Sunday, May 01, 2016

The Troubles of Life are all in Our Minds.

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These last few months I have felt as if I were adrift on an unknown sea; some sort of holding tank with a sense of great detachment as if I were not where I am, as if I were dreaming I am here instead of here. It is not unpleasant, it is just strange. Could it have something to do with now being on the far coast where I have not been in 20 years? It used to be this is how I felt when I was in California. Recently I was in California and did not feel this way at all. In fact, aside from a constant weirdness where I was residing, I had a remarkable time and met all kinds of wonderful people. I really wanted to stay in the area but was not allowed to for various reasons and something wonderful opened up here at the same time so... one goes with the cosmic flow that closes doors and opens others. We haven't always been spot on about our choices but lately we've been on the money, except as concerns this very unusual sense of displacement.

One day follows the next and every night is filled with vivid dreams that seem to follow like episodes of a cable TV series. These are idyllic, more than Game of Thrones like; thank god. We want to know if the reader is experiencing any sort of reality bending sequencing that is remarkable for its consistency and endurance.

A couple of days ago I was seriously depressed. I don't usually get depressed. Usually I am bubbling with optimism and enthusiasm. I thought this state might have been generated by a particular event but now I have seen this, which was sent to me by a friend and I noted certain references that were made; one having to do with depression. On the other hand, I looked on the CalTEch site and various other earthquake registries and there was NO mention of a 7.0 quake. Maybe I missed it. I noticed also the manner in which the article was written. It had a kind of lunacy about it; something made up out of whole cloth. I've been wrong about some things before so... maybe I am wrong about this. The earthquake is said to have originated in Vanatu. I couldn't find anything on that either, which doesn't mean it didn't happen. I didn't look that hard.

There is a heightened frequency of lunacy going around all over the world in the media, whose job it is, or seems to be, to ratchet up madness, to cheer-lead for insanity. Meanwhile, on the streets of this world, the streets I have traveled, people appear normal, except when they don't but that has always been the case. I haven't been in any big cities, except for the train stations. People have always looked more than slightly nuts to me but that is generally based on their values and interests such as they appear to me. Alternatively, I might be the one who is crazy and that is fine with me.

Still, it is not difficult to see the disconnect between what the media is saying and what one's eyes and the translating mind tell one. It is not difficult to see the nature and direction of ordinary souls and the direction in which extraordinarily deceived or evil souls seek to route them.

There are obviously a series of agendas at work, whose intent is to sow the seeds of chaos and confusion around the globe, while perverting every natural instinct into something other than what nature intended it to be. I'm not being specific here as far as all the possibilities of appetite are concerned. I am being comprehensive; across the board so to speak. It's not just some new sexual twist every year. It is all the drives that we possess. They are after every one of them. It is every one of our ideals and dreams. They are after every one of them.

I really wonder about the public mind; all those little access points into the one mind, all those shapes of consciousness defined by the manner in which they define it or have it defined for them. It shouldn't be that easy but I observe from history that it has been, over and over again. It has to do with the programming on one hand and the fear and desire on the other. Most animals die more quickly than they might wish, in the pursuit of sex and food. That often involves crossing the road.

I've been told for a long time, “rely on me. You don't have to go anywhere for anything. It will all come to you.” I wasn't told this for the longest time. For the longest time the conversation was mostly one way, except for when I was in an altered state, or out of the blue during some brief burst of serendipity. Now I hear about it on a daily basis. It is probably the result of determined pursuit over a long period of time. You finally wear a big enough aperture and... what was being said all along begins to be heard all along. It is like a story I once came across about how the stars in the sky are holes that got worn through the darkness by the relentless brilliance of entities of light who did not give up until they had accomplished this great work.

I have come to see that some of us are just different from the rest and that is true in both good and bad ways. Some of us are after the real answer and are unwilling to take any convenient or easy alternatives On the other hand, some of us are out to do the maximum injury to others for the purpose of personal profit or simply for the enjoyment they get from it. There are those who do evil for the sheer pleasure of it. Some of us are ill made and nothing but their departure will have any positive result. Some of us are committed to such a degree on the better side of things that nothing will satisfy our breath and our beating hearts but that we find the secret source of all things. In between the extreme positive and negative of our collective mass are the bleating sheep; attended by seen and unseen shepherds and tracked by hungry wolves.

