Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Power and Glory of Ineffable Love.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

'Money can buy you a fine dog, but only love can make him wag his tail.'

I have been thinking and thinking of late. Of course; that's pretty much what I do anyway but maybe 'deeper' is a better expression. It's been forced upon me due to major life changes and due to new forms of pressure that require new methods of response. Like many of you, I have been in pursuit of the truth most of my life. I was in pursuit of the truth even before I knew that I was. This was, no doubt for two reasons, one was not understanding why the things that were happening to me were happening and the other was a matter of reincarnation, which I am aware of but the details escape me. The details escaping me is part of the movie. You know what you are supposed to know and you don't know what you are not supposed to know. This does not mean you cease to strive to know. The nature of existence is the spirit in search of experience and the result of experience is knowledge and the fruit of knowledge, properly valuated, according to the algorithm of the ineffable, which illuminates everything as it really is, is divine luminous wisdom. There is a reason that everything comes in stages with very, very few exceptions, which aren't really exceptions because there is a Karmic backdrop to everything. Just because something looks a certain way on the surface and makes no sense does not mean it makes no sense. It makes plenty of sense as long as you aren't making your assessments based on surface information.

This is the general state of of contemporary life. People draw their conclusions according to sensory information, based on ingrained habit that manifests as a personal perspective. So long as we are caught up in our self affirmed validity of a personal perspective, we are in conflict with the world around us; to some degree. Worse... you will be in conflict with yourself; of course, you wouldn't be in conflict with the world around you unless you were in conflict with yourself. If you know this, good, you can do something about it. If you don't know this, you can look for subconscious usurpation, manifesting through the weakest link in the chain.

It is only when we manage to subdue, or put aside our personal perspective that we come into harmony with the world around us, while at the same time, incrementally becoming more and more free of it with every passing breath. I don't care how you arrive at this understanding, or what arguments anyone might have to the contrary. Until you do arrive at this awareness, the essence of every world teacher who has come and gone here but has neither come nor gone, will not be accessible to you. Being able to operate from beyond a captive personal perspective is to come into possession of pure and unsullied objective awareness; what I call Broad Daylight Awareness.

There is a reason I got into all of this convoluted and complex exposition bringing us to this point. It is because, as important as I believe all of what just got said to be, none of it holds a candle to the single most important consideration there is or ever shall be. I will preface this with the greatest commandment; “Thou shalt love the lord thy god with all thy heart and all thy mind.” I'll add to that the new commandment, given by the Christ to his disciples; “Love one another as I have loved you.”

You can learn all of the things stated in the early points of this posting and all of the much deeper complexities available in all the systems of thought across time ...but they will prove to be of little value whatsoever compared to the power of Love. Here is something to remember. You can acquire all of the wisdom of the ages and achieve enlightenment but you will have to come back. However, if you reach the singularity of eternal love (my phraseology) ALL of these other things come with the package and you won't have to come back, unless you get that Bodhisattva virus as many do, for whatever their reasons may be, probably an excess of Love (grin).

When you are looking down upon this plane from the heavenly spheres, it does not look the same as when you are looking at it from down here. As a result, there are those in the heavenly spheres, overwhelmed by compassion, who leap into the birth channels out of a desire to help the human race. Some of those who do this often wind up cursing themselves for what they consider to be their stupidity later (grin). However, the way the ineffable works is that everyone who works for the ineffable works and everything works out so... experiencing doubt about ones mission is irrelevant to the complete success of it.

Love will get you through times of lacking intelligence much better than lacking intelligence will get you through times of lacking Love. I've adapted that phrase from a Furry Freak Brothers comic (grin). My point is that the most intelligent thing anyone in pursuit of higher awareness can engage in is the pursuit of Love; not generic, mundane and ordinary terrestrial Love but a higher love (cue Stevie Winwood). Intelligence is as likely to get you into trouble as it is to get you out of it. A lot of people rely on it to take them through the tangled-woods of existence but it is just as likely to get one lost in them as to get them out. Look around you. Read the history books. The world is full of people who are too smart for their own good.

Love can make anything possible. As trite as that may sound, it is true. Love is the power that manifests the living light of the divine. Love is so powerful that the divine is a slave to it. That's right. Look it up. It's been said many times in many faiths.

