Sunday, February 15, 2015

In Perpetual Pursuit of the Presence of the Ineffable.

Electric has been down all day; why this didn't go up earlier.

Dog Poet Transcendentalizing.......

May the roses bloom on your dog collar.

Okay... let's see; 2212 postings. That's somewhere around a little less than two million words. Then there's 217 radio broadcasts, 3 books, 11 CDs and whatever there is elsewise that hasn't occurred to me at the moment. I briefly alluded to this in the last posting. This all amounts to somewhere in the neighborhood of about 15,000,000 visitors. Let's add in some catastrophic visitations, interspersed with a larger number of wonderful encounters. Factor in a fifteen year exile in Europe, followed by a complete closing up of shop and a transition to whatever this is at present.

I'm told a whole knew schematic is now in play and I can see that that is true. I can feel it as well. You'd think I would have gotten a little further in terms of some wider success at it all but... that has not been the case. I've known for awhile that I am closed off from every mainstream area of endeavor and short of a massive change in the power structure, that's going to just go on until something happens, or doesn't happen.

The odd feature about all of this is that there is a pretty powerful alternative media presence; part of that isn't alternative at all but there are quite a few large internet presences and connected sorts that have a lot of influence in their particular ponds of various sizes and I am, for the most part closed off from them too. It's hard to tell just how much of all of this is actually under the control of the other media. It's hard to tell how many of these are government ops or corporate ventures, masquerading as altruistic efforts in the pursuit of truth. Regardless of all that, I have long known what my biggest obstacle to getting anywhere (is there anywhere to get too?) has been due to my putting the existence of the ineffable in the forefront of what I do. This pisses off people on both sides of the fence, because they are in that baby and the bathwater syndrome and they chronically and persistently confuse the ineffable with religion. The two, in essence are mutually exclusive. I know this and most of you know this and that is the reason that the core group here; which changes over the course of time, is made up of believers.

We come from different faiths and forms of practice but... for the most part, to an extraordinary degree, we get along. There is a resonance here. That is undeniable. There is synchronicity here and there is some amount of the serendipity of the supernatural. There is an undeniable congress of talent here. There is a wealth of touched and occasionally tormented hearts. There are those who are fairly comfortable in their existence and there are those living on the edge... close to the squeezing margin of that rock and a hard place. I am one of those but... it doesn't feel like it. There is this persistent certitude that I have now that hasn't been in residence since... since... I don't know when. Somehow... I KNOW I'm going to be taken care of and that everything needed is going to appear when it is needed. This is what I told myself when my car overheated yesterday and it looks like there is some kind of leak where the anti-freeze is making its exit. Of course it had to go critical with the red flashing watership symbol, right when I was caught in that gridlock that we got here most days on the highway out of Hilo. I just relaxed and motored right on home and it didn't even boil over when I went to check it but... it was low and twice yesterday I had to top it up. I didn't go anywhere today. We'll see about that.

My friends. It has been a real pleasure to work with you over these years. Although my own part in all of this has been going on for decades, this segment has been going on for about one of those. It goes without saying that I have offended some of you. In some cases I have deeply offended some of you and no rapprochement is possible... at the moment. In some cases that is absolutely fine. It doesn't make me right and you wrong. It doesn't make you right and me wrong. It is just what it is. Cactus and avocado don't grow in New York State, except in controlled environments and even then, probably never as well as they do where they are native to the location and climate. One of the hardest things in life and one of the most definite expressions of a certain level of wisdom is the ability to be dead certain of your course and also dead certain that there are other courses that are just as valid as your own.

One of my persisting visibilisms concerns the image of a mountain and... you can get up that mountain all kinds of different ways. If you just think about it, you will realize that no one of us knows all of those ways or even most of them. Some people go right straight up the mountain. Some of you will go via some kind of a switchback. Some of you will go round and round the mountain and you'll be coming around that mountain when you come. Some might tunnel into the mountain and follow caverns to the sun but regardless of how you get there, what matters is that you get there. Nothing else matters but that AND... the kicker is, once you get to the top you can see all of the ways up and down. That implies a a form of illuminated awareness and you don't get to that point by arguing about the courses taken by others.

