasn't even around, except for the tedious certainty of wars and oppression, stationary in some cases and endlessly migrating in others.

The vice of governmental and corporate tyranny keeps tightening. Everything else is more of what it was than it was and strange statistics give rise to the usual curiosities about why things are the way they are. In this world some are more genetically attracted to materialism than others. Their levels of involvement vary, whether the greater drive is participation or control.

I can see what looks like it is going to happen but it doesn't happen. It seems illogical and contrary to the laws of the cosmos that it will not happen. Sooner or later it has to happen, or does it? I consider myself very lucky in the sense that I don't spend a lot of time thinking about it. For some reason I don't feel like it applies to me. I've no investment in it. I'm just moving between the poles of two unknowns which may just be the same unknown accessed through a different portal.

Being in a hospital is an interesting experience. People injure themselves in all kinds of ways and they also come up against the certain end that is the result of genetics and experience collaborating on outcome. Watching the workers here and the dynamics of the pecking order is another fascinating industry for a mind that has a whole lot of time on its hands. People get born and die here. Sometimes they do both of these things in the same place.

It seems to me we are all waiting on something. We don't know what that is but it sits in the middle of the room, like some kind of large intrusive shape. You can't look directly at it, if you do it disappears. You can only study it peripherally. It seems to whimper and cry out on occasion, like it is in pain or in the midst of a difficult transition that won't be hurried, nor is it inclined to reveal anything about itself. That could well be because it doesn't know anything either. It's just hurting and it doesn't know why and it is changing and it doesn't know why and it doesn't know what it's changing into either.

Tomorrow I head off for another part of the planet (not that far away) where I've never been before. It's right on the border of another country. I guess I'm going to be subjected to a lot of movement dynamics. I'll do what's in front of me. I always do, pretty much. It seems incredible to me that I could come all this way through time and distance and still have no idea what's going on with me. I can look at what I produce in my day to day and that gives me an indication of my motivations and intents and those, logically imply a commensurate destiny. All I want is a tight little space with enough room to perform in and a door that leads to something wild not too far away. Not much else comes to mind when I think about what I might want. You'd think it would be easy to put something like that together.

In the couple weeks prior to everything going fugazy, I was getting up in the morning and meditating. It was very nice. It's something I enjoy but... just like all of the other times I've sought to make that the entry point for my day, it led to something unpleasant and this has happened every time in recent memory that I can remember. This practice seems to set off some kind of alert on the vast trembling web of interconnectedness.

I guess what I am trying to say in this less than comprehensive or effective posting is that I don't have a clue about what anything means. I used to think that I did but I don't. I have to believe that this is just a phase in the journey. Maybe my mind and all of its components simply have to break down into a state of extended quiescence. Maybe this is how the reactive mind finally gets harnessed. Certainly, greater serenity and tranquillity cannot be achieved until it is stilled.

Perhaps the answer is not to have any questions. Perhaps it's just a matter of letting faith take the tiller and closing oneself off to all speculation and wishful thinking. You can want something so bad and despite even a superhuman effort to arrive at it, you cannot arrive, simply because the time is not yet at hand for it. Perhaps there are still walls and floors and even people to bounce off of, until the spirit is sufficiently tenderized, or until the fire has no impact on the metal.

I'm not sure I should have written this this evening but tomorrow I'm off into the unknown again and I don't know what opportunities will be at my disposal. Anyway, I've little choice in the matter from what I've seen of this whole process as it applies to me. I bid you all a good evening and measurable success in your own journey wheresoever it may lead.

End Transmission.......

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Laura said...

I bid you a restful sleep, dear Vis, and ease and grace as you begin your movement dynamics. It has been quite a tough year since last summer. I relate to what you express, and your second to third closing paragraphs have much to say.

With love ~

Ray B. said...

Vis: "...I found myself in an impassioned exchange with the ineffable saying, basically, 'get me out of here!' Next thing you know, wham shazam!!!"

