Thursday, January 08, 2015

The Usual Details Concerning New Horizons and Lands.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your nose read the jungle like eyes in the dark.

Ah... it all seems a long time ago now but... it hasn't been much time at all, relatively speaking. I've been here less than two weeks.. In that time I have managed one posting but there's been, if not good reason, certainly good cause. The first week I was staying with a friend and the usual social interplay, the time of the season, and... getting everything in order put posting on the back burner. In the week since I have been in a new place, which I have secured on the month to month and there have been persistent concerns with the vehicle I came into the possession of and which, for a bit there, looked like it had come into possession of me. I got it from a not altogether dependable or trustworthy (at least it seems that way) individual but it came with a mechanic and... though he is seriously busy he has managed to find the time for me here and there and... the problems were, more or less, minor and maybe... maybe we are over the hump with that.

It is and it isn't what I thought it would be. There are a lot more people and vehicles than I expected (could be the season) and the materialism of this particular quadrant is kind of through the roof; not to mention the sticker shock of things like groceries AND... everything really. I had expected an increase but it turns out to be triple what it was for many items in former times. Some things are only double and some are more than triple. On the plus side I got into a location that is at the lower end of what I might have expected. It looks like I can further reduce that in time and... I have time.

The first night I got here into this new place, there was a storm and it took down the electric and the phone (DSL line). By serendipitous fate the electric went back on the next day. The phone line still is not back on and that accounts for your not hearing from me, that and my reluctance to spend any amount of time at the malls; Starbucks, McDonald's and such, where there is persistent wireless. So... my apologies for this extended break in the action. It's not really all about the initial difficulties that anyone might expect as the result of a major relocation. It is also about the major impact on consciousness. I had forgotten what it was like living here and the overwhelming effect of Lady Nature and a culture so much different than the one I have known for so long. I've got no drive at the moment to do what I am doing at the moment (grin). On the other hand, I find that I am meditating several times a day and it comes about all by itself.

Just to example how diverse the experiences have been, at several points I have been overcome by a near suicidal sense of depression; not that that would ever be a consideration of mine. I describe it that way because it has felt that way so... yesterday, during the afternoon, I was in the kitchen dome. I am living in two domes next to each other. One is a kitchen dome and the other is a sleeping dome and I guess you can hang out in either for many another pursuit. In any case, I was in the kitchen dome and a wave of temporary despair hit and I made some comment along the lines of, “Well, it is obvious what you think of me and that accounts for the way you have treated me for so long.” I was going on about it, probably with an excess of self pity and the kicker is that there was no collective of reasons that would justify my state. Sure... there was the looming sense that this might not have been my wisest course and the idea that things could go further wrong if they didn't soon go right... I have to stop myself here and say... it's not like there have been any dramatic events or extended difficulties. It has mostly been just feelings and I attribute that to the large canvas of images that I picked up roaming through large shopping areas and moving from one place to another, taking care of all the varieties of business that confronts a person when getting everything in order; government buildings and the like.

I haven't been here long enough yet for my shipped packages to arrive (if they do-grin) but we measure things by degrees of intensity and not by the passage of time because time itself is affected in a big way by degrees of intensity in ones existence. Alright... I digressed all over the place attempting to set a tone for what happened and... what happened was one of the most positive experiences I have had in awhile and it was directly related to my momentary whining about things that hadn't even happened; of course... this comes about due to the incredible series of extended bad luck I have encountered in recent years. One might say I was projecting. There I was making these noises of defeat and I had just said, “Well... this is just more evidence of how you care about me.” I was sort of leaning on the kitchen table and I heard this tinkling sound behind me. There was no wind and it was exceedingly quiet at the time so I knew the noise was made by something... else. I turned around and there was this circular plate of the sun as a face. It was similar to the face of the sun on The Marseilles Tarot Deck only it was a female face. It was shaking back and forth and pinging off of the lattice work wood behind it and there was nothing observable that could have caused it. I touched it and it wasn't all that light.

More importantly... it happened precisely as I was saying what I said and it didn't tinkle and sound lightly or briefly. It was hammering from side to side. When I turned around to note it, it was still doing it and I could see, in an almost hyperstate of awareness that the face of the sun was smiling at me and very clearly into my head came the words, “No... that is not true at all. That is not so.” I can tell you, I didn't know how to take that except in a very positive and joyful manner. The conversation went on to say that this time is not like any other time and what I have seen and experienced here so far is nothing more that the usual confusions and delays that anyone might come up against when seeking integration. The totals on the positive scale, very much outweigh anything negative.

