Monday, January 26, 2015

The World is the World is the World.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

I'm sitting in this early morning of elemental excellence in beauty manifest. Vari-colored tea plants reach out through my window, in both aspiration and supplication; that eternal dance... as do all the members of the rooted kingdom, for the sun. The sun, through an interplay with the various forces brought into being by the sun, is the source of all life of whatever kind is displayed here, was displayed here or will be displayed here. The sun is the regent of our world in every good way. There are other forces, powerful forces at work as well. Although everything comes out of the sun and though it commands both the darkness and the light, there are intelligences born of the darkness that are permitted to cavort about in wild places and in artificial zones where Materialism is the prevailing faith. Every faith has its priests and agents; its pecking orders. I am not myself completely familiar with the relative status of Satan, Lucifer and Mammon and their interplay between each other, in concert with each other, or in their occasional oppositions; if such is ever the case but... given that all of them are forces of opposition (or seem to be) of the true light, one must assume they are a contentious lot even with each other. When evil destroys itself, this is often accomplished through the forces of evil warring against one another. Also... sometimes, the current which makes it possible for them to operate is cut off. How it is going to manifest this time around is above my pay grade. However... we can be assured that it will happen. The only question yet unresolved in that matter is how many souls will be dragged into perdition along with Evil when the time comes.

For those who might seek to measure their chances against this destiny, one has only to look at what they are about and what it is that they seek after. Many... most of those who will be swept away, are unlikely to inquire in this manner. Many will not think about this at all. A smaller portion is, to different degrees, aware of what they do and have no intention of turning away from any of it. Each of these, hosts within them, some measure of the mind of darkness and according to their dispositions and inclinations, it operates through them accordingly.

One can question to a fruitless infinity about why the things that happen happen and why Evil is permitted to flourish to the degree that it does. Some amount of wisdom is there to be had by anyone who understands the purpose of life to begin with. The whole construct of manifest existence is about one thing; the birthing, shepherding and education of the human soul. It is about the testing, trial and marvelous completion of the human soul in the fiery crucible of experience, both here and elsewhere. One can meditate upon this and fertilize the unconscious with inquiry concerning it and... by the inflexible and timeless operations of ageless wisdom, some measure of truth will flower. As arcane as it may seem to many, it is a simple process; a dependable process, as predictably certain as the sure and irrevocable result seen in the exercise of any cosmic law. The whole purpose of the study of metaphysical science is the acquisition of knowledge AND the attendant virtue and disciplines necessary to employ what is learned for the betterment of all life. Seeking power for the sake of power or knowledge for the sake of gain will eventually turn you into a living example of why neither of these are a good idea. I would further submit that NO ONE has ever made these acquisitions for these purposes who did not come to deeply regret the effort.

In these few past sentences, one can glean a good deal about why life exists at all and why it takes some of the twists and turns that it takes. We really shouldn't be confused. If we are not seeing clearly we are confused. Eventually you realize that 'you got a friend' or not... See... although it is only one thing it can be taken many ways. One of the most valuable acquisitions of wisdom is that since there are so many ways to see the same thing, arguing about the truth or value of any of them is pointless since you are also one of those vying for an interpretation that ONLY... trust me on this; the most effective thing it does is that it interprets itself. It doesn't need you. You are already an extension of it so... WTF does that mean? It means that if you are willing and teachable then... you might get somewhere. If you are not, well... you will; still get somewhere. Do I have to do the math?

I know I have been away from this side of Origami for awhile. I also know that this is the part of Origami that most of you like best and which is what you look for even in the others or you probably wouldn't come around at all. You can expect much more of this now. I'm in a different world from a different view.

Everything that happens on this journey of life is filled with meaning. Unfortunately most people won't risk feeling except in some of the most uncomfortable ways that I have ever seen. If you are not having a magical affair in a positive light you are probably in one of those gray areas. This kind of thing is easily fixed because it is ALL HAPPENING IN YOUR HEAD! Sorry, I hit the volume slider with my elbow as I was reaching for my left-handed sky hook. That distracted me so much that I forgot why I was looking for that in the first place. No worries... it will show up at some point, even if the point of reference is long gone. Well... there you have one interpretation of Karma and why it often seems to make no sense. It might have been a long time ago. A lot of what is playing out now in the world came from a long time ago. One has only to look at the size of the population to realize a whole lot of other periods are being represented here for the purpose of resolution. I can't say it often enough. It is a time of summing up. It is an apocalypse. You can tell what time it is too by the degree that poetry has turned to profanity. The arts always tell the tale of whether life is meaningful or not. Individually a life can always be meaningful regardless of the times.