When I got arrested on Maui in 1984 and was facing life in prison, my friend Michael Green went to Guru Bawa and asked him about me after telling him about my situation and Bawa said, “Oh, he'll be fine. He has just chosen another path.” It seems to me he said it almost dismissively but not in an unkind way. It seems to me he was saying, “Oh it's not even something to think about” and then the most unreal series of events took place and I became the only one in Hawaiian history, even to the day, to be acquitted in the fashion that I was. So... even though it has been a singularly hard row to hoe for me, there have been bright moments, faith making moments. I have become absolutely convinced that if the hammer comes down on you relentlessly and you are in pursuit of the ineffable beyond all things, to the extent that you suffer and persevere, you will be answered commensurate with your degree of difficulty. That is how it works. That is how it works. I have been in every state of desperation and have skirted the border of despair more times than I can remember. I realize now that this is all a part of the legacy and even though I have not always been true to my motto of, “leave good footprints”, I have repented and rededicated myself, again and again, and I suggest, in fact, I exhort you to do the same.

Now, there is a reason why I brought up what got mentioned in the first paragraph. Occasionally I wonder about what I do. I especially wonder about people's expectations of me; not wanting to be what I am not, simply to play a role I have not been authorized to play, not wanting to come off as someone who has set themselves up for a fall; ALWAYS be unassuming, never be presumptions. When I was a child, I often read the Bible and I went to Sunday school, where each Sunday we were given Biblical cartoons and I looked forward to them. One of the cartoon/graphic novel stories that I remember was one where Jesus was speaking and he said something to the effect that, “when you are invited to an engagement, do not immediately take one of the prominent seats, rather take a much less prominent seat so that you are not asked to move to a lower place but are rather invited into a higher place.” I've never forgotten that. I consider humility to be one of the 'can't do without period' qualities. It is a MUST HAVE. Why do I say this? I do not say this because it is one more pose one must adopt or that one must be humble because some rule book says so. I say this because humility is something that one cannot avoid if one is to have an realistic understanding about the true relationship between our own insignificance and the immeasurable greatness of the ineffable by comparison. Unless one has this understanding of the relative difference between ourselves and the divine, we ain't going past a certain point and we will most definitely be in line for a purpose of demonstration moment; not a hoped for demonstration either. The proper awareness of what is so in this regard, automatically confers an unshakable humility. Accept no substitutions.

It has never been more true than here that every participant is critical to the mix and our ability to remain always aware of that is what makes everything work here. Some number of times it seemed that the house was coming down here. Sometimes there has been distinct enemy action but the one telling truth is that the majority never paid any real attention to any of it and every effort to paint things other than how they truly were, has fallen short of its intended accomplishment. Here is also where we see the hand of the divine at work and truly... truly; “greater is that which is within you than that which is in the world” and “if god is for me, who can be against me?”

It is clear to me, as I am sure it is to many of you, that what we have here is also for the purpose of demonstration and what that is... We shall see and time will tell.

I want to thank all of you who have stuck by me and each other, to bring us to this point in the movie. The seriously impactful and important moments of it all are on the horizon. This is all headed somewhere, even if it is only where we are, it is going to be completely where we are because that is what we aspire to and intend and that is what the ineffable intends for us as well. Does anyone doubt this? Does not scripture affirm this? Have not all the teachings of the wise confirmed this? Do you not suspect that this MUST be so?

May god in his infinite wisdom guide your footsteps in all ways to the heart of the almighty where we shall dwell forever by the sweet fountains of inspiration and unending love, forever reaching and yet never arriving at the heights of it's possible expression because there is no end to the capacity and power of Love.

End Transmission.......

Hoping to have a radio show together for this weekend which is why I've stayed up this evening to write this post.

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Anonymous said...

Hi V,
Thank you so much for being you. I still follow all your posts & it amazing you have written 2 million words in a decade. I am glad that Hawaii is going well after the rocky start. I have sure progressed since my kundalini 'awakened' over 2 years ago now.
I have come to the conclusion that the integration was the hardest part and it's still ongoing but the 'octave' is finer.
I just let everything be ok; the highs & the lows.
Love to all!
David Widner

treedragon said...

and talking of paths my approach has been the succumbing to, and bathing in, the direct experience of being creations best example of me, i, etc and so forth, warts and all as they say..... no judgement where achievable with no idea if the water will be frozed or frizzed from one moment to the next.
Of course there is a rider to this for there also seems a need to simply be fully present........... fully present........ hehe easier writ than done i find. None the less one of the many paths that must by definition involve some sort of direct experience with the ineffable one would hope, for how can we know without “being”..... and to be..... well, like us all, at least i am present to some undefined degree and that at least is progress.