I had a friend do the same thing in the Vietnam era. He was bored silly with the Army, and threw a tantrum with God - wanting out of his current assignment. Drum roll; wait for it. Almost immediately, he received orders to go to Vietnam...
Vis: "They say 'things are bad all over', but they are most certainly worse in some places than in others."

Some time ago, I read a book where the author made the point that the fall of the Soviet Union allowed 'behavior' heretofore verboten. While Capitalism was in an alleged Cold War with Communism, Capitalism was in effect 'muzzled'. Capitalism had to behave somewhat civilized toward the 99% because of the danger of alienating the lower classes and inducing Communist rebellions. With the Soviet Union gone, this 'restraint' went away. So, coincidentally, did the middle class...
Vis, beautiful wordsmithing: "Perhaps there are still walls and floors and even people to bounce off of, until the spirit is sufficiently tenderized, or until the fire has no impact on the metal."

Good luck on your journey. Let us hear from you as you are able...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Unknown said...

"I bid you all a good evening and measurable success in your own journey wheresoever it may lead."

You do the same Visible, and always keep the Divine close to your heart.

Anonymous said...

Hello Vis-O!

I *also* have experienced, over the past few years, tripping, falling, going over on my ankle - seemingly out of nowhere, leading to hobbling, but not being hobbled, Thank the Ineffable. And I also have felt that there is some definite intent, or force behind these slip-ups, not merely my own clumsiness.

I suspect there might well *be* some sort of scalar tripper-upper, which can be individually targeted, and such a device or force might well have given you the heave-ho recently. I thought that as soon as I read your account and your poor hands (hope they're healing up FAST!)

Very glad you're still extant, Vis - REST as much as you can - your perspective and sense of certainty about the Ineffable will awaken and sing again very soon, I feel.

Meher Baba remarked once: "I want you to remain unshaken and undisturbed by the force of Life's currents, for whatever the circumstances, they too will be of my own creation."

Love & Best, and Thanks for all your wordsmith'ing and positive pointing toward the Infinite Heart of the One. GET WELL, VIS-O!!!

- mehermuchacho

DAD said...

Peace and understanding I pray for you

BCii said...

Dearest Visible, I do so enjoy having you back with us. Your words seem to come from a stiller, quieter place since the mishap. That is no bad thing. From what you say, I gather you are closer than ever to the ineffable. Life is a mystery that cannot be grasped, though we do try as long as we.... There is no end to the Ferris wheel, I have no idea how one might get off of it. Except by being progressively awakened to the true nature of it all... and whatever awakening takes place seems to be decisively in the hands of the divine... Sorry for the ellipses. I'm in that kind of mood. It's lovely to read your words, my friend. Thank you for keeping on doing what you do.
My best wishes and warm regards,

BCii said...

To galen:

I resonated to what you said at the last thread, about delaying. I found this just now, here:

Any Time But Now

‘Something ever more about to be’

Can never come.


For the tea to arrive,

For the mood to pass,

For the mahadasha to end,

For the heart to open . . .

Resistance hard at work!

[Through Camas and Buttercups – Michael Thornton Oliver]


That page is full of gems. One Erik, a reader here, turned me on to the character who put up that site. Some powerful stuff. Like saying everything without saying anything. The 'thing', of course, cannot be said....

torus said...

"... the sheer spectacle of all the things taking place there is something to behold when in comparison with most of the parts of Europe I have seen."


"I can see what looks like it is going to happen but it doesn't happen."


I know a gal in Hungary who works hard and enjoys a 24/7, 365, spectacle of tourists, concerts, spas, non-fluoridated water and culture.

It's GUT-WRENCHING to say the least that almost 13 years have passed since 9/11. What about the pending "war with Iran?" Operation Cast Lead has become Operation Protective Edge, which sounds a shaving cream. Ironically, it is.
The Palestinians launch their home made rockets and Israel continues to "shave" their skin. Jim Kirwan continues to basically nail this stuff in his recent postings...
The show will continue.