We hear stories and some of us have done a great deal of reading in our times and we are given the impression that bad things happen to good people. Nothing happens that is not engineered or ordained and nothing that happens is not to our advantage, despite appearances to the contrary. You might be carrying a metaphorical backpack filled with all manner of baggage from the past. You've been carrying it for so long that you no longer remember that you are carrying it. The weight is there but you have grown so accustomed to it. One day a metaphorical snatch and grab artist goes flying past you and steals the bag. Your first thought is that you have been violated and important things have been taken from you but you notice that you are much lighter than you have ever been and all those important things were not only unimportant but liabilities. We go through life accumulating items of negative value that we have given positive value. Behind all of this, the real culprit is that we think we know. Until we know that we don't know, we are condemned to operate within the parameters of what we believe we know. Belief is a powerful thing and it is also an investment based on values placed on worthless and meaningless things but... they seem so meaningful. They seem so important but they are not.

Paramahansa Yogananda once said to take all of your sorrows, concerns and troubles, put them in a bag, tie it off and throw it in the ocean; I'm paraphrasing. He also said

How to Express Everlasting Youthfulness

Know the Reason for Your Experience

Youth Is a State of Mind and Soul, As Well As of the Body.

There is no excuse for a wrong state of mind. You must be always positive-minded, cheerful, smiling, vibrant. By all means, practice this mental youthfulness that comes from the core of your being.

The definition of youth is that state of body, mind and soul in which one feels the acme, the zenith, of joy and power. If you want to, you can retain that state indefinitely. Conversely, by carelessness you can lose it very easily.

This mind, or consciousness, is the supreme force that governs all voluntary and involuntary activities of this bodily factory with its multifarious outputs.

The Five Mental States of the Consciousness: …there are five mental states: happiness, sorrow, indifference, peace, and true joy.

What man* needs in order to live a successful and satisfying life is evenness of mind. That can be attained only by concentration, mastery of the mental faculties.

The time has come for you to know and understand the purpose of religion: how to contact that supernal Joy, which is God, the great and eternal Comforter.

So that is the first law of retaining youth: You must have a happy state of mind, a state that is untouched by the events of life. In that joy, not even death can shake you.

That is the invulnerable state you must strive to cultivate.

Learn to Smile Sincerely in All Circumstances

Seeking God in meditation is the direct way to attain a joyous and youthful state of mind. There are additional practices that will also help to nurture mental youthfulness. First of all, learn to smile – sincere smiles.

Harbor no form of anger or malice.

It is not the approval of human beings that you want, but the certification of God.

The Importance of Willingness, and of Being Less Self-centered

Willingness also is important in order to retain youthfulness.

…you are willing, you have the vitality and enthusiasm of youthfulness.

Another key to mental youthfulness is to learn to be less selfish and self-centered, and more giving and caring toward others.

Reach out to help every day, in whatever way you can – and especially by bringing souls to the spiritual path to seek God.

The more universal your loves becomes, the more your expanded consciousness will be filled with the joy of His omnipresent Being.

His wrong habits of living, thinking, persistence in disunion from God, are passed from generation to generation in the process of evolution, severely limiting the expression of his divine potentiality – physically as well as mentally and spiritually.

How to convert somatic cells back into versatile, creative germ cells, which can rebuild and rejuvenate body parts, will be the future endeavor of science.* Our bodies be able to change in whatever way we will them to do so.

The Greater the Will, the Greater the Flow of Energy

Learn to keep your will strong – a calm will, not a nervous will – and your body will then be full of energy. It is by the power of will that you bring energy into the body and utilize it.

The methods I teach show you how to recharge every part of your body with life energy coming direct from the omnipresent vibratory power of God that surrounds you and is within you. It is that power which has created your body and which sustains it. By the practice of the Energization Exercises and especially by Kriya Yoga you can enliven your whole being with Divine Life.

Each atom is a dynamo of power.

Obey the Laws of God Embodied in Cosmic Nature

Nature, cosmic creation, is the embodiment of the laws of God.

Your diet should include a predominance of fresh fruits and vegetables, and natural whole grains and legumes. Avoid too many refined starches and too many sweets, and greatly limit the intake of fats.

…strictly avoiding all forms of beef of pork, and eating fish, poultry or lamb only occasionally.

Far more preferable is a totally meatless diet that includes instead some dairy products, eggs, and vegetable protein foods. Unsalted peanuts or almonds or raw garbanzo beans, ground finely and mixed orange juice, makes a good source of protein as a substitute for meat.