Your words Les, are like reminders, connections of self to self yet still apart at least somewhat, expressions of the resonance you speak of. Each day i read the synchronicity of your words and marvel just a little more. Thank you for everything you do.

Anonymous said...

Your behaviour still is disgusting. If you really want to grow up tell Visible and Lasha the truth.

Rather than misleading them

Neil Windsor

Anonymous said...

Visible, Lasha,

I wrote a document today where there was a section on Visible and Lasha. Your post indicates that neither Lasha nor Visble is aware of what was said about them.

Please find out.

Neil Windsor

treedragon said...

@Neil Windsor

With due respects to Vis and his insightful postings.... i am perplexed, hehe totally perplexed i be, but being of an inquiring sort of mind and thus i ponder after having perused the previous comment to mine (treedragon) and finding no direct link to it in your comment i assume (and probably wrongly) that your comment was pointed in what you feel is my direction and as it is a slow night for me here in the antipodes it invites considered comment at least in recognition of your effort especially considering the air of judgement around the situation..................... hmmmm

It is true i accept all identifications as part of self especially as i have never met anyone that is a stranger, and that as such is my direct experience and maybe it is yours as i believe there is no separation within the ways of the ineffable. However i do note that truth is a somewhat subjective experience and the misled are there by choice and who can argue with that methinks (he says quoting direct experience relevant to none but self), especially as it is the side of another coin of the realm within my experiencial reality.

“Still is disgusting” i can embrace also for is it not simply the other side of a coin and one can’t have a one sided coin that i am aware of............ so ultimately it is choice and that we all have.

The previous comment i wrote Re: Visible is publicly the first comment i have posted here as i am not one for general comment in the most part, you know.... not really a game player more a direct doer you might say. Visible is a recognized to me and Lasha i know nothing of except in the sense of detail, so i have to assume that if my whole premise has any validity then a mis-identification has happened although i am loath to admit there are parts of my reality i am yet not fully aquainted with.......... :-) :-)

all the best treedragon

Anonymous said...

That was beautiful, felt like it came straight from the heart. Thank you so much for sharing with us. Religion has locked so many out of the kingdom, but when I suggest that there is another way to interpret scripture all I get is an ass chewing. I'm going to win one someday. :)

Visible said...

Heh heh well, that's as clear as mud (grin).

Brian Crossland said...

I like climbing mountains,
Looking forward to a clear view perhaps one day.
In the meantime I will follow the guide cairns placed here best I can, with a few meanders of my own.
Best foot forrard,


Anonymous said...

Vis, thanks for sticking with us, in spite of sometimes inane comments...

There is always a choice - one can trust in the Ineffable or one can trust in one's own ego. Some would say that this is the meaning behind "...the rich man and the camel through the eye of a needle..." allegory. It is not the wealth in itself that is the obstacle for the rich man, but rather his belief in the role of the wealth, and thereby the diminution of the Ineffable.


Visible said...

If you are a peacemaker you have already won. One of my most consistent beliefs and practices is, "those who have to argue have missed the point" I don't argue, I state and that's that, take it or leave it because... that's another of my consistent things; I don't have to convince anyone else. I ONLY have to convince myself. I hear, "yeah but" and I just give that inscrutable smile (grin).

One of the things I do with people- and I know that everyone is different is that I study them and make note of what is possible and what is a waste of time and I stay within what applies to the individual and don't stray into conflict zones and they will ALWAYS reveal themselves; the conflict zones that is.

Some people just like to argue. It's in their nature.; It's not in mine. I am looking for ac-cord, not dis-cord. And I WILL have accord with anyone even if it means avoiding them altogether.

One must learn to be a toreador so that one can avoid the bull. the key is to recognize that everyone has an ego and to recognize where it hits them and not hit them. What is the point of competing when I have already won? Besides, I'm not working for 'my' interests. I'm working for 'our' interests.

Jenny said...

Working for our interests- that says it all. Thank you Vis! - jen

Anonymous said...

thanks for sticking around!
LOVE from Babylon

liz in l.a.

Anonymous said...