If I did not think it would look ridiculous, I would close out the posting right now by just repeating the word Love over and over and over again. It's not just a word though. The word exists to define a rough approximation of something with a variety of temporal applications that are shadows on the wall by comparison with the sun that casts them. It is Love modulating from one particularization of itself into all the specializations you see. It is Love that sends the planets in their courses. It is Love that causes the ocean to crash upon the shore. It is Love that brings us together only to separate us and it is Love that brings us together forever and ever when the time comes for it. It is Love that sets the limitations that manifest in the spheres of time and gravity, in order that these constrictions can be broken by... the power of Love.

Everything you see around you and everything you cannot see around you but which is around you and within you, is some permutation of Love. The objective is to take all of those multiplicities and reduce or convert them into the ineffable singularity of that high and keening state of transcendent love that is the same as that in which the saints immerse themselves. It is the unmistakable presence of god. IT is without peer. It is without equal. It can be compared to nothing and nothing can be compared to it. It is remarkable beyond the capacity of any medium to define or express it. This is why it exists in silence and whenever it moves into expression, as a vibratory statement, upon the sounding board of the ether, it reduces and fragments itself for the purpose of being experienced. You might almost think of it as some kind of a sacrifice. One of the things seldom understood, is the degree of sacrifice that the ineffable engages in for the sake of creation. Whoops! A whole lot of Bodhisattvas just jumped into the birth canal as soon as I said that. I'd better watch myself (grin).

I want to share with you that most important understanding that exists for me and which I have received as truth from my betters; there is nothing like Love. There never has been and there never will be. You can read all the books you want to and you can pose the most sophisticated arguments based on all your acquired acumen but Love will walk out the door, while you are so involved in it. Why waste your time on building dream castles of temporary substance out of egoic ectoplasm? Go to the 'heart' of the matter. This is the answer in any time but it is most assuredly the answer in Kali Yuga and a defense against any and all of the stratagems brought against you by The Enemy. No human mind is that good; lie to yourself in whatever manner you choose to, it matters not.

May you, each and every one of you, achieve this glorious end that never ends. May you sun bathe on the rocks of time and skinny dip in the pools of infinity forever and ever amen.

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Smyrna said...

What you call Broad Daylight Awareness I call 'Evidence freely available to your senses'.

That was a brilliant post, Vis.

As a phrenologer, (and I'm only swallowing what the MSM is feeding me), that Germanwings pilot had an upturned nose that would give alarm.

On one of the big MSM blogs here many a cretin was wondering if he was a Muslim. And we had to change the cockpits on aircraft after 9/11 (EVEN THOUGH NO AIRCRAFT WERE RESPONSIBLE)because of Muslims and those events. Now we have to change them back in case of Muslims and future events.

Comedy Central.

Kazz said...

Straight back at ya Vis.

Luv Kazz

Anonymous said...

Thank You:

Visible, your writing has helped my personal development and overall mental health more than you will ever know.

Thank You: galen, for your timely reminder that dwelling on the past and looking for where to place blame is unproductive. Your wit and insight are staggering!

Thank You: Katy, your obvious kindness has impressed me deeply. Because of your big, beautiful heart, I am changing my perspective toward a less angry point of view.

Everyone who has posted in here has helped me even the trolls. God Bless You Trolls! You big, beautiful, wonderful Trolls!

Thank You Everyone!


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

heh-heh-heh. I've had a title for a story I'm probably never going to write (since I declared myself RETIRED FROM THE WORLD OF ALL ART) called 'The Reluctant Bodhisattva'.

Love. What can beat a mindshare on the Otherside with something that never had the 'human experience' as we know it, and that's taken to you for some strange reason? What mortal flotsam experience can compare to that? Why even bother looking?

Well, meeting with Revered Delorise Lucas was close, but she was beyond the collective of the human race. The last time we met in a class she gave, she had us each write down a question which she didn't see, and she answered each question. It was also a euphoriant being in her company. She also answered questions I had of her that I never spoke. She was an avowed telepath and healer. She was part Dakota Blackfoot. There isn't much on her on the web anymore, but she was the most beautiful person I ever met in my life. Wonder what she's doing now? Glad to have met her before she transitioned.

Rev. Lucas

Marilyn said...

now you're talking! love is the most important awesome power that we have. your imagination powered by love will get the job done.

Anonymous said...

