Sunday, July 14, 2019

A Mathematical Inevitability of Reaction, to the State of Existence as it Presently Exists.

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You can just about hear it; like the voices in the wind, as you are slipping away in that hammock, in the sheltering shade of a summer afternoon. A moment comes when you can almost interpret what the voices are saying and then you are carried away in the arms of a dream. But this is not so benign as that dream, or maybe it is simply a great deal stranger and neither good or bad. It becomes something for the future to decipher once enough echoing ramifications have fleshed it out.

It's something right around the corner. You can hear the footsteps but you cannot see what is making them. All the informational mucilage, the endless post nasal drip of headlines and talking heads, bears some evidence of it; a snatch here and a snatch there. Did you almost see it just now or was that only brain gas passing... a creeping sub-rosa flatus? If it were a byproduct of John Bolton, you'd be convinced that it smelled like someone had crawled in there and died.

Whatever it is, it is something big. If it is an animated creature, you could put a condominium complex in its footprint. It will surely be accompanied by swaying trees and a howling wind. It will be something that has been there and back again, meaning that history recycles itself like the things that you eat and the product at the end is not at all dissimilar on either account.

It might be natural. It might be a creation out of the dark side of humanity, or it could be supernatural. Regardless, it's coming. I can feel it. It might be the Big One.

It could involve rampaging crowds or the longest shocked and shaken silence ever experienced; as millions of us ponder the implications pending. Whatever it is it's big.

Whatever it is has spiritual connotations; meaning that it is likely to influence on whatever levels of awareness one may be capable of being influenced on. Many of us, through the medium of materialism are being reduced to brutish levels. This may be the product of a great irony as it 'informs' us of its impact. I have seen it said that the sword is a symbol of 'the spirit informing matter'. There's a 'yikes!' effect in there somewhere.

So... in my own case, at some point last night I felt my mind empty itself out. I wasn't doing anything special that might have caused that. It happened on its own. This morning I awoke in a state of remarkable clarity and it has been with me all this day. I feel younger and lighter, as if I had become accustomed to carrying something and forgotten it was even there... until it got removed. I love feeling like this. I suspect that similar effects are going to be taking place in the lives of any of us who are open to the occurrence. If you are not open, or do not possess the necessaries to engage with it, it will move on to the next house, or apartment or empty lot of a mind on the way.

For the last several weeks some very unusual things have been occurring in my world. I'll be thinking of something and it will appear in a startling manner. Or... I will be rambling through the internet and something will, near literally, say- “watch this”. Yesterday, this video came at me in such an insistent manner, I was compelled to watch it.

I noticed there was a Part 2 so I watched that as well.

There are hokey dramatizations that occur as the man tells his story- ignore them. I was very affected by watching this. I have some experience of conditions on 'the other side' and EVERYTHING he said, rang true. I don't usually encounter this level of veracity. I was meant to see it, if for no other reason than to pass it on. Each example this man gave rang true in respect of my own researches and tales told by others whose integrity is not in question.

As the last video wound down I was feeling apprehensive about some kind of an advertisement or a sales pitch appearing at the end, but there was nothing. It was just a man telling his story. There was no concealed motive in play. Yes... the dramatizations can be annoying but I suspended my critical faculties in order to appreciate what the man was saying.

For some while now, I am running into all kinds of new and wonderful situations, as if someone is trying to send me a message. I am more certain of this with every passing day.

What I am trying to say is that what we have all been waiting for, without really knowing what it was, is coming round the mountain and riding six neutral horses devoid of color, lest anyone object (grin). In some cases it might be fire breathing dragons, or masked anarchists, with clubs and cans of mace. I think it depends on what you are seeing in the mirror and also what image you are projecting. It begins to appear, more and more, that every one of us is going to individually discover the manifested echo of the danger or grace we are bringing with us, as we journey through space and time. In some places, mountains will likely crash themselves into the sea. At another location, portals of light may open in space. Spontaneous mobs may start flash dancing up and down the street, or a voice may come out of nowhere and sing a living song, to weave an alchemical, transforming tapestry through your being. As lyrical as I may be presenting that, in real time, in real life, it is far, far beyond the capacity of words or even thoughts to define.

