Monday, February 23, 2015

The Age of the Rage of the Iridescent Peacock Ego.

Dog Poet Transudating.......

"No one appreciates the very special genius of your conversation as the dog does."

Seems like it is the age of the rage of the individual ego. There are a couple of motivators for this and we've already had 'the me generation', which was followed by the 'even more me generation' and most recently we had the, 'it came from beneath the valley of the me generation'. So maybe this is actually the, 'return to the valley of the me generation'. That's neither here nor there, well... actually it's there and we're here and my reasoning, such as it is and imperfect as it is, is that, of course, Materialism is the first cause, because Materialism is that hot environment that inflames the ego, bringing it to the 'tinder dry' state. You throw in the press of near 7 billion souls all agitating for survival and a sense of self in the dense and cluttered press of all those bodies and plastic identities in search of a net worth persona and then... you factor in that this is the digital information age... toss in all that social networking and endless evolution of devices to that end and you got hundreds of millions of horny thumbs going at it like randy goats in search of high performance numbers and recognition points and you got what we now got in surround sound and panorama view. Ahrooooooooooo!

The most unfortunate aspect of this situation is the nature of the self that the theater of Materialism demands from the players. Even if you were initially of a spiritual inclination, the requirements for presentation have a tendency to distort and pervert original intent; should the original intent have been authentic which, most of the time, it ain't... your chances, short of sincere Bhakti and perpetual surrender to the point where it is acknowledged... are not good. You got to put on some kind of outfit, whether it be ocher, other colored robes, or a white suit like you were the Tom Wolfe of the evangelical lecture circuit... with dreams of a Las Vegas invite to the international convention of snake oil professionals. You can enthral the crowd with your version of A Curse of Miracles and maybe not even have to be sexually aberrant or commit suicide as a denouement. Then again, you may have already dropped by one of those CIA Starbuck type franchises, where they hand out plagiarized systems of condensed and simplified philosophies that are tailor made for that growth industry that caters to whatever permutation of 'ME' phase we are passing through at the moment. If that's the case then maybe you are now all dressed up with somewhere to go.

Yeah... that's the hard part about it all. You want to get your message out there and the only way the people, who control the flow of the crowds coming and going, are going to facilitate your dreams is if you agree to be a dancing chicken. If you've ever been to a carnival where they have a dancing chicken then you know the way they get that chicken to dance is to turn up the heat on the griddle that they put the chicken on. I'm guessing that the chicken stays on the griddle before hand, due to some amount of feed being scattered on it. In your case, the feed is customized to your tastes. I'm guessing they don't use popping corn... then again.

However, it has always been the style of those not captivated by style, but aware of the nature of true style, to stay under the 'commercial radar' and do the job they got given to them, without thought of publicity or reward since these jobs come with their own reward and generally include some of those, 'past all imagining' perks. Of course, you might not see much of that until you get off the proving ground, which is a little longer than those with thoughts only of publicity and reward want to wait and... that might be why it is set up that way.

Some things are hard to find on purpose. Some things are very easy to find on purpose. Yeah, the whole shooting match is rigged and it's rigged top to bottom and it's rigged similar but... in very different ways at the bottom from the top and those who venture in either fashion discover this because at a certain point you discover what you lost or you discover what you had the good sense to avoid. You don't discover either until the point of commitment which, in both cases, you might not be aware of just when that happened. As it goes... a great deal happens to us on the way, the significance of which we often don't get and that is because we adjudge bad events as bad events and do not understand that they might have been good events and even moments of salvation from much worse events further up or down the road.

Though most of us are aware that we live in a relative universe where, based solely on our particular tastes, gets segmented into good and bad items, conditions, states and circumstances that would be seen differently by different eyes, hooked up to a processing system that is programmed to like this but not that and which is why we all live in a world of our own creation... literally. Most of us here probably know that too, however, we know it intellectually and not viscerally. This is one of the most powerful fruits of psychedelic voyaging that one, on occasion, can experience in an automatic visceral manner. I'm not suggesting or recommending that anyone take that course, as I have, because not everyone has the dispensation or the gene for that. Some do though. Some do.