It is almost as if there is some unseen force that radiates into the environment, transmitting ill will. At the same time there are other forces of a positive nature. It could be that it has always been this way and I was simply not sensitive enough at the time to pick up on the competing weather fronts that swirl all around us. I was able to immediately tie this in to the grumpy faces I see moving around me wherever I go. Here in the land of Aloha, all is not Aloha but... there are a number of cheerful and willing souls as well. I had forgotten how generally impolite people can become under the harness of Materialism. It isn't everyone but... it is noticeable.

I cannot overstate how uncanny was that shaking of the painted metal sun. There was nothing there to cause that to happen. I was looking directly at it and I ran reconnaissance over the site of activity. It was supernatural without question and it didn't happen slightly, where one might reasonably question it. It rang out in a very, “No, no... TSK TSK” fashion. It was more like I was being laughed at but in an affectionate way. I can tell you... it pumped a lot of gratitude and gladness into my heart. Usually there is a breeze going on around here and it can blow strong as well. Seldom is it entirely quiet but during this period it was absolutely still.

I got a lesson that has to do with following and living my own words. I won't go into detail about all of the extraneous shit that was hammering on me but it had a ton of baggage that it was dragging along as evidence to convince. I have also been reminded that I have aged, regardless of how I may actually feel. It takes some powerful siddhis to discount that force which is active in all of us. I am supposing that falling and breaking my hip had a major affect on my state. I lost a lot of weight and it took a great deal out of me. When you factor in any number of other trials and such... it's been a gruesome and scarring period. So... I am well aware that I left behind a very very cheap comprehensive health program and an environment where food was cheap and plentiful and so on and so on and now I am somewhere that even a brief doctor's visit would cost several hundred dollars. I haven't checked but I am pretty sure I'm not wrong. Luckily there would be no reason for me to go to a doctor except for pain medication because I have natural ways to make it through any condition into remission; as do we all. It's nothing more than the usual fear driven apprehensions that come after all of us in these times of trial and testing in the war for souls. We are at the great harvesting. We are in that time of summing up. We are in the time and land of Mr. Apocalypse.

I apologize for taking up your time with this personal screed but it is Origami and my update, I believe, applies to many of you out there in one way or another. I suspect all good and striving souls are getting put through it. Of course, none of us likes to present ourselves in unflattering poses but we are all about the purpose of demonstration here, as well as full disclosure. I'm not generally given to being down. I guess it has simply been a long times since I was fully and completely on my own in what certainly qualifies as a strange land. The good news is that the invisible is very present and active and seems to be about to become ever more so from what I have been able to glean from my observations.

Hopefully, the next time I come around to post something I can do it from right here where I am and not have to drive miles down the highway to artificial sensation land.


End Transmission.......

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Doug pearson said...

Hang tough...the sun always comes up tomorrow, whether you're there or not is up to you...

Anonymous said...

who can be against ye when God is for ye?

i always liked that.

welcome to the jungle!!!!

liz in l.a.

Mick Hoss said...

You are loved and well thought of.

walter washco said...

thanks vis. good post.

Terrance said...

Hello Visible. ....a long strange trip with an lsland flare.....onelove

missingarib said...

Vis, seems your beginning to sync with the energies in your new local. The new parameters of life need time to harmonize .
What sounds are you aware of ? The first tune that comes into your conscious will be the gift .
You sure are a fearless being a luminous rainbow egg a kahuna. (translated as "keeper of balance)
The sum of any direction we take in our lives seem to constitute what Mr Jennings observed :
“Of all that I have possessed in my life, my memories are the only things remaining to me. Indeed, I believe that memories are the only real treasure any human can hope to hold always.”
― Gary Jennings, Aztec

much love -live long

Anaughty Mouser said...

Aloha Visible!
Glad you arrived safely.

ISIS attack in France is as phoney as 9/11, and by the same nogoodniks to boot.

ISIS and Al-qaeda never attack their supposed arch enemy israel. Because the proselite Khazarians ARE these made-up terror groups. What a MSM bullshit soap opera. Do we even know if any actually died in France? No one died in Sandy-hook that seems certain.

The tribe should just give up the bullshit and handover the usury bankers for neck stretching from bridges.


Anonymous said...

Hi Vis

Great to have an update from you! It always takes a while to adjust to a new place doesn't it. Reminds me of that story of some native Americans who were flown to Washington (I think) and then sat down at the airport for several days. When asked why they said it was to allow their souls to catch up with their bodies :-)

That sunshine must be great though!

Much love


Anonymous said...

via your friends..

