Monday, February 01, 2016

The Variegated Flowers and Fruits of this Divine Apocalypse.

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{I had been near finished with a nondescript Petri Dish and then stopped for some reason. I thought to complete it several times and did not and then... this evening I had a communication with the ineffable and I realize I should skip this Petri Dish and write an Origami, mostly because of the full disclosure law that prevails here and because sometimes the honest intimacy of one's communications of this order, regardless of how it reflects on me and it has reflected badly and well, more than a few times in the process of doing these postings, is sometimes of real help to the reader, just as it is for me}

Tonight I was standing outside my door and having one of my rare, American Spirit rollups (I can't do many things with the frequency I used to and it has made considerable difference to my well being to back off on certain actions) and reflecting on nothing in particular, when that familiar door opened in the back of my mind and that personal agent of the ineffable began to speak to me;

“I know Visible that I have put you through the grinder in recent years. Through uncanny episodes of seeming misfortune, I have taken all your financial backup away from you. I evicted you from your long residence in Europe, where you existed in a state of relative suspension -career wise- and ended your more or less consistent interplay with ones you loved very much. I rained misfortune down on you on a regular basis, as if that were all there was. I sent you into a series of negative environments and interactions with negative personalities and no matter how much you tried and how hard you worked, I soured your every enterprise. I broke your bones and in neither case did you, or do you, have a clue as to the why of it. I sent you somewhere you had every expectation of a positive outcome and then, through one situation or another, drained away the last of your material backup. Now I have sent you somewhere you have never been and have maintained you in a limbo of WTF, dangling lures with strange bait. You've been streaming through your days in the land of The Seven of Cups, knowing that 8 follows it and knowing, like few do... that with all your decades of study in the science and the time spent in other lives, occupied with similar research, you know very little. The problem with those who become knowledgeable at anything, is that they imagine they have acquired some amount of expertise. You know differently and that is perhaps one of your greatest accomplishments to date. If only this were true of a larger number of people, this world would be a far more pleasant and manageable environment.

“I am in agreement with you that one of the greatest losses among your kind, in these times, is the departure of manners and the coarsening of human nature. As you are well aware, this is one of the trademark certainties of the progression of Materialism through it's stages. This is incidental and more than incidental (as usual) to what I wish to speak with you about this evening and I want you to write about it. I know you will have some hesitation about repeating some of these things and that is one of the positive aspects of your personality that I appreciate. Say it all anyway. Don't concern yourself with what some may assume from any of it. These people would think ill of you regardless of what you do or do not say. It comes with the territory as you like to state now and again.

“It is perfectly understandable that you would be feeling insecure at this point. Wondering if the endless side swiping by invisible cars, on the often, barely discernible highway of life, is ever going to conclude (yes, he does talk like that sometimes and is probably the reason that I do as well, now and again.)

"Not only have you gotten it from behind and from either side, over and over, with no warning but... you've never gotten any kind of an explanation for it. The truth of it should be simple and I know you know what that is but the fact that it keeps swerving into the culvert over and over and over is something you don't get because, on the surface it makes no sense. Surely the point should have been made by now... surely. Perhaps you are looking in the wrong place for the answer? You are assessing it all from the conventional perspectives; it is happening for reasons of Karma. It is happening to reduce you to an extremity where you are rendered helpless and have no choice but to rely on me without reserve. You think maybe it is just your portion of the unreasonable result of these unfortunate times. You think you are being brought to a point of utter bewilderment, where you finally come to realize that there is nothing you can do, or not do, that will make the slightest difference. You've analyzed and scrutinized and discovered nothing that can pass for any kind of acceptable answer; nothing complete and comprehensive, you sense, rightly, that something is missing but... you don't know what that is. You feel like you'll know it when you see it but you haven't seen it. By this time you wouldn't be surprised if you found yourself by the side of the road somewhere.

“The truth is, Visible, that I have been setting you up through misdirection. Every thought that has come into your mind over this time, I've put there and everything that hasn't come into your mind, I blocked from entering. I've kept you spinning like a top because I wanted your attention everywhere but on what was really going on. All these things you have been talking about all this time, I have been doing to you, with the end result being exactly the sum of all the things you have been saying all along.

“You remember how you have said that the rewards and blessings that come to one are directly commensurate with the suffering one experiences, in the pursuit of their objective; whatever that objective might be? You remember how you have said that all anyone has to do is want something more than anything else and they are certain to acquire it? You know that the acquisition of anything is no guarantee of one's satisfaction in the possession of it.

“You have said many times that this particular period, provides opportunities for spiritual advancement, unlike anything seen in a long, long time. It is precisely because of the truth of this that so many find themselves awash in overpowering material circumstances and oppressed by ungovernable appetites for the same and that is because everything is assbackwards.

“The reality is that some number of you, a very small number, are fast tracked for enlightenment and liberation, in this very lifetime. Enlightenment and Liberation are inseparable companions. People talk about enlightenment and plenty of pundits and- so called- visionaries, speak extensively about what that means. None of them have detailed it in any way that comes close to the reality of the state. It should be also said that enlightenment has stages, levels if you will, which could be best expressed as degrees of light and qualities of light. At this time, Visible, you have one duty and that is to be absolutely optimistic at all times and deposit every hope and fear,every desire and dream, every imagined thing that you have ever considered, into the bottomless waters of everlasting forgetfulness, so that there can be absolutely no conflict with the soon to be certain presence of true remembering of your real self, which is the same as that within every living being, no matter how far any may be from an awareness of this.

“You are aware of the inexplicable resonance between the ideas presented in these sites and the hearts and minds of many of those who visit. This is the stamp of authenticity of my connection to what takes place here. I am everywhere and wherever I appear and in whatever manner I appear, I impact on that part of me that experiences whatever is said, whenever I am talking to myself, which is exactly what is taking place.