I've crossed some amusing scams here, via tales told by those suckered into them or who knew about them. One of them is a ten day colonic cleanse for 3000 dollars. Yeah! That's what I'm talking about. Two friends were on the beach out Kalapana Way a couple of weeks ago, when a lady approached them and introduced herself. She had one of those names but I can't remember it right now. She was long and sinuous and had on one of those cotton wraps around her waist and some very strange eyes. As I remember, they said they were violet or somesuch and which I figure were contact lenses and she undulated over to them and sat down and told them about this Tantric seminar happening over at Kalani (or something like that) which is this big spread owned by some gay guys (simply given the information as given to me) and which features things like 'ecstatic dance' (no talking on the dance floor) and various other similar affairs and- oh right- she wasn't wearing a top. My friends, being guys, were fair impressed with her. I'm less inclined that way because when I see something like that, I smell trouble in a big way. This is probably cause I got a modicum of good sense when it comes to femme fatales, having probably been down that road before, or... managed to see sections of the highway from some other road that had a good perspective down on it.

In this age of the rage of the iridescent peacock ego, you generally have to make some amount of noise to get heard and that's only going to be continuing if you got something more than noise to follow up with. That would mean something that appeals to some appetite or attractive or... the promise of being able to fix something that's gone wrong. You don't have to be able to fix it. You just have to sound like you can and be on the evening bus out once the truth dawns on whoever got that dose of Tinker Belle dust, which does wear off soon enough.

There is a big pull that gets exerted by that ego force and the chance that whatever it is might work, is a compelling thing. It's intoxicating to get to prance around on the big stage and the big stage can be found in most cities in the world. These aren't the biggest stages, which would probably be found on electric media but... the chance to BE SOMEBODY, oh my! These days people are so fascinated by the possibilities of that opportunity that they spend little time at all putting together a convincing and professional act and... from what I can see, that is no longer a requirement. Reality TV has shown us that. These days you can get an official looking piece of paper after only a couple of weekends and a four day retreat and you can go on the road, with all the other thousands and thousands and wave your hands over people's bodies and make unusual sounds followed by 'ka-ching! Ka-ching! And what could be better than that?

Fact is that the ego has a short shelf life but it looks longer on the instant gratification circuit. It's also limited as far as environments go and it is certainly limited in terms of rewards by comparison with what is not only possible but certain for those working in other areas of employment that are not the same areas of employment that one sees advertised as such. Of course, for many, coin of the realm is their only objective and the only reason that anyone demurs, among those few who opt for otherwise, is that there are other realms, oh yes indeedy.

Anything you want to accomplish and anywhere you want to go, can be achieved if one is committed to it to the degree that it occupies their thoughts and energies more than anything else. That is all it takes, no matter what it is. It's simple and if it happens to seem complex, that means that lies are involved at some level of the process.

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Visible said...

When I say that the ego has a short shelf life I mean from life to life and although it may be the same ego, it's not because it's an expression of whatever the stars had to say concerning you personally at that particular moment you came in on.

Smyma; talking about Minchner (grin). Most people don't know that he had a research team of 30 people working on his books with him.

There was something else I wanted to say to someone else but now I have forgotten what it was.

Odd that the radio broadcast has so much in common with this posting, or it seems to me that it does, except the delivery is different. We're beginning to play with different delivery systems.

Be well.

Kazz said...

I love your wisdom and insight Vis :o).

Just to reiterate your point I would like to emphasise that Jesus did not rub shoulders with the elite in his day. Jesus travelled around with next to nothing. John the Baptist lived on honey and locusts whilst wearing a sack cloth. Moses lived in the desert, after he abandoned the Egyptian royalty and lived with a goat herder in the desert. Buddha left his palace to sit under the Lotus tree. Gandhi said there is enough in this world for every man's need but not their greed. Jesus said the root of evil is the love of money. The Old Testament outlaws usury yet countries using this system abound with so called Christians.

We are told in the Bible that we cannot worship idols, so what do the majority of religious people think money/mammon is? I say majority of religious people because a small minority in each religion appear to be making a concerted attempt to live in accordance with their religious doctrines, while the majority appear to never have read them at all.

