Thursday, October 22, 2015

Spiritual Pretenders on Megalomaniacal Benders

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Greetings dear friends and welcome to a small sector of the Arcturian Brotherhood and the Sirius Cluster. Today we would like to talk about something that has not been discussed here before and that has to do with being realistic about our ambitions and aspirations. This is a critical awareness that is often not given the attention it deserves and ignoring it can be the gateway to all kinds of problems. These things happen incidentally and they happen intentionally and they happen for reasons beyond my understanding because my understanding is limited but let us consider all those yogis that wind up sleeping with their followers and all those Catholic pederast priests that violate the altar boys. Consider also the financial chicanery and outrageous claims made about new age teachers and sundry who often arrange for such claims to be made through their PR flacks.

Were any of them evil at inception? Possibly some of them were but most of the time they were just weak or deluded. Of course, any number of them got into the God Game because of the possibility of large sums of money waiting to be tagged and bagged or buried in the back yard. The delusions of followers can also be examples of mass hallucination. I find it hard to believe that such a mass of individuals would have bought into Rajneesh Osho's routine after the 99 Rolls Royce's and the flaming 55 gallon drums for condom disposal; legitimize casual sex and the world will beat a path to your door. Then there is all of this. Of course, canny hangers on like Anand Sheela show up. All kinds of things are going on in places you don't much hear about.

I don't want to bang on Rajneesh, (I'll leave that to people who can write articles like the last link) and I hear about it when I even discuss the inexplicable circumstances of that long running affair. When you read that latest link you see all kinds of things you probably never heard about before. It starts to look like something where you have to ask yourself; why did people stay around? How could they possibly have bought into it all? I am left with the idea of like attracts like. It was a harvesting of types that were all here for the purpose of sensory enjoyment and they found someone that laid it all out for them and delivered the necessary blueprints that made it all okay. Now the residue has their own upscale and thriving spiritual (cough, cough) amusement park. They even have their own currency, which I think is arranged so that you have to spend it all there. I was given the impression that once you convert your money into Osho money that's where it stays. If I am wrong about this feel free to correct me.

Here is one of the Osho spinoffs- a Tribe member of course- and here is a site where you can get readings on all kinds of gurus and wannabees. It makes you wonder when Jesus Christ only gets two icon rating. This site has been around for a long while.There are some that I venerate and you mostly know who they are and they mostly have ratings. Seems like I was once asked if I wanted to be listed there by someone who was promoting me to that effect but apparently I did not make the cut as my profile was not high enough. Heh heh. I also got bumped off of Wikipedia too.

Aright, let us return to the initial idea for this posting; not everyone is meant to be Brahmacharya or celibate and seeking to be when you are not equipped to be is going to cause you problems. Aspiring after what is not to be given you is also going to result in frustration and disappointment and that is why I counsel to accept yourself as you are but that, of course, may be based on discovering who you are. One has to give a deep consideration to the battles one has with themselves and whether they are equal to expectations they have of themselves which may be unrealistic. I think Paul said something about, I wish all men were like me but it is better to marry than to burn. That is paraphrasing surely but it is accurate I believe. There have been many high beings who have been engaged with an opposite number; Lahiri Mahasaya comes to mind.

We can get into all kinds of trouble when we do not recognize our own limitations and seek to live with them in the hope of grace descending. In an apocalypse it is all to easy to become a demonstration of what not to do and who not to be. I don't have an opinion on those mentioned and linked here today. I don't know the whole story, or whether they even had much choice in the matter.

These days I live in a state of solitude that can go on for days, unless I have to go somewhere and I am very soon back here again. It is quite something to be isolated with yourself and all the lengths of introspection that that provides. When I think of all the things I might have done and become, I am grateful for this respite and the general anonymity of my state. If we do not know who we are it is madness to go about fabricating ourselves into something we are not. It is foolish to presume that we are more than what we are when we do not even know what that is in the first place. What will be will be and the sooner we are able to come to terms with this, the sooner it will turn into what it already is.

Who are we? What are we? Once again I want to refer to the Lord's Prayer; “Our father who art in Heaven.” Our father... our heavenly father. Now... what does that make us? It should be obvious that we have a high destiny but we are mostly not arriving at it. Is this from our limitations? Is it fate? Is it weakness or some form of insecurity that does not believe in our own potential? What if we are reaching for more than is possible for us? Is that a reality or are we limitless in terms of what we are capable of? These are interesting questions. Should we be honest and recognize with clarity all the warts and wonders of our being? Should we count none of this as meaningful and see only that we are in flux and life extends before us in infinite potential? I wonder about these things.