“The whole time that your mind has been occupied with the various conditions that I have placed you in, I have been sneaking up on you. I have been taking up residence in all the internal locations that I have been preparing for my residence, by ejecting whatever was formerly in those locations, through the pain and suffering I have been visiting on you. Rejoice in everything that I bring your way. See both perceived misfortune and fortune with the same eyes and an unshakable faith in the single purpose toward what both events, presently miss-perceived and misunderstood are directed.

“I told you a short time ago that from that point, a new stage of being has been entered upon by you and that everything to come would no longer be or appear as it has been, nor manifest as it has previously done. As you should have learned by now ...and I am confident that you have, my time is not your time and your understanding of the meaning of things is often delayed. That is coming to an end and to the degree that you accept the truth that I am the only influence in your life, no matter how disparate and opposite seeming any influence may appear, you are practically home free and this is precisely why I have confused you from every direction and destabilized your balance so relentlessly. No matter whom it may have seemed to be, it has always been me.

“I have said these things to you this evening because the impact of these statements on you is going to be more profound than anything that has been exchanged between us at any time before and I have asked you to write these thoughts down, because there are those who come here to whom much that has been said tonight, also applies. I determine the power that attends the words of anyone who speaks or thinks they speak on my behalf. Though I am generally unseen and unnoticed, I am here now. I am moving through the whole spectrum of human events. Like the wind that is unseen but whose effects are seen, in just that way... I am here and I AM here, so all that have previously been in doubt and sorely tried, should take enormous comfort in what is being said. Faster than lightning, I can change anything into anything and I fully intend to do so to dramatic effect, though not as randomly as the statement may seem to indicate but rather, surgically precise.

“For reasons that may not be clear to you at this moment, Visible, you have cause to be supremely confident and unflappable as well. I have engineered you to a point that a simple adjustment can radically transform you beyond anything you have previously experienced and the same applies to everyone who is being touched by what is being said, exactly to the degree that they feel touched and who is open to the possibilities of the promise that is extant and implied all of what has been said so far.

"No matter how dark is might have seemed in various moments, leading to this moment we find ourselves in, it is all brimming with light and pregnant with irrevocable victory of the highest order. Birth is attended by pain ...but once labor is at an end and birth has been accomplished, the pain disappears and joy is the resultant condition in the aftermath. It has been a long and difficult labor, as all of us here are giving birth to that which we have carried within us. This is the fruit of the apocalypse and all the testimony and evidence of what we are is demonstrated in our offspring. This is the uncovering and revealing of all the formerly secret intentions of our hearts and minds. In some cases there will be no surprise. In other cases surprise will be the most powerful effect. There will be no recall of the product of our enterprise. May you be blessed, Visible... or let it be more accurately stated, may you come to see how blessed you are and may all who have experienced a positive uplifting at what they have read and felt, experience the same. Bless you all, both the willing and unwilling. May love awaken and shine brighter than the sun in every heart that resonates around this world and on every plane where it is possible to occur. Let all doubt be swallowed up and burnt to ash in the unquenchable fire of your collective faith. May love illuminate and exponentially manifest the hidden reservoir of the ineffable that has lived so long unseen and unknown within you. I am here awaiting your sure and certain awareness that I AM here and waiting."

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely breathtaking and ringing with authenticity. Thank you for the perfection of timing that brought this to me at this moment, I cannot say how incredible it is that this came when it did. Resonance indeed!

With love,


Visible said...

This Sunday's radio transmission is now available for streaming or download or... telepathic innerplay.

Brian Crossland said...

Thank you Vis,
Much Resonance and Gratitude. I wonder how many of us who come here have been puzzling over events in our lives, questioning, those WTF moments that with the best laid plans continue to keep happening. The ineffable is our assurance and insurance in these times, indeed in all times. Must admit though my monkey mind often misses this point! or rather forgets until I remember.

With Gratitude


A. Dundee said...

Although I have no right to say it and do not pretend in any manner to any moral authority whatsoever that might suggest in error even an inkling of a claim upon such a delusion, it will be said, and assuredly not by me; "THANK YOU, AND WELL DONE GOOD AND FAITHFUL SERVANT".

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

"People talk about enlightenment and plenty of pundits and- so called- visionaries, speak extensively about what that means. None of them have detailed it in any way that comes close to the reality of the state."


Srila Prabhupada: "It is not very difficult to understand what is enlightenment. Enlightened means aham brahmasmi. I do not belong to this material world. I belong to the Supreme Spirit. That conviction makes you enlightened. So anyone who has got this conviction, he's enlightened. This is not very difficult."

"I am identified just now with this matter. "I am this body, I belong to this country, I belong to this world." This is illusion. And as soon as I can understand that I belong to none of these, I belong to Kṛṣṇa(God), that is enlightenment. Simply changing the understanding. It is not very difficult. But it is difficult one who cannot understand. That is another thing. But if one can understand this fact, then he's immediately enlightened."

There are five kinds of liberation stated in the scriptures

Anonymous said...

It is not often that my scalp tingles with crawling electricity and my hair feels like it wants to stand up. This is one of those times.

Eric said...

Thanks for sharing Vis.
I rarely comment though I have followed your vicissitudes and changing circumstances over the years.
This post is one that has aroused in me serene joy.
In the words of Hendrix 'May This Be Love'



Lori said...

When hearts break open, God speaks. The peeps who are listening
feel certain that the message was directed to themselves. The humble
messenger shrugs his shoulders, looks around and says, "What?".

Love, Lori

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

S & M at its finest, huh? Lost the compooter, and it took a little over a week to get another one, and the new part time job that will probably kill me (if the commute over the unlit mountain pass at 2:00AM doesn't. . .) that I just got (back-up on-call dishwasher and an on-call janitor with one day a week guaranteed gig for a very successful Chinese eatery.) paid for half of it, but hey! If my old buddy and former landlady hadn't hired me, the money wouldn't have been there, so that worked.