We've gotten used to this world we're in. We believe what the senses are reporting, across the narrow bandwidth of their perception range but... this world... is a pale and dismal affair, by comparison with the worlds beyond, which await the committed and intrepid voyager. People who are accustomed to this world really think that this is all there is, or don't even think about it to begin with. Humanity lives in varying degrees of a dream state, no different than what they experience in sleep. Our bodies are nothing more than clothes, which we wear and then discard from lifetime to lifetime. We don't change our bodies with the frequency that we change our clothes, so an attachment develops and what happens with the body has a great deal to do with the reality we think we witness; none of which is real.

Some will think; 'yeah, I've heard all of this before. Yeah... I get it, so what?” Here is where the difference between intellectual and visceral awareness come into play.

Big... Big changes are coming and they are going to be on us more rapidly than we imagine ourselves being prepared for. World wide, potential food crises are forming up. Farmers can't plant. The population is exploding in countries least able to feed themselves. Something is happening to the pig population. Something is going on with the governments and the social media giants. War is being plotted by psychopaths at this very moment. I am not an alarmist. All of these things can be readily seen. The rancor and anger between different cultures is accelerating. This is all in front of you.

This summer is shaping up to be a time of massive social change, greater than anything we may have seen before in this lifetime. The trends that have been materializing recently indicate that Push and Shove are soon going to discover how small the confines of the room they are occupying is.

Faith in a higher being is decreasing around the world, as Materialism continues to intensify. There are certain protocols in human behavior that are dependent on religion being a strong force in human life. I realize the shortcomings that exist in the fundamentalist communities but the alternative... when there is much less to believe in, is much worse. Many of us are falling away into material darkness. The pursuit of temporary pleasures abound on all sides.

No good can come out of the directions being taken by the culture overall. At the same time there is a Renaissance of awakening taking place. The force of this present apocalypse is intensifying by the day. People's eyes are being opened (this woman is AMAZING!) and we shall see what comes of all this.

My suspicion is that it is going to be an individual affair. We've heard that two men will be standing in a field, one will be taken and one will remain. Prophecies are real. They may not manifest as we expect them to but... manifest they will. Some something or several somethings of world shaking force are on the menu, as a mathematical inevitability of reaction, to the state of existence as it presently exists.

Never has the need for self inquiry been greater. Those who are capable of making contact with their interior guidance system will know how and in what direction to move when the time has come. The world can change much faster than most might think. I cannot effectively articulate what I am feeling, except to say that it seems like something, or several somethings are about to happen and they will not be small events.

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Anonymous said...

Mas and Mas Visible

Thank you for sharing, it helps to know that even in distant geographic locations a similar experience of a 'wave'.... Something Huge, yet indecipherable from this side of it, is palpably close.... with the general trauma and also personal trauma, a part of the mind wants to project to this 'something' having a similar nature, it may indeed be so, and yet... and yet.... there is also a sense that it is so different, and NOT destructive trauma, a birthing of sort, that no amount of precognitive efforts can clarify, thus one can only count on an inner preparation , faith-clarity-center, after all what other preparation can be made for the which is beyond the known? Whatever this event is , it is really close in this experience of linear time... So many memories are becoming alive, as if they are lived now, as if they are not memories from the past but right alongside ....

Themes , appetites. physical pains, toxins in the body, decades long, are dropping off , much like leaves drop off their branches in autumn.... new buds are sprouting, ever so delicate, and new branches, simultaneously....

Curiously the links lead to same videos as showed up last two days, Polly IS amazing...
May everyone experience the state of being Beloved of Ineffable, source of Eternal Tivine Love....

Grizzly bear Hug,

GregS said...

We have never seen a ghod winding down and folding out his chamber. We have no culture or reliable tradition carried over from previous worlds to give us some idea or any indication as to what to expect.

What happens to ghod? What happens to this world and what becomes of us?

You might be a rooster for all I know, crowing before the crack of dawn, we have no idea. Sounds like it could be to me, but I've been wrong before.

Asil said...

Visible, The desecration of all the laws of nature have escalated and are celebrated by the masses of the mindless and soul less. It cannot and will not continue. I don’t know what is coming but agree that it is definitely coming. Depending on a person’s level of sensitivity there is a message like an electric current that a reckoning is on its way.
Love, Lisa

robert said...

Dear Visible One,

If nothing else, your sharing your inner life here helps validate the inner life of all of us who know that we have one!

Sharing is caring and prophesy is courtesy!