I am truly gob smacked by the huge chasm that exists between most people's words and their actions. Surely such inconsistency is a testament to the insanity that many of us live with currently.

I don't know why I have been blessed to see what I do and know what I know, but I give thanks everyday to that force which resides both within and without, and earnestly pray for wisdom, clarity and guidance in these times.

I really find it hard to see how this problem can be fixed without removing the majority from this plane, or alternatively remove the truly enlightened minority (of which I may not be one) to another world. I have worked very hard to align myself with the Divine but I would not venture to say whether I have done the work necessary because that is not my call.

All I know is that I trust God to make the right choice, irrespective of what happens to me. I welcome destruction if I have failed my Divine journey and welcome Hell if that is what the Divine decides, just as long as the suffering on this plane can be reduced to a bare minimum. If I have failed God I will happily jump into the fire and save God the trouble, because I will be extremely disappointed and disgusted with myself.

No wonder Jesus said, 'On judgement day many will say to me, Lord! Lord! We prophesied in your name and cast out demons in your name and performed many miracles in your name. But I will reply, "I never knew you. Get away from me, you who break God's laws.' (Matthew 7:22-23)

Adjoining one's self to their name is FRAUD! This breaks God's law. It occurs to me that the only way out of this popsicle stand may be death, because it is near impossible to live without one's name these days. When I give the name these days I inform people that it is my corporation, but the new RFID chip to access commerce is going to put an end to that. I believe my time with you will be short my friend because the spirit within me becomes extremely agitated whenever I have to interact with commerce these days. More and more I am feeling that my family and I should go more remote. My husband and I are currently brainstorming to remove ourselves from society altogether. It seems my husband and I are to go back to our beginning, which was to live in a condemned shack in the middle of the rain forest. No electricity, no phone, no transport :o). We are hippies at heart anyway, and if it pleases God then it pleases me.

Cheers Kazz

Visible said...

The radio broadcast 2-22-15. ia now up and the recording is pretty bad. Sorry about that; better next week.

Eudoxia said...

hey Ray B - I just asked Viz to forward my email to you.

There is a lot in Edge of Tomorrow, more so than I've ever seen since The Matrix.

Pls watch this and stay with it, a good deal of Thrive comes into it but omg specially around the 40 min mark.

Anonymous said...

Karen: "Just to reiterate your point I would like to emphasise that Jesus did not rub shoulders with the elite in his day."

This statement is not true. Jesus often socialized and conversed with the wealthy lawyers and pharisees of the day. He took hospitality from the wealthy and had many wealthy friends. Joseph Aramathea was Jesus' friend and wealthy and he gave Jesus the cave to be buried in.

I read the Gospels. I have read them many times. I think the Gospels are the most beautiful, hypnotic, mysterious and haunting words I have ever read. Mandatory reading for any truth seeker. Anyone who reads it will get different interpretations of it.

The sermon on the mount is the most beautiful speech in all of history. But, as Tolstoy pointed out, beauty is often mistaken for goodness.

Beware of charm. Beware of anything that tends to put you under a spell.


Anonymous said...

When I was in college I took a sociology class and one day we watched a move made by anthropologists who studied the Imbutu Pygmies of Central Africa.

According to anthropologists this society has been around for over 50,000 yrs. (The Jews boast of 4000 yrs of tradition. What Johnny Come Lately's)

They work less than 20 hours a week if you want to call hunting, fishing and hiking through the woods work. They have no political hierarchy. They are not bellicose at all. No Priests! And boy! Do I envy that point!

I ask between the Jews and the Pygmies which ones are really God's people?


Anonymous said...

Dear Viz: I wanted to share one more item.

It is clear to me that our overlords want strict belief in the so called official account of the holocaust to be a litmus test for whether one is a decent human being or not.

I have empathy for the victims of ww2; Jewish or otherwise. I don't want to see people get hurt or have to suffer injustice. Tho so called 'holocaust deniers' are not disrespecting the victims of ww2. The Zionists who use this historical event as a cynical propaganda ploy to serve an agenda of hegemony are the ones pissing on the graves of the victims.

I say let the dead rest. Their pain is over. "Never Again" is but a shallow platitude.