I would have picked another time. Many of us wish the world were more a reflection of something worth sharing and enjoying. We do the best we can wherever we are and maybe we create it. It was easier in other times. Hopefully that means it will be much more meaningful because of the afflicted state of the world and the degree of difficulty. Materialism has been entering another level. Now there is a lot more of what it creates in the latter stages. Cynicism, alienation, isolation and horrifying indifference. That comes around because an over saturation of the senses in something that is artificial and worse; as well as often lacking in meaning.

I know I bang on the world not infrequently. In truth, I look at it a little like Desiderata, similar to comments made there. There's an old term, unless it is just old in head and never was a more general old phrase and it goes, “the world is the world is the world” That makes sense to me, though it might not work for everyone. Sometimes it's good and at any time it is very, very good for some. Sometimes it is not so hot and not very good for most people. Quality of life is not something you can base on the economic index and much of that is relative. These days, a large number of people live better than kings once did and as abysmally corrupt, incompetent and in opposition to common sense as it may be, the medical profession does have answers to things that were once horrible scourges for which all kinds of ineffective methodology was applied; being 'blooded' comes to mind. The treatments of mental illness used to take place in what were called snake pits.

Quality of life has most to do with the state of ones heart and mind and the manner in which they are able to integrate with the whole. When there is little enough of that and when one is expected to adapt to conditions that go contrary to ones basic nature well... you get what you get. If an entire society is sick, normal is an arbitrary line constantly being drawn and redrawn on shifting sands.

For some good long while I have felt fairly intense pressures on myself with seldom any respite. It isn't a matter simply of locale. I don't think it is. It is a grinding pressure, attended by confusion and a sense of helplessness. I motor through it. I have little choice in the matter. This pressure could be something generated in pervasive waves across the planet or it could be the surfacing of viral states out of the subconscious due to manipulation from that point. It could be both of these and more. It is palpable.

Sometimes I feel like a man clinging to a plastic buoy in a restless and threatening ocean. You know there are possibilities of storms there which a plastic buoy is going to be little help in. I know there are unseen agents of assistance all around me but consistently my situation results in a tense stalemate. I can remember what it was like 20 years ago. It was nothing like it is now. There are many ominous signs concerning the next couple of years. At the same time, I look at humanity in its daily pursuits and the general lack of objective awareness is truly disturbing.

We've been hearing dire predictions for a long time. I'm not going to start naming some of those who are known to you that talk about global economic and socio-political trends; those who use data and software to come to their conclusions; those who use an acquired academic awareness and those who pull it out of the air. The predictions, in many cases have been seriously alarming but very little of what had been predicted has happened. For years you have people hammering on about buying gold and silver but zilch happens there and the prices of these things even go down beyond anything that could be expected based on what should be. Obviously these markets are being manipulated and controlled. I've come up with a theory as to why things stutter and stagger, back and forth, always skirting the lip of total disaster. It's all of us. It is the collective of us resident here that impacts in a major way upon what does and does not happen. These trend predictors and other soothsayers from their particular niche of assessment do not include the human factor. That's no science according to them. They work strictly with data analysis. WE make a difference. When we are joined in a noble commonality of thought we can make a huge difference because the addition of every kindred soul impacts exponentially upon the whole.

I am sorry to be so absent in my postings and to be missing the radio broadcasts as I previously did not. From that last sentence it looks like I am losing my grip on structure (grin). I am having to integrate here and it is taking the lions share of my attention. I spend a lot of time in thought without knowing exactly what it is. I'm still and quiet and waiting. I'm hopeful and relatively sane... heh heh. I've been away for 15 years. It is no small thing to navigate this and I am leaving that in the hands of my betters. I keep hearing things like, “Visible... you don't have to do anything more now. Everything from here will be taken care of. All you have to do is show up. You don't even have to show up, just be where you are and take no thought for anything because everything is going to come to you now.” Those are comforting words to hear but... there is no disputing the tension in the air. I take it that I shouldn't concern myself with that either.

