Sunday, February 01, 2015

A Little Super Sunday Sermon of Benevolent Intent.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Be the human being that your dog thinks you are.

I've had so many things go wrong over the last decade or so that it kind of became routine. I don't know why these things happened and I don't know why all those other things didn't happen. All I know is that I am on the other side of it at the moment and I said what I said here to set up a hypothesis; What if you, although possessing near zero, appearance wise, as far as power and influence goes, actually had a great deal of influence and access to the invisible than one thinks. This sets up an interplay with the unseen from the dark zones and corners of the astral plane which hasn't been swept out in a long time... oh... but that is coming; count on it. Bank on it.

In the same way that one will attract the forces of light when one is engaged in the service of the light, one will attract the forces of darkness because it is their nature to reflexively oppose all who do so. So... don't go wondering or speculating about how and when the inexplicably undesirable shows up to harass you; you listening visible? Uh... yeah... yeah.

Relative importance in the spiritual realm cannot be measured by possessions and positions in the temporal. Most of us don't know how valuable or incidental we might be because we are natively prone to measure things by the manifest and that's not relevant. One person sincerely working for the good of all will have more impact and effect greater and more lasting change than an entire football stadium of people paying little attention to any of this.

It is the nature of the forces of darkness to go after anyone who is engaged in actions that threaten the command towers of the negative. If you're getting serious opposition in your course, you could be going the right way (grin). The most important thing that anyone seeking to serve the forces of light has to remember is that absolute and convincing victory may not be the result of one's life efforts. Sometimes in war one winds up on a suicide mission for the greater good. Sometimes one is set out to draw the enemies attention away from a particular flank or strategy. Individual players need always be aware of their individual insignificance over the long course of the near incomprehensible intent of The Logos in its far reaching plan across centuries and millennia.

It is the quality of ones deeds that counts, not whether one wins or appears to lose. We are chosen for the exercise of our best abilities and these can vary significantly from player to player. Sometimes you get people who are so very, very different in perspective and means of approach that for either, the other, looks undesirable, incompetent and sometimes even insane. This is a hard thing to guard against when one person's way of going about things goes contrary to everything we consider useful and effective.

I personally neither like nor admire most organized religious figures and new age practitioners AND... as time has gone by I have seen little to change my mind. The truth is though that I don't see everything that is going on. The truth is that people from these ranks and others not mentioned, can reach people who would neither understand nor be inspired by me, or others like me. I have to respect that. It's true that I have often looked upon these people as the blind leading the blind and it is also true that that is often true but... not always.

As time passes I find myself more accepting and embracing of things that have no relevance to me at all. At the same time, I am of the 'whatever works' school; with qualifications. Sometimes the means to the end perverts and compromises the end result. In these cases... we shall see and time will tell. 'We shall see and time will tell' is something I rely on concerning my own behavior, actions and agenda. Not everyone agrees with the way I go about things or what I say either; we shall see and time will tell. It is without question that I make mistakes. That does not make me the Lone Ranger. We all make mistakes and I would much rather associate with people who are not afraid to make mistakes than with people who seek to avoid that at all costs and who make mistakes anyway; more egregious mistakes even.

It's one thing to excel on the fields of play; win titles, make the deciding score or... triumph in the world of business or the arts. To influence others to be better than they might have been and to be a part of some fundamental change in the human heart is to be valued far above any of these other things. You can't always tell what your impact on life might have been and this is especially hard to see when you are in crisis periods or when you have fallen miserably away from your primary intention and... it happens. It surely does. True humility is one of the most underrated assets that a person can possess and one only acquires it by contact with something infinitely greater than oneself. Ergo, I exhort everyone to see that greater being so that one might gain a true understanding and perspective on ones actual 'mean' worth (grin). I have been lucky. I have had myself reduced to cinders many a time by fortuitous encounters with luminous beings. Even though you should never sell yourself short, you should never inflate your own value and become a victim of exaggerated self importance.