Anonymous said...

It's the LANGUAGE....

{See Zephaniah 3:9}

Senor Les Visible {IMHO} provides
regular lessons in the language dept. for the dear hearts who truly seek a more better path to enlightenment than the TV watching psychophants of the

and Notwithstanding the merit of scholarship or, the Divine Communion available through a direct line of communication provided by the Son of "God", "truth" is obtainable on most occasions simply by observing which direction the herd of braindeadgoy is rushing, full tilt boogie ...and who is providing the{renseignements/directions} "MAP"...!

"going to be, going to be"....!

is it true or not...

"Truth beckons like a feast to a beggar"

Sr. Visible just serves up the hors doeuvres...mostly for free


Know Truth !!



Anonymous said...

Veezayrayray, Esq.

LOL. Thanks for the belly laughs.

The new generation of political organizers in my locale, while cute and peppy, often don't get that truth IS. It is non-negotiable. I avoid them somewhat now, telling them that my bicycle tires cannot travel the broken glass streets that lead to their lair. They say things like, "Please do some Spanish-language labor songs."

The temptation to blow it off is increasing now; but, the PAS struggle has reared its ugly head in California again (that's Physician Assisted Suicide) and must be fought. In conjunction with corporate law, this law (CA SB 128) would require physicians to kill you rather than spend more money to heal you. Time to drag the elements together again (disabled groups, Catholic Church, commies, various do gooders), teach them why, get physicians and attorneys to speak at hearings, organize a mass picket line for the hearings, letter picket signs (Woody Guthrie was a signmaker). This has actually worked for many years. The Catholic Church alone can get 100 people on your picket line instantly. (Say what you like, the Catholic Church is infallible on all killing.)

The least the kill monsters could do is off you with nice drugs (say heroin). But no, they use crappy drugs that often fail to work and give you a hellish death. Same with executions. They purposely use hideous, extremely painful drugs. Dying should always be made as comfortable and pleasant as possible, but this is not done. In institutions such as nursing homes, pain medication is often stolen by the workers to use themselves or sell.


In struggle,


Solidaridad por siempre //
Con la fuerza sindical

Anonymous said...


Yeaaaaa! I finally got it together to buy a Kindle version of your, "The Darkening Splendor of an Unknown World." This is very cool for me.



Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Dancing with the Lizards on the way to Kansas City.

Anonymous said...

Now, before I get pelters, let me iterate and reiterate, I am not in the habit of slagging off Ben Afflec or the afflicted...
Still, There remains a deep. deep suspicion in my mind...some basterd with a four channel radio control and a wireless mike has droned Stephen Hawking.

McKenna Fan said...

Hey, I think Katy Perry wants to see this "Peacock" of which you speak:

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Materialism Fever; World Pandemic.

Kazz said...

Dear McCob,

Rubbing shoulders is what Christ did with the Apostles, he berated the pharisees which is why they had him crucified!

Lawfully if one does what another tells them to do they are bowing to that person's authority. Moses told us not to bow to ANYTHING IN THIS WORLD because God is Man's ONLY authority. Jesus tells us the Pharisees sit in Moses seat (Matthew 23:2). Jesus was telling us to adhere to the Law, God's Law, not Man's Law. Statutes and Acts are Man's Law, created by Man to contain Man's creations (churches, governments corporations etc.) not Man/Woman! The system has been reversed.

When Pilate asked Jesus for his name Jesus replied 'by what name do you say I go by?" Jesus did not want to commit fraud. When Moses came out of the desert he identified his self by saying I AM THAT I AM!

Jesus said, "Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You travel over land and sea to win a single convert, and when he becomes one you make him twice as much a son of hell as you are (Matthew 23:15). Christ is clearly telling us that the Pharisees and their converts are sons of hell, which means they are satanists not Jews or Christians!

Then later on Christ says to the Pharisees, "You snakes! You brood of vipers! How will you escape being condemned to hell? Therefore I am sending you prophets and wise men and teachers. Some of them you will kill and crucify, others you will flog in your synagogues and pursue from town to town. And so upon you will come all the righteous blood that has been shed on earth..." (Matthew 33-35)

This had to occur because the Pharisees tricked the people into adjoining their selves to a dead corpse/cestui que trust/name on birth certficate/legal fiction which negated the Pharisees Karma. The people are tricked into unknowingly stepping out from underneath God's covenant, which is the only thing that protects one as they walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death.