Pancha Tattva Mantra

The most merciful mantra available in this age of Kali.

jaya sri-krishna-chaitanya
prabhu nityananda
sri-adwaita gadadhara

"I bow down to Lord Krishna, who appears as a supreme devotee (Lord Chaitanya), as His personal expansion (Sri Nityananda), His incarnation (Sri Advaita), His devotee (Sri Srivasa), and His energy (Sri Gadadhara), and who is the source of strength for the devotees."

Yuga Dharma

Anonymous said...

I don't get on the net as much as I used to so I didn't realize you are now in Gods country or maybe you will find you left Gods country. Don't break any bones over here or it will cost thousands and the fucken doctor might tell you you have cancer so he can put you on chemo to pick up some more cash (no joke).

What's the problem Mouser, just because there aren't any dead bodies you don't believe those Mooslems killed a bunch of Frenchmen? I'm sure you saw the video where one of the terrorists shot that cop in the head at point blank range with an AK47. The reason it didn't blow his head off is the bullet went in one ear and out the other. You can see where the bullet hits the sidewalk. "Allahu Akbar I'm from Yemen Al Qaeda" one of the actors make that terrorists told a bystander. This is the real deal even if it is impossible to believe.


Anonymous said...

Viz et al,


I am projecting gallons of pineapple juice into our lives (maybe with soda BUT NOT PERRIER [can you believe Nestle now owns Perrier???] scream, grrr, rant; also don't forget to boycott SodaStream). Perhaps with coconut ice cream floating therein. Aren't pineapples free in Hawaii? If not, needs must float a petition.

Amen Smirk. And for the proletariat: "Vee haf comb 4 yourr telefisions."

I am overjoyed because yesterday I found an outstanding bicycle mechanic.

The Lord bless us and keep us and make His face to shine upon us and give us peace.



Anonymous said...

He's Back!!!!!

No worries, you'll be settled in before too much longer. And what an experience you described. WOW! Very cool.

And thanks for posting that link to "The Door to Everything" a while back. I reading it a second time now so it sinks in real good. Great stuff!

Now grab a surf board and get out there. Who knows, the "Man on the Beach" might just be waiting for you. :)


Anonymous said...

Glad you have arrived, Vis. I flew back myself yesterday. Great view of the Big Island towering through the clouds. Be well, Jeff

Ray B. said...

Vis, thanks for your Travelog, Emotolog, and Spiritolog. You are certainly a "Stranger in a Strange Land." One of your former names wouldn't be Michael, would it? (grin) (Book reference to Valentine Michael Smith, for those who haven't read it.)

A marvelous response by a guide, nature spirit, Higher Self, etc. Also, wonderful that they took care to make sure that you couldn't discount it. Cool. I love it when it happens that way...

When I visited Maui, there was that kind of 'division'. The northwest coast of the island at Ka'anapali had been heavily material-ized, while the Iao Valley - not so far away by birdflight - was really woo-woo. It will be interesting to see what you 'sense' as you get around.

Putting on my woo-woo/psych hat for a moment, don't underestimate the effects that moving to a cleaner, higher-energy environment can have on a system. Everything that was 'stored' under a more-dense environment will start to 'clear out' under a prolonged stay in a cleaner, higher-energy area. So, you may ride the roller-coaster for a while. Although ultimately beneficial, it can be intense. Best to be fore-warned.

Sending 'intent' for whatever you 'need' to come into your life...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Thomas said...

I am sure that the Lord loves you, Vis. What about all of us, don't you think It lives in us too? (even though we might be walking in seeming darkness and confusion, like myself sometimes, surely our Love is more pure than tainted - and Love is not our own, but rather Hers). And surely you cannot say that ALL of our praise is false! So many people have expressed how your words can act like a crutch to lean on. This is not a bad thing, either for you or them. I myself have been greatly benefitted by your history of faith and perseverance. But as you well know, this is not a reason to become proud, but rather a reflection on where OUR love comes from.

I am thinking, maybe (of course, I don't know), that God is looking at you now and thinking: "hm, he seems to be quite resilient by now, might as well off-load this his negative karma on him now, when he is so good at bouncing back up. That way, he will be free of it later" - but it might be too simplistic of me. I do not presume to know the mind of God. Some things we can guess at, though, no? ;) - But you yourself have said "trial and testing" (I concur, my life tells me it is true). As well as "you do not get more than you can possibly handle" (again, I concur, so far! *slightly nervous grin*). Also, I invite you to think about some of the stories of saints, and the terrible suffering they underwent. Again, I am guessing here, it seems like some of our suffering is a way for God to test the degree of our faith, and that if we shy away from this kind of pain, we will be shown mercy. If my experience has convinced me of anything, it is the incomprehensible Mercy of the Lord. It is not a defeat, but rather like the buddhistic story of what happens to the soul after death, and strays away from the brightest light, to a lesser light, and so on. Again, it is not a defeat to not be perfect. I think it is only our egos that take it that way. Far better to try and "fail" than not to try at all. As they say, "no effort is wasted" and "you start from where you end". In time, we will attain to that ultimate victory, and discover and realize our oneness with Our Maker, forever to play in Its presence and bask in Its Light.

