Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Make it Real or be Automatically Rendered False.

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I was wondering what my job is. My job is not the corruption of the world. That is god's job. I am not concerned with whether Trump is corrupt. Of course he is. I'm very glad that Hillary did not get elected because that might have meant chaos down on the ground that I walk upon in an immediate fashion, in tandem with a hyper drive of strange sex lawmaking. With Trump there is some breathing space. God will handle all those details. My job is to handle me. I am doubly glad that the ridiculous sexual perversity political, money and power grabbing, putsch is going to come to a screaming halt.

Were we right about Kanye or were we right?

Over the last several days we spent some hours watching network TV. We watched; “The View”, “The Real”, “Maury”, somebody named something like “Steve Wilcox”, Wendy”, 3 minutes of The Kardashians (all we could stand) and snippets of all sorts of things, ranging from treacle to animated stool specimens and all of these, we noted, are produced by Tribe members. Why did we put ourselves through this? We wanted to check the pulse of the sleeping classes, to see if there were some insight we could gain into the manner in which their minds work and do not work and we thought that if we watched shows that millions of them watch that we might get some insight.

What portion of the consciousness of those watching these dreadful programs is programmed in such a way that these presentations are rendered either entertaining or informative? Let us prologue this with a short segue into the relationship that exists between those who produce these Satanic offspring and those who are hypnotized by them. Obviously, those who produce and promote these spectacles are doing it to fixate the minds of the sleeping class on the subject matter acted out or under discussion. It stands to reason that the nature of the garbage is of the most banal, superficial and suggestively prurient available. It seems that the intention is to present the human race as a deevolutionary joke. It is designed to make us look bad in our own eyes.

It has long been recognized, long before Edward Bernays, that people can be easily programmed by various means, or rather a combination of them; saturation, a continuing consistency of manufactured POV, cross platform ubiquity and related applications. We note that every national news programs, no matter what the channel, or seeming level of competition, are pandering to one demographic or the other, either neon-liberal or conservative. They take up the issues of the day and they paint them according to the studies made in relation to the areas of residence in which their reportage is seen. People are told that black is blue and then they begin to see blue where there is black. They are told that green is red and they begin to see red (is that a double entendre?)

The programmers have been at this sort of thing for awhile. We're told that Albert Pike predicted things to come a long time ago that have now arrived. So... slowly and now much faster, they have burrowed into government, the educational fields and every information outlet with any significant reach. They have hijacked and shanghaied the vast majority of all entertainment fields and are rigorously involved in promoting what they want seen and heard and censuring what they do not. This is how we come to have a preponderance of Kanye clones and no inspired artists whatsoever. We have Ariana Grande and no Joni Mitchells. We have the authentic replaced by the processed, with everything of value removed and everything of no value added. The same can be said of food, medical treatment, the integrity of public servants, the objectives of lawyers; actually that last remains pretty much unchanged. I could go on and on but you get the picture. Is the picture blurred for you? Therein lies the real question and the answer to why such a portion of the public is seduced in the ways they are and why to some of us it seems inexplicable that they could be seduced by such transparent bullshit.

I think I have discovered the warp and woof of it. Those engaged in the deceptions are agents of the Father of Lies and that is why they are engaged in the production and proliferation of them and; what is the thing that galvanizes the attention of those drawn to these productions? It is the false self. Whatever portion of that which is resident in us, is that part of us that is magnetized by the lies. It goes without saying (so why am I saying it?) that those of us who are naturally drawn to the truth are also engaged in the destruction of the false self within, or that it is a natural result of the pursuit of truth and it accounts for that portion of us that is not drawn to or magnetized by the lies.

On the one hand, the false self is being added unto by the day and that is the point of the enterprise. It is all a game of souls in the time of harvesting. Two forces are at work; Mammon and the ineffable. The compassion of the ineffable is so great that even though many are lost, he cannot help but throw them a lifeline if they are able to see it and is giving them every opportunity to see it and that explains the apocalypse.

