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Turning on the Carousel of Tedious Dreams; awaken sleeper.

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(There I was, rolling along in the next Smoking Mirrors when it dawned on me; I had forgotten Visible Origami was up next. Back to the drawing board.)

Attention, Facebook readers ...and any reader experiencing difficulty accessing the work at these sites. I had noticed in recent times that there was a change in the responses one would normally expect around here. I'd mentioned it a time or two but didn't hear much about it. We just got a heads-up from the intrepid BobRobert and we are passing that on to you. Zio-Thug and record setting tech thief, SchmuckerBerk; (Schmuck being yiddish for a fool and Berk being UK colloquial speak for the same) and company have put me on the 'don't watch' list so I am suggesting that everyone from Facebook who reads this work regular and everyone who comes in through any other portal, sign up to 'follow' each blog you have an interest in. Unfortunately, until the blogs went into a hyperspace that I no longer understand, you used to be able to follow me on Blogger but now I don't even see that anymore and if you go to the bottom of the posting you will see 'follow' links but those include Twitter- I am not a Twit- and Facebook- yikes!- but maybe that will work since they might not be canceling me there- ironically enough- probably 'the elf' will see this and have a solution in the comments section or even in the post here and it will all be solved. Since I expect this only to get worse, it is time for us to be proactive. There is also this maybe you know how to work it. I'm just letting you know.

Stand guard at the gateway of your mind. Think of your head as the saucer pod looking, top of the column, that is the air traffic controller command location. You could even think of the column as being your spinal column. Thoughts don't come flowing up the spinal column and information doesn't arrive at the air traffic control pod that way either. They come in, I'm guessing here, as radio transmissions and I would say that there is a marked similarity in the way that thoughts enter your head. You may think of the thoughts in your head as being very much like airplanes. You may think of the airplanes coming into an airport as being airplanes. That seems simple enough.

The job of an air traffic controller is to make sure that every plane lands without any of those planes making physical contact with another plane. That would be a most unfortunate occurrence. The thoughts in our head, for the majority of us, crash into each other on a regular basis, depending on mental weather conditions, often created and fanned by the emotions and which can result in poor visibility, high winds and atmosphere dangers that are very similar to those found in the ocean, like rip tides, undertows and the like. Add to that the seductive influences of lower astral centers of evil that broadcast into unprotected minds and lead the unwary and inattentive into places and events that no one would consider if they knew better, which... often enough, they do not.

One of the most critical jobs that we must be employed at is to... STAND GUARD AT THE GATEWAY OF THE MIND!!! We must take extreme care not to let any thoughts ...that we know are not the thoughts of the ineffable... enter into our minds. This does not mean no mundane thoughts, such as going to work, cleaning our homes, interacting with one another, shopping etc. However, each of these involve considerations and, for myself, I always think of the Ten Commandments and The Eight-Fold Path. Even simple and mundane activities can involve all sorts of dangers. What we are talking about are what is exampled in so much of what we hear about and read about in the news every day. Many of those involved in crimes of person and property did not become so involved until the wrong thoughts entered into their minds and they acted upon them. Often enough, these crimes are fueled by dark passions, which cloud our vision and compromise our reasoning faculties. In times of Materialism crime becomes rampant. Much of this has to do with even darker corruptions, which radiate outward into the public mind and then express themselves through the weakest link. There is only one mind and we can consider that what we call our minds is only a momentary personalization, expressing itself in the one mind.

Dark thoughts and influences are like that lion compared to the Prince of Darkness where it is said, “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walks about, seeking whom he may devour:” If this force, be it singular or pedestrian, cannot penetrate into a particular personalization, it will move on until it finds someone more accessible. Therefore, stand guard at the gateway of your mind.

The objective of The Devil and those who are employed by him/it is the destruction of the soul. His employees are both those who are consciously engaged, like George Soros, Rupert Murdoch; the list is long and it also includes those who do the will of The Prince of Darkness, without being directly aware of it. Manly Palmer once did a treatise that was published in a pamphlet entitled, “Magic- White, Gray and Black.” I have not watched this video of the pamphlet (perhaps I should- grin) but as I remember it, Hall goes into some detail about White and Black Magic and then discusses Gray Magic which, if I remember correctly, involves the larger portion of the residents of this planet who are unconscious of the influences acting on them and who play the part of willing automatons and who are used as canon fodder of all kinds, being slain on battlefields in Banker constructed wars for profit, drawn into all manner of immoral activities and victimized by a society designed to serve the interests of those for whom the laws of that society are shaped to accommodate.