Jesus informs us that "[m]any will say to me on that day, Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and in your name drive out demons and perform many miracles? Then I will tell them plainly, I never new you. Away from me, you evildoers!"

Matthew (19-24) tells us that "it is easier for a camel to walk through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to walk through the Kingdom of God."

There is nothing wrong with being wealthy, but with wealth comes great power, and as Lord Acton informed us 'power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely'.

God is raising his church/Israel from those who come through the fire. God's true Israel are the Saints that have been persecuted and killed throughout history for not bowing to Satan, which as Christ has informed us is the current ruling system on this planet.

There is nothing wrong with money, it is the love of money that defiles people, because many harm others in order to acquire wealth, even if that means underpaying their workers to reap better profits.

I hope that clarifies my meaning McCob. I agree the Gospel is beautiful, hypnotic, and mysterious :o). I also agree whoever reads the Bible will interpret it differently. Saints use the Bible to free their self while tyrants use it to enslave people. I agree one must be careful not to fall under a spell. The English language is babel, because it is the language of Babylon. This is why we are taught to 'SPELL'. This is why English is the only language that has past, present, and future tense. It removes us from the NOW. The satanists use babel to separate people from their higher consciousness to make them stand down/obey/bow.

Luv Kazz

Anonymous said...

Karen, You are a smart and interesting person. My comment did not have a wide scope. In the American vernacular 'rubbing shoulders' means to socialize. Jesus took hospitality from rich people and did favors for them like heal their children and servants.

Lazurus was rich and he was Jesus'friend and the only time Jesus is recorded to have wept was over the death of Lazurus, the rich kid.

Joseph Aramathea was a Pharisee and also a friend of Jesus.

Matthew was a tax gatherer. He would have been well off. Tax gatherers were basically big guys who would bounce people on their heads until money dropped out of their pockets.
Judas Iscariot was a scholar and he would have been well off.

Poor people can not afford to bring 13 men off the street as well as their wives and girlfriends and whoever else was in the entourage and accommodate them. Only rich people can do things like that. And that is how Jesus got around and supported himself and his movement. He could have turned the stones into bread but he didn't. Instead he took donations and sustenance from rich people. And of course He would have had to 'schmooze' as the Jews say.

I knew I would get and interesting response from you. You really are a very lovely person.


Thomas said...

I read this 2 days ago, and started writing a comment, explaining, justifying and defending myself, and finishing off with "well, defending myself just shows everyone that my ego is alive and well". Then I thought something like "why post this, and expose myself?". *sigh*. And "funnily" enough, the ascendancy of the ego coincided with a drop in energy and inner well-being. Hah! So sneaky it is! Going around for some time recieving almost only praise where I come, and being blamed for telling truth and feeling rigtheous because of that, and I start preening myself and feeling important. With my history of ego-mania and illusions of grandeur it is absolutely crucial that I learn to dismantle any seed of these at the moment of conception. Very, very dangerous. In any case, it is The Lords energy which keeps me going, and I know that He will take it away if I stray too much, so that I will not be able to cause too much damage.

Thank You, My True Friend. This message in particular I must try to internalize.

Anonymous said...

Moses was a cruel despot, a vicious military conquerer with a history of pillaging and plundering and a sorcerer who liked to cast spells by waving around his magic wand. I do not have a high opinion of Moses nor any other Biblical Patriarch.

God creates Adam to tend his garden. Epic failure.

God floods the world to eradicate sin. Ham sees Noah's nakedness and again God fails.

God has Jacob and the 12 tribes to bring about the His Kingdom on Earth. Again, epic failure.

Moses leads the Israelites out of Egypt. He leads them to war, apostasy, wandering through the desert for decades, finally to a failed political system and capitulation to practically every conqueror that sprang up in their area. They never did fully subjugate the Canaanites, nor anyone else. The Sons of Israel are a bunch of losers to be sure.

