Monday, July 29, 2019

Having Love in the Engine Block and the Qualities of God in the Windshield, Light Up all the Future Exit Signs.

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I have always felt that the biggest liability a person can have is Vanity. It makes you vulnerable in ways you can't possibly know about because... because you are vain. It is also a tremendous liability because you can't see where you are going. It blinds you. In the Hindu culture, they have a term, “Samskara” it is explained in more detail here. I think of Samskaras as something like a scarf, with different levels of opacity. Some are gossamer and some are black as night, depending on their density ...and you can't see through them at all, or partially. Vanity is more than capable of creating thick Samskaras. In Times of Material Darkness, there is a greater pervasiveness of negative Samskaras and large numbers of the public accept as truth the most outrageous delusions. They commonly agree on utter bullshit. The more wide spread this is, the more dangerous is is to be around large groups of people; NOTHING gets said here by accident.

When Vanity is accompanied by arrogance, the merger is exponential in its negative potential. You see a lot of this in the political arena, in show business and at the upper levels of commerce. These are the people who paid no attention to the people they stepped on, on their way up and are oblivious to the consequences pending on their way down. They prance through life as royalty; a queen of the realm, a queen of the silver screen or... even a queen like Dame Elton John and... they awaken in the next go round as a prostitute, a human trafficked item in the cart, or any one of the outfits that hang in the cosmic wardrobe, which you must go through, to get suited up, while food for the moon, awaiting your next incarnation.

One of the most valuable prayers a person can, consistently make, is... “Lord, grant me your qualities.” Perhaps this is too abstract for many but... imagine... imagine the currency of the qualities of God! Imagine the power and protection these confer, in this life AND in the next. God is incomprehensible and indefinable and we will repeat that again and again ...but... there are two ways in which the divine can be best realized; through the qualities of God and... through Love. The performance of continuous remembrance, of ceaseless prayer, very quickly brings one to 'the gates'. As Krsna said in the Bhagavad Gita and which we also repeat and will continue to repeat; “success is speedy for the energetic!” Having Love in the engine block and the qualities of God in the windshield, light up all the 'future exit' signs.

It is a human characteristic to not want to face the thought of catastrophe and tragic circumstances. In similar fashion, the five stages of grief speak to being confronted by the inevitable- ♫you got to walk that lonesome valley. You got to walk it by yourself♫ Only a fool or one hypnotically fixated on material culture, can fail to see what is rising up into the Event Horizon. It is no one particular thing. The immensity of the population is a grave factor. There are the uneasy rumblings and shaking of the planet. There is the massive economic threat of derivatives. There are the sure and certain food shortages AND... there is the definite threat of various pandemics. There is the ever present concern of war and terror attacks; both government and independently orchestrated. In these areas -

♫ The Bankers are the Problem ♫

♫ “don't work, don't vote, don't fight” ♫
that line might need tweaking (grin).

I am not an alarmist. I am a pragmatist. I am only as acutely tuned as I am from having made so many stupid and block-headed mistakes; more than once. More than twice and... so on. I am living proof that God is real, nothing else could possibly account for my still being here; not that here is any great shakes but... you catch the drift. The same could be said for some number of us. In my case, the evidence is more than dramatic, it is preposterous in terms of general expectation.

As can be readily seen, when conditions get serious, the seriously stupid, band together in defiance of reason and are incapable of measured analysis, or planning in regard of the greater good, mostly because that is a foreign concept for them. It is one thing to mouth it, which they do most adroitly. It is another thing to employ it. They wouldn't even know where to begin. As the disease of Materialism becomes ever more evident and widespread, you find clown cars abandoned all up and down the highway of life. There's no room; not even a perpetual Chinese fire drill by M.C. Escher is going to work. We now have Clown Trains and Clown Cruise Lines.

As the insanity intensifies, because that is what it does, in direct reaction to the intensification of Materialism, you begin to see certain events becoming commonplace, events that were formerly only rare anomalies. You see absurdities like Michelin Tire Man Pedophile, Jonathan Yaniv and you see him and other freaks of the unnatural, being catered to by quivering imbeciles, put into positions of local authority. These witless accessories to crimes against humanity, have been shoehorned into petit bureaucrat positions on library and school boards, for the SOLE PURPOSE of promoting the sexual abuse of children because 'despoiling innocence' is Job One of the Satanic Order. None of this is accidental; no way, no how.

What is actually taking place, according to the script of the ineffable director, is a sorting out of souls for points north, south, east and west. This is one of the primary considerations in an apocalypse, so I shouldn't have to say; “Mind how you go!” There is no difference between manifest life, as we think we know it ...and a movie. We all have roles to play and we do have some degree of say, concerning what that role may be. Sadly... fixed Karma accounts for a lot of what is happening and what WILL HAPPEN. People get all bent out of shape, worrying about external condition, when their chief concern should be their internal condition because that can have everything to do with what results externally.