Avoid overeating.

..learn to fast one day a week and three consecutive days once a month on fresh fruits or unsweetened fruit juices.

Posture, also, important to good health.

Take regular exercise, such as walking every day. Learn to breathe properly – calmly and deeply, filling the lungs all the way to the lower lobes. When the system is well oxygenated by proper breathing and exercise, the life force therein vitalizes the whole body, including the brain.

Overindulgence in sex and misuse of Nature’s creative force will bring on disease and old age quicker than anything else.

The “Fountain of Youth” Is Within the Soul..

Your true Self, being made in the image of God, is immortal.

Meditation upon the soul is the method by which the mind can be made to work its wonders under your control.

…if you know that you are immortal, made in the image of God, your whole being will glow with that eternal youthfulness.

Leaving you with a few thoughts on this rain-swept Sunday morning.

End Transmission.......


bigloner said...

Believe it or not, good CAN come out of Columbus, OH. Go to & go back several days posts to like April 24th or so. His space weather electric universe forcasts are usually several days out. The correlation of solar / electric / magnetics MOST of the time is uncanny.

David Fiske said...

I enjoyed this immensely Vis. Thank you.

David Fiske said...

The 'inner smile' is a good practice. It reflects back to life what life is.

torus said...

Greetings, one and all.

You inquired about "reality bending sequencing" with a tenacious endurance. I've been off youtube for a while. I really can't believe how "third wave feminism" and "social justice warriors" are now in full-retard mode. You can see them chanting, while shouting over others as opposed to engaging in conversation;
"NO FREE SPEECH! NO FREE SPEECH! NO FREE SPEECH!!" And they DEMAND the right to speak that freely. Despite being Sony Records youngest ever entertainer to be signed, with a net worth of sixty-four million, twice that of Kanye's, Taylor Swift is just realizing now how the patriarchy has apparently held her back.
I'm appalled at the tenacious endurance of 9/11's Satanic majesty. 9/11 opened a portal. The wilful ignorance and the smug sense of "resolution" surrounding 9/11 as promulgated by;
Anderson Cooper, Kelly and Michael, the cackling hens of "The View", Barack and Mitchell Obama, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Clinton, and on and on.
I respect the reader's tenacious endurance for even reading this far.
I hope you're feeling better Les. No real insights from me today.

Ray B. said...

Vis: "We want to know if the reader is experiencing any sort of reality bending sequencing that is remarkable for its consistency and endurance."

Grin. Well, where to start...
Vis: "A couple of days ago I was seriously depressed. I don't usually get depressed."

My path: First, I check inside whether some 'garbage' has built-up in myself. Depression is covered emotions, which is in-turn covered pain. Depression often occurs when the 'bag' of negative-events is not emptied. I use "What is at the core of this?" and sit quietly with intent until something bubbles-up. Then, I track-back and feel until that backpack is emptied. The depression 'magically' goes away. That is the ordinary 'stuff'...

Nowadays, I also check for 'interference', particularly if I have been fine and suddenly am in the dumps. Especially if I have perceived 'whistling' in one ear. We are not just bags of meat. We and others have non-physical aspects which can move-around and 'travel'.

Within the 'depression' area, I have noticed two major types of 'interference': First is when some other entity just 'sits' over my head. This interrupts the natural 'channel' to Higher Self, and can lead to minor depression in itself. If they are carrying their own load of pain, this can also 'bleed through', be interpreted as 'my stuff', and hence a sense of depression. Second, there are those unseen travelers who just dump their 'stuff'. Some just want relief, and some are actively vindictive. It is just like emptying a garbage can into me. Negative emotions and resultant depression result. These are best 'picked out' by monitoring myself. If I was fine and then suddenly change (no outside causes), this has probably happened...

(By the way, this can occur in the dream state, too. After a while of reflecting on various 'negative' dreams, you can pick-up on whether it was 'your stuff' or you were being meddled-with in the natural dreaming cycle.)

Material like the above is extremely threatening to the ego. Most folks close-down and retreat to the 'safety' of ignorance, ostrich-style. If you can 'bear' this knowledge, you can begin to build-up experience...

Perhaps of the greatest benefit is to just ask (with intent), "What just happened?" Just like there are negative or indifferent types in the unseen, there are positive and well-meaning types. With stated 'intent', the good-guys have permission to begin to 'educate'. Think of it as moving-up in grade level, school-wise. You will miss a lot of questions on the way up, but will eventually 'graduate' with additional knowledge. Each person's 'pathway' will be different, due to cultural and religious artifacts. But, 'depression' will move from hours or days to minutes...