Kazz said...

Hey Vis,

So glad to see you are on the mend. When you didn't write for a week I felt something was dreadfully wrong, but I did not get concerned because I KNOW you are in good hands, the Divine's. While I agree with you Vis that it is anyone's guess what could eventuate in the coming years I would like to give everyone my vision of the future, which appears to be much more than just a vision from the experiences I have been having recently with the TPTW.

We are being freed from slavery by the Divine because the corporate Satanist's have broken their contract with the Divine. The deal was that they could do anything to challenge humanity (Jobe), except kill them, and that is exactly what the corporate elite’s Agenda 21 is, a death sentence for humanity. I believe it is for this reason the Divine is working overtime with certain individuals to get the truth out.

Humanity has been enslaved for approximately 6,000 years. We have been enslaved via trust law. The elite created legal fictions (your name) so that when you claim you are that name, instead of being Man/Woman who is under the protection of God's covenant in Genesis/ Common Law, you step into civil/maritime law jurisdiction. You do this because the legal fiction is not really who you are, so you are committing fraud, and when you do this God can no longer protect you. God can only protect you if you do not harm others, harm their property, or commit fraud, so these parasites reversed the Kabbalah to trick people into committing fraud so they could lure them out from under God’s Covenant and protection, so the ruling elite KNOW that God is real. If you remain under God’s covenant TPTW cannot touch you. This has been my experience with police and judges so far. I am still testing the waters. For those who are interested in testing this theory I suggest you start reading your Bible because it is the foundation of all our law, and also start researching your ‘STRAWMAN’.

My guess is that TPTW are gatekeepers and only those who discover the truth shall be freed, which is why Jesus said, ‘the truth shall set you free’. It is also interesting to note that Jesus said, ‘KNOW THYSELF’. We are men and women not corporate fictions! Acts and Statutes are only given the force of law with the consent of the governed. Every time you adjoin yourself to your name (your corporate fiction) you become a consensual slave. This is why when Pontius Pilot asked Jesus, ‘what is your name’, Jesus replied, ‘by what name do you say I go by?’ One of the ways to stay in honour under civil law is to always reply with a question, Jesus obviously knew this.

You are not the only one who has crazy stuff going on around them Vis. Jesus told me to know thy law, so I studied the law. I relayed this to a fellow academic one day and they asked me to show them where Jesus says this in the Bible. I looked and looked but it is not there, however, I am absolutely sure it was Jesus who told me to KNOW THY LAW!

Recently when I posted you Vis you told me I was insane, and if you are referring to the standard that passes for sain on this plain you would be right, because I am definitely not normal by today’s standards. All I know is that when I go to court now the Judge abandons the court, and when I get pulled over by the police, once they realise what they have on their hands and contact their bosses, I become invisible to them. Let’s just say that life is anything but boring!

Best of wishes on the mending process Vis. I had a funny feeling that you would not be staying where you were because it was too remote and the Divine needs his people to be VISIBLE and out there for what is coming, whatever that may be :o).

Luv Kazz

Anonymous said...

Hey Viz: Glad to see you are up and around. That's one amazing recovery you just made happen. I was wondering if you specify you rehab work? I know so many people who would be grateful to have your particular rehab regimen. Thanks so much in advance. Namaste.

- Bob

AmericanIdiot said...

Vis, I left a couple of posts in the past which you denied, thinking I was a troll, I assume. Usually, I was too incapacitated to be coherent or too straight to be insightful. I've always had an understanding to most of your rants and intricacies, but this post has forced me to attempt a connection. Coincidentally, I have a had a similar situation.
Don't want to be long winded, but just as I thought it was going good, I busted my knee. Always been a hard worker with a little bit of smarts, and a seeker for the ineffable, as you would say. Never wanted a dirty US dollar, but did what was required to eat. The light is still bright. Carrying on. I have a vacant second floor...two rooms, full bath if need be. Been to the Big House. The only problem....US Blues. Love and Peace.