So, speaking of S & M at it's finest. . .

Reading this after reading about a DMT experience was pretty awesome, by the way. The way everything connects, ya ken?

Laura said...

Beautiful, with heartfelt gratitude, received.

Love and Grace ~

Anonymous said...

"Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name, you are mine."
Isaiah 43:1

Thank you, Vis.

aka CB

Anonymous said...

Amen to it all.
"Let all doubt be swallowed up and burnt to ash in the unquenchable fire of your collective faith."
Positively uplifted, if just by that line.

Erik said...

Wow Vis, just wow ... ;)

Anonymous said...

So profound and so needed to be heard by so many of us.
Through the tears and the heartache the light shines on our hearts and souls, and we know that we are not alone.
Thank you for your dedication to the journey of truth and for the sharing of same and the words of hope and inspiration for all the travelers who wander by here.
From the bottom of my heart, much love and respect to you my friend.
Blessings (to us all!)

Don from Texas

mike m said...

I take it that if you read this fine piece of work you were meant to.....

David Alan McBride said...

Thank you Mr. Visible for being a messenger. Thank you very very much. Thanks especially to the One from whom the message came.

Visible said...

Hi Mike;

I don't quite know what you mean but I do want to take this opportunity to apologize if I offended you concerning Trump. It is just my opinion and I do not believe it more valid that the opinion of another. We all have reasons to feel as we do and that should be sacrosanct. I am more often in a hurry in my mind that I actually need to be and it makes me blunt and frank where more diplomacy might be called for. I am working on that and I believe I have had some success compared to how I have been in times past. Of course, more focus and awareness is called for and I pray it be granted to me. You have been a valuable contributor here for years and I value that. I will endeavor to try harder to be what I can be instead of not releasing, more immediately, what I was and no longer am.



Ray B. said...

Vis, excellent and somewhat audacious post. It roused in me everything from jumping up and down in joy to the single-finger salute*. Guess you can't ask an article for anything more... (grin)

I had a 'synchronicity' with this article:
Vis: "...I have been sneaking up on you. I have been taking up residence in all the internal locations that I have been preparing for my residence, by ejecting whatever was formerly in those locations..."

The morning before I read it (yesterday), Higher Self just 'had at it' with delving into my past (this lifetime) and bringing stuff forward to feel-through and release. Stuff I had long forgotten about. Several hours worth in one sitting. Not fun, but at least it's in the Soul now. Empty space...

Vis: "I have engineered you to a point that a simple adjustment can radically transform you beyond anything you have previously experienced..."

Good. You deserve it. I hope the ineffable keeps it's 'promise' in human time.

Vis: "The reality is that some number of you, a very small number, are fast tracked for enlightenment and liberation, in this very lifetime."

It would be interesting to 'attend the party' and see just who 'shows up'. I have a feeling there would be some surprises...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

*For all you have been put-through, ineffable-reason or not. Body-and-emotion-based-part-of-God (me) just had to point that 'cost' out...

robert said...

Dear Visible and all who know they have a heart deeper than their mind can fathom:

A high energy beam, right on time!

With such a Creator, such a connection and such dedication, could there be any other result?

“For reasons that may not be clear to you at this moment, Visible, you have cause to be supremely confident and unflappable as well. I have engineered you to a point that a simple adjustment can radically transform you beyond anything you have previously experienced and the same applies to everyone who is being touched by what is being said, exactly to the degree that they feel touched and who is open to the possibilities of the promise that is extant and implied all of what has been said so far.”

“a simple adjustment” and the being is transformed, onward to liberation from the limitation of the persona or mask!

Shadow echoes back: one slip into doubt | fear | resistance at the flip of this switch and fried and falling hard, could the small i be…

As I stated in a personal email some time ago, this human is humbled by the way in which you have handled being in the crucible of public scrutiny and learning your lessons which follow the willingness to be there, for yourself and all of us.

Probably said it in less florid form at the time (grin), but know you got my drift, that should I ever have to face that kind of pressure, I pray that I acquit myself even half as well!

Resistant to love are we all.

Hiding our light, have been we all.

Hesitant to claim the power we are gifted, guilty may be we all.

But hanging in there at all costs, are we all who are here to receive this blessing.


(P.S. Do you still receive email at that personal account?)

mike m said...

Hey Vis

It never even crossed my mind and I never felt that way. I come here to read your writings because there is nowhere else I go that resonates with my feelings the way that you seem to be able to do.

You truly have a gift and I have been lucky enough to have been able to bear witness to it. Keep up the good work mate, you've have helped me understand certain things more than you'll ever know.

Peace Brother!

garbanzo said...

Thanks, Les.
Your message is verification that the pulse will fire soon and that certain ones will be activated.
A very long time I have been waiting for this...

Guldur said...

Visible, one huge salute and thanks for your words! I hope I will truly deserve them some day. May your be blesses,my un/worldly brother, indeed.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Vis! This Origami is really something special! Or maybe I should say the actual experience itself is something special. What a well deserved gift!


Anonymous said...


P.S. Your blog today was so moving. As I read it my heart soared and I cried from the depths of my soul. It touched me deeply. I really needed that today. Thank you so much my friend.

Here is the message I sent in case it didn’t get through and you wish to post it in the comment section:

So profound and so needed to be heard by so many of us.
Through the tears and the heartache the light shines on our hearts and souls, and we know that we are not alone.
Thank you for your dedication to the journey of truth and for the sharing of same and the words of hope and inspiration for all the travelers who wander by here.
From the bottom of my heart, much love and respect to you my friend.
Blessings (to us all!)

Don from Texas

Odin's Raven said...

Thank you Mr.Visible. It is good that you are back in form.

Kazz said...