Okay... I think we've waxed rhapsodic enough for one post now on to the truly important concerns of the day and that would be... heh heh, the game!!! In typical twisted media fashion, flaming queen, Johnny Weir is flitting around the gridiron like Tinker Bell and if there is something irrelevant and seriously trivial and unrelated to anything recognizable in relation the game... well then, Johnny Weir is covering it and the forces that run the media want us to know that Johnny Weir is an integral part of the whole shebang which, of course, he is not. He's camping it up with a couple of female impersonators who, I think, are actually women but... I don't really know. This is not to say that everyone doesn't have the right to express themselves according to their own personal tastes so long as they do not injure another; that's my liberal failsafe, public position on it. What I actually think I will keep to myself because that is the wiser course and I have come to that late in the game.

By a certain twist of fate, the good offices of friends here and most possibly, supernatural grace, I am able to watch the game in my home today. That's a big deal to me. It means I don't have to go to a bar filled with noisy and belligerent drunks. At least one friend is coming over and I'm looking forward to the event. I went out yesterday and purchased a lot of ingredients for good eating. It should be fun.

I've kind of said all I got to say about that and I still have a lot of space left in the post. I didn't expect that to happen. I thought I would have more to say but I don't. I hope it's a good game. Of course I want my team to win but a good game will make up for any sense of loss otherwise (grin). I do fully expect The Patriots to win and that is surprising because I tend to be one who likes to analyse things impartially. I can only attribute this to an ongoing sensation that keeps reappearing in my head. This is not the usual for me. Usually I have some idea of what might happen and I got my preferences but this time that is all overshadowed by this sensation I keep getting. Of course, if I turn out to be wrong, the good news is that I will learn from that... hopefully. Still... I've been right so far; not that that means anything and THAT is a good thing to keep in mind... too.

You know what? My back is aching a bit because I don't have my usual ergonomic chair. At the moment I only got this lumpy micro-couch so so... I'm going to bid you adieu... until we meet again. Much love.

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Katy said...

Oh, how sweet is the smile of the omnipresent. Just 2 hours ago was reading about massive nation- changing for apparent good is worthless if it have not grace; while giving a snotnosed crabby man a kleenex can be a cosmic explosion of gemstone light, if done in a state of humble grace...well the second example was my summary, to shorten this..
^^^Sentence by sentence, i am happily nodding to the above post, (an unexpected gift before the Big Event for the day): yes, mm hmm, yeppers...enthusiastic agreement having whetted my appetite, time for some fermented] fruit of the vine.

Heh. Two pics of mr. (?) Weir here absolutely offer the understanding of a thousand words...

From a one who is grateful to have found these blogs, along with the sites of all the amazing commenters.
Humble thanks.

Good luck.!

Anonymous said...

Hope you're enjoying the game so far, Vis!

Sent at the start of the second quarter from the left coast, USA...

Kazz said...

Good to see you are settling in Vis.

I have come to the conclusion that we all must err, because we are here to learn and if one does not make mistakes they do not learn. A prime example of this was when I competed in martial arts tournaments. When I copped a hiding I learned the most. I feel this pertains to the butt kicking humanity is receiving right now from the TPTW.

I have been meditating very deeply of late to resolve a puzzling question; if the global elite are representing the Divine essence in this realm as the punisher, because we have given our authority over to the banksters by registering our children as their corporate slaves, then why are these same PTW attacking the countries which refuse to take up this system?

My conclusion is that the global satanic corporate elite are nothing but a bunch of psychopaths who are hell bent on killing EVERYONE! This includes their minions. .Jesus told us to do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Followers of Lucifer deceive humanity so they are going to be deceived. One should NEVER trust anything a satanist says because they are the GRAND DECEIVER.

As for Lucifer's followers being the light bearers, well how smart does one NOT have to be before they realise that taking away the rights and liberties of others removes your own rights and liberties, and that of your children. This is the action of an ignorant and ill informed section of the populace, hardly what I would refer to as light bearers!

