Wednesday, July 03, 2019

A Return to "The Love and How to Reach it."

(I was sitting here this morning and thinking I wanted to say something, as the world trembles on the brink of outrageous change. I thought about it and... my mind kept coming back to something I wrote about eight years ago. It seems I might have been having some physical problems, though I can't remember what they were. Unbeknownst to me, the physical side of the equation was yet to really occur. Life was rolling along in other respects. I was about to travel to Mexico and a lasting dishonor; my reputation in tatters afterwards, though now it seems like such small potatoes; the whole affair.

It was costly to me in many respects but now relegated to the irrelevance file. So much has happened since then. My life is now so much better balanced, so bliss infused. I cannot measure my gratitude. It is off the charts, off the hook, however one might seek to express it, it is well past any effort I might make in that regard. Dear God... I am broken on the wheel of your love and even more immeasurably thankful for that.

I am going to reprint this posting from 2011 titled “The Love and how to Reach it” with some amount of editing. For whatever the reason, in my musing today... this posting and one other that was so masterfully articulated by the inimitable Patrick Willis called “Gratitude” jockeyed back and forth in my mind and I thought; “why not include them both?” I feel a strong sense of expectation, as if something were right around the corner; something large and heavy that is going to pass and nothing... nothing will be quite the same again after that. Along with that, I have a companion sensation of Immanence. It is almost as if... one thing is going to happen... with diametrically different results, depending on the mindset and awareness of each person affected.

This might all be a simple passing of brain gas; a temporary fugue state, possessing the character of neither a bang nor a whimper... whoosh and then it's gone. In any case, here is that post and the Patrick Willis rendition of Gratitude, is linked for whomever may be so inclined. I thank you all for being the other part of me and you, integral to the affair and what has made it possible and without whom it would not have been.)

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

A lot of people are having a tough time. I’m having a tough time but it’s a different kind of tough time than I am hearing about. My tough time, is being assailed by physical problems, over the last however many years and months, with what I hope is, ‘the grand finale’ of the present. The rest of you seem to be troubled by difficulties having to do with connecting to the source of your own best interest. I’ve got a solution but you need to apply it. I have a form of a answer but it needs to be applied.

For many years, I was confused and lacking integration with the will and intentions of the force that controls the whole of everything. There’s a concept that has to be absorbed before you are going to make any real headway, in your quest for synchronization and access to the internal ticker tape of what is ‘coming down’.

Everything in the universe is made out of the same thing. One’s ability to tune into the vibration of anything and a knowledge of the means by which to alter that vibration, confers the power to change it into anything. In a certain way we already do this, when we fell a tree and it appears as a chair in a furniture store. We also do it when we refocus our attention on something new, which requires a change within us to bring it into manifestation. You actually become a different person. When you drink all the time, or snort cocaine every day, chase after money, fortune and sex, your consciousness takes on certain ubiquitous characteristics. Heroin junkies all over the world behave in a particular way and even talk a certain way, no matter what the language may be. The state of your intention and focus, along with your behavior, defines the whole of your understanding and experiences.

The same is true of the wise, in any time and any land, regardless of the language employed. This is how they recognize one another. We all become the embodiment of whom or what we emulate. 'Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery'. You become what you mirror.

There is only ever one choice, regardless of the appearances of the bewildering plethora of options. There is a light that pervades everything, that holds it all together, animates it and is the life within it. You can channel this light or you can block it. That is the totality of free will. You can work in concert with the divine plan or you can oppose it; consciously or unconsciously. Everywhere you look and everyone you see is acting out some form of it; in concert with or... in dissonance.

Life, which goes on and on forever, whether you like it or not, remember it or not, or understand it or not, is all about coming to terms with this. In every period of time, some few will understand the wisdom of utter reliance upon the author of all things. Most will not and will continue, on and on, in one form or another, until they do.

One consciousness holds the universe together and streams it through time to a specific objective, which has all the other objectives woven into the whole. This ‘being’, or consciousness, or whatever you want to call it, composes everything, rules everything, is aware of everything, both within and apart from it, forever and ever, amen.

No ‘human mind’ can comprehend the nature or measurements of the interpenetrating consciousness. Anything you have ever read or been told is just a perspective and falls far short of the actual truth. No matter what, there is always more power in reserve than there is in manifestation. This consciousness knows itself as whatever it is existent in, while also knowing itself apart from it. The purpose of existence, short and long term, is the fruit of the lessons of experience. The fruit of all experience is the awareness of the awareness within and once begun, it deepens without end. The point of creation is for creation to know itself as an expression of the creator.

Therefore, this interpenetrating consciousness composes everything (makes everything out of itself), is conscious in everything, according to its state of being and apart from it, while intimately aware of it and also, outside of it. To say that life is created for the entertainment of the creator, motivated by a love incomprehensible, is not inaccurate.

Our present time-scape is in a period known as The Kali Yuga. This is a time when darkness and ignorance have the upper hand in terms of appearances and also within the ‘general mind’ of the inhabitants. From one perspective, this is not a good time to be here. From another perspective, this is one of the best times to be here ‘if’ you are seeking to make progress in respect of union with your higher self. The fulfillment of this can only happen on this plane. It does not happen in Heaven or other places. This is a critical point to consider and understand.

The whole universe is held together and functions as a result of the ‘attractive force’. This force is love and it has its degrees of awareness, according to whoever is employing it. All those conditions and acts that we call evil, are all the less than perfect applications of thought, speech and action, which fall short of the mark. In fact, sin is defined as, ‘missing the mark’. It is not possible for a human being to hit the mark with any consistency and that is why it has to be accomplished by the interpenetrating consciousness ‘through you’.