Dear Vis,
Every time I think you've written my favorite Origami, you do it one better (all over again).I have saved many of your posts to my computer files so I can access them easily when the need to remind myself of the truth arises... Thank you so much for the lovely reminders of where to stay in our hearts and heads in order to stay grounded during these present times.
Much love to you and all readers/commenters.

seri maya said...

Thank you.


torus said...

Greetings Les,

Yes, 'broad daylight awareness' or perhaps a 'global consciousness' as opposed to a potentially constricted 'point of view'.
Anyway, care and love is what motivated my recent recordings that I sent to you.
BE well.

Katy said...

The Party for this Bravo post is clearly) at McCobs



Ray B. said...

Love To Push Those Buttons, I enjoyed your stories about Revered Delorise Lucas. It is always good to hear about current (or near current) Higher Practitioners. The baddies have such a lock on the airways that we seldom hear about the 'accomplished ones' among us. Thanks for spreading the word...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Brian Crossland said...

Love is.....
Guess we know but words are clumsy tools. I reckon there is a finger here that keeps pointing towards it.

with gratitude

Kazz said...

Dear Vis,

How do we love those who have tortured, raped and murdered children?

How do we love those who bomb babies, then leave them to die in rubble so they can line their pockets with gold?

How do we love those who send our sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, mothers, and fathers to die in wars in a strange land so they can live in opulence?

How do we love those who put toxic poison in the vaccinations of babies so they can reduce their intelligence to make them good slaves?

How do we love those who deliberately poison the environment to make people sick because it is financially beneficial?

How do we love people who make children homeless because their usury banking system pays big dividends?

How do we love those who remove justice from the innocent, because putting them in jail is profitable?

How do we love those who justify the extermination of their fellow man with Agenda 21 in order to cover up their crimes against humanity?

My conclusion is that some people are not worthy of love Vis, which is why the Divine is Mr Apocalypse, and why he is revealing all to humanity.

How do you love those who tortured, humiliated and crucified our saviour, Jesus Christ?

Jesus forgave the centurions because they did not know what they were doing! I, like Jesus, have compassion for those who are unaware of what they do, but I also have compassion and respect for the saints that suffered for upholding the truth that Jesus espoused.

Christ told us to do unto others as you would have them do unto you (Luke 6:31). We live in a field of infinite potential where there is enough for everyone to live in harmony, but for some reason some people choose to create hell on earth for their own personal pleasure.

Jesus was perhaps the most loving Man that has ever walked this plane and he made it very clear that he did not love the money lenders because they turned our justice system/temple courts into a market place (Matthew 21:12), and Jesus also made it evident that he did not love the Pharisees/satanic elite, otherwise he would not have called them serpents and a brood of vipers (Matthew 23:33).

While compassion will be shown to those who were blind in their undertakings, those who had broad daylight awareness will be dealt with according to the 'golden rule', which is most probably why there is so much suffering in this realm.

Real love upholds truth and justice, which is why the satanic elite have tried so hard to suppress the truth, because they know justice will surely follow on its heels and justice is what they have been working so hard to avoid!

It is love that demands justice for all who have suffered.

Luv Kazz

Visible said...

How do we answer questions when the person doesn't want the answer? How do we climb mountains on our elbows when we don't have to? How do we get to Brooklyn if we are in Indianapolis? How do we put the bop she bop in the rama lama ding dong? How many questions can be asked here before the dialogue box vomits all over your shoes? So many questions. So few answers but... plenty of convenience stores.

Dodgy One said...

One would expect that you should love your fellow man. But the love in this context is not the love between man and wife. It is not the love you have for god. The love it should be is the love you have for yourself in that you should nurture and respect the spirit within for surely a spirit does not enter this realm with the intent to be burdened with the karma of a mind that serves the desires of evil.
We are all created equal in that we are all a trilogy of parts, but does our spirit get to choose the life, mind and the body it gets, I think not.
How very hard it must be for a child when it realizes that in order to survive within its family it must also do the evil its family does and forsake its own salvation. Not many will choose to take up the cross when faced with a life of wealth and luxury and privilege. When I see the faces of those in power I see that these are souls in torment, the inner torment is hidden by there performances but in their face if you have the eyes to see, you can see the anguish and remorse and self loathing that comes as a result of what they do.
That may not be the case for all though as some chosen ones seem to not have any conscience any remorse and their spirits are already dead and sacrificed to satan.
They service their greed and lust and hatred as they have no choice left, no good can they embrace nor share, these you should not love and you should not hate also as that is a burden you can do without.