My Pure Love

Years ago when we met (2011)
I still felt your pulse and sensed your beat
Perhaps, then,  we could have met
But I was not me then, I wish I did greet.

Then one day in last November (2014)
Your love caught unawares, me
I felt you so close like family, remember
Instead, fate made you part of me.

When I was asked to love (2014)
I only new one's love as pure
It was my real mother's love (biological mother now deceased) 
You, my Pure Love, now has pain to cure.

THOSE who demand love from the One
Who can save their sorry life from death
Know not what love is and still firing the gun

(THEY dare not forget:)
It is your Pure Love for me which keeps THEM from sure death.

Written:  Sunday, 15 November 2015 04:52 AEST
Emailed:  Sunday, 15 February 2015 06:41 AEST
Posted:  Monday, 16 February 2015 04:43 AEST

Thomas said...

Wise and sober words, I think.

Thanks for the prayer and goodwill, and may it come right back at you :)

robert said...

Dear Visible and friends:

Suffering is part of it but not to be added to our false identification!

The religious trap of finding worth through the accumulation of suffering awaits!

Those who suffer for the sake of walking with the Presence of the Ineffable

Do indeed receive compensation beyond the ken of human calculation

But the challenge is to be always discerning between the mask we identify as us

Which is, in the end , insignificant, yet not throw out the Cosmic Baby we carry with us!

Selfishness is ultimately superficial-ness, where we stay trance-locked to the wallpaper

Missing the deeper currents our blood runs within while pursuing delusions of our own making.

Every element of the Real is significant but NOT our temporary superficial apprehension of Reality

What the Ineffable Creator is calling to is the player behind the persona, the Divine presence

Which sees no distinction between Self and the innumerable sleeping selves learning to wake up...

We may discard the wrapping paper as lessons learned but NOT the least true feeling or experience

Where the Will of the Ineffable has touched our own will and made us more conscious of Life

Fine discrimination is what we finally learn is the asymptote we must embrace and grow toward

Throwing the limited energy of our personality in passionate bursts at our mental blocks and emotional blindness

Shows us our will and calls for angelic reinforcement but is not a sustainable path.

Wisdom sincerely imitating Mother Nature is to do more with less, in eternal elegance

The more we learn to see in depth and detail, the more we can do more good than harm in our walk

That natural and spiritual law, physical and metaphysical principles are no respecter of persons,

Does not mean that this universal learning space is not completely individualized by our choices!

The awesomeness of a living world where we shape our experience down to the quarks in our neurons

Belies the corrupted group-think from despair that the Ineffable is Procrustes cutting us all to one size!

The wonder and mystery of this learning space is that it is Designed to nurture uniqueness at all costs!

Not superficial distinctions which flat-world perceptions bring but the intrinsic uniqueness of Creation!

We are called to become dance partners of matchless Uniqueness and must grow new aspects to touch

New facets to bring into close communion with the infinitely faceted Ineffable, up close and personal,

New moves to make to match up with the Infinite dance steps spilling into Joyful expression.

Ecclesiastes’ “nothing new under the sun” is a tone poem on the Ineffable's desire for playmates!

At a deep level, Creation is a self-propelled, Living exploration which does not change its essential ways

Yet, like fractal mathematically generated worlds, magnificent ways under the Son generate the New

Even the Ineffable is in wonder and Love with the surprise which the acts of Creation bring

Like all true prophesy and high frequency transmissions, the words can only convey the state of mind

The state of spirit of the individual in union with the One, revealing the Unity of spiritual experience.

At all scales of existence, the dynamics of Being are the same, yet experienced in infinite variety!

May we all learn to love learning more each day and to cut loose all attachment to our growing pains!

::ersraw Boiler

robert said...

This was my literary offering to my first love, my mother, on V-day.

It makes no distinction between her and the Ineffable!

Valentine to You

You have always been everything to me

You have always been there for me, no matter what I do

You have always been the model for me, the ideal to embrace

Everyone I meet is measured in harmony with Your presence

The deep communion I have always felt with You is beyond price

Nothing less connected can be taken seriously in selecting a dance partner

The cheerful energy You bring to paying attention to everyone You meet

Shows the heart of the Universe moving in microcosmic relief

Your being is One with All Being, no separation, only a difference in scale

Since Life began, everything that matters grows from unconscious to Conscious

However painful waking up to the rhythm of Life’s changes may be

There is nothing to do in the world but to learn to love You more each breath

To watch the infinite number of Universes each grow larger in Love with Life!