That so many advanced souls find there way here is a testament to your unequalled ability to channel the Divine. Thank you for being the conduit you are Vis, and thank you for sharing. Thank you for making a space where so many like minded souls can congregate. Thank you Vis for not falling down and becoming all puffed up with your own importance, but in instead being a humble man who sets a good example for all to follow. What a perfect congregation it is, encompassing all nationalities, beliefs, and crossing all physical national borders. Truly a global congregation of souls in pursuit of the Divine. It was a great blessing when I stumbled upon this site and the people who frequent here. As I ponder on all of this I see that us all meeting and joining together the way we have was always meant to be. Like minded souls on a like minded journey, towards that which cannot be seen, but can be felt if one has their heart operating in the right matrix, the spiritual eternal one that is provided by the Divine ;o).

I would like to say a big thank you to the Divine for allowing me to be part of something special here. I hear your wisdom through your long time friend and devotee Vis, and I hear your wisdom through your other devoted followers who constant here. It is a wonderful thing to hear others relay that which has been relayed to me, because it shows me we are many, yet we are ONE :o).

Much Love Kazz

Anonymous said...

Simply and profoundly OUTSTANDING... above all else, from the uppermosthigh, and of course ineffable! This got me tingling 'Faster than lightening... dramatic... and surgically precise', as you well know, this works on all scales. How is the hip btw? There is just so much for anyone with ears to hear. The 'simple adjustment' got me... and 'fruit of the apocalypse' also. And of course your duty at this time, 'to be absolutely optimistic at all times', again one for us all being co-creaters an all! Most of us endeaver, you've been given a duty my friend, and all my best with it. You are truly blessed.

'I am here awaiting your sure and certain awareness that I AM here and waiting.'

My kindest regards and upmost thanks

Dr Cray

Anonymous said...

pierre said... that's how the bible and other holy texts got written

♫now and then there's a fool such as thee/I/we/us♫

and let's leave it to the Cosmic Cops to lever the boot up the collective backsides of the backsliders, those without ears to hear, eyes to see, hearts to brake.

torus said...

"To those who have not realized the Self as well as to those who have, the word 'I' refers to the body, but with this difference: that for those who have not realized the Self, the 'I' is confined to the body, whereas for those who have realized, the 'I' shines as the limitless Self.

To those who have not realized the Self as well as to those who have, the world is real. But to those who have not realized, Truth is adapted to the measure of the world, whereas to those who have realized, Truth shines as the Formless Perfection, as the Substratum of the world. This is all the difference between them."
Ramana Maharshi

I've realized that I don't as yet quite realize. I accept the Formless Substratum of perfection, but at times I'm tired of the perceived miscreants that it births. Or that I'm somehow it's effluence.

Like Brontosaurus, I musn't take it personally.

Anonymous said...

Hi, as someone who has appreciated your written thoughts for many years, please do not take this as criticism...
But, why do you think our maker would need us to ingest chemicals to communicate...
As a reformed former eater of hashish, I certainly have had similar experiences, none Godly.

"And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light".
2 Corinthians 11:14

Visible said...

I hardly know how to answer that since I don't know what the question was, I will say that I never had any spiritual experiences on hashish and psychedelics are a whole other thing. I do note the Christianity association, I would suggest reader The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross and look into the association between Santa Claus and Amananita Muscara which I am pretty sure I misspelled. I didn't sleep at all last night so I am bobbing and weaving like a punch drunk fighter. This really perplexes me; " But, why do you think our maker would need us to ingest chemicals to communicate." I don't think our creator would need us to ingest anything. I don't remember him saying that to me or anyone else and I certainly wasn't on anything like that last night and I certainly haven't been on such comestibles in a long time. My conversations with the ineffable take place no matter what I am on and I am general==ly not on anything 99% of the time. I do believe that some of us have a special dispensation in this regard and some of us do not and I think that is the key point.

Each seeker has an individual relationship. There is no general theme that relates across the board. I do not believe these are necessary and I never said it was and I do not recommend that anyone follow thus course. No one knows what my situation is or god's situation as it relates to me. As for that quote, there are many ways to take it and I have pondered that quote many times. There are many many ways to interpret that quote.

Visible said...

I'm not taking anything as criticism. I don't believe that anyone is qualified to make a long distance judgment on a person they never met and about whose behavior they know nothing about except through hearsay. That I have had remarkable and powerful experiences in this way is a given. What really puzzles me is the presumption that I said something I never said and that does have a sinuous sidewinder kind of a feel to it and the insiuation that I am deceived by the devil and even acting as an agent of the devil is even more puzzling and using scripture that doesn't seem to make any sense and tying it in to s posting that had nothing to do with any such compounds is even more puzzling but... "whats puzzling you is the nature of my game,"

In any case, I see no criticism but I do see a surfeit of insinuation that comes across as very disingenuous and somewhat baiting but I am very tired and worn out so it's difficult to make much sense out of these crawling worm words that are wriggling on the page. I might say "what makes you think that where nothing was said that had anything to do with the item mentioned that it is okay to mention it as if somehow it is relevant when it is most certainly not." I suppose that my being compelled to answer something that is a total fabrication but which like a Fox News headline has achieved the desired effect of stirring the sand on the floor of a previously clear stream to create murk is truly puzzling.

I really son't know what to tell you and that should be clear from the hash I have made of trying to satisfy what seems to me to be a totally gratuitous question that is based on something that never happened speaks for itself and leaves me far more weary that I was before I started and may well be the point and intention of the whole episode. I would cry out for mercy but i fear from the tone and context of the statement that started the whole affair that no mercy is likely to be forthcoming. I really need to go to bed. I am sorry that I was completely incapable of contributing anything useful to the conversation even though it seems to have taken me half an hour to write this and giving proof that I am dumb as shit for getting involved in this. That's what happens when you haven't slept and find yourself lurching about from pillar to post. I hope you got whatever entertainment you were after when you wrote what you did. I do note that you are using one of the newer Bible translation because I have never seen this variation before. Arrgh!

Ray B. said...

torus, Tuesday, February 02, 2016 5:57:00 AM :
"Like Brontosaurus, I mustn't take it personally."