Erascible said...

Nice one Vis


galen said...

Thank you, Visible, for today's post. It was so healing for me. I have read many lines on Love, and this certainly is way up there at the top. It showed Love not only as spiritual but also physical, even practical. It took all complex philosophies to their bare-bones foundation: a gift of simplification. And. . .

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."
-- Leonardo da Vinci


Katy said...

OK. From the last VO, there is a phrase ( re Easter) that has stayed on my mind ~~ "It symbolizes the triumph of spirit over matter."
Besides being clear and true, it is also a lovely example of lcdenominator language- unless someone is a pure materialistic atheist, it is difficult to argue against this simple sublime truth. And as the phrase kept coming back, it integrated with this current VO post into the following hypothesis:
One mystery of the slaughter of the Innocent christ is the erasure of karma. That is, moments of pure contrition, gratitude, annihilation, love, can transmute a debt. What if one worked off your karma for you...out of love.
..would you take it?

(and Love,
What if loving those Who Do Not Deserve Love is the fastest weightiest way one can contribute toward the raising of all ships?)
Taking on the karmic debt of a few billion; that's some bloody sweat man.

Btw, i like that post a lot, ^^^ Dodgey One.

flyingcossack said...

a lot of important ideas in this article ... it feels like a summary of many great teachers ... which is great service to people like me, who have poor reading comprehension, and would learn slowly otherwise ... one important idea, differentiating between variables of control and variables of chance - time is much better spent developing tools you control than worrying/waiting for chance - essential understanding for everyone from a young age

the creator, the creation, and the will to create, exist in everything

the father and the son cannot exist without love (spirit/soul/ambition) ... but love cannot exist without a father and son as well ... or it would be stuck in purgatory, expressionless

love for evil will set you back more than being an inert rock ... unfortunately, some souls prefer to abuse and profiteer for a short time, and work as bacteria in fertilizer for a long time ... spending so many lives being trampled by pigs, no wonder jews are traumatized by them :)

Anonymous said...

Another crack in the cosmic egg

robert said...

your imagination powered by love will get the job done.

Right on! Thank you for saying this when it needed to be said!

When imagination is driven by fear, mostly imposed upon from the outside then internalized, that is the preferred modality for conforming, easily manipulated tax farm animals.

Gurdjieff and Ouspensky conceptualize imagination as a negative trap, as meaning a divergence from “objective reality”, as superficial fantasy impeding the process of learning to maintain objective responsibility or IOW, broad daylight awareness.

However, a rehabilitated understanding of this vestigial power in the human, remembers that this is the PRIMARY process by which our desires (understood or not) become manifest, by which we program our personal experience of our will in manifestation.

All truly conscious use of language is driven by direct reference to the state of our inner Holodeck, not by indirect reference to previous coding (words) ABOUT direct experience in our imagination station.

That there is mass confusion about the power of the imagination is by dark design. It is precisely in the conscious exercise or our personal manifestation womb, our imagination, that we learn to parallel the One, learn by example how to conceive holistic beauty, not fractured abominations of the febrile mind.

Anyone who can continue to tune their inner Holodeck to the perfect play of the Universe is acting as a local walking amplifier of the Universal play and in common cause with the Universal Player. Our personal vision cannot equal the scope or sheer magnitude of the One BUT we can hang like a harmonic onto the fundamental, and add richness to the celestial music!

::after oransde

robert said...

Co-locate with the entire world to become free to teleport anywhere within it

Returning to the game of training the dual-focus to become one united view

Communing singular unique perspective with the unified field of the ONE

Balancing motivations between the personal and the Universal.

Bruised my life force being too mentally controlled just to pass through the gauntlet

Sensual rewards deferred in favor of mortifying punishments too long to remember

So far from a safe landing site, flying on by will power alone

Spammed messages to feel guilty all the time confusing the pace of the heart

Torn between sacrifice and mercy on the way out

Without personal selection and discrimination, individuality is a total no-op, a nothing-burger

That our choices should endeavor to enlighten the creation of the One

Means only that wisdom MUST be locally grown in place

Learning to select the highest, deepest good in all personal experience

Instead of merely conforming to abstract goals suggested by the social straightjacket

No more mindless pursuit of illusions, misusing the partitioned mind!

Wasting the heart in a heart-less striving toward ultimately empty ideas

What story ending allows all missed moments to return finally to be loved?