What happens in this world in the systematic and mechanical outworking of Karma is something that goes on through the ages and much of it is the result of the relative vulnerabilities of the minds of those blinded by the samskaras that stand between their vision and a clear seeing of what really is. They are in various stages of delusion and it is Karma that... through its arcane and mysterious workings, takes them through the fire of suffering, which burns away these samskaras. One can be proactively involved in this process through forms of personal restraint, the performance of spiritual practices, the bestowing of grace and other mediums or... one can fumble about from lifetime through lifetime over the very slow course of evolution; which would you prefer? You are not reading these words by accident. This is one of those rare times on this planet when Grace is available. It is available because of the density and proliferation of Materialism. It might well be and no doubt... is, hard to see the truth of this and that is also due to the suffocating blanket of Materialism. Regardless, angels hover unceasingly above and around us, waiting to see the gleam of aspiration rising from our hearts. Stand guard at the Gateway of the mind. Should you do this you will be at the central point of awareness watching awareness. You will be where you want to be before the villains of the day can hijack your consciousness into their prefabricated wilderness of WTF.

Let Love be consciously generated in your heart and if you need a template for the operation, think of anyone you truly Love and just transpose that to thoughts of the ineffable. Since the ineffable is Love, if you do this, a mysterious bellows will come into operation that will amplify whatever Love you possess and Love will manifest Love in an exponential permeation through every cell of your being. If you can manage this parallel of chewing gum and patting your head at the same time (grin), by also standing guard at the gateway of your mind, the two will come into a tandem relationship and you will be unshakably on the way to this;

“Death might appear to be the issue of life,
Since for every three out of ten being born
Three out of ten are dying.
Then why
Should another three out of ten continue breeding death?
By use of sheer madness to multiply.
But there is one out of ten, they say, so sure of life
That tiger and wild bull keep clear of his inland path.
Weapons turn from him on the battle-field,
No bull-horn could tell where to gore him,
No tiger-claw where to tear him,
No weapon where to enter him.
And why?
Because he has no death to die.”

As has been mentioned here a time or two before, back in the early days I used to ingest those pure and powerful psychedelics that were around at the time and nearly impossible to find anymore. A few years ago in Romania I had the opportunity to enjoy this but for decades now, it has been unavailable. The bad guys know the power in it and have shut it down so far as my ability to find it goes. I used to ingest that clean and wonderful water that was a combination of the tears and laughter of the divine and I would read this for hours. I did this many times and it was imprinted on my consciousness. I attribute having done this to being a major key in my present back and forth communications with the ineffable. I do not suggest that anyone attempt it in this manner; especially, as I have said, it is near impossible to find the true nectar these days. I believe that anyone who reads this with a sincere intent can still gain the same because true understanding is a gift of the almighty. It is not imperative that you read and study this specific tome. Pick any of the legitimate oracles and give it your full attention; stand guard at the gateway of the mind and hold Love for the ineffable in your heart and let the ineffable act as a bellows upon it. The more intensely you focus upon this objective, the more certain and sudden it will occur.

Books can be a wonderful guide but they only take you so far. The same can be said of ashrams and any of the enduring disciplines that have been employed by the unwavering few of us across the centuries. The same can be said for the teachers that appear at critical intervals in our lives and yet we hunger for more. Rare indeed are those among us who find a true Jnana Guru. Teachers come at every level and have teachers themselves. Depending on the degree of your capacity to surrender absolute and maintain the necessary consistency required, on that will depend the quality of the teacher who finds you. It doesn't work the other way around. Many of us believe that it is ourselves that is searching for God. Long before the divine awoke this urging within us, we were being tracked and noted and led along the way. It is already happening; simply accommodate yourself to cooperation in the process. Recognize that the ineffable is already active within you and await each moment as the moment already in progress. Embrace the timeless certitude of the indwelling self and it will begin to resonate with an ever increasing power. It will gradually and incrementally wash away the worlds of time from your heart. Have done with the foolishness of temporary appetites and momentary distractions whose only purpose is to confuse and entangle you, until death is compelled to set you free again... until... the cycle repeats. The human imagination cannot comprehend the lengths and numbers of lifetimes that turn on this carousel of tedious dreams.

We are called to a higher destiny and it would not be there for your aspiration and engagement were it not entirely possible for you. That you can imagine and visualize it is proof that you can accomplish it. It is not upon your own strength that you must rely. On that account, failure is certain. Rest on the one who has already achieved everything it is possible to achieve and who stands with open heart and hand outstretched to lead you through the gates of the Kingdom of God. Let your heart be filled with Love for the ineffable and stand guard at the gateway of the mind.

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