As for learning to be humble, well I have learned that being humble is not about bowing to Man or Woman but about registering the fact that a much greater energy force than the self exists. Through acknowledging this force one realises that they cannot KNOW everything due to their limitations. For this reason one learns to discern between the will of the Divine and one's own will. The enlightened follow the will of the Divine and not the will of Man!!!! The will of man can easily be discerned because it serves the self while Divine Will serves others.

As for 'fooseball', I have little interest in the games in the Colosseum. I would much rather watch something like this


Luv Kazz

Visible said...

was I right or WAS i RIGHT?

point taken and... you didn't expect it.

Anonymous said...

What a great game! Who would have ever expected that ridiculous passing play by Seattle when they were at 1st and goal at the end of the game? And what was that kerfuffle in the end zone shortly thereafter about?

Even though I was rooting for Seattle, the Patriots were clearly the better team on several levels, both offensively and defensively. For the last two minutes of the game, I predicted that Seattle would not score while they had the ball, and when New England got the ball back, they would quickly move the ball back the other way for a field goal in the final seconds. I was partly right, and while it's a moot point now, I must say it was a very enjoyable game.

You were right, man. Good stuff, that.

Eudoxia said...

I hear was Kazz is saying about the games in the Colloseum and I agree but I could not watch that vid Kazz, gave me vertigo! In saying that and getting back to the game, isn't Pete Carroll the famous or infamous (depending on which way you look at it) 911 truther and Seahawks' coach that publically spoke about 911 being a false flag opp at one of the games last year or the year before? That being the case then I say go Seahawks not that I'll be watching it.

Kazz getting back to your comment abut the elite punishing us etc. I spent many years trying to search for some redeeming feature for their (the parasites) use and could find none. I'm of the conclusion they are here to steal souls and we are their food. They are cosmic parasites and the Universe is currently getting a worming and Mr Apocalypse is performing the ceremony with the assistance of the awakened.

Eudoxia said...

Hey Viz I heard the Patriots cheat!

walter washco said...

Shining Light, that is so beautiful,you still sing so well for an old man.

Anonymous said...

HI Les Vis
I'm enclosing a video of a smooth talking Brit (gay) writer who brings up a perennial argument in favour of atheism. The guy is obviously smart and has a point. I wonder how you would counter it.

Both same vid. Peter

Maria Housden said...

enjoy best of experiences vicariously through your eyes. love hawaii the game of football and life for similar reasons to yours. appreciate not needing tv to witness the tragedy, giving things more attention than deserved.

Anonymous said...

Amusing how Seattle snatched defeat from the clenched jaw of victory. The arrogance of that dumb pass play call from the one yard line was off the richter scale.


Visible said...

Thanks for the compliment (grin- I think), especially since it was for a first take scratch vocal that wasn't very good. I am not an old man however. Perhaps one day I might be but I am not that yet. No one who has spent any time around me would think so. I'm more like Pete Carroll than I am Walter Brennan; not that most people would remember who that was.

I got a comment earlier from someone hoping I would commit suicide. Could have been a disgruntled Seahawks fan or maybe not. Not everyone likes me. I am a polarizing personality. I have to live with that until the ineffable in his her grace liberates me from this role.

It's four AM or so and I am up. I'm often thoughtful at that hour. I can look at my life and see that I haven't had much success as an artist in any of the fields I work in. I haven't made any money. I've never had more than a few thousand dollars at one time. These days I have very little. I can't survive on donations and meager and occasional book and CD sales but... somehow I do, or have so far. I can look and see that I am alone. I'm living in very rustic circumstances very much on the margin and very much marginalized. The general judgment that could be made on my life is that I am a failure according to the standards of the world. I don't see it that way myself.