Meanwhile... at this very moment, there are benevolent forces, waiting for the opportunity to assist you in your every need. Just because you can't see them, doesn't mean they aren't there. Most people have a fairly narrow bandwidth of perception and it gets narrower depending on the force of Materialism on their state of awareness. Why is it so much easier to believe in Evil Forces and so much harder to believe in Forces of Good? Just as we are subject to this.

Satan the sanhedrin
Satan the Sanhedrin (the Council of Satan).
Illustration to the poem by Milton, "Returned to Paradise"

We also have the advantage of friends like this. Take a little time to enjoy the fine and inspired work of Gustave Dore.

When I say, “subject to” that is a direct indication of the subjective mind. It's all happening in your mind so... put yourself under the auspices of the ruler of all things! What could be simpler? Oh right... there is always that, “difficulty at the beginning” which is why you eventually hear them say, “oh, doubtless, there must be an easier way.” No... that is the easier way. This proves out, as one passes out, of the initial stages.

We've been talking about the imminent, in the unknown, yet to unravel, into the moments to come. This is not from a lack of other things to talk about. Surely it is dramatically evident... the present state of existence, as well as the aggregate thunder of the feet of marching, mesmerized zombies, hammering on their cellphones, in search of something to eat or fuck. Where are they marching to? It is yet another illustration of M. C. Escher, where thousands might be moving in hundreds of directions and all arriving at the same place. He didn't drawn that picture but I am sure you can do that in your mind.

You are in a living, breathing moment of incredible transformation. Such time periods as the one we are in do not come around very often. It accounts for the large amount of people that are here. Their having immediately forgotten, on arrival, why they were driven to appear, does not discount the importance of the time. The sheer force of collective, low level desire that is present, creates a degree of difficulty seldom seen. Therefore the possibility of a quantum leap spiritually, is an advantage one should take very seriously. We are in a Grand Apocalypse.

The moment anyone decides to move toward the light, the forces of good in the universe rush to their side, leading and encouraging. There is nothing in the darkness but darkness and those who serve the darkness, or are lost in the darkness. The center is everywhere, the circumference is nowhere. What do you find when you unravel a riddle or a mystery? There is nothing there. Mystery is mystery only. Ergo Mystery Babylon. Priests and New Age hucksters have been spieling mystery for profit for a very long time; justifying the need for them. You buy their books and CD's. You take their seminars. You take showers in the glittering confetti of their fabricated, celestial bullshit. You ARE the church. You ARE the holy of holies. You just have to get there, even if you are already there... it has to be realized. Don't give up and you cannot fail.

Don't give up and you cannot fail.

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Ray B. said...

Vis, a wise VO. Thanks.

Vis: "I think of Samskaras as something like a scarf, with different levels of opacity."

One of the "oh, crap" parts of working with Higher Self is similar to Samskaras. When 'out' doing a Cleaning, I (Ray) am basically a grounding device; a way to keep HS from wandering-off doing its own thing. It requires a lot of focus. (HS provides the wisdom and capabilities.) I am 'attached', in a certain way of speaking, both to HS and the entity involved in the Cleaning. And so, every once in a while, the entity lobs-in a Samskara.

All of a sudden, I am swept-up in some 'dynamic' scenario which is meant to both break my contact with HS and to remove me as an anchor for HS. It can be good, bad, ugly, or beautiful. It runs-along with high activity and high emotional content until "I" (not sure whether it is HS or Ray) suddenly wake-up to the intent. Samskara indeed. (And sometimes it is heart-breaking, when it was something I really wanted or dreamed-of. But used as a 'weapon'.) The good side is that it is getting quicker/easier to 'diagnose'. The bad side is that the realization is humbling, all the same...


Vis: “Lord, grant me your qualities.”

I use a similar 'prayer': Before moving forward on something, I try-to always say "Best and Highest" with the intent to draw-down, well, the Best and Highest that is possible. Stuff that is beyond Ray's ego/desires. It results in some unusual happenings...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Unknown said...

Sam(s)kara.... Maskcara .. by chance. One thinks not!

Anonymous said...

wow .. thanks viz
" thunder of the feet of marching, mesmerized zombies, hammering on their cellphones, in search of something to eat or fuck. Where are they marching to? It is yet another illustration of M. C. Escher, where thousands might be moving in hundreds of directions and all arriving at the same place."

thank you again

ps. you got me contemplating "Escher" with words... hmmm... ; ]

robert said...

Dear Visible One,

[QUOTE]You ARE the church. You ARE the holy of holies. You just have to get there, even if you are already there... it has to be realized. Don't give up and you cannot fail.[/QUOTE]

How often our minds need to be refreshed with basic understanding! As long as any fear remains in residence, we fall asleep again. We slowly learn to live without fear, by building all our motivation on Love.

