Saturday, March 04, 2017

The Primary Indefatigable Shepherd in Search of the Last Reprobate.

(As a note of interest, one of the readers is asking for a video from me to prove that I have not been hijacked and locked up in The Cask of Amontillado for some mysterious aging process. As it turns out I had already arranged, in the week previous, with James Jancik, to start sending in the radio shows as a video since he had begun switching over to video collages of me while airing the broadcast. For reasons that escape me, it was presumed that because James did some sort of a montage of me recently that this was some kind of proof that I was being detained or recycled in an alternate dimension. How this is proof of anything escapes me. I should point out though that I never saw whatever it was and often don't because I am too busy at something or other and often space it out. Well... so far as I know, I am still here, tick tocking away at whatever it is that I do. I won't be 'here' for that much longer, since I am scheduled to be 'there' at some point in the near future; walking and reflecting on more ancient ground and hope to see some number of you then as well. You can ascertain if I am 'there', once I am no longer 'here' but since the whole of this endless spectacle, lurching from side to side, while drunk on pomp and ceremony, is an illusion anyway... well... what can I say? Surely at some point I will be less visible but that day has not arrived as yet. In the meantime, none of the powers of darkness are in a position to compromise or contain me since the powers of light are and will always be, stronger than that lesser realm.)

Back in the beginning of the 13th Century; you probably know this period as the time of Robin Hood, England was and the world was, under the tyranny of kings, or one despot or another who were expressions of 'the strong man' archetype. Change, as the constant of manifest life, dictated that adjustments needed to be made and the nobles of that time called King John to the table and forced him to sign the Magna Carta. Much is made of this document but it was less than effective for years and only ever benefited the nobles. The commoner got what commoners usually get; raped plundered and pillaged and the legal (cough cough) right for the first of these enforced nonsenses (raped) was made customary through Droit de Seigneur. Many familiar with the term believe it stands for the right of kings, which it did but the correct translation was 'the right of the lord'; not THE LORD but whoever was pretending to be that life and death icon of the moment. This meant that the higher up could bed your beloved when they wished to but... often enough this would occur directly following the nuptials. It must have been a heady time for those who could do what they wanted with impunity.

Life went on and eventually the will of the king and the generally direct underlings, morphed into the rule of the banker and then into those public faces that operate at the pleasure of bankers; like corporations and falsely represented political systems. That's where we are today. Conditions have changed for the common man. Now his living conditions exceed the level of amenities once enjoyed by kings and nobles. Some things have not changed though and that is the plundering that occurs through draconian taxation and all those fees and hidden charges that render the common soul indentured. Today, many Chinese come into America with heavy debt laid on them by human traffickers and which can seldom be paid off in a single lifetime. Many of these are forced into prostitution. The common soul of other races are also forced into some kind of prostitution although it isn't defined as that. Some willingly embrace prostitution for the purpose of gain, such as the majority of those who work in the media. They eagerly lie for possession of the fecal coin, minted by bankers and then extended to the companies that pay these suited sluts. Controlling the money supply is the chief engine of control and I suppose, one way or another it always has been and that is why The Tribe has such a focused and single minded lust for it and why they used to be tossed from country after country, or else that country was enslaved or destroyed, which also happened now and again. Today, one of their members continues in the highest seat as they have done for so long. They were the architects of a Federal Reserve in the first place.

There were many things I did not know as I made my way from knowing all kinds of things, to knowing nothing to... gradually knowing a few things that I actually did know but which are 'always' subject to change, or as I like to say when I'm in some French bistro (in France) and which may never happen again, 'C'est toujour la meme chose,' which means it is always the same thing or the same story if you prefer. I also like to say, 'plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose,' which means; 'the more things change, the more they remain the same.' I lived around Paris as a young boy, eight to twelve years old and I loved it. Despite having to live with Hannibal Lecter, there were many wonderful moments and many things in the language prove that they used to generally 'get it'. Far too many don't get much of anything anymore.