Visible said...

A.I. The reasons comments don't go in (very rare) can be for all kinds of reasons and sometimes it's other forces.

Suffice to say I have no memory of it. Thank you so much for the offer. I truly do appreciate it. As the US appears to me it doesn't sound like a good idea unless I am in the serious boonies. I don't tone down my rhetoric for these clowns and my level of activism would probably shoot up and one thing leads to another.

It's much better if I can find an inexpensive rental somewhere here in the western European zone. I just need for that desire to meet up with the eyes of the one(s) who have such a space available for me.

We'll see.

Visible said...

Okay folks... I'm outta here shortly. I don't know what's what until I get there so the elf will attend to your needs and I will get back to you at the opportune moment.

galen said...

Thanks, BCii, very good "now" poems. And though I believe what I write I don't always live it.


torus said...

From Genesis' 'Blood On the Rooftops', way back in 1976.

"So lets skip the news boy
I'll go make some tea.
The Arabs and the Jews boy
Too much for me.
They get me confused boy
And put me half asleep..."

And so it goes.
BRICS and the emerging market economies are forging ahead.
Germany's lone goal scorer in the World Cup just signed a fifty-million dollar deal. That North America is going to become a thirld world ghetto is likely, but it's not the end of the world.
Despite Jim Kirwan's articulate denunciation of particular alliances and crimes, he feeds the fear of the imminent slaughter of 300 millon + plus people. An idea that has been beat to death ad nauseum post 9/11.
I guess my point, if I have one, is that the future ain't what it used to be.

Anonymous said...

Visible, was wondering what kind of hip replacement you received? Was it one of the following?

Metal-on-Polyethylene: The ball is made of metal and the socket is made of plastic (polyethylene) or has a plastic lining.

Ceramic-on-Polyethylene: The ball is made of ceramic and the socket is made of plastic (polyethylene) or has a plastic lining.

Metal-on-Metal: The ball and socket are both made of metal.

Ceramic-on-Ceramic: The ball is made of ceramic and the socket has a ceramic lining.

Ceramic-on-Metal: The ball is made of ceramic and the socket has a metal lining.

Or did you get another type? The above five are generic types available in the USA. I know you are in Europe, so you might have received something different. Anyway, my grandmother is considering the procedure, so I thought you might be able to advise us as to what type you got, and whether or not you like it. Does it have drawbacks, etc. Thank you.

Ray B. said...


"A restaurant owner who scooped a million pound jackpot on the lottery has been forced to share half the cash with one of his staff after a judge ruled that the waiter had dreamt about the win the night before."
"'Mr Ozcan is a strong believer in the power of dreams and interpreted this to mean that he and Mr Kucukkoylu would win the lottery,' the judge explained.

The following day he said the waiter had 'pestered' his boss for three hours before he finally agreed to enter the EuroMllions drawer."
"Before arriving at his ruling, the judge examined CCTV footage from the restaurant which showed the two men filling in the winning ticket."

mbrock said...

Vis, PLEASE think many times over about a return to the USA. If your 1040's and FBAR's have not been filled in, letter/number perfect, and received, on schedule, by the IRS for the past 6 years then you are in danger. The USA is using a FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) diktat to extort and sanction the whole world. American expats are now like Trojan horses, being used by the USA in an attempt to gain control over every financial institution on the planet, while they themselves are at risk of being bled dry by "filing omission/error penalties". There are over 7 million expats living outside the USA, most of whom do not know about all this, and when they do find out I guarantee there will be bankruptcies, divorces, serious health impacts and even deaths. Again, think very carefully before you set foot on American soil which is more like quicksand these days. See isaacbrocksociety.ca and repealfatca.com

est said...

i was there at the big bang
i was there at the start
i went from nothing to infinite
i landed on this good earth

i listened to many other minds
i lost my way many times
i went to a barn raisin' party
i went to puzzle it out

i went to keep the continuity
i wish they would keep that 'scape going
i wash daily thank you if you please
i we you me us them together again

it must seem like we've never been
it must be us and them how and when
it must by who and why and where
it must be deja vue all over again

it must feel better letting time pass
it's sort of a shame war and all
it's not the way for people to act
it's way beyond any useful purpose

itsy bitsy spider it has a nasty bite
itsy bitsy whisper trails off to the night
itsy sky that's fallin' chicken little's right
run all you want there's no hidin' we must turn and fight

Ray B. said...