What recognizes the devil is the false self and those who deceive us, magnetically attract that self in us. Those whose sight has been opened see the true God. The false self sees the false God and the true self sees the true god, although no one has seen god at any time, unless it is god seeing god, which is how it happens (by reflection), when it happens ..and is something that any or all of us have to look forward to should we prevail in the sincere effort to accomplish it. It is the certain result of godhead, which is the certain result of the single force drawn or driven up and in, as opposed to down and out (is that a double entendre?)

It is one force with a double persona, the image of which is a reflection of the consciousness of the perceiver. The objective of an apocalypse, is a forced opening of the eyes of the dreamers and it can be either a bliss drenched wonderland, or a personal Hell, outpictured by the one viewing it as a consequence of being awakened in a particular manner. This is the personal choice area of response to the all pervading influence of the ineffable; the choice we make according to the real definition of free will. One can either bend to the will of that which cannot be opposed, or one can be driven in the direction of their greatest weakness for the purpose of demonstration. We are often perplexed with the question of 'why' did so and so do such and such? It is baffling that someone would destroy their life by doing something seemingly out of character for them. However, it is never out of character and 'character is fate'. Apocalypse is uncovering, revealing; make the connection. Apocalypse is a force that uncovers what is hidden and reveals what is repressed. If madness is concealed then madness will be revealed. For those who have humbled themselves before the force of cosmic love, there is only the divine madness of an ever greater capacity for love. The correspondent bonus is the ever increasing internal presence of the author of Love. It is simplicity itself. You have to host something. Something is influencing your heart and mind. If you haven't placed your focus, your focus will be placed for you.

I don't like to place too much emphasis on astrology because I believe, as Paracelsus said; “It is said that a wise man rules over the stars, but this does not mean that he rules over the influences which come from the stars in the sky. It means that he rules over the powers which exist in his own constitution." That said, most of life is predictable because the stage is set by the influences generated by the interplay between the planets as they move in their courses. This means that situations and environments are created by relationships that come and go between the planetary forces which operate external to us but which we resonate to internally. It's like the psychology test about meeting a bear in the woods; something along the lines of, “do you go around the bear, do you confront the bear or do you wait until the bear moves on.” This is where we find ourselves each and every day. Sometimes the wind is with us and sometimes the wind is neutral and sometimes the wind is against us.

If we let life arrange how we respond to the bear, or the challenges that come every day; and the bear is those challenges then... we are trapped in a mathematical predictability. If we rely on the ineffable the ineffable will show us the way.

Though an astute astrologer can predict the general area of conditions in certain periods, it is much harder to predict how individuals will react to those conditions. Some of us react en masse (like fish in an aquarium) and some of us react individually and often at odds with the mass. Being right doesn't always make you popular; “walking in all ways contrary to the world.” The problem with astrologers is their level of objectivity. Only when the astrologer can remove the personal from their observations is their vision made clear enough to see beneath the surface of appearances. One cannot hope to envision without the intuitive aspect. True knowledge, real insight and shining clarity come from the same place that everything of value comes from; the ineffable.

I hate to harp on certain issues but they are the most seriously critical issues that exist in life and they can all be reduced to one issue. What do you value? “Where your heart is, there are your treasures also.” It you take nothing else away from the day by day, week by week, month by month, year by year exercises that take place here... take that with you. It could well be all you ever need and that brings us back to the primary effort that should be the most overpowering drive in us; self inquiry. It is through self inquiry that we discover what it is that we value. It is not enough to say that you believe something to be true because it sounds like the high road answer to the low road options we find all around us. You have to know why you believe something and you have to know that what you say you value is what you really value, otherwise it's just words like all the rest of the farts in a windstorm that surround us. When the greater tests come, your greatest defense is the degree of truth in what you rely on like the house built on sand; 'how firm a foundation?' Make it something real or you will be rendered false when you come up against what is real.

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