I could go on...Does God ever take responsibility for his incompetence? Nope, he blames us for the flaws of His design.

Then God says, "Killing livestock isn't enough. I demand you kill Me because only My blood can pay for your sins.

We are made in the image of God. Maybe that is why we are such a bunch of fuck ups.

2000 yrs later is it clear that Jesus has done any good? I don't know. I tend to think that He didn't. People are just as fucked up as they ever were if not moreso.


Kazz said...

Dear McCob,

Thank you for your lovely compliment. Don't be deceived though because I can be extremely formidable if required.

I still have to slay my demons and restrain my ego daily, and encourage my higher self continually, similar to what Thomas describes. I will admit it has gotten easier over the years :o).

I perceive the challenges we undergo are not punishments but rather opportunities to help us grow and become more adequate co-creators.

We will never fix this world by controlling others, because it is not our responsibility to judge and dictate to others. It is our responsibility to deal with our own demons and ego. This is why Christ says 'you hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother's eye." (Matthew 7:5).

I have been ardently working for over 18 and half years to remove the log from my eye :o).

I am not suggesting that jails are not necessary. People must be protected from those who do others real harm. The fact that jails are currently profit driven and full of people who have done no harm is outlandish, especially considering many of the incarcerated are God's people.

I disagree with you about Moses. My studies into Ancient Eastern religion have revealed that Ahmenhotep IV/Akhenaten, who led over 80,000 people out of Egypt at the same time Moses is proposed to have lived, introduced monotheism, and he clearly displayed the indwelling Christos in his writings and poetry. He lived in peace with neighbouring countries and he tried to teach his people to live under God's law (do not harm others or their property, and don't commit fraud). Many academics agree with this conclusion. When he died the priests, who laid in wait, took the people straight back into the Babylonian slavery system. What Moses/Akhenaten did was simply a precursor to God's divine plan for humanity, and the reason Moses had to be demonised is because the satanic elite's agenda is completely at odds with the 10 Commandments.

The elite's AGENDA 21 is a last ditch effort to maintain control. They know that lower vibrating entities are no longer being born to this plane and as time goes on the energy will only get higher. This is why the elite want to desperately reduce humanity by 90%, and why they are moving to control every aspect of people's lives. They are using toxic vaccines to reduce intelligence, sodium fluoride in the water to calcify the pineal gland (where contact is made with the Divine), GM toxic foods to deprive people of nutrition, and geo engineered aluminium drops to help degrade our immune system. War and corruption are also used.

The elite provide people with an opportunity to fall from grace, otherwise if we were all saints how would we ever learn about evil? We cannot move onto higher realms until we master ourselves in this one. Imagine the damage we would reek on the cosmos otherwise!

I feel most people are good, or at least would be without constant poisoning and victimisation. My proof of this is that the corporate mafia, politicians and bankers are still breathing.

Don't lose heart McCob Heaven is blissful. I was taken there hundreds of times just prior to my teens (believe it or not) and I can testify to the fact that the energy there is just awesome. God does not make mistakes. Everything happens for a reason, even if we are not able to comprehend that reason :o).

Luv Kazz

Kazz said...

PS :McCob,

In the interest of accuracy I realise I incorrectly reported those transcendental journeys to a higher realm as occurring pre teens, it later occurred to me that it was actually at the beginning of my teens. I have considered psychological causes for these experiences, and for many years thought they were just dreams, but later experiences, and material I stumbled on over the years, have swayed me towards my understanding.

Cheers Kazz

Anonymous said...

Karen, I don't believe you are weak or stupid. I think you are smart and strong. For what it is worth I like you and find you interesting.

I am a flawed human being and I screw up all the time. If there were an Olympics of stupidity I think I could go for the gold. I am not judging you. My only point is that Jesus did have wealthy friends. Clearly He loved Lazurus and Lazurus was of wealth.

I do not read any old languages. I am not a scholar of antiquity. I do read the Bible everyday. Moses was a son of a bitch and the people who followed him were made to be very sorry. I am just going by what I have read in the Bible. Moses was an evil sorcerer with a magic wand who cast curses upon innocents.