Many times I have given myself with great industry to the pursuit of the ineffable and steadfast discipline in my being and many times I have been driven off the rails by mysterious means and I have yet to discover if this was caused by weaknesses and imperfections in my being or some cosmic imperative that insisted I go off course for some purpose of demonstration. This has happened so many times that I am mostly convinced that the universe is trying to tell me something. Have I been seeking to reach beyond what is possible or allowable for me? Is the very idea of striving wrong and should I simply accept that I am what I am and that what will be will be? Is it an effort of the mind, or the heart or is it simply recognition of the mind and heart? One of them needs to be stilled and one of them needs to be energized. I don't know and as I clearly remember, this is what my unnamed teacher said more than anything else in the brief time I was with him; “I don't know.” I am thinking that it is all contained in those portions that I remember; “Everything is under control, take the reins.” This seems to say, enough of striving to be more. Accept yourself as you are and as an extension of the almighty and simply exist within that awareness and let life proceed as it will, adjusting as you must.

If you refuse to admit that you have weak ankles and you insist on running over uneven ground you are going to pay for it. If your night vision is bad and you insist on moving at a pace greater than what you can be in command of according to the acuity of your perceptions, you are going to pay for it. I once said to Guru Bawa that I wanted to attain at all costs and he said to me, “You should be careful not to scrub the pot so hard that you break it.” Oh I have been filled will too much zeal on occasion and I have paid the price.

I suspect it is different for all of us. Some of us are meant to strive and some of us are not. Some of us will have an easier time of it and some will not. Each case is unique and that is why the effort at self discovery is so important but it can still be so hard to grasp what is required. One runs into a wall over and over. Should one cease? Perhaps it is one's fortitude that is being tested and one must run into that wall until the wall crumbles or disappears. Perhaps one is rather being told not to run into walls. It is at this point that the intuition and the inner voice (same thing) become so critically important. You must develop that ear of listening so that there is less wasted effort. There is so much wasted effort in life. Only lately have I come to understand how blind I am and how impulsive regardless of that. Somehow I came to believe that even reckless action at great personal cost was better than doing nothing. It appears that quite the reverse is true for me. It may not be so for you and that is why we cannot tell others how to be based on our own understandings because that might not apply at a wider extent. Doing nothing does not mean doing nothing. It might mean doing what you do and leaving all those other concerns in more competent hands. Do what it has been given to you to do and leave every other consideration in the hands of the ineffable. This is how it seems to me when it comes to me.

As is sometimes the case here, we find ourselves talking all around something that we just can't seem to speak to directly and we can only hope that the reader will intuit that somehow because we can only go as far as our limitations will allow.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Oh, tell me about it as far as trying to be something you're not. At least I evolved into what I wanted to be when I was still a 'food product'. In my teens I was a flamin' lunatic for trying to force myself into being my future self.

This article also reminds me of a thought that haunt me. Knowing what I know, why should I consider anything down here important at all? Especially since I consider it more a disgusting, revolting, prison that inspires me to toss my cookies, when compared to what's next.

Eudoxia said...

You have an uncanny way and I've noticed this so often as have others in addressing points I have been pondering for a quite a while but more specifically the last 24 hours.

I've particularly noticed that anybody on the spiritual path is always in change and flux. They constantly bring new conditions and new people into their lives. While those more materially inclined seem to remain stuck, the same situations the same friends nothing new ever. If you take a good look at people and their lives then the old adage comes to mind "if you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got" People I've known for years stuck in this routine hold no further interest for me nor do we have anything left in common so what is the point of continuing with anything other than pleasantries. Better to just leave em be, blue pill people and red pill people just can't team up.

Anonymous said...

life is like a box of chocolates, spread out along a mobius strip. horses for courses and tools for the job.
"swimming between the flags" is one of my mottos (ankles away, Ive got more than my fair share and the diagnostic challenges continue, toes, knees, shoulders head - reverse chiroballa chant, and eyes and ears and mouth and deflected septum...). the middle way, the goldielox zone. but not bland or mechanistic averages.
also still using the brain, pattern recognition, be your own lab rat, counting up the correlations, but the intuition is nearer to this God thing. master-blaster, intuition the master (where the words come from) , words the blaster without which, to my bet, intuition would remain silent (might be a better thing too, I should try it some day, like Ghandi said of Western democracy)
and that just the physical side of it (born with bad back, maybe some kind of connective tissue disorder).
something between great big crappy excuse and vindication (of sorts).
and in the end (if there is any end or time as we think we know it) God judges, I take some comfort there, despite the discipline, or abuse (own worse enemy sort of way), or self criticism which is probably a requirement for Gate Entry pending Limbo processing (or just undermethylation). better (with some kindness to self) than what I more was when I was less like this (Tom Petty song there I suppose, Dylan's My Back Pages, had to look it up)
what I see in some folks, most of them, winning ugly (Rolling stones there ).
Pop Rock variant of the old bible bashers I must be.

Patrick V3.1459 said...

Welcome to Hell.

And by the way you have yo pay to be here.

Ray B. said...

It is always a question how active and how passive to be in the pursuit of attainment, enlightenment, ascension, etc. The only 'guideline' that I have developed for myself is whether what I'm doing (or the form of what I'm doing) 'feels right' at some deep level or not. Everything can be 'correct', but if it doesn't feel right, I tend to stop and 'dig down' to find out why...

