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In Consideration of the Supreme Importance of Love.

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Welcome to Origami my dear friends. This is the number 779 posting at this blog. I don't know what that means but it's a lot of posts. We hope that some of them will have been of value to you.

We like to talk about Love a great deal here. We spent decades studying in the Hermetic and Occult Sciences where abstruse concepts and complex schematics are the general nature of the various systems that exist in these areas of inquiry. I used to have some facility with them. I could talk about them in a knowledgeable way. Whether I actually had any real and useful knowledge is another thing. At least I could talk about these subjects as if I knew what I was talking about.

Time went by and it became more and more apparent to me that knowing a great deal about certain subjects did not necessarily convey a power of operation in them. I studied palmistry for some time. I knew what all the lines and mounts, digits and bracelets and sundry meant. I knew which hand meant whatever it meant in relation to the other hand but... what I did not have was the single most important element. I did not have the intuitive feed. I studied the Tarot and esoteric astrology and various systems of mind control that hearkened back to earlier times. I studied a lot of things because I had a real thirst for arcane information but I lacked the intuitive feel in all of them except esoteric astrology and in the matter of the Tarot I did have some amount of facility in the areas where fortune telling was not a consideration. I always felt that using the Tarot for fortune telling was unfortunate behavior. Not only did it make you dependent on a method that, except in very rare circumstances, proved to be both deceptive and inefficient but... why seek to read the future when you could change the future?

Meditation on the Tarot archetypes will transform your mental state and the very construction of it. This meditation will awaken the archetypes in you so that they resonate in your being with the world external to you. This doesn't mean difficult conditions will not come upon you. What it means is that you will be on a shorter and faster track to illumination of some kind; we won't be going into that today.

I studied and I studied and I studied and I learned to parse and debate and state, within the parameters of the science and even in a comparative sense with other sciences but I didn't know anything of value in the sense that I could apply what I had learned to real time accomplishments and achievements in the manifest in a supernatural manner. Sure, this kind of thing happens on a regular basis in my life but not because I have anything to do with it.

All of this takes me back to the words of The Preacher in Ecclesiastes; “vanity, all is vanity,” and “there is nothing new under the sun.” It has taken me more years than I wish it had, to learn that only Love is worth the pursuit of it and the Love of the Ineffable is the greatest Love of all. Nothing that I have learned in all of the mystery sciences is the equal of this understanding, nor do any of them have anywhere near the value of it.

Here is what I have learned, Love God. I am not speaking in a religions sense because in these times you can't swing a dead cat in a condo closet without hitting a false prophet. False prophets come in all sizes. They are not all the equal of the Anti-Christ, whoever that might be, like The Pasto and the Anti-Pasto. A false prophet is anyone who manipulates the emotional and mental bodies of their fellows for personal gain, even if that gain is only influence, influence of this kind usually transforms into personal profit on some level. It might be material gain. It might be sexual favors. It might be psychopathic gratification of some kind and it can take place in a small country church just as easily as in a mega church or a massive television ministry.

The Aquarian Age is upon us and as a result, all of the long entrenched and much- changed over time- religions are on their way out. The collective faith of humanity is being shaken to its roots and the old ways are passing away. This does not mean that the true teachings of the true teachers will pass away but they will be presented in a new light that is relative to the needs of a new age. The Aquarian Age is supposed to be The Age of Brotherhood and that tells me that the avatar will appear in the collective human heart, where a place has been prepared for it. It will not appear where the false self is occupying the space necessary for the indwelling divine to reside.

One does not need to be a follower or practitioner of any particular dogma or form of ritual. One needs only to Love the divine who is one's own higher self and the reason for this is that that higher self will draw our true self up into its aura of influence, or rather reveal itself to is as our true self. We are all divinity in the process of discovery and unfoldment and Love is the means and the mechanism that can accomplish this. As we reject and expel all of what is false and extraneous in ourselves, we make room for the indwelling divine. Once we have driven all of it out of ourselves, the divine will come forth in our hearts and reign over all things from the throne room within.