I have had otherworldly experiences: When my mother in law died I was in the hospital room with her. At the point she died I saw the wall of her room open up into the clouds and out of the clouds walked my father in law who had been dead since 1960 (this was 1996). I could see both worlds at the same time.

He looked 30 yrs old and in perfect health. He took my mother in law by the hand and led her back into the clouds leaving behind the corpse of what had been a sick old woman. They were both youthful and beautiful; they were both happy. The whole thing lasted maybe 10 seconds. He never seemed to notice me.

I was struck by how the colors shimmered as if everything were made of stardust. The other world is quite beautiful.

I have also had an experience like Balaam in the Bible where an animal communicated with me via telepathy. Maybe I am crazy.

You think the 10 commandments are a good thing? I disagree with you on that. There is only one commandment needed for civil society and that is don't assault other people.

The Bible and the Koran are evil. The philosophies there in infect peoples brains and turn them into monsters.

"And the priest shall burn them upon the altar: It is the food of the offering made by fire for a sweet savour; all of the fat is the Lord's." Leviticus 3:16 The Lord seems to love nothing more than a good barbecue.

May peace and joy find permanent residence in your heart.


Katy said...

the larger discussion is ...large, but may i suggest a wee point: that perfect love and humility does not care if your shoulders are rich or poor, powerful or leprosotic.
The movements of Jesus were so natural and good that any shoulders that came his way were rubbed.
No divisions. Every soul one meets is ...there.

Katy said...

As this:

"2000 yrs later is it clear that Jesus has done any good? I don't know. I tend to think that He didn't. People are just as fucked up as they ever were if not moreso.


-does not seem to be a rhetorical question, as well as coming from one whose comments I read eagerly, I would like to throw out one opinion.

One quick small thing is the status of women. Women in the world, particularly in that culture at that time, were quite the chattel. Many write of the unheard of simple, utter equality which Jesus afforded women. (I won’t bore you with a tome of research…)
One bigger detail is the introduction of topsy-turvy ideas for a material world, such as returning good for evil and that certain unvalued traits and behaviors were in fact most precious in the sight of Divine Wisdom. (NOT power, cleverness, riches, beauty, and having the most toys.) Some of these teachings reiterated those found in eastern philosophies.
the answer to the question you asked is best seen through the lens of eternity (heh) OK, through a bigger picture lens than ‘how we humans are today versus 2000 years ago’.
Consider the yeast, how it changes the entire wad of dough over time.

The introduction of Love as: the Secret which is indefatigable as well as imperishable, an eternal truth, in fact the Source.
Opening a door that was closed is Jesus’ legacy. Setting a meeting, clearing the way for anyone to merge flesh with the Divine.

Consider words attributed to Jesus:
“In your soul is a door that leads to the contemplation of God. But you must open it. My eyes are fixed on you, waiting for you to come to me. I wait, never forcing myself.
“You forget what you do for Me and say to Me; you leave it all in the past. But those things are eternally present for Me, and you will find them again one day exactly as you gave them to me. Stay near to Me.
“No one succeeds immediately in getting completely rid of self. A Glance at me is sufficient to purify your intention…I use every means to increase your merits...with great simplicity, make my heart your home…
“There is nothing in this world that can hold you back, so lose sight of the world more often. You’re traveling to eternity.
“Do you know what it is to feel at home in a soul? To be the one waited for, the most loved, the most understood…I am so ready to fulfill the desires of this one who lives for me…
“You have seen how ephemeral everything of time is but remind yourself of the understanding you had of eternity. It was as though you had always just arrived and the earth seemed so small to you, a mere point so far away and like a dream. Then since you are still in the midst of earth’s battle, accept the loss of everything, you will find everything again, and for always.
“You know well that everything of time is short-lived. So stretch out your arms to eternity. Long for eternity. This puts you on a higher plane, your heart forging ahead to this unknown, undreamed-of country. This is the way to get a close-up aim at the goal.
“As the hunter cautiously and silently approaches his prey, close in on your remembrance of God. Silence your memory of the earth and let your prayer fly straight upward. … I shall not resist the arrows that you shoot with all the strength of your will. I shall fulfill your longings, for I alone know how to satisfy….
These locutions from the book He and I; whose author Gabrielle Bossi wrote that :

All the trials we experience are made to measure for us, exactly fitted to our power to bear. Like a father packing a backpack for his daughter to carry on a long hike….The thing that loves you is in fact the creator, who happens to be Beauty and Love itself.