I remain willing to die to birth someone better….

Show me who, where and how to make my sacrifice count this time

Or, teach me mercy so that I may make mercy my music!

::eanASN pronounce
::army dmendsF

Thomas said...

I am with Karen on this one. It is my understanding that Truth is a Higher Vibration than Love. Even though Truth will most often be found together with Love, It is still closer to The Lord, for The Lord is The Truth. What Is, Everything That Is, All That Is, is The Truth.

Let us not forget that The Divine Bhagavan Krishna, though He is The Sweetest Effulgence Itself, The Divine Playful Child, The Very Source of Love, is also a God of War. As well as a slayer of demons. You have heard the story where he uses a fingernail to slice open the maw of a demon that has control of the whole universe, in a moment where it is inattentive, I think?

To my ears, saying that Love is all we need is a gross oversimplification, and a relic from the massive psy-ops of the 60's and 70's. Jesus, True and Real Master that He was, as well as one of My Gurus, spoke to people with far simpler minds than we, and, being an embodiment of Truth and Love, and in contact with Divine Ever-New Wisdom, spoke to them in the way that would help them the most. But He was speaking to them, there and then, in specific situations, to specific mentalities. There has been 2000 years of cultural evolution since then. The language, the meaning of the words, has changed dramatically. You do not treat a toad as you treat a horse. We should always keep Love with us, I do agree with Master Jesus, but sometimes Love kills. You can look at Kali, or you can look at a mother defending her child from attackers. She will kill them if she needs to. This is Love, too. When you put Love up to be right next to God, even equal to God, which it sounds like you do, then logic will dictate that you also call Hatred, war, poverty, hunger and disease Love. You arrive inescapably at the conclusion that Hate = Love, and logically, this seems to be an utterly meaningless statement, a logical short-circuit. Perhaps it is, in the Highest Spheres, All the same. But it is, where we find ourselves at the moment, a grave abuse of the language that we share. And an abuse of the language leads to a weakened mind. We think, mostly, with words, and we need to be clear on how we use them. Because, at the moment, they seem to be the best weapon we've got.

This is my opinion.

Visible said...

Not a day passes when I didn't wish I knew as much as you people did and had the courage and confidence to split metaphysical hairs with impunity; not to mention, convince myself that there was so much importance in what I thought. Alas, that is not possible for me

galen said...

Thomas, you write: "...saying that Love is all we need is a gross oversimplification," and you also write: "When you put Love up to be right next to God, even equal to God, which it sounds like you do, then logic will dictate that you also call Hatred, war, poverty, hunger and disease Love." 

I do, Thomas, I do put everything under Love's umbrella, even the ugliest and most awful. I say love encompasses all and allows all and affords grand opportunity on how to respond to each circumstance. Someone once told me hate is fear turned inward, or love inverted, and that when we scream to someone, "I hate you," we're really saying, "I love you but what has gone wrong?" Truth can kill, too. And you're right, semantics can always have us. Maybe Love and Truth are lovers, entwined forever in divine compliment. I don't think Truth would take us very far without Love and things would be way too severe and tryingly dry. Yet it's okay with me if you want to change "All you need is Love," to "All you need is Love and Truth." Have at it.



galen said...

Sometimes I feel I need to be rescued from 'The New Age' but that usually turns out to be needing rescuing from certain 'new-agers.' I do not mean to throw out baby with bathwater, to discard what is useful and healing, and though I used to be very intrenched in all things 'New Age," I now stay with what has undoubtedly proven itself true to me. This is not a lack of faith, knowing infinity holds many mysteries. It's just that something comes up in me when spirituality is mostly speculation and phenomenon overtakes essence. I get a little nauseous. Yes, I know certain visions, cognitions are real for some, but I can't share in many of them. And how does all that otherworldly stuff translate into blessing the present? I always seemed to arrive two minutes after "those two monks just levitated," or a day or so late to seeing the "gold-dust flying out of the master's hand." Once I missed someone who (I'm told) "just up and disappeared, vanished on the spot before our eyes." And there was no magic ring involved. --- grin --- Well, just needed to say that; probably say it every few months, still I get invited on the spaceship which often comes with a proctology exam. ---grin again--- And no offense intended toward those who may have had such exams.