Ray B. said...


Vis: "One day a metaphorical snatch and grab artist goes flying past you and steals the bag."

A lot of that is going-on these days! (grin)

Seriously, a lot of folks (seen and unseen) have 'graduated' to becoming snatch and grab artists in the name of a great awakening. It is amazing and wonderful.

The 'minor' snatch and grab cases have to do with material of this lifetime. Hard, but easy. The 'harder' cases have to do with unfelt-through material from other lifetimes. Once you have 'graduated' high-enough, these 'cases' are not only possible but intriguing...

The 'major' cases have to do with experiences in some early lifetime that were not felt-through, due to inexperience with the realities of pain. These are not 'recorded' by the soul as finished, and additional lifetimes are sent-through the tubes - usually to pile-up in turn. The person is 'stuck', literally.

This is a mess, as you can't just snatch and grab; you have to make sure the person feels-through the initial 'incident' to satisfy the soul-need. Unfortunate, but needed. After that is complete, though, the person may switch careers, have totally different interests, etc. They are free to resume their 'journey'! (Plus, the deep pain - in being stuck - is no longer 'radiated' out to the species. We all move a little higher. Yay!)


This brings me back to your initial musing: "These last few months I have felt as if I were adrift on an unknown sea; some sort of holding tank with a sense of great detachment as if I were not where I am, as if I were dreaming I am here instead of here. It is not unpleasant, it is just strange." Truly.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

David Fiske said...

a link to my essay on the inner smile:
play around with it. love,

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

nothing more strange than usual for me 'cept Jim Stone is proving that they are giving the original C3PO a silver leg (in the original movies P 4,5,6) where there was gold before.. (I checked that out and it was the case in many cases, image web search) but that is virtual reality - unless things like VHS tapes and non digital photos also start changing. Nazis and torsion fields and sub-quantum kinetics and time machines, but messy and destructive in any case.

check the D3 levels for depression, get some sunshine. Only eat Red Roosters on the 3rd Friday of the month, and white pink salmon on the 6th Tuesday of the month.

what if they gave an Apocalypse and nobody came?

I've been watching Chuck Norris in the TV series Walker Texas Ranger, a tad pandering but being pre 911, seems almost innocent and quaint.

Anonymous said...

....thank you for the path work, patch work of words, that remind me of so many songs....hears one I fell in love with a again after cleaning the dust off the cd collection....

Kazz said...


Thanks for the link to the JOURNEY TO SELF-REALIZATION: Collected Talks And Essays On Realizing God In Daily Life, Volume III

I am only a short way into it and I am already finding gold.

Luv Kazz

Ray Hilchey said...

Dearest Les
No wonder you are depressed, reading sanctimonious moralizations from twats like Paramahansa Yogananda brings me down too. Aren't you the man that taught me the left hand path? Yogananda is from that school that forced the Buddhist scholars to leave India back in the Chaitanya Mahaprabu era. Someone should point out to those Bhagavad-gita fundamentalist that even if they attain to Vrindavana for a million years they have not escaped samsara and have not attained liberation.
Liberation is lotus born and the lotus sends roots down to the swamp for nourishment. The mind is the center of energy, not the groin. The lotus is not of the serpent.
And look at Yogananda's guru, Swami Sri Yukteswar Giri. With all respect for his great knowledge he believed that that fictional literary creation Jesus Christ was an actual historical person. Anyone that can be taken in like that is never going to escape maya.
Oooh writing that was fun, I like losing my temper. Keeps me from being depressed.
With love
Ray Hilhey

David Alan McBride said...

"We want to know if the reader is experiencing any sort of reality bending sequencing that is remarkable for its consistency and endurance."


Guldur said...

Salute Visible - the earthquake was even reported on Russia Today(which I believe quite enough) as 7.3 Richter. No mention in most of other mainstream. On the UNreality - a sync again. May the Almighty bless you.

torus said...


Yes, thanks for the Yogananda, Les. I watched George Carlin on youtube last night. A conversation between him and Yogananda would have been interesting.
I imagine he would have spared Paramahansa
of his anti-religious vitriol.
As George was obviously scarred by Catholicism. We can still champion his undeniable brilliance despite his overt atheism. I have a tougher time doing the same for Bertrand Russell or Christopher Hitchens, for instance. For now, youtube can suffice as their "resurrection and the life". Hitchens is easy to dethrone due to his overt parroting of the official 9/11 story. How could one trust an "intellectual" like Hitchens on the "unseen" given his myopia on the "seen"?