I have no further use or need for occult information. I am not in the market for anything that is on the market. I can be very glib about some of these things because of a very good memory and an analytic mind that has not lost its objectivity and which doesn't play favorites in terms of what I want people to think, that is their area of authority and has nothing to do with me but... all the glibness and capacity for articulation in the world is not going to serve the deeper needs of humanity. It might gain you followers and it might get you on some talk circuit and book signing tours and you can lecture to your heart's content at New Age conventions and seminars and you'll just be one more Tom Fool among all the rest of the Gleem smiling androids, who pander to the gullible the world over. It will, guaranteed, also get you in the kind of trouble for which I will run long distances to avoid.

Put yourself on a pedestal or allow others to do it for you and you might as well paint a target on your back at the same time. The divine and his angels and emissaries see all of this. They see every montebank and charlatan. They see into every sincere and corrupt heart and judgments are passed concerning what phases and states you will be taken through to wake you the Hell up. I would prefer to sidestep the hard massage of Karma upon my being.

Love the ineffable and everything else will take care of itself. Love the ineffable with all the intensity that you can muster and your intensity will grow and grow; “success is speedy for the energetic.” God is watching. We need to get into a fluid and continuous mindset of certitude concerning this. We need to remind ourselves through every day that God is watching. God is looking at the world through our very own eyes. We may have convinced ourselves that we alone are seeing and that we alone have access to our mind and heart but this is assuredly not the case. God is everywhere, after one fashion or another. When one has brought their heart and mind to the assurance of the endless presence of God in our being and all around us and yet magically and mystically apart as well, then we will begin to resonate with that ubiquitous presence and it will move through us in an active expression of itself.

There was a saint, named St Denis, who is the patron saint of Paris. They cut off his head and he picked it up and put it under his arm and walked off with it. Do I believe this happened in the exact details given? I don't know. What I do know is that there have been many similar stories. One similar is to be found in Autobiography of a Yogi.

Look into the tales that are recorded concerning Appolonius of Tyana (the links will take you to a fuller study of his life) and many, many another unusual character, who has walked among us here over the ages. Some of them had a vast reservoir of occult knowledge and some of them were in possession of divine Love. Some had both. I would prefer to be one of those who carries the love of God in my heart and I want for nothing more. I don't need to know all of these complexities and these complexities go on and on forever. There are just so many of them. If you have ever looked into Tantra then you have some idea of how intricate the complexities can be. I am not equal to the possession of such information. As fine a mind as I have I am a simple fellow and I can get into trouble very quickly when I get out of my depth and I have no desire to test those waters.

So I say to you all, seek the source of all knowledge worth having. Seek the reservoir of immeasurable Love. Seek the source of every good and righteous thing and Love it with all the force that is possible for you and anything you do need to know will be given to you at the time you need it. “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all else will be added unto you.”

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Visible reads his 5th instalment of
"The Way to The Kingdom"


Visible said...

The Way to the Kingdom;chapter five. Is now up on Youtube.

Ray B. said...

I haven't read this blog yet; I wanted to post a quick movie review. I just saw "Dr. Strange," based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name. I read the comic as a teenager, and was curious whether the movie would do the character justice...

It was good! I saw the 3D version, which actually made appropriate-use of spells and astral-bodies moving through space. Outside of unneeded special effects which were there only to show off what computer-artists can do these days, it really kept my attention. Good renditions of real magick and the deeper wisdom behind it. There was even humor sprinkled-in at appropriate spots, to lighten the mood. Even the end-credits had spectacular 'scenery' behind them, of Oscar-nominating quality. (It's hard to cite individual scenes, without blowing the plot. There were many well-done moments.) Recommended!

I also had some interesting 'inner reactions' along the way. The first scenes were amazing, and some inner voice said, "Now that's High Magick. Very Good!" as though doing some inner comparisons. Next, as Dr. Strange was being trained, it was 'familiar'. There was a part of me that just knew this stuff from way back. Some soulular 'ping-back', including with temple protocol and training.