What the 'bad guys' may have to look forward to...

From "The Stargate Chronicles: Memoirs of a Psychic Spy" by Joseph McMoneagle (2002), p.47-51:

The detachment sat on the outskirts of a village called Pocking, which lay due east of Munich along the Rott River and was predominately a rural place of multicentury-old farms and stone buildings. ... While I was assigned to Pocking as the detachment commander in 1970, I experienced something that changed me profoundly and permanently. I had what can be called a classic Near Death Experience (NDE).
We were meeting for dinner. We ordered before-dinner drinks. After taking a couple sips from my drink, I began to feel quite nauseated. Not wanting to be sick in the restaurant, I excused myself and tried to move outside. When I got to the front door and attempted to push it open, there was a sound like a pop and I found myself standing on the cobblestone road out front, watching with curiosity as the rain passed through my hands.

Events then unfolded as though I were just outside the boundary of reality. My initial fears departed and were quickly replaced with curiosity. I drifted over to see what the commotion by the door was all about and found myself staring down at my own body, lying half in and half out of the gutter. ... I watched them load my body into a car, and followed alongside the car as they drove me back across the border to Germany, and a hospital located in Passau. Once at the hospital, I quickly grew bored with what the doctor and nurses were doing to try to revive me. I felt as though I began drifting upward toward the ceiling, then gently rolling over backward, where I suddenly found myself falling into a wide tunnel opening.

The emergency room receded, growing smaller and dimmer in the distance as I accelerated downward into the tunnel. As it faded from sight, I attempted to turn my attention to where I was falling. But I seemed to lose focus at that point. I was suddenly feeling very warm all over, especially across the back of my neck. A tingling sensation washed over my entire being, almost like an electrical charge, but it wasn't at all unpleasant. The feelings kept growing inside me, until suddenly I entered a new space, which was filled with the whitest and brightest light I have ever experienced. I was overwhelmed with the sudden sense of joy, comfort, and love. I felt as though I had finally reached the ultimate destination, the one place where I could feel whole and complete, where I could simply be with out any conditions, needs, or wants.

I then found myself reviewing my entire lifetime, good and bad. I saw all the ways in which I had failed myself or others. I experienced all the nonconstructive and noncreative aspects of my life up until that moment in time. It was just like reliving every single moment of my life up to that point, except that it went by incredibly fast. I became totally aware of all the feelings and intentions of all the people I had ever interacted with throughout my lifetime. When it was over, I was filled with the most incredible sorrow. Not so much sorrow for what I had missed or not done, but sorrow for all the times that I had misunderstood, thought wrongly or too quickly about someone, had not paid attention when they were needing something from me that I could have given. It was intensely painful, yet very cleansing. And then I had an intense feeling of forgiveness flood over me. It was a feeling of love that flooded inward, washing over my soul, flushing away the corruption, the guilt, and stupidity.


Ray B. said...


At that point a voice in my mind said that I could not stay, that I had to go back. It was not time for me to die. I tried to argue with it, but to no avail. There was a second sudden popping noise and I sat up on the hospital bed and looked around.
I found out that after I had gone into convulsions and swallowed my tongue, I couldn't breathe, so it was not long after I stopped breathing that my heart stopped. I had arrived at the hospital in Passau clinically dead.