End Transmission.......

Sorry once again for no radio broadcast. I will do it sometime this week so it's done.

For some reason it has become an elusive thing. On a positive note, I now have an extra bunk for any temporarily migrating pilgrims.

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Anonymous said...

Ello Vis!

Its my birthday today! Born on the blessed year 1982 which makes me 33 scottish rite, go figure.

Been reading your blogs for three years now and have enjoyed digging through all your gems.

Here is my gift to you, when our muse visited me 7years ago. The lyrics didn't make any sense at the time, but they certainly do now.

Bless you.



Lori said...

What a wonderful world! I have found that there is enough room in mine for Yogananda AND YOU!! I never left for a moment - I cared too much. And I'm glad I hung around cause I get to read amazing stuff like Origami.

Once again, I know you wrote this for ME - to ME :)
It's no coincidence that my name is Pilgrim. And you had to go and mention Desiderata - well, you had me there.

I'm there with you Vis. Soakin up the sun and being quiet.

Love, Lori

Jenny said...

Oh how I wish I was a travelling visitor! Stuck here in the waste pit of the nation...plodding along.
Love to read your words Vis- take care, jen

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Vis. Your sage words mean the world to me and many others, no doubt.
Much love,

flyingcossack said...

such a short time
such a small space
everything is allowed
god needs to know everyone's ways
80 years is over soon
back to our regular place

the best psychologists don't come from phds, they come from people that grew up on the streets

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

The game's already over. You can see it in the news. The wrong side of history is toast. Where they are at is they are being held by a frayed rope on the edge of a very high cliff with a hungry cougar standing over them. The can't climb up, and the rope ain't gonna hold much longer.

Oh how nice to be caught between a big hungry wild cat and an abyss. I'd say that's more interesting than between a rock and a hard place. . .though not in a good way.

I'm under the impression we have less than three years left for trip/reset. AND THAT DOESN'T MEAN THE END OF THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!

I just hope my (demi)gods get me outta here before that happens. I hope I wasn't stupid enough to ask to see the actual transition before my sojourn here was over. How idiotic could I have been?

Well, I'm here now; so I guess that answers that.

Anonymous said...

Nice fettle, Visible. Great to see you soaking in the glory of Lady Nature on the Big Isle.

robert said...

Dear Visible,

Bless your heart!

Bless your heart!

Bless your heart!

For what is worth to your sanity, I can confirm that the grinding pressure, confusion and the beckoning siren offer to give in to a sense of helplessness is going on, and not just for Mas Visible!

I conceive of it as the long, drawn out death cries of the endarkened ones, having their ill-gotten power and vampirically-attained life force pried from their cold dead hands!

Like events near the event horizon of a black hole, time is being extruded into what seems like an endlessly stretched timeline, as the apocalypse comes to fruition.

All I can do, is to keep on keeping on, finding just enough joy from scavenging through the detritus to satisfy my mind that all is well, at a deeper level of the well!

Everything that happens on this journey of life is filled with meaning. Unfortunately most people won't risk feeling except in some of the most uncomfortable ways that I have ever seen. If you are not having a magical affair in a positive light you are probably in one of those gray areas. This kind of thing is easily fixed because it is ALL HAPPENING IN YOUR HEAD!

Why is there any need to fight and struggle after we have surrendered our soul sincerely to the One?

Our minds tend to worry needlessly like a dog worrying a bone out of boredom.

Do we believe that our souls are unworthy and in need of more harrowing experiences?

Is not Grace a Divine aspect of which we may partake?

Did not the Christ-ed One testify that His yoke was light?

If our identity is invested in struggle, we experience it

When our identity lives in the spirit of a child of the One,

Why should we experience more of the angst of the adult mind we abandon daily?

I deliberately chose not to have the ego ripped apart by more trauma

I chose a slower route of gently encouraging self to let go,

Just as Luther Burbank coached the cactus to drop its spines.

I let go of self-limiting seeking and my neurotic need to "try"

Released the selfish desire to somehow prove worthy of Love

When all fall short and Love permeates ALL, regardless of person!