I work very hard at what I do. One way or another, most of the time, I am working. I don't pander for financial support. I don't use paid advertising. When people can't afford something I usually just give it to them. Even with the little I have, I help others when asked. I'm not perfect but I do struggle every day to be a better person Though I may be deluding myself I believe that I live to serve. I hear voices. Perhaps that makes me crazy. We shall see and time will tell. If you don't like me that's your problem. It's not a problem for me. I will leave it to history to determine whatever value I left in my wake. I have learned there are things I can control and things I cannot control. All I can do is strive to do my best. That may not be good enough but it is all I have. I don't want to ramble on. I just felt like saying this for whatever reason. I myself don't know why that is.

Okay... let me close by responding to a couple things. You 'heard' that The Patriots cheat? Oh well then that seems to be convincing enough. My only question would be; what are your details? I heard the moon was made of green cheese. Okay. A small amount of research would show that the matter of not enough air pumped into game footballs, REGARDLESS of the truth of who and what and why, made absolutely no difference on outcome and there is zero proof of anything. It's just slander. As for the video spying. So what? That was going on league wide at the time. NONE of this is relevant to their ability to win.

As for countering some atheists argument (I haven't seen the video yet) I hardly know how to respond to that because there is NO ARGUMENT that ANYONE could make that would have the slightest impact on me because I am completely convinced of the existence of God. I have had more experiences than I can count or remember. I have had direct interchanges with God... or representatives of God. It doesn't matter who else believes this. That is irrelevant. I have ONLY to convince myself and that has been accomplished. Arguing about it with anyone would be a waste of time. People don't want to believe? They will find a way. People want to believe? They will find a way. I don't want to believe and belief doesn't even enter into it. I KNOW. About many many things I do not know. This, I KNOW. It is way, way beyond the point where I would even consider doubting this

Visible said...

I did not mean to be abrupt with any of you. If you got that impression I am sorry. In this world of exaggerated touchy feely it is very easy to offend people. I'm just trying to do my best.I guess I'll go make an omelet and maybe... some lemonade.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

It was a great game! Classic ending and best of all the referees let the players play.

One of then best refereed championship games ever.

galen said...

There is an atheist group in my county; they meet for monthly pot-lucks and discussion. I've seen their open-invitation flyers in the paper. I feel they're targeting university students to fortify the philosophical atheism courses currently offered. They say they also welcome agnostics. I wonder what would happen if a believer showed up.

Yesterday, I too watched the Stephen Fry video offered above. For me it brought up a long-held desire to participate in a local debate pitting atheists against believers, with me, myself, amongst the believers. I do think we'd level them and my final comment to them might be something like: "Don't worry; you just haven't opened up to it yet."

But really, I have so much personal proof, as do so many others. Miracles, visions, visitations. And I am aware that I can be told it's all in my mind. But what is mind? Is it not as real as body? Some say more. The main thing is that the belief, the faith, produces results. And I have been saved from great peril too many times, often at the very last second, to not believe that there was some kind of intervention.

Of those who suffer (the children with cancer, etc.) I point to a world out of balance, a killing of natures cures, an aberration of all things evolutionary. And some teach there are some who suffer, who actually take-on suffering, for their own soul experience. I can't say for sure, but it certainly could be true.

I wonder of the loneliness of atheists. Where to lean when the worst manifests? And how sad to not take use of a resource that is so plentiful and with an unknown potential to transform. And who are they to judge another's transcendental experiences? I won't let them walk on the sacred and smear it with the mundane. But I do hope something shifts in them, something connected with planetary healing and a collective belief in miracles.


Anonymous said...

Re the Stephen Fry video, I guess the bottom line is not whether God exists (I too have ample proof of that) but WHY the incredible suffering on this benighted planet particularly of the innocent. The unspeakable suffering of animals - not just factory farming. Why the children with incurable cancers, people who don't have fresh drinking water, starvation amidst plenty, people who live in unspeakable circumstances. It's v easy to say "it's their karma" - I say its mainly because of satanic greed and priorities of a banking agenda which prevents the right thing from being done. A world where great strides have been made in the past but now seems to be going backwards. These kinds of problems could be very easily dealt with.
Personal transcendence and connection with the divine is a priority but what is the purpose of the innocent suffering ? What are they doing in this hell hole.
Of course Stephen Fry's take is superficial and silly at his level but he does raise a very valid point.
I don't expect any answers from you Les Vis but this does preoccupy my mind at times. A very important book by the way is John Lamb Lash's Not in His Image which gives a non Christian (gnostic) approach to some of this stuff. Peter

Thomas said...