Being in the Munich clinic was frightening. I was having numerous spontaneous Out of the Body Experiences (OBEs) over which I had no control. I also noticed that I could read the minds of those tending me. I wasn't actually hearing them thinking, nor was I reading their thoughts verbatim, but I was picking up on the general gist or subject matter contained within their thoughts. It was almost like seeing through an upper layer to another layer underneath.
The only problem with this decision [to keep the experiences to myself] is that once you have had an NDE, it is almost impossible to act normal again. It alters the very color of the light in which you seen things. In addition, I lost my fear of death and began to dig much deeper into the metaphysical world - something I was neither familiar nor comfortable with doing.
In the meantime, within the newfound clarity of my paranormal mind, I was able to discover who had doctored my drink that night at the gasthouse. I know who they are. They should know that while it was my choice that they should go unpunished, they should never take this as a sign of weakness on my part. I know who they are and where they live even today. It is my choice to let the matter rest and not theirs.


A slight background note, since I have read that NDEs are 'interpreted' through a person's religious upbringing. McMoneagle: "...all my relatives were Methodist and my father was Catholic..." McMoneagle: "My mother converted to the Catholic religion when I was eight." And Joseph attended Catholic schools in the Miami area.

A. Dundee said...

Faith. Certitude. Persistence/Determination. Les, adjuring us to own these attributes has been a continual refrain in your letters to all loving immortals of the inVisible generation for some time now. Vis, you have insisted, intoned, begged, pleaded, entreated, implored, supplicated, beseeched, prayed us not to give up, to never, ever, never ever, ever never give up. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

@ Ray B

Communism and Capitalism are the Republicrats and Democans; two hands of the same beast, playing both ends, typical modus operandi of Satan and his tribe.

Communism is control from below through violent revolution (and for those who studied the Red Jew revolution in Russia, they ought to know it was funded by Capitalism, a few searches can name names).
Capitalism is control from above through the mark of the beast, namely, money, also known as, usury.

Capitalists and Communists are one and are both Jewish. A search can find the letters exchanged between Jew York bankers and some of the chief communists, one in particular comes to mind with the words "we are united in our hatred...".

Get well Vis. I still think delete delete delete delete delete delete delete delete delete delete delete delete delete delete delete

er, I meant, get well soon.

BCii said...

The NDE / life review scenario with minor variations is commonly reported. But who's to say it's universal? Just a what-if speculation on my part, but might there be some other mechanism in effect for those of a (deep, committed, even intrinsic) left-handed / anti-spiritual orientation? The enlightenment route would kinda put a damper on that, one would think. I don't know, just throwing that out there out of curiosity. Doesn't apply to anyone here, obviously. But the "baddies" are a kind of niggling question mark in some respects, being so foreign a type. The persistence with which they pursue selfish ends is really a bender. I suppose at some point, the contraction of energies becomes self-reinforcing to such a degree that the path to ultimate separation sucks them inexorably onward...

Free will does appear to be an illusion, once the mind-construct loosens up enough for a heart-centered perception of what is. This is heavy news to swallow for the individual invested in personal self-identity. It's a subject I may be getting deeper into, God willing, as my experience of it deepens. It really goes against everything the world has trained us to believe.

Love, William

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

"Thus he wanders in the material worlds. When he attains the association of devotees, he can understand the truth about himself."

When he understands the truth about himself he no longer wishes to stay in the material world. Then he laments, 'Why did I serve maya for so long?"

Jaiva Dharma

Ray B. said...

Anonymous, July 17, 2014 12:14:00 PM

A good summary. I was aware of this aspect; that's why I included the phrase "alleged Cold War." I do stand behind the change in behavior following the breakup of the Soviet Union. Whether the change in behavior was orchestrated from 'above' by TPTB or only at the billionaire level, it is very evident in retrospect.
BCii / William, July 17, 2014 1:05:00 PM

You raise some good points. Perhaps I should have said "human bad guys." Kenneth Ring did a good statistical study of NDEs, and McMoneagle's experience is pretty 'normal'. Some authors have reported a small subset of NDEers having negative experiences. Given what I know of 'interference', they may have been 'influenced' along the way. I don't know.