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Kazz said...

Dear McCob,

It would seem that we are on the same page. Our only difference appears to be our view of what the word God represents. I suggest that if we really got down to the nitty gritty any differences would not be so great, after all it is the nature of the energy and not what we call it that is important? The God I know is not jealous, but rather very loving, patient and compassionate. This is not to say that the God I know does not have a wicked sense of humour, of which I am regularly at the mercy of. The God I know is also into tough love, which is why I try to be a quick learner :o), but not always :o(.

My understanding of God is a non physical creative energy that has personality, and which produces light in order to manifest reality in an intelligent manner, both within and without the dimension we currently find ourselves in. Photons appear to fit this bill exactly, at least one aspect of the creative energy I call God. Finally science has evolved enough to give us a glimpse of the Divine. The fibonacci sequence and the God/golden particle provide us with God's fingerprint on creation, and according to law that which is created belongs to the creator, not Corporations!

The evil I see in this world is as a result of the ignorance of men/women who appear not to know how to manifest energy in a positive and beneficial manner for the all. Many have been misled, and others simply do so through greed and/or fear. They fail to align their kundalini due to their inability to overcome their demons and ego, hence they fail to see the deepest secrets of creation and its dangers. 'Evil', to me, is simply that which harms one's self or others, and in doing so lowers the vibration of the perpetrator, removing that individual from the middle path spoken of by Buddha, which is where God's mercy is found. Departure from the middle path is where all pain and suffering comes from, it is not caused by God. God simply provides the energy, it is us who choose how to wield it.

Lost souls are manipulated by lies and deceit to serve an agenda that benefits only a handful of individuals. These same individuals have humanity on austerity measures to further devolve them to a feudalistic existence, where they can rule over humanity so we do not evolve. These people are truly fearful and believe humanity is incapable of looking after itself, but indigenous cultures show us this is simply not true. The current ruling system is, by nature, a parasitic system that is sucking the life out of humanity and our planet.

That is my take on it, that is until someone provides facts that tell a different story which resonates better with me. Thank you again for your kind words, it was not my intention to appear ungracious. I wish only the best for you and pray that all good things are provided for you on your journey of conscious expansion and evolution. I think you a gentleman and alright too McCob ;o).

Luv Kazz

Anonymous said...

Dear Kazz,

We do have overlords and they are liars, thieves, murderers and predatory perverts. I am convinced of that. I can't say that I know who they are or how they implement their agenda.

I do not know the nature of good and evil. I do not know God. I think of Jesus and scripture often. I believe in miracles. I believe in the Holy Spirit and I value compassion. I think we all have to answer for what we do. But, I don't really understand anything.

I find your ideas and point of view interesting.

Thank you for reading and responding to my post!


Anonymous said...

Dear Katy:

I do have a pool of bitterness in me and sometimes some of my commentary comes from that pool. I am fascinated by Christ and the Gospels. I don't consider myself a Christian except maybe in a Gnostic sense.

One thing Jesus did change is that there used to be public sacrifices at pagan and Hebrew festivals where they would kill livestock and sometimes human beings. After Jesus not so much.

The Bible and Hebrew philosophy has not been good for women. Oriental religion has degraded women, also. Women have been disrespected for centuries and treated as chattel, as you say.

I think women were the first intellectuals, physicians, artists and farmers, etc. A book I highly recommend is called: When God Was A Women by (Merlin Stone? I think) She writes about the transition of what were Goddess worshiping cults, which were predominant at the time, 5 or 6 thousand years ago, of the Mediterranean and Middle East area into male dominated Biblical cultural values.

The implications of the Bible are that women are evil schemers. Their sensuality is dangerous to a man because it can tempt him into sin.

I love women. If all men disappeared I would not think too much about it. If all women disappeared then I would want to disappear, too.

Listen to me run on.

I have felt verbose lately. I am enjoying and the conversation.




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