Oi Vis! What a beautiful post! Graceful and open-ended, and very inspiring comments you made, too. Not at all less impactful for being a little smoother at the edges. It really suits you to clothe yourself in some of the feminine mystique, not out of vanity, but simply out of its nature (and primal wisdom, perhaps). I don't know if it was intentional, but that doesn't matter. Perhaps it is best left to the Divine (probably ;)). But, how wonderful it is too feel your complete lack of self-importance. I want that too! ;D As for touchy-feely... I have destroyed quite a few people with wrath, sometimes half-rigtheous, sometimes not. I have nearly always regretted it, and always come back to try and rectify it. I have destroyed myself in the same way. It's, well, it can be quite effective, as I think you know, but also very destructive, in an unhealthy sense. Sometimes it is warranted. But it is up to each of us to learn to build ourselves on something real, that can bend and yield, out of its virtue of being alive. If one can be offended and destroyed, there is something fragile and vulnerable one is guarding. That is NOT a license to disrepect others. As Lao Tzu says (paraphrased) "gain should be our intention". Allowing ones mind to become hard and brittle as glass is a sure way to suffering. Rather, flexible and firm, I find is good.

Besides that, I am trying to balance humility and confidence, feeling and action, and usually erring on the side of either subjugation or domination, even shifting in one encounter. Hehe. Well, we can only do our best. Somehow the Lord seems to be unthinkably merciful and patient, as well as willing to help us if we but ask. How blessed are we? I don't know! (but lots lots lots, I think).

Thank you Visible!

You are doing well from where I'm looking, Mister! I hope it stays the same, or gets better.

Be well, all :)

p.s. my mother took me to the cinemas last week to see "birdman". It has received rave reviews. It is very entertaining, and extremely well done, but it reeks of insidious and subtle evil from start to finish. The (im)moral is deeply corrupt. Quite a show.

Ray B. said...

Vis, good column. Much depth. And, glad you made use of the 3-4am 'wakey, wakey' time to get 'online'. You are loved...

Vis: "It is the nature of the forces of darkness to go after anyone who is engaged in actions that threaten the command towers of the negative. If you're getting serious opposition in your course, you could be going the right way (grin)."

The trick is to 'catch' them as early as you can (grin). It's a bit like taking on a Roman Legion. If you let them get into a good formation in a good location, the results will be bloody at best. Think Boadicia. If you can get into their midst before they form-up, you can actually get to the leaders. Think Hannibal and Arminius. Sorry about the military metaphors, but this is what 'popped up'. Until we can raise into some form of a Nirvana space, it is best not to adopt an ostrich-stance about the "forces of darkness"...

One can do the above by simply being 'aware' (and then doing something about it). I have talked before about high-pitched 'whistling' sounds (not tintinitus) being evidence of someone 'looking-in'. Sometimes, it is Higher Self. Sometimes, it is not. Check it out. Then, do what is needed. Catch them early...

Similarly, be aware of 'presence', body cues such as hair-raising or sudden coolness, and unbidden mood-changes or pains. Ask whatever you call Higher Self to investigate, and do what is needed. Catch them early...

Finally, be aware that you are not alone in this. There has been such 'success' in recent times that unseen well-wishers far outnumber unseen ill-wishers. Make use of this. Ask your Higher Self (or whatever) for help or 'reinforcements', and take it as far as appropriate. 'Listen' to what then happens. Build up your 'other-worldly' senses. It is a wide 'world', just waiting for us to awaken to it.

When you do the above, the 'opposition' has much less chance of setting-up a set-piece 'gotcha'...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

P.S. Anon: "Who would have ever expected that ridiculous passing play by Seattle when they were at 1st and goal at the end of the game?" Exactly. Couldn't believe it. Would have liked to be in quarterback's head as he planned, to see/sense what was going on...

