Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Tumbling in the Waves or Washed up Clean on Shore.

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I started out a day or so ago on a piece here and George Soros crept into the mix as he too often does and I couldn't finish it because I am tired of writing about this Satanically sculptured piece of shit so... here I am and rather more wanting to write about something else.

I know that many of you are troubled these days and handling it different ways. Of course the pressure is on from invisible locations. The pressure is also on from visible locations. It's human nature to be more aware of the one than the other but it is prudent to know that both are in operation. The evil that dwells in the land has an association with the evil that dwells invisibly, not only in places like the lower Astral Plane but in the hearts and minds of people and members of other kingdoms as well. The degree of the proliferation of evil is measured by the degree of materialism that is afoot. In other words; when our consciousness is more engaged in material pursuits, more evil is in a position to intrude. It will make a home for itself in those hearts and minds that have abandoned an integral awareness of brotherhood for selfish pursuit at the expense of one another.

It's been said that evil is relative and that is certainly true. Some number of things that are identified as evil are not evil at all and the same can be said for good ...and this is how we can become so evil while being surrounded by things that we collectively identify as good. When a society has gone off the rails in terms of rational moralities they will find themselves trapped in a place where they imagine themselves to be free and the more they exercise these questionable freedoms, the more enslaved they become. Eventually that society will fall apart, disintegrate and cease to be. You can always tell when that is on the precipice of occurrence because certain lifestyles begin to appear. People give up their principles for the sake of inclusion and are destroyed by this. They believe they are being generous and tolerant and understanding. They believe they have taken a high road and are expressing their better nature. What they have done is to nestle a serpent in their breast.

A good example of what is really right and wrong can be seen in times when a certain integrity remains in the hearts of the people. When their children engage in wrong behavior they correct them. When this integrity has been lost, the parents instruct their children in the performance of wrong behavior. Mothers and fathers raise their children under an umbrella of indulgence. They want their children to have the freedoms that they did not and perhaps to escape the stricter regimens that they experienced. It's been said that it takes one generation to build a fortune and the next one to manage it. The third generation wastes it away. I haven't gotten the words right but the idea is there.

In America today it is all about tolerance as well as the cultivation of weakness and a catering to dysfunction. Everyone is a winner but... everyone is not a winner unless you make the rules of competition so ridiculous and then hamstring the capable that is can seem to be so. As a result you get things like t-ball and the like. I'm waiting on the advent of foam croquet. As people become more deluded and weaker in all the important ways, blood spectacle comes on the rise. Now you have mixed martial arts competitions, where people beat the shit out of each other; steel cage matches and all of this is attended with epidemics of tattooed and pierced robots who tell themselves they are returning to the roots of primitive culture and all the timeless truth inherent in it. It doesn't work because they are not in the same kind of primitive culture and wouldn't survive if they were. They are like play actors, no different than Trekkies or Furries. They are caught up in delusions of what is real while never having experienced what was real to begin with. Karma... however, and even though it may be difficult to understand, somehow they got themselves into it. Getting out is another thing and the slow and torturous procedure may be one of the reasons why death and forgetfulness is a kind of blessing. Nevertheless, “success is speedy for the energetic.”

It is far better to scream at the ineffable and call the ineffable names than it is to be indifferent to the ineffable, or ignorant of the ineffable. Grace is such a powerful thing and you cannot put yourself in the way of it unless you get the attention of the ineffable and... I guarantee you if you do, sometimes you will scream and call the divine names. It comes with the territory.

If the way were easier and if it were more obvious, there would be many more travelers upon it but I know first hand that there are not. We are come into a time of strange and surprising events. In these days a great many of those new age impresarios are getting a taste of how far wrong they went. In these times, many religious leaders are learning that a lack of conviction in spirit is not made up by an exhaustive knowledge of scripture. There is a difference between real life and a movie, even though real life bears remarkable similarities to movies. However, the more you get extended away from essential truth, the more you reside in a fabric of woven lies that now obscure what is the way a rug does the floor it rests upon, remembering that the floor itself rests upon something and that rests upon the Earth and that rests also upon something which cannot be seen and which would not be in existence otherwise. If you do not find your way to that which everything else rests upon, not only will you not rest. If you fall out of favor you will be closed off. Still... you can mirror yourself, if it is yourself, through many an ancillary reflection (grin). You can find rest when you find yourself resting upon the eternal. Until then you will not find rest, or peace but... if it is Love that drives you, you will arrive.

I know that many of you are in pain and conflicted and as a result there are chemical compounds and spirits that are utilized to insulate and protect yourself from that naked vulnerability that is required to make peace with yourself. I have had a cabinet of elixirs attend me on my way and it has sometimes granted me the clarity to see and has sometimes rendered me blind and lost. True chemistry should not be undertaken without serious attention to study and controlled experimentation or you will find yourself in the hands of The Undertaker... under? and taker? I sometimes think of Tolkien, who was a philologist and how he saw language and its meanings. My curiosity in this area has given me a greater appreciation for his work than I might have had otherwise.

I would rather be drunk on God than drunk on wine and I would much rather be high on what is illegal than on what is legal cause I know why much of it is illegal and it has nothing to do with looking out for public welfare when so many toxic and poisonous and harmful substances are packaged and sold to you in frosty and not frosty glasses and bottles ...and pill containers by the many millions every day. Neither the legal or illegal will take you to the throne of the almighty for an enduring length of time. However, your risk and industry could well impress the ineffable enough for him to decide to do something about you.

Yes... people in multitudes don the costumes and mufti of their professions and they strive to gain the attention of the gods of their departments. They are upwardly mobile in the same way that someone tumbled in a huge wave suddenly doesn't know which direction to swim in. Being caught in a physical wave can be a time critical experience because of the need for air but... putting on a suit and walking into the marketplace differs from it only in the time involved... the result can well be the same.

My friends, as the invisible and the visible presses upon you, please do not let yourself be consumed by those things which you believe will insulate you but which are devouring you from within. There is nothing wrong with being consumed when you approve of and are improved by what consumes you. There is no shame in losing your way but... to persist in a direction that brings no true comfort or liberation is to be ever rounding the same corner into the same place again, while finding that it has deepened and lengthened and becoming populated with what you previously had not seen. Some pursuits only get worse. The truth is that you can climb out of even chronic conditions with the right ingredients. It's all alchemy after all. Just because there are so many bad alchemists does not mean the science is a disreputable one. The same applies to Astrology, Phrenology and other forms which include revelation and deception in abundance. It also includes sciences that are relatively unknown.

I hope that all of you will do some version of what I am always seeking to do and that is to take stock of myself and see what it is that I am about and whether I am helping or hurting myself.

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