So... in my own case, at some point last night I felt my mind empty itself out. I wasn't doing anything special that might have caused that. It happened on its own. This morning I awoke in a state of remarkable clarity and it has been with me all this day. I feel younger and lighter, as if I had become accustomed to carrying something and forgotten it was even there... until it got removed. I love feeling like this. I suspect that similar effects are going to be taking place in the lives of any of us who are open to the occurrence. If you are not open, or do not possess the necessaries to engage with it, it will move on to the next house, or apartment or empty lot of a mind on the way.

For too long, my mind had to quickly bury any dreaming, in order to face a grim day and not linger unhealthily in sleep.

Today however, the dreaming was so compelling yet carries such a positive aura with it, that I overslept in order to capture more of that other worldly vibe.

After a short bout of the personality regressing to a berating spouse scene, very quickly I got into the groove of the day and found a focus and even a joy of motion which had been absent for too long.

The portents loom large in the outer world play, to be sure, but this one has always measured life by the inner state in relation to the One, and ANY sense that the Presence is nearer than the humanimal has been permitting out of the habit of a keen sense of inadequacy, was pleasantly overridden by a resurgence of the inner child!

WHat would be a better learning experience than to see individualized experiences played out to confound the materialistic delusions!

While compassion MUST be front and center, for others as well as ourselves, the realization that our experiences will be custom tailored and DRAMATICALLY so, to illustrate objectively the state of our spiritual relationship with the One Ineffable inner child, is electrifying!

May all of humanity face the coming lesson plan with wonder and joy and ride the whirlwind from Kansas to Oz!

Onespeed everybody!

Visible said...

Having just finished reading Robert's comment, I wanted to personally thank each of you for taking the trouble to comment here. We don't get comments like we used to but... what we have lost in quantity has been made up in quality. I don't let it trouble me about the paucity. I know from the stats that far, far more people read these entries than comment.

This feeling I spoke about in the posting is, if anything, even stronger today. I, literally, find myself waiting for whatever is going to happen... to happen. More and more I think it is not one thing but a series of events, like dominoes falling and the result is going to be liberating and terrifying too. I keep thinking, more and more, that what is going to happen is going to impact on us individually, in direct relation to the state of our consciousness and the level of our awareness. Where our focus is of a mesmerized pedestrian kind, it is intended to shock us out of that and in some cases this is going to be painful. On the other hand, for some of us it is going to powerfully affirming of what we have long suspected, proving itself to be true. It feels... it feels like it is not far away at all.

I wonder about it but... not for long. The strongest drive of my life and... becoming stronger and more concentrated with passing time, is on a reliance upon that which maintains me in this corporate state and what shuffles me through the changes experienced, for the purpose of Self Realization. When that surrendering reliance hits critical mass (and which is a kind of interior switch that will be thrown when the moment comes to hand) revelation is going to take place. It is going to take place for me as a resolution to all of the facets brought to bear on it and it is going to take place for others based on their own arrangement of facets. Then the light of the jewel entire, will shine in its unique way through the singular aggregate of the facets.

For some this is going to be a painful affair but it need not continue beyond a moment of adaptation to the real, then the false will naturally fall away; be neutralized... in cases where resistance instead is the response, that will be unfortunate ...but in all cases, it will be how we react that determines the result.

Anonymous said...

"As all surrender unto Me, I reward them accordingly. Everyone follows My path in all respects, O son of Pritha."
Bhagavad Gita 4.11

Anon said...

It may be of interest for you to examine the "Rapture at Twilight" Youtube channel. The woman there has developed a timeline based on the three synoptic gospels and the gospel of John that spans from the blood moon tetrad starting in 2014 and ending on the full moon of 17 July 2019, i.e., "the day of the Lord."

There are a lot of videos and the information is not so concisely packed but probably one of the best explanatory videos I find is:

Another point of interest is that something has almost consumed me in the last month or so as I have been binge watching street preaching videos on Youtube and started reading/studying the Bible. I have had absolutely no interest in Christianity in the past. This is totally out of character for me and I cannot quite pin point the reason for the sudden compulsion other than I feel something absolutely massive taking form.

Visible said...

Anon; This is interesting. My friend here keeps mentioning July 17th coming into the mind without context. I have already passed this information on and will go and watch the video myself as well. Thank you so much for taking the trouble to share this. It is information like this that I hope for and look forward to when I post these articles. You never know when something will coming winging in and prove to be of importance or profound interest.