Visible said...

Ray; I didn't lead you down any path and certainly not the left hand path. I merely pointed out the Aghora books as interesting tales of a strange perspective and meant it more as entertainment and an expression of the weird and unusual that makes for intriguing reading.

Associating Paramahansa with a very large population as if he were an actual exponent of certain acts is like saying something like; "Because this man is a German it is logical that he also has Nazi affiliations." or "This man, being Chinese must share in the blame of The Cultural Revolution and because of that bears responsibility for the deaths it caused." That kind of logic is not sound.

Paramahansa was not a Gita fundamentalist and Yukteswar made no arguments about a historical Jesus as he applies to tortured Christian scripture. Whether the man Jesus existed as a religious historical figure in the way traditionalist present it is irrelevant; someone like Jesus Christ certainly walked the Earth, in the same way Buddha and others did. Such characters are always coming and going here but with less frequency than everyone else. I find your scholarship to be a bit fast and loose and adapted to prove a premise decided upon prior to any serious inquiry and analysis; rather than the conclusion being reached a result of it. To associate someone who existed thousands of years after an event you reference is rather reaching. I take Paramahansa according to the life he lived and the things he said and did, not anything else.

I'd go on but I have a few more important things demanding my attention; my toenails could use a trimming and I have a profound need to sit back and state into space with a mind devoid of any thought. Hopefully this serves as valid excuses for my early departure.

torus said...

Greetings, coupled with a sense of urgency. For lack of a better description, I'm feeling a "disturbance in the force".
From Les' confession of depression, to Ray's assertion that Yogananda is moralizing vagina, whilst playing Dr of the physical and metaphysical as well. Speaking of twats Ray, put down the "protruding staff of righteousness". I'm experiencing cold sweats for some reason. With hope that it's inoccuous, along with my previous "kabooooom". Because it really feels like something is about to "blow", and it's definitely not coming from my groin.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Weasels in the Collider and the Turning Wheel of Fortune.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Well, and a happy Beltane to you too, posted one day too late.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, be Happy;)
Browsing the Internet, drew my attention to this question,
Where Are The 7 Gates Of Hell Located?
really you do not know where they are located?
Elite trying to hide from destruction, and do not know how it will look. Really elements of comedy in tragedy.
I know this location
Aggressve truth

thomas said...

You've been treating us with some sterling writings these past days, Vis (I'll save the recent mirrors for tomorrow). It's been very enjoyable to read them, so thanks :)

The first link in this post, about the earthquake... the man calls himself an "enlightened ascended master" and says that Trump is after the really bad ones in America. I think he's got several screws loose... like you say, "a certain lunacy about it".

Yogananda is on par with the great ones, in my book. I think every seeker in our age can benefit from his words. Especially because, in the spiritual-master sense, he is perhaps the most contemporary and the closest cultural witness we have access to, so his words can be slightly more accessible. I can personally attest to the extremely high quality of his "self-realization lessons" (thanks for putting me onto them, by the way!), which are in many ways similar to the book that you linked to. Thank God for Yogananda!

Kazz said...

Why is it so hard to know the truth? I think it must be a glitch in my makeup.

Christ said the truth would set you free but I must be stupid because I get confused when I read the Bible, as I do with other works. I try to follow what Christ told us to do, because I love his philosophy of life, but I think I end up doing the wrong thing anyway. It is not deliberate because I see the beauty in the words spoken by Christ, that are recorded in the New Testament, but I also can't help but hear Christ's council to "Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves; so be shrewd as serpents and innocent as doves. But beware of men, for they will hand you over to the courts and scourge you in their synagogues;…" (Matthew 10:16-17).

There is no one outside of myself that I can trust in relation to their council, especially when so many priests are getting done with pedophilia all the time, so I rely upon my conscience within, but if that was foolproof I most probably wouldn't make so many mistakes in the first place, so it occurs to me that I am not very shrewd.

Nothing is straight forward in this world. The conclusion I have come to is to follow the golden rule of doing unto others as you would have them do unto you, and even that is hard when people are being real arse wipes to you. They say we all chose to come here, which only proves I must be a special kind of stupid, because I can not fathom why anyone would choose to put their self through what is transpiring in this world at the moment.