Anonymous said...

Chapin had a line,

"Truth is a wall that you can't blow down and it won't be laughed away"..

I did not watch the Stupid Bowl, as a book was more inviting, written in 1868 by a
Dr. De Pressense, in French

LANGUAGE is THE "ISSUE"...which is
what is so special about your SLUM DOG MILLIONAIRE approach to
this incarnation [GRIN]...

gotta love that attitude you've worked up ole boy...

Mackey's has a different take on the word ASSASSINS...
"keeper of the traditions"...
in the footnote @1924 edition...

Mucho Grande big CHEERS & Aloha

could you do a version of the song
"This little light of mine"
for the still young at heart who are fortunate enough to enjoy your top shelf work...?



Anonymous said...

Vegas loses big on the Super Bowl -

Smyrna said...

Why the suffering of innocent children, animals etc.?

Well, this isn't 'heaven', and there is a grand plan to everything.

A perfect pain and trouble free existence in this 'physical' realm is not possible is it?

You are inside, and a part of, the machinations of a big computer program playing itself out. 'Shit happens' here.

The consensus-reality 'Matrix' is a program to enslave you within, and keep you oblivious to the big program. Gnosis resides outside of it. Unplug from it.

galen said...

PS on the atheism thing: They're sellin' it. Yeah, you know who. The Atheist Clubs are poppin' up everywhere. And it's oh so cool. And hip. And informed. And you can feel the agenda ooze. A putrid attempt to kill the miracle, which of course is un-killable. They do dress nicely though. And a few of them write books and involve themselves in the curator circle. And the kids come with wide eyes and open minds. And in it pours: "I don't believe so neither should you. Trust science/facts." (Ha, scienc will prove it every time.) The kids think it's sooooooo cool; it's the opposite of what mom and dad thought and taught and of course mom and dad are uncool. But the atheists, they're cool. They serve humus and organic edamame. There's a men's choir and a sign-up sheet. There are flowers in a pottery bowl and a view of the field. Someone planted nasturtiums.


Ray B. said...

"Six Immediate Health Benefits Of Not Believing Mainstream Media" 2015/02/03 HERE

"Because of the knowledge we share, we can reach that point where we hear about the next terror attack or shooting and know almost as the news transpires that it’s likely another false flag. If you are still worried about being called a “conspiracy theorist”, then you may still be under their spell. Yes, absolutely, it is still a good idea to let stories evolve and wait for the facts before making a judgment. But, those that are completely awakened know the patterns, the oddities and the signs of these false flags."

Kazz said...

To all atheists,


The reason I KNOW all atheists are idiots is because all your rights and liberties are provided under law through God's authority. If you get rid of God you get rid of your rights and liberties, which is exactly what the Darwinians wanted. After all if you are a criminal getting rid of the law would certainly serve your agenda, wouldn't it?

We are currently living under so called secular governments in the West. Here in Australia we still have MINISTERS running the show, a prime MINISTER, and all the other MINISTERS. Well I am a MINISTER of the Divine and I ADMINISTER my own trust now, which means I am no longer an incompetent if I have to do battle in court. If you are not administering your own trust (birth certificate - cestui que trust, or driver's license - foreign situs trust) you are their bitch. End of story.

My advice to all those atheists out there is to go and buy the biggest jar of vaseline that you can find because you are going to get fecked big time. Remember when it happens to blame your self and not the Divine because you are one of the idiots that got rid of God and put the so called secular governments in place, which are all Satanic. In your defence I would like to point out that when the ROMAN Catholic Church was running the show it was run by the same sort of people. TPTW have been simply changing costumes for the last 6,000 years to give the opinion of change, but in actual fact they have been running the show the entire time. If you doubt this study history and look at the consistency in their ACTS! They always rape pillage and murder, it is their MO. The ROMAN Catholic Church is the antichrist because all of its policies are anti to that which Christ taught!