::efomun being

Anonymous said...


I am convinced there is a terrible price to be paid for getting somewhere. There's all that rigging to mess with and the inevitable fool on the rudder who can't tell right from left and steers you right into the swamp. The slip fees…. Fiberglass…. Bacteria that loves to eat canvas…. Dead fish everywhere….

It's the same with cars. Cars are evil. They are designed to fail. They run on oil. The planet is made sad by the vibration of a million billion tiny car explosions under the hoods AT ALL TIMES…. Cars serve Rothschild and Rockefeller and their wars. Cars are sustained by murder most foul. Get thee to a bus stop. I had a health prof who said the easiest way to destroy American males was to take away their cars.

SOOO, I left my incredible space-age ram-pump/solar tree house in the woods and moved to the valley where light rail trains and buses take me where I need to go. I never have to talk to a mechanic again (awful dirty types, poor things, they fail).

We fail. Friends fail and fail us. Our parents failed. Yet still we rise. Our friends are here and we're damned lucky to have them. Hi friends. God bless us each and every one and God bless Viz who sings to us and makes the journey with us and who understands and is a Prince of the Internet.

Few understand what the Internet is. More than all the libraries and universities that ever were, a preview of the comic record. How the golems must hate it. With the Internet we can have a democracy (a thing that has never been here). Get up each morning and discuss and vote for or against the offered propositions. TPTB will of course fight against this relentlessly.


A proposition: Stop all wars, disband the military and arrest any therein who behaved as monsters.

A proposition: Abolish the Federal Reserve Bank and arrest all current and former workers in this criminal ponzi entity.

A proposition: Immediately construct and operate state-of-the-art bullet trains that go everywhere.

A proposition: Immediately construct and operate a Disneyland-type facility in every neighborhood in California.

et cetera, et cetera, please add more propositions



Anonymous said...

Words (almost) fail me.

Ray B. said...

I just saw this at the last VO. I thought I'd put it here, in case Gene had moved on...

Coruscant L'amore / Gene, February 13, 2015 4:52:00 PM

"It just snapped in my noggin that maybe our reality is held real due the mass buy in of all of us who think such just is. Maybe what's gonna result is all of us who see the logical flow of the bullshit behind the scenes are gonna get tired of it and stop believing in such black and white terms which maybe will open a window for 'magical' things to evolve...

Do you think that could be possible? The ones who've sought to know, in their knowing, override the errant belief of the masses as a whole due their sprinkling throughout the consciousnesses of this planet?"
Gene, thank you. That's one of the wisest postings that I've seen here. I take it as indeed the case. Everyone from esoteric offshoots of conventional religion to mystery schools to quantum mechanics to rogue scientists all say a version of the same.

Even the bad guys know this, and use it as the basis of their own 'slave' reality. That is why the emphasis on keeping us busy and distracted from cradle to grave. No deep thinkers/doers invited...

I perceive this is a 'war' for Reality (yes, capital R). Perhaps, all-God is trying to 'breed' a hardy variety of perennials that can 'hold the line' against heavy-duty weeds. (grin)

If you want to get an earth-plane sense of what you suggest, I'd recommend the work of Rupert Sheldrake. (Wikipedia and Official Site) He puts the underpinnings in place as to why the 'Hundred Monkeys Syndrome' works. Extrapolate that to Reality itself, and you get an understanding of what is at stake. (He is pilloried by conventional scientists, of course.)

An understanding of this 'effect' is sooo critical. I put it at around the level of knowing about the One Ring and Mt Doom. THAT critical...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

In Flagrant Violation of the Code of Silence said...

With all due respect, Vis.,I really have to say that--in my opinion at least in regard to your writing--it's your fearless calling out of the tribe that limits how much commercial success you get (or, don't get) to enjoy.

Now your faith in the ineffable no doubt informs this particularly sharp angle of your work; but it's that being named, blamed and shamed that they can't abide.

Being as the tribe has made it an obsession to own mostly every conduit to the commercial realm, it's simply a matter of profiling and ruling you out.

For all intents and purposes, they are trying to ignore you in the hopes that you will fade away without have caused too much damage to their cone of silence.

galen said...

Flagrant, I agree; it's likely, mostly the "calling out." Other "callers" feel it, too. But the callers are multiplying. Some good in that.