When wandering the wilderness blinded by our ignorance, what stays with us if we allow, is our heart's certainty that we are always abiding in an infinite ocean of unconditional love.

The rest are details of survival (or not) usefulness to serve (or not) and how we get out of our own way, deferring to God alone.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Vanity is a liability in more ways than one. It takes a lot of money to be a high maintenance twat (I refer to both genders.), not to mention the time it takes for the sake of being a good 'fashion accessory' that few can help but objectify.

Reincarnation. Huh! This is it for me. I need to reincarnate again like I need to survive a case of the smallpox. And nothing on the Otherside is gonna guilt trip me into comin' back either, as some say happens to many if not most. I disowned evryone from my past. I even remember asking for ONE LAST TIME during my NDE, before I got here; thanks to the chip I had on my shoulder. Well, that chip is gone; and I've grown to hate this locality, not to mention the contempt I have for it can't be passed. Needless to say, I play as few mortal flotsam garbage games as I can, and try to keep my personal contacts to a minimum, being the closest I can come to being as isolationistic as possible is to only get out of the 'nose cave' when I have no choice. Why wade in the cesspit more than you have to? I say I'm already 'dead' (transited), waiting for the body to catch up. Of course my frame of mind is as it is due to a great hostility to this place, but I'd rather withdraw and face fewer problems than engage in this fecked up trash that makes up our current state of affairs, and walk (RUN!!!!) away and enjoy watching the entropy of that which me loatheth. (Neener-neener.) It's way more fun being on the internet all day reading the news on how the wrong side of history is falling apart than actually play a part in it.



Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I fergot sumthin'! Yes, I loved the post!

Visible said...

Petunia; I VERY MUCH understand where you are coming from. I've all the frailties of manifest existence banging on me and I make my way toward that portal. I suppose I am lucky to be such an incurable optimist. It doesn't seem to matter what happens to me, I just bounce right back. Gratefully it has been a smooth ride for awhile now and thank god for that. I had been in so much pain. Seems to have moves into the far reaches of the rear view mirror now.

It would be great to see you. I expect I could shine some warmth upon you, given the chance to do so. It is all just a constant movement of ships in the night.

The intensity of my sense of great catastrophe coming upon Kalifornia is unshakable! Today I was reading about a big Hindu festival on August 4th in Venice Kaliland with floats and free food and I thought of all those sweet and caring people who are living in their bubble amidst the squalor and corruption that surrounds them. My heart shifted for a moment thinking about it. There are so many wonderful people in Kalifornia... sigh. Sooner or later... and the rats! The RATS!!! Yikes!!! They are NEVER a good sign.

Be well my friend. Liberation is coming for you.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Re: #7

Yes, in less than 17 months I was 'told' during a um. . .session. (No drugs. Meditative.) Well, once I was told my time was over at 45. Well, I'm still here; but a way of life ended at that age. I used to make a ton of money, and we lived it up quite a bit; though at the expense of my time, since I virtually lived at the company. Then I lost my high paying job and our standard of living never recovered.

From all I've been reading and watching, and listening to via podcasts from a few mystics who never met, yet agree with each other; it seems that my 'Otherworld prophesy is gonna come true, thank the (demi-)gods, Source, Bob Dobbs, FSM, and what have you. Strangely enough, that keeps me going to a degree; though I'm gonna remain being an Arsehole to the 33rd Degree out of resentment that I'm still here. I'm gonna finish what I started, but I wasn't aware that liking my circumstances was part of the contract, despite the fact that I was stupid enough to ask to sign it.

Well, I'm not gonna finish EVERY thing I started. I REFUSE to edit my literary work any further, since I don't think this planet is worth the time of day, much less more lost sleep or any more effort on my part.

Part one of the main series does have some biographical content, though obviously not as the narrator of the set. If you care to hunt them down, you might also get a kick out of the short story set tales of 'LOKI, EAT MY DUST', and the rather morbid though amusing 'NIGHT OF THE BAND SAW'. Ifn ya wanna read the whole thing, let's just say it's gonna take a while. There's four parts. Main series, poetry, short stories and 'CLOSURE'. Also, a word of warning that 'CLOSURE' is mighty pornographic. I wrote it for EDEN EXILES, which was to be a sister site to my former gonna be publisher (Patrick Nelson Childs) who killed his company after his cancer ridden boyfriend did himself in before his disease could kill him. (Can't remember the name of his gonna be main site. It was Young Offenders something or rather, but it exists only as a memory, so. . .)

So I am a 'fictional character' in some regards. ;O)

Anyone is free to copy and save if they can. After all, this is a non-profit collection.

Unknown said...

I have traversed and come back on myself. It is good to know that another shares my consciousness. Right on bro ����

Love To Push Those Buttons said...


Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Walking Like You Mean It through the Kingdom of God.



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