This is why ignorance and greed is the root of much suffering. The ignorance of the populace is used to feed the greed of the corporate mafia, which is why they go to so much trouble to make the people ignorant. Pity these corporate parasites did not dig deeper into metaphysics or they would have realised how detrimental their behaviour is to their eternal journey. The elite know that their minions are going to pay big time, but they don't care, because that is what they are her for, to separate the wheat from the chaff for the Divine. The corporate elite, I believe, have a contract with the Divine (deal between devil and God to test Job - note right spelling anonymous:o).



galen said...



Katy said...

Galen....regarding the selling of atheism:
You Nailed it.
My engagement with the university system in the u.s. for two decades (and another as a student before that) has allowed me to watch the transformation of so many things, including exactly what you described.
Regarding the question of evil: all the stories myths histories insights visions point to an original (and still) perfection and bliss; a fall or veil or exit of created beings from the paradisical state, the cause of which results in the terrible cost/price the Ineffable pays for like company or kids or lovers: allowing free father like son; the human soul is truly our mother's daughter.
And, incredibly! We are told: hang in there. I did it before you, you can make it, when we are together again it will seem like it passed in the twinkling of an eye, and all you suffered well will contribute mightily to our ecstacy...

Kazz said...

Dear Vis and readers,

A friend of mine read the last post I made (above) about atheists and was a bit taken aback about the judgemental perspective I put forward. This friend also pointed out how I should be grateful to have been blessed enough to see what I do see, and perhaps feel more inclined to sympathy rather than judgement.

I decided my friend was right. I had not considered how blessed I truly am to have gained the insights that I have. It is humbling to realise how easy it is to forget to be grateful, and how easy it is for arrogance to creep in.

I know it takes all kinds of people to make the world go around. After thinking about my friends comments I realise what others believe and do is really none of my business. I really should not get caught up in others dramas. When will I learn?

Heaven knows I would hate to live in a world where everyone was forced to believe the same thing, so I am going to take the advice of my wise friend and simply be grateful for the insights that I have been shown, and be mindful of the fact that the world is going to unfold how it wants. Even though I believe people are all idiots sometimes, myself included, and I don't agree with everything other people believe, I still think people are awesome.

Thanks friend (you know who you are) for telling me what you really honestly think. Such a friend is a rare and a valuable addition.

Luv Kazz

galen said...

Thanks, KatyTold.

And thanks, Karen, I think it's the coolest thing when we catch ourselves and decide some fine-tuning is needed.

And on we go, perfectly imperfect, very much like the universe itself.



Kazz said...

Dear Galen,

Thanks for the moral support, and thanks for all the positivity that you spread. I think you are pretty cool when you are in perfect mode, and I like the fact that you fall down occasionally. It tells me you are human and not a robot :o). I really do like you Galen, even if I don't always agree with you :o).

Luv Kazz

walter washco said...

Vis, that old man thing was in jest, I am your age and sure as hell not old, I don't mind when someone refers to me as old, i like it. Dylan is also your age, but unlike you his voice is not what it used to be. My voice is still clear and strong also. like many who follow you i respect you greatly.

Visible said...

I kinda knew that and my response was intended to be taken in that understanding. I think Dylan is at least 5 years older than me though.

Yeah... he don't sound so hot anymore but ALL he does is tour

Anonymous said...

"Facts are the enemy of truth." Miguel de Cervantes

Materialists/atheists have a problem: Either the universe has existed forever or it just erupted out of nothing. Both propositions are counterintuitive and neither idea can be tested.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Teachings of Queen Kunti,
Chapter 11..

"It is no use saying that we do not know why we are suffering. We may forget the misdeed for which we may suffer at this present moment, but we must remember that Paramatma is our constant companion and therefore He knows everything--past, present, and future."

(Paramatma is the Holy Spirit)

Kala - Eternal Time

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

The Feckless Whores from Bent Nose County and the Angel of Dread.

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Visible's radio show just went up.



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