There is no possibility of acquiring the knowledge needed to perform or comprehend it in any complete way. Those who have walked the path of knowledge must, no matter what they achieve, return to walk the path of love. Those walking the path of Love do not need to return for the knowledge. That is automatically conferred in the fulfillment of love.

The Hare Krishna people are not wrong in their understanding that the maha-mantra is the most expedient and safest course to Godhead (no, I am not a member of the Krishna consciousness movement in any exoteric way) in the Kali Yuga. This maha-mantra recognizes all of the permutations of the divine, as it has expressed itself over time. Krishna is Christ and the similarity in the words should be a telling clue. Alternatively, constant practice of the presence or any sincere modality, that seeks union in utter surrender to the divine, will succeed.

In AA (no, I am not in AA) they tell you that you have to have a higher power. It can be a book, your dog, a person, place or thing but... you must have one. This gives you a medium in which to grow into an understanding of the interpenetrating consciousness. It adapts itself to your particular needs. Dogma, cant, scripture, traditions, rituals and practices, all have their place in an elementary period of learning. Once contact has been made, that contact provides all the things that these others cannot and which is why so many wars and conflicts come out of all the interpretations of them. The greatest enemies of any incarnate truth are the religions that came after it.

Now we come to the means of the quickest and most definite route in the search for union with the interpenetrating consciousness. Love exerts a power over everything manifest and unmanifest, including the divine. The divine is a slave to love, which is the truest expression of its own inner nature and whose depths and reaches have never been fathomed, nor ever will be. If you employ love; in a keen and burning desire for the interpenetrating consciousness, it will be compelled to come to you. You cannot fail and you will succeed in the shortest possible time.

Here is a motivation that might greatly assist in your desire to accomplish what presently confuses and often bores you as well. You cannot enjoy anything without the presence of the divine. You cannot understand anything; you cannot appreciate anything, you cannot master anything, you cannot be free of anything, or have any position or perspective where enjoyment can occur, sans the presence of the divine. The divine is the supreme enjoyer and must be present for you to get any of it at all; despite all hallucinations to the contrary. This is the curse of temporal riches and power, along with all of the things people seek in this world. It is a bitter pill but it is an inflexible thing. You are not going to get around it. Therefore, your supreme ambition should be to connect with the supreme personality, because everything you think you want can only be enjoyed or appreciated via the agency of the interpenetrating consciousness.

Possessing a connection to the source transforms the meanest jungle hut into a palace and a pleasure dome of infinite possibilities. Possessing this transforms every sense experience into the highest expression available. Possessing this grants you a friend and companion, whose intention is to put you on equal footing with the grandest being of them all. Possessing this you need nothing else and anything you do need is on the way and will be experienced and understood in the right way and that includes the gamut of possible human experiences and everything past that as well. Fall in love, because everything and everyone you have ever loved is an expression of the interpenetrating consciousness. Everything you long for, or ever will long for, is an expression of the interpenetrating consciousness.

There is nothing you have known, or ever will know, that is not contained in the interpenetrating consciousness and that includes the deepest and most perfect appreciation of it. Fall in love. That’s all you have to do. Fall in love and let it take over your thoughts and possess your heart until there is nothing else on your mind at any time. Fall in love and see what happens.

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Today's song=

The Love
"(this was a rough first take)

"All romance is about the search for God and union with our own true nature. That's what this is about.""

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Anonymous said...

"Truth and Beauty are compatible terms. It is rather emphatically asserted that truth which is Absolute is always beautiful. The Truth is so beautiful that it attracts everyone including the Truth itself."
(Srila Prabhupada)

Truth and Beauty

Anonymous said...

Mas and Mas Visible
The sense of immanence of something enormous is shared, at times the sensation invites the awareness of impermanence , nay, mortality, in a highly intense manner.... and yet.... and yet...
Healing, in the sense of recovering functions of the body, mind and conscience is present, way beyond what is merited by my own efforts, however feeble they appear to my self- evaluation, thus the impulses of Hope, Faith and Love find an expression, even in their barely germinating nature....
Indeed an interesting moment in history, individuals and societies with desires and goals no different from paleolithic period, institutions and mind-patterns of the middle ages ( feudal), and technology of the gods, used mostly in a massive manner to introduce perversions... we indeed live in an interesting moment of homo sapiens sapiens existence on Pacha Mama, perhaps a decisive one....
Cheerful Love , Grizzlybear hug

GregS said...

Les said> "To say that life is created for the entertainment of the creator... "

I sometimes think close to that, where it can be said that the creator creates other being for companionship?

dave1010 said...

I clicked on " go to this site" and all I got was a blank white page. I don't want to be one who can no longer find you. Help please.

Visible said...

I suppose there is a chance that that page was a special logon page for me but no one else (grin) but here is the Google Search page for Pocketnet. and you should be able to find it there and just search for visible or les visible and you should find me; if not simply let me know-

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

The Crack in the Liberty Bell is Where the Truth Leaked Out.

Anonymous said...

I signed up to pocketnet yesterday 4 july . I just logged in and put les visible in the search bar and it came back as no post yet ( or words to that effect).


Visible said...

Hi Bryan; Sorry- i am listed under just-- visible. You should be able to find me that way. If not, please let me know!!! I WILL get you there (grin)



Dodgy One said...

FYI Les, the Pocketnet fails on some older versions of Firefox so the first piece of advise may be to update the browser.

The truth comes with its own armor so be in truth and be safe.



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