They say God takes care of fools and idiots, so I can only pray that is correct, otherwise I may well and truly be up a creek without a paddle!

Luv Kazz

Anonymous said...

L.V. in your comment above, you wrote:

"To associate someone who existed thousands of years after an event you reference is rather reaching."

Now its fairly obvious that the "someone who existed" that you refer to here, is Yogananda.

However, it is not at all clear what specifically was the "event" that you refer to that supposedly occurred "thousands of years" prior to the existence of the "someone" (Yogananda).

Therefore, could you kindly please indicate what was the particular "event" that happened "thousands of years" prior to the life of Yogananada, that you are referencing?

Thanks in advance.

Visible said...

All you have to do is backtrack a few comments to what Ray H. said about it. That is what I was responding to.

Anonymous said...

pierre said... (doubling up, or down)

(trying not to do a spoiler)
a 7.5 in Russia might explain the formula.1 results at Sochi, when the home kid at corner one, and then after corner two 2 seconds later, did something to the former kid that he didnt oughta have done that the former kid was already upset about from the last race, sorta thing that the former kid used to do they say. I reckon he should have got double penalties, like Silversteins insurance claim for the towers and two planes doing what the X Files said would happen before it did.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

The earthquake was also shown on LIVE EARTHQUAKE MAP.

Of course it updates and the information isn't there now, but I check the site several times a day, and get all the information. I personally saw the 7.3. I'm also surprised there's anything left of Vanuatu, since they've been getting whacked royally. Same with where Peru, Chile and Bolivia meet. Every day, and the quakes hit many times a day.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

So... Spinoza and Pythagoras Walk into a Bar.

Ray Hilchey said...

Dearest Les
The reason I enjoyed the Agora has to do with Matthew 22:1-14 and Luke 14:15-24.
For a more scholarly look an historical Jesus I recommend “The Pagan Christ” by Tom Harpur an alumnus of my father when Dad was rector of Wycliffe College at University of Toronto.
Myself I believe the Paraclet is very real but for such holy being to have incorporated in a human body as in an historical Christ is wrong.
Germans and Nazis? Really Les? I must have misjudged you; I thought I was dealing with an adult.
Are these the same Nazis who gassed 6 million with bug juice and made them into soap and lampshades?
Les it seems like you can fling poo at anyone but if someone points out that your idol has feet of clay you get seriously bent out of shape.
My time at Hari Krsna temple has left me with a good nose for Vaisnava bullshit. My apologies to anyone that Anglo-Saxon word “twat’ offended. One of the Vaisnava’s prayers is to be reborn as a Gopi girl on Krsna’s planet Goloka Vrindavana..
Remember we are always hoist on our own petard so be careful when lighting those brain farts friends. Or as others say judge not that you be not judged.
Anyone I haven’t offended yet? Message me; I am sure you can be accommodated.
Keep up the good work Les. Your blogs are thought provoking.
With love
Ray H

Ray Hilchey said...

Whoops forgot this
Paramahansa What Is Truth?
"The ultimate truth is God; and God is the ultimate truth.
The universe is upheld by this Truth through the operation of the Lord’s cosmic laws. These laws are basic truths that are eternal and not subject to man’s manipulation."
Refutation: Now to Paramahansa by God he means Krisna, supreme godhead. But Krsna only exists in the created universe or Samsara. All life in Samsara experiences suffering and all states are transitory. Paramahansa was here many years ago. Have you seen any decrease in suffering here since then? Jesus Christ was here 2 thousand years ago. Have you seen any decrease in suffering? If the goal is to end suffering we must empty out Samsara.

Ray H

Visible said...

Ray... you really should understand that just because you say something, like 'feet of clay', there is no guarantee that you know what you are talking about, you're just sniping around because you got a bug up in some location and you think tossing around a lot of uninformed criticism is the same as speaking the truth. What you reveal in your cynical and childish dismissal of someone whose impact here goes immeasurably beyond any contributions of your own is that making wide ranging and generalized scattershot claims doesn't impress anyone. Your whole presentation shows that your posture is immature. Decrease in suffering? "All life is pain caused by ignorant desire." I'm not suffering. I notice a marked decrease in my own suffering.

The worst part is how you get all prickly about my simply giving my opinion just like you did. I didn't launch into any kind of personal attack; unlike yourself. I only expressed my perspective on what you said and you got all defensive about it.