It was also curious, because that part had 'completed' this aspect and had moved-on. No need to do that, anymore. Powers had been self-stripped, so ordinary-life would be experienced. Also done. What's next?

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

John Coltrane, album: A LOVE SUPREME, year: 1964

To lighten up things, a custom limerick:

The asshole george bush walker herbert
turned out to be much of a pervert
his wife is a cunt
and to be rather blunt
more than her are his sons, it is murmured

idiot savant

Anonymous said...

pierre said...
so then I can rest easy with the idea that at the last video you will be selling tickets to the Rosacrucian Policeman's Ball? or Divinely Gold Trimmed Anti-Illuminati collectors cards? phew!!!!

I swung a large bandicoot just before now, though well out of the cupboard, worse still I think I killed it, and the other smaller (female) one, with rat bait. The rats continue, the snakes follow, but I shall find my lawns less holey now. (I'd missed those bandicoots for the last 6 years, I had taken some precautions with the baits but not enough I reckon).

On Topic:
Schaff is introducing me to all the cast of characters and some of the more incredulous claims. He would insist though you cannot be a Christian without an historical Christ. So many good people though, reluctant Bishops or Popes are the favourites who would rather go the way of Lao Tsu into the sunset (or caves) but are "here to serve". I am only up to video 3, and shall not watch if in goofing off mode. I am here to pay attention, Sir.

putting this one in here, Australias first political prisoner and now political exile, arguably.
he should be safe were he is from Pamela Andersons Litle Red (Commie) Riding Hood caper though.
Trump gets in, Zeo Nazis JewWhoAreNot flee to Australia like the Nazis did to Argentina. Though Barioloche (sp?) was inland and almost all of Australia is girting by the sea.

Ray B. said...

Well, I'm glad that I posted my movie review before reading Vis' blog. It prevented me from softening some language. Vis and I seem to have kind of a 'methodology' split. Perhaps this is ray-based (grin), or perhaps differences in past lives. Or even what planet we originally came from...

Maybe it comes from my 'sorcery' days, but I am compelled to be pro-active. It is better to be love-based when you are being pro-active, of course. Right now, I am giving most of the 'meaning' and 'direction' over to my Higher Self. Ray is really out of his depth in some of my current Enterprises (hah!). Still, this is one of the most 'active' periods of my life.

For a 'flavor' of where I am coming-from: One time back in the 90s, I was re-assimilating a Tibetan-style lifetime. 'I' had very-intricate mandalas springing-up in my inner vision, and I knew down to the tiniest detail what each detail meant. (I had several mandala books at the time, but I have still not opened them. No 'draw'.)

There was snow and ice all-over where Ray was staying (in real life) in the Rockies. While this re-assimilation was taking-place, Ray would wear no shoes or socks inside or outside, and would feel no discomfort just standing on snow or ice for minutes or hours. (On no drugs, alcohol, etc.) After the re-assimilation was complete, snow and ice 'stung' again, and I had to wear shoes and socks.

What was interesting during this time was that this 'master' was really-p1ssed about other enlightened-humans digging themselves a hole in the clouds (so to speak), climbing-up into this 'space', and withdrawing from the God-drama between good and evil Players.

This guy was a master of far-seeing (clairvoyance?). When he first started reintegrating, I had all these split-second 'images' of various places on Earth. The guy was reconnoitering, collecting details on the current state-of-the-world. He was not happy, to say the least...

Then, this guy just started 'reaching' into these heavenly-havens, shouting the equivalent of "What are you doing?", and hauling these guys/gals OUT of their havens. Quite a few enlightened-folk got rudely-awakened and read the 'riot act'. It was quite startling. (Ray was just along-for-the-ride in all this.)

At the time, Ray was quite happy about this 'development'. Lots of quite-capable 'people' (not quite ghosts, not quite physical) were being added to the fray. Good folk. I presume some are still at work, so to speak...

(After some days, this 'master' faded into my background. I am still curious what parts may be 'active' and what parts have only become 'resource material'. A strange and wonderful universe...)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Excellent work tonight Les. Many thanks.