This is also the reason we should never say what we would do in this or that situation, unless we have actually tried it. I don't mean my words to be taken too literally, and most especially because a) I don't know, and b) most worded wisdom is mostly true, but opposite to Truth in ~1% of cases. And c) "probably" I am not very wise.

I am also being tested, and finding myself to be a little less ripe than I had presumed, haha. This is good for my humility, which I do not have a lot of, but am trying to nurture. At the same time, I am beginning to appreciate the unfailing grace of The Divine, in that it continually is there, breathing life into me, seemingly smilingly sitting in my Heart, humming and at peace. Hallelujah!

Lastly, God "probably" lives in Susanne as well, and might have had a very good reason for convincing you to get your permit for Europe. You will know later.

All the Best, Visible. May your meditations bring you always increasing Peace and that Strange Understanding, not of Thought, but of Feeling, that sharpening of Surrender to The Ways of Life.

Please do take me with a grain, or more, of salt. If I sound presumptous, I am the fool, and it is not my intention.

May you all be blessed by that sweet Presence, and find your awareness of It increasing and increasing. Wishes of Health, Sanity and Calm.

John C (UK) said...

I just received a warning for 'Trolling' on the David Icke Forum. My crime? I asked who was the man behind behind the curtain with TPV and all the fundraising.

Funny old world isn't it?

A truth site that only allows you to ask kosher questions, ffs.

But at least i can still buy Garath's music or contribute to the "Warman Defense Fund" Mr. A certainly gets about...

JerseyCynic said...

feelings, nothing more than feelings -- of "buyer's remorse" - oh why do we always do this to ourselves!

According to the legal (ha) definition, I'd say you have nothing to worry about -- I'm pretty sure you have "informed" covered!

"The best way to cope with buyers' remorse, and minimize its destructiveness, is to make sure that you are as informed as possible...."

can't wait to hear
of your tales under the sun

Matt McCauley said...

I am a long way from home also, and the feeling is that there is nobody who will help me or take me in- there is no community like that in the "civilized" world now that people have been suckered (taxed) off the land. My ancestors left europe because of taxes... I digress.

I believe I am meant to feel as isolated as possible, a prolonged test. My heart was lifted in an instant by reading one of your posts a month ago, dear Visible. I have been able to stand guard at the gateway of mind and work and function in the moment.

So I tell you what you told me. Thank you.

Anonymous said...


Well, you've done it, zoomed around the world.


Moving is third on the cause-of-heart-attack list (after death in family and divorce). Moving itself (even if it goes smoothly, which it never does in my experience) is a bitch. So CHILL. Take care of you. We love you. I like to think of the behavior of cats upon moving. They are massively offended if even one thing is moved/packed/taken away. My cat once escaped in an airport terminal and all the people there banded together to trap it and recage it. Very funny. It turns out that bamboo cages cannot contain cats.

I congratulate you and your elf(s) for having the very easiest websites to manage. Really first class. Quick to load, beautiful, simple, responsive, funny. The best.

Hail to the Bard, Viz.



Anonymous said...

I wish I could write something poignant to comfort you - as you have done many times for me when I have felt isolated. Best I can do is plagiarize the delightful anecdote (from Agnes) about allowing time for your soul to catch up with your body. Things will get better... and if they don't, you know it isn't the right place.
Sending warmth and comfort, Susan

Thomas said...

Hah! I was just reading my last comment. How dreadfully tedious I sound. My apologies.