Here's my new age activity this morning: I laid in the sun and surrendered to cloud-talk (as valuable a divining tool as any other). I saw a little girl with pig-tails reminding me to play. A turtle came to say it's okay if I'm sometimes slow. Many other animals and totems waved and blessed. And an eagle ('nuff said). White fluffs of mist and gas bringing every message I needed. Cloud talk on Palm Sunday.


Kazz said...

I would like to apologise to everyone for my foul language the other day. You especially Vis since it is your blog. It was unworthy of someone who calls their self 'Christian'.

As a sister of Christ it was unacceptable for me to rant and rave in such a fashion. I don't come from a refined background, which should be fairly evident by now, but that is no excuse.

At times the knowledge that comes to me overwhelms me. Even though I am not at all refined I try to live my life in accordance with truth and justice, because this is what sits well with me. This is becoming exceedingly difficult to do in a world where truth and justice are nowhere to be found.

The hardest thing I find is knowing what the correct thing to do is, not actually doing it. Sometimes the only way I find my way is by doing the wrong thing, because the spirit within lets me know loud and clear what is unacceptable. The spirit within has been giving me a pounding about my foul mouth the other day, and the anger that precipitated it.

I guess I will know what to do when I am supposed to know and not a moment before. That is unless I don't know because I am not worthy to which could be closer to the truth.

Irrespective of which of the above applies I am hanging in there, because giving up on truth and justice is not an option. Nor is bending over for material gratification that is detrimental to others an option.

I guess I will just have to stay focused and centre myself in love, because that is usually the best place to make contact with the Divine. When I say stay focused in love I mean remain true to the words of Christ and make sure that I don't bow to the system, unless I am bowing and don't know it. Hence my frustration!!!!

I don't know what else to say except any criticism towards me is most probably valid! Having said that I would rather be a poor example of Christ/child of God than a good example of a satanist/materialist.

Thanks for your vote of confidence Thomas, you are very sweet. I don't know that I was trying to say that truth was more important than love, because I think the two are probably inseparable. The real crux of the matter I feel is knowing what real truth and real love are. My perspective is that generally people's interpretations of these two terms are often not in alignment with God's interpretation and application, which is why the world is in the mess it is in.

Luv badly behaved Kazz :o(

Chey said...

Visible, many many thanks for this gift of love, this reminder of the feeling of 'True North'.... Love is truly the way, it sweeps all before it, if only we will let it. It leaves only compassion and care in its wake, binding and healing all as it passes through and wraps the world in its light.
You are a treasure beyond measure Visible, I feel such gratitude for having found you, many blessings to you, Love Chey

The 3rd Elf said...


Visible's Radio show just went up...

BCii said...

Confusion and chaos reign in the realm of false appearances. Love reigns in the realm of Truth. We should pray for the scales to be removed from our eyes, that we might see what is and be free of illusion.

BCii is a lie, another dream-symbol character in this movie reel. Only the One that we are is truly real. To those who earnestly seek, the Spirit speaks. We are not alone.

Through the forgiving Love of the Holy Spirit, the universe is already healed. All that seems to be left is the rest of this story that never happened. The aborigines were right: the universe is a dream that ended long ago. We are only reliving the story in our mind.

To awaken from the dream is to see through it. Only then can the final act commence, wherein correction takes effect. To consciously participate in Spirit's work is to see as it sees and give up our attachment to seeing in any other way. The process begins when we accept its voice as the voice of truth.

Hail, Lord Jesus Christ! And you, sisters and brothers in Christ: may Life reveal itself to you and may the Love of God become all that you know. Peace.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Mr. Apocalypse; the Hardest Working Archetype in Show Business.

Anonymous said...

Here's a comment for your recent Origami posting taken as a comment made by Vincent Van Gogh that I believe fits in with the understanding that you are speaking about concerning love:

"There may be a great fire in our soul, yet no one ever comes to warm himself at it, and the passers-by see only a wisp of smoke coming through the chimney, and go along their way. Look here, now, what must be done? Must one tend that inner fire, have salt in oneself, wait patiently yet with how much impatience for the hour when somebody will come and sit down near it-maybe to stay? Let him who believes in God wait for the hour that will come sooner or later."

Vincent Van Gogh, Letter 133

Lincoln Smith
Virginia Beach

Thomas said...

As always, The Feminine steps in to spread nuances, peace and beauty and all who have eyes to see and ears to hear will be wiser. Galen and Karen, wonderful words. Thank you.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

You can Fool Yourself some of the Time but not All of the Time.



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