John G.

Mark said...

A Kabbalist student once requested from his Rav, "Tell me everything you know about Kabbalism while standing on one foot."

So the Rav stood up on one foot and said, "Love thy friend as thyself, everything else is commentary."

The Rav then lowered his foot.

Suk said...

Here is a Sikh of Guru Nanak and a lover of the divine fighting with his head completely severed:

Visible said...

Here is-

The Way to the Kingdom;chapter Six.

robert said...

(part one of 4)

Love is the reason for this Universe and all others conceivable.

Though the One or All-That-Is lives beyond the capacity of ordinary humanimal reason to comprehend or contain within itself, if Love could not converse with its infinite and infinitely loved creation, then passive acquiescence to the outplay of brute force is all that mortal meat puppets could hope for.

Simplicity is not only a virtue, at the heart of every grand conception, it is the only way to understand, to understand well enough to clear the mind’s eye of ALL self-limiting, disempowering beliefs which then allows the healing of all self-destructive doubts within the heart of the humanimal.

When Reason finds its way, moving toward the center of all things, it finds that the power of Love is the ultimate power.

But, pragmatically speaking, just how does the spirit immersed in time, by reason of the experience of the humanimal avatar/surrogate being, embedded within the construct of space-time, observing the play of time from a local perspective, wield this Love power with wisdom, and learn to eliminate cruelty and the posturing of ignorance along the way?

Certainly not by locking the mind into hairballs of humanimal mind-created control systems, or crusty magical crutches to prop up the local self playing games of self-satisfaction. (religions, sophisticated systems of manifestation, death cults of every persuasion)

In moments of honest self-appraisal, we know that there is a larger/higher Self whose Desire is the reason or motivating power that demands satisfaction, yet we fear the price is more than we are willing and able to pay. We see that this Desire, most often unconsciously spun off into lesser tendrils of foolish temporal desires, is the ultimate reason for our living Being and our only rational purpose.

How do we keep the mind clean and the heart pure?

In the full excess of Western cults, the naïve assumption, made pervasive and popular, is the puerile notion that the heart is good, the mind is bad and simplistically following your heart is the way home.

From another prophet in the tradition of Ecclesiastes, scribed from a long history of the One sending the medicine of truth and the insight of rational self-reflection to those most severely ill, Jeremiah weighs in on this topic:
The heart is deceitful above all things
and beyond cure. Who can understand it? (17:9)

For “modern” sensibilities, thoroughly enchanted and entranced in the Matrix, the heart gets softly translated to “feelings” from the unknown, the heart of darkness, the shadow self etc.

In more abstract conceptions, still easily accessible to the diligence of ordinary reason, there is the play of the light exploring, discovering and embracing the darkness at the center of matter.

From experience, all who are honest in their reflections, know damned well, that following the “way of the heart” WITHOUT the accompaniment of the Watcher, the Mind or the ordinary consciousness of conscience, leads nowhere fast or slow, and leaves destruction in its wake!


robert said...

(part two of 4)

If you are proud, self-righteous or willfully blind to all the “collateral damage” done while you take the long way home, the hard way to knowledge, the cruel mode of training, then the tactics of blind faith, shielding certainty from any feedback which might correct the course, will be one way toward a self-fulfilling prophecy….

If we are all but gopi’s to Krishna, brides of Christ or followers of Buddha, then we must acknowledge our duty to be willing to be instructed, to learn from our mis-manifestations and to keep the mind open to intuition in the moment, every moment!

Has anyone here observed a happy, productive union of male/female where there is no respect for the males’ rationality, balanced focus upon the objective, however imperfect?

In our current, Media-Matrix-induced collective miasma, reason, objectivity and all the aspects of the masculine are derided, degraded and discarded, in the pursuit of more passive, conforming humanimal stock, formerly cultivated for slave labor but with the advent of robots (mechanical golems), the stock is relegated primarily to consumption, of soul and body…

In the death-throes of this dying cult in which we are immersed, but which we can float above if we are anointed with oil, the extreme subjective is in the ascendant. The latest “sophistication” is to question even the viability of striving for a more objective perception, just as the pompous Pontius Pilate belched out, “What is Truth?”