I suspect a lot of the 'confusion' has to do with the old 'filling of the soul' aspect. One thing can generate a lot of passion and single-purposefulness during the time that a 'cell' within the soul is being filled with needed experience. When the cell is full, it becomes like pushing on a rope. Time to move-on to the next cell...

In a certain way, genuine interest and attraction are clues to unfilled cells. Likewise, continuing-unhappiness and deep boredom are clues to remaining where you are 'done'. If we were not so 'programmed' by society, staying and going would be intuitive and effortless.

This same 'method' can also be used to check-out whether pursuing a given spiritual discipline is still productive or not. Or a certain spiritual lifestyle. Or even continuing with a familiar teacher...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Les said...
"If we do not know who we are it is madness to go about fabricating ourselves into something we are not. It is foolish to presume that we are more than what we are when we do not even know what that is in the first place."

This, from Simone Weil...
"For the substance of our life is almost exclusively composed of fiction. we fictionalize our future, and unless we are heroically devoted to truth, we fictionalize our past, refashioning it to our taste. we do not study other people; we invent what they are thinking, saying, and doing. Reality provides us with some raw material, just as novelists often take a theme from a news item, but we envelope
it in a fog..."

from Jean Cocteau...
"Man seeks to escape himself in myth, and does so by any means at his disposal. Drugs, alcohol, or lies. Unable to withdraw into himself, he disguises himself. Lies and inaccuracy give him a few moments of comfort."

Leon Bloy...
"No man knows who he is."

P.D. Ouspensky...
"..(One's chief feature) is the imaginary personality; this is the chief feature for everybody."

So, a tall order it is, to look within honestly. Discernment is essential. To destroy the myths we have created about ourselves, our fictional selves - where do we start?
I suspect it has to do with humility. As children of God, we have a connection, and an ultimate convergence, God willing we meet there.

Anonymous said...

Hello mr Visible ...
Just wondering if realization of a flat geocentric earth fits into the path of enlightenment in your opinion ...

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Les !
Have a nice weekend y'all !

robert said...

Free to Feel

Freedom demands the peeling away all fear-filled falsehoods,

Discarding limited layers of lies from the outside in,

From easiest to discern down to our internalized illusions:

Soul-corrosive core beliefs framing the tent of our false identities.

Are we willing to change who we think we are?

When we get down right to Who really makes us,

Then comes the crisis of choice: to be God or to be Dog!

To break ranks with all sleepwalking zombies appears risky,

The requirement to be continuously aware feels overwhelming.

Deep conviction by experiences of unified awareness winning,

Leaves no more wiggle room for limited self-deception.

What excuse will cover up what once we know?

Our responsibility to Whom we find to be our Source,

The call to see the One in the many grows constant.

All pleasures pale before service to the radiant inner Child.

Facing unconscious rejection tempts us to hide our love,

Protecting, in foolishness, an infinite joy from finite pains.

Nothing to lose but an illusive social position in man-made hell,

Or, in extremis, our precious temple in time, for a time.

We leave a trail in universal memory when we fail,

A newer form of One will carry on if ever we fall.

Nothing of any meaning once created can be lost,

Only our blindered view loses sight of things.

One day all our desires become a Desire for One:

Discovering infinite variations on new ways to love!

::select images of candy::

Anonymous said...

Do not expect the answer.
I have a question in all that a million questions. How do you know everything about me. Why have you allowed this knowledge to do such chaos. You understand how we could have now evolved. I do not understand. why ??? Instead of developing chose to return to prehistoric times. Now everyone have brainwashed. Nice. Whhhhhy?

Visible said...

Oh sure, it's right up there with sea monsters in the water supply and little green men from Mars in the New Jersey Pine Barrens. And the ridiculous idea that paid operatives are engaged in spreading that information.

Thomas said...

about striving/not-striving, would it make sense to take your teachers words to take the reins in the practical sense that if you were riding a horse, you would be well adviced to hold the reins not too loose, and not too tight, but in some balanced, half-relaxed tension? (if that makes any sense). It's the same as what I read Pierre to be saying, I guess: the middle way.

Be well

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

The Center for the Search for Ageless Wisdom and Other internal Wonders and Recognizing Bullshit..

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

The bull standing on one leg

SB 1.17: Punishment and Reward of Kali

David Fiske said...

Great post. Rajneesh was a big rogue but a most entertaining one. I have read many of his books and listened to a lot of his talks on cassettes. He could keep highly educated people enthralled. Quite a gift.
He claimed he was poisoned before leaving the USA by a Gov't agent.
Yes Vis, your life has had its strange twists and turns."Unfathomable is karma."
I feel very grateful for mine, ease of circumstances, great view from my house(I was told by a clairvoyant in London in 1971 that she saw me in a house on a hill above a lake, could see the deer and smell the bread baking. I was living in Cape Town at the time but in 1981 that became my reality and I was a big bread baker for my kids school lunches. This makes me feel that there is a plan to our lives. My kundalini is giving me thrills again. Yes grateful.

Anonymous said...

Typing from my phone due to some really nasty viruses I seem to have acquired in case anybody is experiencing the same...


Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Mr. Apocalypse goes after the Holocaust Industry.



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