I had a major realization some time back, when I was trying to attract 'folks' to take-on 'the farmer':

I already knew that types who were 'High' but had never incarnated were some of the most-dangerous Beings around. They had never learned empathy through incarnate experience. How it felt to kill, and how it felt to be killed. And the wisdom that came out of feeling-through that incarnate experience. Those 'innocent' Beings could 'grasp' the concept, but - after all - we were only a lower 'illusion' and so not really real. Shrug. So, massive Power, but no Empathy.

So, directing or allowing an 'unreal' Everest-sized asteroid onto an 'unreal' planet Earth and the many 'unreal' Brontosauri (sp?) peacefully-grazing was no big deal. "Play of God." Shrug...

Something seemed deeply-wrong about this 'state of affairs'. As I worried-it-over for quite a while, *ping* an answer appeared. It had to do with Creation. Two aspects:

First, everything - all layers - under all-God is an illusion. Only all-God his/her/it-self is not an illusion. Everything else, including all the High Beings, is an illusion. It appears 'personalized' in that everything a few levels 'down' from the viewer is Known to be an illusion. But, that is an egoic point-of-view, no matter how High the perceiver. No exceptions. (Remember, the all-God 'state' is the only state where there is no Subject/Object division. No one will ever 'see' all-God.)

Second, is something Created from all-God still a part of all-God in some manner? Was the very first sub-division Creation (way, way, way 'up') still a part of all-God in some way? Or only an illusion? Or both?

How you 'answer' this determines what you can do to the levels below you:

If 'they' are only illusion, then literally anything-goes. Bye-bye Brontosaurus. No pangs, no regrets. Shrug. If you are like 'the farmer', you can even stir-up painful emotions for a tasty 'snack'. Just 'Jello'. (And since it is all illusion, the ultimate calorie-free dessert. Sorry, digressing...) Domination; no problem. War; no problem. Etc., etc. Only illusion. No problem. To probably mis-use a quote from a man, "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law."

(Of course, if you accept the above 'state of affairs', that means - subconsciously - you know yourself to only be illusion, too. The ultimate loneliness. I wonder what that does to the 'psyche' of a Higher Being?)

If 'they' are an illusion but somehow still a part of all-God, then - if you love where you 'came from' - the levels below you must be respected and nurtured. The ultimate Parental archetype. This is from the very first sub-division Creation all the way down. The opposite of Shrug...

(And, there is a great deal of difference between a parent allowing a child to nearly-burn itself on a stove [while standing close, being prepared, and very-much caring] - for the needed-experience of the child - and not-giving-a-rip or even getting-off on being more-powerful and more-knowing than the child. Or worse.)

The above 'argument' appeared as the answer to my 'questioning'. My Higher Self used this on several Players above 'the farmer', and boy did the ethers roil for some time. Ultimately, some Players accepted the basis of this argument and that they-and-we were somehow still a part of all-God. Family, in a certain manner of speaking. Then, a few Players went to talk to 'the farmer'...

We shall see what we shall see. Thanks for reading this far!

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

could this be a proveucateur, who appears to be all knowing and speaking for the creator. wow, if all us mere serveants could be so blessed to know all. is the speaker claiming that the creator is cruel or sadistic,(and not in a teaching and enlightening sense). would seem so, if the creator made all these things, then said to use and cherish all things made in the book the author quoted. the author would probably take chemo from a doctor in a heartbeet(a human, who makes huge amounts of money keeping you a live, but just slowing your life process, to drain as much out of you,as they can, till you leave ), and assesing from the quote would be against cures from nature(that work, and don;t generate money), because a banker slave said it was the only way. if you view any of the world searches for life, some of the societies, on this banker/religion drive to hell(disconection from god,void of light or vibration), that are closest to what jesus(surmising you claim to be a desciple of jesus),said was the way god wanted serveants to live,(new testament, how does one serve god, jesus said, by living by the commandments, also, one of the few parts of the new testament that wasn't copied from the gnostic texts that were written before the flood,) are the primitive cultures that embrace, these substances you claim to be fowl, because your experience elevates you above god. sometimes maybe these substances were given by the creator to breakdown the walls of the banker created cave, to assist in some peoples quest, to enhance the light/vibration within and free the mind. regardless, what do these substances have to do with one of the best posts, les(much love from all)has ever written, they were never mentioned in any way. are you judging, isn't their a quote about that. if only we could all be on the path

Anonymous said...

There is nothing like sanctimonious, self righteous Christians when it comes to duplicity in the name of honesty and scripture in place of original thought. It makes me think of Jesus Christ doing a Discount Double Check commercial. Because something looks like a raisin does. not mean it will taste like a raisin. There was a joke in there somewhere but I forgot the punch kine.


torus said...

@Les, Ray and all (even the former eater of ungodly hashish), thanks!

Visible said...

You know what they say; "hash is cash," ans I think it might have been, Fat Freddy, or it could have been Phineas. It was definitely one of the Furry Freak Brothers who said it, "Dope will get you through times of no money, better than money will get you through times of no drugs" not like I would personally know anything about that because I'm like all spiritual and shit (grin).

Still can't sleep but I'm leaning toward the horizontal. the funny thing is I feel fine regardless and I got a guest coming in this afternoon that I have never seen ore spoken to before but... that's how I roll, heh heh. I get a little goofy when I don't sleep, I'm also trying to keep it light because that is an imperative; the reason Hotei is one of my favorite characters.

garbanzo said...


One more thing about this post: I'm certain I don't have to tell you but this wonderful message has a "code" weaved into it.

Certain individuals were supposed to read your message and they have.

Knowingly, or unknowingly, whichever it is, you were chosen to communicate to humanity that the trigger has been pulled on the divine plan that will end this nightmare.

Thank you, my brother. I've read your message several times and each time, with tears flowing down my face.