Magdelena, some good ideas, there. And. . . Proposition: Global Declaration of Respect For Animals (no harm)

And Robert, may I have this dance?



robert said...


Few understand what the Internet is. More than all the libraries and universities that ever were, a preview of the comic record. How the golems must hate it. With the Internet we can have a democracy (a thing that has never been here). Get up each morning and discuss and vote for or against the offered propositions. TPTB will of course fight against this relentlessly.

Beautiful insight!

One of the purest demonstrations of the principal that even evil intentions end up working for enlightenment: DARPA designed the internet to provide communication robust against a "nukular" attack!

Learning to search the Intermind and discern between the intention to bullshit and the intention to transmit clearly is another training exercise for the transition to full telepathic utilization!

Accessing the cosmic record STILL requires the pragmatic use of indexing strategies to sort through Infinity and find what you seek.

Whenever we read, we are tuning into the mind, embodied or not, which created the mini-universe of perception coded into their words.

When we read the coding of saints, prophets and seers, we must tune our minds to the frequency of the mindset they were in at the moment of writing, in order to decode their state of mind and their intended meaning.

Ecstatic expression can only be understood from a frequency of ecstasy.

The other major training exercise for the coming, full-on telepathic society, is to always be transparently ourselves but also to be as courteous, polite and well-mannered in mediated on-line forums as possible:

Intending nothing but good will toward trolls, imposters and those so miserable that even negative feedback to their spiteful expression eases their loneliness.

Keeping the tone of our communication a communion of spirit, NOT a war of words or the transmission of destructive energies coming from ultimately self-destructive self-hatred!

Communicating via word-coding over this world wide physical network, is training ground for the next phase in human evolution.

We may show mercy to all the endarkened, spiritually retarded personalities lower on the learning curve than are we, as we are shown mercy every minute of our own wake-up call.

Thank you all for being here now!

::from hedBru

Anonymous said...

Nurturing Notes for the Nervous

16 February 2015 17:52 AEST

1.   It appears that the poem "My Pure Love" have been receiving subjective interpretations. This was submitted to two other websites but rejected.
2.  Perhaps, if I replaced the Rhyming word pair "one, gun" with "Duke, Nuke" it would have made more sense to others but at the expense of LD. Because, The Evil Duke in My Last Duchess is not who and what I am.
3.  This poem was written for LD to express my LOVE to a large extent and to express lack of fear of THEM to a limited extent.
4.  And this poem must be ideally read in conjunction with the other prose piece on the same day.
5. Prose Piece that purportedly Propitiated the Peace was neither peaceful nor pretentious. It was a flagrant expression of facts in fearless form.
6. I personally observe a subtle and self-serving subjective interpretation that suits the publisher, pandering to some and panning to others, aiming at disunity and discord.
7. I myself was woken up (this is grammatically correct) at 03:00 Hours this morning which proves there is no peace or love for me personally. 
8. If I were you (this especially true for LD) keep reading and pondering on that bee poem while loosing in my love, the trust firmly and squarely placed at where it shoud be, which is ME.
9. I will judge THEM for their sincerity by their decision or otherwise to publish this and comment on it.
10. There was an extremely important request regrading direct communication in the Prose Piece, that has not happened.

16 February 2015 19:16 AEST

Neil Windsor

Anonymous said...

The comment about cars was spot on: The car is probably the most dangerous machine ever invented. They are also ugly and they stink. They also put people into debt on a historically unprecedented scale. Even the most beautiful Rolls Royce is destined to become a rust bucket. And the most beautiful Rolls Royce smells like poison. New car smell? Poison polymers evaporating from the vinyl.

Cars ruined the cities and I believe the riots of the 60's came about because city planners built their stupid highways through formally very nice middle class black neighborhoods. Thus, race problems and accelerated
urban decay.

Science and formal religion:

Ancient civilizations built monuments to deities. Thus, the tribal turned into the cosmopolitan. The only reason civilization exists is so that men can build huge monuments to deities.

Everything a man needs to be healthy and happy exists in the wilds. We don't need science and we don't need formal religion.

Science exists because of religion. There would be no universities without formal religion. It used to be that the only people who could read, write and do mathematics were members of religious orders or officers of the church. Isaac Newton was trained at Trinity University at Cambridge. Practically all great mathematicians from Newton's time were either monks or priests. Gallileo loved God and the church even though he was censured by the institution.