That is also interesting about the Christianity aspect. I have had little of that through my life. The majority of my influences have come through the Hindu and Taoist tradition. Last year about this same time, I was forcibly relocated to another place for a week. A few days in I was compelled to go into the room where I was sleeping and lay down. I was laying there for a few minutes when this presence came upon me. It was very strong. Then this voice said, "Do you know who this is?" Immediately I did. I got the inarguable impression that it was Jesus the Christ. He told me he had brought me there for this very reason. Then he told me a number of spectacular and profound things concerning my future; some of it was truly unbelievable. I could not see how such things would happen to me.

After about half an hour I got back up in a state of profound peace. The next night around the same time I was again moved to the same location and the visit happened again. There were no following events. I had not previously had an experience with Jesus the Christ. This was always a wonderment to me. Why did I not encounter Jesus? I encountered just about everyone else and for some years that was on a regular basis.

When I asked about why I had not experienced him before he said, "It wasn't time yet. Now it is." I have had zero followup since then. I call out to him now each day but... nothing. I also call out to Babaji following each attempt. I do hear from someone, everyday and all through the day sometimes but that source never identifies itself except to indicate, with authority, that it is the voice of God.

We'll see.

Anonymous said...

thanks mr viz
ah yes Were off to sea " the viz-able wiz-able-zoz"
mooch grots sir!

Anonymous said...

Much of what you've described, about the big upcoming whatever it may be and that it will be a personal experience possibly, is very similar to author Kathleen Keating whose books spoke of a coming "Warning." It would be from God and experienced differently by everyone. She was also interviewed several times on Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell in the 90's and discussed the Warning and that Satanism had taken over the Vatican. Her absolute number one prediction came on September 7, 2001 and warned of America being attacked in a huge way by Islamic terrorism.... I saw that alert in real time and will never forget it.

And then, she flat out disappeared around 2003 and has not been heard from again since.

I too have seen references to something big happening on the 17th of this month. No specifics. Interestingly, the 17th letter of the alphabet is Q and if anyone remembers any of my previous post regarding Q, it is a military intelligence operation keeping Americans informed that our military and team Trump are wiping out the cabal in a very silent war in order to not freak everyone out and incite a civil war, which could still happen.

With the arrest of Jeffrey Epstein, it would seem that the beginning of the long awaited arrests of the evil ones has started. Yesterday, Q asked "what is a LIABILITY and where is Epstien currently being held in NYC. He also made a mention of POWERful people (yes, spelled just like that) and alluded that the power failure in NYC was done on purpose and related to Epstein. Was the power failure caused by the bad guys to go in and kill Epstein before he talks or was it done by the Q team to stop the hit?

Interesting speculation.

The big thing will be when the IG releases the declassified FISA documents proving that Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, the Democratic party leadership, and several American "allies" spied on the Trump campaign and as President Elect through willful abuse of the FISA court to get warrants for the illegal spying.

FISA Declas brings the house down. And a waterfall of proof will follow.

When Obama and Hillary get arrested, the left is going to FREAK OUT! BIGLY!

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

The atheist. . .he was being taken to what we call Sub-level Seven, in this household. I saw it in 1977 during my NDE. I asked for a tour, and I don't wanna see it again. The realm of the psychopath. Durante Alighieri didn't write about that.

The 'entropy' of this era has obviously already started, and one of my sources (Jeff Harman) said it's gonna hit so no one can ignore it by this November. (Astrology ain't my thang, but once I gave my date and time of birth to a former e-mail buddy of mine, and she got my personality down to the letter, so. . . My nosey-poo is into astrology, and there is definitely something to it, though I will never study it.) He also said there was gonna be a 'trip/reset' on December 21, 2020 where we again start to regain what was taken away from us a long time ago, though he thinks it will be a couple hundred years where we were perhaps in pre-history with powers we no consider enhanced. All I can say, is we shall see on the former, we won't be here on the latter, I ain't comin' back after this stint, so It's like. . .what ever.

If anyone wants the link, here it is:

Good videos, and a 'must watch' as far as I'm concerned.

Now off to the Epstein vid.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

The Thumb-Humping Cellphone Zombies, Line Dancing to the July 17 Tango.



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