One of my objectives in publishing this vignette was to communicate with the alphabet-agency types reading this blog right now. I thought the section, "I then found myself reviewing my entire lifetime, good and bad... I became totally aware of all the feelings and intentions of all the people I had ever interacted with throughout my lifetime," might raise a question in them as to 'appropriate action'. (grin)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

boring boring said...

no disrespect Ray B, but when your total comments are longer than Vis's post then don't you think you should have your own blog :)

Maybe it is just my short attention span but i never read such long comments!

short and sweet!

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Here in the Kingdom of the Doomed Serfs.

galen said...

Maya may be a mind-set.


Also, I seem to remember many months ago someone apologizing because his or her comment was pretty long and Visible saying something to the effect that it was fine to do so. I also do not like lengthy comments but understand their occasional necessity. Imagine reading the Bill or Rights and you only get to have half of the 10? Well, just had to say; so much wisdom here sometimes it gushes like a stream watering thirst, whetting thought, and ironing-out illusion.


Anonymous said...

Via Homer..

galen .. ala the triumph of imagination over intelligence?

Intelligence being implementing the realizations of the Sadhus/Rishis and imagination being our protesting, distortion or refusal of same.

Much like the old "it's all an illusion"
(yeah, but it's really gonna hurt), trick.

Maya and Pradhana

galen said...

Sometimes Sadhus and Rishis disagree. And sometimes they disguise themselves as beggars and servants (See Hermann Hesse, Journey To The East). And sometimes they, even they, make mistakes. They often teach that those who say they know don't. There is great humility to the mystery and to its exact opposite. I like that the mystery is likely unsolvable, except maybe incrementally. Infinity is very big.


Anonymous said...

via Homer..

"except maybe incrementally"

indeed this is the "way of this world."
Mercy and grace in that there IS a way.

Even Adi Shankara, the greatest of the Advaita Vedanta Acharyas, at the end of his life, concurred.

The big mystery, the ultimate realization, the Absolute Truth is not unsolvable.
Not at all..

Anyone can achieve this and "even a little progress on this path can save one from the greatest fear"

It's simply a matter of desire, via free will.

Bhaja Govindam

galen said...

But Homer, there's always more. And thank goodness. Love never sleeps. The lessons keep coming as does the beauty and adventure. Just my take.


galen said...

And, for me, the "achievement" is the embracing of the mystery. That's why the guru laughs when he sees the disciple; he knows it's all God and with Infinite God there's no end. Just think: perpetual surprise!! Pretty cool, if you ask me. And the question today is, will Infinite God decide to reveal the truth about the downed air-liner? We have so much study to do. Adventure, to say the least.


Anonymous said...

via Homer..

galen, all the best to you.

May your mysteries be joys in disguise,
may your quest remain as honest as it is now..

galen said...

Thank you, Homer, I bow to your diligence in understanding consciousness.


Visible said...

A new Petri dish is up now-

Uh Thank You... Thank You Varry Varry Muche.

Anonymous said...

@boring boring

"short and sweet?" WHAT? Are you kidding me?! I envision you as a 15 y.o. part time punk disillusioned with life, smart enough to see the lie of the "endless possibilities" scenario of success in the world if you work hard enough but still, as Visible says, "thumbfucking" your latest 5G version of Samsung Galaxy Android MoFo or whatever the fuck texting sexting twerking and smirking. If you want "short and sweet" microwave-fast blasts of truth here not only are you going to be seriously disappointed, you probably would miss it zooming by as you quit reading after the third word and resumed your child's play.

I regard Ray B's and certain other regulars' comments here as much valued input and with as much importance as Vis'.

If I may offer some advice, "slow it down and enjoy the ride."

Laura, somewhere now and on her way to the next place in the next now.



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