But, science has not served us well. It has only made destruction easier. Now we can kill and destroy wholesale because of science. Fuck Science and the car it rode in on. Formal religion has given us reasons to kill each other and science has given us the means. Make no mistake: Scientists will make weapons for any crazy despot. There are no ethics or morals in science. They will take the glory for new medicines but when it comes to weapons it's all, "not our fault what people do with what we discover and develop." Scientists are weak and iresponsible. Pretty much lapdogs for the military. They certainly let us down when it comes to 9-11.

Science and religion: 2 sides of the same coin. The 1, 2 punch of human destruction and degradation.
Progress? Progress to what?


Anonymous said...

Hey, Viz! wanted to make a comment on evolution.

Evolution is not science. Not good science, anyway. I was told at university when I was studying science that a good scientific theory can make predictions. Evolution makes no predictions. Not one scientist can tell you what any critter walking around these days will turn into in a million years.

I was also told that science requires precise mathematical detail and definition. There is no mathematics in evolution. No timeline, no identified domain variables, no identified functions nor range variables; no mathematical model.

Evolution is a vague and oversimplified theory that doesn't explain anything.

Talk about ineffable? Origin of Species is a complete mystery.

Fuck Science!


Anonymous said...

To Mr Les Visible,

I listened to your radio show about 03:00 Hours AEST after another night of sleep depravation.

I can see a more mellowed tone, despite your trying to reason with me on your employer's behalf.

I think you are still damaging my impression on you. But given your demonstrated desire to connect with me (I emphasize that this is also a desire),

I will give you a one time chance to see how I live and survive your employers assault on me. Then you can see for yourself, what you practice and what I practice.

See if you can reason with your employer to permit you to come and see me in person NOW - I will leave this offer open until 12:00 Hours, Tuesday, 17 February 2015 AEST at my home.

I believe you have my address, if not it is 1 Forest Glen Cherrybrook NSW 2126. 

If your employer does not allow this very reasonable request that you should deserve to be grated, given all the work you have done for them, then, ask yourself:
Why don't they allow it?
Are your employer's explanations fair and reasonable? Or are they self-serving?
If you think your employer is unreasonable, what options have you got?
Do you really think your being sidelined can be attributable to another person you can't control?

The life I live here in my own home is a lot different than the comfort zone you are in right now!

I am also waiting for this open invitation to be published and , whether or not you can convince your employer to see me judge on your employer. 

Neil Windsor.

17 February 2015 04:19 AEST

Visible said...

Neil... quite obviously you are mentally ill and this is not the radio blog. I am sorry for the condition you find yourself in. Hopefully some healing will come your way.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Lies, More Lies and the Temporary Profit of Falsehood.

Anonymous said...

Condom of silence? Who you Calling a prick? ;)

Ray B. said...

Robert, February 16, 2015 5:48:00 AM

Great insights!

"...another training exercise for the transition to full telepathic utilization! ... The other major training exercise for the coming, full-on telepathic society..."

The internet may indeed be a stepping-stone to 'inward' communication...

One of my teachers mentioned that the initiation of group telepathy might trigger what anthropological scientists call a 'Mass Extinction Event'. (Possibly Vis' Apocalypse.)

The Extinction occurs because of Judgement. There are two ways it acts-out: One is inward, one is outward.

As telepathy begins, each and every person on Earth gets the Truth of who they have been - either directly or 'relayed' on from others reading them. If bad news, one way of reacting to this is to commit suicide. The other way is to 'go to war' against those who have been abusing them, etc.

This teacher mentioned that the two acting-outs would mean a huge reduction of people on Earth.

(The survivors would be either those who were good-guys or who could feel-through the rage/sorrow/fear and not act it out on oneself or others. Add divine intervention, as given.)

So, while Earth would be a great place to be 'after' the shakeout, getting there might be rough...


"When we read the coding of saints, prophets and seers, we must tune our minds to the frequency of the mindset they were in at the moment of writing, in order to decode their state of mind and their intended meaning.

Ecstatic expression can only be understood from a frequency of ecstasy."

So important. I use my 'Consciousness Levels' as a tool to tune-in to 'where' the person/entity actually is coming from. So important.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

It Could Be the Ship of Darkness Sails on a River of Light.



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