Step away from the fear machine and breathe a deep sigh of relief

Realize the depth of Love in which we are all living, nestled in the Universal womb

The bubble of our Life extends to Universe end

The Life of our soul transcends all temporal bounds and so do we

I rely now on constant Super Vision in a deepening daily gratitude

I extend the mercy the One shows me to anyone who asks

I go my way in wonder that the One can lead me home from solitary confinement

Let me praise at a higher volume than my heart beat!

Let me dance with more motion than my solitary walk!

::owasil universal

galen said...

Vis, thank you for this:

"The whole construct of manifest existence is about one thing; the birthing, shepherding and education of the human soul. It is about the testing, trial and marvelous completion of the human soul in the fiery crucible of experience, both here and elsewhere."

Ahhhh, if I could just hold onto this. Sigh.

Now, please excuse this subjectivity:


There are questions,
reaching to connect
with other dots,
and there are those
tempted to decipher
curious complexities
speculative adversities
Better not to know?

And yet,
the soul leads the mind
to wonder
in the confusion of hostilities
the discourse of frivolity
so very un-frivolous
where arrows fly
and deaths die
only the strong will rise

There are doubts,
of loyalty, camaraderie
of trust and bond
and all things good
each bearing a share
of bruised imperfection
or false dedication
each reaching
to still a need
subdue a bleed

Where sits love,
if not everywhere?
Where decency?
Where honor?
Where calmer seas
with waves so warm
tranquilly withdrawn
from hovering storm?

And on the shore
an open door
lonely lighthouse
welcoming whomever
We walk, we enter
take bless-ed shelter
let come the clearing
of all our clouds


Anonymous said...


Bang away dude. Your drum resonates well and true.

It's my birthday too. I was born in Washington, DC on January 26, 1943. I am reminded of the scene in the movie 'World War 3' where they are hauling the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights onto that aircraft carrier to preserve them. I think Visible's blogs are our aircraft carrier. Thank you Viz for this gathering, for this preservation, for this comforting and terrifying point. Fear not, Magdelena. There is no death.

We are indeed quarantined - to prevent the spread of the Lucifer Rebellion. Rejoice in your sorrows. Rejoice and be exceeding glad. What fun when we finally get to read the cosmic record. And yet, we know already.


Magdelena Melchizedek

Anonymous said...

No No, it was the film 'World War Z.'


galen said...

Lava, I couldn't hear all the words to your song and I'm quite curious. Any chance you would post the lyrics here?



Anonymous said...

"The Lord helps those who help themselves"

In ways which are at times difficult to comprehend due to the immensity of magnificence in the qualities of mercy and grace.

“That man, who having eaten meat, gives it up afterwards wins merit by such a deed that is so great that a study of all the Vedas or a performance, O Bharata, of all the sacrifices [Vedic rituals], cannot give its like."

Mahabharata, Anu.115.16

life on earth

Anonymous said...

Vocation is not necessarily inclination.
Debts to pay, so to speak.

Good on you, Les.


Steven Gordon said...

Just... brilliant!!

Thank you Visible
for shining the light
in your certain style
that only you manifest
in your creative manner
so you can brightly
illuminate our path
with words of wisdom
written and directed
from your beating heart
with love for us.

This is why you do
the work that you do
so graciously and
received by the ones
who recognize a teacher
who is definitely a gem
to pay attention to.

Ray B. said...

Since this is a metaphysical post, I'll post a little metaphysics! (grin) Anyone not into woo-woo, pass gently onto the next post...

A week or so ago, I woke up in the early morning to feel a presence or so in my room. It was not a sleep fugue. I looked-at and moved my physical arm right through where I could sense one presence.

For some reason, I was semi-frantic not to be overpowered. In this state, a powerful force came over me. 'Ray' did not know what to do about this presence, but I knew some part of me did. So, in an intense working-meditation state, I kept repeating, "Go where they cannot go. Do what they cannot do." I kept this intense 'mantra' up until I was not aware of anything...


In the (regular) morning, I woke up and tried to establish contact with Higher Self. No luck. Four lower-level bad guys (human) were interfering, so a vigorous 'Cleaning' session on them commenced.

Partway through this, I rolled over on my back. Instantaneously, I was in a totally different 'state' - kind of an 'emptiness'. Reflexively, I freaked out. I thought it was some form of attack. When nothing further occurred, I eventually relaxed. Then, I got in touch with Higher Self.