It all comes down to cowardice and fear, although a case can be made for stupidity and arrogance as well. The greater the coward, the more they are susceptible to the manipulations of fear. Fear is one of the tormented children of delusion. It is the whipped consciousness under the fickle hand of appearances. It is not real any more than a shadow is. It just seems to be and- given time- it seems more and more to be real, until it replaces any sense of otherwise. A person devoid of fear is a dangerous person in the eyes of those who dispense fear, as if it were a routine medication and this is proven out to the extent that the deceivers will go to, to make it ubiquitous through their arts and crafts, their media of every kind and their manipulation of the symbols of material power, like currency. It is why they have taken control of all of these mediums of manipulated meaning.

Today, as is often the case in the irony infused existence of commoner Visible, he is watching the Russel Crowe version of Robin Hood, which just showed up for showing, as is quite common for commoner Visible. We just went past that point where he gives his speech about the hope for a Magna Carta kind of legal equality law for all men; like that had anything to do with it because it did not. It was never intended for the commoner, nor is that the case today. It is simply one more pack of lies designed to sell you something that doesn't exist but... they assure you it does. All you have to do is give up your freedom to get it and that is not such a bad deal, when you have no freedom to begin with, except the freedom to submit or be destroyed and you can only be destroyed to the degree that you proffer to them the fear that they demand as fealty so... go ahead, bend over and wait. As is usual in the work of Commoner Visible, most of the comments have been removed and the number of visits constantly reduced to an acceptable amount. It always amuses me when I set out to write about something and the film along side takes me on a similar ride. The point of this, I have come to understand, is that the ineffable is in total control of everything and, the less fear one harbors, the more clear this becomes.

This is a pompous, stupid and boring film and so is your life if you employ a similar awareness to those who whipped up this shit salad. Whoops! Maid Marion, after getting armored up and kicking butt seems to have gotten wounded and that is a great moment for Russell to look all grand and manly.

On to the seminal point, which neither this film or any other ever makes known, is that the undying luminous splendor of the ineffable seeps through, composes and surrounds everything, while still remaining apart in that absolute focus of concentration upon existence, which is what the ineffable does or we wouldn't be here. The message we seek to bring through the otherwise extraneous assemblage of color commentary here is that if you are going to fear anything, fear only that you might displease the divine. No one and nothing else counts whatsoever.

Seek the ineffable within and shine upon all of its expressions without. No other pursuit or employment of self has anywhere near the same importance; has anywhere near as powerful an effect over time and any other motivation or goal will only be amplified and assured of success by association with it. God is real and everlasting. Nothing else is real and everlasting. God is all powerful and benevolent beyond measure. Nothing else is all powerful and benevolent beyond measure. God is the living and eternal essence of your own being. Nothing else qualifies as this and every surrogate which usurps this relationship leads only to tears and crushing disappointment. God is the lifter of every burden and the instrument of forgiveness for every sin. God is the single ray of sunlight that penetrates into every cellar of despair. Nothing else is capable of this. The divine is an immeasurable reservoir of goodness and mercy, the possibility of salvation in every hopeless state, is the sine qua non of vehicles which lift us beyond every hopeless state. It is the primary indefatigable shepherd in search of the last reprobate. It is wonder beyond all wonder and the singular joy that reveals all others to be frauds. It is the shining icon of the last hope, following the nightmare revelation of one's wasted life, in the early hours of the dawn at the appointed time. It is the truth concealed in every childhood fable and nursery rhyme.

Conversely it is the hot breath of pending damnation on the back of the neck of George Soros, David Rockefeller and all that have placed themselves in the way of it. It is the end of the road that split at the place where you cannot remember it. It is primarily and supremely love in the expression of it. It is beyond all words and music that are sometimes in the pursuit. It is regenerated innocence and the fountain of youth. It's here right now and it will be there then, until then and now and the future too, pour into the well of the eternal present that is the ultimate totality of you.

Seek Love and express Love and everything else will arrange itself as it should. There is nothing more that one needs to know or do. This is as good a place as any to finish this piece and so... until we meet again, adieu.

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