Add to that the confusion of the word-entrapped mind, hearing the masters state in words that the truth is within, so that means subjective, right? The objective world is but an illusion, merely the product of our own projections, yo? Silly rabbit, “truth” is for kids?

Freed from the verbal seesaw of inner versus outer (and the fascinating polarity of “inneys” versus “outeys”!), once we can realize or reset our perceptual power to envision a non-static manifold-in-motion, like an animated .gif file which continually morphs from a torus to a sphere and back again, we can see that going all the way down the rabbit hole pops us back out again into the “exterior” manifest.

Going the other way, expanding without limit eventually folds back to the center, and we are ready to do the transformation all over again!

What is (All-That-Is) is both objective and subjective, not in a static balance of tension but in an ongoing intercourse, an embrace from which there is no viable alternative nor end.

Just like starting with one musical tone from the humanimal voice, or with more effort, from an external musical instrument, the play of the entire Cosmos can be modeled and experienced as the one becomes many and merges back into the One.

Just as a child’s unfettered, untrammeled, uncorrupted imagination can learn to model his parent’s driving of their car using his toy car, so we may learn to balance our beings between personal life and death, Yang and Yin, Heaven and Earth, until we are ready to transcend that level of mastery and grow up to balance solar systems and galaxies, et cetera, et cetera all the way up the scale which never ends.

As we are on a journey with no destination WHATSOEVER, but involved in an eternal process, a fluid moving inexorably toward a presently incomprehensible new state of Being, reason may serve that to unblock the flow, to train the humanimal to use its One-given power of manifestation in a more and more harmonious and less and less cruel manner.


robert said...

(part three of 4)

First, we must show ourselves approved by the way we handle our humanimals and in how we interact with all the other created beings. A loving parent provides boundaries within which it is safe to learn by trial and error. So the Universe has many playrooms…

Our avatar/surrogates, our humanimal temples were created lovingly over eons, to permit high quality, high speed learning experiences for the Spirit out of time, where the One becomes interested in the Many and we may pass the test by NOT OVER IDENTIFYING strictly with the local temple and its imperative to survive at all costs.

That precious balance between expressing the joy of living, INCLUDING the joy of all the living beings in our world, and getting mired and trapped in the play of passion where irrational choices (from the larger perspective) are made which send us back for more of the same experiences until we get it, really get it:

Where reason and the mind, protecting the tender desires from the fire of excess, learn to be fully mindful of ourselves and others and direct the will in a manner which honors and reflects the Will of the One.

Take the analogy to the skill of driving a car (an automobile, not our “Spirit Cars”!):

We must pay enough attention, in real time, to the balance of forces in time and space, to allow the feedback loop, the folding of consciousness upon itself, to guide us, to our destination yes, but mainly to stay on the road, not cause any stumbling blocks to our fellow sentient beings by dis-courteous or self-centered moves.

Our mind serves the true desires of our hearts, when we learn to use love more and more gently, which requires the growth of wisdom, not blindness nor brute force of a will made insensitive by a false certitude.

Does the above analysis reek of self-serving sophistication for its own sake or is it just “trolling” the complacent arrogance of ANY FIXED BELIEFS?

The obstacles to learning how to dance without ceasing are simply limiting beliefs, including any limit upon our believing in the highest possible understanding we can muster in the moment.

Do you believe that you are mirroring or embodying the One by adopting a course of action which entails beating the shit out of yourself, like the Hulk taking Loki and threshing him like wheat, beating him like a rag doll until he acquiesces?

Scaring would-be initiates with a future gauntlet of unnecessary trauma, regaling them with war-stories/fish-stories of the soul, implying an up-front commitment to sign up blindly for any and all traumas, simply adds another layer of limiting (thus ultimately false) beliefs into the Akashic record.

