Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Beautiful Singularity of the Eternal Ineffable.

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The art of life is mastered in the simplicity of one's approach. The greater the complexity, the greater the degree of difficulty and this... this is all self created and matches up and synchronizes with the force of the ego of the individual who defines the deeper secrets of existence, according to their opportunities to posture in front of their fellows in back and forth intellectual tap dances, devoid of meaning and consequence. Real spirituality is not something that is acquired by engaging in some white wine and soft cheese soliloquies in the groves of academe. The level of one's authentic spirituality can be measured... according to the lengths one will go to possess it and be possessed by it and whatever sacrifices are necessary in the process.

One improves spirituality to the degree that they are capable of engaging in the process of the false self being diminished. They can be recognized as whomever is not being heard amidst the clamor of bush league philosophers drowning each other out. Hopefully no CPR gets applied in the aftermath. Gasp!

I have not encountered or read about a single spiritual teacher who could be considered real by any legitimate form of measurement that was not as humble as dirt. That is my own personal yardstick. I am looking for those so overwhelmed by the love of the ineffable that the only portion of personal self left is that which is retained for the purpose of experiencing it.

Every facet of continuing spiritual growth can be understood in its simplicity. Does it reflect that which is greater than itself? Does it clearly reflect this? To the level that it can reflect this does it live within them and no greater wisdom can be attained through books or experience than that which is attained through hosting the awakened ineffable within.

The Man on the Beach said to me, “God is sleeping and this is his dream.” I replied, “but he's going to wake up, right?” All he would say to me and all he did say most of the time was, “I don't know.” I realize now that he was talking to me about God waking up inside me, for that is where God is sleeping. God is sleeping in every unawakened heart and mind. Once God has awakened then the former sleeper knows itself to be divine. That is the definition of Godhead in every one of us. If the force that awakens and realizes this, is turned outward for the purpose of sensation and reproduction then Godhead will not be realized. If it is turned inward then realization is the certain and eventual result.

What is the nature of that fire which is the most powerful ignition force of them all? It is Love. What form of Love is more powerful than any other expression of Love? That is the Love for one's creator. The greatest commandment is, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.” Okay... we hear this and maybe, without inquiring too deeply into it, we accept that it is so. What would we discover if we were to inquire after WHY this is so? The reason it is so is that through loving one's creator, one becomes increasingly more and more like one's creator and is the inheritor thereof of all that the creator is and has and the totality of the fulfilled promise of all that is possible in the presence of the divine experienced within. These words are true; “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” We grow to become like that which we love. In the reflection of it, it naturally follows that the second greatest commandment would be, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” “All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.” What happens when you love your neighbor as yourself? You partake in the expression of the personality of God and you simultaneously reveal to yourself what you are. We are each a singular, individualized expression of the totality of it all. Once we are able to love indiscriminately each and every individualized other, we manifest the unity of cosmic love in every moment we inhabit, which then becomes a single, eternal, enduring moment into which spills both the past and future becoming an everlasting now.

Is this easy? It is the simplest thing in the world but the mind complicates it and the heart subdivides it into its priorities; but not if there is only one priority. The level of ones spiritual state is determined by the level of complexity one contains. Each complexity resolved drops or raises the consciousness into an ever deeper singularity, until only one consideration remains. It is no longer a compound. It is an elemental, essential oneness that cannot be defined or seen in parts since there are no parts. There is no longer anything apart. The viewer and that which is viewed are the same. It's child's play and that may be why 'a little child shall lead them.'

For myself, I was born to be as I am, based on what or who I had been. It was a little like 'casting out 9's'. Life experiences eliminated everything that was secondary to the primary drive. This is the beauty of disappointment. Once everything that has disappointed you has been eliminated from your life, you are left with only that which cannot disappoint ...but which had been previously concealed by all the pending disappointments that still had some kind of fascination attached to them. After awhile all the sounds and colors have been reduced to a stationary stillness that is easily mistaken for peace because it is peace; the absence of conflict and controversy. It eventually becomes clear that the only war taking place is the one in your mind that due to it being present, sees it in everything it encounters. You carry the war with you and you will most certainly wind up on a battlefield.

The more pure a fire the less there will be smoke. Let the heart burn with impure desire and the smoke will cloud your vision. A gas stove creates a blue flame with a white crown. We can adjust our interior fires and a vision will come into the mind, reflexively.

It never fails to amuse, hearing people argue about religious and spiritual matters and which certainly will render the latter non spiritual. The former already is. The planets each have their colors and their particular sound and the symphony generated by their interplay creates the kaleidoscope of existence and the music of the spheres. The more one's dance is in resonance and harmony with the planets, the more one is detached from and free of the fruits of their formerly drunken and clumsy ballet. Instead of running into everything it all flows around you. It flows through you instead of... what?

Instead of it weighing you down, it lifts you up. It's the same thing either way but your relationship is entirely different in each case. People will do what they want to do and reap the rewards or suffer the consequences accordingly. You can't tell them anything. They have to come to this understanding on their own. This is why exampling is such a useful feature of being. Many a desperate soul will look at the pain and chaos of their existence and throw their hands up in despair. Occasionally they will see an expression of it taking place that is free of chaos and pain and possibly they will say to themselves, “perhaps I should try that.” and sometimes they do. The truly fortunate persist in it and become free.

The most important aspect of Love is that at a certain point it is conscious and it has representatives who move among us and others who vibrate an intelligence and awareness that is contagious and transformative. You cannot change it but it can and will change you, if you put yourself in the way of it. It burns away the dross of our being, which is the Karma that orchestrates every experience we go through; the positive objective of this is liberation. “Success is speedy for the energetic.”

One can turn on the wheel of fire through lifetime after lifetime, suffering as they go, rattling the chains of their captivity in the confinement of self-deluding ignorance, or one can have it burned away and be transformed into a creature of light. This is the most fortunate of times for those who are prepared for and desirous of its occurrence.

Like a wind that never never stops blowing
Like a stream that never never stops flowing
In the way my love keeps right on growing
through every mad escape into wonder on my way to you

Because you are everything to me
Yes you are everything to me
as far just as far as I can see
Yeah you are everything to me

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