Note! Reading this might be a waste of your time! Don't say I didn't warn you! ;)

Visible. You deserve a break and acclimatization for as long as you feel it necessary. Or just time to ramble around in the jungle and commune with the spirits. I am tempted to say: "Doctors Orders!" ;), but I'm no doctor, and certainly not yours. You have no responsibility towards us, and, should your inclination ever return to continue this work of Love (and it must be, it must be!), then every offering you give is a gift. Perhaps Gauss, that greatest of mathematicians and an ardent Lover and devotee of Truth, can inspire you: "few, but ripe". Better a truly felt offering, in a sacred spirit once a year than a multitude of self-mutilating, forced and contorted writings (not that that is your style). But you are wiser than me, I think. What can I tell you? :) - certainly, this is an age in which mental hygiene is of utmost importance, and where the truth of "quality over quantity" shows itself in a stark and merciless light.

blah blah. Does a person reach a point where they feel that saying something changes nothing, or just shows themselves to be ignorant? I wonder if that is why Ramana Marharsi felt that Silence was the best teacher, even though I am convinced that he was in no way ignorant. I don't know, no I don't. Speaking is like walking a razors edge, and Oh how easy to make a fool of oneself. Is that why you say humility is such an asset? (one reason, I guess). The lack of need to preen and prance, and put on a mask that is not real? Haha. Well, again, better to try and fail than not to try at all. At least there is potential learning in failure.

"wise and slowly, they stumble who run fast" - Shakespeare

Oh Lord, bless Dear Visible with your everlasting presence! Among us all, he seems to be the most deserving. But what the fuck do I know? Hah! Nothing! Zilch! Nada!

Well, "at least" the Lord has a terrific sense of humour :)

"... how dreadfully tedious I sound" - and yet I continue! May my shortcomings and crudeness be burned off in the course of time, dear Lord. I'll stop now.

galen said...

Standing in line at store today. Saw popular magazine with Taylor Swift on cover kissin' another girl. Caption said something like, "Taylor's new romance interest. Taylor says she's done with men." Even if this is untrue, it plants the seed for youth to be more fully programmed that men are worth dumping. A mega popular icon is pointing the way.

Well, just a heads up for guys to realize what's coming toward them; many already do but many still don't and are being hit hard. If only feminism was really about equal pay and equal opportunity and not about destroying the alpha male/demonizing him/castrating him.

Gotta say. . . Men, you are beautiful and good and NOT destined to be a "natural" rapist. You are the other half of creation, valuable and important. If men are subdued, we're all at risk.

This vid is unnecessarily long, but the first ten minutes and the last three make the point and mildly show the onslaught:


Anonymous said...

Just read the Taylor Swift comment. Why are so many female singers so lonely? Seems like most if not all have miserable lifes.

On another note: It takes $$$ to put an army in the field; and lots of it. Where is ISIS getting it's money? How can that be a hard question to answer and why doesn't the mainstream media tell where the funding is coming from.


Tee said...


IMO the MSM did tell, just not in so many words: IIRC there were reports from a week or two ago, saying that US was to pay $billions for salaries of Iraqi soldiers, fifty thousand of whom seem not to actually exist.


Alan!!! from Perth said...

hey vis, how you doin, im glad to hear you've had a positive experience back in your old hang out.

a question just struck me so hard when i was reading about your convo with The Voice. I've been wondering about this for so long because i've been (weakly) practising the BE STILL -AND KNOW - I AM - GOD mantra.
I sometimes try to make the sound of the mantra sound different to my own, to emphasise the words are imagined to be spoken by a Higher Self.

Can you tell me what The Voice you hear sounds like....or does it come through an intermeidary....and is the sound of the intermeidary the same for everyone or unique. And i one last q. (sorry vis) what does YOUR voice sound like when you practise that mantra.

love you

thank you so much if you answer my question. i seriously owe you one!!!


Anaughty Mouser said...

Ya, the investigating police chief suicided before he could write his report.
If it wasn't so sick it would be hillarious.
Mossad killed the guy plain and simple. He knew the attack was a zionist job and was about to go public.
It's not muzzies, it's the zios who are the big f*cking problem!

Visible said...

Dear Friends; thank you for your kind thoughts. Still not on online but will be. Major car problems but coming together. Hopefully it ends here with what I know and we coast along after. I will try to get a post together later today.


Unknown said...


nina said...

Dear Mr. IsMore,
The UP: Your car problems are an instant entre to the community. Good Fortune! Surely a few friends were made in the process, even if it only appears as mutual angst and bitching. Later on, you know one another.
The DOWN: In the Empire, everything is monetized unfairly.

The Yin Yang of our existence.

The more you can experience, the faster you will mend. There is no good reason at this time you should allow any looking back. Congratulate yourself on
having the courage to rebuild and renew. Very proud of you, proud to know you.
Love, nina

Katy said...

Oh, thank you for the gifts you give.
Spectacular miracles described by the humble make my days...
Please when you can, read some pages from He and I by Gabrielle bossis.
Again, a big helping of grateful heart from me, a reader and sharer...

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

The unimaginable Squalor of the Banker Army Displaced.



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