I'm very much looking forward to reuniting with you and the rest of our family. It will be soon.


Anonymous said...

This was a beautiful post, but there was one sentence in it i couldn't grasp:

"There will be no recall of the product of our enterprise."

What does that mean? Engendered amnesia?

Can you elaborate on this, Mr. Visible?


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

For some reason reading the comments made me wonder what ayahuasca would do to a psychopath.

Diane said...

Straight To The Heart!

Anonymous said...

"I don't believe that anyone is qualified to make a long distance judgment on a person they never met and about whose behavior they know nothing about except through hearsay." - Pot, Kettle, Black

Visible said...

Product of enterprise= what you gave birth to.

A. Dundee said...

Please consider the perspicacious obtuseness of the Right Honourable Sir jimminychristmas hereby similarly felt and the Very Same's forwarded motion having been effected, now officially recorded, and hereby seconded.

torus said...

I always found the ingestion of hashish to border on sublime. Quantity, quality, and environment are key. Four "trips" through eating it back in the 80's when Canada was privy to such fine black hash that came through Montreal and Toronto. Robust black hash with a gold stamp on the big bricks. Much more "user friendly" when smoked.The creator is already "using" chemical correspondence within. Some of us experiment with augmentation. God gave me receptors, this I know. Even if the Bible doesn't tell us so. The government controls alcohol and cigarettes, but I haven't been drunk in 30 years. Alcohol worked for Churchill and Hemingway, except the wrong one suicided.

bullpasture said...

"There is a crack in everything......
That's how the light gets in...."

Leonard Cohen's song: Anthem

.... And Visible has confirmed this truth!


Sukh said...

Re: "There will be no recall of the product of our enterprise."
I think the word "recall" may be the cause of the confusion.
I read it that there will be no "taking back" or "reversing" that which we gave birth to and not recall in terms of memory, although I could be wrong and often am.

Vis: I don't ever really comment but I feel like saying thank you and much love to you, you are wonderful.
This transmission also reminded me of the line in the song
"O Lord, I want to be in that number when the Saints go marching in."
I am sure many of us here feel this way, to win in the only game that really counts, everything else being false.

Dave said...

My first post here, ever: thank you, thank you, thank you, both. Received and greatly appreciated.

Thank you again.


Dodgy One said...

A wonderous wandering into the oneness of the within, I'm with you mate.
Synchronicity is a given when the same wavelength is being attuned to.
When the self vibrates with those truths that resonate within the depth of their being.
The waveforms that emanates from the creator are those that we all vibrate to on our paths to oneness. Resonating to a different frequency causes the one to be divided between the one and the self on the path most taken.
Hark listen hear we come into the all with Truth and Love as our banners.

Dodgy One said...

Hark listen ->

I'll take your hand if'n you take mine traveling the eternity road :)

Alan said...

Thanks again Vis!!!!

Moon Cricket said...

Awesome! Just awesome Vis. Thank you.

Nick Alliss said...

Who is an Israelite?

Anonymous said...

Torus at 5:13

I recall the item that you described
from around 1985--the gold stamp and the fragrance of the slab. It was Afghani, and it was exceptional.


Ray B. said...

I have been blessed/cursed with an interest in Deep Time. The Big Bang to Now. Sooo much 'could have happened' (life-wise) over that immense stretch that I find it impossible to view the present as effectively 'divorced' from all that has happened in prior Ages. The TRUE 'trickle down theory'... (grin)

Once, I was likely having to give a lecture on Deep Time, so I did some prep work to 'involve' young audiences:

If you envision the time from TBB to Now as movie-screen or stage width (~50ft), then a billion years is the space between your palms, arms held up wide over your head (~3ft). On that scale, a million years is about the width of the cartridge in a ballpoint pen (or the lead in a wooden pencil). The width of the ballpoint pen itself is roughly the time the most massive stars have to live.

Now, think of an average book with 250 pages. If the book is a million years 'long', each page is four thousand years 'thick'. Two pages is about how long orthodoxy states humans have had civilization.

Next, take that entire book and compress-it in thickness to the width of the cartridge in a ballpoint pen. Still a million years wide, but now using the 'stage' scale of time. Each page in the book shrinks-in-width accordingly, but is still four thousand years 'across'. Again, two of those very-skinny pages is about how long orthodoxy states humans have had civilization...

Finally, step back in scale to the stage itself. The first stars were born somewhere-around an inch away from TBB wall. Our Solar System (with the Sun and the Earth) was 'born' about two-thirds of the way along the stage. Our star is expected to 'burn out' about another third beyond the stage wall.

If you imagine the vast gulf between the size of the 'stage' and our two very-skinny pages, you can get an idea of JUST HOW MUCH likely-happened over the Eons...

(Any reader is welcome to use the above to 'infect' others with the splendor of Deep Time. *grin*)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

torus said...

@Mandocello. That's it! And it was. The fragrance was like coffee to me.

Dodgy One said...

Very nice summation RayB, perhaps now WoodB a good page in time to define the future role and modus operandi of this nice congregation and the church of the future.
Over the past 6 weeks (whats that an ameoba's hairs width?) I have been on and off of Tramadol (a morphene derivative?) for a painfully sore back (siatica).
It soon became clear that a side effect of this chemical concoction was the complete numbing not so much of the pain as the inclination and the performance of the sex drive.
What a revelation (on a personal scale at least:) big drum roll, the conclusion to be gained is staggering in the path that opens before us:
The condition I have suffered from since the age of five has a cure and that it is a chemical and or heretical imbalance with manifests in a sore temptational state of lust.
So let me put that another way: the evil sins of lustful inclinations can be cured/treated/replaced with a daily dose of morphine. Wow now that is a trick that means I can go to heaven because I get a church (ours) sanctioned and financed (gov tax exemption and drug subsidized) dose that prevents the evil lust from being such a tortuous force from within this body of sin.
Think of the ramifications and the applications of this rethink i.e. Instead of child buggering preachers we can have diagnosed and treated chemical imbalances adjusted with the result of saving children from abuse, which is what they are meant to be doing.
I am guessing here as I don't have a bad chemical imbalance/infliction of greed or violence but it seems to me that this condition can be treated also with a balancing dose of marijuana after a confessional style diagnosis session !!
And after trails it could be that a large part of the population needs such a treatment (in the water rather than neurotoxic poisonous flouride) in order to save the future of us weird beings that are indeed in possession of a spiritual component.
Can any in the flock hereabouts suggest an alternative chemical treatment for greed?