Does “we must pass the bill to see what’s in it” ring a bell?
That is a mere echo of the satanic way home, a long-ass journey which no living master would recommend. (read the Life of Milarepa for the LEAST grim version of that path!)


robert said...

(part four of 4)

The path to the Awareness of the One will most certainly involve trials, but these trials will be a totally tailored, unique suit of clothes for each individual, as unnecessary trauma slows down even the speedy success of the energetic, requiring time to heal and all mass traumas simply delay and retard EVERYONE’s journey.

We cannot directly learn from merely consuming the miserable consequences of other being’s choices, though such may be used to apply control to ourselves, or only to others in the case of institutional religions and all other crusty cults.

Wherever our hardness of heart (the heart must be tender to tune in to the Divine) or hardness of mind (ALL fixed beliefs of ANY KIND block the still small voice of intuition), that is where the universal solvent of experience will enter to carry us forward, whether it comes in a gentle current or a flood!

One operational belief, which swiftly becomes understanding based upon tested experience, is useful as a tool to keep the Mind/Body/Spirit together on the journey:

That the One, through the nested dolls in the hierarchy of Being, knows full well what will best serve both our own growth and the One’s Desire and that, when we get out of our way, stop balking out of fear and start singing our own version of praise and gratitude in tune with the Universe, our lives will play out in a magnificent transcendence far beyond our currently limited imaginations.

This is where my humanimal has blocked joy, so let everything go but the triumvirate below and greater joy will follow….

Trust is not a fixed belief but an ongoing attitude of openness…

Faith is not a fixe belief but fluid feeling of the Presence…

Charity or Love is not a fixed belief but an open, ongoing Manaifestation of the Divine, customized to fit the moment by the diligent application of understanding, an understanding always willing to grow and become more and more congruent to the Mind of the One...

To all who have ventured this far, may we all remember that our hearts, in holographic alignment with the Heart of the One, are deeper than our minds, a holographic partial of the Mind of the One, can possibly fathom.


Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Coming in on a Wing- Coming in on a Wing and a Prayer.

The 3rd Elf said...

Visible's radio show just went up...

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Yes Horatio, even the rigged voting machines hate Hillary..
(i knew that)

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

The Trumpster Jumps out of the Dumpster to Become the Commander in Chief.

Anonymous said...

Some of you might have noticed a prediction that I made in the comments section, at Smoking Mirrors, on Monday, November 07, 2016, 4:33:00 PM, which you can read at the link below (this prediction was made two days before the presidential election) -

Here's the comment I made at the link above, because hey, it's a bit cumbersome to click the link...

Anonymous said...
Trump is the NWO's wet dream. England had its Brexit, and America will have its own version (Trump). But he's a wolf in sheep's clothing.

True, it looks like it's all rigged for Hillary. But if Hillary is ramrodded into office, everyone will know the election was stolen (because most people voted for Trump), and everyone will know the media lies, and the government lies, and their vote doesn't matter. And the elite know this. They want people to think their vote matters. They don't want a rebellion. They don't want 300 million pissed-off Americans saying enough is enough. Obamacare just went through the roof, the jobs are gone, the immigrants are flooding in the gates, and if Hillary wins, the people will know it's all rigged, and the people will have nothing left to lose. And then they'll burn the whole house of cards down to the ground (one way or another)...

So it's Trump for the win. Trump the Trojan Horse. The sheep will cry victory, people will celebrate. And then Trump will bring the NWO thunder. He'll build that wall between the U.S. and Mexico - to keep people in. He'll flip-flop on all his promises. He won the Republican primaries when nobody said he had a chance and the media displayed its warped, biased polls, just like it is doing right now...and he'll overcome all the odds and take the "win", because, for the reasons outlined above, that's exactly how the NWO wants it.

Monday, November 07, 2016 4:47:00 AM

Visible said...

Sidestepping the Darkness and Stilling the Reactive Mind.

The 3rd Elf said...

Here is Visible's Sunday 13th November 2016 radio show.

D_Man said...

Amen! Excellent post!



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