It turned out Higher Self had flipped me into this really-different state. I had 'burrowed' into this state during the earlier encounter. So, HS was now showing it to me consciously. The best I can describe it is as a void-space off to the 'side' of ordinary consciousness.

As soon as I got comfortable with this space, HS started 'taking' me what felt like a long distance (in that space). We ended up at another human being. It turned out to be a ghost. It was just isolated in that void. HS started a Cleaning on him. Also, a 'vision' was shown him of various folks who would welcome him, and I could hear some pleasant music in that same 'distance'.

Ultimately, this ghost decided not to 'move on'. He stayed in that void-space for now. However, the seed had been planted and the way shown. Up to him, now...


Independently of the above, I had been thinking about (Real) Elves. I had 'seen' them as semi-humanoid energy bodies. However, in one way, that seemed to make no sense. They were way higher in consciousness-level than (Real) Faeries. (Real) Faeries are very non-human in their shape, so why would (Real) Elves be 'seen' as semi-humanoid?

So, I asked HS to put me in touch with a (Real) Elf. I asked it to show me its true shape. I was immediately 'swimming' in a 3-D wave-pattern of energy, almost like you would imagine a symphony of sound-waves would look like if you could see them. Cool!

It turned out that what I had 'seen' earlier was their 'projection' down towards earth-plane. It had something to do with being close-enough to 'humanoid' to actually 'watch' us. They are usually not 'spotted' in this state, so my waving at them surprised them. So, a correction/addition to my long-ago posting (grin).

It is an interesting world!

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...


Jesus loves you
Thats what the man told me, he said
Heaven awaits you
If you only believe
But you have to beg me
To give you the key
And if you don't want to
You'll never ever be free

From your pain
It stays the same
And it starts to rain
And you wash away with the rain

I don't believe him
This man is wearing a tie
So I knock his teeth in
For telling me such a lie
Now his mind has awoken
And he has story's to tell
That he himself is broken
And that his heaven is hell

Wash away with the rain etc...

My gratitude and prayer to you Les.


galen said...

Thank you, Lava. Interesting twist. I come away reminding myself: Careful who I trust, and no more begging!

Hell has lots of doors; perhaps heaven has more. :)


galen said...

Some assert that 70 is the new mid-age. Seems there may be many years ahead of work and play. That said. . . Happy Birthday, Magdelena!!



Anonymous said...

Thank you Galen.



est said...

funny thing the other day
my dad stopped by

after an hour, i begged a ride
to the store [for smokes]

so down at the end of the street
i say 'take a left, at the buddha'

as there is [a/his] face painted
on a brick wall building

my old man has a sense of humor
and we both laughed

if for different reasons - ha
hope you're all good <>

Anonymous said...

Steven Gordon,

Thanks for summing up so clearly how I feel about these blogs and their author.

Les Visible has unique talents and perspectives that fan the flames of a powerful force. May it shine on like the sun!


galen said...

This came out a few weeks ago but I just got around to it; perhaps some have seen it already. I found it riveting. It comes through a Christian filter, and the history sings with depth and cohesion. Please excuse the bow-tie. :)


Part 1

Part 2


Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now.

Deep in a Mangrove Swamp with a Broken Leg and a Busted Crutch.

Thomas said...

From this subjective point of view:

This reads like you were experiencing some measure of peace and harmony while writing it (at least in most of the post), and I am happy for you about that. When "truth" is gentle (but firm, sure), it is far easier to assimilate.

Thanks Vis :) May you have more of that quiet inside that unfolds and reveals the secrets of life, gently gently.

David Fiske said...

Lovely post Vis.Yes the world can be tough and yes it is tough to be here and yes somewhere else more blissful does attract and who knows when that might happen. I am very fortunate living where I do, in a village community where my inner life remains my private concern and I seem to be well able to smile and be pleasant while my 'real' life is inside and YES I would have liked to live in a community of like minded but that has never happened so in some other world maybe. Till then I meditate often, do my Taoist internal stuff and practice silent patience. I listen to good music, feed the deer and am immersing myself in T.S Eliot's 4 Quartets , a birthday present to myself. The world turns and will continue till....?



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