I suspect that to treat conditions such as sloth and envy the chemical imbalance will need further research, perhaps mescaline or speed could help.

Shock horror the sheep are in demented rage at the prospect that their cherished state of delusional devotion to psycopathic leaders can be treated with a quick dip and inoculation (silly giggle is heard:)

Then comes the hard core deep secret treatment of bankers, corporatists, satanist and zionists, I suspect they will need a dose of the top line chemicals and DNA treatments coming out of monsanto labs as they have so much endorsement for i.e. (dna altered mozzies that cure selfishness/stupidity rather than retard fetuses :).

Me thinks that these revelations can explain why the departments of defence are so much into controlling their supply of opium from afganistan. A fighting force doesn't need to be distracted by full of cum soldiers where both genders are on the battle field.
Also could it not be a solution to the apparent surge of migrant rapes, give them all a free dose of morphine, problem solved.!!
No need for their females to hide their sexuality from testosterone imbalanced males.

A front row pew goes to the parishioner present of mind and experienced enough to find the cure/treatment for hatred (the chemical treatment that is), as we all know that will be in big demand sadly.

Anonymous said...

pierre said (cheeky mode)

There is a Cohen in everything
that's how the tribe gets in.

(I am reading several John Coleman books at present on the Fabian Socialist's out of London, confirms Hacket's presentation that America is a British Plantation, and Britain is Rothschildlandia). Not an institution is untouched by the chosenites, for the purposes of manipulation and enslavement.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful posting, Les. One question: What the heck are you to going to do next? Seriously, what does one do for an encore after something like that?


torus said...

"I tried to interest Heisenberg in my ideas about light and wrote to him on October 21 1966. His response arrived in November and was not much help. He replied:
The statement that 'uncertainty is primary, certainty is secondary' may well be justified in some fields of physics like statistical thermodynamics...As a general principle of physics however, I feel that such a statement is too simple...For the theory of elementary particles I believe that the primary law of nature contains nothing else but a statement about the fundamental symmetries of nature...Therefore, one may speak about uncertainty only within the frame of these fundamental symmetries.As I see it these precautions are not in conflict with the general tendency of your philosophy, but one should be very careful with respect to general statements about the structure of physics.'
The greatest support for the concepts in the theory concerning light came from Arthur Eddington. In his 'New Pathways in Science, he describes the fine structure constant as the ratio of the quantum of "particle action" to the "field action". By field action he means the photon, or quantum of action. The fine structure constant has a value of 1/137 (*137* 11 again!). It was so named because there seemed to be some uncertainty about the precise energy of the electron. My interpretation is that this "probability fog" is the excess energy that remains when the action of the photon is condensed into mass in pair creation. I view this excess energy as the "self-energy" of the electron; the photon itself is 100 percent uncertain.
The self-energy of the electron goes on to be the free energy of the atom, then the the free energy of the molecule, and finally the monad that is responsible for life. Thus, the fine structure constant represents the carrying-on of first cause into materialization that eventually makes possible the turn."
-Arthur M Young, Nested Time.
The "turn". It's the "turning" of the torus. It's Les' 'Mr Apocalypse'. It's the 'new heaven and the new earth'. It's the turning of the seasons, the dinosaur to bird. Mobility and a modicum of choice that is forever denied to the humble photon. It's 100 percent uncertainty is its only certainty, and Buddha would concur.
Forgive my verbosity.

Anonymous said...

pierre said

There is a Cohen, or a Khan , in everything
That's how the tribe gets in.
That's how the tribe gets in.

(Ring the cash registers, the cash registers that ring, forget your perfect crucifiction thing, ).

Visible said...

What am I going to do next? I'm thinking about it. I didn't do that in the first place. That wasn't me. But... I'm thinking about it; probably why nothing has happened since. I'm just an employee. Thankfully I don't have to wear a funny hat.

Anonymous said...

Pierre, that'll be a Cohen or a Kahn. As a Khan is most likely a Pakistani or Afghani.

BCii said...

Well, look who's late to the party....

BCii has been on an internet fast this month, trying to get more work done. First time tearing myself away from these blogs since I started reading years ago!

So why am I here now? I just had an epiphany of the 20/20 hindsight, fool me once variety. This goes out as a


Beware unsolicited emails from unknown "fellow reader of Visible's blogs." I gave this person my home address and phone number. His pretext was that he wanted to come visit me. We agreed on a time for the visit, today at 2 pm. He strung me along with a few messages about the logistics of getting here to keep my confidence long enough to buy time for whatever his real motive was, to keep me from doing what I'm doing here -- warning you -- now that I've woken up to his scam.

I may be wrong, but it certainly seems that this is what happened.

This probably won't happen to anyone if it hasn't already, but I have to make this warning just in case.

There are unscrupulous people out there who prey on the unsuspecting. My friend just had a similar experience on a spiritual social site he frequents.


... From I see of the comments here, I will definitely save this page in my bookmarks for future reading once I come back online. My fast is just for February for now.

More love than words can say to you all! We are One in Christ. May the ineffable open this truth to your heart, mind and soul ever the more. You don't need a reason to love; you only need a reason to withhold love. And all such reasons are impossible absurdities born of a veiled mind and an armored heart. So clear your mind and open your heart. The rewards are out of this world.