Saying things like this, show in your own words that you don't know what you are talking about; "Refutation: Now to Paramahansa by God he means Krisna, supreme godhead. But Krsna only exists in the created universe or Samsara. All life in Samsara experiences suffering and all states are transitory. Paramahansa was here many years ago. Have you seen any decrease in suffering here since then? Jesus Christ was here 2 thousand years ago. Have you seen any decrease in suffering? If the goal is to end suffering we must empty out Samsara.

You go on about decreases in suffering while saying this; "All life in Samsara experiences suffering and all states are transitory." You don't see the contradictions in this paragraph? Speculating on no decrease in suffering while stating that all life is suffering and everything transitory? Looks to me like you just want to argue in a sweeping and bombastic manner and it doesn't make you look good. It makes you look bilious and curmudgeonly.


Visible said...


You should think things out before you go wildly swinging dead cats around in a china shop. No one attacked you. I just said what occurred to me as a result of what you said, then you took it personally. You're not going to get anywhere with your present approach. I suggest you read over the things you said and try to see objectively how it comes across. Yogananda is not affected one wit by your hamhanded attack on him and neither am I. You can huff and puff all you want and stomp around here in your metaphorical combat boots but you're not reaching anyone. Do you not see how ridiculous it is that you, with no real accomplishments of any size, go around tossing out contempt for someone who has improved the lives of hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people? I never get how people are so comfortable equating themselves with someone so far beyond their own level of spiritual advancement. All you've done is to seek to diminish someone far wiser than yourself and then go on with your own brand of sound bites as if this validates you as some kind of oracle and exposes a real oracle as fraudulent. You will never accomplish this. Yogananda and his lineage, going back to Babaji is the real deal.

I'm not going to get into a pissing match with you but you need to dig yourself. You are not coming across as anyone who knows what they are talking about. It all looks like cheap grandstanding to promote yourself. I've seen it so many times where a person will think that by tearing down some spiritual luminary that they have now elevated themselves.

I'm not free of this kind of thing in my own way; given the contempt I hold Eckhart Tolle and some others in but I try to at least provide evidence to back up my position. You provided no facts at all, just speculative opinion.

No one was attacking you, I just presented my perspective on what you said. I don't agree with you and I don't think most everyone else around here does either. If you can't make your points without digressing into sticks and stones territory, you are not likely to make your point; not around here anyway. Try to put this ego swaggering aside and operate from a more rarefied state.

torus said...

At Ray Hilchey 27. Perhaps I read you wrong, but something tells me that you're not up to the task of defending, nor deconstructing the holocaust myth. That ol' time religion has laws in place to preserve it's sanctified status. For mind-numbing forays into the minutiae of this religion, I suggest that you visit "". In particular, a poster known as "theblackrabbitofinle", who is perhaps one of the most erudite revisionists.
Regarding Tom Harpur, he and Christopher Hitchens (PBUH) :) would concur on two important issues; the myth of Christ, and the myth of 9/11 "conspiracies". Although Hitchens boasted of the ability to disprove the existence of God in under ten minutes, alcohol-addled brains are rarely reliable guides, aside from providing directions to the liquor store.Hitchens WAS by no means a reliable guide to the "unseen" given his myopia regarding his faith-based parroting of the "seen".
Eulogy for a credulous idiot;
"From Afghanistan the Holy order was given to annex two famous achievements of modernism - the high-rise building and the jet aircraft..."
C. Hitchens, God Is Not Great.

TWO planes, THREE buildings motherfucker, and you couldn't even suss. Enamored as Hitchens was with his own spent tissues soaked intellectual ejaculated.

Have a fine say!

torus said...

2 typos. Hitchens couldn't even suss it. Enamored as he was with spent tissues soaked in intellectual ejaculate.

I have to "police" spell-check, that fascist basted.

torus said...

Dear Les@ 31 & 32.

Given your wordsmithing prowess,I don't know if your responses are over, or understated. Either way, a coherent lesson in being a gentleman.

You'll have to pardon my expletives in regards to Hitchens, but damn...when I encounter such pious pretense of those so obviously on the payroll of the very powers that initiated 9/11...
I'll stop. For now.

Visible said...

There was a time in the 90's when I appreciated Hitchen's writing. He had a certain elegance but then he devolved into an arrogant and drunken buffoon and shill for the slavemasters of humanity. I have no respect for him whatsoever.



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