Love, William

L. said...

Good things are worth waiting for, right guys? I was out of town this week, totally immersed in the situation at hand, and I had a barrage of information to attend to when I returned home. At another website, and I can't remember which one, there was an article on Kundalini Yoga. Well, I've read books about Kundalini but read the article anyway. Didn't know this - "Kundalini" literally means 'the curl of the lock of hair of the beloved' - "alluding to the flow of energy and consciousness that exists within each of us, enabling us to merge with the Universal Self." Now this definition would have been overlooked most likely if it had not been for the fact that when my husband passed on nine years ago, I snipped off a lock of his curls and secured it in a heart shaped case. I have no clue what possessed me to do that other than a refusal to be left with nothing tangible besides a plastic bag of ashes. On occasion I open the heart and discover that the lock of hair is intact. I smell it, and touch it, and maybe shed a tear or two and place the case back in the box with the ashes. The act almost feels sacred. I don't know why I'm sharing this - maybe it's that mysterious, elusive Kundalini topic that Vis always speaks of - I don't know.

Anyway, that no sooner occurred when I came across this Chinese proverb which said: "Energy is like the wind, invisible but with visible effects such as waves on a pond stirred by a breeze."

Just adding a little filler while Vis reenergizes or whatever.....................I'm usually so short and sweet in my comments.....................maybe it's because the contents of the latest post totally blew my mind. Sharing................

Love, L.

garbanzo said...


"What am I going to do next? I'm thinking about it. I didn't do that in the first place. That wasn't me. But... I'm thinking about it; probably why nothing has happened since."

Les, your post was coded. Within your post a code is embedded. You don't know how to decipher the code BUT some people do.

When Divinity says this: "...because there are those who come here to whom much that has been said tonight, also applies," Divinity is telling you that the people who need to decode your message will read it.

And that's exactly what happened.

You DID write this message, Les. Yes, you did. You just don't REMEMBER writing this message. But you will.

You might think that nothing has happened since you delivered this message but, oh my goodness, that is so wrong.

Look, my dear brother, what you did for all of humanity by delivering this message is something you're unable to grasp right now. But you will.

When I told you this: "you were chosen to communicate to humanity that the trigger has been pulled on the divine plan that will end this nightmare," I wasn't kidding or speaking from my backside. I was completely serious.

On Earth, right now, there are people who have been waiting to hear this message. They've been waiting for centuries of time, through many incarnations, through many difficult lives.

And now, finally, the message has been delivered.

Thank you, Les, my dear brother. You have given an enormous gift to all of humanity. Soon, you'll understand.


Visible said...

Someone is scamming the sites so if I see #39 in any comment , I will dump it.


torus said...

I try to play Hesse's "Glass Bead Game". Think of the following in light of all that Les has written. Angle, focus, purpose, etc. No game here.

"Eddington has been neglected in late twentieth-century science despite the fact that his theories laid the groundwork for many developments. I owe a number of my other ideas to him too, including the measurement of uncertainty.

It had never occurred to me to ask how uncertainty was measured. It seems reasonable to measure uncertainty in terms of percentage, but percent of what? What Eddington con tribute was to speak of uncertainty in terms of angle. As an example, consider the lens. The better the resolving power of a lens, the smaller the angle it can discriminate.

According to Eddington, 100 percent uncertainty would be a circle of 360 degrees, or 2pi. Using this tactic, he was able to include uncertainty as a dimension within his mathematical calculations. In applying this work to my own theory, I found that what I call Level 1 --'outside of' space and time and not measurable in terms of extension (feet or seconds) -- still has potential direction, which can be specified as an angle. I could then speak of the zero the dimension as angle, orientation, or direction. Thanks to Eddington, I was provided with a method that could give purpose the formal recognition it deserves; it is direction, or angle.

The quanta of action is also a cycle of action, going around and around. Not only is it going through 360 degrees of directions, and thereby providing total freedom of choice of direction (i. e. purpose ), but it also provides for phases, or timing."
-Arthur M Young, Nested Time.

Anonymous said...

I'm quite torn.

On one hand, we have our old friend Payton probably playing his last game today and I wasn't always a big fan of his but I did read a story recently about him making a serious effort to meet a soldier and his wife when she requested to see him but forgot to leave contact info... Long story short, Payton used some resources to find them and after finally doing that, did meet these folks and stayed with them for quite a while. That was pretty cool. Anyway, considering, I wouldn't mind seeing the old guy go out on top. Especially since he is able to make fun of himself about how slow he can run which tells me he can't be all bad. : )

On the other hand, Cam Newton is nothing short of amazing and I love getting the chance to watch him play. If he stays healthy he's going to break a whole lotta records over his career. And the whole Carolina team is amazing and who can say anything bad about Ron Rivera's coaching. Great stuff!! And almost going undefeated speaks for itself. They deserve to win today!

Well, I think I'm going to hold my nose in regards to John Elway and route for the Broncos! Not for nothing, but I loved Tebow and think getting rid of him for Payton was a big mistake long term and I wonder if the reason he traded him wasn't the one he publically stated... I don't know. Anyway, our friend Phil Simms and my Giants handed Elway a beating in Super Bowl XXI and I like Phil even more since he took the time to meet with my handicapped family member and even took a picture with him! :)

Apologies, Vis for hijacking the comments to talk football!!! Well, either way, may the best team win and let's pray it's not all over by the end of the first quarter! :)


Visible said...

Cam Newton is the single most arrogant and self adoring narcissist that I have ever seen. He is definitely riding for a fall; possibly not today but at some point. I will be rooting for Denver, although I do not like Peyton Manning who has never met a commercial he will not do. He should dress full time in a NASCAR outfit. Denver has the best defense since the 85 Bears.
Of course, people don't come to Origami to talk about football so I will go baCK TO watching The Lord of the Rings.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Some Thoughts Upon the Day and in The Hour of Our Need.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Petri Dishing the Apocalypse.



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